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From the perspective of a legal person, we can touch Fan Bingbing’s punishment precedent for Shuangzi. Although our country is not a country with case law, it is the general trend that the same case is the same case, and the reference role of the case law is still quite large. After all, Fan Bingbing’s tax evasion and tax evasion was also a hustle and bustle at the time. That is to say, what kind of penalties will be received for tax evasion and tax evasion? Three times or four times is an obvious standard. Yin and Yang contracts, split the remuneration, use the corporate legal person to secretly hold the position, but for all this, Shuangzi is most likely to be administratively punished by the tax authority, and one bite it all. Not only have to spit out the food, but also lose money. In the end, two entities may be punished, one is Zheng Shuang and the other is Zheng Shuang’s company. But what embarrass us the most is this 160 million piece of Ghost Story, and it won’t be too good to have a hunch. But we also want to emphasize that don’t let go of the 160 million company. This is an accomplice. According to the investigation and verification, Fan Bingbing actually received 30 million yuan in film compensation during the filming of the film “Big Bombing”, of which 10 million yuan has been declared for tax payment, and the remaining 20 million yuan has been evaded personal income tax of 6.18 million yuan by splitting the contract. Pay business tax and surcharges of 1.12 million yuan, totaling 7.3 million yuan. In addition, it was also found that Fan Bingbing and his company as the legal representative underpaid 248 million yuan in taxes, of which 134 million yuan was evaded. For the above-mentioned illegal acts, in accordance with the jurisdiction designated by the State Administration of Taxation, the Jiangsu Provincial Taxation Bureau, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 32 and 52 of the Tax Collection and Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China, recovers taxes from Fan Bingbing and his legal representative. 255 million yuan, plus 33 million yuan in late fees; in accordance with Article 63 of the Tax Collection and Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China, Fan Bingbing was fined 240 million yuan for 4 times the tax evasion by splitting the contract to conceal his true income. He was fined three times for tax evasion by using his studio account to conceal the true nature of his personal remuneration, a total of 239 million yuan; for the enterprise that served as the legal representative for under-calculated income tax evasion, a fine of 946 thousand yuan was imposed on one time; According to Article 69 of the Tax Collection and Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China and Article 93 of the Implementation Rules of the Tax Collection and Administration Law of the People’s Republic of Facilitate and assist in the underpayment of taxes by 0.5 times of fines, totaling 51 million yuan and 65 million yuan respectively. According to Article 42 of the “Administrative Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China” and the relevant provisions of the “Rules of Administrative Punishment Hearing Procedures of Jiangsu Province”, on September 26, the Jiangsu Provincial Taxation Bureau first issued the “Notice of Tax Administrative Penalties” to Fan Bingbing in accordance with the law. Fan Bingbing did not file a hearing application for this. On September 30, the Jiangsu Provincial Taxation Bureau officially issued the “Tax Treatment Decision” and the “Tax Administrative Penalty Decision” to Fan Bingbing in accordance with the law, requesting him to collect the taxes, late fees, and fines after receiving the above handling penalty decision. Pay off within the specified time limit. According to Article 201 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, since Fan Bingbing was given an administrative penalty for tax evasion by the tax authority for the first time and he had not previously received criminal penalties for evading tax payment, the above-mentioned classification is tax evasion, late payment fees, If the fine is paid within the prescribed time limit after the tax authority issues a notice of recovery, criminal responsibility shall not be pursued in accordance with the law. Those who fail to pay taxes and late fees, or accept administrative penalties within the prescribed time limit, will be transferred to the public security authority for handling by the taxation authority.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

