Recently, it has been reported on the Internet that entertainer Zheng Shuang is suspected of signing “yin and yang contracts”, splitting his income to obtain “astronomical rewards”, and tax evasion.

The reporter learned that the first inspection bureau of Shanghai Taxation Bureau has accepted the report of Zheng Shuang’s suspected tax evasion by the masses in the early stage, and is investigating and verifying it in accordance with tax laws and regulations. The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio, Film and Television has launched an investigation into the production costs of related dramas and the proportion of actors’ remuneration. The taxation and radio and television administration departments will earnestly implement the relevant notification requirements of the Central Propaganda Department, the State Administration of Taxation, and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, strictly investigate violations of laws and regulations, resolutely investigate and punish issues such as “yin and yang contracts”, “extraordinary film pay”, tax evasion, and strict management of TV drama contracts. , Strictly control the ratio of TV drama production costs and actors’ pay in TV drama production costs, and create a good environment for the high-quality development of the TV drama industry.

If verified, Zheng Shuang’s ex-boyfriend, Zhang Heng, made a report. It needs to be said that the yin and yang contracts in the performing arts industry directly involve tax issues in the film and television industry. The reason for this is that one of the “yin and yang contracts” is used to file tax returns to the regulatory authorities normally, and the other is to avoid paying taxes and the two parties agree on the real transaction price. What needs to be reminded is that “yin and yang contracts” not only cause losses in national taxation, but also shake the society’s confidence in honest operation, performance and taxation, and disrupt the order of the market economy. Many yin and yang contracts have been suspected of being illegal. In practice, in view of the fact that the signing of the “yin-yang contract” by the buyer and seller seriously violates my country’s tax administration regulations, after the relevant departments have verified that it is a general tax evasion, the administrative agency has the right to impose fines, detention and other administrative penalties; if the amount of tax evasion is large, More often, it may constitute a crime. Aunt Ying Liangshan and many other friends update private messages: As stated in the previous text, the yin-yang contract is essentially used for tax evasion. What is it? The so-called yin and yang, in which one contract is used to file taxes normally to the supervisory authority, and the other is to evade the payment of taxes and agree on the real transaction price. Based on the relevant provisions of my country’s Civil Code and tax law, Yin-Yang contracts are different from tax planning and reasonable tax avoidance. Although they are seen in many industries, they are illegal. Returning to the Zheng Shuang case, if his income from performing arts services is treated as a “yin and yang contract”, he can escape a lot of taxes. As far as tax evasion is concerned, after the relevant departments have verified that it is a general tax evasion, the administrative agency has the right to impose fines, detention and other administrative penalties; if the amount of tax evasion is large and the number of times is large, it may constitute a crime. If Zheng Shuang is indeed found to be evading taxes, presumably the amount of tax evasion will never be small, then he may go to jail for violating the criminal law. However, some netizens said that some lawyer colleagues mentioned that they may be sentenced to 7 years, and the author holds a different view on this. This is because the crime of tax evasion actually has a penalty to prevent it, that is, after the tax authority has issued a recovery in accordance with the law, the tax payable is paid, the late fee is paid, and the administrative penalty has been imposed, no criminal responsibility will be pursued. It means that administrative punishments are the first to be dealt with in the treatment of tax evasion crimes. Only tax evaders who “do not pay the tax payable and pay late fees and do not accept administrative punishments” will be dealt with as tax evasion crimes. This is the so-called “immunity for the first offender.” If it is indeed confirmed that this is Zheng Shuang’s first offense, then from the point of view of the elements of the crime, the tax evasion of Zheng Shuang and his studio already meets the elements of tax evasion, but if the tax authorities issue a notice of recovery according to law, they will make up Tax payable, late fees and fines are paid, and there is no “criminal punishment for evading tax payment within five years or the taxation authority given two or more administrative penalties”, then in accordance with the current effective tax evasion regulations, Zheng Shuang does not need to be held criminally responsible-because this part of the business research involves the update of the criminal law, it is worthy to follow up with the Zheng Shuang case.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Rely on the power of one person to create new wealth words. People who don’t know Yishuang may feel Yishuang, which seems very auspicious, but the fact is that I am so young when others are cool for a day. The deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security applauded the “Brother Takeaway”. Feel the grassroots life. Earn 41 yuan for a day’s takeout. But Mr. Shuang bluntly said that 150 million is too little and 180 million is appropriate. A day is 208w, which is 50,000 times the daily salary of “Takeaway Brother”. What is the concept of fifty thousand times? Basically, it is roughly equal to the income of 138 years of daily food delivery brother, and only in this way can he top the one-day behavior of Shuang. Is this alright? This is not good. Taking a step back, is the value of a certain day really worth? I know that everyone understands the head effect. The head of any field has a lot of benefits, but how can heads in other fields be more? I don’t think so. All kinds of certain cool behaviors are eye-opening for me. Before, your mom was so cool, and after that, there was a cool rich. I deeply feel that expelling bad coins is important and necessary, and there is a long way to go. The yin and yang people are suspected of doing yin and yang affairs, and they are unhappy in the front and back in the back. Yin and yang

