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Without that kind of family environment, I can’t experience the feeling of Yan Peng. First, we must analyze Yan Peng’s family background. Yan Peng’s family is rich. Judging from the Yan family’s parents who have not played many games, Yan Peng is definitely not the second generation, or at least the third generation. But these three generations are hydrated. We see that Yan Peng’s father is indifferent to money and has a non-careful character. 300W, you can give me a second child. Understatement, full of confidence. But there are obvious restrictions. This is not for nothing, and I have a hard time making money. Including his financial support for Yan Peng, he is never stingy, but he will not give it to him blindly (you will know by looking at their living environment). The formation of this kind of character is definitely not the behavior of the rich generation, because a generation is born out of suffering, and it will not be so lightly described. A generation may also be as rich as a rich generation. For reference, what Pegasus or what came to the mansion boss. The most reasonable explanation is that the Yan family is not in a bad family, but it is not particularly rich. When Yan Peng’s father’s generation may have caught up, the business became rich. So he is rich for three generations and has water, and the water is in Yan Peng’s grandparents. Why is it so judged? One is from Yan Peng’s mother, whose appearance and education are not very good. You can tell by his taste in the red dress. If Yan Peng’s father is a rich second generation, there is a high probability that he won’t find this. A reasonable explanation is to fight with Yan Peng’s father. Although it is not good, his mind is obviously not bad. The second is that Yan Peng’s father understands the truth, not like his mother. Then the big factory let Tian Yulan an outsider take over directly, without any twists and turns, this kind of accomplishment is definitely not something that a poor family can cultivate. And it’s just 300W to deal with your in-law’s affairs. Would you be so bold when you put yourself in? This is not a problem. He had to have such a temperament if he had a wealthy family background. The third is Yan Peng’s education. Two people are busy making money, ignoring Yan Peng’s education, and then come out like this. It seems that Yan Peng has no specialties. An urgent question, what does it have to do with Yan Peng? It is this family background that allows Yan Peng to play games without fear. With money and time, whether parents still take money, Yan Peng can play so happy without any pressure. So what does this have to do with marrying Tian Yulan? 1. Yan Peng’s father got up on his own, not inherited. He has not received the education of strong alliances to stabilize the class. Therefore, Yan Peng asked Tian Yulan and the others to compromise with his son, and did not hope that Yan Peng could join forces. Yan Peng’s father does not have a group of elite partners, or the relationship is not strong, so Yan Peng does not have a family marriage, and he can still fall in love freely. Judging from their expectations of Zi You, they initially have the consciousness of a stable class, but they agree with Tian Yulan’s concept of chicken baby and let the baby fight on their own. They can provide all the resources they can provide, and even let Tian Yulan come. Transition their factories instead of relying on class cooperation to stabilize assets. 2. It’s about to talk about the game, let’s push back the time. During Yan Peng’s schooling period, it was the time period when games were born and the game industry was rising. A large number of game updates and iterations also produced the first batch of internet addicted teenagers. The competitive game industry represented by LOL has also begun to rise. Yan Peng just caught up. So it is not uncommon for him to be addicted to games, but perfectly in line with the laws of the times. So what is the state of people who are addicted to games? I just happen to be, haha. In fact, this kind of person is very simple, abandoned house, they are not interested in anything except games. Lazy to cook, too lazy to go to the bathroom, too lazy to do all things other than games. Even if it’s just a cigarette, it’s often when the game is waiting to light a cigarette. Play as soon as the game starts. After a game, you find that the cigarette is gone. I immediately light another cigarette and poke a few puffs. As for why Yan Peng doesn’t smoke, it’s most likely because he won’t let it broadcast. laugh. As for social entertainment, going out shopping, etc., it’s even more lazy to move. One more thing to mention is that Yan Peng doesn’t like cars. Apart from indulging in games and not going out, luxury cars are not popular in that special era. I remember a Santana is terrible. As for the subsequent economic miracle, that generation was long past the time to love cars. Games are their childhood. But there are always many things to do in life, at least you have to eat. Then Yan Peng ran into Tian Yulan and he settled everything. He only needs to play games. You say he is happy or not, do you say he loves it or not? 3. Maybe many people want to talk about the appearance of Tian, ​​even he himself mentioned Tian’s appearance in the play. In fact, it is not the main factor. It is impossible for people who grew up in this kind of family to like “beauties.” Fair lady, gentleman is so funny, beautiful women and men like them, but this beauty is quoted. Represents that specific beauty. For example, I like make-up, famous brands, socializing, mixing in various circles, and even leisure, such as mahjong, beauty, fitness, hair, nails, travel and the like. Why mention this kind of woman? Because this kind of woman is troublesome and has a high maintenance cost. You have to accompany her to buy this, buy that, go around here and there, the personality is hypocritical, you have to coax, hold, lick, and lick the trouble to death. , There are usually many leisure activities, and there are many social interactions between inexplicable girlfriends. Moreover, there are flies in the flowers, the messy things that can’t be dealt with in a day, and there are many hats accidentally. Isn’t this life-threatening for an abandoned house? If you meet a good family again, let alone Yan Peng, the parents of the two families will be able to stand up. My children are all treasures at home, so why should I serve you? I don’t even mention gold to you. Let’s look at Tian Yulan again, are there any such incidents? Have you ever seen Tian Yulan do hair, go to beauty, go shopping with her girlfriends, have a scandal with which man? Still playing mahjong? No, they just go to work normally and move around the house. What’s more, people still have good looks, although they are not so outstanding, they are also worthy of taking them out. So what’s so strange about Tian Yulan? Is it good to pick one from a hundred miles? 4. We are going to talk about the most important character. The first rich second generation usually doesn’t like women who are too strong, because they are pampered at home, so why should I be angry with you? They would also not like scholars, women with too high academy, how to control them too smart? What’s more, I don’t know how to learn and don’t have a common language. Their need must be to drop one class and find a woman who can control. Just two words, obedient. Of course, too much drop is not enough, and it is easy to worship money if you are not fit. Tian Yulan is obviously super compliant. Due to her special family background, she only has three books, and her education is not too high nor too bad, enough. She obviously has a sense of inferiority in front of Nan Li and his ilk, and she also clearly knows her gap when facing Yan Peng’s family. It fits perfectly. What’s more, there is also the blessing of Article 3. I know that I am in a bad position, but I can do it, and keep my family in order. Yan Peng will be responsible for playing the game. Yan Peng can easily handle her with household money, and she has good looks, and she is hard to find with a lantern. Therefore, we can see that Yan Peng and Tian Yulan basically don’t quarrel, at most they are awkward. Because Tian Yulan knows to rely on her husband and Yan Peng also knows to rely on his wife, they will naturally compromise. Look at the two Nan Li, who are usually kind and loving, they seem to be a couple of gods and goddesses, but they can’t deal with it when they quarrel, because no one is you, and you can’t rely on yourself if you leave me, you love who and who. right? So, now understand why Yan Peng wants to marry Tian Yulan. But when this kind of family begins to understand the need to stabilize the class, and the next generation has more knowledge, status, and wealth, what is needed is a strong alliance. At that time, Tian Yulan would pinch out the “Tian Yulan” because Zi You didn’t need it.


