The deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security visited the “Takeaway Brother” and experienced a day of food delivery.

In 12 hours, Wang Lin completed 5 orders and received 41 yuan for express delivery. He was tired and slumped on the road teeth: “Too wronged, this money is too bad to earn.” Before, he wondered: “Why the platform sends so many orders to the little brother?” Now he understands: “Our little brother needs to have so many orders?” If you make a profit, you have to grab so many orders.” For example, his master can send 15 orders at the same time.

The netizen sighed: “It’s very sad and real. Only after experiencing it can I know that it’s not easy and understand how wronged.” The takeaway guys who deliver more orders are actually masters of time management. Many netizens also said: “This kind of experience is very good and should be encouraged and affirmed!”

The Human Resources and Social Security Bureau went to experience the delivery of food. What signal did this convey? Intuitively, it should be that the country wants to improve the working environment of riders and has sent people to conduct field investigations. Many friends think that the chief only ran five orders in twelve hours and earned 41 yuan. Isn’t that too good? But as a takeaway uncle who has been in the business for almost five years, I can assure all my friends that this result is very real. To make a digression, Meituan’s news is not well-informed. If you know that the director is going to investigate, you should send someone in the backstage to serve you, and select a 100-meter store to manually dispatch the orders. This way, the 12-hour director can earn five as a newcomer. Hundred, I think Meituan is pretty good. How do you think King Shan came from? Back to the topic, why did I conclude that the director ran Meituan? Because in terms of the amount, it is 41 yuan, there are zero and the whole, and the income can be seen on the same day. This must be crowdsourcing. The director occasionally goes to experience it. , It’s impossible to go to a special delivery. I have joined the job and checked in and had a morning meeting. Let’s not talk about this. The director may have been cheated of thousands of dollars in car money, battery money, and equipment money before he started running. In fact, I really hope that people The Ministry of Social Affairs went to a special delivery experience. People in the system went to such a place and guaranteed that they would have to go violently in three days. Besides, why did I say that he went to Meituan crowdsourcing? Because he also ran five orders and earned forty-one, if the hungry hummingbird crowdsourced, he might not be able to make the five orders, and his income might be negative. Let’s analyze why he can only run five orders. My friends are stupid ideals. Even if he removes the teacher’s father and has lunch at noon, we calculate that his actual effective working time is eight hours, so one order per hour is at least eight orders, and eight orders seem to be the odd number of the old fried dough sticks. Why did you only run five orders? The area he investigates should be an area he is more familiar with, just because he is not familiar with the road and the business is unskilled? No, as a newcomer, this was the case at the beginning, he was considered to be great without deducting money. First of all, the crowdsourcing system is divided into two factions by the platform. The main force is the running riders of Meituan and the preferred riders who are hungry. These two groups are selected by the platform and cannot refuse to send orders. There are daily online duration requirements and running orders. Riders with demanding quantities and strict management can be called special delivery in crowdsourcing. Compared with crowdsourcing riders, these two groups have the only advantage that the system gives priority to orders. The platform is now expanding the scale of these two groups, crowdsourcing riders You can only run, run, and choose to eat the leftover leftovers, and the amount of orders is very small. Even in first-tier cities like Beijing, the living space of crowdsourced riders is compressed to the time period after nine o’clock in the evening, after running back home. There is basically no crowdsourcing during the day, except in areas where the order volume is very dense. It can be said that the chief only ran five orders because he was not a running rider and the system did not send him orders at all. He ran five orders for 41 yuan. The unit price is so low now that he averages An eight yuan order shows that the five jobs he did were all far away orders that no one wanted. The unit price of eight yuan during the day would cost more than four kilometers even in Beijing. Don’t talk about good orders, even ordinary orders are not his turn. Even with the work intensity of eight hours and five orders, the director still feels “too wronged and tired”. If he wants to conduct in-depth research, go to special delivery or enjoy running to experience life, then I can only persuade him to first Buying a high-value life insurance and a high-value accident insurance will most likely be useful. The rider’s dilemma is not caused by technology, it is caused by deliberate deduction of the platform and no bottom-line squeeze. If you want to improve the rider’s situation, in fact, the three points 1 special delivery and happy running or the preferred rider are substantive employment relationships and must pay social security. Sign the labor contract. 2 Crowdsourcing can be defined as flexible employment, but mandatory dispatch must be abolished. Since flexible employment is a cooperative relationship, the relationship between the rider as an individual business owner and the platform is the substantial relationship between the supplier and the distributor. As a platform, What it actually provides is the order resource and the information medium, so the integrity and fairness of the information should be ensured. All orders should be displayed on the platform at the same time. The rider has the right to choose the order. The mandatory dispatch of orders essentially monopolizes the order. Strong buying and selling behavior after the information resources of the company. 3 The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and related departments have issued rigid price standards, starting prices in different regions, premiums per kilometer, premiums in difficult-to-delivery areas, subsidies for severe weather, subsidies for special commodities, etc. There must be a minimum price limit, and the platform cannot be allowed to drop prices at will. Complaint channels have also been opened so that riders can monitor illegal activities on the platform in real time. By accomplishing these three points, the rider’s situation will be greatly improved. Of course, the delivery cost of the platform may be doubled or even tripled, but the platform’s use of high subsidies at the beginning ruined the normal development of the market. This is for it to maintain The price that must be paid for operation, the bitter wine brewed by oneself must be tasted by oneself. Apart from the above three points, any other so-called “measures”, in my opinion, have no practical meaning and are merely perfunctory and exploiting loopholes.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

