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I went to Shanghai school last week to recruit and set up a stall in the school. A student who came to apply for the job told me that before he went to a large local company in Shanghai for an interview, the interviewer’s first question was: Can your family make a two million down payment? At first glance, it sounds inexplicable. What is the relationship between whether there is money in the family and the work ability of the employees? The student asked the same question at the scene. HR’s answer is that the fresh graduates cultivated by the company in the past few years have chosen to quit their jobs and return to second- and third-tier cities to find jobs because they did not see the hope of buying a house in Shanghai. From the perspective of company operations, the loss of experienced technicians is indeed a trouble, so HR came up with such a loss. Since the reason for leaving is that you can’t afford a house, you can only talk to people who can afford a house to save the cost of follow-up communication. It’s also because the job is too difficult to find in the past two years, even if you do this, you can still hire people. I sounded a little confused, so I asked that classmate, wouldn’t other Shanghai companies do the same? Classmates said that HRs of other companies would ask them euphemistically, such as “Can your family’s economic conditions support your foothold in Shanghai?” Then we looked at each other, and no one knew what to say. From the first time I came to Shanghai in the fall of 2012, I have been enrolling in the same school for eight years. I was very impressed with the first time I set up a stall. At that time, I was very nervous, and I didn’t want to be seen by the interviewees that I was nervous, so I sat up straight. There was no business at the stall that day, and it was deserted. Finally, a classmate came over and asked about the salary of the next post. I said that the annual salary is about 100,000 yuan. The classmate laughed and pointed to the stall of the company next door and said that the company in Shanghai gave him 150,000, so I would prefer to stay in Shanghai for development. I said, the salary in our small place is definitely not comparable to that in the big city. The salary in Shanghai is higher, but the house price is also expensive. The classmates said, but staying on the Shanghai platform is bigger and develops better, and you can buy it sooner or later. The speaker spoke frankly, and the listener did not feel wrong. Then the student got up and left, and continued to find a local company in Shanghai to submit his resume. Now, eight years later, our small local company is still recruiting at the same school, and it has been very busy for more than two hours. I asked every student if they had considered staying in Shanghai. Many students said that they considered it, but in the end they decided to go home. Regarding the reasons for the choice, everyone has the same answer-no matter what your career is, it is impossible to buy a house on your own, and house prices will not stay in place and wait for you to catch up. ​Just like the boys eight years ago calmly said that they could buy it sooner or later, today’s classmates said that it was impossible to afford it. They are also calm, just stating a well-known fact, and there is no emotional fluctuation. It’s just that I, someone who has been on the sidelines for eight years, is a little bit emotional. In the eight years I have seen, the young people of this first-class prestigious school have indeed gradually extinguished their expectations of the big city, the bright future, and the life of a family and business in the future. In this process, crop after crop of young people are told that they are struggling and encouraged to have hope in life, and then a few years have passed, exhausted like dry batteries, and then replaced by new batteries. Even if this is the case, the company still complains that the battery power is not long enough and the output is not stable enough, and then set a job standard of 2 million yuan. It is conceivable that the selected batteries will be burdened with a lifetime debt, and one month’s mortgage is higher than most people’s wages. Then there is 996, a desperate competition, taking the initiative to drain one’s last drop of blood. But even this kind of life will be called lucky, because there are more people who want to be squeezed out. All this is seen by the new batteries in the campus factory. These prestigious students who have defeated thousands of troops on the single-plank bridge in the college entrance examination, and the consistent winners in the competition of their peers, discovered for the first time that their efforts and talents cannot have any impact on the future. So some of them decided not to make dry batteries, and let those who used to be greedy for black hanging beams in the past to go to waste, give up the dream of a big city and go home. But when the oranges from Huainan arrived in Huaibei, they always felt a little uncomfortable. The platform is bad, the salary is less, the network is more, the unthinkable chaos and stupid people are all used to it. When you convince yourself to endure everything, you find that the office building is as brightly lit every weekend as it is at night, and the work group in the middle of the night keeps news, and you have to give hard-earned money to the demolition households…nothing has changed. It turns out that people have to become batteries, and the same goes for escaping from a big city. This is the end. The end point is like this, but it doesn’t delay people still vying for life and death at the starting point. Probably because of my age, there are more and more anxious parents around me. Just recently, I watched a mother who was so anxious because of a phone call from the teacher, she even increased her speaking speed much faster, like a machine gun. In fact, her child’s test scores are already at the upper-middle level of key elementary schools. Yes, that’s just a child in elementary school. I said it’s not a good test. Don’t put too much pressure on the child. It’s still the most important thing to be happy. The depressive growth process will affect a person for a lifetime. The mother was unmoved, still anxious. She said how could this be done, how could I be admitted to a good university, now that the competition is so fierce, what should I do to find a job in the future… I looked at such an anxious mother, and suddenly thought of many people in my mind. The kid who pulled the car door and jumped off the bridge. The demolished households downstairs in the community who are doing nothing to play cards day after day. A company building where the lights are always on late at night, and people always stay up late to work overtime. The interviewer asked if there are two million graduates in the family. A child from someone else’s family often mentioned by his parents, fifteen years ago, he went to school to get a prestigious school, graduated and stayed in Shanghai, and had a successful career-he graduated from the same school as the previous classmate, with the same effort and excellence. In fact, I really want to ask anxious parents: forcing such a small child to fight for victory or defeat with others, but what then? So what? Perhaps this can be regarded as a kind of black comfort: in this new era, you don’t have to worry about winning so much, because the position of the winner is already full. We were beaten and beaten, but no one will be a winner. There are only one battery after another, with wires connected to the end and end, standing side by side at the end of this life-and-death, single-plank bridge.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

