Recently, Dong Mingzhu reminded old employees to pay attention to technicians, especially those outstanding 19th and 20th college students when inspecting the factory in “We Who Are New to the Workplace”. She said frankly, “It’s useless if you give employees an extra 10,000 yuan. The house can solve their fundamental problems. These new employees may be married in two years.”
On April 27th, Dong Mingzhu also posted on his personal social platform: “Giving employees RMB 120,000 as a reward is not as good as solving the housing problem. This year 3,700 suites will be invested soon. We encourage all outstanding employees.”

It’s not black, Dong Zongsaigao. As I said, the reason why contemporary young people are positive is that the company leaders don’t care about anything. Now that Mr. Dong is in charge, there is no reason not to support it. As for some of the answers below, I asked me to say that I rolled my eyes when I ate Wowotou, and I suspect that there is no meat in the noodles. You said this is a “dormitory” and not a room. Has your company’s “dormitory” been resolved? I live in a shared house and pay monthly rent. Suspect that my family does not pay the property capital? In addition, it is known that the average per capita is 985. What kind of dormitories do not count? What kind of houses do you share? Don’t talk about anything else, can you fight for a “freedom of the bathroom” for yourself first? In addition, I went home and asked my parents, before the real estate went hot, who owned the property? The “divided rooms” of the previous generation are all “dormitories” according to your standards. Do you think they worry about the mortgage? You said this is not for everyone. Does your company’s “elite” hold the house? Can someone who works in the middle level at your place buy a house and pay for it? You think Dong Mingzhu didn’t give everyone a house, isn’t it a bit of a joke? It is also said that Gree is not giving the house for nothing, and the money for buying the house is also squeezed out of the employees. Then where did the money that your company squeezed from you went? You said Gree was squeezed hard, but after the squeezing, people came out of the room. You do not squeeze hard, you keep a lot of surplus value, what about your house? As for Gree, it wants to tie up talents. Isn’t this normal? You are free, you are alone in the world, why didn’t you see any company holding the property and begging you to stay? Gree retains the talent to take the house, and your company retains the talent to take the chicken soup. Can you tell which one is better? You said that the house is far from the city, then ask your boss to buy you a house in the city center? But there is one sentence that speaks the truth. Mr. Dong, you just do it, why do you want to talk about it? As small as white goods, as large as the entire market, even state-owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises do not say to new employees to solve the housing problem, you jump out and say to solve the problem, what should others do? The cake is still being painted here, but someone has eaten it over there. How do you think the cake is painted? How can the leaders of other companies proceed? When the entire market couldn’t come up with housing solutions, even verbal promises to solve housing for young employees couldn’t do it, Gree’s Dong Zong said. Then you want to talk about her, at least open your mouth if you are doing better than her?


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Dong Mingzhu is still an alternative to corporate management. From her attitude towards employees, everyone, especially the low-level workers, like her and support her. Included in the 2019 Forbes China Outstanding Leaders List of Multinational Operations. Won the first “Outstanding Social Entrepreneur” award. Ranked 44th on the list of the most influential women in the world in 2019. And the achievements made by Gree Group also show that this is not a vain name. She is very clear about what is needed to “hit workers”, and she will do her best to help them. Management is still very humane. I still remember the news a few days ago when Dong Mingzhu went to the unit canteen to eat, and when he saw the price of the vegetables, he directly asked the price to be reduced, hoping that the employees would save 200 yuan a month. In the enterprise, the subordinates are not allowed to invite their superiors to eat, etc. Many managers, especially some individual “capitals” now, “compete for profit” with practitioners simply do everything they want. What’s the special “advocacy” of “996 blessings” and the like. Especially think of the “welfare housing” era. It also explains, live and work in peace and contentment. I hope there are more entrepreneurs like this.

