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The question can be interpreted in two ways. One is “Now there is a player in the golden rank, and he has the super ability to hit all skills.” The other is “someone can hit all the skills, but he can’t hit the golden rank. “The former can be played professionally, but the latter is not. The current golden and platinum ranks are really not as good as they used to be. If you count the jungle route, insert your vision, and count the kill line, you can basically count the skills of normal golden players. At this time What does it mean to add a skill hit effect? Top order: Sword Fairy’s flaws have q must hit, w must block control and dizzy, the flaws will be refreshed after hitting, 4 flaws must go home, 6 flaws must die. If you start sprinting, you must hit, q must suck blood in the outer circle, and if you pull it too far, there will be blood anger. After level 3, two e will let you go home. When you go online, continue to do it again and call the jungler to die at least One, it is possible to double kill. Qinggang Yingfan e must hit, w sucks blood, second stage q really hurts. The sword demon is standing on the pawn line, either you don’t eat pawns or you eat three dan q. Didn’t Illaoi want to pull or pull? Isn’t it difficult for Sion to kick and slow down and then come up and play q? Mid laner, Zoe Level 2 two sets of eq, who can afford to eat? Victor force field will be dizzy, clockwork loss of the ball will cause damage, Syndra qe will be dizzy, big eyes qw will be full of passive. Compress the q knife to the meat, the eq will hit the fly, and the dart will be thrown at random, and the damage will be full. The male sword will die as long as he can press the third level opposite the keyboard, and the dead song does not need the third level. Pressing the second level forward, a w slows down and chaos q, and after the blue is finished, the opposite head is black. Is it black? Is Phoenix’s q long enough? What about the aircraft’s missiles? Bottom Road: The three q damage of the wheel mother is enough to hit any adc home. A qcd only takes 7 seconds, and the opposite adc needs to go home every 14 seconds. No assistance is good. Needless to say the policewoman we. Even Jhin’s trap + w is enough for any ad to suffer. ez no longer worried that the goddess’ tears would pile up slowly. It is a waste of this kind of people to play support and jungle. The bottom lane is whether the auxiliary control is full or the opposite. Japanese women’s skills are all in, and they still can’t beat the wrist. In the professional arena, whether you are the shy or uzi, moving is completely useless. Either don’t eat the economy, and prepare to be beaten if you want to eat the economy. Is the Glory Morgana robot’s skill range sufficient? not enough? Can Giggs Lilia work? The prince stood on the line and dared to come over and beat Thunder in the second consecutive eq. The shy under the law of causality will only serve more than gold, and it is impossible to show off. As for the weapons with this causal law, they can only stay in gold, that is really hopeless. For example, when the qw set is completed, the line of soldiers will be crossed and people will often cancel the basic attack on the a, or the skills will be lost. Anti-killing and the like, the golden game can’t be played, can it still be played in the professional arena?


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Don’t listen to those who say that you can’t make up the knife, you can’t keep up with your consciousness, you can’t play in the wild to catch and you will die…If you don’t say it, you can play AD. If you choose the policewoman, I must hit the rack and I will have a headshot. EQ. The second company must hit the head. How about going to the line and discussing how about my make-up…the third headshot, you have to go home! Of course, considering the level of gold, you may not be able to play in the middle and late stage of the team. Playing the auxiliary Xerath, the fire man, the big eye and the small method… The road can’t be beaten in the case of all these auxiliary skills. That’s the ADC’s pot. ……Here is a suggestion to change to an ADC player!

7 months ago

The opposite of Xerath’s support: How can Xerath’s skills be so accurate? We both went home by Q when we were online. How to play? Jyra’s support opposite: Hey, Zyra’s E is disgusting. , How to play with the policewoman with a single shot with a clip Q? The robot assisted opposite: This bot lane was broken by us. Can I C in the midterm? Hey, where’s the hook? I made a mistake. Let me help with the ban robot clown. Opposite: I’m really ****, I was terrified when I got to the tower. What are you playing with? Lilia assist Opposite: Hey? Why does this ball turn on its own? Obviously I don’t have a field of vision. I know how I do everything. Sword Demon Opposite: The referee has a bug! This sword demon Q brings back W! Policewoman Opposite: Am I dazzled? How can you go to the clip by yourself? Hey? Why did your teammates start to get sick and walk on the clip? Referee I report! There are hanging! Kai’Sa Opposite: I’m a soldier, can you help me eat Q, why the Icacia rainstorm only falls on me, Xiao Jingteng **** Ike Opposite: How can I still suck me in by Ike W? Victor, come out for me! Opposite the Little Mage: Can I ***** delete the E of Xiaofa Ah Snake Girl Interview: The Opposite Snake Girl did not perform very well today, but in the mid-term, we all seemed to be petrified by Medusa. I was beaten to death when standing in the circle, my teammates and I were already registered, and we were going to see a psychiatrist. Rambo post-match interview: We directly beat through in the early stage of the road, but as long as Rambo enlarges our health bar in the mid-term team, we will drop quickly. I suspect there is a bug, otherwise Rambo will not be able to hit the highest damage in the game. ! Interview after the alchemy game: We went to the road for a show, and we sent it to the tower with the alchemy Q at the first level. The team members ran after the alchemy without knowing what happened, and ran directly into the fountain. I seriously suspect that the teammates are fighting fakes. Match, the Hope League thoroughly investigates!

