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The point is still unacceptable, and the history of making big money by proxy games has passed. The quality of the game itself is quite good. I should say that I like the style of “The Crusade”. The plot is dominated by spoofing and unreasonable super-expansion, ensuring that this fast-paced society gives players fun in the plot; a large number of decrypted elements in the level, quite the charm of the Zelda 2D era, do not look at the movement of the strategy It’s a great sense of accomplishment to pass the brain; the feel of inheriting “The Crusade” is not lost; because the existence of the arena union war also ensures the depth of the game’s payment and training. The international service Douban score 9.1 can also see its quality. But can the national service succeed? It’s difficult. What I want to talk about is actually the dilemma of the game empire at Station B. It can be seen that Station B’s expectations for this game are not inferior to “Princess Link”. The goal of “Princess Link” is to replace FGO. Now it can be said to be a failure. The goal of “Legend of Watch” is to attract people inside and outside of the “two-dimensional” at the same time. It is a part of the B station to go to the two-dimensional great cause, but it may look worse than “Princess Link” now. “Princess Link” has maintained a good daily life anyway, and the national costume of “Watching Legend” might be directly cool. Station B can be said to have risen by agency FGO, but now mobile games that are more in line with China’s national conditions have emerged. Station B can only get a B service agent and receive protection fees, but it can only be greedy; self-research ability is too poor, and it is produced by itself. The game can be described in four words as soon as the server is opened: “alive”, “waiting to die”, “mobile cemetery” is not the name. It should be said that the portraits of Chinese mobile game players and players in Japan, South Korea and other places are different. Different national conditions have directly led to different payment models. China prefers games that “can be played without spending money”, with a lot of game content and a high degree of liver power. The payment is also in line with the current income situation, either no class, micro class, or heavy class, middle class is probably spent two thousand and spent two hundred, twenty is no difference. The method is to increase the chance of crookedness. National server games love 50% up. In this way, the average player feels good if a rare card is crooked. The chances of recurring players are higher, but they are not bad for money; The paid cost of the draw is based on various activities, basically all players can save enough to guarantee the number of draws, but generally the gold players have to draw this character or weapon more than twice, the price of each draw is high For similar games. In short, to give “the poor” welfare and slaughter the “rich”, and the rich don’t care if they are slaughtered, which constitutes the paid ecology of Chinese mobile games. For example, Japanese mobile game players are known for their Buddhism, but the “human rights card” came from Japan. It was only called that in the circle before. Since the national costume of “Princess Connection” last April, it relies on real piano, pure two Zhang card out of the circle. In fact, this is the payment model of the Japanese server. I found that if you have one or two thousand free cash a month, and you don’t want to have all the money you like, it is actually very comfortable to play Japanese mobile games. This is based on the payment model of Japanese mobile games. Although I usually play very buddhist style, I can’t play with the “human rights card” and my favorite character if I can’t get it out. The probability of 10,000 to 20,000 yen with the resources saved before is almost enough. Korean mobile games emphasize a good start and a good lesson. Take games like “Devil Summon”, if you don’t get a strong character, it will have a considerable impact on the experience of the game, because the depth of training in Korean mobile games is the most terrifying. Yes, with the same resources, people cultivate a strong character, and you cultivate a sewer, the subsequent game experience is simply worlds apart. But after the initial stage, the experience often begins to converge. For example, when the server was opened, the system and values ​​were almost completely copied from the “Onmyoji” of “Devil Summon”. When the server was first opened, the advantage of reclassing players was crushed, but the whole picture book of heavy liver players has not been developed until now. It’s difficult, and it’s not an extravagant hope to be on the same level with heavy class players. As a typical Korean-style mobile game, “Legend of Watch” and its reliance on the opening of the server, and not only look at the initial role of the brush, the special martial arts pool directly declared that non-curriculum can not have a good start. Someone has calculated that Tubong + Special Martial Arts + Special Martial Arts + Special Martial Arts + Captain, according to expectations, also have to enter a newest iPhone into the class, otherwise you have to endure the bad experience of playing in various scenes for a long time, and PVP can’t beat anyone. , PVE people are Warriors of the Three Kingdoms, you are the Black Soul, why should I be angry here. In the environment of China, who is all right to go in with an iPhone? In the past, players didn’t have much choice, “Millions of King Arthur” all felt fun. Now there are a lot of mobile games in line with national conditions. Even if the game of the foreign server has a certain quality, the explosion rate of others, the acquisition of resources, etc., even the content of the game, the character design itself, are all designed around the paid environment of others. Although it is not completely impossible to play without spending a penny, why is there a better choice to get angry here? It is simply unrealistic to expect Chinese players to have one or two orders after encountering difficulties, or to spend an iPhone to make a good start. Without “human rights” or unfavorable service, the vast majority of Chinese players can only abandon the pit. So, to sum it up. “Legend of Watch” is a very good quality game. As for “The Fantasy Adventure of the Princess of Canterbury and the Knights Awakening the Sword of Champion” (that is, the national service), whether it is the operation of station B that has no sense of humor and insists on pretending to be a sense of humor that makes people embarrassing goosebumps, or even if it has already been done The payment structure that has been adjusted a lot but still cannot be changed, or the pixel feeling that this generation hardly has, or the game content that is not eye-catching or even evasive in all aspects (the ultra-cumbersome training of Korean mobile games, PVP and union battles), It’s hard to be optimistic about the prospects. As for me, luck was okay. I didn’t want to play it anymore. I didn’t expect that there were a few places in the plot that really amused me. I was going to use it as a stand-alone game. Look at the plot and solve the mystery. Other content, being stabbed at 2:50 every afternoon, and at 4:30 in the morning at Rand Sole every month, is enough for me. Double yolk eggs. Some people also said that I don’t comment on the gameplay very much. In fact, whether the mobile game or the free + in-app purchase model can be played, the operation and payment models are more important, and the gameplay is really not that important. How many people who play “Tomorrow’s Ark” are in love with tower defense, and have a full set of “Kingdom Defense” collected? Don’t those who play FGO really like that gameplay, do they? Those who play NetEase’s mobile games will not be directed at the turn-based RPG gameplay, right? Playing “Adventure Island” does not rule out those who pass the level at the beginning, and wait for the game’s focus to become numerical development and stick to it? On the contrary, the operating model is very important. If a fictional game is purely on the game content, it’s really fun, but it’s a lot of lessons, and it’s not an activity if it takes more than four hours a day, every time it’s new. Characters must be drawn with “paid drills” and filled up in the first time, otherwise they won’t even be able to play the new PVE content. No matter how well the game itself is done, this is the operation. Apart from the coal boss, who can say it is fun.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Ads for this game. You just let me watch it once or twice, it’s not a matter of always showing up in my attention. I just want to scan the B station to see which UP masters have updated. As a result, a promotion appeared in a bunch of dynamics. I still chose to automatically play. Every time I see this advertisement, I will quickly slid over. Even if I promote it once, every few days. It’s really annoying to promote it once a day. No matter how fun the game is, I’m not interested anymore

