It turns out that there are but relatively few. After tapi came out, as long as the assassin hero or the short hand is selected from the single, it is possible to encounter the top single bullies to reduce the dimensionality. For example, the ad assassin really can’t beat the mid-single male gun and light steel shadow, and the game experience is extremely poor. Especially the heroes who re-roamed as long as they don’t have the line right, the game is basically gone. No effect at all. Why doesn’t Riot designers restrict this?

The upper single fighters play in the middle, such as Crocodile, Kled, and Pan Sen. They are really good in the early stage. The rune wears two magic resistances, and they can clear the soldiers with the skills of the wizard. Especially for warriors such as crocodile with their own recovery skills, often the blue bars of traditional mages are gone, and he has nothing to do. However, this situation belongs to the slanting front of the sword walking, and the warrior walking in the middle will lack AP damage in the later stage, which is inevitable. In the later stages, a reasonable lineup can win more than one or two percent when facing non-mainstream lineups. Therefore, before there was no Tapie mechanism, there were very few fighters. But…I’m afraid of everything but…One day in the past few years, when the designers of LOL got their brains, the Tappi mechanism appeared, and the traditional mages were immediately taken seriously. As the subject said, the number of top laners taking the middle is indeed after the Tapie mechanism appeared. So why did the emergence of a tapi mechanism give birth to such an alternative gameplay? One layer of tapi is 160, and the fifth layer is 800 yuan. The designer originally introduced the Tapie mechanism to encourage players to fight wildly in the early stage. The winner is king, and the winner takes all. As long as you win, Tapie, experience, pawn lines, and wild areas are all yours. On the contrary, as long as you If you lose, then you will lose all your wife. In addition, the revised version of Canyon Dragon also contributes to the arrogance of this kind of fighters. My fighters can walk after pushing the line. Your mage midlaners have to work hard, haha, and wait for you to clear the soldiers. Come here again, the day lily is cold. Traditional mages don’t have to be sad. The humiliation you have endured has been silently endured by the top tanks for many years. It can be said that the history of League of Legends’ top singles was written by soldiers riding on tanks and peeing. of. At least, the traditional mage can still C in the late stage, but which tank have you seen that has C in the late stage? However, even in the current version, there are still a small number of fighters in the middle of the game. The fighters who are in the middle are more likely to appear as backhands, but they only test the basic skills of the mage player.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The main reason is that the mage is declining and the fighters are too strong. Now on the road is no longer the version of the tanks fighting each other, it is the real man and the four sisters fighting each other. And because most junglers move from bottom to top, the crabs in the upper half are a battleground for soldiers, and fighters with high-rights mobility and strong combat capabilities naturally become popular. Back to the middle, the wizard’s decline has made it more difficult to play long-handed and short-handed in the middle. Assassins with strong early combat capabilities have been arrogant in the middle for a long time. However, the biological chain is here. The thick-skinned top laner is something that your assassins will not dare to touch, so the top laner hitting the middle of the lane directly becomes a dimensionality reduction blow. There is a small fish from Yongen, when you are worried about what to use, the crocodile is definitely your best choice. In a word, just have hands.

7 months ago

It is not a dimensionality reduction attack. The essential reason for this is the homogenization of the status of the middle road, that is, a series of changes such as the shortening of the alignment period, the reduction of the middle road support demand, and the increase of the road support demand. These changes make the middle and upper heroes no longer stick to the traditional eu flow. Instead, the upper-middle hero pool is completely broken up and rearranged. This is the reason why you can see the heroes on the top lane in addition to the heroes on the mid lane.

7 months ago

I feel very good. And the mid-lane ad assassin version has been gone for a long time, the last time it was the mid-lane mage assassin’s prosperity. So the weakness of AD assassin itself is what designers should pay attention to. In addition, this is not called dimensionality reduction. The middle does not necessarily have to win the line. Or do you have to take a close look at the cable right to support it? Let alone a lot of support in the game, even the passersby staying in the game for a long time is also a kind of support. Since others use fighters to line up, it is impossible to win the line. It’s useless to choose anything. AP can’t help it. Also, mid-range fighters are often not as flexible as AD assassins. Once the opponent presses the line, you can call the jungler to catch. Normal junglers will pay attention

7 months ago

Look at the strength of the current assassins. There are 6 in the top 10 (also in the national server). Except for the orphan brothers, the AD assassins are all on it. Previously, an armored suit made several AD assassin’s armor-piercing suits scrapped. Now a darkwalker. In the late stage of the Claw 41 armor penetration, there will be no such situation that the armor of the late AD Guangchun brother will reach 120, and the assassin can’t play a group in a second. The advantage in front of the ADC is directly useless; not to mention that the early and mid-term is too important, the tank warrior swings It’s still very useful to suppress the development of assassins in the middle, like these three dads of Jie, you can’t beat the lane, and you may be faster than others in clearing the lane. The most outrageous thing is that you can’t run the lane. If you mix in the back, others still have control. Useful and uncomfortable