In fact, there is a detail in the film, but I think it is the real focus of the film. When a government official asked about compensation, the representative of Meituan replied this way: This answer actually involves the core of a bunch of questions related to smart manufacturing, digital economy, and crowdsourcing: data, is it a means of production? Is the Internet platform that masters data acquisition, processing, and distribution a production tool? If it is determined “yes”, then the platform is also responsible for dispatching workers under the crowdsourcing model, because the workers are using the tools you provide for production (providing services). Furthermore, if it is determined that there is a “virtual working environment” for dispatched workers on the Internet, and without the data and data tools provided by this environment, workers cannot produce, then it cannot be said that workers do not have a fixed workplace. They may not have a fixed workplace in the atomic world, but they do do in the electronic world. Moreover, the workplace in this electronic world is very “fixed”, which can firmly consume more than ten hours a day. I admit that this kind of identification of production materials and tools is relatively new, especially for legislators. It is a process that needs to be understood. But at least the smart manufacturing standards of all countries recognize that data can indeed become a means of production, and it will be the core of smart manufacturing and the digital economy. You can’t imagine what intelligent manufacturing can look like without standardized, real-time, and systematic data. Data is a means of production, and Internet platforms that use data to guide transactions in a certain orderly state are naturally also production tools. I personally think this concept is acceptable. Moreover, there is a clear gap between my country and other countries: my country’s Internet has generally entered an oligopolistic state, and their common feature is the data monopoly in their respective fields. The capital advantage of Internet giants is not unique, and traditional giants also have them. However, their capital advantage combined with data monopoly will achieve a much more effective cross-sector expansion than traditional giants, and can penetrate almost all offline formats with social and e-commerce data in just a few years. You can know by referring to the cross-field expansion results of real estate giants. Therefore, if the relevant attributes of the data are not recognized as soon as possible, many Internet giants are essentially monopolies, but they can not be regarded as monopolies in judgment: the Chinese restaurant market last year was 4.6 trillion yuan, and Meituan’s revenue last year was about 110 billion yuan. Is it a monopoly? Only by putting it on the Internet, putting it on the data, and putting it on the scale of transactions generated by the dependent data can Meituan be judged as a monopoly. This determination will be a lifeline for the Chinese Internet monopoly giants. If it can be determined that the data and platforms belong to the means of production and production tools, and the related delivery platforms belong to the workplace, then it is natural to legally determine which Internet giants are already in the monopoly stage. These judgments, coupled with monopoly status, it is difficult to logically establish the evasion of dispatched workers by crowdsourcing: because dispatched workers do not have the right to freely choose. Just like what the director said in the video: It’s not that the system has sent you so many orders, but you have to take so many orders to make money. Perhaps dispatched workers still cannot enjoy the treatment of a formal labor contract, but without the right to free choice, the legislative and judicial system will inevitably claim greater responsibilities from the platform. This is not the end of the problem, but at least it is a reasonable starting point.

