Let me talk about the conclusion first, it is very outrageous, even if the damage value is cut in half, it is still outrageous. Let’s talk about passive first. Use a skill (without hitting) to get a layer of spear intent. The highest level of spear intent is three. The three layers of spear intent correspond to different enhanced general attacks. Let’s talk about a period of strong generalization. Turn four times. It seems that the damage is very low. Only injury-free is the highlight, but in fact, all of these four damages can trigger equipment special effects. The highlight of the three-stage damage is the extremely long distance and the blood return, and the most outrageous is this blood return. When the health value is below 50%, the lower the blood volume, the higher the recovery up to 6 times. What is the concept of 6 times? Er Duan Qiangpu’s residual blood returned 2600 with one shot and 2600, which is extremely outrageous. Then there are three strong generals that I personally feel the most outrageous, ultra-long distance (length equals to the width of the river) with displacement (reverse over the wall, boss Cao crying), and extremely high damage (base 400+1.2AD, enemy half The blood is doubled directly, that is, 800+2.4AD, and the half blood is directly lifted away from the crispy skin). Moreover, the judgment is extremely high (you can see in the picture that I Qianpu chose the doll, but still caused damage to the tyrant on the spot), and such an outrageous effect is just her basic attack. Extremely long distance plus extremely wide judgment plus displacement, outrageous
Then there are three skills; one is similar to the first stage of Han Xin’s skill but has no displacement and cannot move when released; the only bright spot is that the judgment is very large and the damage is general, but the judgment range is large, even at the edge of the indicator. Effective; two skills; accumulate power acceleration, similar to secret letter one but without hegemony, and the faster you run, the final release will be accompanied by a wall displacement (second release is also available), extremely flexible
This skill is extremely flexible, even if it is released in seconds, there will be a movement that can pass through the wall, and the full-level CD is only 4.8 seconds. It can be said that Yun Ying’s outrageous 2 skill is indispensable. Big move
Suddenly back and forth twice with knockback, the judgment range is still: large. After the release, draw an arc, slow down and increase continuous damage, but the damage is average, let’s add it. This skill is first of all outrageous. The two-stage group control that can be instantaneously (Zhang Fei, Niu Mo crying in the toilet). Secondly, it can be seen in the video that Yun Ying has a hegemony that is not described in the skill description when he releases the ultimate move. You don’t even need to worry about the second paragraph, a group control with a hegemonic body. With this big move, it is certain that Yunying’s intensity cannot be low. In summary, what hero did we get? A hero who combines displacement, hegemony, acceleration, recovery, control, and beheading. Yun Ying, who has combined these advantages, has become an extremely outrageous existence. The 2 skills accelerate and move at the end (can pass through the wall) so that she can support extremely quickly. The big move 2 stage group control has an extremely wide judgment and has a hegemony. Body and a skill group control. It is worth noting that Yun Ying has already released three skills at this time, and she can release her most outrageous three-stage general attack, kill and move off the field, and this set is defeated. When Yun Ying is 40%, 2 skills CD Only 4.8 seconds, at this time the 2 skills have turned for the better, leaving the field in a cool manner. The combo is a bit unfamiliar. If you can understand it, you can accelerate the displacement of the domineering body to enter the field and play the three-stage group control AOE beheading damage. It can also accelerate the displacement and leave the field. Such a terrifying intensity can only be said that if you can enter the official server without being slashed, That will definitely affect BP.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Just after reading the skill introduction, I said: High! This is a hero with three highs: good looks, high weapons, and high operating limits. No way, looking at this compelling face of Ni Ziying, you know that the girl who appeared this time is different from the likes of Houyi and Arthur, and can’t stay. There are a total of seven skills, damage reduction, damage reduction, group formation, harvesting, and multiple matching methods to make you the most beautiful girl in the Canyon of Kings! But, Tassel, don’t blame your Uncle Liu for speaking straightforwardly, because you are young, you are inexperienced, and you don’t understand! Because the water in the canyon is very deep, the coolness of the operation is fake, you can’t hold it, sister! In the Canyon of Kings, there are always shooting birds. You must learn to keep a low profile for the first time in the Canyon. If you have a lot of strength, you can only sell for three points. Look at sister Gongsunli, who slashed her aorta with a single knife, and has not been able to stand up so far. Brother Marco Polo heard that he had just been arrested by a plot, but this time he went in. Listening to my uncle’s advice, don’t be stunned, and be used as a gunman by a few high-end players. Learn more with Hou Yi, Lu Ban, Xiao Qiao and other brainless elder brothers and sisters, and they are muffled and hurt. Everyone likes them. If there are more people I like, new clothes are naturally indispensable. If you have to be competitive and aggressive, you will have to go to Wupi Village to be with the Chief Cheng in the future.

