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It can be said to be a model of excellent literary drama in domestic animation. It belongs to the kind of superficial view that there is nothing wrong with it, but the deep view is that there is the universe. As some answering friends said, the plot is nothing more than Ah Qi fights against the evil spirits in his body, uses the tool to draw out some of the past, and flirts with Meihua Shisan. Then, in order not to affect the thirteenth, Ah Qi left independently and met the Pipa girl. but! The essence of this episode is not how wonderful the story is, but the director’s emotional dispatch! Spoiler warning ahead! 1. In the beginning, Ah Qi was chased by 4 killers (recovered from the trailer), handball ghost, Peking Opera male, archer, umbrella girl… Ah Qi was desperately suppressing evil spirits… 2. Ah Qi escaped to the Buddha statue and did it under the Buddha statue In a dream, I dreamed that people from Xiaoji Island were playing together on the beach. It was so happy that all of them disappeared (the special effect of Thanos). The rain hit the eyes of the Buddha, like weeping. 3. When Ah Qi wakes up, the admiring brother appears, and the younger brother simply tells A Qi’s past, and almost demonizes him in the face of malicious A Qi! Meihua Thirteen appeared on the stage “Save A Qi”, while Shisan was puzzled by the master’s behavior, 4. Thirteen used “Black Jade Intermittent Ointment” (the core item in the first two episodes) to heal A Qi, and wanted to ask A Seven, apologize, ah, seven, let Thirteen chat with you (super warm! If your beloved person feels self-blame for his behavior, the best way is to make a small request that she can do! It also represents their reconciliation! Ah Qi also No Hate Thirteen!) The two discussed their attitudes towards memories. Ah Qi understands the past of Thirteen, and Thirteen confirms her own mind again. Let’s talk about the two for the first time! For those who can detoxify, look for Heroes of Plum Blossom (new target). 5. Ah Qi left quietly in order not to be involved in thirteen. Stream of Consciousness Ending + A Seven Individual Songs, Qingfeng secretly observes: “You are the one who has been poisoned and persisted for the longest time” (that is, there are still people before? Foreshadowing), the Pipa girl appears, “My favorite man” ! Could it be that the girl in white clothes saved by A Qijiu really doesn’t have a lot of information in the whole episode, and some are still old, but the narrative is smooth and not muddled! If you can use the lens, it is definitely not the kind of dry dialogue to use the lens. The emotional dispatch of the audience is also top-notch. Nervous (Aqi was chased and injured) calm (Aqi encountered a temple, dreamed back to Xiaojidao), angry (woke up in the dream, worshiped the younger brother and wanted to assassinate Aqi) happy (Meihua thirteen rescued Aqi, but also for He heals) worry (Aqi feels that he is slowly being swallowed by strength, and slowly forgets the things about Xiaojidao) reconciliation (Thirteen wants to apologize, Aqi asks her to chat with her, and then the two have an in-depth conversation for the first time). Don’t get thirteen, Ah Qi leaves quietly)? ? ? (Pipa woman sees Ah Qi) I said, this feeling, the emotions, joy, anger, sorrow, and joy are all in one episode, and it can be delayed for two or three episodes if you change to another drama. Moreover, as a literary drama, the linking role is obvious! There is a high probability that Ah Qi will temporarily go offline, and then Shisan will go to Meihua Villa, and you should meet Shishi and Xiaopingtou. As for Shenhui, it’s not really good, it lacks the right and wonderful play, and it lacks moving plot (refer to Ghost Extinguish), but it is indeed at the textbook level for literary play. A piece of literary drama that was originally very plain can be shot so three-dimensionally, whether it is a joke or a serious talk, it appears just right, and the appearance of stream of consciousness ED does not violate the sense of harmony at all! It’s a bit deep and a bit heavy, but I don’t forget that I am a comedy series. Compared with Guochuang, is it the first echelon of literary opera? If we contact the big movie, we may have watched a super long trailer. The big movie is the fourth season! It’s impossible for Aqi to get better in the next episode. The high probability is that Aqi forgets everything in Little Chicken Island and turns back to the Shadow Assassin. The protein powder is also useless. On the 11th and Xiaopingtou side, what will the story of the magic doctor country come next, the villain that must be defeated has not yet appeared. (In the first episode, it can be understood as attracting the attention of all the assassins, so let it go. Passed Chicken Island). Trumpet 7 has always just wanted to go to the Condor Statue. To figure out the past, he didn’t really prepare any leader. What’s more, Trumpet 7 killed people? Too much foreshadowing!