7 months ago

This is very good. When I do practical work for the masses, I must first empathize with the people’s life and the sufferings of the masses. In 2009, Radio Hong Kong launched a documentary called “Battle of the Poor and Rich”. The show was a reality show, inviting so-called “upper” people such as business executives, investment chairman, entertainers, and lawyers to try to sleep on the streets, sleep in coffin rooms, and pick up Paper, odd jobs, cleaning and other basic-level working people’s daily lives. Among the participants was once the chairman of the clothing chain G2000 Group, which was awarded the Hong Kong Bronze Bauhinia Medal, and Tian Beichen, a representative of the National People’s Congress after Tian Jia, the four major families in Hong Kong’s textile industry. He believes that by going deep into the masses, you can learn about things you don’t know, so that you can lobby the government in the future, and you can write an article that deeply reflects the reality of society. The position will be firmer and credibility will be higher. He experienced the working life of a cleaner for a few days, with an hourly salary of 25 Hong Kong dollars, a daily living cost of 50 Hong Kong dollars, and renting in a 15-square-foot (1.4 square meter, rent of 1,300 Hong Kong dollars) cage house. Because there is only a limit of 15 Hong Kong dollars for a meal, and 15 Hong Kong dollars can only buy the cheapest sandwiches or quick-frozen box lunches, Tian Beichen said: “I have never experienced in my life that I can’t afford what I want in a convenience store.” The working environment is messy and messy, and passers-by avoid them when they see it. After working for nine hours, the monthly salary is only more than 6,000, which is far from enough for living expenses. Tian Beichen thought he was off work, but the workers still had to do night shift cleaning to earn living expenses. Once they did it, they could only sleep for five or six hours each night. Taking advantage of the night, Tian Beichen went to investigate the rental market, and saw that a bed that was as dirty as a birdcage was unbearable and cost 600 yuan each. “I know there are, but there shouldn’t be. This kind of place is not like a place for people to live in. You can only enter the market if you can’t live in public housing, and the market is weak and strong, and there is not necessarily justice.” Tian Beichen said frankly, this kind of life, this If this kind of work were to be done for a month or even half a year, he would have no fighting spirit. “I have been thinking about eating for the past two days. I have no hope at all. I work hard and only hope to have a good meal. I now understand most of their ideas. How can I plan for next week, next year, and the future? The most important thing is to solve it. The next meal.””A couple whose income exceeds the limit for applying for public housing and cannot live in public housing, but they are also forced to work two jobs. They come and go in a dead end. So what needs to be considered is that the current public housing Is the income ceiling of the housing estate too low? Does it meet today’s most basic living requirements?” “The simplest job can be so professional. In this society, people who cannot read a book are extremely severely punished. We often pursue finance and a knowledge economy. These people are not doing some unnecessary things, they are actually very good. Compared with other positions in society and our standard of living, how can they be considered to have a reasonable return. “Now the director of Beijing has experienced the work of the bottom. For the people’s lifestyle, it is recommended that the directors and directors of all provinces and cities across the country can give it a try to form a long-term mechanism. Only when you truly experience it can you have the right to speak, and make decisions and policy releases in a more comprehensive and fair manner in your future work and life.

7 months ago

It’s pretty good. The director goes to the grassroots level, which is much more useful than the grassroots civil servants such as section chiefs and staff. The government formulates policies, regulations, and ordinances. In fact, it is not like everyone imagined. A group of big leaders sit in a conference room for a meeting. You say a few words and I say a few words, and this thing will come out. It’s all layer by layer, starting from the bottom of the department to write the first draft after investigating, and then to the leadership reviewing the draft, and then slowly going up. The division level is the first to contact this “first draft” of the leadership. Even in many cases, the manuscript passed by the division-level leaders will be directly released as the management opinions of the relevant industries in a certain area. Yes, if only section chiefs and section members go to the grassroots level, it does not make much sense. They may have experienced it, knowing that life at the bottom is hard, and the first draft is also written by them, and relevant opinions are also written on it. However, if the department-level leaders of the unit disagree with this view and do not know the importance of it, then many of the opinions in this draft may be simply invalidated and cannot be reached at all. In general areas, under the premise that it doesn’t matter, the ones who can reach the ranks are basically in the 40s or more than 50 directly, and the acceptance and recognition of new things are relatively slow. Even if Beijing was faster, it would have been around forty. People of this age can get a deep understanding from the recommendation algorithm of Internet companies using news apps on their mobile phones, or from their own leadership life communication circles, and experience the hardships of the people at the bottom. It’s a bit difficult. It’s far better to run it once and experience it yourself like this. At least I believe that after this day’s experience with the deputy director of the Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau, the Beijing area may more or less pay more attention to the life and work of the younger brothers. Those who know the house leaks are under the sky, and those who know the politics lose are in the grass. I hope that the division-level leaders in all regions will be able to run more and go down to the grassroots more like this deputy chief. The government decrees issued after this will definitely have a stronger human touch.