7 months ago

False proposition, if a person can hit all skills and is slightly familiar with the game, then he cannot stay in gold. If a person is in gold, it is impossible for him to have all his skills. If it is a little bit of science fiction, you give a player with a gold level of superpowers so that the skills he releases can be all, then he is already at the moment you give this superpower It’s no longer a golden level. If the question mainly discusses such a situation, then you ask him to train lol every day, and the king will teach him hand-in-hand, then he will soon rise to the king’s level, plus super powers can definitely play professional . But if you consider such a situation, then the title can be changed to give the king an ability like whether to play a professional. If this is considered, give a player who has never played lol with a super ability like this, and let him contact a few games of man-machine, then His level may reach gold. If this is the case, professional teams will not want it, because he only has the level of gold. If he is allowed to practice a lot of rounds, then he will have a level that exceeds the gold level, which does not meet the requirements of the subject. Up

7 months ago

Professional players will once again think of the fear of being dominated and directly choose the bomber. The jungler will help you get the blue, then qw, one tower is gone, it is over, the opposite will know what the real fear is in front of the bomber. , Archangel street lamp hat method wears a stick, fights a group to stand outside the screen, q is finished, what unconsciously, counseling a bomber outside the screen, can you easily be caught to death? The Bomberman is banned and Xerath, Lux, and the Si family are your most invincible choices.

7 months ago

It is recommended to assist, choose a controlled one, Thresh Bardpac is fine, go to a jungler or a team that the ad will command, and his teammates ask him to do what he does, and even when he can hit the tick, and when to intervene. You can listen to your teammates wherever you look (refer to the year when Baby Blue was the best dish). The main difference between high-end and low-end games lies in awareness and operation. Skill accuracy has become a must for non-displacement. If the operation even surpasses the profession, the commanding side will play a role as an assistant and don’t talk. It’s okay to be a girl player with peace of mind. Well, the key control to reverse the situation may be a star player. I played the second in the first zone and hit the road. At least I have not seen an auxiliary opponent with no displacement. If there is such a player, give me one. I can command him patiently, and I can’t fight on the opposite line. Don’t kong, kong is you right

7 months ago

It is written in the question that it can be avoided by displacement skills. If it is interesting, even if it is impossible to avoid, the skills are all in the profession, and the same profession skills will be eaten. How can the advantage be, but also by displacement. ez is smashed. Who cares about your skill hit rate when you look at it and die? For example, when Vincent abuses the fountain, who cares how accurate the opponent skills are? Eliminate causal weapons. For example, policewoman w can also force people on the clip.

7 months ago

Everyone was enthusiastically discussing the skills in Shuiquan, but the title reads (I don’t know if the title has been changed):
[As long as the opponent is within the skill range, the skill can only be prevented from being hit by skill displacement or blocking, otherwise it will definitely hit. 】
In this case, it can be completely understood that a golden player has opened the self-targeting script (and has not opened the automatic position?), which is obviously not on the court.

7 months ago

The talents of professional players mostly refer to manipulation, not consciousness. The operation of lol is mainly in two aspects: more hits on the opposite side and fewer hits by the opposite side. If your skill hit rate is directly pulled to the theoretical upper limit, and no one is blocking it, then you have reached the professional level in how to hit the opposite side more. It can be said that you have professional talents, as long as you can prove yours. This kind of talent and consciousness can be trained day after day. And as long as the passiveness of your skills is always there, it means that your state will hardly decline, and I feel that there is a club that wants you to publish it on 04-18

7 months ago

The weapon of causality is equivalent to having multiple ban bits. If you don’t consider the skill range, the Dead Song Robot Thresh cannot be released, otherwise the robot will always engage in spring hooks. Now it has a range of action and can be hidden by skills, so let’s release a non-directional skill. If the opponent does not use displacement skills, this damage and effect will be directly resolved. Then, the Death Song robot can be released, and then the following heroes can’t be released at all. The leopard girl Xerath, the big-eyed crow and a series of wizards will make you unable to line up in minutes. Say two I am more familiar with, the leopard female first level q70-210 basic damage is six seconds cd, and it is directly plugged into the line before the second level. Crow, first-level e70 basic damage, plus passive 90, will definitely trigger bad words. What’s more terrifying is q, full level 135+0.4ap bonus, range of action 725, cd3s, every additional hit increases 35% damage, according to the problem setting, it is necessary to hit five times without displacement. . . 324+0.96ap bonus, Syndra’s first-level four-ball ultimate damage is 360+0.8ap. Simply put, it is invincible. There are also a series of powerful heroes such as Mundo and Xiaofa that cannot be targeted. These heroes may not be suitable for this version, but if you think about it, if the description of the virus butcher knife is changed to, Dr. Mundo chooses an enemy hero within 900 yards , After 0.9s, it will cause 20% of his current health damage to him, which can be avoided by displacement. Combined with a four-second cd, are you sure someone can line up with it?

7 months ago

Maybe some details of the problem need to be perfected. For example, if the ice shoots a magic crystal arrow at the opposite person, can this crystal arrow turn into a tracking missile turning? If possible, the opposite side flashes in place after the crystal arrow turns and then walks to avoid it. How should the crystal arrow fly? If Draven casts a cold-blooded pursuit of life on 5 people on a line, who should be the first to chase after these 5 people in cold-blooded pursuit of life? If ez shoots a secret shot at the opposite ad, and the distance between ez and the opposite ad is 1100 yards (the skill distance is 1150 yards, the speed is 2000 yards), and the opposite ad goes out of the skill range after firing the secret shot, then this q can hit In the opposite ad? While using Galio w to charge up, does the opponent have to stay within w and not go out in order to ensure that Galio w’s taunting hits? The last question is Calista. Can the golden player hit Calista who uses passive skills to move?

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