7 months ago

That’s pretty annoying. Obviously it’s a good quality game, so you have to set up a mobile game. Look at other up’s demo 2D adventures, with plots, puzzles, and the combat system is not bad. Have a look after downloading by yourself. Good guy, this interface, you can’t see anything in a row. A classic character with 4 development elements; no, you are an RPG, why do you want to complete the arena and the arena. A character is the upper limit, evolution, and breakthrough. It is in 2021, and the game should not do subtraction. Understand? A lot of factors are stuffed and the level force the card value is something that can’t be mixed a few years ago. The princess link is so strong, but still can’t get hot, don’t you think there is a problem with your thinking? Then several mobile games that are on fire now, including the original god, tomorrow’s ark, and Zhan Shuang, which have so many broken elements like you, and you feel like vomiting when you look at it? Nima started with acg, and ac doesn’t want it now, so g relies all on gambling for life, right? This thing was announced so vigorously. If it’s Tencent Games, I’m not angry when I just buy an IP and make a game like this. I’m happy when I look at it. It’s a group of trash that only plagiarizes, and I’m happy to cram the elements into rubbish that will cool down at first sight. You are at station B. You have so many good games up on your station, and there are so many users and audiences who understand the game. Let’s take a look at their thoughts and listen to their opinions. Isn’t it good? Why do you still think that the game is hot because of the overwhelming advertisements and those soft pornographic pictures. Players who are worth playing now can tell at a glance! The story structure is also vulgar, and the background is nothing new, relying on stubbornness and funny? At a glance, you know that cheating Krypton and cheating the liver, there are so many fools in this world, why are they forced to play foolish games. It can’t be like the stand-alone game development at station B. It’s a good one, killing monsters, delusional flaws, not to mention top-notch, at least it’s a good game. You have to do this

