According to the website of the National Film Administration, recently, in response to some film and television industry associations, film companies and actors and other initiatives to resist short video infringement, the relevant person in charge of the National Film Administration stated that protecting film copyright is to maintain the healthy and sound development of the film industry and stimulate innovative creation. Vitality, an important foundation for the promotion of high-quality film development. The National Film Administration has always attached great importance to the protection of film copyright. In recent years, it has been working with public security and copyright departments to continuously crack down on illegal and criminal acts such as film piracy and piracy. It has included film works in the early warning list of copyright protection and promoted various network service providers to take effective measures. Measures to prevent infringement and piracy in advance.

The National Film Administration will conscientiously implement the central government’s arrangements for comprehensively strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights. In response to the current prominent problems of “Watching Movies in XX Minutes” and other short video infringements and piracy, it will cooperate with the National Copyright Administration to continue to increase the copyright infringement of short videos. We will resolutely rectify the unauthorized copying, editing, and dissemination of other people’s film works by producers and operators of short video platforms, self-media, and public accounts, and actively protect the legitimate rights and interests of film copyright owners.

The National Film Administration supports film copyright collective management organizations to strengthen their own construction, carry out collective management of film copyrights in accordance with the law, and encourage joint film copyright protection with theaters and film copyright protection alliances, etc., on the one hand to safeguard the legal rights of film copyright owners, on the other hand to facilitate The user uses it legally.

The National Film Administration advocates all network platforms, self-media, and public account producers and operators to actively fulfill their legal obligations on copyright protection, legally use film copyrights, and not to copy, edit, or distribute other people’s film works without authorization, strengthen self-examination and clean-up, and improve films The actual effect of handling copyright complaints, and better play the active role of short videos in film promotion, reviews, and research.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

No problem, just ask for a little bit. Please check the status of each platform. I am puzzled. They are all saying that my e-commerce is serious, but the good things in my store are still bad. Yes, after all, the defects of this defective product are inevitable. In my shop, even if I order 90% of the real praise, it will be almost 95%. These platforms, video sites, ah, the comments below, are called a bright, you may not be able to find a bad review after turning ten pages, and then click on the movie to watch it, and almost spit it out in ten minutes. 5 points and 4 points for junk movies, you can score 7 or 8 points abruptly, really, put it on any e-commerce platform, this amount of orders will close your shop. In addition, as a movie lover who is keen on the cinema, he is often tricked into going to the movies, watching for a while, watching it, wasting time; not watching it, wasting money. The relaxation time of more than an hour, which was originally a good time, was all harmed. So I would like to ask, do we have a film enthusiasts association or other film and television associations, actors, etc. that initiate a boycott? Then, is there a way for our audience to initiate this initiative to resist those movie websites, apps, etc. that are full of false reviews? There is no need to distinguish, one is counted as one, all are

7 months ago

I don’t reject the rules that protect creators, but I question whether creators are protected? If today’s film and television works, novels, comics, and other works, the right to profit belongs to the creators themselves, combating short videos is to protect their interests. But actually? In a film and television, in addition to the star director, what is the income of the other people who contribute part of the production of the film? Some people may say that the flow of stars and the reputation of the director are the key to the success of the film. So the question is, where does the “traffic” of celebrities come from? It is the countless marketing teams, publicity planners, and general practitioners of Zero Zero who have jointly created the “XX Star”, a “brand” that can attract traffic. However, in the end, where is most of the profits of this product called “XX Star”? It’s a marketing company, a brokerage company, and the star himself! What are the benefits of real creators and those who really work for all kinds of entertainment products? Maybe it’s a lot compared with average income alone, but what is the proportion of the total amount people spend on it, that is, the team’s income? In many cases, short videos are actually a second creation. We often say that when a work is published, it does not actually belong to the creator. Everyone has the right to express their own views on the work, to evaluate it, to understand and even interpret its content from its own perspective. Can these secondary creations be explained by one sentence, “infringement of the author’s rights”? What’s more, who owns the author’s “right”, which is copyright?

7 months ago

If editing is banned, will everyone go to see your bad film? As long as the audience still has the objective need to prevent bad movies, as long as the trend of bad movies has not been curbed, then the creativity of the people is endless. If the previous graphic movie is gone, then edit it. Now the editing is gone. In the future, there will be no pictures. Does the Datang label hang the picture and affect everyone’s love for it? I don’t like the picture and I’m boring. I learn half-buddha and play sand sculpture animations, and laugh while spitting. Do you want to continue to ban it? Then simply ban film reviews, knowing that no mention is allowed, Weibo is not allowed, Douban group is very sinful, all disbanded… Is it okay for Himalayan radio to verbally complain? Ban again? Anyway, just don’t watch your bad movies. Don’t let everyone clear the mines. When you have the skills, you will stand on duty at the exit of the movie theater and put tape on your mouth when you go out.