7 months ago

Looking at the essence through the phenomenon, this must be caused by the game environment. The game speed up, ok, the first and mid-term team battles of the single fighters are really not so ruthless, a small team battle can almost match two of them. But on the road, you can’t radiate the game, and you will have the opportunity to join the team when you reach the middle road. The resources of the wild area have become more important. Tappi corresponds to the vanguard, and the dragon has the dragon soul, so that these heroes have the opportunity to fight in the strong period to open up the situation. Especially nowadays, the mages are more blue than the other, and the basic life recovery in the middle of the order is thrown off a lot.

7 months ago

There are two important reasons, both of which are related to the current equipment design issues. The first point is that the current equipment gives me too many choices for the top order. You have the claws of the darkwalker. You run fast and I get close. You are crispy and I am directly eclipsed. If you play several sets, I am directly. Thirsty. The second point is that the current equipment of the mid laner is very embarrassing. If there is no explosion, it needs to be cd without cd, and none of the three-piece suits can’t be played, but the order is only one and a half pieces. It is very fierce.

7 months ago

You rank first to choose an assassin ad, look down on the opposite, and still not allow others to choose you as a counter? Did you choose this way first, and expect to choose a Kassadin from the opposite side to make you hit online? If you don’t have enough strength, choose a panacea like a three-handed clockwork girl. Those who are strong enough to pick assassins first can also find a way out. If you can’t push the line, you will call the jungler. Like the mid laner Lucian, you will be honest if you call the jungler twice. With the iron whip level, it will not be slow to push the line up. You have to choose the assassin first, and you need the wired power to walk away. It is better to choose the assassin and let the opposite base 15 explode.

7 months ago

The old mid-lane players said that this is the reason why I dislike LOL more and more. To put it bluntly, the mainstream heroes (warriors) on the road are more powerful than mid-lane heroes, so hard. It’s already high enough to ignore the difference in the upper mid lane, and the mid lane is difficult to single kill. The equipment factor is also a part, directly leading to the S11 is a version of the middle road to be a dog on the road. It is not to say that the middle road will protect the top road, but this seems to be the version in which the influence of the middle road in the first year is actually lower than that of the top road. Teams that exploded on the road all lost the game, and the middle lane often had to choose a tool man. There are two most important reasons: 1. In the professional game, the scroll continues to passersby. Heroes such as Ryze Tsar Sindra Akali are now half the clock, and the upper limit is very high in the hands of professional players. However, the shortcomings of these heroes in the passerby are very obvious when they do not communicate. No one would think of Ryze as a French nuclear and surround him to fight, it is hard for passers-by to think that holding Ryze next to him will have the tactical option of driving suddenly. So what is the result? These traditional mid-lane heroes are very low-intensity, but they have irreplaceable importance in professional competitions (Ryze driving, Czar group super long-distance push, Syndra’s E skill has the potential of one control five at long distance), which makes Their passerby game is very difficult to play, but Riot believes that they have potential in professional games so they will not strengthen it. In fact, the essence of the inner scroll is that the hero gameplay and upper limit have been thoroughly studied. Now Yasoka Q CD double wind EQ flash has become a basic exercise, and people are tired of watching various highlights. As a result, Yasuo is ridiculously fragile as a melee hero. These operations that are difficult for many passers-by must be mastered in order to be equal to the strength of other heroes. Yasuo, who was showing up again, was still torn apart by Galen QWER’s face-rolling keyboards. Unfortunately, most of the heroes who have a lot of involution are mid-lane mages, or mid-lane heroes. That’s right, they have been weakened so that the Zhonglu Mage is weaker overall. So you see that the Lux Bomberman can’t go to the middle even after strengthening and strengthening. Tsar Syndra can still choose in professional competitions all the way. The problem is that those who have been chopped off are the mainstay. Look at the clockwork, 40 attack power, 18 armor and 28 magic resistance. It’s okay to say that she is the most trash basic attribute, right? What E gives the double antibody? That would just add to the jungle on the road! Just pull a soldier out with 66 attack power, 38 armor, 32 magic resistance, high attack speed and high blood volume, only one attack distance is lost, is the clockwork cut in a human form? The price paid for an attack range advantage is a very low fault tolerance rate, level 3 Crocodile Red Fury or Silas Ignites a set that can’t kill a full-blooded clockwork. Come to me. Clockwork wants to kill the crocodile? Can the crocodile be killed by standing and hitting you for 10 seconds? Why, use blue for the clockwork, no blue? Not to mention having to consider jungle targeting. This is also the reason why although the mage can bully the archer on the road, it has not formed a trend, because the mage is more brittle than the archer. When the jungler has crossed three times in a row, the tower mage is not even qualified to eat tower knives. This is the fault tolerance rate of passers-by, and it is also the main reason why the mid lane assassin is more than a grade higher than the mage. What if the assassin is strong? No matter what fancy assassin, can you beat my crocodile? Do you dare to fight my crocodile? The fighters are much better than the mid-lane heroes in terms of basic stats. 2. The fighters have produced a lot of functional equipment and runes over the years, and the wizards have not been in the environment before S5. At that time, the fighters were really Tie Hanhan, and no one could touch them if the version hadn’t been revised, and no one played. Tanks are on the road. Times have changed. Black cut, speed up! Plate armor of the dead, speed up! Glory of Justice/Alchemy Pot, speed up! S11 also has extremely new toys, advance into the spoilers! I can’t feel I still have a big mouthful of blood thirsty battle axe! Gargoyle resists damage! Blood hand resists injury! The eclipse sucks blood to the shield! I can also play with the Sandwalker screen blade of the assassin next door! Give me any other shield-breaking knives and eye knives! I can also play the Sun Yanbing Fist of the tank! Can your mage regain the blood and reduce the damage? I also gave the stopwatch to the soldier, your mage can bite and now I can bite too! Acceleration is the functionality that fighters need most. The new survivability equipment can’t be counted with one hand. What has happened to the opinion teacher for so many years? The only two new and effective functional equipment are the Rocket Belt and Eternal Cream. I will give you a count of the functionality of other new equipment: Luden, Landry, Astral, Horizon, Dark Night Reaper, all damage + movement speed of Nima, none of them are irreplaceable. There was also a canyon maker who sucked a little bit of poor blood, almost forgotten. Then the pile of CD equipment that the mages depend on for a living is also slower than that of the soldiers, which is a big joke. The mage can rub the equipment of the soft assistant… but does anyone play with the soft assistant in S11? After seven or eight years, the mage can only rely on the golden body to save his life, and now he can only rely on the golden body to save his life. The banshee used to be a mage/tank exclusive, now there are also warrior assassins, oh shooters can also come out. Seeing other fighters deciding whether to advance displacement or thirsty to suck blood, and many wizards can only choose Luden to deal damage or Landry to deal damage, or when they are hard to come out of Yongshuang and try their luck, they feel that the clown is actually It’s the mage myself. Even runes are a virtue. The swift pace rushes in phase to move faster. The conqueror immortal sucks blood from the attack power. Cong Jian’s deadly rhythm gives attack speed. Aftershocks resist injury. By the way, almost all the runes for the mage to hit and damage mentioned below are OK. Mage… Do you want to use Alley for damage, comet damage, dark harvest, or electric shock? It doesn’t matter if the phase is rushing, oh there is a cheat for unsealing, so let’s take it as a tool man. ……Although the mage can restrain the shooter, to be honest, now the mage is really the bottom link in the ecological chain.