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7 months ago

This episode is amazing, and the evaluation is very polarized. Let me talk about the conclusion first, this episode is not bad, and it is considered in the third season. It’s definitely better than the previous episode, but the amount of information is a bit insufficient and fragmented. Personally, I think the biggest problem is its position. It’s a bit late for the ninth episode. I think this episode is more suitable for the eighth episode. The ending is at the place where Pipa Girl played, so there can be two episodes to compare. Perform the portrayal of the final scene calmly and completely. PV and the parts that have already been aired are a bit too much, and the ending is a bit messy. My impression of Wu Liuqi has always been “smooth narrative”. Regardless of whether I approve of the roles and viewpoints, I can clearly understand the communication, and the shots are very effective. But in this episode, there are many shots that are symbolic and artistic at best, and empty and repetitive at worst, destroying the original tone of the work. I think it doesn’t match. The quality of the picture I have no hope of returning to the peak of the previous two seasons. The quality of the picture this season has not been as good as I want. I can use “A Qi to take the sand sculpture style” for the part of A Qi. “The director also said that the picture should not be too beautiful, deliberately.” This reason convinces myself, but the part of Qi is The scene tension is very necessary, such as the magic flashback, it will look rough if it is not cut fast enough (this kind of flash cut should be paused and it is difficult to intercept the picture, but I intercepted it easily when I paused. Explain one If a picture occupies a large number of frames, it will appear to be very slow)…… In this regard, my personal perception is lower than the previous two seasons. Similar to many shots, I think, Lorca? There is a feeling that the key frames are not in place. I don’t know if I am picking up faults, but this is indeed my true inner thoughts. I love to read reviews, especially good reviews. I have also contributed several long reviews of Wu Liuqi to station b. But in this episode, I saw a lot of praise from people, and I didn’t have any sympathy in my heart. I think this has a lot to do with the addition of a large number of newcomers as key links in the third season, and the dispersion of the main creative team into the theater version. Pure speculation, this season Hou Junjie is likely to be pulled into the theater version, and his participation has declined. Once I know that a large number of new people have been added in this season as key positions, and the director is too good, he often interacts with new people and expresses encouragement… How to say, knowing that many places are not satisfied enough, it is difficult for old fans to publish too strict Harsh criticism. (For example, I personally don’t like the title fonts in many episodes of this season.) To be honest, there is a little concern. Originally, I was very confident in the third season. The third season continued to explode. The script maintained the level of the previous two seasons, and the quality of the paintings was further improved. Then the theater version would be very promising. If the third season fails to top up like the end of the second season, there will be some variables whether the theater version can be successful. After all, Wu Liuqi is a very authoritative work. I like Wu Liuqi, but I actually like and get used to He Xiaocra’s style. But what I see at the moment is one. The painting style and script are obviously different from the previous two seasons, and it is the third season that is developing in a direction that I personally don’t like. Now the last episode of the third season is under great pressure, because the end of the second season is the stimulation of the eighty and ninetieth episodes with the high density of the climax and the continuous filling and uncovering of the foreshadowing. The current eighth episode is the ninth. The episode did not reach the level of “Red Tooth”, let alone “Two Heroes”. Moreover, the third season is under pressure to explain clearly the two lines of King Sturt and the Assassins. The first and second seasons can only occupy one of the lines. I have now decided to lower my expectations for the last episode and see if there is a miracle. Of course, if there are eleven or twelve episodes in the third season, or a half-hour long version, then I didn’t say it.

