Just a few days ago, our head teacher cried. The head teacher is very beautiful, but he is very strict with him. In fact, he is a very responsible teacher. However, there are many boys in our physical and chemical biology class, so it is not easy to manage. And boys’ aesthetics are very strange. I actually like the kind of head teacher who is very arrogant and feels like a queen, but boys like our biology teacher’s small, cute and gentle teacher, so in their eyes, the head teacher is basically Not a beauty. Then a few days ago, I took a math test during the day. In fact, it’s not difficult to do. It’s okay. Then the boy H may not do well in the test, and his mentality is a little broken. Before the late self-study, the head teacher is a Chinese teacher. Boy P called to the podium and said that he was not serious about his Chinese homework. One of P was not serious, and the other was not good at Chinese. He was really not good at doing it. The head teacher taught him how to do it, and the volume was normal. As a result, H suddenly exploded. Yelling at the teacher in charge, so annoying, you are so noisy. The head teacher was also stunned, and said why I was arguing. H made a single accusation, saying that every time you come to the self-study class, you still cough, and you cough in the self-study class. It is so noisy, and he said something is not at all. Related, like what he said before his parents gave him something, the head teacher told him it after a few days. But this matter has nothing to do with whether it is noisy or not. Secondly, the head teacher is in moral education. She has to take care of many things in the school. It is normal to not see the news for a while. Then the head teacher was also very wronged and exploded. I am the representative of the Chinese class. I went to her office to move homework before self-study in the evening. I heard a roar on the way back. We are in class three. I heard it when I got to class one. The girl who moved homework with me also followed me Saying that this must be our class teacher, I said no, what can be so angry and yelling so loudly. As a result, I went to the door and found that it was our teacher. Just when we were about to enter the classroom, the head teacher brought the boy out, holding the cell phone, and I didn’t know if I was going to call the parents or what, and still said, xx, I never knew you were like Barabara, I didn’t catch it. I went in and found that everyone in a classroom was stupid. I began to think that the head teacher was making trouble with H, and then he was arguing if she was annoying, but when I asked that it had nothing to do with H, it was he himself who started arguing, I felt puzzled. After the head teacher took H out, he could still hear their noisy sounds. After a while, the head teacher came in and said, do you all think I am noisy? When I heard it, my voice felt a little bit about to cry. Sure enough, she couldn’t help crying after a few words. A girl passed a tissue to her. She wiped her tears and said, don’t you want to let me? I don’t care about you, I’m annoying, but I just think about it and go home from work. Like the next class teacher, I go home at five o’clock every day. If you want to change the class teacher, I just have more than 60 days left. I just feel relaxed. I Please resign from the school and help you find a class teacher you like. I think the saddest thing about her is that H said that she coughed and quarreled him, but it wasn’t actually a cough, but sometimes she cleared her throat. We can all hear that her throat is definitely uncomfortable and she cleared her throat. It must not be intentional. Coughing makes us noisy, and none of us feel noisy. H is very puzzling. Is this all worth the noise? I really don’t understand. The head teacher said that she coughed because her teacher usually had pharyngitis. Later, I talked about some class teachers who said they wanted to change class teachers. I will come to see them tomorrow. Then she left. H may have calmed down, went to the podium, lowered her head, and said that she did not control her emotions well. The head teacher is a very good teacher, and I hope everyone will not learn from him. I laughed to death when I heard it. Who would learn from him? Let’s not talk about our impression of the head teacher. The education I have received since childhood is to respect the teacher, even if sometimes I may complain that the teacher is too strict, but they are all third-year seniors. Don’t you know that the teacher is good for us? Even if I have an opinion on the teacher, I would not say it in this way. Later, after thinking about it, I couldn’t do this anymore. The head teacher must be sad. I was also wronged when I moved home. When I moved home, her son was still in the office by himself and there was no dinner. The food should be The takeaway I ordered is not very healthy. I think some people in our class are very cold and indifferent. Then I would speak Chinese and add an assignment, write a note to the class teacher, those who want to change the class teacher, those who comfort her, or those who thank her, everything is fine. Of course, I wouldn’t show it to her who wrote about the change of class