At 03:00 on April 29th, Beijing time, the first round of the Champions League semi-finals ushered in a peak matchup in which sparks hit the earth. Paris Saint-Germain played at home against Manchester City. In the first half, Di Maria took a corner kick and assisted Marchinhos, nodding his head and breaking the net. Foden missed the opportunity before halftime. In the second half, De Bruyne went straight into the net to equalize the score. Mahrez shot a free kick to seal the throat, and Geyer stepped on Gundogan’s calf and was sent off by the straight red. In the end, Manchester City reversed Paris 2-1 away to take advantage of the advancement.

This is the game between the two teams. First of all, Manchester City’s two goals really come from set-pieces and luck. It does not say that the two goals reflect how strong Manchester City’s offensive ability is, and then Paris. The same is true. The tactics of set-kick corner kicks are very good, so the sports battle shows that the misfire is very powerful. Therefore, in fact the game between the two sides is not on offense, but on defense. First of all, in order to limit Mbappe, at least to limit the forward speed and ability, Manchester City has rarely activated Walker and activated all the defensive center of gravity to stare at him, basically limiting Mbappe’s speed. However, it is impossible to control it completely. So first of all, you are forcing Mbappé to go forward and he is going to pass, which greatly weakens its characteristics. Because Mbappe is now more of an offensive arrow, unable to pass and organize the effect. Therefore, after this strangulation, the first half of the first half was actually Neymar and Di Maria, etc., including midfielders Paredes, Verrati and Draxler. The control is still good. The key issue is When Mbappe loses his chance to shoot, can others stand up and respond. Originally, other people can also get a chance if they emerge, but these are all control-oriented, and there is no Mbappe in Paris. Assault, the entire team is prone to be forced to make some mistakes and wasted opportunities. Later, we knew that Zinchenko was replaced, or Manchester City began to appear in the midfielder in the second half. Therefore, Manchester City’s attack against Paris here is based on this approach, so Paris is also very annoying. Gaye’s red card appeared. Of course, the two goals really are either the opponent’s positioning ball defensive tactical error, or the real De Bruyne luck and the Paris goalkeeper’s inattention. These are the reasons, so the actual attack is Manchester City. , And the organization and cooperation of the frontcourt have not been played out. The knocks are also sloppy. It may be Paris that is relatively more pressured, because when several speed-type Fodens of Manchester City, De Bruyne , Mahrez was nailed to death, but what they can do is to find a point of cooperation, and what they can do is to find other opportunities that suit them to grind, but Mbappé has no contact with these Paris players. Previously it was singles breakthrough, now this trick is gone, the next trick is less used and unfamiliar. Therefore, although Manchester City has a dominant score, it is important to continue to maintain such a high intensity. Paris is not so easy to hand over the gun, so it does not mean that this game reflects the best offense of the entire two teams. system. So really pay attention to a word that cannot be overstated in all places is to defend and win the championship.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Best for Walker. Originally, he was one of the worst technical points in Manchester City. In the past, he was only used to deal with the function points of the Premier League wingers. He often fell into a dilemma because he was obviously not suitable for bottoming and going up. No technique is easy to waste the ball. But this time his body is useful: it complements the impact of no front, the impact of Mbappé, and the lack of power in Paris. This is obvious. Therefore, Manchester City’s backcourt strongman (Dias)—— Features and functional points on the road (Walker)-the overall technical level, can be regarded as supporting Wufeng. But the bigger problem is Paris himself, the star’s physical loss. (This is not deliberately looking for a reason, it is obvious what the situation is during the period of physical strength) So it is still back to Mbappé’s problem, almost by Walker Tianke, then you can’t move the arrow forward, can’t support it, have a narrow mindset, and pull it out with the ball. Insufficient standards are equivalent to putting high demands on the people behind them. The objective situation is that the two giants of Neymar and Di Maria have physical problems, so what other people can do is very important. Five words: Draxler. It’s very clear before, that Verrati can pass and cut pressure when he falls on this side, but he can’t directly help Buck release the pressure. What kind of role is needed in front of the defender to stay behind? This time shows again: falling into the backcourt. In addition to helping the full-back defense, the level of handling the ball in a low position/direct and fast dribbling, and a certain ability to capture depth are all needed. Quadrado, Chamberlain, Saint-Maximán, Lamela, Carrasco… Draxler can’t dribble the ball directly in the backcourt, but everything else is very good. Yas is not very useful, not understandable, but always retains Verrati and replaced all defensive players with gg. Bernat took a look at the injury, then Rafinha is obviously useful. I sighed that Paris and Bayern are invincible if they fit together. In fact, there is a Coman in Paris, which is completely different.

