At 8:05 on April 27th, Anta Sports released a Weibo that will officially announce a spokesperson in the last two days. It is likely to be Wang Yibo. How do you think that Anta will officially announce Wang Yibo as its spokesperson? Will Anta’s subsequent footwear prices increase?

Put your position first. It’s a good way to Wang Yibo now, but personally, he will definitely not follow stars, so he is not a fan, and has watched various business endorsements. The impression of Anta has been a long time ago, and I have only recently learned more about it. The following personal opinions should be kept as neutral as possible: I have seen the wave of contract cancellation a month ago. At that time, I was impressed by Wang Yibo, who was set up and was topped by the fire. After the contract was cancelled, I personally hope that a strong domestic sports brand will cooperate with him, a domestic brand. There is no one that can match Nike at present, so we need to continue to work hard. This is the truth. Then I hope that at least the one who takes over is not too far away, whether it is a simple justice position or a business perspective. At that time, I thought that either Anta, or Peak, Xtep, can win the golden ad space of this celebrity in the shoe circle, after all, it can’t be left empty all the time. Wang Yibo wants to dance and skateboard, so he needs to wear shoes. But at that time, Anta already had many spokespersons, so it was not too sure. From Anta’s point of view, it has developed rapidly in recent years, but many ordinary consumers’ impressions still remain on their impressions a long time ago. I asked a few friends who had no idea at all, and their answer was: This brand looks similar earth? Or: Oh, nothing feels. This is not in line with the position of Anta’s No. 1 and No. 2 brand in the world. So looking for this new spokesperson is at the time of the rise of this domestic product. It is a good time and place. What is the role of the spokesperson? Enhance the brand image and increase the brand’s voice. Obviously, this new spokesperson has it. This spokesperson himself has cool, sports labels and huge traffic, which obviously has a great effect on the brand. It is also a partner of the Winter Olympics. From Wang Yibo’s perspective, after the termination of the contract with Nike, the cooperation with Anta, which is second only to Nike, is also a good way to demonstrate its own commercial value. Anta has developed low-key in recent years and has purchased many well-known foreign brands and its own technology. The level has also improved a lot. Although there are still deficiencies in aesthetics, I believe that this will be improved through in-depth cooperation with the spokesperson. He himself is also a promotion ambassador for the Winter Olympics, and he plays many sports. For both parties, they are both strong enough to complement each other and promote each other. Coupled with the development opportunities of domestic sports brands after the termination of the contract, the Winter Olympics can show each other. Generally speaking, it is a very suitable business opportunity. Both parties have grasped Living. I probably read the answer to this question. The following personal opinion is for those who are more disgusted with the rice circle, please ignore: Some people in RMB also scold the smell of copper, so people who don’t like Anta, or Wang Yibo, don’t even know both. There are people, it’s quite normal. As long as there is nothing malicious, I think the attitude of “don’t know” is also a normal view. Because of the previous contract termination storm, fans felt very suffocated. This business endorsement is also very good. It will exaggerate, and it will be Amway. I think it is also normal. Gagging is not a good comment environment, whether it is blocking the mouth of passers-by or blocking. Fan’s mouth. I hate the remarks of sports brands looking for traffic stars as spokespersons. It is not necessary. Before, Anta also had many celebrity spokespersons. Some word-of-mouth traffic is not as good as this. Why not scold it at that time? After all, do you want to scold traffic stars for endorsing sports brands, or you want to scold this person? This at least brought a real increase in the volume of the brand, a cool addition to the brand, and an increase in the level of brand benchmarking.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

I hope that companies can really do branding seriously, don’t just let go of marketing hype, understand the sequence, do a good job in design and quality, and then explore the characteristics and image of the spokesperson, and make good use of Wang Yibo’s cool image to output brand impressions. I hope that the brand will become stronger, and then Wang Yibo’s cool image will bless the brand and achieve mutual success. Let’s cheer and give an answer, hoping that the answer will not become too antagonistic, but this degree seems to be vague and difficult to control. In fact, brands will invite celebrity spokespersons. The image of spokespersons will also increase the brand’s impression. Wang Yibo likes sports and street dance. He is also strong, and he feels like a young and energetic one. Wang Yibo’s trendy and stylish image is also It will have an impact on ordinary passers-by. Before Wang Yibo’s Nike white bag, many passers-by were Amway, just like watching beauty bloggers and dressing bloggers planting grass, artists dressed well and exposed, he is among passers-by Will also play the role of Amway. In the answer, I don’t need to talk about the fan circle. If the fans who come back also want to talk about the content of the brand, everyone will express their opinions and friendly discussions. Don’t be confrontational.