7 months ago

“Those who know the leaks are under the sky, and those who know the politics lose are in the grass.” The deputy director went to the masses to realize the suffering of the people. The people’s aspirations are the direction of governance. He praised the deputy director, “This money is too big It’s not easy to earn, it’s really too hard to earn”, he sighed from the bottom of his heart that it’s not easy for the takeaway boy. The deputy director delivered a takeaway and gave him a thumbs up! Before Zhang Dada was distressed by himself, Yang Mi said: “Aren’t the people who deliver the food hard? Didn’t it work hard for him to blanch the ribs for us just now? Didn’t it work for them to squat here today? Isn’t it hard for the manuscript for a long time? “So why do you want others to understand your hard work? Because everyone works hard. The deputy director left the office, walked out of his “comfort zone”, and personally experienced the life of the takeaway boy. This is a manifestation of the purpose of serving the people. In fact, the policy should be formulated like this, from the masses to the masses. Going, the mass line is definitely a magic weapon. Like the takeaway boy, many ordinary people are constantly running for their lives in this way. I hope that the country will pay more attention to such special groups, and the future will be even better. The world does not have so many empathy, but I hope that everyone who lives hard will be treated with gentleness.

7 months ago

Complete 5 orders in 12 hours, this work efficiency is lower than the average level of delivery staff. The director came to experience life, and the management would not criticize the work speed for being too slow; there was no crowd renting a house at night (less than 10 square meters per capita); it did not catch up with the extreme weather and wind and rain to deliver food…..In other words, the director experienced the hard work of this day, which is less than the hard work experienced by the delivery staff. The director only experienced it for one day, but the delivery staff did it every day. The real life is harder than the report.

