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I am amused by the instructor more than once. I have already been admitted. The whole re-examination process is relatively easy. Let me briefly describe the more joyful process during the re-examination. First of all, I am a candidate No. 3, and it should be more than two o’clock in the afternoon. In the exam, the result appeared unexpectedly. No. 1 and No. 2 were not connected for unknown reasons. It was my turn. At first, I thought it was a simple test of the camera, but I connected it without even thinking about it. Then, because I thought it was still in the equipment debugging stage, I was not nervous at all, keeping in mind the retest process given by the school. As soon as I connected, I held my ID card with a serious face in front of the camera, and looked at the puzzled eyes of the teachers on the screen. I thought I was holding my ID card for too long and a little bit of ink, and then I was afraid of being urged by the teacher. The teacher instructed to take the initiative to raise the phone and start to surround the home environment 360°. As a result, before the surround sound was over, the teachers burst into laughter, “Hey…hey, little girl! Hahaha, don’t worry, the teacher hasn’t finished the equipment yet, so I can’t take care of you now!… You’ll wait a while!” Looking at the smiling teachers on the screen, I realized that I was a little too serious, and a bit insatiable about the rules, and I didn’t know if it was good or bad. Anyway, I looked at the expressions of the teachers. , I should think I am a very conscious person hahahaha. Then it was more than 10 minutes after the teachers adjusted the equipment. Now I can’t think of any surprises that the big face that I lowered my head and backed my own retest notes should have been present on their screen. At this time, I didn’t realize that I was actually starting the retest. Now that I think about it, I’m really glad that I didn’t look around, I just endorsed it seriously. Then one of the female teachers said, “Okay, the equipment has been debugged. The test will begin.” I realized that I was the first retest in the afternoon! ! ! I hurriedly threw my information far away, and my heart became a mess. It was probably the most stressful moment in my life at that time, because I hadn’t been fully psychologically prepared yet, so it was my turn! However, it turns out that no amount of psychological preparation is as good as professional course knowledge. Fortunately, the preparations for the re-examination are very sufficient, and my professional course questions are answered smoothly throughout the whole process. Really, there was a hunch at the time that the first and second classmates were pitted against me… But fortunately, I was ranked first. My lucky number “7” was still there when the lottery was drawn. I chose it without hesitation. (It’s not just because the lucky number is 7, and it’s seven ups and downs! Getting up means going ashore successfully.) Unsurprisingly, 7 did bring me luck, both of which are two professional courses that I am more proficient in. , But since it is the first question answered, I am still nervous. The rate of speech should be very fast, and remember that you can’t say “then…then…” and “Uh…emmmm…” So the whole process went smoothly. But, let’s not say, and uh, it does not appear that you are procrastinated, but it is smooth and fast, and there is a fatal flaw, that is… I can’t breathe… When I answer these two questions fluently After that, one of the male teachers held up the microphone in front of him and laughed low… said, “Student, you can actually speak a little slower… you breathe first.” Then the hall burst into laughter. At that time, I wanted to laugh and was a little bit unlovable. Okay, I was not angry and I was discovered by the teachers. I was embarrassed at the time, and I laughed awkwardly all the way, and exhaled very face-to-face to the teacher. Um, I felt better… Afterwards, my speech was actually a bit faster, so my Tian Ling Gai was a little bit painful at the end, haha, it was holding back. The second time there was a roar of laughter in the English question and answer session. The teacher sitting at the back, the microphone was not very powerful, and he spoke a paragraph of English to me with a very low voice. I can almost ask the teacher 7 or 8 times, “Teacher, can you say it again? I don’t hear clearly here…” I don’t know if I forgot to say “pardon” because I was too nervous at the time. I still recommend it to the students. If you can’t hear or hear clearly, answering in English or asking the teacher is also a way to reflect your oral expression ability. After asking seven or eight times, I finally heard it clearly, and then the teacher sitting at the back complained weakly, “Hey, I don’t know if you test me or I test you…” Okay, it’s going to be another haunting. laughing out loud. I also laughed at the time, and quickly made up for it. Of course, my later answer is still okay, so no matter how troublesome the teacher, as long as the answer is correct, it will not affect your score. I would like to remind you that if you can’t hear the teacher like me, you must ask clearly and then answer after you understand it. Don’t just say it according to your own understanding if you can’t understand it. Maybe you have a thin face and dare not trouble the teacher, but Don’t be afraid to trouble them at this juncture. Teachers will understand. If you answer the questions according to your own understanding, you will be lucky if you answer correctly. If the donkey’s head is not right, it may be counterproductive and the teachers will think It’s not good if you are making up things, so don’t be afraid to trouble the teacher. If you don’t hear well, you can’t hear clearly! Then there are some professional questions. If yes, yes, no, I have to say humbly, “I’m sorry, teacher, I don’t understand this question very well, but please allow me to combine my own knowledge to make a brief introduction to this question. Talk about…” etc., in short, if you pull where you will meet and hold the initiative in your own hands, you are already halfway through. But in any case, you can’t make up things. The tutor hates students who tell lies. In fact, many times what teachers see is not the right or wrong of your answer, but your mental tolerance and language ability, and whether you have the potential for further scientific research in the future. During my retest, some of the teachers looked at me and laughed all the time, and they all looked at me. But I smile all the time, and I will not over-express my tension. Smiling is the most effective way to relieve tension. Finally, at the end, a teacher said to me, “The interview is over.” His microphone was not very powerful, so I did not hear clearly, and kept staring at the camera like a serious listener, “Teacher…you I didn’t hear the question clearly…” “I said, your interview is over.” “Teacher, I still don’t hear you too clearly, can you say it again?” “The interview is over…” I still didn’t catch it, they The microphone is really trash, staring at the screen with a puzzled look. In the end, a teacher laughed, holding his louder microphone, and said, “Student, he said that your interview is over. Ha ha ha ha…” “Oh! Okay, please trouble the teachers! Teachers