A Shuang is simply the Trump of the domestic film and television circle. She doesn’t shy away from the chaos that shouldn’t be exposed in the domestic film and television industry. She earns a high income without acting skills, and she plays surrogacy. She can’t beat her, and she’s so annoying. There is a refreshing circle, like a treasure. Shuangbao used his own efforts to expose major issues in the film and television industry. Yin-yang contracts, tax evasion and tax evasion, as well as doing whatever he wanted, also caused many artists to log out of the studio overnight. Sister Zheng Shuang roared, and Ye Fan had to shake three times. Shuangbao must be looked at to control the chaos in the film and television industry. She is like a child in the emperor’s new clothes, causing a huge tsunami to the film and television industry. Since then, the domestic film and television industry has not been able to rest until it becomes normal. Although Shuangbao didn’t have any works in the film and television industry, he created a famous saying: I can’t beat it, it’s annoying. This is the peak moment of Shuang Bao’s acting skills. And Shuangbao also created a new unit of measurement across the border: Shuang. This unit of measurement can be called the fifth invention. One Shuang is equal to 640 million. This is a major breakthrough. No one has ever been so powerful, creating a new unit between 100 million and trillion, and Shuangbao has done it. Perhaps Shuangbao also sensed the destiny, Putin said, give him twenty years, and give you a miraculous Russia. And Shuangbao is trying to return us a miraculous film and television circle in twelve years. No matter what, she did it. With a daily salary of 2.08 million, this is the miracle of the film and television industry. Seeing this great miracle, I only have gratitude in my heart.

7 months ago

It’s so cool, it’s so cool, it’s so cool, it’s so cool. It is said that the Shuangzi family is crazy, but in fact they are all good at it. Just talk about the operation of the Yin-Yang contract, can you guys see it clearly? On May 9, 2019, a woman named Liu Yan registered a new company in Xinyi, Xuzhou, with a registered capital of 2 million yuan, and the company’s name was Cuishanwen Film and Television Culture. You may not know who Liu Yan is, but you must know her daughter, Zheng Shuang, who is currently on the top of the hot list. When Bingbing paid the 800 million tax last time, everyone was familiar with the place name Khorgos. It is said that many celebrities have registered their studios in this place. Why didn’t Shuangzi’s mother take the usual path and came to Xuzhou Xinyi? It’s very simple, because Xuzhou Xinyi is a national pilot area for comprehensive reform of small and medium-sized cities, and it has preferential tax policies for sole proprietorships. Shuang’s positive contract amount is 48 million, which is a coincidence, just below the 50 million national salary limit. The money was passed through the account of Cui Shanwen Film and Television Culture, and then to Zheng Shuang, the contracted artist of the company. It was such a simple change of hands, and the tax rate dropped sharply from 40% to 20%. Everyone already knows that now one Shuang is equal to 160 million, and if you throw away the 48 million of the Yang contract, then it is 0.7 Shuang, which is 112 million. This 0.7 Shuang entered a company called Shanghai Jingyansha Technology through capital increase and share expansion, and the actual controlling shareholder of this company is also Liu Yan. Can you understand the operation of these yin and yang contracts? I’m a little dizzy anyway. Tax avoidance belongs to tax avoidance. Real money cannot be ambiguous. The 160 million yuan given to Zheng Shuang in “A Chinese Ghost Story” was finally credited to the company’s account four times. You probably remembered the name Liu Yan from beginning to end. As Shuangzi’s mother, this is absolutely ruthless. You think Zheng Shuang is already very “smooth words”, that’s because you haven’t met her mother. Take a look at the following deeds, think about it, know why you are not successful, right? According to Zheng Shuang’s family, in order to save dozens of dollars in the supermarket and secretly eat and drink without paying, they would rather fight Zhang Heng to get rid of the disaster than to spend money to eliminate the disaster. It is estimated that in order to save money during the tax inspection, they must have done a lot of meritorious service. Do you know why celebrities have been logging out of the studio these days. Let me talk a little bit more about the star studio. In fact, since the last Bingbing incident, many celebrities have logged out of their studios for fear of being involved. This time, Shuangzi’s 160 million yuan has set off a new wave of deregistration. Stars set up studios with the intention of avoiding taxes. If a celebrity collects remuneration directly through personal means, he needs to pay a higher personal income tax. However, normal companies have one more “corporate income tax” than partner companies. When dividends are distributed at the end of the year, celebrities will have to pay personal income tax for their dividends. And if you withdraw cash to your personal account through the studio, it is perfect tax avoidance, because partnerships do not have to pay “corporate income tax”, only the partners need to pay personal income tax. The studio’s financial system and accounting are not very strict, so you don’t need to keep accounts, which is why you saw Shuangzi dare to use PS to make a 160,000 air ticket for reimbursement. As long as she is courageous enough to make 100 air tickets, 16 million will be washed out as a company expense, which means that the 16 million will no longer be taxed. The deregistration of a company in the general sense means that all previous fiscal and taxation laws have been completed, and unless someone reports it, it will generally not be investigated. But star studios are different from companies in the general sense. The company is a limited liability. Once the company has a financial crisis, it will not be linked to the personal property of the star, and once the company is cancelled, the previous matter can no longer be investigated. However, star studios are generally regarded as individual industrial and commercial households, and there is unlimited joint and several liability between it and the star who registered the company, so they think that by canceling the studio, they can avoid tax inspections, which is a bit simpler.