7 months ago

On April 29, in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final, Paris lost 1-2 to Manchester City. Before the game, although Manchester City is the biggest favorite to win the Champions League, Paris is even more promising. Because Manchester City has always lacked super giants and often suffers in this regard, there is no savior at the critical moment, so they will recruit Messi and Harland to solve this problem. Although Greater Paris is a newcomer, they are the Champions League runners-up last season, and they also eliminated Bayern without Lewand in the quarter-finals, and there are two super giants worthy of the world’s top two, Neymar and Mbappé. In the latest Ballon d’Or odds, Mbappe ranked first and Neymar was fourth. There are three super giants sandwiched between them: Lewand, Messi and Ronaldo. Paris did get a lead in the first half and had an advantage on the scene, but it quickly revealed the weaknesses behind their strength, that is, Neymar and Mbappé sometimes performed generally at key moments. In the Champions League final last season, under the high pressure of Bayern, Mbappé even failed to shoot in front of goal, while Neymar was obsessed with heads-up and wasted a lot of situation. In this game, Neymar and Mbappé also made mistakes, but they made different mistakes. The poor performance of Neymar and Mbappe is also the result of Manchester City’s tactics. Manchester City improved their weaknesses in one fell swoop in the second half, and the performance of the competition completely suppressed Paris. There are also goals at critical moments, while Super Giant is De Bruyne, who can also compete for the Ballon d’Or and suppressed Messi and Ronaldo last year as the final candidate for UEFA’s best player. When Hazard fell to the altar in Real Madrid, De Bruyne was very strong in Manchester City, supporting the Belgian national team to rank first in the world in the official FIFA national team rankings. In this game, De Bruyne also had a very lucky bounce shot outside the penalty area, and even Navas couldn’t help but laugh at the first time. Soon after, Mahrez’s special angled free kick world wave made Navas, the Champions League’s first goalkeeper in the past decade, of no avail. Manchester City smashed its own weaknesses while putting Paris in crisis. The former famous coach Capello came to the conclusion: Manchester City has risen and is very calm, and Paris has almost no chance to reverse. If Manchester City can really rely on De Bruyne to lead the team to win the Champions League, it may allow them to reduce their dependence on Messi and focus more on signing Harland to replace the abandoned first man Aguero. . Manchester City still has not given up on recruiting Messi, but their desire for Messi is declining. Instead, it is Manchester City’s opponents, who are also eager to sign Messi’s Paris, and may want Messi more. Although Neymar is powerful and a Golden Globe contender, his attendance rate is not high, and key games sometimes leave the team and fall into personal difficulties, which will delay the championship. Mbappe is the world’s most valuable and the first candidate in the future. Only Harland can threaten his status. After becoming a super giant, he is more fully studied by the major giants, and his performance will inevitably be restricted. Last season against Bayern and this game against Manchester City, Mbappe’s state did not match. In addition, Mbappe wants to join Real Madrid. If Paris’ 30 million euros after tax cannot impress him, he will probably be more interested in Messi. Long before being reversed by Manchester City, Greater Paris began to speed up the recruitment of Messi. According to Spanish and French media reports on April 28, Paris has already offered Messi a 2+1 contract and believes that it cannot be challenged. In this regard, Barcelona has no way to respond. After all, they want to renew the contract with Messi to discuss salary cuts with the king. Economically, they can’t compete with Paris. They can only continue to play emotional cards on a strategic basis. If there is Messi, even if Mbappe goes to Real Madrid, as long as Neymar stays in the team, Paris is not afraid of Manchester City at all, and they will become the most powerful team in the world.