teacher. When I was talking at the time, my friend sat down and told me with his mouth that he didn’t want to write. I said that I didn’t want to write and didn’t force it. I’m really getting angry. My friend usually has some opinions on the class teacher. The main reason is that she is strict with the class teacher. But in fact, the class teacher treats girls very well, like my friend who is late for nothing like a boy, I think the class teacher is right. She is really good, but she has always been prejudiced against the head teacher. I don’t think that people’s hearts are made of stone. The teacher in charge said so much and did so much, how could it not be touched at all in my heart. Then the whole evening of my self-study, I wondered what to do if no one wrote it, and there were so many physics homework that night, I was worried that some people didn’t have time to write even if they wanted to write, and then I thought about it, and no one wrote it, so I went to look for it. If someone writes, if I go there alone, I won’t believe it or write. But when I arrived in the classroom the next morning, I saw a piece of paper on my desk with a lot of writing. I didn’t read it carefully. Later, someone came to hand in one after another. I felt that some people were relieved. . I put those paper slips on the podium with my homework, and the head teacher saw it when I came to the morning school. In fact, what happened at night still had an impact on the head teacher. Although she was not watching the class that night, she stayed in the counseling room outside until ten o’clock, and her son stayed until ten o’clock. The third grade child was really miserable, but she The next morning I read a little later than usual. She looked at those papers, and she shed tears again. She didn’t know if she was moved or thought about the things the night before. She didn’t speak after reading them, so the story was turned over. I have always felt that coming to school is not just about taking exams, and getting along with others is very important, but many people in our class only learn. Our class teacher said before that our class’s EQ is too low, which is a joke, but I think this is indeed the case. This is not the first time someone has spoken directly with the teacher. Someone said that the physics teacher did not teach well, and they said nonsense. Our class felt that his teaching level was poor, and we were angry with the physics teacher. Ask our class, you guys. Don’t you think I’m not good at teaching? You don’t understand. We were all dumbfounded, we never said that before. Later, a few of us girls went to the physics teacher under the guise of asking questions. We never thought about it that way. It was the boy who was talking nonsense. The physics teacher is a Northeast gentleman. Of course, he won’t be crying, just very angry. , I heard someone point out that my teaching is poor, and every teacher must be uncomfortable. I won’t talk about some minor conflicts. Anyway, I feel that some people have very strong tempers and cannot control their emotions. They can easily break out. They can’t speak their minds, and don’t want to hear what others feel when they hear them. What are the consequences. I still feel that being a human being first, doing things later, no matter how good the grades are, it is a problem-making machine, not to mention that their grades are not particularly good. Then the day before yesterday and yesterday, my friends in other classes came to ask me if my class made the head teacher angrily. I wondered who had such a broken mouth and was it a glorious thing to say. It’s quite speechless, don’t When the people in the class came to ask, they also looked at the show. I felt quite uncomfortable when I saw it, so I sent them casually. I am really speechless to some people in my class, and I really want to know what kind of family will cause them to grow up like this.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Our high school English teacher is very gentle and almost never gets angry with us. In the third year of high school, there were only 4 people in the class writing English homework. The teacher became angry and couldn’t continue the class. Later, the class representative rushed to the office and saw the teacher crying. In fact, she didn’t leave much homework. She said that she had discussed with other teachers in the office about what homework to leave, but when she saw us in the class, she felt relieved and reluctant to let us be too tired. I felt very guilty, how could such a good teacher make her sad. In the third year of high school, there were some students who did not study, and most teachers ignored them, but our English teachers never gave up anyone. If you ask questions, we will patiently guide them, and those who do not listen will also remind them. She really likes us. During the New Year, she paid for everyone to buy small gifts. She also often organizes extracurricular activities, find easter eggs on Easter, and send candy on Halloween. After graduation, even if she just sends WeChat blessings on New Year’s Day, she replied from Not perfunctory. My Jill is really good. If you also meet such a good teacher, please don’t make her sad.