At the department dinner that day, the leader and I were both rats. I was 24 years old and she was 36 years old. She mentioned the house price in Kunming when she was young. At that time, she had just worked like me, with a monthly salary of 1,200, and the house price was 1,600 per square meter. Now our monthly salary is 4000, and the housing price in the same area is 14000 per square meter. This is still a relatively modest price, so I won’t say anything about Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Young people are also human, and people’s requirements for life have never been so complicated: they can eat, dress warmly, sleep well, have someone they like, and work for a few years. You can use your savings to buy a small set of your own. The house keeps a small furry animal. Now, at two or three in the morning, you search for the keyword “overtime” on Weibo, and the real-time messages are all wailing of young people who have just left work or are working overtime. No one works overtime forever, but someone always works overtime. The wheels of the 996 mode rolled over, and there were sighs everywhere. Get up early, load yourself and other social animals in carts, transport them to the company, endure the harshness of Party A, the indifference of colleagues, and the incomprehension of the leaders. Various work plans and indicators are piled up in piles. Then at midnight, you finally get off work. After you finish washing, you lie in bed and find desperately that your brain has insomnia due to overworking. He looked at the ceiling face to face until six o’clock, got up to wash, and it was another busy day. Holidays? weekend? Recklessly. Wait until the day when the salary is paid, and you can calculate it. After working day and night for a whole year, you can probably buy a small bathroom in this city. And how fast house prices are rising, your salary increase compared to it is like a second-hand motorcycle chasing rocket. Are young people mourning? I don’t think. When you go to any university, we are the one who laughs and scolds at the debate; we are the one who uploads songs and dances in the welcome party; we are the one who reads books in the library; and we are the one who splattered blood in public welfare organizations. After graduating, my colleagues and I spent the weekend in the same way: Lie down slowly. We don’t want to do unnecessary social interactions, we don’t want to develop useless feelings, we don’t want to go shopping, develop new restaurants, and raise more cute animals. We are so tired, we just want to lie on the bed and pretend that we are a clean and soft quilt, lying down, lying down to the ground. Sometimes, we will deliberately blur the boundary between reality and the Internet. Like the popular Animal Forest Friends Association a while ago, although in reality we are social animals who have been beaten to death by society, we have a small house on the Internet, so many small. Animals have lovely friends and plenty of energy. We bounced around, sang loudly, laughed, and the corners of our lips were like the sea.