5 months ago

I’m here. I’m here. Let’s take a look at the face value first; this face value is not only the number one in the canyon, but also one of the best. It can’t be described as cute, it’s cute and shabby, just from the hero itself. In other words, at that time, Yaomei’s face was once a god in my heart, and now, I’m sorry for Yaomei, this time Yunmei won, let’s talk about the setting position: Warrior character: wind and fierce, courageous and forward Background: a girl born in general, Yunying He grew up listening to the stories of the Chang’an fathers and was full of longing for the legend of heroes. Because he always got into trouble, he was thrown by his father to discipline Di Master. Since then, she took off the young lady’s undergarment, put on her practice clothes, fastened herringbone, and the fiery red figure passed through the streets of Chang’an like a whirlwind. Well, it’s not a soft girl, it’s a female warrior, and it turned out to be a naughty eldest lady… It’s really extinct. The last is the flamboyant skills. Three-form fighters get one spear intent for each skill released, and one spear intent for each basic attack. , Different spear intent levels correspond to different enhanced general attacks (calling good guys). There are three passive layers: one layer of spear intent to strengthen general attack, which can be moved during release, and the skill CD of 1, 2 can be reduced; two layers of spear intent to stab forward Three times, and can restore the value of life; the three-layer spear jumps into the air to charge up for 1 second to split a flame and cause damage to the enemies in the path; after confirming the eyes, it is a fancy and output person. Summary: Yun Ying is a beautiful person There are output cubs (ohhhhh, mainly Yan, really Ness)

5 months ago

Don’t do anything else, let’s take a bite of Yunying’s lines, wai Yunying: Don’t move, the super flame energy is stored in my body and it will explode when it’s not right! Yun Ying: I have many tricks, but this is the most handsome one (referring to Ping a) Yun Ying: Master Yuan, why do some people say that we should set up a vaudeville theater? Yuange: You are juggling, me, but aesthetics~ Yunying: Boss, I always dreamed that I saved Chang’an City! Di Renjie: Yes, work hard! Yun Ying: I knew you would be a traitor! Li Bai: Ahahahaha, can… wait a minute? ! Don’t praise it