7 months ago

I knew it at first, not because of the recordings and chat records of Zhang Hengfa, or because of the “what would you spend if you could make two million a day” good guy, I was thinking that this topic was so boring, normal person. How could it be possible to earn two million a day! Then in the evening I finally saw Zheng Shuang’s hot search. My mood at the time was: Good guy, how can I be, how dare I just omit the 80,000 yuan? It’s because I’m superficial, it turns out that money can really do it. It was a strong wind, I’m sorry, I reflect on myself! I don’t know how many Zheng Shuangs there are in ylq (dare not)

7 months ago

What makes me sad is that if it weren’t for Zhang Heng and Zheng Shuang’s divorce lawsuit, the matter would not have been exposed at all, and it would not have been investigated. Taking a long distance, if it weren’t for Cui Yongyuan and Feng Xiaogang’s conflicts because of the “Mobile Phone 2” revealing his old story, we would not have known Fan Bingbing’s yin and yang contract for tax evasion. In other words, if it is not for serious contradictions between the entertainment circles, the masses, including the government, lack the means and willingness to supervise the entertainment circles. If they do not engage in contradictions, then their wanton and reckless behavior and trampling of the law will never happen to be exposed, investigated, and sanctioned in accordance with the law. Moreover, tax evasion and tax evasion may only be the lightest of many illegal acts. Tax evasion, yin and yang contracts, may be in their minds, even if they are known to the public, they will only hit their opponents and not the entire circle. The question is, are there things that might arouse public anger when the public knows it? The entertainment circle is only a part of the upper class, and nowadays, there are really too few supervision methods for the upper class.

7 months ago

After the cosplay is over, let’s analyze the legal issues, and those who are interested can continue to look down. The legal responsibility code 208 is divided into two parts, one is administrative responsibility, and the other is criminal responsibility. 1. The administrative responsibility code 208 and the actions of related enterprises are suspected of violating the relevant provisions of the “Tax Collection and Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China”, including three items: 1. Failure to pay taxes within the time limit, violation of Article 32, tax authorities will not recover In addition, a late fee of five ten-thousandths of a day can be charged. Article 32 [Late Fees] If a taxpayer fails to pay taxes within the prescribed time limit, and the withholding agent fails to pay the tax within the prescribed time limit, the tax authority shall, in addition to ordering the payment within the prescribed time limit, start with A late fee of five ten-thousandths of the late tax payment will be collected daily. 2. The “yin and yang contract” conceals the true income and violates Article 63, and the tax authority may impose a fine of not more than 50% or less than five times of the tax. Article 63 [Responsibility of the taxpayer for false accounting] The taxpayer forges, alters, conceals, destroys account books and accounting vouchers without authorization, or lists more expenditures or does not list or understate income in the account books, or Those who refuse to declare or make false tax declarations, fail to pay or underpay the tax payable after notification by the tax authority, are tax evasion. For taxpayers who evade tax, the tax authorities shall pursue the non-payment or underpayment of taxes, late fees, and impose a fine of not less than 50% but not more than five times of the non-payment or underpayment of taxes; if a crime is constituted, it shall be investigated in accordance with the law criminal responsibility. 3. Relevant enterprises fail to withhold and pay personal income tax on their behalf and illegally provide conveniences to assist in underpayment of taxes. In violation of Article 69, tax authorities may deduct 5% of the undeducted and uncollected taxes due to relevant enterprises. A fine of more than ten and less than three times. (This article is specifically aimed at companies that use code 208 for tax evasion, and it will eventually fall to 208.) Article 69 [Responsibility of the withholding agent] The withholding agent shall withhold undeducted and receivable If the tax is not collected, the tax authority shall recover the tax from the taxpayer, and the withholding agent shall deduct a fine of not less than 50% and not more than three times of the uncollected tax. 2. Criminal Responsibility If the code 208 fails to pay taxes and late fees, then the iron fist of socialism may be coming. It is more likely that it is more than three years and less than seven years. Article 201 [Crimes of Tax Evasion] Taxpayers who resort to deception or concealment to make false tax declarations or fail to declare, evade and pay a large amount of tax and account for more than 10% of the tax payable, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years Or criminal detention and a fine; if the amount is huge and it accounts for more than 30% of the tax payable, it shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years, and shall be fined. The withholding agent adopts the methods listed in the preceding paragraph to fail to pay or underpay the tax withheld or collected. If the amount is relatively large, it shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph. If the acts of the preceding two paragraphs have been carried out many times, and have not been dealt with, the calculation shall be based on the cumulative amount. If there is an act in the first paragraph, after the tax authority has issued a notice of recovery in accordance with the law, the tax payable has been paid, the late fee has been paid, and the administrative penalty has been imposed, no criminal responsibility shall be pursued; however, the criminal penalty or the penalty for evading tax payment within five years Except where the tax authority has imposed administrative penalties for more than two times.