7 months ago

I have been at work these days, waking up at six in the morning and going to bed at twelve in the evening, which is called the back wave of the new era. In order to be a qualified back wave, even though I am lifeless, I still have to flop and make a few waves. But I think I can’t move anymore. Living in a prosperous city, I arrived at the bus stop on time every day and waited. With the flow of people into the car, the young people on the car were tired, and there was no sun at 1.89. I was holding the handrails and enjoying the crowded traffic in the city. Amidst the speed of the bus and the noise of the front and rear vehicles, I watched the time flow by, worrying about not being able to check in on time, while thinking about the future. Where will I be in this city? City, make fucking life better. Every day, people are transported from this point to that point like goods. Whenever I get on the bus, I think of the courier brother. Brother delivers goods from here to there, and buses also bring people from here to there, one carriage of goods and one carriage of people, bustling, coming and going. At this time you want me to tell me what a city is. The feeling that a city gives me is that everything can be materialized. Even people. There is no freedom for people living in the city. In the city, everything about people is restricted. The city looks orderly, it looks prosperous, and it seems to have everything. Only a little bit less human. This is very contradictory. The city is obviously full of people, how can it be inhumane. I don’t know, this question is left to you to think about. When you arrive at the company, you must clock in on time when you go to work. You can go to work early, but you can’t leave work early, which is funny. Many companies will regard the things clearly stipulated in the labor law as benefits. It seems that the company is better than the government. If the law is not implemented, the government does not count, but the company says it. Fortunately, I have read books, otherwise I thought that the highest authority of the country is my company. Five social insurances and one housing fund are benefits, and weekends are benefits. Overtime pays you overtime or fucking benefits. These things you should have, seem to be given to you by the company. What’s even more exaggerated is that some even say that it is hidden benefits. At first you were attracted by this. You didn’t know what this hidden benefit was after working a month’s shift: it’s fucking paid to go to the restrooms. The city is hypocritical. You can’t see its true face. It has a huge slogan saying that you are welcome, but in the end few people stayed; it was printed in big red letters saying that the city is my home, but in the end most people didn’t take it. The key to home. It builds tall buildings everywhere, builds mansions, just takes out a cell and presses it on you, so that you can’t breathe, and then smiles and says to you: rushing, back waves! I run to your mother. Good guys aim everywhere? That’s the past tense. If you want to be a good man now, you have to have a house first, or you won’t have a mother-in-law. After you have a house, if you don’t wake up one day to get the news that your hometown has been demolished, or walk on the side of the road and buy a lottery ticket and win 5 million, then there is a high probability that you will be tied to this broken house for the rest of your life. Now, your fantasies, your wanderings, are gone, you are still in the four directions, you are still poetry and far away. Your chicken. You can only eat hard to make yourself fatter. The more I talk about it, the more miserable, life seems to have no hope. But it is not impossible. After all, there is no way out of doubt. The boat will sink naturally at the bridge head. If there is light, the shepherd boy points to your grave. People are alive, there are too many fucking things, thinking, unrealistic, this is also the root of all troubles. So, recognize the situation, give up illusions, lose hope, and live steadily. The whole life of a person is not good to say, it is a lifetime of waiting for death, and everything is empty when you die, and Quanxia laughs and drinks daughter red. When he died, everything was fucking flying with his ashes. Of course, you have to say that you can’t even afford a grave. Then I advise you to live well first, when you have enough money, and when you can leave with peace of mind. Just kidding, what’s the big deal about death, and what’s the big deal about being alive, going up poorly and down, down to Huangquan, rivers and rivers, vast expanses of sky, dead or alive, all the same as your mother. What we need to do now is to find our own little joy in the vast, complicated and boring world. But so. If you like, please come to my official account to play: [I’m probably crazy] Let’s have fun together

7 months ago

Recently, I don’t know why the number of answers and readings has increased again. Combining with the international format, I hope that everyone keeps thinking rationally and does not increase the height and stir up emotions. I am full of confidence in the future of the country, but at the same time I cannot see that this future has my personal choice. Tan Tanjiao’s fake 70-year-old father gave birth to a daughter. I sincerely appreciate his attitude towards life. It doesn’t affect my disapproval of this girl’s future, but I will not go over the network cable to teach him a lesson. I also hope that some distance educators will encourage themselves. How humble and narrow-minded is that people who do not accept other people’s lives are not allowed to live in a tasteful world. I don’t even have the qualifications to take an elevator with my three-year-old Hou Lang. In our office, the son of a director rotates. This director is probably a little bit worse than some horses. He is polite, young, self-confident and generous. He does the same things as me, watches the same variety shows, and eats the same box lunches. However, he has the right to participate in all meetings. The executives greet him with warmth and warmth. We receive a high temperature subsidy of 300 yuan during the hottest period each year. He goes abroad to enjoy the coolness and summer. We must not take more than two days of leave. He and the steward said In a word, the person in charge is sincere and fearful, like being treated by heaven. I worked very hard. I always thought I was at an upper-middle level, went to a decent university, had decent grades, found a decent job, and rented a decent house. When he worked so hard, his wealth was at an upper-middle level. He went to a decent foreign university, had decent grades, took over a decent company, and bought a decent house. The difference between me and him is that his dad came to visit, he accompanied his dad on the elevator, and I was stopped by the administration to take the stairs. I don’t even have the qualifications to take an elevator with them. You tell me to keep working hard? Recently I watched a variety show. There was a man named Ma Boqian, 20 years old. When Li Chengru praised him, he said thank you lightly. When those 40-year-old opera bones were praised, they bowed in fear and said, thank you, thank you, Teacher Chengru. Ma Boqian is like our director’s son, and everything is as it should be. I can cry for three days even if my salary is 70 yuan less per month. These back waves are all emotionally stable, neither humble nor overbearing. I thought there would be something to do after graduation, and then I found that the day of graduation is the day when my dream ends. I unilaterally stopped playing with you. You have never looked at me directly. Can you let me go? Several replies in the comment area have been thinking about it, but they don’t seem to fit the personality of mourning. The public likes to comfort and numb themselves so that they can survive. I’m not talking about a specific rich person, please understand my story first. Around me, there are stories about the professor’s daughter with poor grades, marrying and changing nationality, being a noblewoman, baking pastries every day, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, and traveling around the world. There is also a pheasant university around me. I went abroad to pay for the intermediary. I did not participate in the whole process. I returned to my country and relied on a relationship to enter a university to assist in research. s story. The scary thing is that everyone thinks that there are only a few people born in Rome, but they don’t know that the Romans will weed out you in three generations. Sometimes this is the case, the bottom layer jealously pulls and attacks each other. Once someone is a lot taller than us, we will sincerely bless him and feel that they should be, and we will run errands willingly. Some people just like to be the executive who stops others outside the elevator. The master didn’t speak, so he first picked up the whip and tried to be the most popular father-in-law next to the emperor. It’s like two crabs locked in a crab basket, now I let you out, don’t look back to teach me. I grew up in a state-owned enterprise with 10,000 people. I remember that when I was young, director’s children, high-level children, middle-level children, and workers’ children were taught in the same classroom. Although some people immigrated to elementary school and went abroad in junior high school, I remember that they could speak eight languages. My grandmother gave me a handful of kumquats, so I was very indifferent to class, and I even remembered the special features of those classmates many years later. But today, can you?

