On April 28, former Goldman Sachs executive Gary Black asked Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Twitter whether he could consider hiring a publicist?

Although Tesla currently does not have a public relations team, the automotive business is still doing very well. However, with the advent of FSD (Fully Autonomous Driving), continued market expansion, and competitor attacks on Tesla’s apparent market leader, the risks will increase.

In response, Musk replied that other companies spend money on advertising and manipulating public opinion, while Tesla focuses on products.

In fact, there is really no need for public relations. Some people are willing to abandon their own nationality for a cultural and political ideal, some are willing to abandon their own nationality for a better life, and some are dark-minded after being wronged and setbacks. I don’t necessarily agree, but I can understand , But if someone is willing to make elemental insults to their own nation for a consumer product, I would be a little bit surprised. What I saw in the car home, what I saw in the host forum, what I saw in Real Madrid Inter Milan, what I saw in the idol circle, and the disputes I saw in the mobile phone circle, all can only be said to be inferior. Common sense, dogs generally do not have Qing-style braids. In addition, if the dog’s breasts are not deformed, they are generally located in the middle of the front legs and back legs, and on the abdomen. There are generally more than four. In the eyes of us Americans, it is equivalent to a black media person putting a noose in front of a black slave for a consumer product, with a watermelon and other elements on his head, drawing a cartoon satirizing the manipulator behind the blm, and sending it out smoothly. Reposted by large media groups. There are consumers who really don’t need PR…


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

First of all, Tesla has public relations in China. Tao Lin’s title on Weibo is Tesla’s vice president of external affairs. In fact, she has done a lot of public relations work. What is public relations? In a word, it is to maintain the relationship between the brand and the public. For automobile brand public relations, it is mainly divided into the relationship between the government, enterprises, the media, and car owners. Among them, the relationship between the media occupies the main part of normal work. The main public relations work of automobile brands includes: public relations communication. Including brand and product communication strategy planning, media relationship maintenance, media communication planning execution, media interview evaluation and communication, complaint platform handling, SEO and SEM, media activity plan planning and execution, media communication material preparation, etc. Public opinion monitoring and analysis, public opinion maintenance, car owners word-of-mouth communication, public relations word-of-mouth position. The above is only part of the work of the public relations department, and the public generally understands public relations as “relationship” and “crisis public relations”, that is, when a company has negative public opinion, it is necessary to fix the media and let the media delete articles. Tesla may not spend so much energy on maintaining domestic media relations, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t. Moreover, Tesla is also recruiting public relations, and there are JDs on hunting and hiring, so it is not difficult to search. Musk said he didn’t recruit. Is it because he doesn’t understand the situation in China? In addition, Musk himself is the biggest public relations. Ordinary car company public relations: spend a lot of budget, ask a big media or find a self-media with many fans, plan the content in the early stage, purchase points in the later stage, and make a publicity. The cost is 500,000 and the reading volume is 500,000. Tesla: Musk has more than 50 million fans. As an earth-level KOL, a few complaints can be reposted by various media and discussed on various platforms. For example, the emergence of this problem. How to evaluate Ma Yilong’s remarks? That is, he usually uses his personal charm and influence on Twitter to do a lot of public relations work. Naturally, he feels that Tesla is a waste of resources for public relations. But within the wall, Ma Yilong’s communication power is limited. If public relations are not needed, Tesla’s reputation in China will be even worse. Another point is that Musk did not take the brake failure incident seriously. If Tesla focuses on products, the brake problem should be solved early. Obviously there is a problem with your own product, so if you have to insist that it is a malicious attack from another brand, why bother? Was that Weibo ordering milk tea really reported to each other and taken seriously by him? Bullying Musk don’t understand Chinese?