have worked hard! Goodbye teacher!” I was so scared that I hurriedly sat upright, raised my arm towards the camera with an awkward smile, and waved my arms to say goodbye to the teachers. Several teachers saw that I finally heard what they were saying, and smiled and waved their arms to say goodbye. Then my interview is over. It ended with smiling and waving goodbye to each other. It’s quite complete, but I feel very nervous when I think that I speak too fast, and because of the microphone problem, I don’t know that I can really hear the questions of several teachers. Counting down, my retest time is nearly 40 minutes, which is longer than the retest time of other students. Now I think it may be related to my own professional class answering, I have a long time to answer, and because I was the first in the first test, the teachers are more interested in me. Fortunately, God gave me a satisfactory result. I found out that some classmates didn’t know if they asked three questions, so they didn’t have any questions during the whole professional course, so it ended hastily in less than 20 minutes. The whole re-exam atmosphere was heavy, and the teacher was reluctant to ask him anything more. Again, professional courses are the kingly way, and professional courses are solid. Really, in terms of momentum, you have already succeeded in half. How could the teacher make things difficult for you when he sees you with ease and humility? It’s true that I want to tease you.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The online re-examination made a room of teachers amused on the re-examination field. But I felt a little embarrassed and hid. Let me talk about the background first. After the first test results came out, I felt okay, but I don’t know if I can enter the second test. After the start of school in March, for the faint hope, I still forced myself to go to the pig slaughterhouse every day to study, write an English self-introduction, and prepare several pages of word documents from the shallow to the deep about my scientific research experience and related knowledge. For the questions that teachers may ask, the Chinese and English versions add up to more than 20 pages. At that time, I was thinking that even if I don’t use it this year, I can use it next year. Later, the re-examination list came out, and I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in it, but ranked fifth from the bottom. The joy of joy fell down instantly, because I felt that I was separated from the admission line by an entire galaxy, and the psychological pressure was huge. But still continue to prepare for the retest, thinking, even if there is only a 0.1% chance of success, I will rush. Enter the topic below. As soon as I was taken into the interview room, I saw a room with about a dozen teachers (didn’t it say that there were only 6 or 7 teachers?), and then I found my intended tutor sitting in a corner of the first row in. Recognize that the chief examiner is the dean of the college. After I introduced myself in English, the teacher asked me to supplement my scientific research experience in Chinese, so I was behaved and told one of the several scientific research experiences I had prepared. I thought the next link would be that the teachers would ask a lot of questions related to my scientific research experience, and they would ask them in depth. But I never thought that a teacher killed a carbine. He just praised my fluent English in the front, and then he gave me “Then I will ask you two professional questions in English.” (I: I was flustered. Batch, but still have to keep smiling). Then when the teacher asked the question, the network card got off. I didn’t hear it clearly, but I thought I couldn’t be ashamed, so I guessed a meaning and then crackled a lot in English. As a result, the teacher said, “No, I didn’t mean that.” I: I always repeated those two English questions three times before and after, but I didn’t catch them clearly, but I still cracked a bunch of them in English (I don’t care. Woo woo). The other teachers began to laugh. At this moment, I caught a glimpse of my intentional tutor, lowering his head seriously and writing something, and I thought in my heart, no, no, no, not at first, I was cold. Then the teacher who asked me the question probably thought I was not saved, so he let me go with a smile. Later, when I was in a comprehensive survey, a teacher asked me if I knew which teachers I applied for and had enrollment quotas, and then which teachers were my intended tutors. At that time, I had just answered the professional course question without any risk, and I was still very nervous. When I was asked such a question by the teacher, I was dumbfounded. And this question is not within the scope of my preparation! And I really don’t know! So I racked my brains and squeezed toothpaste and said the names of several teachers I had seen on the official website, including the names of my intended mentors. Then the teachers started catching me and asking, “Which teacher do you like the most? Which teacher’s group do you want to go to the most?” I said loudly, “Thank you, teacher, I like Teacher X the most (my intended tutor) !” The teachers laughed. Then I asked, what should I do if they don’t recruit me, and what if I can’t recruit me if my intent tutor is out of quota. My mind is even more confused, I really haven’t thought about what to do. The main reason is that I don’t know if “then I will try my best to work in the lab of my intended mentor for a year and take another exam next year.” Can I say it in front of so many teachers on the interview occasion? One sentence: “Teacher, I am very dedicated.” They laughed wildly. (On the surface: but I feel so embarrassed.) Later, the dean asked me that there are also teachers in my undergraduate major who do scientific research very well, so why not stay in my undergraduate school to take them. I snapped and said a bunch of things like the teachers in our college encouraged me to take the postgraduate entrance examination. As a result, the teachers were also laughing, probably because I thought my answer was wrong. Then a teacher guessed that he couldn’t stand it anymore, and directly translated “What are your advantages?” I thought “I know this question! I finally have a question!”, and I was thrilled. So I danced and danced, “Teacher, I have many advantages!” Then let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, and finally I stepped on the horse, “My body can dedicate my life to scientific research for fifty years”, and I am still very firm in front of the screen. He took my paw == The teachers laughed wildly. I dare not look at the expression of my intended mentor. I don’t think I’m mature and stable at all (I’m determined to show maturity and stability…) The teachers interviewing probably think that this is a stupid kid. What are we doing recording this silly boy? Otherwise we don’t want it. Unexpectedly, I received an email from a teacher that evening. “You performed well in the interview. Are you not interested in our research team?” (I only read it the next day, super invincible, how can I be) Oh, the answer to the main undergraduate was 211. The undergraduate program failed at the end of September. Three months to prepare for the initial test, a certain 985 in arid area of ​​World War I.

