At 04:00 on April 28, 11 newly confirmed cases (including 1 asymptomatic infection imported from Indonesia and 10 imported from India), and 1 new asymptomatic infection (imported from India). All close contacts have been quarantined. As of 24:00 on the 28th, a total of 1343 confirmed cases (124 imported cases overseas) have been reported.

Let me focus on the epidemic prevention situation at the border between China and India. Many people just opened their mouths: Indian patients with the new crown cannot climb the Himalayas. This is because they do not understand the new crown, nor India, nor the Himalayas. 1. The Himalayas. What do you think of the Himalayas? Such? There is even this: pay attention to the last photo, it is a rice field. This is Beibeng Township in Medog County, Tibet, China. It is 500 meters above sea level. If you can see it clearly, it is five hundred, not five thousand. The Himalayas are more than 2,200 kilometers long and the terrain is extremely complex, making it the most complicated place on earth. There are mountains with an altitude of 8,000 meters, gully fans with an altitude of several hundred meters, and several canyons with an altitude of more than 1,000 to 3,000 meters. The main major channels are: Chentanggou, Lebugou, Yadonggou, Zhangmugou, Jilonggou. These ditches run through the entire Himalayas. The entrance is about 1,000 meters above sea level, and the exit of the ditch is more than 4,000 meters above sea level. Most of the ditch is actually controlled by China. The Chinese territories in the southern Himalayas include: Medog County, Southern Tibet, Yadong County, Zhangmu Town, Jilong Town, most of Chayu County, in addition to townships such as Rong Township under the jurisdiction of Dingri County, and Ladakh area , Tawang area. In short, the Sino-Indian border is actually a dog-toothed situation. As far as China’s current control is concerned, the actual control area between China and India is not necessarily snowy peaks. There are many places where the altitude is not high, and asymptomatic infections are completely It is possible to pass. Among these areas, the actual control areas of China that are likely to be reached by asymptomatic infected persons in India are relatively easy to reach by roads from the hinterland of China. They are: Zhangmu Town: 2800 meters above sea level, facing Nepal, with 318 National Highway leading to Shanghai ; Geelong Town: 2800 meters above sea level, facing Nepal, connected to National Road 318 through the 318 National Highway Shishapangma Peak; Medog County: 500 meters above sea level, facing India, reaching Bomi County through National Highway 559, connecting to National Highway 318; Asia Dong County: The county seat is 1,800 meters above sea level, facing India, and reaching Shigatse, Lhasa and other places via National Highway 562; Le Township, Mama Township in Cuona County: 1200-1800 meters above sea level, facing India, reaching through county roads, township roads, and national defense highways Cuona County was eventually connected to Shannan and Lhasa. In addition, there are passages to Bhutan, Ladakh and other regions, not to mention one by one. 2. New coronavirus. At present, a large number of asymptomatic infections are known. These infected people have almost no symptoms, their mobility is not affected, and may enter the above-mentioned areas. These areas are identical in ethnicity, culture, and language with the areas actually controlled by India, Nepal, and Bhutan. Many of them have relatives, and there are even many people with dual nationalities who hold certificates and exchanges between the two countries. close. It is entirely possible for these asymptomatic infected persons to enter our country’s actual control zone without being discovered, or even to hide secretly in relatives’ homes to get help. There are still a large number of Sherpas in India’s actual control area. Their daily activities range at a high altitude, even higher than ours. Even if these people are infected with the new crown virus, it is likely that they are not due to their physical fitness. It shows symptoms and is not affected by altitude. On our side, we feel that there is more oxygen… Not only can we not rule out the introduction of the Indian epidemic into our country along the China-India border, I even think the possibility is very high. These canine-toothed places are high in mountains and deep in valleys, with strange elevation changes and criss-cross paths, making prevention and control difficult. Can you find where the trail is? Do you think it would be difficult for an asymptomatic infected person to pass these trails? There are a large number of smugglers in this place. Do you think it is impossible