7 months ago

Just now Douyin got the updated video, it was the deputy chief who went to talk to the ride-hailing driver and talked about some life issues and the issue of social security. In fact, I really don’t want to answer this question. Some words may not be heard. In March, I was riding an electric bike and hit a cleaner. I was driving normally on a non-motorized vehicle lane, and the opponent suddenly came out of a car parked on the side of the road, and for the first time he looked at the opposite side of the road instead of looking to the left. I didn’t have time to brake and hit, and a bump came out of my back ankle. Big bag. Her husband is also a cleaner. I called and called me at the time. I took a taxi to take people to the hospital. There was no social insurance or anything. I bit my head and registered for filming. Fortunately, it’s just a ligament strain and a bone. It’s really like a grandson, I won’t talk about it here). I put on the splint under the suggestion, saying that it would be fine if I went home and rested for three weeks. When I got out of the hospital, her husband asked me what I planned to do. I said you two would go to the transportation team with me first. When I arrived at the accident section of the traffic team, I asked the police officer to issue a formal accident handling form. She was the chief and I was the second. Then I took this to tell them that the priority is clear. It stands to reason that I should not pay for the medical treatment alone, but it is not easy for you two, I don’t want it. For the rest, both of you are temporary workers. I have a three-week break and I don’t know if your work is still available. I can make up your monthly salary, 3,500. At this time, his husband asked me if he could give me more in a begging tone. It was cold, and he would go back to work in a few days when the weather was good. He would have to take care of his wife because he had no income to recuperate at home. As for me, I used to manage Chinese trainees in Japan for more than half a year and went to Japan to grow Chinese cabbage. I knew it was not easy for them to work as a part-timer, and I really understood them, so I didn’t bargain, so I gave him 5000. After coming out, I don’t know what to think about this matter. I do earn more than him, but working class, my money is not the wind blowing, 5,000 yuan without my pain. On the other hand, the other party didn’t even have medical insurance, and the splint on the registration film cost 1500. Why did this happen to me? Finally, if I kill myself and go through the legal process, how much should I pay? Isn’t this bullying? I can rise to a higher level: Why should I take responsibility for the problems caused by society? I also aggrieved the Deputy Director of the Labor Relations Department of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to personally experience a day of food delivery. It was indeed the first step in the experience at the grassroots level, and it was a good start. But the latter task is more difficult. After all, there was only one day. He didn’t realize that he was stopped by security guards, he didn’t realize that customers were asked to bring garbage, and he didn’t realize that he was scolded by others for running a red light in a hurry. He should also be a security guard again, specifically responsible for blocking the delivery staff from entering, and blocking the owner to check the health code. You should also experience cycling to and from get off work, let the takeaway boy squeeze around, or walk on the road and be urged by the takeaway boy riding on the sidewalk to honk your horn. When changing multiple angles, I really want to hear what he said in the end. I think this is not a problem that can be solved by just a single grievance. The first sentence of the foreign friends in the group today is “It’s really rare for such a big official to do this.” My thought is what can he change? You can ask Didi drivers if they are willing to go to social security, does he have the money, and can you let Didi pay them out of their own pockets? You made the Didi drivers more steadfast, and you drive more Didi. The road downstairs in the company, which is not wide, is blocked every day by the Didi cars waiting for passengers (now blocked). Who will take care of this again? What? It is obviously a social issue, does the deputy director of a labor relations department still seem to be a big official at this time? I sincerely hope that not only the Labor Relations Department of the Social Security Bureau, but also more functional departments, especially the leaders of the departments with real power, can come out and participate in this experience. As a company, Meituan’s Wang Xing should deliver one month’s takeaway and open one month’s takeaway stalls, and Didi’s Cheng Wei should open Didi one month and then another month’s rental. Then, we discuss the issue of injustice.