7 months ago

Scared to death. Scared to death. There are so many praises. Knowing Xiaobai is super scared. Ask: Tell me about your undergraduate school. My answer: Our undergraduate school’s food is very delicious. Teacher: Haha asked: Why did you choose our school? What attracted you? My answer: There are six restaurants in the school. Teacher: Nanjing 211 randomly draws numbers. The second re-exam is super nervous and I prepared the English Q&A. The teacher asked me to ask in Chinese. I also asked if I should use English or Chinese. The teachers all laughed. In Chinese, the teacher asked me what should I do if I got swiped this year. What I said was that I was looking for a job and asked me to look forward to a graduate student for three years. I was not prepared. Finally came the sentence I was surprised to be a good person these three years. The final retest score is still very high. I think the teacher thinks I am really

7 months ago

Tell me about my roommate. My roommate Xiao Heng and I took the exam in the same school. Although we were not in the same hospital, we re-examined on the same day. Finally, we drawn lots for him in the morning and me in the afternoon. In order to communicate well for the retest, I went to his house to retest, and we both slept in the same bed. Two sets of quilts were finished. As a result, I was a little anxious in the morning. Although Xiao Heng kept urging me to fold the quilt, I still forgot. Finally, Xiao Heng came up and had to go for a retest. I was a little nervous and didn’t pay attention. Anyway, the computer camera on the side where I slept was invisible. Xiao Heng carefully folded the quilt and placed it on the head of the bed. After that, I hid outside his room and listened to him to retest. As a result, he entered the conference room. The first sentence of the examiner is, classmate, are you not folding the quilt? Xiao Heng replied without hesitation. Looking at it again, it seemed that the examiner saw that there was a bit of messy sheets, which should be due to the camera, which made the examiner think he did not stack the quilt. Xiao Heng vowed to say, “Teacher, I folded it up, you are looking at the sheets.” If you don’t believe me, I will show you the camera for a closer look. As a result, I just picked it up and looked at it and saw the messy quilt on my side. Haha for dozens of seconds came from the video. After that, the examiner smiled and said that we asked this question to every classmate who came up, but we didn’t expect to catch a non-overlapping one. It’s only half of the stack. You can’t be a doctor with this attitude. It is hard to imagine what Xiao Heng’s mood was at the time, he must have wanted to kill me. I only heard him madly explaining that this belonged to my roommate, he was too lazy, and mine was folded. At this time, a teacher suddenly asked, “Is this not your target?” This young man is fine. Then came a bunch of hahaha laughter. Damn it. At this time, Xiao Heng suddenly sat down. “Teacher, I don’t have a target right now,” “And I promise, during graduate school, I will definitely not fall in love, play games, skip class, travel, or run ambitiously, engage in academics, engage in experiments, and follow the teacher to the doctorate!” “This quilt really isn’t mine. , It’s my roommate’s, he deliberately messed up!” I almost burst out laughing when I heard this. The laughter in the conference room almost turned into electric noise. As a result, several teachers were rushing to ask him, and they were all about to be in battle.

7 months ago

Oops, as soon as I entered the door, the teacher started laughing at what I could do. In my undergraduate course, I was the backbone of the student, and I often haunted the teacher’s office. Anyway, I was energetic and did some errands for class representatives. Because I also liked flowers and plants, I took the initiative to take care of the plants in the teacher’s office. I’m so familiar with the teachers. After graduating from a bachelor’s degree, I went out to work. I really didn’t like it after two years of work. I slipped back for the postgraduate entrance examination. After finishing the written examination, I thought about it. After all, I was kind and cute like my mother, so I bought a box of strawberries and went to the office to see it. My guide, the guide said that after I graduated, several pots of plants had died, and then I was very happy to get some hanging ear coffee before leaving. I actually took it away. I ran into an English teacher in the hallway. She was very enthusiastic and asked me to sit down with her. I took the hanging ear coffee and said that I would give it to my guide. Let’s try it. She said this is out of fashion. I have a packet of matcha. I took the matcha and left, leaving the coffee for the English teacher, and so on, because they were all on the same floor, and I