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Because many people mistakenly think that being mean is a cool trait. I have always felt that there is a widespread misunderstanding on the Internet, that is, a lot of people think that it is cool to be mean. These people may be influenced by literary works and like the author of poisonous tongue or the role of poisonous tongue in the work, and they feel that using language stings. Derogating others can make you seem sharp. No, it’s not like that. The reason why meanness sometimes looks charming is because it is accompanied by other good qualities, but meanness itself is not cool at all. You can say that the respected Mr. Lu Xun is very mean. His articles are like swords and swords, which make people enjoy and relieve their anger when reading. So many people imitate Lu Xun’s meanness, and the words and expressions can’t wait to gnash their teeth. That energy can show Lu Xun’s demeanor. In fact, Mr. Lu Xun’s meanness is only on the surface. Behind his sharp words are his wisdom, profoundness, insight, and compassion. These are the real convincing qualities of Mr. Lu Xun, but many people have finished reading it. In Lu Xun’s article, I didn’t realize the vigorous and bright things between the lines in Mr.’s words. He simply felt that he was very energetic in cursing people. I didn’t see anything else. It’s like ordering a big pot of boiled fish with only peppers and not meat . There is another disadvantage of being mean, that is, it is easy to give others an expectation that is not in line with the facts. For example, when I see a person who likes to belittle and sarcasm, I preconceived that this person must be of a very high level, so In order to be able to point and point to others so arrogantly, but in fact, most of the mean people I have seen in life do not have the talents and abilities that match their meanness. Once I realize this, the image of this person is in My heart will be greatly discounted, “You are not as sharp and profound as your performance, you are just a stinky mouth.” In that case, why do you need to give others such a gap? Besides, being mean is really bad for personal development. You have the habit of speaking out and hurting others. Others have no obligation to forgive you. Among the people I know, the kind of people who use their words to make their achievements are without exception. It’s because the road gets narrower and narrower, because you may feel that some bad words are indifferent and forget them after you say them, but the stinged person can remember for many years, a casual bad word may have an amazing long tail effect. When I was in elementary school If you were stabbed, you still remember that there are not many people around you who are willing to endure this kind of unhappiness and stick to you. Besides, even if there are such people, how can you bear to hurt them? When I was chatting with a wrestling master, I was impressed when he said something. He said that he has practiced wrestling for decades and has won the rankings in the country, but what makes him most proud is that he never hurt his hands. Over one person, this means that the old gentleman’s skill is pure, not only can win people, but also can not go wrong without accidents, although it is actual combat, but everything is under control, showing decent and cleverness. I think speaking may also be based on a similar logic. What’s more, language is not meant to overwhelm others.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This is a typical “knife mouth tofu heart”, using acrimony to hide the inferiority in his bones, trying to suppress the opponent through language advantages, a sense of self-superiority is the ultimate inferiority. You can take a good look at this kind of people. It is a habit to ridicule others, and it is also a kind of self-protection, a kind of external armor. Such people are often very fragile and belong to the “externally strong in the middle” type. Have pity for this kind of people. Generally, they can only be lonely and cold without friends. Don’t care about this kind of people. The sarcasm in front of people is just the inner failure. Caring for the “handicapped” starts with you and me. . Everyone gives a little love, and this world is a beautiful world.

7 months ago

People who are barren and inferior at heart often like to boast about themselves and humiliate the outside world, thus forming a sense of self-enhancing satisfaction. Not low-key, not humble, take meanness as sharp, take lack of education as true temperament, and feel good about yourself. Grasp the people around you like a life-saving straw as a tool to show yourself. Once someone disobeys or disobeys, they become irritated, and they use all the bad language to sarcastically attack. They don’t know how sad they are. After contacting these people, the more they understand, the more they understand that demeanor is not something everyone has, and they will gradually understand. Maybe there are really no so-called good people and bad people in this world. But the soul does have a difference between superior and inferior. Humiliating others is the easiest thing in the world, which is why many people only practice this skill in their lives, and for some people, this is the most difficult thing in the world. To deal with this kind of people, they can only “do not have a deep friendship, do not take the initiative to break friendships, do not help, do not hinder, do not advise, do not participate, do not discuss, and let them fend for themselves.” The gentleman does not stand under the dangerous wall, try to stay away from it.