7 months ago

Ms. Dong is talking about the dormitory, even the two-bedroom and one-living suite property must be owned by the company. If the property rights of the house are owned by the company, you are done. If you want to leave Gree to kill you in minutes, you can solve it if you know it by yourself. Does the mother-in-law recognize the company’s property house? Dong Mingzhu is still married without a daughter, and draws big cakes. No one can compare to Miss Dong. Miss Dong likes to make headlines on this kind of people-friendly topic, but if you check it, there is nothing to follow; the egg is not eaten and not pulled. It’s not your own to come out. It’s still in the hands of others. What kind of work covers food and housing? The subtext that others will allocate a car to you means that you have to be on call. Others will give you a dormitory. The subtext is that you have to work 12 hours, but the income is still 6 hours, and you have to be grateful.

7 months ago

In fact, modern companies do not need to divide houses at all, as long as there are large enough apartments with good infrastructure. For example, commercial houses ranging from 60 square meters to 140 square meters are allocated according to the performance and seniority of the employees, as well as their age and marital status. As long as you have served in the company for one year, you can live for one year for free. No fees are charged. Huawei has its own apartment system, which is located in Bantian. I have been there, and there have been several residential communities. However, Huawei has not divided the house, and still has to pay rent. To go one step further is to live for free. If you work for a lifetime, you will live for a lifetime. If you can work for 20 years, you can still live after retirement until you die. What is socialism? If all units in this country (government agencies, enterprises, institutions, and social organizations) can do this, then at least a part of socialism has been completed. But what to avoid? One is the shoddy housing conditions, shoddy, lack of good public facilities and interior decoration environment. The other is that there is insufficient supply and can only wait in line. The third is that the distribution process is opaque and unreasonable, leading to uneven distribution and contradictions. What if these three problems cannot be solved? Monetization of housing. Cancel housing allocation, change to raise wages, and then go to the market to buy a house by yourself. What is the above? The above is the history of New China, the history of reform and opening up, and the history of socialist development.

7 months ago

I have eaten a lot of cakes drawn by the boss, and now I am skeptical of what I said on the camera. If I first entered the workplace, I would definitely like Miss Dong the first time. And not only will I like it, but I will also say when I meet people, this boss is really a conscientious entrepreneur. It is worthy of starting from the grassroots level. He can appreciate the difficulty of the employees. If Gree accepts me, I will definitely give me 100 points. Two hundred of hard work. But in the past few years in the workplace, the hot heart at the beginning was gradually covered by sheets of nothingness, and the original trust at the beginning was gradually disappointed by unachievable lies. . Now I firmly believe that what is in my hand is real, and that what is invisible is imaginary. So when I was looking for a job, I would rather give me an extra 10,000 yuan in salary, and would not give up the more I can pay because of the few months of bonuses verbally promised by HR. Because what is written in the contract can be implemented, and what is not written in the contract is always in the hands of others. Ms. Dong said very well. I saw whether it could be implemented at the time. If I did it, I would give her a thumbs up for the first time and praise her as the most conscientious entrepreneur in China. In the future, I will only buy appliances from Gree!

7 months ago

Give it an extra 10,000 yuan. Someday the employee wants to change jobs. It’s better to go out and negotiate the price. Go faster. The house is different. The house is next to the factory and the factory is in the remote suburbs. Do you want to change jobs? The commute time starts in 3 hours. Therefore, it is essentially a means of retaining people, but this means of retaining people has drawbacks. In fact, large state-owned enterprises have long been used in small cities, such as the PetroChina Community in Gansu-PetroChina Elementary School-PetroChina Middle and High School-PetroChina University-PetroChina for a long time. Generation after generation, isn’t this hereditary? What are the disadvantages of the hereditary system compared with the selection system? Needless to say, the efficiency will inevitably decrease.