7 months ago

It is not an exaggeration to say that the balance of League of Legends is terribly poor. This game was born 5 years ago and is now closed. Think about it. S2-S7 has a few long hands that dare to play on the road. If you dare to choose, the fighter directly presses the hammer. The designer himself couldn’t balance the top order ecosystem, he took turns cutting the attributes of the fighters, and redone the rune system, which made the fighters unable to beat the long hands. The previous runes, big essence, and yellow are all equipped with armor, which can easily resist pressure. Long hands can’t crush people. When the level grows, the fighters can play casually. Now the same goes for the middle road. The traditional mage ecosystem cannot be balanced, and the blue bottle is cancelled. Long ago, the blue BUFF was cut back to blue, and there is a tapi mechanism, which directly caused the middle road to become a tool man. Push the line to support the toolmen who cooperated with Nosuke’s invasion of GANK. Now the middle lane mage does not have enough blue volume. If you choose to push the line, you will not be able to push the line. You will not be able to push the line. If you can’t push the line, you will be eaten by tapi. The limitations of selecting people are particularly large. You can only follow the version. Fixed to choose, the most disgusting thing is the stopwatch, which directly announces that the assassin will always be GG.

7 months ago

It’s normal. A friend of mine who played the mid laner in the past felt that my rank was false and he wanted to solo with me very arrogantly. I chose a few Assassin mid laner heroes, and they were all rubbed against the ground by my top laner heroes. What Yasuo, Jie, Tyrone, Ike, Xiaoyu, in front of my crocodile sword demon dog Xiongnuo hand Jax Raven are all younger brothers. You heroes only go to mid lane or jungle when they can’t get mixed up on the road. Now our top heroes come to mid lane to be a dad once, so it’s not too much, so I used to see nurses hanging Jax and leopard girls suppressing crocodiles. Very aggrieved, I miss the previous Warrior League. The style of play is different. I am a hardcore player, and Lu Xianquin’s long hands can’t get into my eyes.

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