7 months ago

Let me talk about what day is today. Today is the ninety-fourth anniversary of the heroic death of Comrade Li Dazhao. The most important aspiration to commemorate Comrade Li Dazhao is to re-understand and reshape the political high position of the Chinese working class and the rationality and necessity of the labor movement in a socialist country. The conclusions and thoughts drawn from this are: Any action to suppress workers’ protection of their rights is an out-and-out reactionary act. “They work in the charcoal pit all day long, and their faces are dark. They can’t enjoy the air and sunshine in the world. This charcoal pit seems to be a hell. These workers seem to be a group of hungry ghosts. Sometimes the charcoal pit collapses and they are unfortunate. It’s a common occurrence to be crushed alive.” “In Tangshan, the living expenses of a mule and horse cost five cents a day. In case of overwork, the average value of a mule and horse will be around one hundred yuan. The owner’s loss is the spectrum of one hundred yuan. A worker’s ICBC only has two cents a day, and he does not need food. If he dies, the employer’s pension is only thirty or forty yuan. From this point of view, The life of a worker is not as good as that of a mule and horse, and the life of a worker is not as good as that of a mule and horse.” “There are also many young people who do hard work there that shouldn’t be done by them. The scene is even more pitiful. “The above text comes from “Workers’ Life in Tangshan Coal Factory” written by Li Dazhao in the spring of 1919. It records the tragic situation of coal workers in Tangshan and triggered the awakening and struggle movement of a wide range of workers across the country. After the May Fourth Movement, Li Dazhao went to Kailuan to conduct social investigations, and wrote the investigation report of “Tangshan Labor Status” and published it in “New Youth”. The report profoundly exposed the evils and darkness of capitalism, and put forward calls for improving the treatment of Chinese workers and organizing powerful workers’ groups. A year later, on the eve of the May 1st International Labor Day in 1920, Li Dazhao published an article that pointed out: “The past May Day was not a movement of the working class in China, but a movement of three or five literati; it was not a mass movement in the streets, but a paper. The brush-and-ink movement on the surface” and “Chinese laborers, want to make this year’s May Day a awakening date!” Such screams are obviously incomparable today when the party was founded one hundred years ago. In November of the same year, under the personal leadership of Li Dazhao, the Beijing Communist Group founded the popular tabloid “Labor News” weekly to promote Marxism to workers. The first issue of the magazine devoted a lot of space to detailed reports on the exploitation status of workers in Changxindian, Tangshan Mine, etc., and the headline was very clear and explicit: “Mining Bureau Benefits Eight Times More Than Capital”, “Within Tens of Minutes” Five or six hundred dead workers, “A worker’s life is only worth sixty yuan”…the line of words is weeping, accusing Western imperialism and comprador capitalism of cruelly oppressing workers and treating the lives of Chinese workers like insects. In October 1922, the Kailuan Minmetals strike, which shocked China and foreign countries, officially broke out under the command of Li Dazhao (at the time the head of the Northern District Committee). During the strike, more than 30,000 workers directly fought against the imperialist and warlord military police. The tragic scene was like “a specter of communism in the Communist Manifesto,” wandering across the European continent. In order to sacred this specter In the encirclement and suppression, all the forces of old Europe-the Pope and the Tsar, Metternich and Gizo, the radicals in France and the German police have all united.” As said, the opposition between Li Dazhao and the workers, the British mercenaries were dispatched and stationed. The American army in Tangshan was dispatched, and the security team of warlord Cao Kun dispatched, and they carried out a frantic crackdown on the labor movement. Cao Kun even sent one more division and one brigade for fear that the town might not be strong enough. These reactionary troops declared martial law in the mining area and carried out bloody cleansing. Although the entire mining area is in a bloody storm, the miners said, “Never cringe, rather die than surrender”, and declared that “unless all of our workers are killed, otherwise, we will be left alone and we must avenge the dead. Fight with them!” The following year, Li Dazhao led the nationwide sensational strike of Beijing-Han Railway workers. After being violently attacked by warlord Wu Peifu, he still insisted on giving courage to the workers from the north and south: “Now China is in the capital empire. Under the oppression of socialism, let’s look at the bourgeoisie, petty bourgeoisie, and intellectuals across the country. Who can resist? Only the proletariat!” Encouraged by the labor movement, after the “May 30th” movement, Li Dazhao took advantage of the great situation formed by the “May 30th” , Continue to focus on the Kailuan Coal Mine, and decided to establish a trade union. On August 18, 1925, the Zhaogezhuang Mining Union was established. This was the earliest union established in the Kailuan mining area. The Changxindian Workers Club (which was also established under the care of Li Dazhao) four years ago was established in the history of the Chinese labor movement. Occupy an important position. Later, although the labor union established by the party leadership went underground, the struggle to establish a labor union has not ceased. It reflects a vital feature of our party: it has always been closely attached to working-class organizations such as trade unions. The Communist Party of China, at any time, at any stage, and at any height, must never stand on the opposite side of the working class, and must not suppress the trade unions in any way. Li Dazhao once gave an affirmative answer to the question of whether the proletariat with the working class at its core can shoulder its historical mission. He