7 months ago

I tried a down jacket in the store, and I liked it very much. I asked the clerk for more than one thousand yuan, and immediately said that it felt a little big and didn’t suit me. At the same time, he secretly wrote down the sign and hurriedly left under the eyes of the clerk BS. As soon as I went out, I took out my mobile phone and opened Taobao to enter the brand. Finding that piece of clothing cost more than 500 yuan, and I collected it silently. After a few months, take out the phone and delete it. I go to and from work every day and get off work overtime at night. I am cautious. The leader is a perverted old woman who picks bones from all kinds of eggs. Also put on a smiling face and suffer, because the work is hard-won, and accidentally troubles you. Losing a job means that there is no security of life. Tears swallowed all the grievances. Work is not easy. The recruitment website clearly states that it is over 35 years old. After all, money is the only guarantee of life. There is nothing wrong with being wronged. I haven’t talked about boyfriends in my thirties, and I don’t have time! Not qualified! In this first-tier big city, walking is the same as running. Where can I stop and meet the right people? Besides, housing prices and prices make me even less qualified to talk about it. It is better to have a bowl of instant noodles in a small rental room quietly. A female colleague in junior high school went to work before graduating. She was pretty. She sold a house at first and then went to work on a golf course. We all said at that time that girls need to learn knowledge to be successful, and kept persuading her, she told us , Make money early, we laughed that she didn’t know how to make money. Later, she married her early. Her husband is a big boss and a full-time wife. In the circle of friends, she basically takes her baby and travels all over the world. But I was eating instant noodles in a small rental room. Is it fair? I asked myself many times that she didn’t have to study hard to lead an enviable life. I worked hard to study, but I got a meager salary and couldn’t even give the life I wanted. It’s really unwilling. But there is a long way to go. I hope that in the endless dark sky ahead, will there always be a little bit of starlight?

7 months ago

In fact, the strangulation of equal opportunities is the most important thing. In fact, society is not afraid of inequality, and it is impossible for all to be equal. As a result, inequality is not terrible. What is really scary is the inequality of opportunities. When housing prices rise, it’s just an asset. It’s not the core issue. But behind the rise in housing prices, there are two things that are different from other countries. It stifles equality of opportunity to a great extent and treats young people. The values ​​of the company have undergone a fundamental change. The two are different. The first is that real estate is bound to educational resources through school district housing. As a result, the poor have lost both the surface and the essence of equal access to educational resources. In today’s world, education is almost universally recognized as the fundamental channel for equal opportunities. Someone blatantly destroyed this thing, and it was impossible to change it because of the obstruction of vested interests. Young people can’t be lost. In fact, if there are any reforms that are critical to stability, the right to education is definitely one. Decoupling it from real estate is almost necessary. The longer the delay, the deeper the accumulation of interests formed by the vested interests, and the more unchangeable it will be. Eventually, the gap in equality of opportunity will become larger and larger, triggering disastrous social consequences. The second is the extremely irrational distribution of wealth caused by the short-term rapid rise of real estate. In fact, from a long-term perspective, our real estate growth rate is not large. The average annual growth rate cannot exceed the average annual growth rate of the Shanghai Stock Exchange to the present. It’s just that there have been incredible short-term surges in a few years. The difference between a short-term skyrocket and a long-term moderate rise is that the latter’s effect on getting rich is almost equal. Over the decades, all classes and groups have been able to work hard to serve their own industries, save money, buy houses, realize asset value appreciation, and share the national economic growth and the dividends of national policies. This is called equal opportunity. But the short-term skyrocket is completely different. First, it has nothing to do with hard work. On the contrary, at that stage, the giant baby who dares to drag his parents to buy a house gets the greatest value enhancement. Second, it strongly encourages speculation, and third, it rewards people who engage in unproductive activities and are close to the center of policy. Fourth, it also has the method of demolition and relocation. Generally speaking, since the policy promotion only considers the total effect, the economic structural issues and social and people’s livelihood issues have not been considered at all. In the past ten or twenty years. You have watched the distribution of wealth in society operate completely out of equality of opportunity. I also watched the structural problems of the economy accumulate at a terrifying speed. At last it has come to today’s stage. How severe the structural problems of the field economy are, the young people must be lost because the two reasons are essentially the same. Unfortunately, the structural problems of the economy are managed by young people’s loss and no one asks them. I’m afraid it’s not enough to stimulate young people. Even though we firmly believe that economic structural problems will be solved, a generation of young people will eventually grow old in mourning and never be young again. It’s the second time and they have the right to have a high life and a sunny youth like the “back wave”.