5 months ago

When I first took office, I was full of my heart full of cultivating the happiness of the motherland’s flowers, and I really tried my best to the students. I took four parallel classes. There were four classes every day in high school. It’s common to prepare for the lessons until 12 o’clock. , More than 200 homework, each one is carefully reviewed, write comments, write encouragement, analyze the reasons for the wrong questions, pay special attention to the students in the later stage, write reflections, give them daily happy exercises, and choose five extra questions every day. Representatively, they will print it out and do it, call the office to make up lessons and analyze…Of course, these are also part of the business. For a few students in the class who are particularly jumping, don’t learn the kind, but also try their best to encourage and motivate. interest. I’m full of “no bad students, only teachers who don’t know how to teach”. You don’t like to listen to lectures. I will tell you in a different way. You like to play games. I will use the Three Kingdoms Kill as an example to tell you about American politics. The system, using the League of Legends as a metaphor to explain the reasons for the Long March, the students also gave a lot of face, the worst of them all made me see the light, and I started to do my homework! Although it was a copy of something, but compared to the time when I didn’t learn at all, I provoke troubles and scold the teacher in two days, and the parents gave up! It is simply the first step to take to the moon! what is this! A sense of accomplishment in teaching and educating people! Then, within two weeks of healing, the original form was revealed again, no matter how hard you tried to teach, you should sleep, you should steal your mobile phone to play with your mobile phone, how can you talk about smallpox in a history class like the scum of the mobile phone? Zha Hui called you a brother, so he came and cut me… I’m not reconciled! How can I retract my legs after one step of landing on the moon! keep it up! “There are no students who can’t persist! Only teachers who give up easily!” All kinds of students talked, rewarded snacks they liked, promised to pass the grades to run game competitions… The Son of Dawn persisted for three more days, and finally on a…cloudy day, In the room with the lights on, all thoughts settled a little bit. It is estimated that the settled head is sinking. When I came in the first class in the morning, the scented and piercing school bell was like killing a pig and shed hair. But I can’t wake up a young man of eighteenth and nineteenth. I’ll call him, XX, it’s going to class, it’s getting up soon! The ants are about to race away! You be sober! My Son of Dawn seems to be Tao Yuanming out of the picture. The laughter of the class and the pushes at the same table can’t recall his date with Zhou Gong. XX! Get up soon! It’s not enough to study early and sleep for one period! How did you guarantee yesterday! I walked to the side and tried to lift up his head with my sinful hands. Finally, the head that everyone had hoped for left the table, and then my Son of Dawn said to me a quotation from the sun: “sb, you old man Sleepy, don’t listen to class, what’s the matter with you? sb! (Simplification of the sun)” That’s it, a little teacher who has just started working and has never been scolded in person in his life, who has never seen the world, is instantly at a loss. I felt that my efforts were in vain, and I instantly understood what my colleague was saying: “Why are you wasting this energy? What are you doing? The good ones can’t be caught and the trouble? Is it young at all?” Is it young at all? So in that yin. Heaven, in the room with the lights on, I accepted the sympathetic gazes of other students, and finished the class calmly with a calm snoring sound. The effect of the class was very good. The classmates were very tacit and did not say anything, and finished as usual. In four classes, I improved my homework, finished my evening study, and returned to my small dormitory of 18 square meters. I left the first tear after becoming a teacher. After all, I don’t blame the students. The reason for sleeping may be a bad mood. , It may be cloudy, the classroom lights are not bright enough, it may be too sleepy to stay up late at night, it may be a habit, it may be casual, it may be the anger of getting up, it may be various reasons. But since then I have never been able to think so eagerly to change other people’s lives in the past. After all, I’m not so noble to the point of being uncompromising. After all, it’s just a job of knowledge exchange. Just do your job well. No one wants to be changed forcibly.

5 months ago

My junior high school head teacher, female, in her early 30s, married, has a newly weaned child and teaches Chinese. There was a gangster in my class when I was in junior high school. Once in an English class, the gangster wanted to absentee class again, and the class teacher stopped him when he met him outside the door. I didn’t know what he said, the gangster gave the class teacher a mouth and left. The head teacher was full of grievances and stood outside the door and shed tears. I was sitting in the back row, next to the back door, and I saw it through the glass. But only the last row can be seen. At that time, I was taken aback for a while, did this grandson not even understand the good things? At the same table as me, a girl with little courage also saw it. She took out a pack of facial tissues and wanted to give it to the teacher, but she didn’t dare to go out during class. I grabbed the facial tissue, reached out from the back door and handed it to the head teacher. Old Ban took it and whispered “thank you” to me in a cry. The English teacher didn’t know what was happening outside, and shouted at me: Sit down! What are you wandering around? I went back to my seat and sat down. The same table gave me a thumbs up. I whispered: Don’t talk around. A week later, I had a fight with that gangster. Speaking of 2017, I still saw that gangster, and there was a street stall selling women’s underwear…