7 months ago

In 2018, I worked for an artist agency. In the winter of that year, due to the FBB Yin-Yang contract incident, the industry encountered an unprecedented large-scale inspection. At that time, as the person in charge of the company, I was interviewed twice by the local tax bureau, n times by the tax office where I belonged, self-examination report, and fact sheet written n articles. At that time, our business was mainly foreign artists and some celebrities, so in the tax declaration, our tax administrators checked very strictly, and they have always withheld full amounts. What I can tell you is that the State Administration of Taxation is holding a piece of information, that is, all the current accounts of the company as a legal person, and we have to make it clear. At that time, the head of the taxation department said in the last interview: The country hopes that you young people will be vigorous and make a career. However, when doing things, you must always remember that our country’s legal system is relatively complete. We Now, with the help of big data, there is definitely no way to escape the problem of tax violations and there is no discussion. Congratulations on your test. Doing business is the same as being a person. You have to close the door at night and sleep with your eyes closed, so you can’t have any guilt in your heart. The information disclosed to me by the tax official back then was that the state must supervise the film and television media industry very strictly, and it will not relax. In the same month, the performance approval document added a copy to the tax bureau. Also in the same month, we submitted a letter of approval to a well-known Taiwanese artist. Less than a week after the performance, the tax management officer called for the artist’s tax payment certificate. Zheng Shuang committed the law, and stroked her behavior. This time, she may be waiting for her in a cell. Contempt for the law and have no morality. Don’t know how many stars of this deformity are there? Last summer, the neighbor’s high school child asked us in the courtyard: Auntie, you said that the current celebrity celebrities make so much money and are so beautiful. What is the meaning of my hard study? People like Zheng Shuang can be said to be the scum of the country, and the scum of the Chinese is not an exaggeration. She and her family are the warning lights of our countless parents, and she deserves everything she deserves!

7 months ago

After Zheng Shuang was exposed to high salaries, many artists log out of the studio. It is recommended to check all of them. It is possible to check them. The hidden rules of the entertainment circle should surface. Do you think there are more than 2.08 million a day? Perhaps this is not too much, there are more than 8 deep water kings. “The country belongs to the game”? This is typical of not being grateful, what do you mean without a country? Tax evasion and tax evasion also insults the country. She has surrogate pregnancy, abandoned raising and discarded sick puppies. Do you really know that she still has a sense of morality? Can this kind of rich person not be able to be a good individual except for being rich? Strictly and thoroughly investigate to create a clean entertainment environment.

7 months ago

I can no longer look at the word “shuang” directly, it looks like a “big” waist with two dulu “qian chuanzi” check it! Check it out! It’s best to take down the two dulu money strings on her waist and give our people a refreshing “sweet” ps: I don’t want to say anything about unknown scientific researchers or those who are shining in other fields to serve the people. The general public who have just run for a well-off society don’t really need to look at heroes and model workers. You just need to look at the hard-working yourself, because everyone is just trying to survive and fighting for family, ideals, and the future. It’s true that there is no superiority in nature. The difference is that the daily salary of 2.08 million has too much impact on me and other civilians, but these people in this industry are really not worth the money! What’s it worth? Our concept of RMB is completely different from that of celebrities. When a truck driver commits suicide because of two thousand yuan tolls, the celebrity sends out your income for a year with a red envelope. What the people hate most is that even if she is blocked, She can still live well, so don’t worry about how famous these people are and how popular they are. As long as they violate the law and trample on the bottom line, they must be punished. This is both reasonable and legal! I want to hear her say: I have to go to jail, TMD is so annoying!