believes that capitalists’ insatiable squeeze of surplus value created by workers will inevitably concentrate capital in the hands of a few people. As the scale of production expands, the entire social production will tend to be socialized. As a result, the conditions for the unity of the working class and the proletariat will mature day by day, thus becoming the gravedigger of capitalism. Li Dazhao pointed out: “The development of capitalism has laid down many enemy soldiers under his feet. If they increase or decrease, that is the proletariat. The proletariat is originally a product of capitalism, and it will inevitably be the proletariat that will destroy capitalism. “This is why he made the judgment that “the red flag will fly all over the world.” Facts have proved that the People’s Republic of China established by Mao Zedong, a follower of the revolution, led by workers and peasants, did almost achieve the “red burning of the world” that Comrade Dazhao imagined in the 27 years before the founding of the People’s Republic of China: from Africa to Western Europe, from Latin America to North America, Mao Zedong His head was held high in all corners of the world, inspiring the working class of the world after World War II to “same the same coolness and heat.” And that was the historical climax of the international communist movement. Even three years ago, the French yellow vest movement and the Argentine people’s protest against the G20 summit, Mao Zedong can still become the totem and the banner held by the bottom class of the world today. On April 28, 1927, under the instigation of Chiang Kai-shek’s secret line to “execute the arrested party members to avoid future troubles”, Zhang Zuolin strangled Li Dazhao and other 20 people in the Jingshi Detention Center in Xijiaomin Lane. Before his execution, Li Dazhao smiled at the executioner and gave the last speech in his life passionately: “You can’t hang me because you hanged me today, it means you have hanged the great communism! We have cultivated many comrades, like the seeds of safflower, sowing Everywhere! I am convinced that communism is bound to win a glorious victory in the world and in China!” Twenty-two years later, in March 1949, Mao Zedong, who led the People’s Liberation Army to overthrow all comprador capital forces and imperialist minions, Returning to Beijing after a lapse of 30 years, I was full of emotions: “Thirty years, 30 years ago, I rushed to seek the truth of saving the country and the people. It was not bad. I suffered a lot and I met a good man in Peking. With his help, I became a Marxist-Leninist. He is my true teacher. Without his guidance and teaching, I still don’t know where I am today!” Li Dazhao once said, “We must combine the intellectual class with the working class. Fight together”, Chairman Mao also pointed out: “Intellectuals must participate in labor”, that is, “intellectuals are labored.” On May 10, 1948, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China also announced in the “Regulations on the Methods for Revolutionary Soldiers to Join the Party”: “All intellectuals from non-working families who join our army can obtain the ranks of revolutionary soldiers only one year after joining the army.” “Any exploiter who joins our army can acquire the rank of revolutionary soldier only two years after enlisting.” Chairman Mao pointed out: “Workers should be allowed to strike and mass demonstrations should be allowed. Protests and demonstrations are based on the Constitution. Later, the Constitution will be revised. I propose to increase the freedom of strike! It is necessary to introduce workers to strike, which will help resolve the contradiction between the state, the factory director and the masses.” The greatest significance of the freedom of strike of workers is to declare the political status of their class in this country at all times to alert them. Those intellectuals who don’t work, are lofty, and can only use literary and artistic expressions, and those bureaucrats who hold power and authority. Let’s look at this news about Beijing’s department-level cadres’ experience of being a food delivery boy. No matter what the purpose of this leader is, judging from his reaction and impressions: ① There is indeed a big gap between classes. There are still misunderstandings at the bottom. For example, the profession of taking food for money is still considered a good business in the eyes of many people, thinking that it can easily make a monthly income of 10,000 yuan; ② The enlightenment and touch of this activity for this leader is from his Lyrics should be true. Therefore, it is recommended that such activities should be carried out more frequently to bring the lofty eyes of leading cadres back to the people at dawn, and to bring the fat buttocks of leading cadres back to the workers and peasants. In February 1957, Chairman Mao pointed out: “Among many of our workers, there is now a dangerous tendency to unwilling to share the joys and sufferings of the masses and to care about personal fame and fortune. This is very bad. We are increasing production and saving money. During the movement, the requirement to streamline government agencies and decentralize cadres, so that a large group of cadres can return to production, is one way to overcome this dangerous tendency.” In May 1963, Chairman Mao once again spoke about the issue of cadres’ participation in labor: “Cadres Only by participating in labor can we solve the problems of corruption and over-occupation, and we can also understand the production situation instead of floating on it. If cadres do not participate in labor, they will inevitably be separated from the working masses and will inevitably be revisionism…County cadres must also participate in labor. If grassroots cadres don’t participate in labor, aren’t they just like the Kuomintang’s Baojia leader?” At Comrade Li Dazhao’s death, it is necessary to reshape and emphasize the understanding of the political status of the working class and the direction of reversing the relationship between cadres and the masses. Marx once said: “History itself is the judge, and the proletariat is the executioner.” Comrade Dazhao will be immortal, and long live the laborers of the world.