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7 months ago

Unrealistic, this is an illusory dream created by the screenwriter and director, and this dream is just to cater to the audience! In order to cater to thousands of female audiences with ordinary conditions like Tian Yulan, we give them a sense of substitution and make them feel that they can also marry a rich second generation like Tian Yulan in the play! The reality is often very cruel. The rich second generation is pitiful, and Tian Yulan, who is less than tens of millions, has only one numerator, and the denominator has a huge base! If you think about it carefully, you will find that Tian Yulan and her mother are of the same type.

7 months ago

In the script, the rich second-generation Yan Peng is written as a useless husband, just to set off Tian Yulan’s aggressive and face-loving personality, which is in sharp contrast and more prominent features. It can also be seen from the plot that Yan Peng and Tian Yulan’s family origins are not in the right place, and their combination should be more under the control of Tian Yulan. From Tian Yulan’s point of view, in the workplace, she relied on her own hard work, from a small employee to a floor manager, which also shows her ability and emotional intelligence. The hard work of the shopping mall made her good at observing words and courtesy and pleasing others. She even used all means to achieve her goal. It can be seen through her getting along with her stepfather’s family and getting a place for her son in training classes. As far as Tian Yulan’s native family is concerned, especially when she lived with her mother since she was a child, she has seen the heat of the world. Her mother should have a great influence on her and created her strong character. She should know exactly what she needs since she was a child. Therefore, when she encounters thoughts When Yan Peng is very simple, with her ability, she will definitely win in one fell swoop, it is not a problem. Of course, Yan Peng is also a talented person with a well-earned family background, and he should meet Tian Yulan’s standards. As far as Yan Peng is concerned, as a second generation of gnawing old and rich, being doted since childhood, lacking the ability to live, and simple thinking, he will definitely not be able to withstand the temptation of Tian Yulan. Any method will succeed, so their combination is not surprising. Everything was in Tian Yulan’s expectation. Creation comes from life. In real life, there is no shortage of Tian Yulan’s daughters, wives, and mothers, as well as Yan Peng’s sons and husbands. The existence of a father is reasonable. All marriages have cause and effect. normal.