7 months ago

This episode dug a lot of dog food, no, it’s a lot of pits. Qingfeng wanted to kill five or six seven at first (it used to have Plum Blossom Thirteen: the man killed and the knife taken back), but later changed it to use, the purpose and motive were unclear. Before the age of 15? How to kill the evil spirits? How did you assassinate the king of the kingdom? Was the assassination successful? What else is great? Are you ready to join Dachun and the others? The screenshot is too troublesome. The person Meihua Shisan wanted to protect should be her mother, why? Who killed it? Qingfeng said that “Five Six Seven” is the first one that can fight against the black Xuanbing Blade’s toxicity for so long, so has it been used against other people? Could it be that this woman and the woman in white are twin sisters? Was that knife made by her back then? Ji Dabao and Lan Minghua should return to Xuanwu Nation, right? Lan Minghua can be the leader of Xuanwu Nation’s first big gang, certainly not low, it should be the most powerful player currently on the stage.

7 months ago

This episode or this season has a big problem, that is, due to the early funny plot, the image of Xiaojidao deviates from the traditional concept of “home” that the protagonist needs to protect. The assassin’s amnesia was rescued, and he lived in a small, kind, simple and weak village, where he was taken care of, and then someone chased him to the door. In order to protect the village, the assassin chose to leave and solve it himself. This is a very traditional story. But the problem lies in the image of Xiaoji Island. The villagers on Xiaoji Island cannot be called simple and kind (it may be inside, but certainly not outside). The island is full of bear children, bear old people, unfilial children, and non-mainstream people. Profiteers and so on, let alone weak, He Dachun, Saint White Lotus, genius doctor, and a few assassins plus an unpredictable head and a superb king of St. What’s more embarrassing is that this is a funny comic. The crappy failure of the assassin in the early stage made the concept of “Chicken Island in danger” not accepted by the audience. However, due to space limitations, the relationship between the people on Xiaoji Island and Aqi is not deeply portrayed. Except for Ji Dabao and Afei, the other people are not so closely related to Aqi, so Aqi wants to protect it. It can only be a “quiet life”. However, due to the same limitation of space, Qi’s story did not expand, only fragmentary fragments, so there is no contrast between the past and the present to highlight the value of “quiet life”. This has led to the fact that the scenes and plot settings of this episode are all excellent, but the performance is very general, and it is difficult to arouse the emotions of the audience. The first two seasons allowed tragedies to happen in the past, using past tragedies to mobilize the current emotions, whether it is the siege of Qi or the destruction of the White Lotus Sect, these stories can mobilize emotions, but this episode wants to exaggerate emotions abruptly. For a funny story, it is very difficult to mobilize the emotions of the audience without a huge tragedy. It is necessary to maintain a funny style, but also want a beautiful (undead) story, and also want to mobilize emotions. That’s really hard.