7 months ago

Some people are knives-mouthed and tofu-hearted and can’t speak, but they are very nice. Some people are really bad and stupid, and they don’t see the good of others, and self-interest is serious. There are mentality issues, emotional issues, and family environment and upbringing issues. When you meet someone who is bitter and sarcasm, stay away as much as possible, and don’t go head-on, because it is unnecessary and affects your emotions. In fact, there are such people in the network keyboard. Look at the comment area that everyone knows, and it is estimated that some people have encountered those harsh comments.

7 months ago

Those who have real strength in their hearts are usually peaceful, calm, and calm; those with serious loss of strength in their hearts are sensitive and fragile in their hearts, and are very easily injured; they are very afraid of others hurting them, they have no way to face the harm, and finally choose In order to take the initiative to hurt others; in the process of hurting others, they find that they have gained a certain pleasure, and finally they are greedy for this feeling, and they start to hurt others to gain a certain sense of balance;

7 months ago

Why do some people always speak bitterly and sarcastically with others in their words? Some answers suggest self-deprecating to resolve. I tend to think that ordinary people (non-stars) often laugh at themselves and are easily despised. It is best to be neither humble nor overbearing. You need to know that this type of person’s inherent aggressiveness is not low, and you can infer his true attitude towards a person from the way he attacks. One is to explode directly to you, such as the Three Character Classic, but the most weak. Because swearing will affect one’s own image, but the lethality is not great, similar to a dog barking. One is to prove that he has lost his emotions and is incompetent and furious. The second is that he does not understand your weaknesses. The third is that he is afraid of you and pretends to be angry and wants to scare you away. If he always tells you yin and yang, you can clearly feel that he is ridiculing you, but you don’t know how to deal with it. Then you have to be careful. He thinks that you are a weak person who can pua and understand you enough. Your weaknesses are transparent to him, but you don’t understand him. How do you get along with this kind of person? If you have to get along, you can try the following points: 1. Fortify him. Don’t share your secrets or weaknesses with him, he will not be able to collect these to deal with you. When he is irritating to you, even if you feel uncomfortable in your heart, you have to be calm on the surface, pretending that you don’t understand, and don’t change for him. It is very difficult for him to succeed in this way. Of course, in order to gain your trust, this kind of people will sell you miserably. You don’t understand that what they share is not their real weakness. You will suffer if you talk to the truth. Appropriate sleekness is a must for society. Means of self-protection. 2. Public opinion puts pressure on it. For example, if you give a specific example, let others comment on it. This other person can be a mutual friend or a netizen. Considering that it is difficult to control the trend of public opinion by asking questions. You spend money to find someone to consult, ask the consultant to say what you want, and then take a screenshot to show him. Generally speaking, the better people treat themselves, the less they care about the opinions of outsiders. The kind of people who love the people around Pua are more likely to care about the evaluation of passersby. 3. Reduce the sense of demand. If ta always makes you uncomfortable, and you are not inseparable from ta, then it is okay to disconnect slowly. The reason for disconnection is not to say that he makes you uncomfortable, but that even if he knows that he is wrong, he does not necessarily have the motivation to change, and is more likely to laugh at you for being sensitive and fragile. You have to say that he is very good. It’s just that you’re busy at work recently, or someone with higher value than him treats you better, so you spend your energy on things that make you happy. Let him. Self-reflection. Many intp/infp are relatives and friends who can tolerate bad mouth, because they feel that such people have vented their aggressiveness and will not secretly spoil them. However, one phenomenon I found is that people with good talents and strong mouths can get some small favors when they are suppressed daily, but their temperament will be suppressed and cringe. They are obviously more capable but look like a person. Waste wood is not conducive to career development and social function. And being with people who encourage or admire themselves daily, although occasionally need to take care of them, it is conducive to exert one’s own abilities, show advantages, and have the confidence to develop a career. When the career develops, there will be more choices in life.

7 months ago

As the saying goes, “raising pigs and watching the pen”. The parents and grandparents of this kind of people are also likely to be the initiators of verbal violence. I used to associate this with character, but I later found out that it was not. This thing is purely a question of empathy, and has nothing to do with kindness or not. There are many people who have a bad mouth and a sweet heart. One day after leaving the job, I ate in the lobby of a restaurant, and when I paid the bill, I was told that I had already bought it. WeChat rang and discovered that it was the divorced eldest sister in the finance room who teased me every time I met before leaving. Be more tolerant to them (in the end, let me tell myself).

