[#Educational Department emergency deployment strengthen primary and middle school kindergarten safety# work] On the 28th, a case of injuring teachers and students in kindergartens with a murder weapon occurred in Beiliu City, Guangxi. The Ministry of Education urgently deployed: ①Strengthen the registration of outsiders and the inspection of vehicles and objects, #strictly prevent illegal Molecules and dangerous materials enter the campus#; ② Carry out a comprehensive investigation and rectification of hidden safety hazards in carpets and dragnets; ③ “See the police, see the police car, and see the police lights” at the school entrance during key periods.

Although we say that it is not too late to mend the prison, it is best not to take the same measures as terrorists for such incidental injuries. After all, the perpetrators are individuals who commit crimes temporarily, and there are no related accomplices, organizations, or extreme ideological problems. Now various intensive inspections are more of a “fire in the air” type of rectification, which does not solve the root cause and is costly. A lot of manpower and material resources, especially on the eve of the May Day holiday, even created unnecessary contradictions. For example, “Strengthen the registration of outsiders and the inspection of vehicles and objects.” Does the 200 million people need to be inspected when traveling? Some people have a slightly bad attitude, and bloody clashes occur again in the fight? For example, “carrying out a large-scale investigation and rectification of hidden safety hazards in carpets and dragnets.” The grassroots staff have been working very hard. Can they have a good rest on May Day? For example, “see the police, see the police car, see the police lights”, does that mean that all places will increase the number of police recruitment exams this year? Otherwise, the current police force is going to protect the school. What about other crimes? Therefore, I personally think that the more effective methods are: 1. Reduce the spread of specific “pictures” about this incident. Because many criminal behaviors have a strong imitation nature (even if the media hype suicide cases, there will be more followers, such as Foxconn 10 years ago), it will induce certain groups with potential risks to follow suit. And because we cannot detect the thoughts of these groups, it is impossible to effectively prevent them (for example, what if someone hides a knife and commits violence in the downtown area), so the best way is to reduce the frequency of “stimulation” as much as possible to reduce the occurrence of imitative behaviors. risks of. If not actively disseminating stimulus information, the public security organs punish relevant personnel in accordance with the law, and promptly announce the results to the society. 2. Mental health intervention in various social scenes. For example, through the compulsory education stage, psychological counseling classes are offered to help children avoid unnecessary misunderstandings during their growth period, and face the complex challenges that society may encounter with a better and more healthy mentality. And enterprises and institutions should also be equipped with relevant psychological counseling agencies, even if it is impossible to cover all, but at least part of the hidden dangers can be resolved. Even as an individual, you can be more friendly and caring about the people around you. An inappropriate example is that, at least when I heard that someone wanted to commit suicide, I would contact the little butler of Zhihu for help and call the local suicide intervention number as soon as possible. Potential crimes can also be resolved through psychological counseling in advance, this is very important! 3. At the level of public opinion, it is necessary to strengthen the propaganda of “No one can easily deprive others of the right to live for any reason”. Especially on social platforms, some black and white voices are often used for traffic purposes, shouting “The wrong is not the individual but the society.” “To downplay the badness of the injury incident itself that should be condemned, so that more potential offenders will feel less guilty, and the injury will be carried out without worry. These three plans are all things that we have the ability to do as ordinary individuals, and we must do in order to protect ourselves and the future of our children.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The request is a good request, but can the person who made this request by the Ministry of Education, like the deputy director, first experience the work of the grassroots police and then make this request? Two difficulties: violent crimes and mental illness violent crimes are generally sporadic, sudden, and there is no pattern to follow. The police force is limited, it is impossible to stare at every moment, let alone every kindergarten. The measures that can be taken at present still have to start from the kindergarten’s own security force: There are a few suggestions that kindergartens should set up a security gate, swipe their face, or swipe their fingerprints to enter the gate. Parents can only set up a second security gate outside the gate and swipe their face. Or you can enter by swiping your fingerprints. A buffer zone is formed between the gate and the second gate. The security force is placed in the buffer zone. The child can only pick up the child’s security room after confirming the parent. The security staff adds a one-key alarm. After confirming the gangster, they can quickly call the police for security. The strength must undergo basic anti-terrorism training to increase anti-terrorism awareness. It can establish emergency linkage with surrounding forces, and can quickly request support from surrounding forces if the security forces cannot handle it.