7 months ago

I was a bit scared when watching the two goals scored by Manchester City in the live broadcast, especially De Bruyne’s goal, which was originally drowsy and when Tintin got the ball, it didn’t seem like he could play any decent offense. Look like. what? Why did you get in suddenly? But putting aside the unexpected nature of these two goals, I have to say that the score is actually fair. Paris can eliminate so many powerful enemies all the way, and Napa’s good state is really crucial. If there is no Napa, maybe the second round of this year’s Fira, Isa may have to roll over and be reversed. Let alone playing Bayern. And when Napa is no longer magical, or even puts on the level of an “ordinary giant goalkeeper”, Paris will encounter a major crisis. The daily routine of this year’s Champions League knockout round in Paris: Napa pounces, Marchinhos will perform a few top performances depending on the situation. Then rely on the frontcourt Mbappé, Di Maria, and Neymar after the comeback. Once the trio starts, the counterattack is quick and efficient. Football sometimes only needs that simple. In general, the Trident’s cooperation is very good. The efficient killing of Bayern in the first round of the quarter-finals is a textbook example, but it is far from the point of perfection. The relatively weak midfielder and the backcourt that relies too much on one or two players may encounter problems at any time when the Trident does not perform well. They have gone a long way, the defeat of this ball is just that the bomb planted by so many previous victories finally exploded at this time. And when this team met Manchester City, which had a complete system, the lead of the bomb was pulled away. No matter how strong Barcelona Bayern is, only this year’s system as a midfielder is slightly inferior to Manchester City. Barcelona itself is in a period of reform, Bayern relies on Lewand’s frontcourt fulcrum, and this fulcrum failed to play in the face of Paris due to injuries. And De Bruyne and Gundogan, really is the perfect midfield partner, coupled with Foden and a series of people as support, Guardiola himself is the most able to establish a midfield system coach. Perfect control, perfect ending. The first round of Paris against Bayern was an example of a frontcourt superstar tearing through the system through simple cooperation. And in the first round of Paris against Manchester City, they lost again in the kind of powerlessness that even if they have superstars, they still can’t get rid of the absolutely overwhelming system. Football is really wonderful!

7 months ago

Congratulations to Crystal Palace. In the upcoming Premier League game, there is a high probability of scoring three or one point (joking). Whether it is the recent adjustment of Manchester City’s league or the League Cup final of Tottenham, Guardiola is everywhere for this UEFA Champions League semi-final. The preparation for the finals, especially the League Cup for Tottenham, is to play as a little Paris. However, I have to say that as a melon fan, this game looked a bit distressing. The first half was almost under pressure by Paris. Originally, Paris played defense and Manchester City played pass control. It seems that the other way round, the personal ability of Paris players is too great. Strong, they almost suppressed Manchester City in possession of the ball. The Manchester City players are obviously burdened, while Paris has the psychological advantage of reaching the finals last year. Manchester City’s high-position press cannot work, and there is no chance at all. In the second half of the game, it was not how much Manchester City improved, but that it returned to normal. This is obviously due to some psychological adjustment factors in it. What Guardiola said in the locker room is unknown, but it seems to be all of a sudden. The burden of the Manchester City players has been reduced, and the overall forward and the effect of high-post presses have appeared. Zinchenko replaced early, which is a very rapid adjustment of Gua Shuai. This is rarely seen so early in Gua Shuai’s previous games. The substitution came on, indicating that he saw the situation on the field and made targeted adjustments, which worked very well. De Bruyne made a magical curve ball and turned into the gate. In addition, I personally feel that Manchester City’s “tough” defense in the second half will not hesitate to take cards to destroy the chances of the Paris frontcourt players to get the ball and destroy the connection. As long as Manchester City is in control of the midfield, the probability of winning is greatly improved. Although both goals have a certain chance, these two chances are precisely the result of psychological and tactical adjustments.

7 months ago

In front of Guagua, Popo was still one level behind. Although Manchester City has a strong lineup, Paris has this lineup. To be honest, I thought about being tied, but the home court was overturned, unforgivable. Falling behind at home in 70 minutes, and then changing in 80 minutes, what does Popo think, so unpretentious, keeping the substitute to make dumplings for the New Year? We must brighten our swords when we meet each other, and when we meet in a narrow road, the brave wins. Seeing Bobo’s frowning soft face, he didn’t get angry. It’s really a raging soldier, and a raging nest!

7 months ago

In any game, the situation fell into a significant disadvantage for a full 30 minutes without any adjustments. The first defeat must be the coach. Pochettino went to Verratti, and he failed. Verratti was continuously targeted for the delay in replacing it. It was almost impossible to change. Pochettino arranged for Mbappe to play a single arrow, but he failed. Mbappe continued to stay invisible and did not adjust. In the second half, aiming at the wing (especially on the side of Verrati) stepped up the effort, the effect was wonderful, and the match was a win over Pochettino.