7 months ago

The typical publicity is too strong, and the actual content is very likely to be unable to keep up with the previous example is pcr, but the popularity and operational conscience of pcr are really not low. Just two days ago, the popularity of station B was really overwhelming, even Uncle Ge Everyone asked me to say that I really thought that the video was a cover at first, but I didn’t say anything directly. Then I turned off saying that players don’t like to hear, use the name of the game as a gimmick, and hardly rub the stalk of Dalabon (or Japanese light novel). The format is too small, to put it plainly, a bit low. I don’t publicize my own content, so what’s the matter with the stubborn publicity at station B? I thought about all the effects of watching the video, and then I took a closer look. This style of painting is beyond my control. I personally can’t look at Krypton, and I don’t even bother to understand it. This game is destined to be a flash in the pan, and the cost of promotion is estimated. Few people still remember this game, unless you are also engaged in bunny girls.

7 months ago

It’s kind of interesting. I’ve already passed World One, at least it’s more attractive to me than most other Gacha mobile games. After all, the map design and decryption inside are still very ancient stand-alone arpg like “The Legend of Zelda” and The taste of “Legend of the Holy Sword”, there are also many parody or parody elements, such as the master sword of level 1-5, especially the music played when another NPC jumps out later, it is almost the Zelda theme, even if One more second of playing the music may be enough for the Nintendo Legal Department to send a letter. In terms of the design of the level process, 1-7 is more imitating the process of obtaining the foggy forest and the sword of the master of the Zelda series. I think the imitation is quite interesting. After the table puzzle, there is another puzzle. From the hint on the small map, you can get the location of another copy. In addition, the quest 1-6 Lost Girl is also well-designed. There are three small endings, and only one leads to the completion of the task. In fact, it is also a form of puzzle solving. The performance at the end of the mission and QTE were also very well connected, which was a small surprise. At the same time, I also learned some other features of Japanese-style RPG, such as dialogue options that have almost zero impact on the game process; conventional decryption such as ignition and sokoban are relatively mediocre. In fact, many places can be designed more cleverly with existing resources. (For example, using a brazier as a heavy object to activate the switch), I don’t know if it is because of the audience. After all, after reading many player comments, I can’t stand such a long period of exploration in the map. And the commonly used design of rpg like the dark channel is not disgusting, in fact, every time I find the dark channel is still very pleasant, but the frequency of occurrence is too much, which makes it a bit boring. After the world hit, a small simulation business game of floating city construction was opened in the starting interface. You can make money to upgrade buildings and meet the needs of characters. At present, I don’t see the connection between this mini game and the main system of the game. There is no role development involved. It is just a small dessert. The shortcomings of the game are also obvious. The biggest problem is that the reuse of map materials is a bit too serious (you can see the green screenshot above), but it is also a tolerable category. In addition, some of the characters that are summoned do not have a separate copy of the story. I don’t know if they will appear in the later stage. At the same time, the characters who laid the groundwork in the early stage don’t know if the story behind will fill the hole. The other pair of characters do not have Lie, and some characters with Lie do not have voice actors. As for the issue of krypton gold, I won’t talk about it. Drawing cards can develop a common problem in games, and you can save 100% if you don’t… just look at the plot for pension. It is also worth mentioning that although the main feature of this game is pixels, the art style is not limited to this. Even the perspective of the game map and the art style are quite fancy (hello, what about pixels?)

7 months ago

The open beta is directly aligned with Ark Yuanshen and other young and middle-aged people who have just started activities/starting activities immediately. It’s so brave.
As a result, quite a few people don’t have the energy to open up new games. They would rather put their energy on the tower than listen to people’s yelling. The pixel style and strange names magnify this shortcoming.
The other technical issues are almost the same
that’s all

