Vocational school and general high school, which one to choose depends on the actual situation of the students, there is no best, only the most suitable. What others think is good may not be suitable for you, and what others think is not good, you may be able to break into a world instead. For students, vocational school and general high school are two life development directions, one is to the direction of employment, the other is to the direction of university. Although the two also have a place to meet, they are not mainstream. Choosing a vocational school, students must focus on the learning of professional skills, and be fully prepared for their future employment. Although there are opportunities for the college entrance examination, not all students have the opportunity. Moreover, after the selection process of the senior high school entrance examination, I have been proved to be unsuitable for theoretical study, and there is no need to blindly challenge this conclusion. Otherwise, the result of a high probability of failure may make the student’s situation worse. For example, students who allocate too much energy to cultural knowledge will delay the learning of professional skills. They may neither succeed in the college entrance examination nor master the technology, which will bury hidden dangers for future life development. Everyone has different talents. Some people are good at learning cultural theory, some are good at hands-on production, and some are good at art and sports. It is impossible to achieve the same results in learning. If you force yourself to struggle in a field that you are not good at, you will not be able to change the status quo of being behind in this field, and at the same time deprive yourself of the possibility of success in other fields. Three hundred and sixty lines, the best. Choosing a path other than studying for life struggles can also achieve enviable achievements, not inferior to students who have succeeded in the college entrance examination. When choosing general high school, students must concentrate on learning cultural knowledge and put aside employment considerations for the time being. Now that you have passed the high school entrance examination and prove that you have the hope of success in the college entrance examination, you must make enough efforts to achieve your goals. Although the teaching conditions of Pugao are good and bad, the subjective efforts of students have more influence on the results of the college entrance examination. As long as you are down-to-earth and enterprising in your studies, it is entirely possible to overcome the lack of external conditions and get your ideal school. For example, there are some candidates who have satisfactory scores in the college entrance examination every year. They use their actual actions to prove that as long as they work hard, no matter how bad the external environment is, they cannot stop their success. Now the scale of college enrollment continues to expand, and the admission rate for the college entrance examination is getting higher and higher. Even if you are limited to your own poor learning ability, you can’t enter a prestigious university, or enter some less famous schools, there is still a relatively large feasibility. With the blessing of a university degree, the employment width in the future will be much better, and there will be more career choices than vocational school students, and there are also certain advantages in career returns and development prospects. Therefore, choosing a vocational school is still a general high school, which varies from person to person, and there is no fixed mode of thinking. If you are good at theoretical study, then choose Pugao and work hard for the university dream; on the contrary, it is more suitable to choose a vocational school, work hard in your field of expertise, and the future will be as bright and bright. In addition, the decision must be made by yourself, do not rely on others, avoid encountering difficulties in the future, complaining about others, and unwilling to bear the responsibilities that should be borne by yourself.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

The worst common high vocational high school and common high school have not only the difference in name, but also the qualitative difference between the two. You have to learn technology in vocational high school, and cultural classes are compressed to only a small part of your three years in high school, and most of the teachers in vocational high school don’t pay much attention to your cultural classes. Then what do you compare to others in the college entrance examination? Vocational high school students have no way to enter key universities (it seems that they can only go to college?) My teacher told me during the high school entrance examination that entering a vocational high school is equivalent to half-stepping into the threshold of society. For me, it is not a good thing to enter the big dye tank of society prematurely. No matter how poor Pugao is, he still wants to send talents to the university. He pays attention to your cultural courses and will maximize your learning potential. No matter your grades are good or bad, the school is good or bad, you at least have more competitiveness and choices than vocational high school students. It is better to be a phoenix tail than a chicken head. You have to jump out of the quality of the school and see the essence of the school. Two schools that are not of the same nature cannot be compared.

5 months ago

To be honest, I personally think that the best vocational school is good. Because I came out of the vocational high school to enter the college, and I can go to the counterpart class of the vocational high school. It is basically stable to enter a college (if you study well, you can go straight to the undergraduate. As for why it is stable because the language and English of the counterpart, there is no composition. Yes, when I took the exam, I don’t know if it will be added later). If there is a requirement, I can continue to go to a junior college to get an undergraduate degree. The colleges that go to the counterparts and the colleges of general high school are both three-year (same as the certificate of the general college entrance examination), which is much better than 3+2. The atmosphere of the normal counterpart class will not be too bad, as long as you are not affected by other ordinary vocational high school students.

5 months ago

First of all, you must first clarify whether your province, autonomous region, or municipality has a corresponding advancement plan and a complete vocational high school and vocational secondary school. The focus of vocational high school and vocational school is to focus on career. What grades, ideology and morality are not in the reference range, as long as they don’t If something big happens, I usually don’t care about you! Most of its students are 14 to 18 years old and are in the rebellious period. The lax management model will deepen the recognition of passing by. There are also excellent academics and outstanding talents who are very profitable, but they must be a small number. It will also become its publicity target for enrollment and investment. Even if the grades are poor, try to go to a high school. Going to a vocational high school or learning a craft is better than going directly to a job. Most of the current vocational schools have become a life-saving magic weapon for increasing the enrollment rate in primary and secondary schools, and studying inside is just a mixed-up growth. Whether to choose a vocational high school or a general high school should be specifically negotiated based on the students’ wishes and their family background. It varies from person to person, and it is not necessarily right or wrong! The above are some of my suggestions and opinions

5 months ago

High schools train “academic talents” who are mainly cultural courses and will develop into higher education in the future; secondary schools mainly train “technical talents” who are about to enter the society and work with knowledge and skills. From the current point of view The state treats secondary school education in even more important positions than high school education. For example, those who go to secondary school can be exempted from tuition, and those who have difficulties in their families can also subsidize living expenses, and they can go directly to junior college after graduation, and increase the number of secondary schools. Devotion, etc. If the student doesn’t like learning anymore and is still struggling with the entanglement of continuing to read or not reading, then it is recommended to study in a technical secondary school. Because the study room in a secondary technical school is more flexible and relaxed, and is mainly hands-on. Courses, I’m more interested in learning. After 2 years, I want to work if I have skills. If I want to continue my studies, I can go to college without taking the college entrance examination. I want to continue my undergraduate study after finishing my college. You can go directly to a bachelor’s degree without taking the college entrance examination. If you don’t want to graduate from high school, and you have no skills when you go to work, it is difficult to compare with technical secondary school students, so this is a smarter approach.