7 months ago

I still remember that Tesla once frustrated Pinduoduo, thinking that the latter would lower his compulsion. But I think, if Tesla is able to fight for a public relations team, it will not dominate the topic list all day, threatening Shuang’s status as the number one person in China’s hot search. Do you want to say that Tesla really can only produce industrial waste, every edamame is a killer on the road, and everyone can’t stop the car? To be honest, that’s not the case. Just looking at the complaint rate of new energy vehicles last year, Tesla is not outstanding. However, people’s perception of a brand does not entirely depend on “data”, but more emotional appeals. In the past, Tesla was able to make leeks believe in it, not only because it really changed the pattern of the electric car market, but also because of the “Iron Man” personality created by Musk, so some IT professionals regarded buying Tesla as buying Mars. Pass. But now, Musk and Tesla officials have repeatedly faced the public relations crisis, adopting an attitude of being superior, throwing the pot to the bottom, and not taking consumers seriously, and each response appears to be full of grooves. For example, “Speak with products” in the title. If you speak completely with products, what is Ms. Tao’s “Never Compromise”? Isn’t it a PR? If you use the product to speak completely, what is the so-called “Wei Lai Buying Car Owner’s Trouble” on the Internet, and the netizen’s self-published behavior? If you use the product to speak, then what is the marketing of the rice ring that delivers milk tea and coffee, the self-cultivation of leeks? In the final analysis, Musk still didn’t really take Chinese consumers seriously, and didn’t learn from how Samsung exited the market. If you still don’t understand this point, then what is waiting for Tesla is an increasingly severe market environment. At that time, domestic new energy vehicle brands may not catch up, or even counterattack overseas markets. In short, Musk will continue to make trouble. After all, the more Tesla’s “hot searches”… the better Hefei is.

7 months ago

First of all, Tesla has public relations. Not without. And they are still hiring: Then, Musk said that believing in consumers really comes from his strong self-confidence. I am working on a three-electric system, and I have a better understanding of the three-electric system. Many of Tesla’s technologies are indeed worth learning, and they are indeed ahead of many other companies in the industry. You can take a look at Dai Gong’s answer to get a more detailed understanding of Tesla’s technical level. What is the level of Tesla electric vehicles? ​Www.zhihu.com For example, in the field of charging, Tesla’s overcharging has been leading the industry. Especially V3 overcharge, the maximum power can exceed 250kw, of course, this is also due to Tesla’s charging pile and charging system is self-operated. If you completely rely on third-party charging piles, it is likely to be subject to others. Of course, this leading advantage is gradually being reduced. But the user experience is good. It can be seen that the peak value is so large that it stimulates the most satisfied users to cheer. Leading in technology comes from Tesla’s daring to try and move forward. Of course, this also brings a lot of risks. For example, a single pedal that is forced to push (the energy recovery is forced to be strong and cannot be adjusted). It was also criticized by netizens and inferred as the possible cause of Tesla’s accidental acceleration. Musk may not understand what the real needs of the Chinese are. People on Tesla’s China side have also used the excellent product power of Tesla’s products to repeatedly die. Don’t talk about the polytechnic spirit. If it is really a man of science and technology. The correct operation should be: 1. There is no problem with my car. Look at the data, ABCDE-balabala…talking endlessly, if you don’t believe it, you can verify it yourself! 2. There is indeed a problem with my car. Let’s discuss it in private, and it’s easy to say anything about the money. 3. I don’t know. I’m investigating. I’ll give you a car to use first. If you want to make trouble, I can’t help it. No matter how much public relations a man of science and technology does, he would never think of finding a group of people to call the brakes like a neurosis. I won’t order milk tea for myself…