7 months ago

From the point of view of a Buddhist monk, Zhang Heng would have done a great job in the case of Shuangzi if it was true. You drink the golden cup together, and don’t forgive you for nothing. Money has two tactics, which hurts the character of the past and the present. Huge tax evasion is unjustified. Catch thieves for the country, the great rat of the country. Tax evasion and tax evasion by celebrities has long existed, but it is really rare to have a scale and influence like Fan Ye. Regarding the Shuang sister, we can completely touch Fan Bingbing’s punishment decision to cross the river. learn from past experience. Simultaneous judgment in the same case. It is the justice of the law. Thinking about Fan Bingbing’s tax evasion and tax evasion back then was also a tumultuous moment. The predecessors planted trees and the descendants took the shade, but it is estimated that the descendants did not listen. That is to say, what kind of punishment will Shuangzi receive for tax evasion and tax evasion? Three times or four times? In short, this is a very exciting number. Yin and Yang contracts, split the remuneration, use the corporate legal person to secretly hold the position, but for all this, Shuangzi is most likely to be administratively punished by the tax authority, and one bite it all. Not only have to spit out the food, but also lose money. In the end, two entities may be punished, one is Zheng Shuang and the other is Zheng Shuang’s company. Whether there is a TV show that earns a cool, and how many cools will be fined in the end, is probably still unknown. After all, for this line, our imagination may be conservative. But what embarrass us the most is this 160 million piece of Ghost Story, and it won’t be too good to have a hunch. After all, Shuangzi’s most peak work may be the meteor shower when he debuted. For this to be said, Teacher Fan’s work seems to be more reliable than her. The golden lock, Jin Maoshu’s appearance and acting skills were still online. But it should be emphasized that you must not let go of the 160 million company. This is an accomplice. This grass-to-head company, which is not taking money as money, is so rich that it dared to burn with two hundred million. Under the sun, everything recovers. Only by opening the demon mirror of supervision, can we know whether there is such a sorrow operation of more than 100 million yuan, and can we know who is lying. Fan Bingbing actually received 30 million yuan in film remuneration during the filming of the film “Big Bombing”, of which 10 million yuan has been declared for tax payment, and the remaining 20 million yuan has evaded personal income tax of 6.18 million yuan by splitting the contract, and underpaid business tax and surcharges of 1.12 million Yuan, totaling 7.3 million yuan. In addition, it was also found that Fan Bingbing and his company as the legal representative underpaid 248 million yuan in taxes, of which 134 million yuan was evaded. For the above-mentioned illegal acts, in accordance with the jurisdiction designated by the State Administration of Taxation, the Jiangsu Provincial Taxation Bureau, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 32 and 52 of the Tax Collection and Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China, recovers taxes from Fan Bingbing and his legal representative. 255 million yuan, plus 33 million yuan in late fees; in accordance with Article 63 of the Tax Collection and Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China, Fan Bingbing was fined 240 million yuan for 4 times the tax evasion by splitting the contract to conceal his true income. He was fined three times for tax evasion by using his studio account to conceal the true nature of his personal remuneration, a total of 239 million yuan; for the enterprise that served as the legal representative for under-calculated income tax evasion, a fine of 946 thousand yuan was imposed on one time; According to Article 69 of the Tax Collection and Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China and Article 93 of the Implementation Rules of the Tax Collection and Administration Law of the People’s Republic of Facilitate and assist in the underpayment of taxes by 0.5 times of fines, totaling 51 million yuan and 65 million yuan respectively. According to Article 42 of the “Administrative Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China” and the relevant provisions of the “Rules of Administrative Punishment Hearing Procedures of Jiangsu Province”, on September 26, the Jiangsu Provincial Taxation Bureau first issued the “Notice of Tax Administrative Penalties” to Fan Bingbing in accordance with the law. Fan Bingbing did not file a hearing application for this. On September 30, the Jiangsu Provincial Taxation Bureau officially issued the “Tax Treatment Decision” and the “Tax Administrative Penalty Decision” to Fan Bingbing in accordance with the law, requesting him to collect the taxes, late fees, and fines after receiving the above handling penalty decision. Pay off within the specified time limit. According to Article 201 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, since Fan Bingbing was given an administrative penalty for tax evasion by the tax authority for the first time and he had not previously received criminal penalties for evading tax payment, the above-mentioned classification is tax evasion, late payment fees, If the fine is paid within the prescribed time limit after the tax authority issues a notice of recovery, criminal responsibility shall not be pursued in accordance with the law. Those who fail to pay taxes and late fees, or accept administrative penalties within the prescribed time limit, will be transferred to the public security authority for handling by the taxation authority.