5 months ago

It depends on the situation, whether it is vocational high school or general high school, there is a corresponding way (educational improvement, knowledge learning). But the main thing is whether you can and are willing to go on. But I personally think that Pugao’s opportunities are relatively more. But if the score is stuck between general high school and vocational high school, we still have to see whether the individual has a strong willingness to participate (whether the individual is suitable for) the fierce competition of the college entrance examination. (The bottom score is advanced) If you participate in general high school, but the pressure of study and competition is really not good, you will eventually become a cannon fodder in the college entrance examination field and your scores will not go up. The result is also very bad (garbage specialist, early entry into society) (highest score entry) If you participate in a vocational high school, there is no pressure and competition of the college entrance examination, and you can learn better in the direct class, both physically and mentally, and your own development is pretty good. It is generally not bad to enter a junior college. If you have the willingness and ability to enter a junior college, you can continue to go on. But the vocational high school only has this way to study (it seems that it can be a single move, but it seems difficult to test), and there are many more general high schools. Fewer people bonus points, repetitions, local special plans, single recruits, direct recruitment of non-commissioned officers… Vocational high schools may be more suitable for those (not suitable/not suitable) for college entrance examination competition, and the family economy is not very rich (repetition and private school fees are not low), But people who love knowledge learning very much; of course, I don’t know much about it, and maybe a lot of them haven’t mentioned it.

5 months ago

Your question is very representative! The reason why there are people who are troubled by this choice is probably because the cultural scores are not good, and Pu Gao is also stepping on the line, and I am not sure whether it will be a student of Pu Gao. If it is a student who is not sure about the general high-level line, even if the examination room performs well and barely enters the general high school, don’t forget that there are still 3 years to sprint for the college entrance examination. The difficulty of the college entrance examination is also conceivable. Less than one-third of the students go to undergraduate courses. Of course, there are cases of counterattack in high school, but it is also a very small probability event. Having said so much, I will finally summarize my views, if you think you can work hard in high school for three years! Hard work! Spend more time and energy to study than others, and have the spirit of breaking the casserole question to the end. It is completely possible to go to high school and strive for an undergraduate degree. However, if you don’t have the motivation to work hard, just a slogan, then high school and vocational high school will eventually The result is the same. There is no pressure to study in a vocational high school. You will complete your studies more easily and happily, and you can also easily study for a junior college.

5 months ago

Personally, I would choose Pugao. All you have to face in high school is the college entrance examination. No matter how good a vocational school is, most of what you learn is technology, and it is difficult to improve or maintain your cultural class results, because there will be a lot of bastards around you. Of course, it does not mean that there are no bastards in Pugao, but there are more and obvious bastards in vocational schools. The environment has a great impact on people. If you want to enter a university, you should choose Pugao. By the way, my friend also said that they would be sent for internships. They said that they were internships. In fact, they were free labor and entering factories. I don’t know if other schools are like this. But when I heard this, I really didn’t dare to propose any more. Who has gone to a vocational school.

5 months ago

In fact, vocational high school and general high school are about the same, set relative to your own goals. If you have a major you want to study, you can choose 3+2 vocational high school. After completing the vocational and advanced junior college for five years, you can also consider choosing a junior college or a special plug-in version. , There is a difference between the two) It is recommended to go to general high school, there are more choices after the college entrance examination.

5 months ago

It depends on the individual and family situation. If it is an individual who has the ability to learn independently, he can take a hit. If not, there is a high probability that you will not be able to pass the test, so it is better to choose a vocational high school professional. If the family is in good condition, parents can help, you can go to Pu Gao, after all, the learning atmosphere is better, and there is also a high school experience, no regrets. If the family generally needs to graduate to earn money, the vocational high school still has an advantage, as long as you don’t choose a bad major. How to choose a major? Take medicine as an example, look for those that can be verified, and the certification unit is an authoritative institution, such as a physician certificate, a pharmacist certificate, and a nurse certificate. And the certification body is a company or not an authoritative organization, such as a health manager, haha.

5 months ago

The two lines are very clear. The elementary and junior high school will not be mentioned. The 9-year compulsory education is divided into general high school at the beginning of the high school entrance examination-summer college entrance examination (also known as college entrance examination)-general full-time higher education (undergraduate course)- Vocational colleges who participate in unified enrollment and undergraduate education-undergraduate graduation vocational school-spring college entrance examination (commonly known as single examination and single enrollment)-higher vocational and technical college or higher full-time education college-unified enrollment and promotion-undergraduate graduation Everyone knows what the level of cultural courses is. Competing with general higher education institutions is basically the junior major of the previous undergraduate college. The key universities do not set up junior majors or set up junior majors that are very unpopular. In summary, after studying in a vocational school, the hope of going to a university is basically lost. (Don’t talk about extreme examples, you’re right if you talk about it)

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