7 months ago

Already very limited police force
I can’t manage this kind of violence like a lone wolf.
The point is to mobilize the masses,
In the face of such sudden violence,
The people should be given unlimited right to stop violence from a legal perspective,
You can even imitate Qin’s military merits and nobility,
Kill a mob and you can enter the establishment,
There is a system of promotion one level,
Ensure that these thugs die when they show their heads.

7 months ago

Seriously, it’s not very easy to achieve. Many things are generally sporadic, sudden, and there are no rules to follow. Even if they are investigated, many emergencies are difficult to control. Moreover, the police force is limited, and it is difficult to ensure that there are police officers at key times in every school. If this is the case, the police will be too busy~ ①Strengthen the registration of outsiders and the inspection of vehicles and objects, #strict prevention lawless elements and dangerous items into campus#; ②Comprehensive Carry out carpet-type and drag-net-type safety hazards investigation and rectification; ③ “See the police, see the police car, and see the police lights” at the school entrance during key periods. For campus security, you cannot rely on the police blindly. Moreover, the police cannot be in school 24 hours a day. At least in our place, I have only seen traffic diversions around the school, and I haven’t seen the others. The security work of kindergartens or elementary schools mainly depends on school security personnel, but most of the security personnel of elementary schools or kindergartens are older men, and he rarely possesses such abilities. What can be done at this stage is the following: 1. Strengthen the access control system. All personnel who have nothing to do with the school are not allowed to enter the campus, and parents can only pick up and drop off outside the gate. If the parents enter the kindergarten in an emergency, they should contact the teacher in advance when they enter the school, and they can enter the kindergarten only if contacted by the teacher. At this point, we feel that our school is doing quite well. Parents can’t come in when they come to the school. They can only be picked up by the class teacher. When there is no major event, even if the parents enter the school, they are not allowed to enter the teaching building. I used to feel that this was very troublesome. Just talk to the security master about the things you can come in. Why do you have to come in? Later, as one thing happened, I felt that this method was more effective and reduced the hidden danger to a certain extent. 2. Improve the professionalism of security personnel on campus. Security personnel must undergo basic anti-terrorism training to increase their awareness of anti-terrorism. Security personnel should be assigned positions and responsibilities. If the responsible person is identified, the skills of using security equipment should also be improved. As most school security personnel have limited abilities, schools can consider providing professional training to security personnel so that they can respond effectively to emergencies. One thing to say is that many school security personnel are relatively old. If there is an emergency, it may be difficult for them to protect themselves. If the school is financially allowed, can they hire a few strong? Strong people. 3. The security room and security personnel have added a one-key alarm function, so that after the gangster is confirmed, the police can quickly call the police, which greatly shortens the time for the police to arrive. At the same time, some prompt sounds can be installed. When the gangster is encountered, the alarm will sound to remind the school teacher Pay attention to safety, so everyone can have time to respond. 4. Strengthen campus safety education, and conduct some drills when necessary, just like fire escape drills. Really feel how the whole school teachers and students should protect their lives when danger comes. 5. School safety In addition to security personnel, teachers should also conduct relevant training. After all, in school, when a danger occurs, it is necessary for the teacher to respond calmly and calmly. It is also necessary to master certain emergency techniques. 6. It is recommended that school doctors also conduct professional training. In case of danger, the school doctor must not only be able to deal with simple abrasions, but also need to reserve some first-aid knowledge. 7. Unleash surrounding forces. When the security forces and school teachers can’t handle the situation, they can quickly request the surrounding forces to support the school to carry out volunteer activities and encourage the surrounding capable personnel to participate. Because our school is on the side of the ring road and there are a lot of cars, there are always parent volunteers to guide the roadside when going to school. Security incidents are nothing trivial, and all sectors of society should increase their awareness of risks. This approach can be imitated. Children are the hope of the family and the future of the country. It is worthwhile to spend a little time thinking about the safety of the children.

7 months ago

The Ministry of Education has spoken too much recently. It is recommended to go to the school to experience it before speaking. Simple to say but difficult to do. It is better to learn from airplane police, each airplane is equipped with airplane police to do the quickest response in some emergencies and reduce the damage to the least. In the first place, the resources of the grassroots police will not be consumed, because there are too many schools, and the police force in one area is limited, and all of them suffer from the school’s hardship. Secondly, the school cooperates with the police to make a “campus police” to improve the quality of the security personnel in the original security. Isn’t it a joke to engage in some uncles and aunts? The most important thing is that the system of security personnel has not been implemented, unprofessional, and the treatment is not good enough. A “campus police” post is specially set up to unite professional police and school work. Strengthen the school access control system, set up a credit card system, and set up a double threshold at the gate. If you can stop irrelevant people like takeaways, such things are unlikely to happen.