went to the other two offices where I was particularly familiar with the teacher. Then went home. The written test results are pretty good, and it’s time for the interview. I’m still a little nervous, and I have to prepare for an English interview or something. Coincidentally, the four teachers in the interview room happened to be the four teachers I met at school that day. As soon as I entered, the four of them started to have fun when they looked at me. It turned out that several teachers met after I left. Why is my hanging ear coffee with you, my matcha with you, and my chocolate with you, co-authored I turned around. Because the overall interview time is very long, the teachers prepared a lot of snacks, fruits and so on. When they saw me coming, the teacher started to feed, come and eat one and the other. I didn’t introduce myself, maybe there’s nothing to introduce, I didn’t ask a question, maybe they don’t know what to ask me, (if I ask a professional question, I don’t know what they teach, huh) Teacher They watched me eat a bunch of things and let me go. Waiting for the next day, I realized that it was an interview after all, so I called and asked my guide, do you think I can pass the interview? What do you think of it? Is it a bit late to ask this now? Pack your things and prepare to come back to live in school. I saw a lot of children’s shoes that had questions about my postgraduate entrance examination experience, saying why there was no video, or it was too watery. My postgraduate entrance examination is actually not far from now, exactly ten years ago (it turned out to be so far). At that time, there was no such thing as video recording, and I don’t know when I will start the whole video recording. Personally, even if it’s a video, it’s just an explanation for those students who have questions about the results of the retest, but it won’t affect the teacher’s final admission and scores. Said that I retested too much. It’s really a bit watery, but I read the answers around and found that everyone participating in the re-examination interview is almost the same, and there is no way to turn the tide on the strength of the interview. As long as there is nothing wrong with the rules, you don’t appear to be insanity, and your first test scores are good, it doesn’t make sense to knock you off. My experience may be because the teacher still has a deep impression and basic judgment on my strength. I am the only one who has won three national scholarships in our major. The competition for national awards in our school is fierce. Every time I want to show and defend a PPT to grab a few places, the teacher should have been on the scene as a judge. , I can pass this, and this kind of interview for the postgraduate entrance examination really feels that I have no problem, and there is no need to show me the opportunity (maybe I am too good to talk? It is a waste of time?) The other is that I am not big I remember where I ranked in the first test, but the score was only 2 points behind the student with the highest first test score (yes, I was also the student of my tutor). In this case, I should not be in the top five in the first test. That year, our school There are dozens of recruits. The teacher may think that although I have been working for two years, I am still studying. At the end of the retest, I don’t know how many points the teachers gave me. Anyway, my guide told me to pack my things, so I happily went to pack my things and didn’t pay attention to the final score. Suddenly thinking of this junior, his interview was also very funny. After all, he worked hard to force the entrance exam after he was not qualified for postgraduate study. He himself is very smart, but he played in various clubs in college, and he was more handsome. , Can dress up, don’t like to study so much that he missed the qualification for postgraduate. Later, he took the first exam. During the interview, the teachers were very relaxed and basically chatted and asked him if he could read a Ph.D. This kid was really unambiguous, and he could not read. If you get a PhD, you will have no girlfriend when you are old, and even if you don’t study at this school, you will go to the Chinese Academy of Sciences. I was amused by these few guides (there was really an old teacher at the scene, and it was really the best one. My guide later taught us many times and put the value of the face down and put it in the emotional intelligence), if it weren’t for Seeing him get the first place in the first try, it won’t work if he has to beat it down. Later, I probably thought that he was still pretty handsome and did not look good when he was a PhD student and gave it to him (I guess). This kid began to fall in love after studying for graduate school. He also fled every day after the graduate courses. In the end, the teacher showed mercy before graduating.