7 months ago

Direct conclusion: the quality is not as good as the end of the previous two seasons, slightly watery. A total of 19 minutes of animation, the first 2 minutes of play appeared in the previous Ji Dabao’s dream; the 1-minute op; the last 14:30 to 18:30 is the memory with the latest single “A Seven” . These fully multiplexed fragments are up to 7 minutes long. From 5:00 to 7:00, everyone was playing on the beach and Ah Qi watched the people around disappear one by one, and the weather changed from sunny to cloudy. In these 2 minutes, I felt that the amount of information was very little, because of the beautiful life and The relationship between friends has been emphasized many times before. The only relatively new content is the chat between Ah Qi and Mei Hua 13. From 10:00 to 12:00, it is almost the core of the whole episode (“Some memories are painful and never want to forget”). It can be seen that the production team tried hard to express that feeling, but it was… it was very awkward to see. Aqi killed the leader to protect Xiaojidao, but the conversation in the temple didn’t mention the assassin organization. He looked like an overbearing president who was in love: being chased by all the assassins, the effect of the knife you stabbed me is unknown. Your master has no idea how to kill the leader at all, but these are minor problems, and the most important thing is to fall in love right now. Anyway, just talk a little bit about the Assassin Organization, Black Xuanbing Blade, Qingfeng, etc. Isn’t it good to increase the amount of information? When the woman you like says “In fact, we don’t have much feelings” and stabbed you with a strange knife with a strong negative effect. You have no curiosity about this knife, this woman, this woman’s master at all. Isn’t it…too outrageous, really just forcing a love mind to feed the dog food? Without the filling of content and information, lyricism will appear hollow and preaching. Why is Xiaojidao good? After all, it means having fun with Ji Da Bao Coke and the others. They care about themselves very much, which is very touching, but it is a little dry to say it over and over again. I don’t really like the current development trend of “Wu Liuqi”, that is, in order to cater to the fan group, forcibly increasing the proportion of male and female sentimental dramas, and the relationship between men and women is written too much, and it is closer to the direction of idol/ba total romantic drama. With the same martial arts theme, the love in Jin Yong’s novels is much richer and more three-dimensional. By the way, “Spirit Cage” is also the problem. Co-authoring CP to feed dog food is the wealth code of today’s animation? What really embodies the height and value of an animation is the rich world setting and wonderful storyline. Of course, the relationship between men and women is very good, but that is the icing on the cake and should not be a selling point. I sincerely hope that the Guoman team will not surrender themselves, and lower the quality of the work in order to cater to the audience coming from the fan circle. But even after the giants have been chased, there is no naive fantasies for a long time. As long as there are so few good ideas and wonderful clips in an anime, it won’t be a waste of me to chase after it. And there are a bunch of people in the comment area of ​​station b who say “I don’t like it/you can retire if you feel bad”, which is outrageous. If you like it, you can’t say it’s bad. Really everything can be circled. How can Guoman develop like this…

7 months ago

It’s nothing controversial. Assassin Wu Liuqi has about two episodes per season, which is abnormally telling the plot and mainly singing. Some people boast a lot about this kind of episode, and some people are very disinterested in this kind of episode. I don’t think it is necessary. It’s the third season, and the basic tone should be clear. Although I am a little dismissive of the people who play this episode. But in all fairness, there are original songs to listen to, the ability to cleverly recover the opening and ending credits, and there is additional amount of plot information. There is hard work without credit. For people like me who do not listen to songs, they can already do it, literary youth It is completely understandable to like this.

7 months ago

Maybe it was rushed by the navy. The “Shui Shui Shui” screen was swiped in the afternoon. This was the first to explode while everyone was at work and school. Let me talk about a few key words of the ninth episode. After watching the ninth episode, let’s judge for yourself whether the water is not water: the official wedding candy + supplement the plot to fill the hole + bring a little stream of consciousness + dig a new hole. I feel that Thirteen may face the same final choice as Pipa Girl, but she would rather die than hurt Qi, and then Piao Qi ran away and temporarily controlled Li Qi and the boss.

7 months ago

I don’t know if you have noticed the small details, the last group of montages of the temple named Guiyan (the apple on the sea symbolizes what I don’t know yet, so look for answers!!!) One is in a cage. Dove, one is a dove that died outside the cage surrounded by butterflies. I don’t know why I think of Xiao Fei’s father. Da Bao once said that Ah Qi is like Da Fei.. As for the symbol of butterfly, ah.. Dao Ke Tao, very Tao. The youth who ran against the numb flow of people came to an end, and the flowers bloom and fall to the dust. A set of montages alone brought everyone’s memories back to that summer, when Dabao picked up Ah Qi. There are not many shots, but I can recall that there are too many things to associate with. It belongs to the romance of Chinese philosophy alone, a kind of blank artistic conception, and the words are full of meaning..

