Under the epidemic, the Indian funeral industry almost collapsed, and this is the case for the Indian epidemica [India’s funeral industry almost collapsed during the epidemic: in parks, on the streets, along the banks of the Ganges…India are burning corpses everywhere]

In New Delhi, the capital of India, one person dies of COVID-19 every 5 minutes, and crematoriums have become one of the busiest places. The severe situation of the epidemic has made India’s funeral industry almost facing collapse, and the original crematoriums are all overworked. There are 7 crematoriums in Bangalore, all of which work 24 hours a day. The workload is equivalent to four times the normal period. Due to the rapid increase in death toll and insufficient cremation capacity, some local governments in southern India had to allow people to cremate their bodies on their own farms, agricultural land or gardens, thereby reducing the pressure on public crematoriums. In parks, along the streets, and on the banks of the Ganges, there are fires burning corpses everywhere, and the orange flames produced by the burning illuminate the night sky. A crematorium worker named Bayi said that he had never seen such a cremation operation, as if there was no end. At the same time, in the note to the family members, the crematorium often only fills in the word “disease” in the “cause of death” column. What is the impact of situation prevention and control?

Obviously there will be a big problem. The highest temperature in New Delhi is now more than 40 degrees. If a large number of corpses cannot be incinerated or processed in time, they will easily become a new source of infection and cause a traditional plague with a high fatality rate. The epidemic”. You know, the new crown is only a Class B infectious disease, and there are two big brother Class A infectious diseases, the plague and cholera. In this magical place of India, these two big brothers are real. In India where the medical system has been penetrated, once a pandemic of a Type A infectious disease occurs, it will be the ultimate test for India. Now the situation in India has changed from three people sharing a hospital bed to five people sharing a fire. The open-air firewood does not meet the cremation standards, so they threw it directly into the Ganges. While cholera spreads through water sources, Indians will directly drink the Ganges water, which is spreading the plague. Also, after the rainy season in India, the dead bodies are even more unclean. Perhaps the new crown epidemic is only the first stage of the Indian pandemic. When the new crown repeatedly weakens the host’s immune capacity and penetrates the medical system, the subsequent plagues will come to see a real national explosion. Don’t be embarrassed, people bought oxygen, which can be used to support combustion. In 2021, this kind of medieval situation is indeed very magical, but there is no way. Some peoples give him 100 years to achieve a great rejuvenation, and some peoples give him 1,000 years and only worship a few more great gods. Even the frontline army in India is very magical. They use an “innovative” steam inhalation technology to “sterilize” themselves. The general idea is that steam can be sterilized, so inhaling steam can eliminate the new crown, oh, the more correct method should be Stew yourself in a wok. High-temperature steam will burn the respiratory tract, and after the respiratory tract is burned, you will temporarily not feel it. India is also considered the son of heaven in a certain sense. Countries poorer than him do not have such a high international circulation rate, and countries richer than him are not so bad. Hygiene habits and medical conditions, even in the same religious country, people still wear black veil for body protection. The only resistance of the new crown in India is the temperature and the biochemical resistance of the Indians. However, in the face of the epidemic, Modi turned himself into a fairy. Yogi advocated religious immunization against the new crown, pinning hopes on herd immunity, and let the new crown happily collect DNA points. As a result, the herd immunity progress bar read 40%, and the virus has super-evolved. After leaving the customs, India became “Diablo: Immortality”. This is an example of the complete failure of “herd immunity”. It can enter the classic case of infectious disease and be stinking for years. The god of death has come, and the god of death is his own creation. No one knows the real data of India. The real result needs to be multiplied by a coefficient that no one can tell. Of course, it is not necessarily that they are concealing it, but they have no ability to count. The actual number. For the vast majority of countries in the world, being able to make statistics on how many diagnoses and deaths are made every day in their country is considered to be a strong government administrative capacity. It can only be said that the situation in India is really serious. Modi’s aunt Narmadaben Modi has passed away from the new crown pneumonia; some Indian UP owners said that they can only buy a mattress in the hospital for tens of thousands of yuan to sleep in in India. , There is no oxygen; according to reports, the chief scientist of the World Health Organization said that the actual number of infections in India may have reached 20 to 30 times the official reported figure. If calculated in this way, it may reach about 350 to 530 million. In the flu pandemic a hundred years ago, India was the place where the deaths were the most. I didn’t expect this to be the case a hundred years later. High caste in India: WHO is untrustworthy. I have a total population of 100 million in India. India does not care about the life and death of the people at the bottom, Modi instead called on capital not to flee from India, promising not to adopt a strict blockade policy. However, capital is not stupid, nor can it be kept if it is not blocked. In front of the economy and the people, Modi chose the economy. Anyway, the dead will not vote against it, but can he keep it? People are always the main body of the society. People will lose their land, they will lose their land, they will lose their people, and their land will be lost. This is a man-made calamity. This is a true portrayal of party interests over national interests. Modi did not dare to control and control on traditional festivals for the sake of elections. He also used grids to pull votes from house to house, which caused the widespread spread of the epidemic. Plague and death, the four horsemen of the apocalypse have reached two. Judging from the current development of the epidemic, if the outbreak of the Grade A plague is superimposed, India may face tens of millions of deaths in the future. Please be psychologically prepared. The whole world is trembling for India. However, when China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other six countries around India held a video conference on the response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, India, which prides itself as the “world leader of the eastern powers,” did not come. The committee’s topic can only become “What should we do with our terrible neighbor?” That’s good, India asks for its own blessings, anyway, for us, it is nothing more than wearing a mask when traveling. But this year, India’s economy is probably going to be in an avalanche. In a sense, it reappeared in 1962. A confident and ambitious “big country” once again showed its prototype.