[The United States has secretly discharged 767 tons of toxic waste water to the Pacific]

The “Los Angeles Times” recently revealed that the giant DDT waste bucket “cemetery” on the ocean floor of Los Angeles has obvious signs of man-made excavations. According to calculations by Professor Valentine from the University of California, between 1947 and 1961, at least 767 tons of DDT were discharged into the Pacific Ocean. In the last century, there was a view that DDT was the culprit that led to the near extinction of the American national bird, the Bald Eagle. (CGTN reporter team)

First of all, why are many of them obviously man-made? It is because Montrose Company threw the secret DDT waste water buckets to the bottom of the sea, and some waste water buckets could not sink. In order not to be discovered, so Being scuttled artificially made these iron tongs sink. But even if the iron barrel is not sculpted, it will be corroded on the seabed sooner or later, and the DDT waste inside will still be leaked out. The concentration of waste barrels directly thrown into the sea varies from 0.5% to 2%, which is approximately equivalent to 384 to 1535 tons of DDT. The pure DDT directly discharged into the ocean by Montrose Company through the sewer may be about 870 to 1450 tons, which is possible in total. At an average value of 2,000 tons, these DDTs are enriched in nature through the food chain, enter seaweed, enter fish and shrimp, enter large animals, and eventually reach humans. Now the most notorious evil of DDT to nature is the harm to wild animals, including cancer of sea lions, the almost extinction of bald eagles, and so on. The toxic and side effects to humans are currently controversial, but there is a huge potential threat. I don’t know which day it will break out. Then you know why the United States agreed to Japan’s discharge of nuclear waste water, and also thank Japan for its “transparency and openness” because its ass is not clean and it wants to stir the muddy water. There are so many known dirty methods, so how many are unknown, we don’t know. You know why US Vice President Harris said: We have fought for oil for many years, and we will fight for water in the future. Because they know too much inside information, they know what they have given the ocean to Huo Huo. Polluting the environment is like spitting in the sky, always falling on one’s face. The United States now wants to hide its face and pull it to Japan to block its saliva. As everyone knows, the saliva I spit is too much, a Japanese can not stop it.


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7 months ago

U.S. Cabinet meeting, chaired by Harris:
“Today we are going to discuss two issues. First, we want to pour DDT into the sea. Second, we want to allow Japan to discharge nuclear waste water.”
A weak voice came from the audience:
“Why should Japan be allowed to discharge nuclear waste water?”
Harris laughed: “Very well, I know that everyone has no opinion on the first question.”

7 months ago

No wonder the United States wants to “appreciate” Japan’s nuclear waste. In fact, what I want to say to Japan is: “As expected of my son, I am really like a father and me.” The bottom line is really close. The attitude towards the ocean is also very similar. The Pacific Ocean is so big, pee in. It was thought that the developed countries at the beginning of this century pulled us to reduce emissions and environmental protection, because they had developed enough emissions and began to restrict us from coming. In fact, you don’t know if they are scheduled, and you can’t control if they know. They are not using first mover advantage. It is the advantage of avoiding being discovered and sanctioned. I thought these developed countries were just getting in the car and closing the door, but I was still too naive. No one was in the environmentally friendly car, and we were beaten on the ground. It is said that the entire submarine garbage dump is bigger than Los Angeles. When scientists see these jars under the sea, it is like the Milky Way entering the sea, countless. From 1947 to 1961, about 2,000 barrels were dumped into the seafloor every month (provided by the transport log), a total of 767 tons of DDT. The cans were dug artificially in order to sink faster…14 years of dumping, there was no DDT at that time. The beneficiaries are all dead. How many years have been blaming developing countries for nothing! What a beautiful regime, the bourgeoisie will do whatever it wants.