5 months ago

The new hero Yunying last night, the experience server released the latest update announcement, the new hero of the glory of the king [Yunying] is currently online experience server. Let’s take a look at some news about this new hero. Yun Ying’s positioning is “Assassination Warrior”, in fact, he can be an assassin or a warrior, and his positioning is similar to Zhao Yun. Yun Ying is a girl who was born in Jiangmen. She grew up listening to the deeds of heroes since she was a child, and she aspires to become an upright hero. Passive: Three layers of spear intent; every time Yunying releases a skill, a layer of spear intent will be accumulated. Using basic attacks will consume spear intent and release the corresponding enhanced attack. After release, the cooling time of the first and second skills will be reduced by 1.5 seconds. . The enhanced basic attack corresponding to the first layer of spear intent is called “firm intent”. After release, it will swing the spear, causing 4 physical damage and reducing the damage received from flying objects and melee attacks by 30%. The stranger here mentions that according to the current test results in the experience server, Yunying’s layer of enhanced basic attacks can trigger the orb effect, such as the end of the world, the electric knife, etc., which can be triggered 4 times in a row. This is very strong, but it can’t trigger the lifesteal effect, and its damage can’t be a critical strike. It feels a bit tasteless. Moreover, the speed of turning the spear cannot be increased by the normal attack speed, that is, the speed of Yunying turning the spear is fixed regardless of the attack speed. The two-layer spear-intensified basic attack is called “Kuyi”. After release, the basic attack will stab 3 consecutive attacks. The third attack has the highest damage. All three attacks can restore Yun Ying’s health. It is worth mentioning that the amount of recovery is linked to the amount of health. The less life of Yunying itself, the greater the amount of health restored. It can reach up to 600% of the basic recovery value. It should be noted that these 3 even thorns cannot be benefitted by the bloodsucking bonus, but they can trigger the magic orb effect. Then there is an enhanced general attack with three levels of spear intent energy, called “True Meaning”; this feeling is Yun Ying’s big move, is there any? After releasing the basic attack, it will rise into the air, and within a short period of time, it can move regardless of the terrain (it can go through walls, similar to the big move of Sikong shock), and split a powerful damage, causing high damage to enemies on the path. If the enemy’s health is below 50%, an additional 100% damage will be added. But this enhanced basic attack is also unable to crit and suck blood. One skill, one skill is a bit like Han Xin, he quickly picked up the spear, and then slammed it down. A total of 2 stages of physical damage are caused. Enemies hit by the first stage of damage will be knocked into the air for 0.5 seconds, which is a good control skill. One skill can suck blood, but cannot crit. The second skill; the second skill is a charge-up skill, Yunying enters the charging state, and obtains the effect of continuous acceleration. After the charge is completed or the initiative ends, Yun Ying will rush forward and swipe the spear to sweep across, causing physical damage and slowing effects. The second skill provides Yun Ying with good mobility, and his escape and pursuit abilities are guaranteed to a certain extent. Three skills: Simply put, the three skills have two stages. The first stage is charging. After a short period of charging, Yunying will rush forward, causing physical damage and slowing effects to enemies on the path. The damage received during the rush is reduced by 30%. After rushing to the end, release the stabbing. The ultimate can suck blood, but cannot crit. Afterwards, grabbing back to the original place will cause physical damage and slowing effects to the enemy on the path, and will force the enemy to move a short distance. The second stage is a sweep, leaving a fire path on the ground. Enemies touched will receive physical damage and a 50% slowdown effect. In general, just looking at the skill mechanism, Yun Ying should be a very strong hero. But as a warrior/assassin, the enhanced basic attack cannot enjoy the crit and lifesteal bonus, which may lead to a lower operating space and damage upper limit, but this is just my speculation. What is more, it will take a while to test it. Know.

5 months ago

Another Stitching Monster + Mechanism Monster… She used this skill group to fight against Lu Bai. With such a strong endurance, gank ability, small team battle ability and support ability, it is completely possible to consider jungle or walking (if the pushing speed is decent). But this hero is very boring. The skills are really designed for design and interaction for interaction. There is no special feature at all. If the value is high, it can’t be handled, and if the value is low, it’s just gimmicky.

5 months ago

Ultraman Uub, Tianmei also believes in light. Yunying Ultraman borrowed the power of Han Xin, Li Xin, Zhao Yun, Hua Mulan, Lan, Pangu, Li Yuanfang and other Ultraman to cut through the darkness in the canyon. Confidently shout out “I will illuminate the public, repel the danger!” “A skill: Bro Yun Duan Yue Han Xin Ultraman, lend me your power of light! Fusion upgrade! Yun Ying Ultraman Break Cloud Duan Yue. Pick up the monster, and then slash it down. Two skills: Night Killing Sky City: Ultraman Taihan Xin, Ultraman Li Xin, into the violent flame form, fusion upgrade! Yun Ying Ultraman violent flame form . Press and hold the charge to enter the charging state, then accelerate, and the spear is dragging behind. When you are done, let go, rush forward for a certain distance and sweep the enemy. Three skills: control the fire and rejuvenate the wind: Hua Mulan Ultraman, Lan Aote Man, turns into a blast form, fusion upgrades! Yunying Ultraman blast form. Two stages. The first stage is to rush towards the enemy, knock the enemy back for a certain distance, then return to the original place on the same path, and then pull the enemy back. Basic attack passive words: divided into three: Perseverance, determination, true intention Yunying will save a layer of passive each time a skill is released, and using the basic attack will consume all. A total of three skills have three layers of passives, and different layers correspond to different passives. The first layer, Ultraman Hua Mulan, please lend me the power of light! Fusion upgrade! The spear is spinning, causing damage to enemies it encounters, and can move. The second layer, Ultraman Zhao Yun, please Lend me the power of light and darkness! Fusion upgrade! Poke at the enemy, like Ultraman Zhao Yun, but three times, the third time the highest damage. The third floor jumped up and slashed at the enemy, Panguao Terman’s big and invincible.