7 months ago

First of all, Yan Peng is not the rich second generation of domineering president we imagined, but the kind of rich second generation lying flat and dead. Then, Tian Yulan must be very young and beautiful (Mu Wan was really good-looking back then), and Tian has always been very capable, and it is not difficult to hang a dead house Yan Peng. However, Yan Peng’s parents are not fuel-efficient lamps, especially Yan’s father is obviously smart, they can definitely see who Tian Yulan is. They accepted Tian Yulan because Yan Peng was lying flat and no one took over, so they let Tian Yulan take over. In the future, Yan Ziyou will be handed over to Yan Ziyou. With Tian Yulan’s ability, it is not impossible to make the factory bigger. Tian Yulan is actually equivalent to a tool man, but in the middle of the transition, if he divorces Yan Peng, then Yan Dad will definitely not let her get any of the benefits of the factory, and the positioning is similar to the current professional manager. This is also the reason why Tian Yulan must prove herself. If she really listened to what Yan Dad said to take over the factory, even if she was in the hands of Yan Dad and Mom for the first half of her life, she would only have her own small world after they passed away.

7 months ago

Tian Yulan is a person who is very good at mental manipulation. The way she loves someone is to manipulate a person, and the way she feels loved is to be obediently manipulated by her spirit (obedient, follow her meaning). Of course, she couldn’t accept any people and things that didn’t follow her own thoughts, so she did something extraordinarily. She manipulated her son and husband to the extreme. When you talked about feelings with her, she talked about the truth, when you talked about the truth with her, she strayed and sold miserably, and at the end, I added a sentence for your good. But in fact, there is no deep emotional link and flow. There are many such people around us. People who are good at mental manipulation always have a way to let others follow their own ideas, ignore the uniqueness and deep emotional needs of this person, and only require this person to become what they expect and beat themselves. Requirements. While being nice to a person, they also made various requests to this person (like her mother, who took care of the old man’s body and asked for various things), so they all lived well, but they were never satisfied, and they were always in their hearts. There is an unfilled black hole. Deep down in her heart, she also desires to be respected, recognized, and valued, but this is the sadness of those who are good at spiritual manipulation, because these are very high-level needs and cannot be obtained through spiritual manipulation. I don’t know whether it is lucky or unlucky. Tian’s mother-in-law is also a master, so he has no temper. Tian’s husband was manipulated from childhood to adulthood, so naturally he would choose a spouse in this mode. Without this mother-in-law, Tian’s husband would not choose a wife like Tian. Tian’s skills also originated from her mother (and Qing is better than blue). Of course, Tian’s sense of lack actually comes from her mother. Her mother could not teach her what mature self-esteem is, nor did she make her feel stable and approved of herself. Therefore, Tian and her husband’s marriage can be said to be the result of the two mothers. It is a match made in nature and a matter of course. In fact, they are a good match. One mother ruined three generations, and even the grandchildren are pitiful. A child who is healthy and has a rich family background is not stupid. He was originally a child who won at the starting line. I have no choice but to inherit not only family property, but also spiritual heritage, such as scarcity, low self-esteem, fear, anxiety, neglect and emotional violence. In short, don’t say anything, I’m all for your own good, let’s do yourself well first. Parents with sound personality and emotional stability are the best gifts for children.