7 months ago

On April 27th, Beijing time, the author Rossana Xia published an article in the Los Angeles Times titled “DDT dumping point on the coast of Los Angeles far exceeds scientists’ expectations”[1]. The scientific name of DDT is di-p-chlorophenyl trichloroethane, commonly known as DDT. In fact, this is not the first article in the Los Angeles Times to report on the incident. There has been a report in October 2020[2], but combined with the gradually fermented dumping of nuclear waste water in Japan, people realized that dumping into the ocean is toxic. Waste turned out to be nothing news [3]. The idea that “the sea can dilute the concentration of hazardous waste so that it is no longer toxic” existed in the early environmental protection circles. Everyone thought that as long as the concentration was low enough, it would not cause harm to humans or other organisms. This idea was later overthrown by the accumulation of microplastics in the food chain of the ecosystem. The harmful substances in the sea are not evenly distributed in every drop of sea water, but exist at all levels of the food chain, and the higher the food chain, the higher the concentration. For example, DDT in seawater can be inhaled by phytoplankton, and phytoplankton constitutes the basis of the entire marine food chain. It is subsequently eaten by zooplankton, small fish and shrimp, and finally accumulated in large fish such as whales and sharks. Will eat these large fish. For example, as early as 1969, Southern California cancelled the fishing of horse mackerel because it was found that the DDT content in its body had been twice that of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Another example is the recent discovery by the Marine Mammal Institute of the United States that the culprit that frequently causes cancer in California sea lions is most likely DDT [4]. The accumulation of microplastics in the ecosystem. The discarded plastic is decomposed by biological and physical effects in the sea, and it is extremely difficult to decompose further (microplastics) after being decomposed to a few micrometers to a few millimeters. These microplastics enter the body of phytoplankton, small fish, and small shrimps, and then re-decompose with predation. Enter the higher level of the food chain, and end up being eaten by people and endangering health. Image source: WeChat public account SME Science and Technology Story Let’s return to this incident. American companies placed abandoned DDT barrels on the ocean floor of California. The earliest discovery can be traced back to the early 1980s. A California chemical factory named Montrose, founded in 1947, made a lot of profits because of the early production of DDT. Then the hazards of DDT were slowly recognized by the public in the 1960s. By 1979, the United States completely banned DDT. So how to deal with the produced DDT? A young scientist named Allan Chartrand in California accidentally heard that the Montrose factory dumped abandoned DDT barrels on the bottom of the sea. After difficult investigations, it was discovered that the Montrose plant would throw about 2,000 barrels of DDT into the seafloor every month. After calculation, a total of about 767 tons of DDT was disposed of on the seafloor in this way. This is the origin of the number in the title. The first place in California where DDT dumped (the green dot in the middle) was found, and the DDT content in the bottom mud was 40 times that of the nearby Superfund site. Image source: Los Angeles Times and Rossana Xia’s latest article points out that recent survey results show that the amount of discarded DDT may far exceed 767 tons. Scientists recently spent two weeks using state-of-the-art instruments to accurately calculate how much DDT was poured into the sea. The white dots in the sonar scan in Figure 3 are the abandoned DDT barrels. Scientists describe, “Counting the number of these DDT waste buckets is like counting the stars in the Milky Way.” Finally, the Los Angeles Times will talk about how toxic DDT is. In fact, the earliest DDT was born like a savior. Its anti-insect effect is extremely wide. It solved the two world problems of food production and mosquito malaria in one fell swoop. The discoverer of DDT, Swiss chemist Paul Hermann Müller, also won the 1948 promise. Bell Award. Before the advent of DDT, we did not have effective pesticides. The advent of DDT saved one-third of the world’s food production and successfully curbed the spread of malaria, encephalitis, cholera, macula, typhoid and other diseases, saving hundreds of millions of people. life. But Paul Müller also admitted that he is not very clear about the negative effects of specific DDT in real life. Once DDT appeared, it was considered a “miracle” insecticide, which could effectively inhibit malaria and reduce food production. In 1948, an airplane sprayed DDT on the sheep of Medford Farm in southern Oregon, USA. In 1945, DDT was sprayed on Long Island Beach to kill mosquitoes. Image source: Los Angeles Times Since the 1920s, people have gradually realized the impact of their own development on the environment. After the 1950s and 1960s, with the end of the war and the advancement of science and technology, the environmental protection movement began to rise, especially after the “Mother of Environmental Protection” Rachel Carson published “After the Silent Spring”, the anti-DDT movement began to rise on a large scale. DDT is currently classified as a category 2A carcinogen. For example, it can lead to the risk of breast cancer and diabetes in women, and the latest published journals show that this risk can be inherited for two generations [5]. On the other hand, due to the effectiveness of DDT for malaria, after its long-term ban, the World Health Organization called for the correct use of DDT in Africa in 2006. DDT has gone from being the savior, to everyone shouting and beating, to a total ban, and now calling for caution in its use. This process also reflects the progress of our scientific understanding. The DDT incident in California is still under investigation. We are waiting for the exact figures to be released. DDT is notorious for its impact on the ecological environment, but its exact impact on human health is still under investigation. Finally, we must hold on to the United States’ support for Japan’s “open and transparent” solution to the dumping of nuclear waste water, and call on the United States: Please be sure, openly and transparently, to evaluate the environmental hazards caused by the DDT incident.