5 months ago

Cracked my side, can’t I still like it? I’m still experiencing the fun and joy of going back and forth, but some people say that I look like someone else? I was a bit wronged for Yunmei in an instant. In fact, I extracted the relevant keywords of Yunying’s appearance to see that the color of the clothes is red and black. Weapons are guns. Girls. This is very common. It’s not more or less a little blind; look at the comparison Tua, it’s really not like the demon sword girl’s face is obviously more beautiful, and Yun Ying is the face of the tsundere little girl, these two overall styles, give People feel completely different, right? Otherwise, you are taking a closer look? Take a closer look? what! I understand. I can’t think that these two are tilting their heads… just feel that these two look alike. The eyes and cheekbones, no matter how they compare, they are really very different… if you understand If you have to think that she looks alike, then I can only say that it is a girl with a hair, wearing a red and black style dress, and taking a photo of her side face, so she can cos with Yunying and Demon Sword Princess… That’s what it means. Although Tianmei Sao has a lot of operations, but as far as Yun Ying is concerned, I feel that it is still possible. There is no need to be black and black for the sake of cursing. Both characters are beautiful and both are my wives.

5 months ago

Isn’t he an ultimate suture monster? With three skill groups, you can even find the corresponding relationship among the popular heroes in the very popular game. A skill of knocking to the ground, they all say they are like Han Xin. Isn’t he a Miyamoto’s ultimate move that can be released on the spot? (It’s not the same as Yasuo’s knock-up and body-holding effect) The second skill’s operation mode I have seen so many people, no one mentioned Liu Bang’s second skill, it just removes the stun and increases the damage. In the first paragraph of this big move, you said that she didn’t learn from Yongen. I don’t believe it (may Ionia guide you, brother), but the operation is much simpler, and E+R is rubbed into it. The Erdan University is ordinary, and there is no need for it. Of course, I am not against this kind of existence. After all, there are more and more moba game characters, so it is really difficult to innovate. At least it is acceptable. However, the hero’s three passives are quite interesting. The planning may be to deal with different situations through different passive choices, but it is reversed. The three skills of the group are used to split a passive, and then the second stage adds one or two skills. Well, another passive, is he a fighter? Just stack the cd and hack the passive. In addition, the hero’s ability to start a group is really underestimated. It can be a big move to start a group. It is better to control the opposite of life than to die. This second skill will only make this set of control more convenient and reduce the opening. Mission cost. It feels that sooner or later it will weaken the online ability and have to change to the jungle and become a wild core blue-collar swing. Let’s wait for a period of time to test the experience service.

5 months ago

“Undoubtedly, she is definitely the worst heroine of the king in the past six years.” From her, I vaguely saw the shadow of Mulan. First of all, the appearance is high, compared with Mulan’s heroic spirit, Yun Ying also has the cuteness of a little girl, straight men like it. Secondly, the upper limit of operation is high. Compared with Mulan’s six skills, Yunying’s seven skills are cooler, more fancy, and more gorgeous. Finally, the damage is high, the new hero who has just released, and the popularity has not yet appeared, it is estimated that the popularity is comparable to the previous Yao, the damage will definitely not be low, although it will definitely be weakened later, but regardless of her, it is enough to be strong now. Up.

5 months ago

Harm, I actually really want to compare everything you said that looks alike. The little girl with a ponytail in a red dress is not everywhere, why don’t you take a closer look at the kids, it’s really exactly the same. Well, I have checked all of you mentioned on Baidu. Otherwise, take a closer look at the character that you said looks alike. It’s really easy to think that the apple, strawberry, cherry and tomato are all red. These ones don’t look alike. It’s not to say that you look like the original character, even if you don’t even care about the proportions of the facial features and facial features, it is very unreasonable. I have seen several pictures that are exactly the same. My nature is really different. There are still a bunch of people who judge their appearance by the color of their pupils. Is the element of red pupil limited by a certain character? What’s more, if you are familiar with the words, I am answering here, is it more or less a bit hard to rely on? I can’t help but have a bold idea. Since you all said that they look exactly like the characters you mentioned, does that mean? The characters you mentioned look exactly the same! ! If you say that, it’s better to push it in chronological order to see who is the originator. Others are afraid that they have copied the originator. This is not good, Brother Chongya!

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