7 months ago

As long as you don’t try to understand and pretend to be confused, you are a good official. Even the netizens know about the problem. There is no reason why the management departments that deal with companies like Meituan need to experience life to know them every day. If this is the case, it means that our management system has huge loopholes. But having said that, now that big companies have so much energy and have such a strong ability to influence policies, entrepreneurs are at least a city-level CPPCC member of the People’s Congress. District-level management departments, especially the relatively less powerful departments such as Human Resources and Social Security, are actually disadvantaged groups in the face of such giant enterprises. It is understandable if the disadvantaged departments want to influence public opinion and promote management through this form. After the news came out, didn’t Meituan immediately released a few so-called improvement measures. If there is no such kind of show, there won’t even be this one. People’s hearts can be used, and people’s hearts can be used.

7 months ago

Many people are concerned about the Deputy Director’s understanding of the people’s sentiments, but when I glanced at it, I saw the word “squeeze” between the lines. “I ran for nearly an hour, and only earned 6 yuan, 60% for late delivery.” The entire report shows that the takeaway guys are not easy. Among them, I noticed a rule, which is very absurd-the platform Requirements: 60% delivery fee will be deducted over time. The 60% penalty is obviously too high. Of course, this may not be legally risky, otherwise Meituan would not dare to do it. However, from a human point of view, this is actually bullying honest people. Some media said that these takeaways are using their lives to run naked… However, it is Wang Xing and Meituan, who only pay attention to investors, who really get huge profits. In addition, I have a very simple question, that is, whose pocket did the deducted money end up in? In order to answer this question, I specifically asked a few friends. Only one of them said that they had received a coupon because the delivery staff was late. And I have no similar experience with a few others. I remember one time when the takeaway brother overtimed for more than an hour. At that time, waiting for the takeaway really waited until the sky was old and the stars were all over the sky during the day… I thought about a bad review, but I had the meal an hour later. I forgot about bad reviews long ago. However, I clearly remember that I did not give me red envelopes or coupons for this reason. In other words, for most orders, as long as the delivery staff is late, the confiscated delivery fee basically enters Meituan’s pockets. But, is this normal? Perhaps from a legal point of view, Meituan has long sought ways to avoid related risks. However, from a moral point of view, the delivery fee is originally paid by the customer. Should the late fines and the fines be determined by the users who have suffered losses? If this part of the money does not go to the user, who will make up for the loss received by the customer? And what if the customer forgave him? Will Meituan still punish my brother? the answer should be confirmed. Some netizens also said that Meituan cancelled the 15-minute meal time for merchants and changed it to the rider’s delivery time. Of course, late is still deducted. Some people may ask, why is there such a high proportion of fines, but no brother resists? In fact, this is similar to the previous “996 topic”. If it weren’t for the end of the official media, how many people would really resist 996? This is the advantage of a strong platform. The big factory can make all employees default to the 996 system, and it can also make all the brothers shut up, and really squeeze the takeaway brother all the time. Now, Meituan’s response is that it is improving the rider’s delivery experience, and has added two support policies, “Appeal Review Green Channel” and “Baby Companion Day”. But what I want to ask is, if there is no such deputy director to experience the hardships of the takeaway brother, will these two assistance policies be introduced? Will the takeaway platform see ordinary people who have contributed their sweat and tears to the soaring market value of Meituan?

7 months ago

“From among the masses, to among the masses” is the leading method and working method of our party’s mass line. In June 1943, Mao Zedong scientifically expounded the basic content of the mass line in his article “Several Issues on Leadership Methods,” analyzed the whole process and each link of “from the masses to the masses”, and proposed ” The important principles of leadership methods and working methods, such as the combination of general and individual, “the combination of leadership and the masses,” and “centered and orderly”, systematically and structured the leadership methods and working methods of the mass line. “In all the actual work of our party, all correct leadership must come from the masses and go to the masses. This means that the opinions of the masses (distributed and unsystematic opinions) are concentrated (after research, (Turned into a centralized system of opinions), and then went to the masses for propaganda and explanation, turned into the opinions of the masses, so that the masses persevere, see them in action, and test whether these opinions are correct in the mass actions. Then from the masses Collect them together, and then stick to the masses. Such an infinite cycle is more correct, more vivid, and richer every time. This is the Marxist epistemology. The older generation of revolutionaries in our party are also practicing the party’s mass line. The beloved Premier Zhou once joined the people in Beijing to fry noodles for the volunteers. I also hope that the leading cadres of other departments can learn from the practice of the deputy director of the Beijing Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau. For example, the leaders of the Health and Family Planning Commission can go to the capital. The top tertiary hospitals go to the emergency room overnight, and do nothing else. They are responsible for the reception and transfer of patients. I believe that they will have a different understanding of the work and life of front-line medical workers and the relationship between doctors and patients.” From the masses, “Go to the masses,” instead of pursuing perfection in certain indicators, can we truly formulate guidelines and policies that can withstand the test of practice.

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