7 months ago

The ad time is 180 seconds, and I accidentally clicked the wrong one. Go, watch the ad again for 180 seconds. After reading the ad, I found that this episode has already been watched. Click on the next episode again, again for 180 seconds, and finally opened , The plot is repeated without emphasis. I originally wanted to watch TV and have dinner, but in the end I watched the commercials. The meals were all finished, and the commercials were not over yet! There is only so much time for one person. Short videos are emerging. People choose short videos and abandon long video platforms. The main reason is that they don’t have time and money (in fact, they don’t want to spend this money). There are really too many things all day long. I work overtime, come back from get off work and do housework to take care of the children and the elderly, tutoring homework, and when I can finally lie down and have a rest, it is already eleven or twelve. Where does the time come to watch TV series with dozens of episodes at every turn? The key is that this TV series is still long and stinky without focus. The short video has been edited and then has the focus. After watching it in a few minutes, if you find it exciting, you may go to the original drama. If it’s not exciting, just let it go. Only the veterans have time to watch TV episode by episode, chasing from beginning to end. The old man even read the advertisement with gusto. It’s a pity that the elderly don’t buy membership or on-demand. A group of people is anxious for the capitalist, as if the capital earned by the capital will divide him by a dime. If you spend money to buy a member, there will be no ads? you sure? Without a few minutes of editing the short video platform, people will flock to buy members to watch your stinky long commercial? Want to be beautiful! The point is wrong. People will not spend money before editing the edition for a few minutes. With the edited version for a few minutes, at most it is to see if it is a shi, if not, maybe I will buy a member to see it. Now I have banned the edited version for a few minutes, thinking that this time people can’t tell if this is a stinky shi or a bad shi. Will they buy members in a swarm? is it possible? No other entertainment? No other recreational tools? The short video platform only has a few minutes of edited content, no other content? It’s always been, just look at it, and don’t watch it if it doesn’t. There has never been an alternative. The long video platform got the point wrong. If you want others to spend money, you have to provide high-quality content, not sh i. Someone asked, since the TV is smelly and long, why are you still watching it? That’s right! Yes, why bother to watch it? Now everyone is not watching it. Capitalists think that if the edited version is banned, people will look at the original version. However, the fact now is that people don’t necessarily look at it when you post money. If you want to spend money, let alone ignore it. Don’t understand this truth? Let’s take another example. In the past, we always planned that you could only give birth to one child, all kinds of prohibitions, fines, and this and that. Now I find that I’m in an aging society, it’s not working, and it’s not going to work anymore, so I quickly call for encouragement to give birth. Health, the result? It’s still a cliff-like descent. What should not be born, or not. Going back to the issue of watching TV, a person’s time is so little, time = attention = money in the eyes of the business. They are actually competing for the audience’s attention. They thought that by banning the edited version, they would be able to grab the audience’s attention, but the fact is: My attention is in charge. It’s all leeks. I can’t decide what content I’m watching? Also, some shis, cut into a few minutes, are also shis, just the difference in length. Some are not shi, but after editing, they become shi, and no one sees these. So, decide what to watch and not to watch, now it’s up to the audience to have the final say. At most, I don’t look at it, anyway, the time is just so little, can’t you decide on your own? What else do you want? It’s already 996, and there is a little free time left. Can’t you still make your own decisions?

7 months ago

Forced to feed the shit, just stop eating, then what bureau has this skill, it is recommended to take a good look at the QQ washing incident in the entertainment industry. What is the general environment of domestic movies and TV series, don’t you have any English numbers in your heart? Is the copyright problem to be solved? Is the problem of secondary creation to be dealt with? To cure it, start from the root of the industry chain, such as technical directors, Q investors, deduction figures, traffic stars, and so on. Shooting a bunch of music products will not make people complain. I hope that the entertainment industry will collapse as a whole, reshuffle the cards as soon as possible, and take care of everything from top to bottom. Don’t mess around every day.

7 months ago

This matter itself is definitely not a problem. You cut and cut the story of the other person. Simply put, the whole video is all other people’s content. Of course, the infringement. But the key problem is that a platform such as the lack of oil pipes can do it. One is to formulate clear standards to make things like Film review analysis and other videos with original content as the mainstay are not affected. The second is to be able to reject the copyright owner’s request for removal when the copyright owner submits an unreasonable and non-compliant request to remove the video. The current lack of protection is through these two points of protection. A few minutes to watch the rights of creators who are mainly original content other than movies. Unfortunately, they don’t care about the rights of small up owners on the film bureau network at all.