7 months ago

I was in the laboratory. I remembered the day of the retest two years ago. I had a lottery in the afternoon and I was nervous for a day. Teacher: Do you know how to play poker? (I only know how to play in the village of players, catching old pock, worrying that they don’t know what it is to catch old pock) I said: I don’t know how to play poker (lost face…), I can play mahjong (excited face!!). Then several teachers were laughing! ! I was stunned and stiff.. Then the teacher asked me about the sorting of poker, and I realized that, oh, it’s not about hobbies, but it’s embarrassing to ask about the sorting algorithm of data structure. Said to play mahjong

7 months ago

I just finished the interview yesterday. I successfully made the teacher laugh a few times during the interview. A teacher asked me if I had any other re-examinations. I honestly said yes, and then he said that you did a good job with this ppt. , Is it specially made for coming to participate in our retest? I said: No, the teacher, I still plan to use it to participate in the interview of the second institute, but he is the first one to use it. The five teachers at the bottom: Haha, and then the teacher started asking me about other things. After I finished answering, I started to chat with the family teacher and asked me: Why didn’t you go to a research institute like the Chinese Academy of Sciences? I said: I first wanted to go to the Chinese Academy of Sciences. At that time, because my boyfriend was there, I changed my school because of some things. I thought it was a little more stable, but I didn’t expect to be admitted. The teacher asked again: Then you came to our school (in the south), didn’t you be separated from your boyfriend? I said: It’s okay! I broke up with that! The teacher at the bottom: Haha, I’m not nervous anymore. Then the host has two minutes left. I’ll think about it and chat. I’ll say: Teacher, please ask me about my graduation project. I’ve been preparing for a long time, you guys. Didn’t even ask me. Teacher (laugh): Then I won’t ask you if you are ready. Tell me what you are not ready for. Then I panicked: I said I was waiting for your re-examination notice these few days, and I was so anxious that I didn’t read the book of the professional course (I was afraid that the teacher would ask me about the professional course). I didn’t expect the teacher to laugh for a while. Just said he had nothing to ask. In the end, I asked the teacher a question and the interview was over. The interview process was very pleasant! The teacher is very kind! The atmosphere is joyous! After it was over, I was very worried, because I didn’t ask me much about the professional courses, and I was very afraid that I would have a cold. I sent an email to the teacher and asked if the teacher had a chance to study under his staff. The teacher said that waiting patiently is not a big problem! The proposed admission has been received today! Ended my postgraduate entrance examination career