5 months ago

My high school head teacher, surnamed Ding, was just transferred from another school at our time. She originally taught at the school which is the only vocational high school here. I have always been a cheerful and lively person, even a little heartless. Before going to high school, I used to put my emotions on my face for everyone to see. In class, I like to interact with teachers and do small movements with my classmates. My grades are pretty good, especially in English and math. I never talk back when I receive criticism, and sometimes smile and nod to the teacher. . . This makes the teachers like me very much. Especially Teacher Ding. I did a lot of ridiculous things in the first and second grades of the first and second grades, such as playing with classmates and kicking the wooden door of the classroom, wearing broken shoes with bare soles to eat in the cafeteria, playing with Naruto on the classroom computer, and throwing it outside the classroom at noon. Paper airplane. . . It’s all a little trouble, and it’s harmless. But in the third grade, I was quite rebellious. At that time, we had to prepare for the high school entrance examination, and the study pressure was great, and the teacher tried every means to make us step up our study. Teacher Ding worked hard in the dictation every morning, thinking of ways to let us recite more. And I happen to be a person who likes to be lazy in vocabulary. I have to dictate as soon as I arrive at school in the morning. I don’t have a clear head. I often make mistakes and are often punished. Therefore, I have a lot of opinions about this, and I even think about studying prematurely. The idea to go. . . But in the end it was not implemented. One day after the dictation was over, Teacher Ding said that students who made more than five mistakes in this dictation should multiply the number of mistakes by 0.5 and buy snacks at the corresponding price for the rest of the group. I heard it and felt very angry. On the one hand, I don’t have much money and I have to buy two ham sausages at the door to eat. On the other hand, I am very stingy and don’t want to give my money to others because of such ridiculous things. . I said, why, you didn’t give the money, but your parents gave it, so what qualifications do you have to let us give the money to others? She said, then you don’t want to, why don’t you recite more? I said, where do I speak to myself, and there are no students in the class who have to ride down the mountain every day. What should they do? Then I mumbled to myself for a long time, there is no bottom line, what is unfair; other classmates are taking the opportunity to quietly change a few, but I sit in a chair and mutter some words, like Kong Yiji counting beans, in Nuo Da Drinking his own wine in the restaurant. Teacher Ding was very angry at my behavior and walked down from the podium, holding the notebook and preparing to teach me. I stretched out my hand to block, and she hit me all. She didn’t fight, and I still stretched out my hand. Later, a classmate told me that I thought I was going to fight back. I followed Teacher Ding to the classroom office. I pressed my head very low, not because I thought I had made a mistake, but because I didn’t want to look at her. At that time, I felt that what I was doing was just what I was doing, not only for my own pocket, but also for the fare for others to go home. At this time, Teacher Tan came. Teacher Tan is our Chinese teacher and the vice principal of our junior high school. She is a fat and tall middle-aged woman who speaks slowly and speaks very well in Mandarin. She is different from Teacher Ding in that she never beats people. Teacher Tan asked, what’s the matter? Teacher Ding repeated what had just happened, and then complained a few words about me. Teacher Tan walked over and asked me what was going on. I brought out the theory that I thought of others and explained it again. In the process of my narration, Teacher Ding called my parents. I actually don’t remember what happened later. It is difficult for people to remember what they experienced when they lost control of their emotions. I only remember that Teacher Tan and my parents had a long conversation with me. I don’t feel pressured because my dad didn’t yell at me, and Teacher Tan was also slow to listen. I just lowered my head and listened. After a long time, Teacher Tan told me that Teacher Ding was in the corridor outside and cried quietly for a long time. She said, Teacher Ding said she was very sad, and she almost regarded you as her own son. I did not expect you to contradict you like this. she was. I raised my head and looked out the window. The curtains in the office are a bit like blinds. The last time I had a lunch break in the office, I didn’t see how to open them after watching them for a long time. I was watching them again today. There is a house in the distance, a man in his pajamas is drying clothes, and a few elderly people are walking below. Below the teaching building is a green football field with artificial turf. I vaguely remembered that I had a breakfast and I was walking on the lawn with Teacher Ding. In those few days, I was in a bad state. I quarreled with my parents the night before and didn’t want to eat breakfast the next day. My mother called Teacher Ding that day and told me about me. After I read this morning, Teacher Ding took me to the cafeteria for dinner. At that time, there were only teachers in the cafeteria, and I was very restrained by myself. Teacher Ding brought a bowl of bean curd with soybeans and chicken meat on top. I don’t eat shallots and garlic, but I am not ashamed to tell the chef in the cafeteria. I remember I lowered my head and ate the tofu skin, carefully avoiding the garlic. At this time, a teacher passed by us and greeted Teacher Ding. She said it was too early to bring her son. Teacher Ding said, yes, the little guy got up late in the morning and hasn’t eaten yet. I didn’t look up, and ate silently, trying not to make any noise. After eating, walk across the football field and return to the classroom for class. In a trance, I remembered this incident. I can’t see if the man has dried his clothes, nor can I see if the ball just scored on the playground. I blinked, my face was a little hot, and I could see clearly again. The teacher in the class next door said that Mr. Ding was in the office, not talking about test results, or about why you were not obedient. He knew better than your parents. I moved my throat, but found no saliva. Then you should apologize to Teacher Ding, I will call her now, or later? Teacher Tan asked. Just do it now. I said. The classmates who made a lot of wrong vocabulary today asked me to get through before noon, so they don’t need to buy snacks for the group members in the afternoon. At the end of English class, Teacher Ding said. I looked up at the podium. Teacher Ding turned on the switch of the loudspeaker, took the book with a torn cover, and walked out of the classroom quickly.