5 months ago

Seeing Anta’s upcoming official announcement of Yibo as its spokesperson, the haze since March has finally dissipated. I thought about it. Although it was an ordeal to terminate the contract between Yibo and Nike, it might not be a new opportunity, perhaps a secret arrangement. At that time, Yibo was the first to propose to terminate the contract with foreign sports brands, using practical actions to show his patriotic position, and he did not hesitate to sacrifice his own interests. His character and integrity are admirable. Now let’s endorse Anta, the sports brand that retired from the BCI organization for the first time. With Yibo, the first artist to announce the termination, it can be described as a two-way trip. A match made in heaven, Yibo is Anta’s best spokesperson. With the blessing of Yibo’s fashionable and cool image, as well as the influence and appeal of his sports brand, I believe that Anta’s brand style and brand competitiveness will also be greatly improved. Such two-way cooperation will surely spark a wonderful spark. Since the epidemic, Chinese products have been resisted and suppressed in the international market. This is our general environment in recent years, and it also affects artists invisibly. Expanding domestic demand and enhancing the international competitiveness of domestic brands are urgent tasks. The rise of domestic brands and the enhancement of national self-confidence are also important strategic goals of the country. On the other hand, the country also needs patriotic youths like Yibo to guide this generation of young people. Yibo is the chosen son, a truly transformed artist who came out of the Hallyu and returned to the red camp. This transformation itself, to a certain extent, is quite convincing. Yibo always has the ability to transform personal traits into labels and then into resources. Skateboarding was originally his personal hobby, but it was accidentally solidified into his personality labels, and then he turned these labels into business resources for sports brands. All this happened naturally, without deliberately, it just came naturally. Patriotism is also his natural quality. The action of dismissing Nike is the best proof. I think this quality and trait will be subtly blessed in his film and TV roles, forming an invisible label, so that the audience will know There is a sense of substitution. Whether it is Jiang Xianyun in “Ideal Illuminates China”, Yang Zhen in “Chinese Peacekeeping Forces”, and Chen Yu in “Bing Yu Huo”. At the critical moment of Yibo’s transformation, perhaps this is an invisible force to help him. “Once the contract was terminated, Anta returned to the young man.” Yibo’s life is such a fantasy. Perhaps his personal destiny is destined to be related to the international situation and the righteousness of his home country, just like the Korean order of the year. Not only accepted the severe test, but also found new opportunities. Yibo’s life drama is always full of surprises!