for them to take a part-time job? These are the Nepalese who come to work everyday. The epidemic in India has exploded, and it is difficult to say whether Nepal will be blown up. I think the epidemic in Nepal has already blown up, and it has been blown up long ago. People exchanges between Nepal and India are more frequent, and Nepal itself does not have the ability to prevent epidemics. Many Nepalese work in India during the day and return to sleep at night. We can only think that the Nepal epidemic and India are highly linked, and the severity is exactly the same. 3. India. India’s control of the epidemic is just a fuss. If control is not controlled, the severity is the same, and it all depends on the virus’ happiness. I suspect that there is still a wave of large-scale refugees waiting in India. With the collapse of the Indian economy, this wave of large-scale refugees is very likely to appear. Where is it going? Of course, the biggest probability is Bangladesh and Myanmar, and the small probability is to run directly to China and Pakistan. Nepal? Nepal is estimated to be worse than India. Bhutan? What is the difference between running and not running in Bhutan? As the speaker in this region, China is the only permanent member of the United Nations, and it is duty-bound. The United States, Britain and France can watch the fire from across the shore, but does China have a way to watch the fire across the shore? Regardless of the responsibility for regional stability? The political influence is regional stability; the military pressure is India’s desperate military adventures, but there is no pressure on China. Burma, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal can’t handle it? Of course Bhutan has been invaded for a long, long time. In short, this time the epidemic in Zhejiang has reminded us that it is time to make preparations.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The foreign epidemic has been serious for a long time, but the domestic epidemic prevention and control is so strict, I believe the impact is controllable. For a country like India that has a sudden outbreak, is there a fuse line? When it exceeds a certain level, a fuse mechanism should be implemented. The flight should be suspended, and the entry should be prohibited. The new case in Zhejiang came from a ship passing through India, which was docked in Zhoushan. A person diagnosed with the new crown was found on board and has undergone closed-loop testing and treatment. The rest of the personnel remained on standby on board. Strictly prevent and control, especially in the face of people from India, it is urgent. At the same time, there are several points to note in the future. The first one is the upcoming May Day holiday-although everyone complained about it, ruining a Sunday before and then ruining a Saturday, plus its own weekend, it was actually only one day off, and the May Fourth Youth Day was also symbolic. The half-day holiday actually only lasted half a day. But after all, there are five days long. The number of people traveling on this May Day will reach a new high. Many people who have not returned home during the Spring Festival will go back to visit relatives. May is the late spring season when flowers are blooming and grasses are growing, and it is just right to travel. Air tickets and train tickets have always been in short supply, and according to some friends who want to travel to Nanjing, they can’t book tickets anymore. Almost all the ticket reservations for the major popular attractions have been used up. Masks and disinfectants are still necessary for going out, and Sukang codes and travel codes still need to be updated regularly. The risk of a large number of people gathering is a big test for both individuals and the country. The second is the quarantine and inspection of imported goods. The recovery of the market since the beginning of this year can be seen everywhere, but it is true that the supply of raw materials falls short of demand. Many price increases and shortages are also expected. Import and export trade is inevitable. A sudden outbreak like India has a great impact on all aspects of import and export trade between my country and India. The third is that universal vaccination is still being carried out in an intense and orderly manner. Most healthy adults are suitable for vaccination, and all kinds of vaccinations are needed. It seems that minors and the elderly over 60 years of age have not yet been fully included in the vaccinated population. Instead, these two groups of people are susceptible to the new coronavirus, especially the elderly. This group of people may need to pay more attention and promptly introduce corresponding protection measures.