7 months ago

Some rich generations are busy making money on their own and have no time to supervise their children, resulting in low quality of their children. Some rich generations will devote material and spiritual resources (caring attention and companionship) to create children of higher quality than themselves. The quality of the children of some wealthy generations is neither high enough to guard the country, nor low enough to cause trouble by eating, drinking, prostitution, and gambling. Instead, they are just as ordinary as ordinary people. The typical is the rich second generation like Yan Peng. With a factory at home, you can eat and drink without worrying about food and clothing when you are old. I don’t have strong abilities, and I don’t struggle at all. In fact, apart from being lazy, there are no other shortcomings. When Yan Peng’s father considered the marriage of his children, he definitely hoped that the family would marry and join forces. Find a high-quality daughter-in-law who is also a rich second generation. It is best that the other party is the only girl, and the family business of the man and the woman are combined into a stronger and larger company. But is a rich second-generation and a high-quality strong woman, can you see Yan Peng? Elder Yan can only dream about it. Of course, if Yan Peng’s ability to eat soft food is super strong and brings back a rich second-generation strong woman, Mr. Yan will definitely raise his hands in favor, and at most he will feel a little uneasy: Is the third-generation company still surnamed Yan? Was your company annexed by your in-laws? When Yan Peng brought Tian Yulan, the old man had no choice but to agree. If the above conditions had to be requested, he would not find it in 80% of his life. Although the daughter-in-law is poor, she is more capable than her son, and can barely maintain the situation, and then pass it to Zi You, who is more capable. The company must still be named Yan. For Yan Peng, as long as he can tolerate his laziness, looks good, and has strong abilities, that is the best choice. If the ability is not strong, the old man would definitely disagree. I don’t agree with the bad looks. On the basis of meeting these conditions, the rich second-generation girls will definitely not talk to themselves, and can only find a girl with ordinary financial conditions. The elders agree and are satisfied, why doesn’t he marry Tian Yulan?

7 months ago

It is unrealistic to marry the reality. It is unrealistic that Tian Yulan lay down and stretched out her hands to pay back every day. Her parents had already blasted out with a big mouth. Let yourself be calm and calm. Some people are rushing to give birth to a lot of second children. Girls just wash clothes and cook with their children. It’s too valuable. Then look at Ms. Mi Tao. Isn’t the housework better than Tian Yulan? Isn’t she doing housework better than her? That is the fair value of the market for washing clothes, cooking and having children. Even the price of surrogacy is the fair value of the market. Not to mention the wealth of a family like Tian Yulan. They can’t even afford a toilet. Many girls have never tried to raise a family and don’t know Yan Peng’s dad. Mom paid a thousand times more hard work than she could have imagined, in exchange for today’s food and clothing, recognize the reality, raise a family and support yourself, it’s not a concept at all, a man is not obligated to contribute to your little bit lifetime

7 months ago

1. His eyes are blind 2. His parents are used to, doting, let him marry a very purposeful daughter-in-law from such a poor family, teach a good grandson into a mental illness, and return the money from his in-laws. Cries for self-reliance, don’t spend a penny on your in-laws if you are self-reliant! Summary: It’s important to have a good relationship. The second generation of officials or the second generation of rich has to be sober minded, don’t be fooled by some poor phoenix males and females The third child also said that Yan Peng’s family style was innocent. Unlike you, taking care of an official patient and deliberately letting the patient’s wife misunderstand the relationship between the two of you, and unscrupulously seeking strangers for your daughter’s hukou. Man, disgusting

7 months ago

Although Yan Peng is the second generation of the rich, he was obviously strictly controlled by his parents, especially his mother, since he was a child, and he did not have the ills of the second generation of the rich. But at the same time, there is no pursuit. I can just get along with my work. I have a factory at home and I don’t want to inherit. I just want to mess around. Such a rich second generation, who grew up in a honey pot, has not suffered any pain. Encountering Tian Yulan, who has a strong personality, suffered hardship as a child, has a story in her body, and is beautiful when she was young, is like seeing a scenery that has never been seen before, so she naturally wants to be attracted. However, Tian Ben has suffered too much, marrying a rich second-generation husband, whether it is on the surface, or in fact, has achieved a class leap. Her mother achieved a class leap through marriage, but she was afraid that she would get involved in other people’s marriages or snatch them. She has tasted the sweetness from it, and may not be able to learn from her mother. So from this perspective, the two of them are really a natural match.