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The second wave of the epidemic in India this time has one of the biggest impacts on the prevention and control of the epidemic is to make the whole world realize that “herd immunity” is not feasible. In fact, during this period, some experts hinted that after a certain percentage of vaccination, the country should be opened to the outside world. We should strongly oppose this! It has been more than a year since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, but only recently the situation in India has made people feel the feeling of the great plague of the century. In just one month, India became a purgatory on earth! The major hospitals in India are overcrowded, with infected people groaning in pain everywhere. The funeral industry in India has almost collapsed. Even the crematorium collapsed because of the surge in the number of infections, and some grieving families were forced to cremate and bury the deceased of the new crown in their gardens, farms and other places to relieve the pressure on the crematorium. Since April, there have been many religious festivals and political gatherings in India, and the gathering of people has caused very serious super-spread, which has caused the incidence of India to increase rapidly. On April 14, in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India, people bathed in the Ganges River to celebrate the “Big Pot Festival.” (Xinhua News Agency) The number of deaths due to the new crown virus given by India is only a small part. There are a large number of deaths due to it, but the number of dead people who are not even diagnosed is impossible to count. The number of patients who died indirectly from the new crown epidemic due to the occupation of hospital resources is even more numerous. Because of this, we have seen the tragic situation of burning corpses in the streets in India. For India, the lower limit is very low. It can be said that no bottom line is India’s bottom line. Senior virologists warned that the current wave of epidemics still has two weeks to reach the peak of 500,000 infections per day. Sumia Swaminathan, the chief scientist of the World Health Organization, said in an interview with CNN on the 26th that the number of confirmed cases and deaths of new coronary pneumonia currently reported in India is “severely underestimated”. India The actual number of infected persons may be 20 to 30 times higher than the officially reported number. In January, in the fifth round of sampling surveys conducted in the Indian capital of New Delhi, one out of every two people tested positive. This means that at least half of New Delhi’s 20 million people have been infected with the new crown pneumonia virus. Therefore, the Indian media claim that 70% of Indians have gained herd immunity through infection. It is this illusion that made India greatly overestimated their ability to control the epidemic, causing a humanitarian disaster in the country and turning the entire country into a hell on earth. The mutation of the new coronavirus is very fast because it is a single-stranded RNA virus. For RNA viruses, “herd immunity” is not suitable. Regarding the experts’ remarks, we can’t believe them all. When the Wuhan epidemic began last year, some experts said that it would not spread from person to person. The protection period of the new coronavirus vaccine is not long, generally only half a year. So far, people on the front line who have been vaccinated but are still sick have been found. The influenza virus, which is the same RNA virus as the new crown pneumonia virus, cannot be eliminated by humans. The Spanish influenza, which originated in the United States, is the second deadliest infectious disease in human history. It infected approximately 500 million people worldwide and died between 25 and 40 million (the world’s population at the time). About 1.7 billion people); its global average fatality rate is about 2.5%-5%, which is more deadly compared with 0.1% of the general flu, and the infection rate has reached 5%. The Spanish flu can be simply divided into three waves. The first wave occurred in the spring of 1918 and was basically just a common influenza. The recorded flu occurred in a military camp in Kansas, USA on March 4, 1918; in China in March, Spain in May, and the United Kingdom in June, illnesses also occurred one after another, but they were not serious. The second wave occurred in the autumn of 1918 and was the wave with the highest mortality rate; the third wave occurred from the winter of 1919 to the spring of 1920, and the mortality rate was between the first wave and the second wave. The origin of its name is not because the flu broke out in Spain; the virus brought by soldiers returning from the battlefield caused about 8 million people in Spain to be infected with the disease at the time. Honestly, I broke the flu in my country, so it was called Spanish influenza. Later, it was called French influenza in Spain. It can be seen that Americans and Europeans have a fine tradition of framing other countries. Regarding the great plague in human history, you can see my other answer, “An empire pierced by the plague.” Most people lack a sense of time for historical events. Historians will spend a lot of pen and ink to write about great emperors and generals, but they only give a glimpse of the plague that has occurred. In fact, the major plagues that have occurred in human history often last for more than ten years or even decades. It has only been more than a year since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and this second wave in India is definitely not the highest peak. Therefore, I very much doubt whether the experts who hinted to open the country have some bad purpose. Judging from the history of human civilization, it will take a long time before the end of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. This wave of epidemic in India has proved that “herd immunity” is not feasible. For China, this lesson is particularly important. If the country is opened up, our achievements in epidemic prevention and control will be destroyed.