5 months ago

This is a two-way choice, hoping to win-win cooperation and help the rise of domestic brands. Wang Yibo chose Anta because his endorsement positions in each segment are basically full, and several brands that have cooperated in 19 and 20 years have chosen to renew their contracts. If there is no such thing as Xinjiang cotton, Anta is It is very difficult to have a chance to sign him, because Nike gave him a really good treatment, the first domestic celebrity. And he himself loves sports and has good talents. The image of a young sportsman and a trendy cool guy is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. He and Gouzi canceled the contract, and the small telegraph pole vacated such a large area. Many businesses would definitely want to occupy it, and it would certainly not be vacant forever. Among the many domestic brands, Anta is undoubtedly the best choice. The global brand is the second, the domestic brand is the first, and the long-term partner of the Olympic Committee has invested a lot in product research and development, and the quality is also very good. As a fan, I know that he will definitely sign another brand later. What I hope in my heart is Anta or Peak, because these two brands are doing product research and development seriously, and they are of good quality.. It’s just that I didn’t expect it to be Anta, and so fast. I previously thought that even signing a new brand might take about half a year. I can only say that the brands really have a keen sense of smell. According to the gossip, several brands flew to Beihai to meet him the day after the contract was terminated. Anta’s choice of Wang Yibo can see the brand’s huge ambitions and goals. Wang Yibo himself is too deeply bound to trend and fashion labels. His personality is clear and noble, and he loves and deeply understands hip-hop culture. From his performance on chanel and Celine, he can see his interpretation of street fashion brands of sports brands. , You can see his conflicting and harmonious beauty. This is the cover of his magazine last year. The perfect combination of grandma and sports brand is also particularly beautiful. When Anta chose Wang Yibo, it must first value his expressiveness of fashion brands, hoping to promote brand force and brand value through announcing new spokespersons. In fact, Anta has realized the importance of brand value from a very early time and has made many attempts. However, because the Anta brand has been taking a more grounded route, it was difficult to change before, so Anta finally chose another way to achieve it. The introduction of FILA and the creation of new brands to cultivate market segments have also achieved very good results. In addition to FILA, there are many brands that are actually owned by Anta, such as Archaeopteryx and Wilson. Through the multi-brand layout, Anta has realized the enhancement of brand value. Such advantages have, but the disadvantages are also obvious. That is, the brands have their own voices, but they cannot form a unified voice. This will not maximize the brand value. The Anta brand, which represents the name of the Anta Group, has a large market share, but it has always been positioned as a popular one. It cannot have a huge impact on the high-end and professional product lines. I signed with Wang Yibo. I personally think that Anta still wants to change in this regard. . The Xinjiang cotton incident is a great opportunity for domestic brands. Those who don’t seize it are really fools. Another important reason why Anta signed with Wang Yibo should be the brand’s huge ambitions. In a corner that many people don’t know, Anta has already surpassed Adi to become the world’s second place. There is only one dog left on his head. The cooperation between Wang Yibo and Gouzi proves that Wang Yibo’s strong ability to carry goods and his image are very important for the present. The influence of young people. Anta’s signing of Wang Yibo is undoubtedly the pinnacle of the sword, aiming at the world’s number one throne. Anta hopes that through Wang Yibo’s influence, the brand can make breakthroughs in the mass and mid-to-high-end product lines, further occupy the market, supplement its product line and get good promotion. This is undoubtedly a win-win choice. I hope that the development of domestic sports brands will get better and better. Finally, it is Wang Yibo’s handsome picture of the town building. I hope you will pay more attention to and support Wang Yibo’s pending work “Ideal Illuminates China”-Choice, “Ice Rain and Fire” and “Wind Up Luoyang”

5 months ago

The win-win situation of Anta & Wang Yibo I guess Anta’s inner OS: netizens, don’t question my choice, it’s not difficult for me to sign top-tier endorsements. At present, Cai Xukun has already endorsed FILA, Guan Xiaotong & Chen Feiyu are global spokespersons for the Anta brand; Everyone in the country knows that everything pays attention to the right time, the right place, and the harmony of people. It is not a matter of money to sign Wang Yibo at this moment. It is not a matter of money, but also a rare occasion in ten years. When it comes to this, some passers-by may say who Wang Yibo is? Wang Yibo was Nike’s official partner before, and this title is the highest in the domestic entertainment industry (people familiar with South Korea’s entertainment industry know Quan Zhilong, what is his endorsement status in Chanel & Nike, please understand yourself, and think of Chanel & Nike. To train Wang Yibo to become Quan Zhilong in China) In addition, Wang Yibo is also the promotion ambassador for the Winter Olympics, and Anta is the official partner of the Winter Olympics. Before that, Wang Yibo’s clothing for the promotion activities of the Winter Olympics was from Anta, which is broadcast on CCTV5. However, if Wang Yibo was not an official partner of Nike at that time, Anta signed Wang Yibo as an endorsement and promoted the East Olympic Games. For Anta, wouldn’t it be possible for Anta to have a higher domestic and even global influence. On March 25, the Xinjiang Cotton Incident broke out. Wang Yibo was the first to release a statement to terminate the contract with Nike, and this statement still took place before ZF made his statement; friends, what Wang Yibo gave up, please review Article 3, which is equivalent to giving up Nike’s control. Fashion resources, if the endorsement of Chanel in the future is also yellow, I will not be surprised. The netizens understand that Wang Yibo’s loss is not the endorsement fee. It is the result of years of pioneering in the fashion industry before the liberation. Netizens also admire Wang Yibo’s courage. Of course, it is natural for a Chinese citizen to protect the interests of the motherland. Just one month from March 25th to the present, Anta warmed up Wang Yibo as the spokesperson. At present, the revealed Title is the chief global spokesperson of the Anta brand. There is no inspection period, and the contract, material shooting, etc. are fixed in one month. Netizens should have gotten here. Anta’s eagerness and excitement~~ Anta signed a patriotic youth who retired Nike’s endorsement, a popular & positive energy & full of positive energy & promising & unique Wang Yibo. After making a profit, Wang Yibo can be with Anta with the national flag. Cooperation, but also earning. Looking forward to Anta & Wang Yibo to a higher level and promote the rise of domestic products