7 months ago

I heard that after the pandemic broke out in India, the wealthy Indians fled abroad, and I was still happy. Have you forgotten that China is equivalent to India and is also a foreign emmm Twitter, isn’t it on Yahoo that the epidemic in China has worsened daily? Isn’t the U.S. emperor numb? Doesn’t China treat patients rudely? Isn’t the American Emperor Human Rights Treatment? Why do you come to China? It’s really poisonous. The biggest problem is not these people who do airplanes. It’s the current southwest border, with the outbreak of the epidemic in India and the outbreak of turmoil in Myanmar. Some people will definitely find ways to run to China. This is the real big poisoning.

7 months ago

Need to be more vigilant against the risk of epidemic import 1. The land boundary is different from the high mountain that most readers think, and there are also easy-to-pass borders between China and India. Looking at the top piece (India-controlled Ladakh region), regardless of the problem of insufficient testing, only positive tests account for 4% of the total population. Looking at the topography again, the actual control line (red line) of the two countries is just a small river. On the left is India’s actual control village, and on the right is my country’s Dianjiao Village. It is easier to pass. Therefore, the border must be strengthened. 2. Air port situation Because entry must be 100% centralized isolation, direct and indirect entry from India will not have the risk of spreading the epidemic. The mutant strains in India may be resistant to antibodies and avoid traditional PCR testing (it is not clear whether it is because it bypasses the nasopharyngeal and directly infects the lungs, so the throat swab is not available, or is caused by genetic sequence changes). Staff at customs border inspections, quarantine points, and infectious disease hospitals should strengthen protection to avoid infection, and at the same time sequence the virus strains carried by entry personnel to clarify their characteristics. If mutations affect the effectiveness of nucleic acid testing, sampling methods or reagents need to be updated.

7 months ago

1. Yesterday, when discussing the issue of India, many people still disagreed. 2. Not aware of the seriousness of the problem at all. The Indian nucleic acid certificate is forged. Real hammer 3. India’s infection rate, more than 30% are conservative 4. It depends on whether they are infected with 2.0 or 3.0. 5 The whole world is waiting for Israel, and the Israeli vaccine has basically hit 60%. The country has also been opened up. Whether it can hold India 2.03.0 depends on the next month. If we can’t hold it, our vaccine is also dangerous.

7 months ago

This wave of epidemic in India is raging. The official report has infected 300,000 people every day, 365 days a year, and 100 million people will be infected in one year. Do you think it is possible? It is not an exaggeration to say that at least half of the people in India have been infected with the mutant virus. In the past, the 60% infection rate of the original strain in India did not cause much disturbance, and I had to admire the ability of the Indians to resist harsh environments. Basically, they have reached the bottom line of universal immunization. However, the mutant virus is not the same, it is resistant to high temperature, and is highly infectious and toxic. It is still unknown how useful the existing vaccines are against the mutant strain. So now the rich Indians are running in Europe, and the middle class is running in neighboring countries. Now we are the most important It is to prevent importation, and the whole world must concentrate on helping. Otherwise, with India’s population base and ZF attitude, not only us, it will affect every corner of the world.

7 months ago

How much impact? Not much. This disease is well controlled, and if you guard against it, you won’t be able to make many waves. No matter how powerful the virus is, it has to be in contact with other people before it can spread. A virus source that has been quickly isolated is actually not contagious. And China also needs such patients to be treated to keep the new coronavirus library updated at all times-the mutation speed of the rna virus is too fast, and the early viruses are estimated to be no longer applicable. And to be honest, there are almost no new cases in the country. The hundreds of thousands of imported cases are not a big problem for the country. The core is to prevent transmission. Regarding the new coronavirus, whether it is a vaccine or a medicine, the effect is difficult to estimate. The virus infects so many people, and the mutation speed is unparalleled. I think even the vaccine may not keep up with the update speed of the vaccine. After all, as long as one more person is infected, the virus will have one more chance to mutate. At least six months. It is almost inevitable that the virus can penetrate the antibodies produced by the vaccine. But physical isolation is definitely effective. I think that in a while, as far as the epidemic prevention capabilities of foreign countries are concerned, whether it is developed countries in the West, Southeast Asia, or underdeveloped countries in the Middle East, they will lie down and vaccinate, and then they will lie down and win. So this kind of double mutation, triple mutation or even n-fold mutation of the third brother will soon spread to the whole world. Therefore, in the future, China’s state of isolation and isolation will continue for a long time. As long as you are from a foreign country, you need to be isolated. And to be honest, the new crown is raging around the world, and China is calm, and it is also an opportunity for China-this is a quiet place to live happily. As for isolation, it is a trivial matter in the face of survival. When the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic erupts in the United Kingdom and the United States, there will be rich people who come to China to seek survival. Let’s keep going. After a few more years, China will be more attractive than Britain and the United States and become the preferred destination of other wealthy people. After all, it is better to die than to live. There is hope when you live.