7 months ago

Because falling in love is not about watching a TV series…I can see all aspects thoroughly before deciding whether to pursue it. Let’s put it this way, sometimes falling in love and getting married is not more reliable than online dating. Online dating can send fake photos. When Tian Yulan is in love before marriage, she can also pretend to be a weak but self-reliant look, or some other look, she can also Without telling Yan Peng that her mother is a junior, she can also tell Yan Peng that her stepfather is the deputy dean of the design institute. Think about it carefully. Now there is a beautiful girl who looks weak and works hard to carry a box bigger than her. You helped her move the box to a place. She asked you to eat and invited you to the house she rented. in. When you arrive at the house, you find that although the house is not very good, it is very clean and tidy. At this time, she brought out a few dishes with delicious colors and fragrances from the kitchen, and sat down to have a chat with you. In the chat, you learned that she works in a shopping mall. Although the income is not high, she is still decent. Her biological father was a drunkard, and her mother worked hard to get her up. She was later divorced. Her stepfather is the vice-president of the design institute. During verbal communication, you find that she is full of respect for her stepfather. What do you think of her at this time? Beautiful, weak, self-reliant and self-reliant, likes to be clean, knows how to cook. Although he is not well-educated, his environment is not good. It is understandable that the family conditions after remarrying are also good. The stepfather is a leader and knows how to be grateful. Who would think about whether her mother is in the upper ranks of her junior high school, and what kind of bad influence the native family will have on her character? What’s more, for Yan Peng, there may not necessarily be a better wife than Tian Yulan. The energy is put on Guan Ziyou, and Yan Peng is not forced to work hard every day, and the housework does not need to worry about Yan Peng, and the child does not need to worry about Yan Peng. It is done by playing games every day. Up. If you really want to marry a rich second generation, you may not be able to live better. The family conditions are quite good, and Yan Peng’s shortcomings of not being motivated by his own ability are exposed. The subsidy of his parents may not be seen in the eyes of others. Nan Li and Xia Junshan are harmonious because Xia Junshan is very good, and Nan Li. There is also a common language, and they can be regarded as equal opponents. If Nan Li and Yan Peng…even if Nan Li has a good temper, I guess he can’t stand Yan Peng’s hand-off. If it were not for Tian Yulan, under the influence of Yan Peng’s father who played games every day, Yan Ziyou’s grades might be worse than Xia Huanhuan’s. This is the real precept and deeds. In summary, it was difficult for Yan Peng to know Tian Yulan’s true character at the beginning, and with Yan Peng’s conditions, he may not be able to find a girl who is more suitable for him than Tian Yulan. Those with high education either think he is stupid or depraved, and the family background is not good. Why should he be the shopkeeper if he depends on his family for his money? The best thing is to find someone with an average family background and low academic qualifications, who can serve him while being soft-hearted, and won’t be too mean to him. Among the roles played by Li Jiahang, the best father role may be Chen Shaocong in “Surgery Situation”. He has a high education, a good family background, and a good temper. Next is Zhang Wei. Although the conditions are not good, he works very hard and keeps going. The worst thing about progress and promotion is Yan Peng in this drama. He is simply a bystander in the role of family. Apart from eating together at home, he hardly played the role of a father. He looks more like Yan Ziyou’s brother, but still mentally. The kind of almost the same age. If Yan Peng hadn’t been played by Li Jiahang, I don’t know what it would be like.