5 months ago

As the hottest product currently in demand, it has fallen into Anta’s hands for reasons that everyone knows. What sparks Anta and Wang Yibo can smash into is really quite anticipated. Under the premise that the shoes that Wang Yibo strongly promotes will definitely be sold, how will Anta make good use of Wang Yibo, will it use him to bring goods or cooperate in-depth with him to make a series? Is Anta willing to invest resources? How much confidence do you have in Wang Yibo? This will form a different business strategy. If Anta thinks that Wang Yibo can only stand firm for a certain period of time, then Anta’s business strategy is to make him wear the ordinary styles that will be sold as much as possible, and use him to quickly increase the business volume, which is simple, straightforward, and rude, but… .It’s also boring. This kind of cooperation does not see products that have Wang Yibo’s ideas, and it is difficult to generate deep links with fans, just borrowing popularity temporarily… I personally like it because Anta has confidence in him and builds a personal series around him. , Very fashionable products make him a daily use, and there are also some simple products that fans can pay for. Wang Yibo himself also needs to invest time and energy, and cooperate with Anta’s design team to communicate over a long period of time to make the finished product reach the fans’ approval. At the same time, there are shoes built around his ideas, and different new styles are regularly released. Wang Yibo is not only a traffic star. If Anta cooperates with him to create some very “great” shoes, it might be popular. In China, Wang Yibo’s own reputation is also icing on the cake. However, are Anta and Wang Yibo willing to invest a lot of time and energy with each other? If you want to, Anta’s branding path will be even higher. For me, this is interesting. Otherwise… it’s just purely carrying goods…

5 months ago

Yesterday I was still looking at this brand of skateboarding shoes, because I think it is cool to see Yibo wear, he practiced skateboarding, so the function of this shoe should be no problem. Today I talked about the official announcement of Anta, and I immediately went to see Anta’s skateboard shoes. Many people think that they only wore Nike before Yibo, and that’s not true. He also wore this T-shirt, which is a skateboard brand from Shanghai, which means he also wears domestic products. Not only clothing, I bought two skateboards of the same style from Yibo, one of which is made in China with sandpaper and board surface. Yibo has always valued the performance of clothing and shoes, because he wears them for dancing or sports, and performance is closely related to the quality of clothing and shoes. If Yibo endorses Anta, it can be said to be mutual achievement. This is not the same as the general traffic celebrities endorsing sports brands. If the general celebrities endorse, the public will pay more attention to whether the brand is trendy or cool, not necessarily focusing on performance. But Yibo is different. He requires cool and technology applied to clothing and shoes. Therefore, not only does Yibo need to make a little progress in hip-hop or skateboarding, if he wears Anta, Anta will also improve on the basis of each generation. It means that the spokesperson and the brand must always become better and always pursue innovation and greatness. If Yibo wears Anta all the time, the reason is not because Anta is made in China, but because Anta is cool and trendy enough. The country has been calling for all people to exercise. Most people know that exercise is good for health, but why are so many people unwilling to exercise? My reason is boring. Before I went to the gym and used a treadmill. I exercised to complete tasks, because my body in my 30s feels like I have a 60-year-old heart. But skateboarding is not the same. Although it is hard and tiring, the challenge is more fun than running a treadmill. Therefore, it is important to choose a sport that suits you. I used to be a person who didn’t have a sense of shoes. Since practicing skateboarding, I have always paid attention to what skateboarding shoes and T-shirts Yibo wears. I told my skateboard teacher that I don’t practice well, and I always want to buy shoes. He said, you think shoes look good, plus the action will be cool, so shoes are also very important. Stars, sports, brands, these factors are combined to affect more people, this is the best result. Director Fu of “Ideal Illuminates China” and the participating traffic stars joked, congratulations, your traffic is valuable today. Maybe Yibo endorses Anta for the same effect. They achieve each other and at the same time affect more people to wear Anta to exercise. Wearing Anta is a cool thing, and it’s also a trendy thing to exercise.