7 months ago

Let’s analyze it step by step. The funeral and interment industry collapsed, and the consequence was that the deceased could not be buried in time, resulting in the accumulation of corpses. If there is no way to dispose of the corpse, the corpse will rot and cause a plague. India will face a double blow next. If you want to deal with it, then the possible methods are burial and water burial. The number of floating corpses in the Ganges may increase dramatically in the future. In addition, the living sees that the dead cannot be buried and the corpses are piled up like a mountain, and they may suffer a great impact on their spirits. Indians will completely lose confidence in life. It is estimated that the suicide rate will rise a lot. It seems that the impact on the epidemic prevention itself is not great. But it will aggravate the horror atmosphere of India’s hell on earth.

7 months ago

The most terrifying thing should be. The traditional epidemic and the new crown are superimposed. There will be a major epidemic after the disaster. Rabbit’s home is not there. It’s just that some people have thought about it a long time ago. It will prevent the epidemic while saving people. He even thinks of drinking water. (It is recommended to go to the Ministry of Environmental Protection website to find a test specification for drinking water sources in the disaster area in 2008. See. Look at the release time. Last year’s epidemic even considered environmental protection, and related regulations were issued. Environmental protection was dispatched very early) but some people did it. India. Although cremation is primitive, it is better than. The mob wilderness is good. I hope India can survive. The earth is a village and it is different from the age of dinosaurs. Although the new sound generation of the Indian subcontinent in the age of dinosaurs is a bit earlier than other places (the Deccan dark rock event), at that time the Indian plate was hanging overseas, but now. Not to mention the plane