7 months ago

Tian Yulan, played by Jiang Xin in the TV series “Little Will,” has a strong personality, a strong love for competition, and a bit of unscrupulous means to achieve goals. Husband Yan Peng said that she was not “informed and interested” enough, but she only dared to complain with outsiders. At home, Tian Yulan obviously has the right to speak. In the TV series “Little Will”, Yan Peng is a veritable rich second-generation. His parents are rich and they regularly give cash to his son and daughter-in-law every month. Tian Yulan thinks that her in-laws don’t transfer money but instead give money, in order to humiliate her on time. Tian Yulan was not seen by her in-laws, mainly because Tian Yulan had a mother who was a “little third”. The stains in her native family made Tian Yulan unable to lift her head at her in-laws. To tell the truth, aside from the black history of her mother, Tian Yulan’s own conditions are also very ordinary. Nan Li’s mother said that Tian Yulan “got a dad before mixing up three books”; Tian Yulan thought that Nan Li was targeting She is actually not forward-looking enough. The other parents were silent about Teacher Zhong’s extracurricular remedial work. Only Tian Yulan ignored Teacher Zhong and directly reported Teacher Zhong. Only Tian Yulan did not see that the head teacher and Teacher Zhong were friends with each other. It can be seen that Tian Yulan’s IQ and EQ are average. Tian Yulan deliberately said that the tuition fee of the training course was expensive in order to get her son Yan Ziyou a place in the gold medal class, expressly implying that Mi Tao’s mother, who is in a bad financial situation, would “retire”, which is enough to see that Tian Yulan’s character is also problematic. TV drama “Little Willing” Stills How did a woman with unpleasant personality, average ability, worrisome character, and poor family background capture the favor of the rich second-generation Yan Peng? Although Yan Peng has no ambitions and an ordinary job, he looks handsome and has a good temper. At home, he can use sponsorship fees to exchange places for his grandson in school. Although he has not exchanged it, it also reveals the financial strength of the family. Looking at all aspects of the stills of the TV series “Little Will”, Yan Peng can definitely find a better quality object than Tian Yulan. Why did he still marry such an unbearable Tian Yulan? Three details in the play hint at the truth. 1. Tian Yulan is very fond of people Tian Yulan is not really incomprehensible, as long as she is willing, she is actually very fond of people. You can tell from her attitude towards stepfather Nan Jianlong. Nan Jianlong’s relationship has given Ziyou a place. Tian Yulan said “treating you as a dad” against her heart. There is still a set of falsehoods. In the stills of the TV series “Little Will”, Yan Peng doesn’t care much about the children’s education. He is not as anxious as Tian Yulan, but watching Tian Yulan worry about the child’s schooling, Yan Peng specifically begs his parents, and Tian Yulan put on Yan Peng that night. Yan Peng was fascinated by the pink nightdress she sent. It is also mentioned in the original work of “Little Willingness” that Tian Yulan and Yan Peng’s love was actively pursued by Tian Yulan. When they were in love, Tian Yulan was gentle and virtuous. After marriage, Yan Peng saw her toughness. Although Yan Peng regretted a little, it was done. Had no choice but to live with Tian Yulan. TV series “Little Willingness” stills 2, Cai Juying’s words and deeds teach Tian Yulan’s mother Cai Juying is very good at dealing with the relationship between men and women, “old fox” Nan Jianlong has been calculated by her. Nan Jianlong wanted to give his granddaughter to his granddaughter quietly. Cai Juying made Nan Jianlong change his mind with a few words of “self-consciousness”. The rank is really high. The TV series “Little Will” Cai Juying “holds” Nan Jianlong, first by selling miserably, second by pretending to be reasonable, and third by recollecting bitterness and sweetness, and in front of Nan Jianlong when he was sick and hospitalized, she and Tian Yulan How caring to serve. With such “superior” conditions, Tian Yulan can benefit a lot from Cai Juying with a few words. What’s more, Yan Peng has a simple mind and is much easier to deal with than Nan Jianlong. TV series “Little Willing” stills 3. Parents doting Yan Peng’s family does not look down on Tian Yulan, but she still married in as she wished, this is inseparable from the doting of Yan Peng’s parents to him. Parents said that Yan Peng was “Liu Adou who couldn’t help him.” They were basically responsive to this son and were willing to let him chew on the old. Therefore, they were not satisfied with the woman Yan Peng liked, and they could only let him. Tian Yulan only needs to catch Yan Peng and she can marry into Yan’s family smoothly. Her in-laws did not hinder her from climbing high. At the end, through pretending to be gentle, a momentary knowledge and interest, the pursuit of love, will it really be strong? What Tian Yulan needs is a strong man who can share her worries, and what Yan Peng needs is a woman who is informed and interesting. In the original book “Little Willingness”, Yan Peng has long been miserable for Tian Yulan’s impatientness. Yan Peng’s startup company closed down, but he didn’t dare to go home. He pretended to go to work every day. You can imagine what life Yan Peng had. Yan Peng and Tian Yulan’s marriage, both of them are tired. Tian Yulan is naturally uncomfortable after all the eyes of her in-laws, otherwise she will not try to prove herself; Yan Peng wants a little warmth, but most of what she faces is Tian Yulan’s “Cold face and cold talk”, the demand in that area has not been released at all. Tian Yulan devoted himself to the education of her son. For this reason, he did not hesitate to report the teacher, went to the back door to jump in, and exhausted extreme means. Yan Peng did not agree with her philosophy; if Tian Yulan continues to go crazy, the gentler Yan Peng is afraid that it will be soon Will be completely broken by her.

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