7 months ago

I read Weibo and Douyin, and there are many others who call Shuangzi Qu and say Zhang Heng is ruthless. What is this? This is for the people! Shuangzi evaded so many taxes, who will be responsible for the final share? It’s all small people like you and me! My income last year was only over 100,000, and I paid nearly 5,000 in taxes. So Shuangzi and other celebrities can easily make so much, and they actually evade taxes. What is this called? brazen! What’s the tax for the flat-headed common people? A celebrity is worth 10,000 common people.

7 months ago

The remuneration paid to individuals has always been a blind spot in the supervision of personal privacy, so it has become an important channel for money laundering. This is why the big guys like to buy a team even if they buy it, they don’t even go to the game because the player’s high personal remuneration helps. Laundering high amounts of black money and black money to players, hiding from supervision, turning back into clean ticket revenue, flowing back to the boss. Therefore, if the personal salary of any industry can reach the level of hundreds of millions of dollars, it can have the same money laundering effect. Give Zheng Shuang a clean box office income and return it to the big box office, even if it does not make money or even lose a little, it is worth more than the black money can not be spent in the hand, so the big guy is willing to give Zheng Shuang more as the cost of money laundering. This is the supervision and The focus of the investigation is that tax evasion and tax evasion are just trivial matters.

7 months ago

Happy for the government. Last time Jinsuo had a melon, after interviewing more than a dozen celebrities. More than 10 billion yuan in government tax revenue. After limiting the sky-high price, he started playing the yin and yang contract routine again. A bunch of people are busy intensively logging off the company. Is it okay in the middle? Ordinary people have to pay a lot of tax on what they earn. They earn ordinary people’s wages for centuries a day. Every day he shouts that actors are a high-risk profession, and they are extremely wronged. How can they evade tax? I hope the government will give some strength. Collect a performance. Create another tens of billions!

7 months ago

When a cockroach was found in the house, there were already a hundred cockroaches. But when people kill a cockroach, they will kill all the insects at home. Cockroaches generally like a dark and humid environment. When there are cockroaches, there will be other pests. At this time, you need to take out all the things that you rarely go to at home, and then disinfect these places completely, and finally put the things back.

7 months ago

I think the most important thing to check is the few paragraphs that Wang Hailin said at the end of the fifth issue of “Information Red”: Who is selling traffic? 300,000 before, now 900,000 episodes! Rating fraud, traffic fraud, click fraud! We need to draw a salary from the bottom of the tank to understand the moths in the system that can determine the falsified ratings and traffic in the film and television industry, and then Zheng Shuang and the capital behind it are not a big problem. If we just stop at investigating Zheng Shuang and let go of the big tiger, there will be one thousand and ten thousand Zheng Shuang in the future, and the capitalist will buy a few traffic to push a newcomer, pack it, and it will immediately become popular! In the future, traffic stars will be more low-key, kinder, and even pretend to be communist. It will be more difficult to find out in the future!

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