7 months ago

I have seen earthquakes, the 512 earthquake, and floods. Last year, the floods in the south faced the epidemic. I saw our nationwide mobilization system. I saw the explosion in the number of confirmed cases in beautiful countries. I thought the epidemic was just like that. I didn’t expect to see the epidemic in India The really terrifying side recalled the plague in the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty. I remember that there were records in the history books that were poisonous for thousands of miles, and thousands of miles were uninhabited. There are ten rooms and nine empty spaces, and the people don’t save one. I always thought this was a sentence until these two days of India. Only then did we see the real horror of the plague, this is the epidemic, this is the terrible plague, the collapse of the Indian funeral industry means that the Indian people and the new crown, the war, have entered a hand-to-hand battle, and there is no position to defend the northern hemisphere. In the summer, India’s summer temperature, as high as 40 ℃ in previous years, is a common occurrence. It’s a common occurrence that thousands of people can die every year. You can think about the consequences of exposure to the 40-degree heat of the new crown’s body and the fall of the Indian funeral industry means that the corpse must be happy. Open-air cremation, but India’s climate is sultry and humid, high temperature in summer, + high temperature cremation + sultry and humid environment = sauna room. How long can people stay in this situation? This is not a new crown petri dish, it is a hotbed of viruses. Thanks to the Himalayas and border guards. Guardian

7 months ago

I don’t know, I just think the Indian people are too godly, don’t they get up to defeat Modi? My mother became a staunch anti-religious person because I was going to die when I was a child, begging Christ Bodhisattva and Buddha Jade Emperor all over the world, saying that I had done evil in my previous life and this life was not saved. The emotion that a mother will explode when facing the pain of losing a child cannot be underestimated. PS Yesterday, an Indian who was in tweet with me from January of last year died. He felt very embarrassed when he deserved it.

7 months ago

Is the Indian country going to collapse? It is not alarmist. If a country does not intervene by external forces, it is unable to do so, and it has been in the stage of natural and man-made disasters for a long time, the ordinary people who can bear it will not be able to bear it, right? Seventeen variants of the new crown have come out, and it is hard to guarantee that the next Ebola will not come out. At that time, the whole world may not be able to hold it together. India itself is not too concerned, busy calling for voting and buying tanks. Imagine that a person saw his parents, wife and children die in front of him, and the country did not make any measures or help during the whole process, and then the devout Buddhists will become asuras for a while. At this time, Chai has piled up like a mountain and only needs a spark. At that time, it was not possible to hold hundreds of tanks and a period of yoga.