5 months ago

This question is very strange. Why doesn’t the teacher cry? Teachers are human too! The students have never seen the teacher cry, maybe the teacher has never cried in front of you. I am a teacher. I have cried many times since I have worked for ten years, but I have been very impressed a few times. The first time I cried because the student scolded me behind his back and sent the message directly to me. I went to the school, and the school leader said that this is not a major issue and let me deal with it myself. I looked for a parent, and the parent cocked his legs in front of me and said that his child has learned from the elementary school and has never entered the door of the Moral Education Department. I shouldn’t care about a child. I had a fight with my parents, and then went home and cried. At that time, what I was thinking was that you just bullied me and had no experience, and used me as a soft persimmon. Wait and see, the old lady will do something to show you someday. The most touching time was when I was pregnant. In the third year of junior high, I was seven or eight months pregnant, and with the approach to the entrance examination for high school, I was anxious every day. However, all the students are nonchalant, not anxious or impatient, and obediently, but the grades do not improve, and they do not speak in class. I am in a hurry. I have a class meeting and talk to each other individually. I don’t know how much work I have done. Once I broke down completely, and I wanted to cry while talking on the podium. But the remaining self-esteem did not allow me to cry in front of the students, so I slammed the door and left. I ran from the third floor to the first floor, found a corner on the back of the corridor and cried for a few minutes. When I turned around, the squad leader and the party secretary were behind him. The two boys followed me all the way downstairs, silently accompanying me. At that time, what I thought was that you still have some conscience, huh. The last time I cried was angry, just the day before yesterday. The student asked me to change the elective course, saying that he didn’t want to go to mathematics training, and wanted to make up the difference in chemistry, and said: “I want to go to chemistry, why don’t you consider my wishes?” The chemistry teacher said that he didn’t need to make up the difference. “I enrolled in a math class outside of school, and hired a professional teacher. I don’t need Peiyou.” Just as the chemistry teacher was about to freak out, he turned and left. I called him back and told him two options: to study mathematics, or not to take elective courses, and no credits. He waved his hand, turned his head and left. I called him to stop, and he walked out of the classroom by himself. I was very angry all of a sudden, rushed out of the office, called him in a nearly roaring tone, and then told the head teacher to immediately notify his parents. Although his parents did not come in the end, this incident had a great impact on me. It is said that the teacher is the engineer of the human soul, but since working, I feel more and more at a loss. What is an engineer like me? The teacher in the eyes of the students is the devil, suppressing their nature with various anti-human rules and regulations every day. The teacher in the eyes of parents is aunt Tuban. Every day, if you throw your child to school, everything will be fine. If you fail to pass the exam to Tsinghua and Peking University after a few years, your teacher is incompetent. Teachers in the eyes of society are saints who do not eat fireworks. They must be on call 24 hours a day, regardless of remuneration, and they must be knowledgeable and considerate. Teachers are human beings, and teachers are professional and technical positions. Don’t deify us or stigmatize us. That’s enough. In the 20200330 update comment, someone criticized me, saying that I did not respect the wishes of students in the matter of elective courses. I took a look at the content of the answer, and now I will add the details. It is said that it is an elective course, mainly because the subject teacher selects some students for targeted supervision. Mathematics is for training excellent, and chemistry is for making up for the difference. Before confirming the name list, I also issued a volunteer form. The students initially filled in their volunteers, and the teachers adjusted their staff on this basis. The student’s volunteer list on that day was blank, and he did not need to make up the difference in chemistry. The math teacher felt that he could participate in the training class. Under this circumstance, it is impossible for me to leave him out of class, and put him in the math class based on the opinions of the two subjects of chemistry and math. When it comes to supplementary lessons outside school, our hearts are not in conflict, but if you say in front of school teachers that teachers outside school are more professional, normal people will feel uncomfortable, right? It’s like a designer from a design institute who worked so hard to make a plan for Party A. If Party A doesn’t need it, he still needs to tell you that the outsourcing company he is looking for is more professional. What would you think? Why do you say that elective courses should be trained to make up for the poor? Because high school students have to take the college entrance examination, there is no denominator of grades, no matter how many numerators are used.