7 months ago

As a parent of elementary school students, I hope: 1. Fingerprint check-in, children must check-in when entering and exiting the school gate, and then the check-in information is transmitted to the parents’ mobile phone in real time. In this way, parents can know in time whether the child arrives at school on time. Many times, the child left school and didn’t know where he was going. The parents didn’t know, thinking the child was still at school, so they kept waiting for him to come home or wait outside on the road. The teacher thought that the child had left school, and waited for the parents to wait for half an hour or ten minutes, and then asked the teacher again. The teacher said that he had left school early! Parents can be scared into a cold sweat. The above requirements are actually very easy to do, and some kindergartens can do it. I don’t know much about elementary school but I can’t do it. Then it is not allowed to wear the phone and watch positioning. 2. Miscellaneous people are not allowed to enter the school.

7 months ago

After reading yesterday’s news, many friends left a message below: “What about the security?” “Why did the security put people in?” Not to mention the elementary school kindergarten, most of the security guards in their own communities are also grandpas. Compared with young adults, their physical strength is really slightly insufficient. This is not so much a security guard, as it is the uncle of the gatekeeper. The kindergarten downstairs in our community has no security guards! If there is an accident, the consequences are really disastrous! As many friends have said, strengthening the safety of elementary and middle schools and kindergartens, “seeing the police, police cars, and police lights” at school gates during key periods is not difficult, but persistence!

7 months ago

It is recommended that the leaders of the Ministry of Education go to the kindergarten for one month as a security guard and then go to the kindergarten for one month. Mom and dad are not allowed to pick up their children on late hours. Children must be picked up on time after school at 4 or 5 o’clock. If you get off work at 5.30, you must ask for leave and check in for one month. Later, the leaders of the Ministry of Education did not have to go back to work because they left early every day; this had to be based on private enterprises, so they were expelled. Finally, did the leaders of the Ministry of Education put the leaders of the Ministry of Public Security on the ground and said this? If not, please shut up. It is heartbreaking that the child is so hurt and frightened. The most unacceptable policy for parents is the policy of killing chickens and retrieving eggs.

7 months ago

The Ministry of Education requires teachers to pay no less than civil servants. Has the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the Civil Service Bureau agreed? Does the Ministry of Education know whether the state finances and local finances have money to cash out? I don’t care about the personnel and wage policy, and I don’t care about the money, I just paint a big pie, and establish treatment disputes between different occupations. Now it’s time to command the police again. They guard the kindergarten entrance every day after school. Has the Ministry of Public Security agreed? When the police uncle is idle? There are several policemen in one police station, and there are several kindergartens in the area of the police station. Is there enough police force? Has the Ministry of Education conducted investigations? Lack of basic respect for other departments and local governments, do not investigate, do not know the meeting, do not cooperate, and have the final say on everything, just post a document. It would be more practical to require the Education Bureau to organize training for campus security personnel, equip them with security equipment, and strictly enforce the campus entry and exit registration system.

7 months ago

It’s useless, and the Ministry of Public Security won’t take care of it. This kind of accidental incident does not need to be considered too much. It is better to be afraid of car accidents than to be afraid of this. A few days ago, there were so many inhuman answers to suicide on the Shanghai subway. The solution is to warm the whole society so that everyone can feel love and care. The lower-level people are more selfish. Unfortunately, these people are the ones who are unlucky. After all, the security level of a good kindergarten is still acceptable.

7 months ago

This is money in the final analysis, and professional security is very expensive. The old security guard at the door was unreliable. The police are always online, and there are not so many police officers. There must be a way to increase security without spending money. For example, increase the proportion of male teachers in kindergarten teachers and require male teachers to meet certain physical training standards. In this way, by optimizing the structure of the teachers and equipping them with explosion-proof forks, it is basically possible to realize that the horses must run and not eat grass. If they are basically female kindergarten teachers, let alone adults, they can’t help it even when teenagers come in and commit crimes.

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