7 months ago

Ha just interviewed two days ago, the teachers said, Oh, your professionalism is not bad, by the way, have you watched the weather forecast in Tianjin these two days? Is it always a sandstorm these days? Good guy, this just gave me a whole circle. I said, I have gotten better recently, and the sandstorm did indeed happen the previous time. The teacher said again, do you see the weather in Hebei? I said, I didn’t watch it, teacher, I didn’t even go to school, and I didn’t bother to watch the weather forecast recently. Hahaha, the spoken English teacher couldn’t laugh at that time. Later, another teacher asked, how do you score 61 points in the Byzantine History Test? (My grades in other subjects are pretty good) I said, the teacher, I had too many exam subjects at the time, and I didn’t have time to prepare. The teacher asked again, what is the test method, is it a essay or a test paper? I said test papers. The teacher said, it seems that this is not your fault, it is the teacher’s fault, how can you get the test papers? I was stunned on the spot and said quickly, no no no! teacher! This is my fault! It’s all because I didn’t prepare everything! Knowing it’s too late, but didn’t do his homework in advance! (Because I remember the re-examination can not say that the undergraduate school and the teacher are not good) At that time, the English teacher laughed harder. The retest site was particularly fun. Finally, the teacher said, do you have any questions about classmate XX? I said, teacher, I have a nonsense question, I want to ask. The teacher said, yes, you can ask. So I slowly said: Teacher, if I go to a certain place (where the university is located), will I get acne due to humid weather? So the teacher started to introduce me to the weather again… Finally, we ended the retest happily. At that time, I heard the test room ringing, and it should have been overtime. The teachers are really good. Then I waved my hands and goodbye to them~ But I didn’t choose this school in the end. I chose the second parallel volunteer school. In the second school, the atmosphere was much more serious during the interview, but the number plate I drew was particularly backward. It should be 42 people. I was in 38th. In fact, I was very worried. I felt that the teachers were basically at the end. Has lost patience. When I entered the online system, it was really serious. After the teacher asked me to introduce myself, he selected questions and then asked me to read the questions. The teacher said, this classmate, don’t you? Good guy, I was scared to death, I quickly said no, no, no, teacher, I will, let me think about it for a moment. Indeed, I know the question, and then I answered it smoothly, and I said something professional in detail. At first the teachers were very anxious and seemed to be very tired. No one raised their heads to pay attention to me at all, but when I answered smoothly, the teachers gradually raised their heads to listen to me. Later, for the second professional class question, a female teacher asked a very professional question. To be honest, I have never touched it before, but maybe the first question answered quite well, and the teacher “attention” to me Then I thought for a while before answering. During the whole answering process, the teachers were different from the exhaustion at the beginning. They all listened to my answer. After talking about the two main ideas, I paused for a while, and finally said, sorry teacher, I really don’t know much about this. I can only try to talk about the above views. Of course, the teachers are still very serious, but different from the initial fast pace, they have been more patient with me. At that time, I felt that the results of the retest should not be bad. Later, I communicated with my classmates and it turned out that their questions were not very difficult. The second professional class question I answered really meant that the teacher wanted to “make it difficult” for me. Hahahahahahaha, maybe the first one answered better, teacher I thought I had memorized it and couldn’t detect the professional ability, so I came up with the second one. In the end, it went well! Already proposed to be admitted. I don’t know the overall ranking.

7 months ago

I was too nervous. At that time, I really didn’t turn my mind. It was just a daze + silly…orz, I’m the kind of straight girl who majored in science and engineering. Yesterday, halfway through the re-examination, the teacher asked me: “Why is the gender on your resume kept secret?” “Ah, this…I’m a woman, teacher.” Teacher: “No, you got it wrong, I asked you why your name is confidential?” Me: “Teacher, I’m sorry, I’m not sure, but I It’s called xxx…” The teachers laughed…and also talked with five or six other teachers…I was so embarrassed…I really don’t know how secret words are on my resume (cover my face… Then the teacher asked my resume to go to the UK I have a lot of experience in a certain university. Finally, the teacher said that I wanted to know that the epidemic was the worst at that time. How did you come back? I said: “Flying back…” The teacher laughed again; when speaking English, The teacher asked me in English: “When you went to the UK, xxx was not far from the British Museum. How did you get there?” I: “Walking over…” Then the teacher laughed, although I don’t know why… the teacher asked again “How long did it take?” I: “Ten minutes…” It was clearly spoken, and I answered the short answer questions… A total of four English words… Although there are other English questions, the first one is this. I was embarrassed by a few questions; I was really embarrassed, my face flushed. Fortunately, I answered the professional course questions well; and not only these questions, but also many, many questions, except for these other questions. The teachers are very kind. , I was admitted in the end~ but it’s really embarrassing to be laughed at by the teacher