7 months ago

Two days ago, the apples at home turned red (a kind of apple earlier than Red Fuji), and my husband took them to the town’s fruit vendor to sell them. Ten thousand bags, or about ten thousand apples, only sold for 6,400 yuan. Excluding chemical fertilizers, pesticides, apple bagging, hiring people to help, etc., after calculating it, I lost money again this year. In other words, a year in which the wind blows and the sun is dry again. For this, the apples in my house are still the best sold in the village. In some people, the money sold is not enough to cover the investment costs. Both of us are born in the 80s, just in their early 30s, and have gone to college, and we are considered entrepreneurial farmers with a high degree of education. When I just graduated in 2012, I was working in Xi’an, and my work looked very glamorous. I was a teacher at three colleges and no one believed it. At that time, the salary was 1,800 a month. At that time, in the suburbs of the university town where we worked, the house price was 5000-6000/square meter, and the basement we rented was 1000/month. In other words, neither of us eat nor drink, and we earn money a year, which is not enough to buy a bathroom. There was a classmate from the same department who entered the unit with me. She has been working there since I left. Some time ago it was said that the salary had finally risen to 3,000, but the house price there was already over 10,000. The irony is that a girl of the same age in our village did not go to high school. At that time, she married an aboriginal in the village near the university town. The university was expanded, and the family was divided into several suites. Now she has no worries about food and clothing. When I first returned to my hometown to start a business, various government policies were good. At that time, the house price of our county was 1,800. At that time, we thought that we couldn’t afford a house in Xi’an. We went back to our hometown to start a business and worked hard for two years. The county house always bought. Now that 8 years have passed, the house price in the county has reached 6000, and we still can’t afford it. It’s so powerless… Our apples are mainly sold to big cities by merchants, and the standards are getting stricter and stricter. Blocked by leaves a little, the thumb-sized area is not red, don’t; but there is a little black spot, which will not affect the food, don’t; don’t have all the red ones, don’t;…there are only the leftover apples that have been picked. Sold as a secondary fruit. Some are only a few cents a catty. Anyway, it’s not worth the money. When the merchant loads the truck, he loads it directly with a forklift. Farmers who have planted their land for a lifetime, seeing this scene, shouted “spoil things” and “make sins”. But I had to sell it again, and I couldn’t eat it, or it would be rotten in the ground. Sometimes, elderly farmers sit together and chat, saying that it’s really strange that people in the city say that they don’t need fertilizers and pesticides, but they want green food, while they really like apples that grow like that. They don’t understand it. . After operating for a year, I sell the best apples, and I always pick the worst apples to eat. But after one year, it still can’t sell for money. In the past few years, one after another, older ones, and those who are sick, have dug up their own fruit trees and planted some corn and wheat to feed themselves. They feel that now that people’s demands are getting higher and higher, they are physically and financially unable to grow apples that meet the demands of people in the city. Most of their next generations, like ours, born in the 1980s, choose to go to work outside, and they don’t want to suffer this “sin” in the countryside. There are very few young people like us who are willing to stay in the countryside. But we are not getting better, basically losing money every year. The child goes to school in the county seat, and the rented house is only 20 square meters. With a bed and cooking furniture, he can’t even fit a child’s desk, so he can only lie down on the bed and do his homework. Basically, I only go to XX Clothing Wholesale City to buy clothes. I haven’t bought hundreds of clothes. Last year, the price of pork increased, and even the meat dishes for festivals like the Mid-Autumn Festival and Dragon Boat Festival were saved, and only 10 kilograms of pork was weighed during the Chinese New Year. Burning coal for heating in winter makes me afraid of gas poisoning for my child. It is said that coal will not be allowed to burn after two years, saying it is polluting the environment. The child is small and ignorant. In winter, he goes to the aqua toilet in the north and screams with cold buttocks. Once, the child pointed to the three words “Chinese Dream” written on the wall of the aqua toilet and asked me what I meant. I said that people would live in the building without freezing their buttocks in the toilet in winter. There are still tens of thousands of bags of Red Fuji not sold at home. According to the current market, it is estimated that it will be difficult to even return to the original. After a few years, I don’t know if I am becoming more and more incompetent, or what happened to the world? So powerless, so desperate.

