You think that life is a multiple-choice question, but it is not; we always think that life can be simplified into one or two sentences, and one or two choices can bring eternal happiness. In fact, all people who can live their lives into poetry can be happy if they marry any type of person. If you choose to marry a man who loves you very much, before you marry him, you will break up with someone you love very much, and even experience unknown pain for many years. This pain is uncontrollable. Because what I was thinking of was the true lover, although the men on the outside were also very good, it was difficult to achieve the inner state. I have been swaying for a long time. How could my ex be willing to break up with me? Why can’t I choose to be with love? So, what kind of feeling is it like to get the benefits of someone but not to love him wholeheartedly? Maybe it’s the daily torture and guilt, even if he says I don’t mind you not loving me enough, I treat you well because I want to treat you well. But the inner voice tells you that this is unfair, because it is unfair, and it will not be very lucky in the end. If a person falls in love with another person, then instinctively will always care about this person and will let it go. But one person’s heart is not too deep for another person’s love, in fact, the heart is constantly avoiding the other person’s love and inadvertent rejection. Both of them knew that going on like this would be bad for each other, so they had to endure the pain. Being forced to accept someone you don’t love, it feels like you can’t choose everything you like or what you don’t like since childhood. In this way, there seems to be no value or power in your heart. For a long time, I will ask myself, in a world without love, I cannot spend the years to come like this. In the end, it will be reduced to seeing others love happiness and savoring loneliness alone. Regret, regret, and helplessness are all clearly in mind. So marrying someone who loves you will teach you how to love someone you don’t love enough, and how to love yourself you don’t love enough. Whether love or interest has a shelf life, there is no guarantee that it will remain unchanged for a long time. Personality and thinking will change, and what is eternal. Happiness is not given by others, but created by ourselves. Life is managed, and happiness is in our own hands. Always dominate, don’t be passive. It depends on the other person’s affection and moral feelings to determine their own happiness. Nothing will change. Someone asked me before, I will choose the one you love or the one who loves you. I answered without hesitation: “I will choose to love me, the person I love.” If I am lucky, that is the only way to get love. Zhang Ailing wrote in the book “Little Reunion”: This is a passionate story. What I want to express is the endless changes in love, and what still exists after love is disillusioned. “I think “this thing” may be the love between men and women. The word “love” is rare, but it has “righteousness” to offset it. In my mother’s words, I must find one that I like. Of course, we You should love each other, but the key is to like yourself. Find someone you don’t like. It’s boring to watch him eat, dress, and talk. Even if you take a hundred baths, you will feel dirty, sick, and vomiting. Sweating. You will only find it troublesome and not pity. The person you like, you see, he likes his job. He also feels cute when he eats, he doesn’t wear clothes, he feels boring and cute, sick and uncomfortable. Taking care of him is neither painful nor tired. No feelings, in the final analysis, the trouble is your own. In the future, even if it is more difficult than the past, you will never be alone again. No matter how late, you should be with love.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

This question asks a question. What you should ask is: the person you like but he doesn’t like you, and the person who likes you but you don’t like him. If you must choose one, how do you choose? Of course choose the one I like but not People who like me! The reason is very simple: he doesn’t like me but I still like him so much. He must be such a good person. Who should he choose if he doesn’t choose? There are so many people who like me, I want them all. Go choose, I am not a scumbag what is it? The most important thing is that he likes me so much, but I can’t like him. How painful is it to be with him? Is it not good to be single?

5 months ago

I remember watching an issue of “Wonderful Flowers” a long time ago. The debate topic given by the program group at that time was, “Which one is more regrettable to never be together or not to be together in the end”. At that time, a little girl said something that impressed me very much. She said that if I like a person, I will love that person enough and use up my feelings from the first look to the last look. I only hope that the person who made me grow up in those years is him, and the person he thinks of after drinking big drinks in the next few years is me, not others who are far more perfect than me. “As long as you love, you will leave traces. As for the past, it will stay in the wind. If I encounter a good glass of wine again, I will not hesitate to raise the glass and tell everyone that if I do this glass, there is no reason.” Actually love It’s not that complicated. Since you like it, you will be together. Even if you can’t go to the end, you can have a memory together, no matter how good or bad, it is already. Sansheng is fortunate.

5 months ago

Of course it is someone who likes me. Because most of what I like will be unrequited love, and those who like me, this like is a real like, and those who like me are good to me, no matter how hard and cold the heart is, it should melt. The person I like does not necessarily like me. The person who likes me may be moved by his actions and I like him too. In my opinion, love is mutual, but when you like others, you are unrequited love. At that time, you can’t ask that his love will be mutual and he will also like you. So if I choose, I will choose a person who likes me and loves me.

5 months ago

I choose the one I like.
I live with the person I like, and I have motivation to do everything. Because I like her, I will give her all my love, so as to achieve good interaction.
As for the husband and wife to tolerate each other and be with the person I like, seeing the occasional husband and wife get angry and see her look, I can’t help but feel distressed and naturally give way first.