7 months ago

It’s quite exaggerated. I saw it on Weibo last night. Now I’m so worried that I can only check one question and four answers… I call on the environmentalists in Europe, as well as those in the Americas and other countries to stand up… China People eating meat has reduced the Amazon forest, so the logic of reducing Chinese people eating meat can be said. I haven’t seen any sound of such a big event… I am not convinced by tm Zuan Wenquxing and Weibo keyboard man!

7 months ago

In order to explain to the public the health problems caused by environmental pollution on the West Coast of the United States and Mexico, the United States has decided to support Japan’s dumping of nuclear waste water, so that the responsibility can be attributed to Asians through various unofficial channels, and through guidance in the foreseeable In the future, the American public with little knowledge will target China. I don’t have the spare money or the ability to solve pollution, but throwing the pot can be described as a traditional art. One control and comment and one bow is done. The rest is a small amount of money from a big scholar who chanted, “It’s just… ugly and dry enough.” What……” .

7 months ago

This is incredible. At that time, everyone recognized that DDT was a low-toxic and high-efficiency insecticide. How could it be sneaked into the sea? At that time, there was no environmental protection law. In the 1960s, the Cleveland River was full of oil and it was on fire. It was dirty. DDT can just pour into the river. . It is because of these pollution problems that my country has always insisted on attaching importance to environmental protection and cannot take the old path of pollution first and then control. In 1969, Cleveland opened or Jiahe River caught fire and DDT was sprayed everywhere. The United States used DDT to spray people to prevent polio. In the past, fleas used to kill bed bugs and lice in rural areas. Fleas often spray DDT on their clothes. If there are lice on their heads, spray DDT on a towel and then wrap their heads. If there are pubic lice in the crotch, spray x on them. If there are bed bugs, spray directly on the bed. Be careful to make a mistake of DDT. Dichlorvos is stupid and confused, and it is poisoned by spraying dichlorvos. In fact, spraying DDT worked very well in the past. Why do you have to throw it into the sea and drain it down the sewer? Zhu Kezhen’s diary is read today in the September 1st Reader Service and reprinted on June 14th Time Magazine {Insecticide DDn. This medicine has only recently been published. Naples in Italy has prevented the spread of spotted typhoid fever. If it is spilled on the wall, the fly will die when it hits the wall after March. Spray on the bed to make three hundred days of bed bugs. Sprinkle it on the clothes and wash it eight times within a month without lice. Every feline, waxy foot, and termite will die if they encounter it, and it can cure agricultural pests. The name of this medicine is dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane, and it was made in Germany in 1874. thmar Zeidler has invented it, but I don’t know that it can cure pests. Its main components are alcohol, sulfuric acid and green gas (chlorine gas). Recently, Geigy Co. Paul Müller in New York discovered that it can kill insects; and the light (nitrogen) mixture is harmless to humans, so Cincinnati Chemical Works was mass-produced. Since 1943, DDT powder does not kill insects. It must be mixed with other kinds of powder or oil. The average user is 1% to 5%. Reader’s Digest June, 1944, Our Scientific High Command. The work of Vannevar Bush in the Scientific Research Department of Shumei OSRD and his six thousand science [home]. It is said that within ten days of late March 