7 months ago

It is not the young people who choose the funeral, but the young people who choose funeral. You said that we must study hard and strive to contribute to the great cause of society. Okay, I carried my schoolbag, climbed the mountain of books, dived into the sea of ​​books, and got admitted to the university as I wish. It should be barely counted as a flower in the back waves, even if it is photographed on the beach, it can’t be shocked by a grain of sand. You said, we must work hard and strive to contribute to the progress and development of the company. Well, I typed on the keyboard and worked all night long, working hard and creating benefits as I wish. It should be barely counted as a flower in the back waves, even if it is photographed on the beach, it can’t be shocked by a grain of sand. You said that we must work hard to earn money and strive to make sacrifices for the prosperity of the family. Well, I eat frugally, quit smoking and drinking, and diligently, but this time I didn’t get what I wanted. You said, boy, why don’t you work hard, you haven’t met my expectations? You can’t do it like this. Sorry, I really can’t move. Arriving at the subway station on time every day, being carried into the car by the flow of people, everyone has dark circles on their faces, and yawns lazily, looking at the time and the stop signs. There is no fire in their hearts. The light in the eyes, I am afraid only the hurt in the heart, the shit in the eyes. Accompanied by the pleasing sound of clocking in, dragging his tired body, sitting on the desk, eating the breakfast that he bought casually on the street, drinking boiled water from the company’s welfare, and starting to look through the documents. At eight or nine o’clock, it’s time for off work, and the busy day is finally over. Pulled back by the car to a room of more than ten square meters, charging for a new day. Single break, double break, holidays, etc. I have heard of it. However, the car was still beckoning to me in the shop, and the house was still telling me Godfather in a dream. At this time, I realized that “you are the masters of society”, and only “you”. Reading novels, no, these novels are all fake, so you can’t read them. Replay the video, no, this video is fabricated and cannot be replayed. Play games, no, this game is all sullen and can’t be played. I TM is weird. Co-authoring does not follow your requirements, does not buy a car, does not buy a house, does not get married, does not have children, it is nothing. Nima is outrageous. You can’t have your own emotions, you can’t have your own thoughts, you can’t have your own choices. We can only resemble the manufactured products in the assembly line of the production workshop, with no difference in the slightest, otherwise we will be stamped with unqualified red stamps. Good guy, that’s what it means to say that young people are so sad. But mourning, which is also forced by you. I hope that I am crazy and hope that I will not live alone; I want to be cold, but I want to be frivolous and lowly; I want sunshine and I want my style not to shake. What do you TM want me to do. I just eat what I want and buy what I want. I don’t have to look at the price of the label every time I buy something and calculate how much it will cost. I just want to accompany my girlfriend, so I can go on a trip during holidays and see the outside world. I just want my parents in my hometown to be able to lie on a bamboo chair and bask in the sun without hard work. Is it too much? However, none of these things has been done so far. I’m really tired. I have walked through your requirements for more than 20 years, and I don’t want to be your marionette anymore. I just don’t want to carry the demands imposed by you on my back. Why are you lost? I just want to find my own happiness, my own life, my own life, go lightly, and walk slowly on the road. Not to mention that young people are lost. Is it the young man who lost, or who lost the young man again? Nine out of ten unsatisfactory things in life are the same as others.