7 months ago

Treat the symptoms but not the root cause. Do you know why short video editing is so popular now? To watch short video clips, we don’t need to tolerate a bad show being tricked into by the trailer. Only the trailer section of the whole show can be seen. Watching short video clips, we don’t have to endure having a membership and VIP recommendation ad, and an ad will pop up midway through watching. If this is a bad drama, I can understand it clearly after watching the movie clip in just a few minutes. The time cost is not much, and I will not suffer or lose. If this is a good drama, then I watch the movie clip and I will go to the film and television platform to watch it again from beginning to end. This is one of the most important and core functions of short video editing: it saves us the time to filter the quality of the video. We are not unable to afford VIP money, nor are we unable to afford movie tickets, but we hope that the money spent can be of quality. And now how many are still serious about video quality, all the money is used to invite traffic stars. In other words, to be your boss, now you have two choices. One is to spend a lot of time and money to train a group of people and pin all their hopes on the film to be filmed, and the other is to invite traffic stars to use a relatively cheap method of mass production through plagiarism, remake, etc. A bunch of movies, hoping to cause qualitative changes through quantitative changes, betting that one or two of the n dramas I made will be popular. How would you choose? Anyway, many people now choose the second one.

7 months ago

So the question is, why does “watching a movie in xx minutes” get the favor of many people? How to treat the copyright issue of “Watching Movies in xx Minutes”? Yuebai’s video 1436 is played because we don’t know that these videos are in dispute with “copyright”? we know. But why bother to watch it? Because “copyright” is sometimes too hip! And xx watched the movie for a few minutes, and talked about the hip-stretching, and also talked about the hip-stretching. So as to facilitate the audience’s self-perception. People who like stories naturally just want to know them. If you want to know the audition, you will naturally go to the original film to understand the audition. Why force it? Forced not to come. And in a certain big scene, when the film first came out, it even fanned the flames to encourage editing. What about now? Now sentence after sentence to protect copyright. Is this alright? This is not good. Recently, I found that more and more movies in xx minutes are all foreign films, and there are very few domestic ones at the beginning. Maybe there are various psychological influences such as eye-catching / curiosity. But thinking about it the other way round, is our film itself too hard? Those who complain about the movie in a few minutes, should they complain? The film is illogical and shoddy. You can’t complain to me. Are we complimenting it? But if they are all good movies, then people will definitely want to know more details after understanding the story. Naturally, it will completely support the original film. When a certain subtitle group was investigated, why did it cause so many sighs? If everything is hard enough and benign enough, will these things still lead to this? I also want to support it completely in my heart, but if it is a certain type of film of 208w a day, protect the copyright of these people? Is this alright?

7 months ago

If criticism is not free, praise is meaningless. Why is this kind of “short video infringement” popular and liked by the masses, and what is the reason? If you blindly suppress the creation of film editing in the field of short videos without thinking about the real reasons, it will not be conducive to the development of art creation and the entertainment industry in China as a whole. There are too many bad movies, TV series, and bad films in our country, and the plot water is very serious. What can be shot in 30 episodes, but 60 episodes are cut out for you, regardless of the audience’s feelings. Just like some words, you can clearly explain it in dozens of words, but you have to make a fool of yourself and write hundreds of thousands of words. To fundamentally eliminate short video infringements, we should improve the quality of our own film and television drama creation, so that the people will naturally respect the original version. The use of the National Film Bureau to crack down on infringements is a temporary solution to the “water injection problem” of the entertainment industry. If the quality of film and television works is improved, respect for originality should gradually become a spontaneous behavior of the masses.

7 months ago

It’s time for the actors’ pay to increase their efforts to rectify. A project with an investment of several hundred million is fully allocated to the protagonist. After all, it is a traffic economy plus money laundering. In addition, I support the strengthening of copyright protection for movies, so the copyrights of novels, comics, music, and new media articles should also be protected as well. The so-called “single broadcast” should also be adjusted. The platform should sell a service, not the source of a certain film. It is recommended that multiple platforms jointly purchase foreign films (or prohibit single broadcasts). For domestic film and television works, the practice of “self-made and optional independent broadcasting on the platform, independent broadcasting is not allowed for third-party production” is adopted. No matter what creation, the creator should be the subject.

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