5 months ago

At the end of the last century, I went to junior high school in the village near my grandmother. The teacher who taught me English is Lina. She is from the city. Teacher Lina has to ride her princess car for one hour every day to get to our rural middle school. She has long hair, fair skin, and a slim figure. Especially the dress is very fashionable, it is a beautiful scenery in the school. But in our time, in our school, many students regarded going to school as entertainment, and it was not easy to study well at all. No matter what the class is, it is as lively as going to the fair. Even a beautiful teacher like Teacher Lina doesn’t give face at all. There are often scumbags making noises in class, and there was even a bad student who scolded her in front of everyone. Teacher Lina sweats profusely every time, but has never cried. Later, I learned that Teacher Lina had congenital heart disease and had not dared to have children after being married for several years. I also know that she is only a substitute teacher, and her monthly income is less than a quarter of that of a formal teacher. But even as a substitute teacher, she has always prepared lessons seriously and corrected our homework seriously. At that time, the papers were all hand-written on the wax plate with a pen, and then printed out one by one by hand. Although few students would answer the paper seriously, Teacher Lina took the trouble. I was her class representative at the time, and I established a deep friendship with Teacher Lina. After I was admitted to the provincial secondary school and went to study medicine in other places, the one I miss most is also Teacher Lina. Finally, one summer vacation, I returned home. Call Teacher Lina. People in her family said she is in school. I am ecstatic! I hurried to bike to my alma mater. I saw Teacher Lina, she was clearing the table. She was surprised when she saw me. But there was no surprise, but embarrassment. I said: “Teacher!” She replied: “I am no longer a teacher.” I was shocked. It turned out that Teacher Lina had been a substitute for this school for more than ten years, but she never had the opportunity to become an official teacher. In the end, she had no chance to become regular again because she was removed from the school. Back to school this time, she came to pack up her personal belongings. For a while, I didn’t know how to comfort her, so I cleaned things up with her bit by bit. When Teacher Lina took out the photo taken under the glass plate with the students she had taught, she cried. Once, when a student quarreled with her, she did not cry; some student scolded her, but she did not cry; when she left her beloved podium, she cried. This is the first time I have seen Teacher Lina cry.