7 months ago

It’s cool for the house, even if you don’t give it, it’s cool enough to get a plot of land near the factory to get to and from get off work without having to squeeze the bus for half an hour. It is true that you can live in a big house of 80 square meters when you work in a Dongfeng passenger car. . For example, Shanghai is now moving its scientific research institutes to a suburb like Fengxian Songjiang, and the employees are not a little happier. . For example, the temple and Pasteur are located on Yueyang Road, and the subway extends in all directions. The teachers who work at the temple and Pasteur must not be able to afford the 100,000-square-meter inner ring, right? They all live outside the outer ring. It is very happy to commute to and from get off work in one hour on the subway. Now the Shenshen has set up a brain sub-base in Sheshan, Songjiang, and Pasteur has set up an infectious disease diagnosis and treatment center in Fengxian, where Sheshan’s brain is in the bubble, and it’s almost time for the Qingpu special training class. There is no subway in Sheshan, and there is no public transportation. You can only drive to and from get off work. How much does it cost to drive? If the salary is similar to that of the shrine headquarters, it is really comfortable to work there. Sister Dong is the same, or Zhuhai is the same. The current housing price is the entrance tax. If you are the city welcomes you, the city will be exempt from your tax and you will live a comfortable life. It will be more difficult if you are not in the direction that the city welcomes. Again, the greenfield Zhujiajiao represents the development direction of advanced productive forces. We went to see it before the construction of Line 17 and I really like it. If the brains were moved to Songjiang then, we would not go to the customs to discuss life outside the customs, alas. .

7 months ago

When all the bosses only serve their employees with soup, one boss is willing to give some vegetable rice, and then a group of “people who are not workers” jumped out and shouted: What are you doing, show it! Either take out all of your own meat and share it equally with the employees, otherwise it will be whitewashed! So the employees who just wanted to go to dinner got into entanglement. Under the general environment, there are capitalists who are willing to make some changes and concessions, and they will definitely be more affordable to workers than before. It is a real additional benefit. Why not support it? All changes must not start from trivial matters. You must divide the family property in one step. Otherwise, it will be a show and cleanse. Then, if you are a capitalist, how do you plan to change the status quo? Just spraying and not standing has no practical meaning, and it will not help the workers at all. It will only make them feel that change is never hopeless. Therefore, this question should be answered objectively by each “employee”. Just ask you, in the current income situation, would you like to give you this treatment? You can choose freely. And not like some little Bourgeois who is not involved in self-interest, pointing fingers at the side-because his ass is not on the ground, and the flow after fanning the flames is really in hand.

7 months ago

In ancient times, the daughter of Yanzhao Wang bought horse bones, and now Dong Mingzhu is a new employee in the sub-house. In fact, the truth is the same. Who doesn’t know that the performance of fresh graduates is not worth a house? Who doesn’t know that the dead Maxima is not worth a thousand taels of gold? What you want is this effect wow. Everyone reads the news, I rely on, can people of this level be divided into houses? Then I crush him horizontally, can’t I divide it into ten sets? I also need to go! Xiancai came all at once.

7 months ago

Yes, it can! I even started to complain about setting conditions for the house. if not. Could it be that you will be given one set as soon as you start, even if you are given one set for one day. It also emphasizes that property rights are not their own. Fast forward to banning 996, working 7 hours a day, taking 2.5 days off on weekends, and living a happy life with extremely high wages! Even when the landlord can really divide the land, the people who complain about the house according to these companies are probably lying down in a few days and want to sell the land to others, and then go free. The contradiction between the growth rate of Toad’s swan’s vision and its own strength is the main contradiction of many young people nowadays. Take a closer look at where you come from, and compare with yourself. Let’s look at your efforts for good change, and talk about what you want. Is it true that it is time to live a better life without working hard?

7 months ago

1. Is the divided house rented or permanent residence with real estate certificate? 2. Will it be taken back after resignation? 3. You said that you are considering marriage for college students in the past two years. If you don’t directly donate the house with the real estate certificate to the employees, you let the college students get married in the rented house/staff dormitory? 4. If you are sending a house, why are you considering a college student who has just entered for two years? These college students are certainly not as sticky as the old employees, right? What if they ran away after sending it out? I don’t have any malicious intent. I just want to raise some of these questions. After all, nothing in this answer mentions these points that everyone is most concerned about.

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