1943, the tonnage of the submarine’s sunken ship plummeted to 113. At the end of the year, Hittra Dang [from] [the public] stated that a scientific invention of the Allies, the method of making the U-boat German submarine was dead, has not been announced. But according to Langevin Langevin’s sound detector, which is a supersonic ultrasonic, it is inaudible because of the excessive fluctuation. Another article is entitled The Second Battle of Naples against Lice. It is said that Naples in Italy had a rampant typhoid fever in October last year, and the United States sent General Leon Fox to it. The US soldiers took three vaccinations and also used a DDT powder dichloro-diphenyl-trichroethane. This powder was put on the body, and all the lice died. From five o’clock in the morning. There are many eight feet in the room, that is, a kind of spider, which can not be eliminated after repeated hits. There are many kinds of insects in Guizhou, especially fleas, smelly lice, black earthworms, and self lice. Louses on the body and head are common to everybody in lower-class society, that is, schools and middle schools. Seventy-eight out of ten students are hidden in dirt and contaminated. So children in the family will get lice when they arrive at school. Fleas are found in every family. Hei na heats up when the sky is hot. Bed bugs are especially hard to get rid of. Yu Yuxiong nests well for more than four years, and he often catches them two or three times in the summer evenings. When they first came, they could catch 20-30-40-50 each night, and nearly two-three-56. Fleas did not decrease. Therefore, Yu and Yunmin often feel itchy and unbearable on their bodies, while those with children who are like loose skin have too tender skin, and they will get lumps when they bite. Hearing that the United States recently invented the lice-killing drug DDT (July 10 diary), I hope I can try it.

7 months ago

No, no, this should be the method that American companies thought of, to arouse the attention of American officials to animals. In order to make the US change the behavior of always paying attention to the environment of other countries and ignoring the environment of their own country, the American people can be described as “taking great pains” and fully using ” There are obvious signs of artificial chiseling and knocking on the blackboard on the theoretical barrels of “Rare is precious” and “survival of the fittest”, which is artificial! After a lot of “efforts”, in 1963, “success” left only 417 bald eagles. This also made the United States begin to pay attention to it and formulate relevant policies. Finally, in 2009, there were 72,434 bald eagles, which were feeding young birds. There are a total of 30,548 pairs. It’s fair to say that the American people are “good intentions” for the country. This is similar to Japan’s discharge of nuclear waste water and only for humans to “evolve faster”. The American people are only for animals and plants. Evolve fast”. The United States and Japan are walking on the road, arm in arm with each other, thinking of their “great contribution” to the world, with happy smiles on their faces. Animals are not stupid, especially the American Bald Eagle, fighting against the American masses. Douyong gradually understood that pretending to be honest is the most effective skill for animal survival. In Hollywood film and television works, the bald eagle’s call is louder and louder, but in fact it was dubbed later, using the call of the red-tailed buzzard. The bald eagle’s call is probably “crunchy”, just like a strong man with a strong kong and gerrymandering, it is not as aggressive as a rooster.
The reason why we have the impression of its mighty domineering is due to the nonsensical deification of the U.S.