5 months ago

I just hope that Anta will steadfastly improve its quality. Without quality, national sentiments alone will not go far. Domestic mobile phones can grab market share from Apple and Samsung. It is not only the national sentiment aroused by the US suppression of Huawei, but more importantly, domestic mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful and cost-effective. Therefore, Anta, as well as other domestic sports brands, took advantage of the opportunity of Xinjiang cotton to support domestic products and make the brand steadily, so that the people can see the strength of domestic sports brands. In this way, even if it reconciles with Nike Adi in the future, the Chinese can still choose to support domestic production.

5 months ago

This is the joint choice of the brand and Wang Yibo. We respect and are proud of it. I hope that Anta and Yibo can have in-depth cooperation, so that domestic production can really go to the world. Wang Yibo kicked off the number one in the world and got the second largest sports brand in the world. No matter how others spread rumors, his influence and strength are seen by the brand, and we as fans also feel honored. sense. I have also seen ridiculous remarks by Internet blacks saying that it is not a spokesperson to find the next home, and that Anta does not need an inspection period. how to say? I personally think that Anta has been rare for Wang Yibo for a long time, and some people can’t spread rumors just because they are jealous of him. This is a picture I saw in db. It’s actually quite funny, but I can’t refute it. Yibo has indeed seen Anta with the national flag on his body several times during the cooperation with Hook, so I feel that Anta has been investigating for a long time. . This is the previous game with Anta. This is today (27th) Anta’s official Weibo patriotic positive energy youth Wang Yibo, have you seen the double image and China on the clothes? The brand side is very ingenious! The front face is a milk fat pig, and the side face is a cool cover leopard! (It is recommended to adjust the brightness of the phone to the maximum for viewing) (Passersby can skip this paragraph) Finally, I want to chat with the motorcycles. On the 27th and 28th, the two days are warming up. The official announcement on the 29th will be that the title should be a global spokesperson. However, because Anta has other spokespersons, you should pay attention to it when you buy things. Not all of them are his. Wait for the official. Xuan will know, there should be a few links or a few series to count him (I guess). When robbing things, you must see clearly. You can buy them at offline physical stores and Taobao official stores. Don’t buy from other messy channels, such as drugs, Douyin, shoe dealers, etc. Drugs, shoe dealers will only pay a premium, star chasing is still required Be sensible, don’t buy a premium for the same amount. And also, leave me a pair of shoes and a piece of clothing, the ball is ball, I wear slippers every day, very poor, motorcycle sisters and brothers are merciful. The latest warm-up po (from Anta’s official Weibo at 8:05 on the 28th): As there are some unreasonable people in the comments and many passers-by who do not chase stars, I want to say: First, I came only after I was invited Answered, otherwise I may not necessarily see this question. Those who say that the answers are all fans can also ask who the questioner has invited. Second, I am a fan of Wang Yibo. As a fan, I was invited to answer questions about my idol. I thought I had the same freedom of speech as ordinary people. Although since yesterday, I can’t think of getting so many likes. It has been a little transparent for a few years. Third, I would like to appeal. There are quite a lot of domestic brands. Everyone should stop buying the insulting brand or Nissan. According to the Japanese media, the nuclear should have been leaked…

5 months ago

It is said that multiple brands flew to grab him. Wang Yibo is a rare celebrity. A person who really loves sports and has excellent sportsmanship is also a craftsman. A person who does everything to the extreme is good for any brand that wants to be bigger and stronger. It is a good plus image, positive word of mouth, but young and vigorous. Which brand does not want to be such a sunny image? Anta has a good vision and Wang Yibo is good enough to take off together.

5 months ago

No feeling, I don’t like it, but it’s not too annoying. But I really like Anta, not waiting to see Li Ning, who has a serious premium, and compared with the two spokespersons, one is extremely disgusting and the other is insensible. Naturally, I have a good idea. I just entered Hydrogen 3 and it hasn’t arrived yet, but I was very excited after seeing the evaluation of Brother Z. I passed through a pair of Anta sneakers that cooperated with the Olympics in junior high school. I just remember that it is very light and feels good. I will support Anta more in the future. . Li Ning? Continue to hype about your own worth.

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