7 months ago

I saw a video on a video platform two days ago. What is the content of the video? It was a boy who gave him a BMW car for his 18th birthday. Looking at the comments on the first floor, it said: It was on my birthday. After eating a boiled egg, I calmly flipped through a few videos and closed the video boringly, and then prepared to go to bed to welcome tomorrow’s working life. But I lay in bed and never fell asleep, and the words flashed in my mind. , I ate a boiled egg on my birthday. Unexplained sadness suddenly suppressed my heart. It has been a long time since I had a decent birthday, and even several times I have forgotten that special day for me. Actually, it’s not a big deal, except for those who were born on that day. Special significance is added. It is not much different from any other day. After a few days at the silent dinner table, mom will suddenly mention that it seems like your birthday a few days ago, and then start discussing neighbors’ anecdotes with dad. My brain stagnates like an electric shock, and then pretends to say: It’s okay, isn’t it just a birthday. I’m an early infected person in the funeral culture, and I think it’s indescribable from the inside out. Special decadent gas quality. When everyone in junior high school was still yelling for their dreams, I didn’t even dilate my pupils at all, and looked forward calmly. Rather than seeing this through, I’d rather say that I’m numb, and I’ve seen the word through. It cannot be used indiscriminately. He wants to use enough experience as a sufficient accumulation of years, but I don’t have it. It’s just a teenager who can understand the principles. It just feels that there is no willingness and ability. To carry out any fluctuations in life, since I was young, I would cry out like other children to change the world and change myself, but the later I realized that I was really not that special. Those ambitions since childhood have already been taken by me and me. I forgot about my birthday and finally came to university. With a solid foundation and a little cleverness and luck, I still squeezed into the door of 985. I thought I could continue my primary school dream and continue my life. But after all, it stayed where I thought. Going back to the subject of the subject, the subject said why young people are so depressed. In fact, it is not just young people. Every generation has its own pain. In the early days, there were also ideals, fullness, and reality. The same is true. Reflecting this funeral culture, it’s just that today, the high-speed connectivity of the Internet and children generally accept more enjoyment and more, and at the same time they will think more about the causes. Everyone will be enthusiastic. Ask your dad. Mom, they also want to become successful people. You have to ask them now. They may only leave you with a numb face, and then talk to you about the difficulty of life, and nothing more than the dream is also the mourning that will get old. What’s wrong with a bereavement? The problem that puzzles us during adolescence is actually very simple and pure, and it is very romantic from the outside, just like the troubles of young Werther, pure blue, accompany us through this hot and dry Eighteen-year-old summer revision: The writing is so rough, and more than 30 people like it and are very touched. The above were all typed out in five minutes while taking the time to teach a tutor. It was done in one go without too much thinking, and at that time Emotions are also a bit agitated. Why is it mourning? I read the answer of another respondent and found it to be very reasonable, that is, young people are not very rich in resources at many levels, which is the so-called dividend imbalance. I have scored 143 points in the national one-volume English test in 20 years, which is quite good in our small county, but when I came to the foreign language department of the university, I suddenly felt that I was really worthless. Some of my classmates have memorized the English 4-6 vocabulary, and some have even studied in the United States. Their vocabulary is close to 20,000. Some students are so comfortable with the teacher’s pure English teaching that I have to respond every time. long time. Suddenly at a certain moment, I felt, ah, it turns out that my peers still have this. It can probably be said to be broken by a little click like this. In fact, those things are not worth mentioning in life, but I just feel that it is a pity that it is unfair, but I have no ability and the power to refute and fight. All I can do is to accept all this and be a salted fish quietly. It is said that in today’s era, everyone has more opportunities, but in fact, it seems that there is almost no growth. For example, 10 years ago, everyone had 10 cakes and some people had 7 cakes and you had 3 cakes. Now there are 100 cakes, and when others get 70, you get 30. You have indeed gained more resources, but you will find that the gap between you and others has risen from 4 to 40. The relative gap is often the most. It’s fatal because we can’t go back to the past. We live in this era. In fact, we are comparing and competing with each other. I feel sad and unwilling to have enough resources. What does it matter as a psychological solution? I am very sad tonight. The tears of Netease cloud do not affect me getting up early tomorrow morning to get up and take a few special four words on my back. It is just an attitude to life and there is no need to accuse me of being placed on a kind of expectation by my parents since I was young, saying that I can achieve class by studying well. But now that I step into the gate of 985, I don’t think it’s all smooth sailing. I can even say that the road ahead is long and far away. My dream is like the ice in the coke in the summer of the third grade. Thank you everyone. Like, I see that everyone’s discussion is about birthdays. In fact, this matter itself is not within the scope of what I want to discuss. I said that my own birthday was forgotten and not taken seriously, and it was never for the sake of it. In order to gain everyone’s sympathy, he is just a layer of cloth, covering more of the reasons for the loss of cash young people underneath. Everyone’s origin is an unspeakable mystery. Not every family has the ability to send out a BMW car on the child’s 18th birthday. Actually, what I want to say is not here. Remember to read the discussion of Tomson Yipin before. Someone at the bottom of the post said, what kind of people can afford such a house, and some people reply that such a house can be bought at birth or can’t be bought in this life. It’s cruel but also. How real. I saw everyone’s comments last night and wanted to say something. I turned out my high school diary last night and looked at the phone’s lunar calendar to find that day’s diary. There was a lot of it in it, and I wrote down what stupid things I did during the day. , I saw the girl I like in the class next door, the chicken I ate at night was too salty, my life was so exhausted, and the confusion about the future. There was no word about birthday, and no one mentioned to me about the current information age. There are more and more devices and media to record important things in life. It is reasonable to say that everyone’s memory should get better and better, but in fact, it is not right. I often see boys forget girls’ birthdays and then girls get angry, and girls forget to remember. The Japanese are awkward. In fact, the real important point is whether you are really that important. The younger generation is accelerating to be forgotten. If in the future the parents are no longer there, the person who remembers our birthday may not be there in the end. When the younger generation is alone In a strange city, a person in an empty rental house accidentally remembered his birthday. Will the long-awaited one turn on his phone with great expectations and prepare to welcome everyone’s blessings, but found that the pop-up windows on the screen are all from Weibo, Tencent News and Bank of China numbly put down their phones, stared blankly at the ceiling, and draped their heads under the quilt, sobbing. In the darkness, they said to themselves with the cry of the child next door and the loud voice of the woman upstairs. Say, happy birthday, I often miss many people in my high school. My favorite math teacher, humorous Chinese teacher, and English teacher will know if I hate English the most. I finally chose English as a major, and sometimes even the old-fashioned class teacher In the greasy and unconscious morning, it is like the morning reading of the whole class of mysterious rituals. The sweat left on the basketball court, the notes that have been given to girls who like girls, they always appear more and more agile and real in the dark night, but I fight I tried my best to think about myself, but I couldn’t get a real image. Suddenly got up and banged on the light button, stared at my face in the mirror, and found that there was no light in my eyes. Maybe my eyes were relatively small, right?