7 months ago

Whether it is intentional or unintentional, whether it is inferiority or arrogance, stay away if you don’t change it. I don’t care about others, but it is two words for me: No. You have no sense of boundaries, no sense of measure, but I still have principles and a bottom line. I don’t want to listen, are you still twittering you ×? If you do this to you, keep suppressing you. Then you have to be more careful. There are a lot of ordinary people who are like this. They lick the ones that are much better than them, and demean those who are similar. The advice this kind of person gives you is how far away. There are also many people who are simply snobbery and narrow-minded. They can’t see that people around him are better than him. People around them make a lot more money than him. They are jealous and angry. Anyone in the distance can live better than him. But there is no wave in my heart. If you are such a person, what else would you get along with, you don’t know if you are a true friend, and if the relationship is not so good, it’s the right way to stay where you are.

7 months ago

It can be divided into the following situations. He was deliberately acrimonious, speaking with irony. Don’t talk about universal morals and courtesy, just talk about the pros and cons. Speaking with sarcasm and irony can give him a feeling that he seems to be very powerful and clever and not easy to mess with, and it brings him a subjective victory in the communication process, thereby satisfying his little vanity. Superiority. Poor people are only two. He is unconsciously used to speaking bitterly and sarcastically. Maybe the environment in which he grew up taught him to be acrimonious and ironic when speaking to people for the good of others. The so-called good words do not believe, faith words are not beautiful. Good medicine is bitter, but faithful words are against your ears. and many more. It’s also a poor man three. The subject may be Liulixin. The other party just talks normally. Regardless of the reason, the person who has been sarcasm and sarcasm has a bad life in the past, present, and future. Life and heart are very difficult to deal with. The best policy The highest state of forbearance is innocence. And the subject has the wisdom, willingness and patience to help the other person improve his words and deeds. Keep your distance. Keep your eyes out of your eyes and not get upset. Try to change the opponent according to your own wishes. The next strategy. The subject is angry and confronts him verbally or physically.

7 months ago

“My personality is like this, you won’t get angry so easily, are you?” Many people are bitter and mean, thinking they are funny, and never know that language is the most hurtful weapon. Don’t be a person who speaks uncomfortably and tells others confidently that I just can’t talk. You can eat food, don’t talk nonsense, or don’t talk. Don’t use “this is my character” as an excuse for your impolite and educated way of speaking, because no matter whether you are unintentional or intentional, others will not be stupid as indifferent every time. Unless, you are really good, and you don’t need a friend for a lifetime.

7 months ago

Because I didn’t see hard stubble. Such people tend to be stern. You ask him to beep with a 180 cm, 200 catty triad brother, don’t worry about the follow-up operation of the public security organs, it is light to beat him. This kind of person would dare to pinch the gentle person around him. Whenever he encounters a powerful person, he will have to lick someone else’s pyz and call him father. There is a radio host here who is famous for his mouthfulness. Note that mouthfulness is not mouth-breaking. He once hosted a food show on the radio. A big brother called and asked which restaurant with a budget of 200 was delicious. If you said you received the money to introduce it, you just talked about it. I made a whole sentence with others: Every restaurant is delicious, depending on how much money you have. You have to prepare 2,000 yuan and I can recommend it to you. Do you want a budget of 200 yuan or don’t call, really you don’t deserve to listen to my show. Then hung up the phone. I am really wondering, you old man, have you come to your uncle? Later, I learned that this silly pen was so cheap that people knew that the address was blocking his car and wanted to cut him. It scared him to take a taxi to work. I will have something to do later, and come back to tell you how to treat Onmyoji. I am back. When you meet Onmyoji, follow him. If he said: Oh, you are so rich and eat such expensive things. Just tell him that’s right, right, Ma Yun and I call brothers and sisters, and I use Evian to flush the toilet in my house. I don’t even know how to spend the money. He wants to go on to say, then you are so rich, lend me some, or invite me to dinner. You tell him: No, I have to feed the stray dogs. As long as you open your mouth, you must choke to death. If you don’t choke, you will count as Heimlich’s first aid method. As long as he sprays dung, you just go down and say, pay attention, you must be decent, restrained, three-point cool, three-point indifferent, three-point indifferent, and one-point noble expression choked to death. Whoever looks first loses. If he is impatient, you will respond lightly: Oh, why are you angry? I didn’t mean it. I’m too direct and easy to offend people. In fact, I have a good heart. Don’t be angry anymore. Jesmora!

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