5 months ago

of course! Because I used to cry in class! I guess that many new Xiaomeng teachers as young as me have experienced the same things as me. At that time, I had just graduated from university and did not pass the entrance exam. I failed to interview many educational counseling institutions, so I went to a private school in our local township. The private school you think is an aristocratic school for the wealthy, and the private school I went to is in a township, which is not much better than a rural school. Students who are not required or expelled from public schools for violation of discipline will be sent to us. Up. So the quality of students can be imagined. I was teaching across three grades at the time, and I couldn’t control each grade because they all saw me as young and liked to joke with me, and they were just starting to be a teacher and were in the stage of trying to please students, so they were very close to students. Over time, students forget about the dignity of a teacher. To what extent are there students in one grade? At that time, their ethics and rule of law teacher was not me, they were other teachers, but they had left two ethics and rule of law teachers, and there was no one else in the school to find them. They felt that I didn’t have enough class hours, so I had to take this class. How messy is the discipline of their class? For the first time, I know the feeling of “weakness”. A state of class is that no one takes care of you, and they do their own things. Another class state is the one in which you say that there are people facing you. Behind this class is the head teacher, who usually works in their class. Once I couldn’t bear it anymore, and I cried directly. When the students saw me crying, they calmed down. I said, “No matter how troublesome you are, I won’t be your ethics and rule of law teacher anymore. Let others come! I really can’t teach you anymore!” I thought I would say this to them. There can be a change. What I didn’t expect is that none of the students in this class were touched. Instead, after class, they said excitedly to other teachers, “Our class is angry with another teacher!” Still very proud? ? I am really convinced! And then the students in this class said, “Your teachers’ salaries are only paid by our students who come to school. You have to thank us.” I really felt a bit of sadness in my heart. I have never felt that I have failed so much, as if my efforts are meaningless. And the students in this school are really unhealthy. If you don’t buy them things, it’s as if you owe them. This school is a boarding school. I usually watch these children stay in the school for ten days. It is too pitiful. Although I only had a salary of 2500 yuan at the time, I still often bought a lot of snacks online. My boyfriend bought me some imported snacks, and I distributed them to these students. Once I sent out snacks to a few well-behaved children, but there was really nothing at all. The other children looked to me angrily and asked, “Why XXX they have snacks? We want too!” I They said, “Because they performed well recently, and I don’t have them anymore, they are all done.” They were so angry that they rummaged through my drawer, looked everywhere, and asked anxiously, “When will you buy again?” The same as what I owe them. I never bought it again since then. It’s not that I feel sorry for the money, but that they are not worth it. Therefore, even though I have educational ideals, I still feel very powerless to some students. I had always felt that “people are inherently good in nature”, but after half a year in that school, I even changed my three views. I began to suspect that “people are inherently evil in nature”. In addition to being annoyed by the students, I once gave lectures and cried me to the students. I am a junior high school history teacher. I was admitted to the establishment later. When I talked about the Nanjing Massacre in the Anti-Japanese War, I really couldn’t help but shed tears in class. But fortunately, the group of students I met are very grateful and have a sense of family and country. When I was crying, I would hand me tissues, and from their tears, I also knew that they also understood the heaviness of the Nanjing Massacre, and they would secretly praise me after class, “Teacher, I think you are in this lesson.” It’s very good~” As a teacher, praise from a child is more precious than anything~

5 months ago

I’ve seen it, I cried. The head teacher of my third year of high school is a math teacher, a very petite female teacher. Every time in class, she has to stand up to the blackboard to write topics. She actually loves to cry. She has cried several times, without exception, it has something to do with us. . But the last time I saw her crying in the whole senior year was because of me. The school cafeteria meal is difficult to eat, so we often secretly order takeaways. I was seen by her when I was watching the menu during class. I was afraid of being criticized by her so I hid the menu. Then the teacher asked me to hand it over. I don’t know how. What’s the matter, maybe emotionally, I yelled three words: I want you to take care of it. Then I obviously saw her froze for a few seconds, then walked away silently, and she started to cry at the door. In fact, I know that she is good for me, and I really don’t do it like this, but sometimes I am very impulsive and emotional. After I say those three words, I regret it myself. The next whole section I didn’t listen to the history class at all. After class, I went to the office and apologized to the teacher. I knew she was sad and angry, but she forgave me. It wasn’t until I became a teacher that I realized that human emotions cannot communicate with each other. I don’t believe that there really is that kind of long-lasting teacher-student relationship in the world. Most students don’t have deep feelings for teachers. After graduating, I occasionally think of it and bring back some memories. What else can there be besides this? The teacher is just a stranger. I have been a student. When I was a student, I did not feel the negative emotions that my teachers had to bear. I would not think about them. Some things, I knew it was my fault. I also regret and feel sorry. Teacher, I don’t think this left me a deep feeling. Thinking of these things is like a knife piercing the epidermis. There is indeed a touch, but it is not deep in the flesh. Now I am also a teacher. I repeat what my teacher has done and get what she has experienced. I sometimes think, if I don’t become a teacher, I might not feel the teacher’s tears. If she forgave me, I forgave myself. I knew I was wrong, but I apologized to her, not just Because of regret, I feel sorry for her, but also to restore my emotions and give myself a reason to feel at ease. So I think that if you want a human body to understand the feelings of others, you can only let this person stand in that person’s position and experience everything that he has experienced, so that you can feel the same. After all, teachers are just the most ordinary people. Most people don’t have lofty ideals and can’t do that. If they can fulfill their obligations and don’t do the wrong things, it will be great. I said this to myself, and I think the teacher in my high school must have said this to myself countless times. It’s just that, sometimes I still can’t control nosy, or I can’t do things like I imagined. Hey, it’s also very speechless.