7 months ago

The original Asian region, 1000 microkrypton players. Let me talk about the fun point first: the first 10 worlds of the game are very good in terms of plot and fun. The club that was just released last year was also the top few in Bahamut. There are a lot of details in the levels. Basically, you can spend half an hour to explore each level in the middle stage. Pursuing a world with full progress will have different fun. There are many easter eggs with full score for gameplay. For example, games such as Alien Exploration Stories have different lineups in the arena and PVE, and there are many places to study. Hero skills are very distinctive. The system gives a lot of diamonds, and most of them are used to draw heroes. Recommendations for three-star heroes that can be cultivated (discussions are welcome): The meat is the future princess and the dark tank. The captain is incomprehensible in the new version but is very weak in the later stage. The output fox is standard, and the soil flower is second. Other shooters are trained to surpass 5 and can play well. The water bow can be used with auxiliary angels or fire milk. The only two-star milk I only think the water milk is easy to use. There is very little research on fighters, and you can set up a full-fire lineup, but I haven’t tried it. . The lineup is basically two shots and one shot or one shot and two shots. Most of the top lineups in Rome are two shots and two shots. The arena full of tanks is everyone’s father. Talking about the bad parts, the nature of this game is really huge, you can’t even get a hair out of 1000. The levels of the game are very game-like, but once the levels are cleared, apart from the daily liver and boring tasks, there is basically no fun in the game. It takes a lot of time to collect heroes, or practice a full hero. I started with a full three-star liver out in three months, and I didn’t even get out of the liver. I don’t know how much slower than the hero out. I thought I was happy with the Samsung hero thief, but this is the beginning. First you have to upgrade to 5 stars, which is about 600 character fragments. A copy of a three-star character fragment has two character fragments on average. Congratulations, you have started to lose your liver. As for transcendence, for example, my main C hero Tuhua, a three-star + character weapon Tuhua (weapons and characters have not surpassed), can hit about 6000 per second injury in Rome. And the character weapon surpasses the full soil flower, the second injury is about 23,000. If the output is 4 times worse, it is ridiculously nm. And beyond need: close to 600 pieces of hero extraction and 5 character exclusive weapons, of course, you can also spend 5 months to the mall to change the upgrade box, 5 months oh 🙂 And this is just a hero. A set of push map lineups are basically three Samsung full, and my three Samsung full late can not push the final boss. Equipment can be obtained by synthesis, and the probability of synthesizing exclusive green equipment is low enough to explode. Your gold coins are not enough to support synthesis. Character upgrading requires experience. It takes about 300W to upgrade to a level 72 hero (I don’t remember it clearly). These things can only be obtained from the liver every day. The liver comes out, and the stamina in the game is too insufficient. I chose to abandon the pit after more than half a year of check-in day after day. Every day, the new heroes are just coming out of the big guys. It didn’t take long for me to pay for the full play arena in Rome. At this time, you may have just shaken out the three stars. Looking at the unreachable top boss, he was dispirited. The daily content is repetitive and boring. After the automatic task is out, it is even more boring. It becomes the end of daily login and check-in. In general, the pre-game fun is worth experiencing. After the main line branch is finished, there is basically no content to be brushed, and the pit is huge, so be cautious.

7 months ago

The gift pack is too disgusting, the plot is a little bit inexplicable, and the rest is okay. Maybe the production team wants to make a game that inspires players’ endless desire to explore. There are many small organs in the level. The map is very Nintendo style. The level needs to be unlocked with physical strength. After unlocking, it is free to enter, that is, to split a large map of the world. Into many small pieces, very interesting design. The lottery was made into a blind box figure, and the legend was drawn and the prize was awarded. But all of this was ruined by the operation of the gift pack.

7 months ago

Played all day yesterday. The pixel style that feels pretty fun looks pretty cute. How do you say the operating mechanism, a bit like Gameboy’s Zelda. Crushed stones, throw bombs, speed up running, weeding for your heart, and when you get a new item, hold it over your head and show it. It’s all very interesting. Zelda was played when I was in junior high school, and it has been almost 4 years since I graduated from undergraduate. So it feels like a memory to kill. Currently I have cleared World 1 and World 2 and I feel that I can play without Krypton Gold for the time being. But the characters are all kind of Japanese comics in the two-dimensional style. I am not very interested in the two-dimensional style of the Japanese Manga, so it feels normal. And there are too many female heroes, a straight man playing with a bunch of heroines who play a two-dimensional day and night feels a bit motherly. But it still doesn’t affect my game play. If there are some, cooler, male heroes, it will be fine if you order them. However, there are still many small flaws. For example, the server often fails to configure the game when entering the game, and the network connection fails when the network fluctuates, or sometimes it is stuck on the loading page. There are also legendary heroes of Samsung. It is really difficult to draw. After drawing almost 60 times, I draw one. The basic attack is like a skill of King Glory Dharma.