7 months ago

Retest yesterday. I tried fourth in the first time and went in very early, starting at eight o’clock and going in more than nine o’clock. There were five teachers sitting in front of them with serious faces. Let me introduce myself first, I’m familiar with it by memorizing. Speaking of my 10 years of graduation from this school, etc. Questions were drawn in the envelope afterwards. Draw two professional questions tremblingly. I was worried at first, but it turned out to be quite simple. I was just about to say that the teacher said you have three minutes to think about it. I said no, I said madly. The teachers nodded. A teacher asked: Did you graduate in 16 years? My answer: 10 years. Teacher: Oh, I heard it wrong, I heard it for 16 years, 10 years? ! It’s been ten years. I said yes, ten years in a flash. Another teacher said: Your professional foundation is so good, and your English is quite good. Have you never taken a postgraduate entrance examination before? I replied: I took the exam once in the year I graduated, and I reported to Beijing Normal University, but I didn’t pass the line of English. I wanted to say that English for 10 years was too difficult. This year, I couldn’t pass my English test for 10 years. I thought about it and felt that I was looking for some reason, so I pressed this in my heart. A younger teacher on the right asked: What professional books have you read recently? I say “Wu Jingzi’s Feelings and Philosophy” by Chen Wenxin, and “Chen Zilong and His Time” by Zhu Dongrun. They didn’t even ask down. Later, my postdoctoral classmate said that the two books I read were not very academic, and they were general in nature, and the teachers generally studied them in detail and couldn’t ask further. Finally, a teacher who has been silent asked: Have you published any papers? I can honestly say that several articles have been published in provincial journals. After thinking about it, I added: But it was paid for the promotion. I don’t think there is any gold content, so there is no need to mention it. They all laughed, and there was a pleasant atmosphere in the air. The post-doctoral master said to me, hahaha, they also know it well. The last old gentleman asked me to explain which poets of the Qing Dynasty were of their own. I am familiar with this. I have always regarded literary history as martial arts novels. I imagine representatives of various schools as martial arts masters similar to Emei Wudang. I imagine styles and characteristics as martial arts characteristics. I think of differences in disputes as masters in the martial arts competition. Ever since, I talked about more than a dozen schools of Qing Dynasty in one breath. I still want to continue to change the Ming Dynasty. The old man smiled and said: That’s all right… Turn around and ask the timing senior sister, it’s almost time. Senior sister said: It’s almost 20 minutes. Yeah, it’s too long. Okay. I got up and bowed back.

7 months ago

It’s not a postgraduate re-examination, but a post-graduate re-examination. It’s not that I made them laugh, but they made themselves laugh. Retest, everything went well, chatting before leaving. My old teacher asked, “I heard that you also applied for a certain teacher in a certain school.” (I don’t know where he got the news. The two schools are in the same city. The school is 985 and this school is 211. That teacher is an ordinary teacher, and my old mentor is a Changjiang Scholar. Maybe because there are only two schools in this city that have Ph. My embarrassing question-“If both schools are accepted, which one would you go to?” Then the other teachers began to laugh, thinking that they couldn’t ask questions like that. They were so happy that I was embarrassed because they couldn’t let this problem fall to the ground. Fortunately, my old teacher relieved him. He was very sincere and said, “I must go to that school. After all, the school is much better.” The relief of the old mentor made me even more embarrassed. If I say “come here”, it is obviously too flattering, because the platforms are indeed different. I want to say “go there,” and I would be treasoned to death in this school. So they started to have fun again–~ Finally, I played Tai Chi, and I didn’t answer the question at all. I said, “I really hope to receive admission notices from two schools, but it seems that my strength does not allow me.” So they are happy again!

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