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7 months ago

What is DDT? Even the old civilized lighthouse countries such as the United States, Britain and France have secretly discharged nuclear waste water, and the number is shocking. Now you know why the US State Department is boasting Japan’s transparency. If Japan secretly discharges nuclear waste water, who knows? Therefore, Japan’s public statement that it discharges nuclear waste water is actually much better than these countries. I suspect that Japan was a suicide attack this time, but whether it was a secret or public platoon, it was a tragedy of the commons. Many people see the public character in the “tragedy of the commons” and think that the tragedy of the commons must have occurred in a publicly owned society. In fact, the tragedy of the commons can only happen in private ownership. In private ownership, people entrepreneurs will inevitably destroy the public environment and harm public interests in order to increase their personal interests and reduce their own costs. In the public ownership system, the means of production are publicly owned by the whole people, and the environment is also publicly owned by the whole people, which will inevitably not undermine public interests.

7 months ago

Lao Mei said that Japan is the younger brother when it comes to discharging nuclear waste water into the sea. As background knowledge, we need to mention the London Convention. The convention is an international convention formed under the framework of the United Nations to prevent dumping of waste into the ocean. Of course, this includes nuclear waste and other chemical pollutants. Many Western countries habitually dump garbage into the ocean, especially the United States. The United States dumped nearly 50,000 barrels of radioactive waste in the sea near San Francisco between 1945 and 1965. Since then, it has selected 40 areas for dumping radioactive waste in the Pacific. Therefore, the “cemetery” of the giant DDT waste buckets on the ocean floor of Los Angeles revealed by the Los Angeles Times is most likely the result of the fixed-point discharge of Lao Mei to the sea during this period. The chemical name of DDT is bis-p-chlorophenyl trichloroethane. It is an organochlorine insecticide with very good insecticidal effect. So it was used in large quantities in the first half of the 20th century, but it is also very harmful to humans and the environment. It is fat-soluble, so it can be enriched in organisms, it will affect normal metabolism and reproduction, and damage or change the DNA of the species, and even make the species extinct. What is more serious is that this thing is particularly difficult to degrade, increasing its Harmful. These dumped garbage, including DDT and other radioactive wastes, cause radioactive pollution in the ocean. At the same time, the radioactive content in the fish is sufficient to pose a threat to human health. The potential danger and irreparability are also worrying the world. As a result, the dumping of waste into the ocean has aroused the attention of the international community. Therefore, Lao Mei is actually the initiator of dumping nuclear waste into the ocean. Later, the two unsuccessful dumping incidents in Britain and the Netherlands became the direct fuse for the formation of the London Convention. First, in 1971, the British shipping company planned to dump a batch of chemical drugs in the southern waters of the United Kingdom; at the same time, a Dutch ship was carrying 650 tons of chlorinated hydrocarbon waste from the Port of Rotterdam, preparing to dump in the northern waters of the North Sea. These two incidents of accidental dumping The occurrence of the incident immediately caused strong protests from the people of the North Sea coastal countries, Norway, Iceland and other countries, which aroused firm opposition from people from all walks of life. In the end, the two dumps failed to materialize. Japan is an island country and can’t stand the frequent dumping of nuclear waste and other garbage into the Pacific by the United States. Therefore, like other coastal countries and some island countries, Japan began to actively call for the London Convention and became the core country that ultimately contributed to the entry into force of the Convention. one. And now Japan is going to pour nuclear waste water into the Pacific, and it actively violated the 1972 London Convention that it promoted by itself. I knew the truth and tears fell in my eyes. The truth of the world is indeed more magical than TV dramas, and TV dramas dare not shoot like this.