7 months ago

Tesla’s public relations department, isn’t everyone here, including Zun Jia? It is because we tirelessly analyze Tesla and Musk, continuously provide them with traffic, and create hot spots that keep Tesla’s popularity constantly high. It’s just that sometimes the heat is positive, and sometimes the heat is negative. In the past few days, the stock price has fallen a lot (picture from Zunjia Financial APP) First of all, we have to admit that, in addition to accidents like this time, Musk himself was the top-tier in the past. There are dozens or hundreds of people in the public relations department who work hard for a few months. It’s not as good as Musk’s casual tweets. Friends and businessmen smashed tens of millions of people. It is also a press conference, a celebrity, a KOL, and It’s not as good as Musk’s occasional demon; therefore, Tesla disbanded its public relations department in the United States in October last year. Judging from a list of auto marketing expenses in 2019, Tesla did not spend much on marketing, ranking 26th at 186 million yuan, which is indeed a world away from Volkswagen and 162 billion. However, Tesla still retains its European and Asian PR teams, saying that it refuses to invest in PR in China is a bit nonsense. Perhaps the business has been marginalized for a long time, and even the consequences came so soon. In the face of this emergency, Tesla’s official handling methods and magic operations were simply breathtaking. Take people out of the venue, never compromise, give yourself some milk tea…Anything in it is totally unimaginable. Can’t help but suspect that Tesla was hacked. This time, Musk said he believed in the product, but don’t forget, he also said: “A friend asked me when should I buy Tesla? My answer is either to buy it from the beginning. , Or wait for production to stabilize before buying. Because in the process of accelerating production, it is really very difficult to make the output rise linearly while achieving perfection in all details.” Musk also said, trust consumers. But when most consumers report problems, either the road is too slippery or the electricity is faulty. It’s never been Tesla’s fault. What kind of “trust consumers” is this? So for this kind of words, it is better to believe that Musk said Dogecoin. At least after Musk mentioned Dogecoin, he really mentioned that a skyrocket is much more reliable than trusting consumers and trusting Tesla. For more content, please pay attention to Zunjia Finance, Hong Kong and US A shares 0 commission ~ risk warning: The content in the article has its own specific position, investment is risky, and trading needs to be cautious. Zunjia strives but cannot guarantee that the above content is completely accurate and reliable, and does not assume any responsibility for the profit or loss arising from the operation of relying on or using third-party information.

7 months ago

Although the recent Tesla rights protection incident has fermented, I feel that some of Musk’s views are still reasonable. For example: “…Musk replied that other companies spend money on advertising and manipulating public opinion, while Tesla focuses on products.” If this is practiced, it can be described as a clear stream among major manufacturers. Now some companies’ “public relations” are already a little bit crazy, public opinion-oriented, navy… and so on. Musk said that there is no need for “public relations”, but some companies may not really have one. As an electric car, Tesla is undoubtedly the technology that is second to none in China. However, its after-sales service and product problems have also been widely criticized, and negative events have continued. What Musk said is not to “public relations”, and he did not say not to “after-sales”! Does the domestic enterprise feel that the execution has gone wrong? I feel that the after-sales service of Tesla electric cars is arrogant and arrogant, and I feel that there is no awareness of after-sales service. With such a large domestic sales, some problems are normal. Solve existing problems in time. Both the technical level and the service level need to be addressed to respond to public concerns and enhance consumer confidence. I hope Tesla can change in time, and I wish Musk a new high!

7 months ago

Direct focus: Musk replied that other companies spend money on advertising and manipulating public opinion, while Tesla focuses on products. Analyze the subtext of this sentence: 1. Our competitors can only advertise, not products. 2. Public opinion in China is being manipulated. Someone deliberately wants to rectify Tesla. 3. Tesla’s products are invincible. Consumers are really blinded (because they are fooled by other product advertisements). Wonderful. In a sentence or two, to put it bluntly, I still think that Tesla is the victim, and the Chinese market is the murderer. Since the last time the executive in China made a shocking statement, saying “Never compromise with consumers”, I feel that Tesla has a very powerful corporate culture called “We are always right, but consumers have ulterior motives.” “. If one or two executives are so clamoring, it’s fine. Musk has expressed this publicly. It can be seen that the company up and down agrees with such a concept. This is the opposite of “the customer is God”, which can be called “the enterprise is God”. Why can such an incredible corporate culture exist and even be successful? I think this has a lot to do with Tesla’s development history. Tesla is the world’s first company that is keenly aware of the dividends of the electric vehicle era, and is a true doer. In the electric vehicle industry, Tesla does have a natural pride, that is, “We created the era.” Tesla’s boss, Musk, has a very large pattern, including civilian rockets and manned Mars projects. Compared with most entrepreneurs, Mr. Ma’s pattern has flown to Mars. Maybe the future development of Mars will be Leave his name. In the past few years, Tesla has caught up with the Fed’s super release, and its market value has exploded. Even if the car cannot be bought, relying on first-hand technology and ideas, it will definitely not lack money and the future. In this context, Tesla really felt that he was God. They may have a feeling that they are creating history and transforming mankind. You (consumers) must keep up with us. Can’t you keep up? Then get out of the car. Is it blinded by technology and capital? Or are human beings really ignorant? Let’s see the result! But my opinion is that you can just pretend to stay in the United States. In China, you still do more honestly. Even if you really fly to Mars, can you still fly with the Chinese people? I am afraid that a backhand is a sanction.