7 months ago

At the beginning of this year, the Indians did not care about the disaster. It’s just a respiratory infectious disease that causes more than 10,000 people to be positive every day and hundreds of people die. In the face of plague and cholera, perhaps the new crown is just a “little brother”, don’t care. Until the beginning of this month, even if only severe cases were admitted, there were obvious medical runs in some hospitals in India. By the end of this month, India’s funeral industry was run to collapse. Faced with the dilemma of burned to death, Indian talents discovered that this The disaster is closely related to each of them. Although there are only more than 300,000 positive infections detected every day, some people they know will inevitably have obvious symptoms of the new crown, and some even won the bid for the whole family. It seems that more than 300,000 new cases are added every day simply because of India’s low testing capacity. If the current number of more than 1.5 million tests per day is increased by 10 times, regardless of false negatives, India should be able to detect 2 million infected people every day. If the number of tests is increased by 100 times, India is estimated to be able to detect 10 million cases of infections every day. If the number of tests is increased by 1,000 times, India may be able to detect 15 million cases every day. Although the Indian government is actively liaising with various countries, Zhiyi is using the aid of various countries to relieve the pressure of the epidemic. However, there is a saying in the West that the self-help is God. For India, where the funeral industry has collapsed with a population of 1.3 billion, foreign aid is nothing more than. A drop in the bucket cannot solve India’s crisis at all. Ironing still needs its own hard work. At present, India is not hard enough in terms of software, hardware and attitude. Facing such a rapid epidemic, there is a high probability that it can only resist hard. Large-scale crowd gatherings such as the “Great Pot Festival” and local elections only ignited the outbreak of the epidemic. Next, the gathering of small-scale crowds of Indians such as medical treatment, work, life, and funerals without mobility will continue to promote the spread of the new crown epidemic , Indian experts predict that in mid-May, the number of new diagnoses per day in India will reach its peak, reaching 500,000. I personally feel that this prediction is too conservative. Under the measures, the epidemic in India will probably last at least a full year. As long as India does not give up testing, by this time next year, the average number of infections detected in India per day should be around 200,000. The actual total number of infections is probably between 200 and 300 million. The ability of Indians to endure pain is super strong, so the Indians who survived this disaster will probably not be so good, but the Indian economy is far from the resilience of the Indians. It is expected that the damage brought by this disaster to India will be mainly manifested. On the economic front, the economic situation has fallen precipitously, and India’s vitality will be inevitable.

7 months ago

It’s not that serious. Now, all kinds of self-media, in order to spread their eyeballs, they know that they are exaggerating the crisis. Arrived, for India, is that much? The Virgin didn’t use it to spray me either. Since India’s Asan killed our frontier soldiers, I don’t treat them as human beings. Does anyone care about how many broilers die in the world every day?

7 months ago

At the Bharatiya Janata Party Congress, the Prime Minister of India asked the delegates: “We are infected with 100,000 people from the new crown every day. Comrades, what should we do?” The audience was silent. Suddenly a representative stood up and replied, “We work ten hours a day, Comrade Prime Minister!” Modi asked again: “If we infect 330,000 people every day and the medical system collapses, what should we do, comrades?” The audience was silent. After a while, the representative replied: “We work twelve hours a day, Comrade Prime Minister!” Modi asked again: “According to our data from the previous two days, the country is infected with more than 470,000 people every day, even without oxygen. What should I do now?” The same representative replied loudly: “It takes twenty-four hours a day and night to solve the problem, my dear Prime Minister!” Hearing this representative’s words, Modi was moved to tears, he thought After thinking about it, he said, “Comrade, thank you for your support to the country. India is saved. But if we all work 24 hours a day and night, where can we find so much work?” “This is easy to do, to cremation. Go to work in the field, dear comrade Prime Minister!” the representative replied. However, this is just a joke, and it is not practical. Because the incinerator cannot withstand such high-intensity work. So the funeral industry also collapsed.

7 months ago

Hehe, for the Indian government, I am afraid it is a good thing. The most important question is, is there any dissatisfaction among the Indian people after so many people have died? Are there any protests against the government? Is there a revolution? Nothing at all. You can say that the Indian government is incompetent and inaction, or even that they are squandering lives. The question is, even so, so what? The Indian people are unwilling to change this situation. They are still engaged in gatherings of millions of people, and they have never seen what they want from the government. Since the bottom people of India will not cause trouble to the government at all, for the government, if there are more people dead, it becomes a good thing. Because more people die, fewer people survive. With fewer living people, the Indian government will have less pressure to fight the epidemic. After all, the dead cannot cause trouble, the living ones will. So you don’t have to worry about the negative impact this will have on the prevention and control of the epidemic in India. As long as I don’t fight the epidemic, as long as the people don’t rebel, then I won’t be affected. This reminds me of the movie 1942, the Great Famine in Henan, where so many people died. Tell me, if there is no Communist Party, will the Kuomintang government be affected? Today, you can feel sad for the unfortunate victims in India, but you have to admit that these people are dead in vain, and there will be no bullshit influence.

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