7 months ago

A trivial matter, toxic waste water is almost negligible compared to the past behavior of the United States. Let me tell everyone. Bikini, a sparse fabric but cool and attractive clothing, this clothing is loved by the majority of young and old. But what I want to say is the story behind the bikini. In 1946, the US military found an island on the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean. The name of the island was Bikini. This place was far away from the United States, but it was under the control of the US military, and there happened to be no American residents around it. Therefore, the US military decided to conduct a nuclear test here. In the more than ten years from 1946 to 1958, the US military conducted more than 60 nuclear experiments in this region of the Pacific Ocean. To put it simply, it is a nuclear explosion. What is the most showy thing? It is the Bikini Islands that are inhabited. The local residents treat the American troops that have fallen from the sky as gods, and the U.S. military is also very enthusiastic in inviting the Bikini islanders to the nearby desert island to fend for themselves. Can you imagine? What is the experience of conducting a nuclear test in your hometown? What’s more showy? The US military disclosed the address of the experiment during the nuclear test. People in the world learned about bikinis. The French designed bikini swimsuits, but no one on the island in bikinis knew their fate. Of course, except for the US government and military. In March 1954, the US military dropped a hydrogen bomb in Bikini, which is about 100 times more powerful than a nuclear bomb (according to netizens, the hydrogen bomb is 1,000 times more powerful than the Hiroshima boy, and it is still calculated based on the usual nuclear bomb tnt equivalent of 100,000 tons), away from the Bikini Islands The Japanese fishing boat Fulong Maru, which was more than 200 kilometers (200 nautical miles, in short, is far away) was fatally affected, and the crew was almost dead for a lifetime. On an island dozens of kilometers away in Bikini, the people in Bikini were fatally impacted. I don’t know their life or death, but based on the situation of Fulong Maru, it should be gone. I don’t know if you have ever heard of the blue hole for games. After the US military experiment, the Bikini Atoll is quite blue with a big hole. This area looks wonderful and gorgeous, but behind this beauty is a daunting horror and unknown. Bikini belongs to the Marshall Islands. Marshall is a country, but this country cannot accuse the United States. The United States not only stationed troops in the Marshall, but also refused to compensate the Marshall. One thing to add, in my impression, Bikini Island’s women attended the World Conference of Religions in the 1980s (yes, it’s religion, there is no other way.) The impact of nuclear radiation was bitterly heard, but Marshall seemed to have There is no independence, just click on this matter. Speaking of garrisons, the most magnificent place on the Marshall Islands is probably where the U.S. military base is located, which can be called a tourist attraction. The nearby residents who were enthusiastically driven to the deserted island by the U.S. military for food and fresh water (freshwater resources are really precious) I can only leave the deserted island every day and go to the U.S. military base to apply as a servant for the U.S. military base, and then leave at night, so I will spend my life on my ruined desert island in this way. The Bikini Islands, which have been contaminated by nuclear tests, may not be rescued from nuclear pollution for 100 or even 500 years. From this incident, you probably understand that the Pacific has long been a trash can in the United States… and the DDT waste bin in Los Angeles is just one part of many pollution. What is even more frightening is that Americans have never cared about things that have not affected the lives of their world’s first citizens for so many years. Even if the United States does this, who can curb its evil deeds? Rely on America’s own shame? In addition, aren’t the millions of refugees in the Middle East also made in the United States? People in front of us don’t care about life or death. Will the United States still have a sense of responsibility to take care of people’s life and death in the next hundred years? Now we are talking to the United States about the extinction of white seabirds. If we can tell the story, I will write the American words in reverse in the future. So the United States speaks from the perspective of human rights or freedom, which is very funny. A friend pointed out that the story may have a tendency to exaggerate, and Bikini Island was declared safe to live in 1997. In fact, the U.S. government announced that Bikini Island could be inhabited in the 1960s, but that doesn’t mean much. Japan also announced that the discharge of nuclear sewage will not affect the Pacific. It does not dare to send water to the Japanese to drink, does it? We are now observing all kinds of strange things happening in the world from the perspective of God, because we can be compassionate to those who are in pain in a safe environment, but the world is actually not safe. Maybe I am really exaggerating. Let’s just take a look at what a paradise the Marshall Islands are in the eyes of the Americans, forget about nuclear pollution and nuclear leaks, and the hell of the Pacific Ocean pollution. In addition, a friend said whether seafood can be eaten or not, I think it is edible. After all, the import control of domestic seafood is still relatively strict, and many domestic companies are farmed by their own factories. The problem should not be big, but I don’t think so. Don’t eat sashimi, especially all kinds of seafood.

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