7 months ago

It’s almost okay to do public relations. Without public relations, this is pure nonsense. In this crisis public relations, each node Tesla has done corresponding operations. Although these operations seem very fascinating, they did it. If any company in the world faces such a major public opinion crisis in the local market without doing public relations, all that is left is to wait and die. It is catching up with the iteration of new energy vehicles. There are a lot of competing products on the global market, and one mistake is to be constantly smashed. If you react, you can say that there is right and wrong. If you don’t react, all that is left is verbal abuse and arrogant comments. And the local operations director is still not doing public relations in the face of this kind of incident, waiting to step down? You can say that each region has its own operation plan, and believe that its own regional operations can maintain the trust of Tesla users. But you have to say that there is no public relations, which is too nonsense. It’s too much, too much. In fact, when I think about it, it makes sense for Tesla to say this. As long as everyone believes that Tesla did not do public relations, then it is completely understandable that Tesla’s public relations work is so bad. After all, it is a layman who is blind. perfect!

7 months ago

I think the national conditions are different, but public relations have no meaning for Tesla now. 1. Tesla was much worse in the early days of its entrepreneurship in the United States than it is now in China, and even now it is not much better. The media are basically the “party journals” of the Democratic Party, such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, etc. The famous Tesla war short is that Tesla loses disastrously at the media level, and eventually goes bankrupt almost frequently. Musk is not politically inclined. A fixed person, sometimes red and sometimes blue, but one thing is certain is that the Democratic Party dislikes him very much. Coupled with the energy of several major auto companies in the United States, there is basically no good news about Tesla in the American media. Later, after Tesla’s commercial success in the United States (why it was successful, a key organization will be mentioned later), I summarized and reflected on the Tesla news effect: Tesla occupied the mainstream of the United States with 0.019% of traffic accidents in the United States. Media 95% of news media publications. In the United States, the number of deaths due to car accidents for Tesla in the United States in 2020 is 8, while the death toll of other brands is 42052. Tesla only accounts for 0.019% of the total death toll, while the mainstream media in the United States spends 95% of its time Reported Tesla’s car accidents, and only 5% of the time was used to report other car accidents. 2. There is an authoritative organization in the United States. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the most authoritative official organization for vehicle safety in the United States. There are professional personnel and teams to investigate the hardware, software code, vehicle structure, collision safety, etc. Deal with it and provide authoritative conclusions, known as the FDA in the automotive industry. Compared with American media reports, this is a truly authoritative organization. As long as there are possible problems with vehicles on sale in the United States, they will promptly intervene to provide authoritative results. For example, in January this year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigation report on Tesla’s out-of-control acceleration against some American Tesla owners who believe that Tesla has automatic acceleration stated that there were 246 cases of Tesla’s out-of-control acceleration. All are caused by the driver stepping on the wrong pedal. Similarly, when NHTSA “washed out the grievances” of Tesla, it determined in January of the same year that because some of the old model x and model s models had a hidden danger of failure in the central control, it ordered Tesla to recall the vehicle and replace the MCU. And just 8 days ago, a Tesla accident caused deaths in an autopilot. This agency still sent a special team to investigate. 3. The problem is coming. There is no institution like NHTSA in China, and public relations are meaningless. The problem is that the domestic government does not have an authoritative official agency for the identification of new energy vehicles. Therefore, institutions that can detect new energy vehicles basically cannot do without a third party. background. At this time, consumers will more or less think that third-party agencies are easily bought by car companies, and stores deceive customers. The reason why public relations is meaningless is that there is no endorsement by an authoritative organization, and the attitude depends entirely on the official media. Judging from the current situation, the official media or the official attitude should be considered by many to be Tesla’s problems. For example, in the Xiamen child collision incident, before the conclusion was reached, it was confirmed that Tesla was out of control in a short period of time. The party media Economic Daily also followed up and issued a document that the production and sales of Tesla’s Shanghai factory should be stopped. Later, it happened. In order to reverse the reversal, the party media deleted the news, and even the related issues of Zhihu were deleted together…It can be foreseen that as long as Tesla has a car accident in the future, it will definitely make the headlines with brake failure, similar The “automatic acceleration” in the American media at the time even showed that the car owner did not even know that he had become the target of the brake failure, and was passionately aligning with netizens. Refer to my previous answer, starting from the drainage of domestic official media and self-media, combined with the official Tesla spy theory from the end of last year. I think Tesla 80% will be the next Chinese Samsung or Chinese Rakuten. For the Chinese Tesla team, the bigger challenge is yet to come. At least in terms of attributes, if there is a ban on sales in China, we must strive to fight even if the domestic ban on sales cannot stop production, after all, the Shanghai factory will have to give it every month. Countries such as Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand supply model 3, at least these countries and regions have not been “brake failure.” If the US headquarters simply withdrew from India and Vietnam to build factories, the Chinese team’s own jobs would not be guaranteed.