5 months ago

I have seen. That was a politics teacher in my third year of high school. Now I still remember that cute little old man. He was almost retiring when he taught us. When we were in the third year of high school, we basically didn’t study well, and we always made a lot of confusion for the teachers. He is very friendly to us at ordinary times, and we scumbags feel very warm in our hearts. So every time I take his class, I feel full of interest. We thought he was a positive and optimistic person with great love. There was something that happened before graduation, which made me and a little partner feel quite deep. Because we didn’t study in the third year of high school, my little friend basically didn’t go to school during the last period of the third year of high school. She didn’t go on the graduation photo day either. But anyone thought that the teacher would contact my classmate that night and find her the next day. Asked her why she didn’t take the graduation photos, and said that the little old man was crying with tears, and he said, no matter how you study? Don’t give up on yourself. The road ahead is yours. Don’t give up on yourself! This classmate of mine was really, very touched, because a respected teacher actually left his precious tears because of a student. Later, my classmate returned to the classroom the next day and took the college entrance examination as scheduled. After graduation, I also found the little old man to take a photo, which made up for the regret at the time. After graduation, we learned how difficult it is for this teacher. Her daughter is polio and cannot take care of herself. Only he and his wife take care of him. After class, she must hurry home to him. The wife’s class takes turns taking care of her daughter. And her daughter is already in her 30s. Behind his warm smile, we don’t know how many difficult times he has endured alone. He even worried about who would take care of his daughter in the future. Now he has retired long ago, but he always has a passion for the teaching profession in his heart. He really treats us students as children. He feels very distressed except for which one is left behind. Hope everything is well for him now. There is also a little crying ghost, which is myself. That was my first year as a teacher. I was very uncomfortable in all aspects, and I didn’t agree with each other, so I became the head teacher. I just saw more than 50 students in that class. I really felt unable to start. I remember that on the first day of class, I even bowed to my classmates. A classmate jokingly said that the beautiful teacher is good and can’t be serious at all. In their eyes, I was a very gentle teacher. I was teaching the second grade, 40 minutes a day, and I spent about half of the time maintaining order in the classroom. From time to time, some students would raise their hands to go to the bathroom or go home if they were unwell. I agreed one by one before, and even took the trouble to reply to their parents’ questions about homework at noon in the evening. But after a long time, I discovered that this kind of management class is simply not good. The last straw that crushes the camel is nothing more than that I am uncomfortable in class one day. The whole class is all messed up, and no one listens to me. I roared my voice hoarse, they are still doing their own things. At that time, my mentality collapsed, and tears came out. I went straight back to the office and calmed down for two or three minutes before gradually calming down. Maybe this is a kind of growth. Later, when managing the class, I would first make three chapters with the students, instead of just thinking of gentle reminders or letting them let themselves go. Therefore, if many friends have just become teachers, they must take a firm stand as a teacher. In the first class, they must establish rules with the students and determine the rules for class, so that the next class will be done. Including the management of students will not be messy. In class, we are teachers and students, and we are friends after class. While being tolerant, we must also have a tough determination. While the teachers seem to be strong, they also have a fragile heart. Sometimes strict control is a kind of love. After a few years, maybe we can understand their sternness at the time. It was not aimed at or enmity, but really wanted us to be well. Now I am a teacher, so I can understand the various behaviors of the teacher at that time.

5 months ago

Can cry. In the third year of the junior high school, I changed a class teacher, who is our politics teacher. It was the first time that she led a class teacher because her personality was really not suitable. She has no deterrence, she doesn’t know how to write fierce words, and she always feels like a woman who is gentle like water and wind. Our class is notoriously poor in grades and poor discipline. In the weekly class meeting, she was talking to us gently and educate us, but maybe she saw us who were still noisy, and she thought of teachers in various subjects. Regarding her complaining about the unimprovable classroom discipline, she cried as she spoke. The noisy classroom fell silent for an instant. The girls began to flip through the tissues in their schoolbags, and the boys panicked. Some people did not notice that the teacher’s emotions were still noisy, and they were brutally stopped by other boys. Everyone began to feel guilty, began to apologize, patted their chests to ensure that they would no longer be noisy, and comforted the teacher to stop being sad. Since that class meeting, our class… still hasn’t changed at all. Sure enough, I can’t lose my temper. I’m not suitable for being a class teacher…

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