7 months ago

No, no loss, who is lost? You can eat rice indiscriminately, but don’t talk indiscriminately. Although my salary is only 3,000 a month, when I think of the brilliant achievements of the Chinese people under the leadership of the Communist Party of China in the 70 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, I feel extremely proud and proud of the greatness of the motherland. Where can I be lost? Our motherland has become the second largest economy in the world. We build land in the South China Sea. We escort thousands of miles away in the ocean. We evacuate overseas Chinese as soon as possible. We build a military port in Africa. We have recruited thousands of foreign students. , Our sword is pointing to the four directions, our journey is the sea of ​​stars. Although my life is not easy, it can even be said to be difficult. I work hard every day and the salary is low. I rent a one-room apartment and save money to help my family. Buying a house is something I can’t even think of. I dare not find it, I can’t find it, I can’t find it and I can’t marry it. But when I think of the people in the wars of Iraq, Syria, Libya, and the people of the United States who are living in dire straits and severe epidemics, and I live in such a peaceful and stable country, my heart will be filled with endless satisfaction and happiness. Feeling, where can I lose it? Although my daily entertainment is to play games I like after get off work, other entertainment methods have no money to consume, and I can only watch other people’s wonderful lives online every day. But I watched a propaganda film about young people posted on a well-known big website. It’s called “After the Wave”. The people of the same age in it live very chic and splendid. They have good looks, fresh clothes and angry horses, and they can skydive and play. Cosplay, like Hanfu, photography and diving, soaring freely under the vast blue sky, galloping on the grassland, diving in the sea, and comfortable in the colorful city. Although this is not my life, when I think of someone in this world living the life I want, I can feel some deep comfort. Where can I be lost? In the great project of China’s comprehensive and precise poverty alleviation, I have also escaped from poverty and lived a life of common prosperity. How can we be lost? Our generation has also caught up with the spring breeze of quality education, receiving education in happiness. Although the college entrance examination competition is fierce, it is quality education after all. How can we be lost? Although I have no money, there are many wealthy people in this world who are out of my reach, such as those celebrity Internet celebrity capitalists. I don’t understand their lives, but according to them, their lives are not happy. So I don’t need to be jealous of them, so how can I lose my heart? Hehe.

7 months ago

Have you seen “21st Century Capital”? The author lasted n years, researched more than 20 countries, wrote more than 700 pages of a huge book, and came to a conclusion: The rate of return on capital in the world today is greater than the economic growth rate, which has led to a growing gap between the rich and the poor. This kind of assets that can quickly increase in value has been inherited from generation to generation, leading to the solidification of the social structure. To put it in the vernacular, the world has placed too much emphasis on the appreciation of the stock market and housing market, which has led to the increase in the stock market and housing market much faster than the increase in wages. Even if ordinary people buy Moutai, the rich also buy Moutai, ordinary people buy 1,000 yuan, and the rich buy 100w. Over time, you will find that you are richer than before, but the gap between you and the rich is getting bigger and bigger. Because the reproduction speed of 100w will be faster and faster than 1000 yuan because of the compound interest of time. This is the eighth wonder of the world: the effect of compound interest, the rose of time, have you smelled his fragrance? Under this social structure, part-time work is already the bottom-most choice. If you want to get rich, building roads is useless. There are only three ways: 1. Inherit 2. Start a business and succeed 3. Invest. Of course, there is another way to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor, that is, you can buy Maotai for 1,000 yuan, and the rich for 100w. Buy longevity creatures. So you can see, how many ways you want to get rich now are related to hard work? Japan’s low desire society is made up of the post-80s generation. Why has Japan kept releasing water for the past 20 years in an attempt to stimulate the economy, and even if the loan interest rate reaches 1%, no one is willing to back the mortgage? Not only do they not buy a house, but young people don’t even want to get married, because marriage means responsibility. Oh, by the way, in addition to the alienation of capitalism, there is still a big mountain weighing on young people, that is, aging. The top of the enterprise is occupied by a large number of elderly people, young people are in their early days, and the country is kidnapped by a large number of elderly pension expenditures. Young people must pay pension insurance to support them. The house is also controlled by the previous generation, and young people have to pay rent to the elderly. So, what are the reasons for young people to work hard for the goal of upgrading their own class? What is the reason for the young people to choose?

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