7 months ago

If there are no highlights in the last episode, then this season is the worst one so far, and the quality of the fight has declined quite severely. Although the Assassin Wu Liuqi is known for its plot, compared with the previous two seasons, the fight and plot are worse. A lot. The rhythm of the whole third season is weird. The name of this season is called Xuanwu Kingdom, but it didn’t enter the Xuanwu Kingdom until the seventh episode, and it was not officially entered into the main line until the eighth episode. The remaining time is almost a matter of seconds. of. But the ninth episode, I personally think it feels very procrastinated. Memories and inner conflicts are not impossible, but are they taking too long? There is not much time left. After spending such a long time on this, how can I close this tail? How to be worthy of the name Xuanwu Guopian? Throughout these three seasons, the first season is undoubtedly the most amazing. It adopts the form of a unit drama to introduce the main characters and worldviews, and the latter characters are collected well, but since the second season, the rhythm has begun to be wrong, it seems I was still following the main line in the form of a similar unit drama, which gave me a sense of separation. In the third season, this feeling became more obvious. It is said that the Assassins 5, 6 and 7 have big movies, and if the third season is to pave the way for the big movies, at least in my case, the gains outweigh the losses.

7 months ago

How to put it, if this is just a newcomer animation, my evaluation is beautiful and amazing, but if it is evaluated in the unit drama of the first two seasons of Wu Liuqi and the main storyline mode, I can only give an average score. The plot progress is on the one hand, and on the other hand, I think there are few breakthroughs in this season. The shock brought by the comparison of Qiqi’s identities in the first two seasons, Stephen Chow’s nonsensical humor, and unique Cantonese character style. What are the new breakthroughs this season? New memory point? The best and most memorable one this season is the episode of the 11th Spring Festival. I personally think that Xiaocrazy Studio is just a grass-roots team with dozens of people founded only a few years ago, and now it is carrying out serial animation, theater version and even stage play projects at the same time, which is really powerless. In any case, there is still the last episode. If this episode can come back to life, then the third season will still be one of the benchmarks of the country.

7 months ago

Disappointment is also accumulated little by little. I think fans who watched the first two seasons more than once should be able to feel 1. The rhythm is wrong. Especially in the sixth episode of Abnormal Nation, the cause and effect are not explained, and the story is not clear enough. There was no turning point in the relationship. He was a rival, but suddenly he saved his rival girlfriend. And in the following episodes of the sixth episode, I feel that not only the sixth episode is directed by the new director, but the other episodes may also be made by you. It’s like the dragon clan has changed writers, it doesn’t taste like that (the ninth episode may still be He Xiao crazy). I feel that the role of He Xiaocang in the third part 5, 6 and 7 is like a tutor for graduate school and Ph.D. Although it is still the same idea, the level of the first draft given by each student is not the same. After working hard, it is still obvious. gap. 2. The fighting part is not good enough. I won’t repeat the highlight moments of the first two seasons. I can only look forward to the last episode of this season. The previous part can’t be said to be shoddy, but there is no tension in the picture, and fewer frames are certain. It’s like doing homework, and I know that if I don’t put out a hundred points of effort, I will have a good mentality to pass. 3. There are more and more pits. I don’t know if Director He Xiaofeng has any big plans. At present, many old pits are not filled and new pits are constantly changing. How many movies are you planning to make? Once the story is protracted, it must be unfinished. The classic story should end when it’s over. I believe I can make other works. Don’t point to a Kejiner to suck blood. Does Qingfeng plan to write one alone? Do you plan to reshoot all the prequels? How did so many things happen at the age of fifteen and sixteen? Okay, there are new pits. What role is the genius doctor? Write it here. There is also the last episode. I will watch it because I want to know what happened, but I won’t have a high rating. Just predict it here: The tenth episode is not very good.

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