7 months ago

1. The daily awakening stone copy must be played, and it can even be reset 1-2 times (the highest level) 2. Push the main line progress as soon as possible, regardless of collection and branch lines, one-star clearance is complete, anyway, you can make up 3. Purple coins later (Collection) Use it whatever you want. Except for chapter one (Chapter 5?), everything else is just spent. Priority is given to buying a coffee machine. You can increase the upper limit of your stamina and regain your stamina once. It is best to use it when you have no stamina. Star coins (collectibles) are reserved for building upgrades. The others are used to buy three-star evolution stone boxes, which depends on the individual. 4. Physical strength is only used to push the main line, maze tower, and evolution stone copies, resource copies In the middle, gold coin book and experience book are only played once to get diamonds, and props are not to be used in the early stage. Push the main line until it can’t be pushed, and then use the brainless brush evolution stone to increase the strength of the character. 5. Summoning repeated characters will get hero fragments. After the character is five stars, it will be used to exceed the upper limit (three-star corner 700, two-star corner 350), so it is very precious, and it is best not to buy evolution stones (if you have a special flower connection, buy some appropriately It’s not a bad idea to seek short-term combat power, of course, only the first five-star) 6. Draw weapons to magic metal, which is not very useful, mainly used to bet on special weapons boxes every month, the demand is not high, plus the weapon pool It’s more poisonous, so it’s usually only draw roles. Specialized weapons are replaced by 300 miles (wells). Please ignore them. 7. Paid drills are generally only used for single draws every day. There will be surprises from time to time. Local tyrants ignore them. 8. Weapons are basically all except specialized weapons. It’s rubbish, unless you have no use. Jewelry shields can basically be used with red quality or higher, so don’t be easily synthesized or used as dog food. 9, one- and two-star equipment (white and blue) can be used as upgrade dog food. Those below level 20 can be used as an upgrade dog food. Evolve, use high-grade embryos (the quality does not matter), until you evolve to five stars, there is a very small probability of specializing in martial arts, if not, they will be extracted and replaced with magic metal. [During the process, jewelry and shields with red quality or higher must be retained and will not evolve] 10. For weapons with red quality or higher, please follow the previous article to randomly evolve. 11. Most characters with special weapons can have strong changes (otherwise It’s called Zhuanwu), of course, pve pushes the picture, and you don’t need to use it if the operation is more powerful. In some rare cases, jjc uses certain other weapons to have miraculous effects. For example, 1. On some maps with few obstacles, use the captain of the two-star soil shield; 2. Use the captain’s umbrella girl. 12. Team buff. Effective in jjc, so the best buff can be eaten by three people, or a certain role is very strong, two guarantees and one is also acceptable. 13. In more than half of the cases, jjc is running, unboxing, abnormal skills, running, abnormal skills, and chaining. Keep pressing the attack does not necessarily improve your winning rate. Therefore, it is very important to know how many times the skill has entered anomalies and hide the opponent’s skill. Speaking of a few commonly used ones, most of the time, the captain’s specialization is twice. If each time only hits one damage, it is three times into the anomaly; the soil flower special is five rounds (one skill is three), and the Eugene (motor) specializes It takes 10 damage to enter the abnormality. If you eat it all, it takes two skills. However, it is difficult to achieve the wall. Most of the time, it is three times. However, there are cases where each skill only hits three damages, and then four skills are required (need to reduce A certain amount of cd is reduced, otherwise the time is not enough) 14. Connect the article, so in most cases, the skill cd is a very important attribute, as far as possible to wash the highest (weapons, jewelry, shields)

7 months ago

At present, the only thing I like is the card design. Although I got 4 3-star cards in two rounds of the diamonds I gave me, my scalp was tingling when I looked at the development interface. The key problem is that the weapon also has an independent card pool… The rift points in and take a look, this dungeon, that dungeon, there are a total of 5 types, several of which are different every day. In fact, the two-dimensional plus pixel style itself is not a special match, so the characters don’t like anything, and there is no sense of substitution when playing. At present, these feelings seem to be full of game content, but in fact it is extremely empty…

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