5 months ago

Whether it’s a girl you like or a girl your parents recognize, you must marry love. Even later, you must marry love. There are only feelings that should be married. If you don’t have the age to be married, everything can be done. There is no way to get married. It’s because what you want is not just a paper marriage contract, but a life after marriage. From marriage to one day in your life, you can’t get married. Under the premise of loving each other, you need two things to look at. And concepts. After all, the love of eachother is vulnerable to economic problems. Although marriage is not a profit-driven business, it is the material foundation that guarantees marriage. But if you don’t care about the disparity between the rich and the poor, you must have a common language, which requires equal education and family background. You can’t travel to the west, but he is in the Red Mansion! In fact, the most important thing is that you have to know what you have, what the other party wants, and knowing what you can give to each other. That is the right person in the true sense. Both men and women must be self-improving, unless they are born with cartilage and are willing to fall, otherwise there will be no wrongdoing. People are not high or low. Chairman Mao said that there must be a reason to exist. You have to believe in yourself and be worthy of the best people in the world. “Those girls with strong intentions and ordinary family backgrounds tend to marry and live very well. A good girl, on the contrary, wants to marry love more, but she is not involved.” It’s not that you must marry if the conditions are good, you must live well, and you cannot marry love. In fact, it depends on your personal opinion . If you want to live a life with good material conditions and nothing lacks, really, there is nothing wrong with choosing a good condition. If you think you can accept to work hard with him, the conditions are almost the same, you can marry in love, there is nothing wrong with it. The most fearful thing is that you think he can’t meet the conditions, and you want to live a good life, but don’t want to leave him. Don’t talk about requirements, talk about conditions, this is all hooliganism.

5 months ago

Feelings are two-way, and the friction between two people needs love and cherishment, to tolerate and digest. I used to think that I don’t need to be afraid of being hurt if I unilaterally enjoy the contributions of others, but after experiencing being with someone who likes myself, I finally chose to be with the one I like, and I feel the real pain and happiness in my heart. , Is the feeling of love. Looking at TA every day, I feel that I am the luckiest person.

5 months ago

Choose people you like, not people who like yourself. Of course, only for myself. For me, being comfortable is very important when getting along with others. If I like a person, I will try what he is interested in and make some changes. These experiences are meaningful to me. When I walk in to him, if I feel unhappy, I can always drop out. On the contrary, to accept someone who likes me, I have to try to like him, shoot with him, and try to accept his possessiveness, which is actually quite difficult for me. For me, no feeling is no feeling. Choosing a person who likes myself and making myself in line with him may be a torture to me and him, so I will not choose someone who likes me.

5 months ago

He doesn’t like me, why do I like him? This multiple-choice question doesn’t hold true. He likes me and doesn’t like him anymore. I don’t like him anymore. If I am a boy, I want to marry myself~ Tolerant, profound, sunny, compassionate, interesting, hardworking~ Too many advantages… Except for my job ok , I’m still a chef, a gardener, a psychologist, a writer, etc. He only met me after he saved the galaxy in his last life. If I can’t figure it out, I want to benefit other boys and give a lucky guy a chance… Of course I don’t have any problems. There is always a radiant and sunny girl by her side, isn’t it fragrant? Eat all kinds of delicacies without moving, isn’t it fragrant? Isn’t it good to do housework at home? A wise man who is always insightful when he needs it, and doesn’t force him to do anything. It’s unusually tolerant, isn’t it fragrant…

5 months ago

Let me talk about the premise. One-way liking will never lead to good results. No matter which choice we make, we ultimately want to achieve the goal of liking each other. Like is a state of mind. Since it is a state, it will change under non-vacuum conditions. So this question can add a time adverb: a person you like now, and a person who likes you now, which one would you choose? Since it is a strategic choice in life, I will use the strategic analysis method SWOT analysis for the time being. S (strengths) is an advantage, W (weaknesses) is a disadvantage, O (opportunities) is an opportunity, and T (threats) is a threat. First look at the people you like now, what are the benefits of being with you (for example, you will be happy when you see someone you like, S), and what are the disadvantages (for example, they may talk coldly to you, and be indifferent to make you sad, W) ? What is the personality of this person, what kind of person do you like, and if you are together, how likely do you think he will like you (O)? Do you think if he can’t like you in the end, can you bear this kind of result (T)? Looking at the person who likes you, what benefits can you get by being with him (such as being pampered)? Is this kind of benefit what you just need(S)? How unhappy would you be with someone you don’t like right now? (W) Can you change the things you don’t like about this person? If he becomes what you like, will you be tempted by him? Or can you be changed by ta (O)? If you can’t be tempted by him, can you endure being with someone you don’t like for a lifetime? (T) There are billions of people in the world, and there are countless kinds of permutations and combinations. What kind of person you are, what kind of person is the person who likes you, what kind of person you like, and how to combine it completely depends on your subjective judgment, and how other people think has no reference to you. All you can do is think about various SWOTs, then make choices and be responsible for your choices.

5 months ago

This kind of question depends entirely on my own wishes. For example, I am selfish. I don’t want to be wronged. If I have the ability, I can make the people I like like me. If I don’t have the ability, I choose to like me. People, there is a boy next to me who is a Leo, I remember he said that he would choose the person he likes. The person I like must be excellent and powerful. Let me admire, adore, and fascinate me. I might still be strong. I still want to choose the person I like.

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