7 months ago

If what Zhang Heng said is true, then he is very likely to receive a reward of 40,000 yuan. According to Zhang Heng, Zheng Shuang’s salary is 160 million yuan and he uses yin and yang contracts to avoid taxes. The contract for tax declaration is 48 million and the yin contract is 116 million. He needs to pay about 53 million in taxes, and he only pays 16 million in taxes after tax evasion. Yuan, about 37 million yuan in taxes. According to Article 6 (3) of the “Interim Measures for Rewarding Taxpayers for Reporting Illegal Tax Acts”, if the amount of tax collected in the treasury is more than 10 million yuan but less than 50 million yuan, a bonus of less than 40,000 yuan will be given; I had a client before Report the developer’s tax issue, and the result was really found to be a problem. You know that the developer’s subject matter in a real estate is also very large, and the tax issues involved are not low. In the end, she succeeded and got the tax from the tax bureau. The reward is also a fortune.

7 months ago

For Da Shuangzi, it can be refreshed to the end and extremely cool. For details, let’s wait for the tax evasion amount to be determined by the final inspection by the tax authority. For Zheng Shuang, there are nothing more than two possibilities, one is administrative punishment, paying taxes and fines; the other is stumbling to the end, resisting with all their lives, and finally choosing criminal punishment. I think from the last plan, she shouldn’t be stupid enough to head-on, unless her Watts are gone. According to Article 63 of the Tax Collection and Administration Law, taxpayers forge, alter, conceal, destroy account books and accounting vouchers without authorization, or list expenditures in the account books, or exclude or under-list income, or taxpayers It is tax evasion that the agency refuses to declare or makes a false tax declaration, and fails to pay or underpays the tax payable. For taxpayers who evade tax, the tax authorities shall pursue the non-payment or underpayment of taxes, late fees, and impose a fine of not less than 50% but not more than five times of the non-payment or underpayment of taxes; if a crime is constituted, it shall be investigated in accordance with the law criminal responsibility. The withholding agent adopts the methods listed in the preceding paragraph to fail to pay or underpay the taxes already withheld or collected, and the tax authority shall recover the taxes and late fees that he has not paid or underpaid, and impose the taxes that have not been paid or underpaid. A fine of more than 50% and less than five times; if a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with the law. If this is punished at the maximum amount, the cost is very large. Finally, Da Shuangzi still has to face this matter positively. Don’t wait to make up for it after the criminal case is filed. Otherwise, it is very likely that the result will be that the money needs to be compensated and people need to be caught.

7 months ago

This is the end of the matter, and the heat has cooled down, depending on who has the greater power behind it. In the early 1990s, before the return of Hong Kong, gangs and underground banks liked to support movie stars to start film companies, because they made money without losing money. On the one hand, you can falsely report the initial investment and reduce the actual shooting cost; on the other hand, you can hype the popularity of celebrities and earn fans at the box office. Even if the word of mouth is bad, box office losses can also launder black money. Therefore, including entertainment circles and sports clubs, there are many big-name celebrity studios just for money laundering. There is nothing new under the sun.