7 months ago

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola ranked no front, Edson, Stones, Rodri and Bernardo played in rotation, Aguero and Jesus took the bench. In Paris, Neymar and Mbappé will undoubtedly start, with Baker, Marchinhos, Di Maria and Guyer taking turns. Paris took the initiative in the opening game and actively attacked. Paris took the lead in the 15th minute. Di Maria took a corner kick and Marchinhos scored with a header. Paris’ defense is always unreassuring. Paris actually has Neymar and Mbappe’s offensive players, who completely lost their initiative in the second half. Manchester City equalized in the 64th minute. De Bruyne made an oblique pass from the left and then hit the net. This round may be a pass, but he did not expect to bounce directly into the net, 1-1. Manchester City went ahead in the 71st minute, Paredes fouled Foden in front of the penalty area, Mahrez made a free kick over the wall and scored directly, Manchester City 2-1 lead. He became the sixth Manchester City player to score a direct free kick in the Champions League. It is also the first time in 4 years that Paris has been attacked by an opponent in a direct free kick in the Champions League. In this game, Manchester City’s two goals have a certain chance. On the first ball, De Bruyne’s cross was not touched by any player. Navas made a mistake in his judgment and lost the ball. For the second goal, Mahrez’s free kick passed between the defenders. This is also a mistake in the layout of the Parisian wall. Normally, the wall can block the ball. Although there is a certain chance of the two goals, Manchester City has more control over the game and created more attacking opportunities.

7 months ago

In fact, I think that the pot of this defeat is 100% to Pochettino. It is true that there are some coincidences in the goals scored. But Uncle Po is suddenly incarnation of Mourinho in the second half because of his indecisiveness and no idea. I want to hold the result and ruin the good game. Manchester City seems to be pressed on the ground in the first half. It is actually reasonable. Guardiola dared to go to Walker. To put it bluntly, I made it clear that I want to meet you Mbappé and I can see it in the first half. The whole formation did not raise the ball seamlessly, but if the formation was not raised, the depth was lost, the depth was lost, the space was wide, and there was no speed. The winger basically fell in a small area. I believe that Guardiola designed it on the one hand to be an away game. On the other hand, you can’t completely suppress the powerful Trident’s attack in the first half of the Grand Paris. So Guardiola also knows that he can let go as long as he survives the first half and the second half. In the second half, the formation started on a large scale, assuming that there was a sudden turmoil in the half of Paris. Neymar, who lost his stamina, suddenly stopped moving and Di Maria, who had contributed a lot of defense, was almost unable to run. Verratti–I I don’t know why I’m looking at it at the moment to balance the frontcourt, but it’s actually being beaten up. Mbappé, who is really small with a single arrow, was stared at for more than half of the time. Suddenly he was replaced by a rookie and then stared. The whole game was almost invisible, but Pochettino did not adjust in time. For example, Draxler, such as the second brother, such as the political commissar, especially the political commissar. When the midfielder Goyer was obviously angry, those few actions were outrageous and gaffes, but Pochettino also I don’t know why it’s just as slow as if I lost the line, and Mbappe Pochettino didn’t dare to remove Mbappe and let him be killed. The audience didn’t even contribute a shot. I don’t know why Pochettino did it. Is it insomnia to make so many decision errors?

7 months ago

Mbappe’s role on the court is not even as great as Sterling.
Manchester City is a whole in the second half, and Paris fights separately. The horse team decided the lower limit of Paris, and the three Musketeers in the front field decided the upper limit of Paris. As a result, the horse was too impatient in the second half, Mbappé was hidden, and the angel went down too early.
I hope that Guagua won’t work in the second round. The 4:3 match against Uncle Bo that year was still hot.

7 months ago

Regarding Manchester City’s ability to reverse and win this game, Ou would like to say three points: First: Gua Shuai’s on-the-spot adjustments are better, and Ding Ding at the beginning of the game is not effective. After conceding a goal, he immediately makes adjustments and makes Foden’s premise to Ding Ding. Retrace a little bit to strengthen Tintin’s transfer ability. It is obvious that after this adjustment, Manchester City’s control ability in the midfield has been greatly improved. On the one hand, it has improved its offense and defense, and on the other hand, it has cut off the connection between Paris’s midfield and the striker; Second: The tactical arrangement is reasonable. Originally, Walker was not a fixed starter for Manchester City, but in order to restrict Mbappe from running, he could not attack again after he got the ball and he could only choose to pass the ball. Bappe’s strongest point, Mbappe’s 0 shots in this field proved that Guashuai’s tactical arrangements are very appropriate; third: the Manchester City players are really good at running in, and the tactical execution is very strong, especially when 1 goal is behind. According to Guashuai’s request to make adjustments, Manchester City’s midfielder immediately transformed into an attacker to help the assault. Once the opponent runs, the midfielder will cross position with the defense, limiting the star players in Paris from multiple angles. All in all, Manchester City’s victory was favored by Goddess of Luck, but it was more the result of sticking to the game, looking forward to Manchester City’s first impact in team history in the Champions League final.

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