7 months ago

The number of failures per 100 vehicles of Tesla is as high as 250. Before China, there were filial filial sons who kept the dignity of foreign luxury cars. In the United States, you don’t know what reputation is your Tesla? Not to mention the brake problem, what is the big gap, abnormal noise, uneven paint, the seat is not fixed, and the plastic parts are dropped when running, dare to say that the quality of self-confidence is okay? It’s hard to say that Tesla has nothing to do with public relations. Anyway, Iron Man is a public relations, and he just piles up feelings. It is the obligation of the car owner to buy Tesla to give Iron Man money for scientific research. TM’s sales volume is one-thirtieth of Toyota’s, and its market value is two-and-a-half of Toyota’s. In the past, Tesla was created by a technology company, not a car company. It is said that the quality control is almost normal because of the late entry. Not to mention what kind of car you built without quality control, now the core system has bugs, or the one that can be reproduced, and still put this hard, where is the Tesla technology?

7 months ago

In fact, Tesla is similar to Xiaomi in some respects. 1. In the past, Xiaomi did not place huge amounts of advertisements on traditional media, but instead relied on Internet traffic represented by Lei Jun for actual marketing. So the traditional media hacked Xiaomi when they caught the opportunity. The simple truth is. A platform, a media, whether Party A has a huge budget here completely determines its own inclination. For example, a certain automotive platform has billions of media revenues each year. Think about which companies will spend large budgets on it. Then think about the platform’s tendency to favor this car company. Do you want to have a budget next year? The same is true for Tesla. I don’t invest in budgets. It just happens that you have a hot spot. As a media, why don’t I add a stick? 2. In the past, Xiaomi surpassed the channel merchants to sell directly to users. The channel merchants and first-line shop assistants could not make money, so they would kill Xiaomi when they caught the opportunity; Tesla’s model, direct sales, surpassed the traditional 4s store. In the same simple way, taking people and money is like that. Old fans of Xiaomi should have an indelible impression of what I said. We all know the story later. With its strong vitality and iterative ability, Xiaomi relied on excellent products from generation to generation. Although there were twists and turns, it persisted and stood firm. On the other hand, it has gradually compromised with traditional media and traditional channels. Of course, you can say that a win-win situation is also possible. Tesla does not know the future. But one thing is certain. If you want to gain a foothold in China, you still have to rely on excellent quality. People who buy cars are not fools. Only Tesla’s own quality can continue to win the favor of consumers. Otherwise, it can only be like Samsung. That becomes others. As for whether Tesla will compromise with the media and channel vendors in the future, let’s see while walking.

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