7 months ago

The Chinese entertainment industry is probably the most feudal, decadent, dirty, reactionary, and dirt-holding place. They are the richest group of people in China, and the income of any profession in China, any scientist, engineer, worker, farmer, soldier, etc., cannot be compared to their income. 160 million in 77 days and 2.08 million in one day. What amazing literary and artistic works did they shoot? What incredible values ​​are being spread? It’s just a collection of shoddy, three-view wonders, feudal corruption, kitsch worshiping money, and feeding the people shit. Family theory, class theory, pedigree theory, money worship, all kinds of feudal poisons, social Darwinism are back, house fights, palace fights, contending for concubines, fighting fathers and grandfathers have become the mainstream of film and television dramas, and the poor proletariat is either ignored or ignored. Be stigmatized into a villain. “The film and television drama is the most feudal place in China. According to birth, status, property, the value of appearance, according to the value of appearance, morality and future.” “In the last century, left-wing movies have worked so hard to return their innocent conscience to the bottom. In less than a hundred years, our film and television dramas have linked scheming with the poor and innocence with the rich. Are the poor more prone to corruption? Maybe, but it must be the rich who fell first. But our domestic dramas only tell half the story. , And, most talk about birth theory.” They made enough money and fed enough shit to the masses through the tide of the times, the shadow of the circle, and the enthusiasm of capital. The rule of law is in sight. Surrogate pregnancy, abandonment, yin and yang contracts, openly opposed the “Salary Limitation Order”, attacked national laws, and used apps to “launder money for celebrities.” Others have done more exaggeration: tax evasion, drug use, drunk driving, public knowledge, NGOs, spreading illegal religions, being spiritual foreigners, engaging in reverse nationalism, making friends with anti-China elements of the separatist force…there are no ones they dare not do. They don’t need to be knowledgeable, talented, contributing, ethical, or acting. It doesn’t matter if they make movies and TV shows that no one sees. In short, they are given money. These people may be corrupt officials. Unscrupulous capitalists, underworld societies, and even foreign NGOs, making movies and TV shows are just means, and laundering money from unknown sources is the goal. China has just announced a complete elimination of poverty. China is only a developing country with a per capita GDP of 10,000 US dollars. The income of most of the population is still very low. The development of poverty-stricken areas needs money, and the construction of the country needs money. Children China’s education needs money, defense equipment needs money, and China’s high-end technology also needs money to break the US blockade! There are too many places where we need money. The money made by a movie by Zheng Shuang even exceeds the fiscal revenue of a county. How absurd is this? 160 million is only Zheng Shuang’s income alone. How many “Zheng Shuangs” are involved in the “capital operation” and the exchange of interests behind this movie? What are the roles of related investors, film and television companies, and financial institutions? I hope that the country will carry out a thorough anti-corruption and “sweeping down the black and evil” of the entire entertainment industry, so that the people will completely open their eyes to see where the money comes from and where it goes? How did these bad movies and bad dramas come out? How does it make money? If this problem can be completely solved, it will be a great thing for the improvement of the level of Chinese film and television and cultural works and the clarity of the social atmosphere. You think, if the mainstream of my country’s literary, film and television industry is Zheng Shuang, how can it be possible to shoot good works with normal three views, no bad children, patriotism, the party, love the people, and support socialism?

7 months ago

Seriously, Zheng Shuang is over. If Zheng Shuang had a chance to retreat behind the scenes before, this time the news would never allow Zheng Shuang to stand up again. This family is really stupid and bad. The stupid thing is that he dares to engage in such a person who holds his core secrets, and the bad thing is that he tramples on social values. Without virtue and incompetence, how to reach the top of society and become the so-called elite? It really reflects the problematic side of the current society. Zheng Shuang must be severely punished, and things are not that simple. She didn’t just break the law, but she did a demonstration of her corrupt atmosphere and violated the value system of the entire society. I believe that most people’s first feeling when they see the news is that the Three Views are impacted. The same is true for the entire incident news, Weibo, Zhihu and other related comments. Surrogacy, abandonment, high income but no treatment for the dog, high income stealing food without paying, this is a trampling on human relations. Incompetence and incompetence have far more income than ordinary old Baixiang imagined, and it is very important to use the rules, play with the rules, and trample on the law. The main contradiction in our society has been transformed into a contradiction between the people’s growing need for a better life and the unbalanced and insufficient development. This is a major contradiction in society, and the country is very clear. It is said that rich first brings wealth later, but such an unscrupulous person uses illegal means, tax evasion, yin and yang contracts, to achieve such a “good life” in such a multi-billion-dollar mansion. This incident stimulated major social conflicts. This matter was fermented, and the relevant departments did not speak up for the first time, but held back for nearly two days. This matter must have a good demonstration effect, otherwise social corruption will become more and more serious. Look at what the news network said: The taxation and radio and television administration departments will earnestly implement the notification requirements of the Central Propaganda Department, the State Administration of Taxation, and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.

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