In the past few years, CUHK was basically in the top ten, but this year it fell directly out of the top ten.

The three laws of Chinese universities: 1. Chinese universities have only the first and no second-because Tsinghua University and Peking University both feel that they are the first. 2. The first and second place must be Tsinghua University and Peking University. What about the third place? ——All universities that claim to be the third in the country can be crowned with a title-“One of the 10 universities in the country ranked third”, can be crowned with this title, including but not limited to Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University , Nanjing University, Renmin University, University of Science and Technology of China… 3. The top 10 universities that claim to be ranked among themselves, there are 20 less, and 30 more…The question is, how many of the top 10 universities in China are there? ?

I have never understood why you are paying attention to these university rankings. What is the significance of the seventh in the Duck University today and the seventh in the Wuhan University? Will your employment be better than Guiqing? Is your undergraduate teaching quality better than Amerika’s “Two University”? Can your undergraduate scientific research resources be available to everyone who wants to do scientific research? Can you choose your university major like Yuanpei? Will your accommodation conditions be better? Will there be more seats in the library? Does the school build the best gym in the country? Will MIT recognize the gold content of your graduation more? Will your priority be higher when choosing a tune? The school ranks first, so are you a national first-class talent after graduation? Does the school play a full role in “cultivating you to become a first-class talent”? I think how much of the two tens of billions invested is to improve the above content is what students should care more about? I think there is no way to quantify an index in many content areas. What is energized is only the score line of the college entrance examination that has been unshakable for decades. It is estimated that many people’s shallow sense of school honor is only due to this line. Those who are dissatisfied are the rubbish school, and the ones who fail to pass the entrance examination are the school of success.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

CUHK can produce a CUHK index. The items include: the number of talents introduced (including the b-series full-time scientific research talents), the number of talents exported to the society, infrastructure funding, public opinion index, the rate of professors attending classes, the coverage rate of physical education classes, the number of students flowing in school, The number of class hours for students should win; I am here as a sincere suggestion. If you are not a leader or something, there is really no need to care too much about these rankings. On the one hand, CUHK’s external image has always been relatively stable, and it will not cause people to look up or downgrade you when, for example, when you are seeking a job or going to school, because of a temporary ranking change. On the other hand, instead of caring about these non-marginal macro topics, we might as well care about topics that are closer to daily life. You think you are the ashen one that has been upgraded to fight monsters, but in fact you are the wild monsters. Reform certainly requires a price, but that price may not be you.

7 months ago

Without considering the objectivity of the subject, it is recommended that the subject of the subject carefully look at the subdivision indicators. In the field of talent training, CUHK lags behind universities of the same level by a few tenths, and there are still twelve of them. Other indicators It’s okay. But also, CUHK recruits 8,000 undergraduates. The student-teacher ratio was so high before. Most of the students went to find jobs after they finished their undergraduate studies to cultivate outstanding alumni, especially academic talents. It is normal that there are fewer students than other schools. If the purpose is to improve the ranking of the software, the 80% postgraduate rate proposed by Chen Chunsheng and Luo Jun is really Make SYSU greater again! Seconds~

7 months ago

In the rankings of various universities in my country, Qingbei is in the top two, followed by the five schools in East China who take three to seven soft subjects. This list is no exception. The top seven are Qingbei and the five schools in East China, that is, there is still left. In the next three positions, after the first seven, C9 is left with Xi’an Jiaotong University and Harbin Institute of Technology not on the list. It happens that these two schools are ahead of Zhongda, being 10th and 11th respectively. The 8th and 9th Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Wuhan University are both schools that disagree with CUHK all year round. And this year, I see that many people have great opinions on the rankings of these two schools. And last year, 20 billion was spent. Normally, it will take a few years to see that the effect of 12 is indeed not high for CUHK, but it is indeed within the normal range.

7 months ago

This has nothing to do with money, it is for historical reasons. Look at the indicators. There is too much difference between talent training and social services. The original sin is the quality of students and the transformation of results (social services). This year, SoftTech has set several indicators that are beneficial to CUHK. The ceiling is reduced, and the advantages are weakened. Except for the above two other indicators, they are not much different from the top eight. After the change of the ranking rules last year, it was very detrimental to CUHK, and this year’s changes are even more so. But you have to know that this ranking is not the top four list, and it is not seen internationally. The academic ranking of world universities released by ShanghaiSoft this year, Sun Yat-sen University ranked seventh! It’s a real seventh, not a tie! You can go and add the total score to see. So looking at the international academic rankings are the four major rankings. The results of Sun Yat-sen University are: QS 11, USnews 8, Times 8, and Soft Science Academic 7. The change in the rules and the decline in the ranking of CUHK can only show that our shortcomings are too obvious. In terms of the quality of the source of students, it is very necessary to implement large-scale enrollment, and it is necessary to expand the enrollment of postgraduates in terms of new indicators. As for talent training, other schools have cultivated academic talents for decades, and CUHK is only a dozen or so. Ten years, so everyone has a long way to go! I suggest that CUHK people first focus on their own strengths and see whether the four major international rankings can all be ranked in the top 200 in the world, and whether the ESI and the natural index can be in the top five, because these can be achieved in a short time, and those who expect CUHK to cultivate It takes time to produce high-end talents or achievement transformation indicators, and there is no need to be true.