7 months ago

As a powerful independent country, a major democratic country, a major economic country, and a country with a large population, India has begun to show its power. From the perspective of epidemic prevention, this incident has presented us with very real challenges, of which three points are particularly urgent at this stage. First, how to deal with the navigation and communication issues with India, whether to take strict measures to cut off the flight, and if a certain degree of communication is allowed, how to arrange the epidemic prevention measures. Second, how to deal with the issues of navigation and communication with other countries in the world. The virus does not distinguish between races. If we only guard India strictly, it is not enough. Not to mention the distant ones, the neighboring countries of India, such as Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal and so on, are likely to be affected by the new outbreak in India. To put it a bit further, it is not impossible for the entire world to be dragged down by the Indian epidemic again. Therefore, our immigration management now has major challenges. We should show courage and efficiency, face the challenges as soon as possible, and come up with appropriate response measures. Third, we should actively cooperate with India to obtain the latest mutated strains or virus data, and deploy a new stage of vaccine research and development. It is really in the context of major infectious diseases that we cannot relax at all times. Based on the above three analysis, my country’s epidemic prevention and control should usher in a new round of challenges. Although we have done well for more than a year. However, in the face of the new crown, any carelessness and carelessness may lead to the waste of all previous efforts! Those who travel a hundred miles are half and ninety. Before we reach a complete victory in the fight against the epidemic, we should continue to work hard, stay vigilant, not be complacent, and not panic, and scientifically cooperate with the country to fight the long war against the epidemic!

7 months ago

All confirmed cases coming in from legal channels are under control and will not affect my country’s epidemic prevention and control. It’s hard to tell other places. Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai are areas with first-class medical and prevention and control levels. As long as it is a foreign passenger coming in through a normal flight, the entire link of detection, disinfection, transfer, and isolation has passed the test for more than a year and is very safe. However, because of the emergence of double-mutated and triple-mutated strains in India, it is necessary to strengthen control on the original basis, and at the same time strengthen research, strictly lift isolation standards, and prevent risks.

7 months ago

On June 4, 2020, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued the “Notice of the Civil Aviation Administration on Adjusting International Passenger Flights”. The notice pointed out that from June 8, 2020, flight awards and circuit breaker measures will be implemented. The Civil Aviation Administration, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the General Administration of Customs of the National Health Commission, and the Bureau of Immigration have jointly established a special shift mechanism to implement circuit breakers and incentive measures on flights based on the results of passenger nucleic acid tests after landing on inbound flights. Incentive measures: that is, if the number of passengers with positive nucleic acid test results on the same airline’s flight entry has been zero for 3 consecutive weeks, one flight per week can be added to the maximum number of flights per week within the scope of the airline’s operating permit. Fuse measures: If the number of passengers who have a positive nucleic acid test result on the same airline’s flight reaches 5 after entry, the company will suspend the operation of the airline for 1 week, and if it reaches 10, the airline will suspend the operation of the airline for 4 weeks. The number of “fuse-blown” flights shall not be adjusted for other routes. After the “fuse” period is over, the airline can resume the weekly flight schedule. According to this turtle, how can the fuse mechanism be triggered.

7 months ago

According to the situation of the epidemic situation in India, countries are requested to ban travelers from India, or Indian personnel who have passed through a third country, or foreign personnel who have recently lived in India, to issue an entry prohibition notice. Thank you! Don’t look at what other countries are doing, and regard the right to life of their own nationals as the first. The Chinese can resist imperialist aggression, but the triple mutation, or even the unknown fourfold and fivefold mutation of the new coronavirus, cannot be resisted by the Chinese. Don’t seduce me, go to India and try it directly, thank you!

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