7 months ago

Regardless of the ranking of the scoring criteria, they are all hooligans-look at the current ranking criteria: school-level talent training (basically the largest), major projects and achievements, scientific research (another focus), international competitiveness, educational resources (Small influence) The scale and structure of the faculty serving the society (another focus) The standards of academic talent training. Although the small G did not see very specific, the employment rate and the number of employed persons must be very important indicators-this is the kind of For schools with a high rate of postgraduate entrance examination, this data may not look good. Therefore, the evaluation criteria really affect the score! Let’s talk about the issue of CUHK’s investment. Where did you invest? What is the effect? Payback period? These have to be considered, and will the investment part really affect the score to a large extent? This is not accurate, so [Investment = Ranking Improvement], the logic itself is not right. Finally, ranking this thing, carrots and vegetables have their own love, to say that it is a marketing behavior to start.

7 months ago

Most of the expectations for Yada are to match the status of Guangdong as a strong economic province. Unfortunately, everyone is disappointed. What has attracted more attention is the series of operations after Luo Jun took office. In fact, the ranking statistics are all previous indicators. It has little to do with it. The fish farming operations that have also received attention in the past few years can be used for various projects, and papers can be written and published. It is true that the big duck has made a lot of progress compared with previous years. But scientific research is only a small part. In the fourth round of subject evaluation, Ya University A+ subjects (ecology, business administration) and A subjects (Marx, public management), and physics, mathematics, chemistry, clinical, etc. are all A-, of course, this is the data from 2011-2015. References are limited, but in terms of subject accuracy, let alone the Five East China Schools, they may not necessarily have absolute advantages over Southeast University, Wuhan University, and China University of Science and Technology. Just take a look at this ranking. Today’s work results will not show up until 5-10 years later. In the future, the pattern of colleges and universities will not undergo major changes. It is successful for Yada to hold around 10, and there is no doubt that it is Guangdong. The Big Mac of the university will go further and further.

7 months ago

Zhongshan is a strong school for arts, sciences and medicine, but if you analyze it carefully, it is actually not top: science, mathematics, physics and chemistry students are not among the top five in the country, and they are not even in the top 5, and better subjects are on the edge of 10. The medicine is good. Except for the Beijing Fu Jiaohe and Zhejiang University, it is almost the Zhongshan Medical College, but it does not have many advantages compared to Huaxi and Xiangya. Liberal arts Zhongshan is good, but it is almost like returning to the south than the people from the Qing Dynasty, and it is also half a catty with Nankai, Wuhan University, Sichuan University, Xiamen University and so on. Another disadvantage of Zhongshan is that there are few academicians. Academicians do not only represent one person, but a huge scientific research team and status. The resources possessed by an academician team are really terrible. The situation of Guangdong universities in the past where they emphasized the market and overlooked academics has changed a lot over the years, but they still need continuous accumulation to leap to the top academic level. They have strong economic guarantees. Guangdong universities are optimistic in the future, but they are still far from the top level, so they cannot enter the top 10. It was originally an objective reality. The top 10 in China are currently the five-have people from Qingbei China. Xijiao, Huake, Wuhan University and Beihang have strong competition, and Zhongshan also has the potential to compete.

7 months ago

Slanting the floor, I found that CUHK’s obsession with the top ten is really deep. My undergraduate is Huake, and most people confessed that they are three books, and I rarely pay attention to various rankings (I only pay attention to whether it is higher than that of Wuhu University). But CUHK is different. From the beginning of the school to the present, from the mouths of college leaders and classmates, I have heard the top ten statements many times. It may be that the influence of CUHK in the South is indeed very strong. In my opinion, Harbin Institute of Technology, Xijiao Jiaotong, Huake, Wuhan University, and CUHK are almost at the same level. The gap cannot be bridged. The professional gap is far greater than the school gap. There is no need for a moment. The rise and fall of the ranking caused controversy. As for the 20 billion issue, I believe that all campuses are basically under construction, and the enrollment has been expanded. On average, there are not many students and scientific research. The price is that for a long period of time, the adjustment of faculties has caused various complaints from teachers and students and the so-called ranking decline, which is also unavoidable. However, in the long run, the planning of the three campuses and five campuses may indeed widen the gap with other fraternal schools, and truly secure the top ten.

7 months ago

In terms of total scores, the difference between CUHK and Harbin is 4 points, but the talent training CUHK is 30 points less. And what is the most important thing to look at in the talent training program: the quality of the student source accounts for 80 points, and then the advanced level (of course, there are some outstanding alumni and training achievements in the traditional sense). Some people are scolding Luo Jun. Let’s see what Luo Jun has done: 1 .Change the super-large category of enrollment, how can the score line not rise a few points (small professional recruits were not even bigger than Xiamen University at one time) 2. Crazy encouragement for postgraduate entrance examinations is it like changing according to the shortcomings pointed out by the software… . Still scolding Luo Jun? Be careful to cut your career path in order to improve the rankings and continue your studies. Add a wave of academic intensity, and the quality of students will rise. Doesn’t this ranking rise?

7 months ago

CUHK also has reasons to say, who was the principal before me? It’s Xu Ningsheng, the current principal of Fudan University. Who is Luo Jun? You asked him to run as the principal. Can he be? Can’t be it, don’t you know if you don’t have this ability? If this continues, let alone fall out of the top 10, the top 20 will not be guaranteed, and then lose to South China University of Technology, lose to Shenzhen University, lose to Shenzhen Vocational College, and then no one loses. Xiao Xu (Xu Ningsheng) is fine to be the principal. Tell me why you changed him. Since Luo Jun took office, CUHK has been hotly searched for negative news, so you can tell me how to explain it? My face is gone!

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