I have always felt that the ban on Taiwanese pineapples has a great impact on Taiwan, after all, the mainland accounts for 97% of sales.

It is understood that about 7% of the pineapples produced in Taiwan each year are sold to the mainland market, but they account for 90% of Taiwan’s total export pineapples. According to statistics from the island department, Taiwan exported 45,621 tons of fresh and refrigerated pineapple last year, with an output value of about NT$1.64 billion (about 380 million yuan). Among them, Taiwan exported 41,661 tons of fresh and refrigerated pineapples to the mainland, with an output value of about NT 1.49 billion (about 350 million yuan), accounting for about 91% of the total export value. Secondly, it exported 2160 tons to Japan, 1186 tons to Hong Kong, 421 tons to Singapore, and a small amount of pineapples to Canada, Macau, Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea.

So how much impact will the mainland’s ban on pineapples have on Taiwan?

I’ve been in high spirits for more than a year. I remembered my old duty. The agricultural product market is different from other markets, and the fresh agricultural product market is even more different. How different is it? The market supply exceeds the consumption power by a little bit, and the whole market will be chaotic. Suddenly there is an 11% increase in supply, so some people still think that the impact on the Taiwan market is not large enough? The Taiwan market itself is still a very small single market, rather than a complex market with a vast geographic area and a consumer population of more than one billion. For example, if you can’t sell pineapples in Tainan, it’s a virtue to bring them to Taipei. Whether you can’t sell them or you can’t sell them. The mainland market is different. Sichuan’s citrus is not selling well. Great Wonderland, Qinghai, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang. The geographical area is vast, the demand is different, there is always a place where you can find a market. Manual market regulation is powerless, so it can only rely on the “invisible hand”.
I don’t know what the upper limit of the Taiwanese market’s artificial adjustment capacity for a single agricultural product is pineapple, but according to the data of the past few days, 11% of pineapple sales are also more than 40,000 tons.
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It’s spread to Taiwan’s 24 million permanent residents, and one person eats 1.75 kilograms of pineapple. Of course, it’s not too much for a year. If you bite your teeth, you will eat it, but if you eat too much, it’s a bit heartburning. It is estimated that Taiwan’s dentistry business will be more prosperous next year. This wave and this wave are good for Colgate. People are okay, the market is hard to say. The market is a little bitch. Everyone who has done sales knows that if you waited on her carefully, she suddenly collapsed; you slapped two slaps on the side, and she slapped you up. The same is true in China’s domestic market, which often inexplicably gives you a wave of large price fluctuations, such as the “Garlic You Ruthless” and “Ginger You Army” incidents that many people remember. How much is the actual out of stock? Less than 3%. A shortage of less than 3% is enough to cause a price increase of more than 30%, and even directly double the price in some areas. So what kind of market fluctuations this wave of 11% sudden oversupply will cause, let’s wait and see. Although the “invisible hand” was invisible, it was not at all ambiguous when he raised his face. In normal years, as shipments to the mainland increase year by year, it is conceivable that many people have invested in this product. Pineapple is not Chinese cabbage or broccoli. Its maturity cycle is more than a year, which is not the same as vegetables that can be shipped within a few months. I don’t know how to grow pineapple. It doesn’t seem to be something that can be quickly converted anyway. This time it is estimated that many pineapple growers will jump their feet. I also know that if they jump their feet, most of them will be led by that group of politicians to the “strong country duck tyrant” routine, but there are too many lice and debts, and it is not bad for him. But the changes in investment psychology caused by this cannot be ignored. Immediately after a series of planting industries that are closely related to the mainland will feel the chill, capital will be more cautious in the cultivation of these products, even if the mainland does not take any measures here, the capital investment will also be more cautious. What’s more, has the mainland said that no further measures will be taken? Have it? no? In short, it is not appropriate to say “not much harm and extremely insulting”. It should be said, “The direct harm is not great, the indirect harm is extremely strong, and it is full of insults.” What’s more, who said this is just a pineapple matter? Can the local market trade in New Taiwan dollars, the foreign market trade in RMB, and the foreign market trade in US dollars. Can this affect the same? You traded 89% of the pineapples on Taiwan Island in New Taiwan Dollars. That’s because you are playing internally. Selling is also New Taiwan Dollars, and buying is also New Taiwan Dollars. This pulls out 11% of pineapple transactions that are settled in renminbi and US dollars, which is considered foreign exchange.


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7 months ago

If you only look at the simple figures, the impact on Taiwan is indeed not great. Taiwan exported 51,100 tons of pineapples to the mainland in 2019, worth about 450 million yuan. According to a smart person in Taiwan, every person eats 3 pineapples a day and it takes only half a month to solve these pineapples. I will not analyze whether Taiwanese can eat these pineapples. Maybe they really love pineapples. This incident is a great psychological deterrent to Taiwan. It’s like a disobedient rebellious son who always gets into trouble outside and tells his neighbors bad things about his father. At the beginning of the month, when paying for living expenses, his son suddenly discovered that his father had not sent it to him. He sent a text message to question his dad, who faintly replied with the four words “technical failure”. The son must be scared in his heart. At this time, he just had to call his father to apologize, saying that he wanted to change his previous mistakes, he would definitely not hold grudges. But this son didn’t know what was good or bad, he actually started to draw a banner outside to protest his father, and said that he didn’t need his father, and he could support himself. Well, Dad will do you well.

7 months ago

The General Administration of Customs announced on the 26th that since 2020, the Mainland Customs has repeatedly detected a variety of quarantine pests in pineapples exported from Taiwan to the Mainland. To prevent the risk of plant epidemics, it will suspend Taiwan pineapples (pineapples) ) Enter the continent. Since March-April is the peak season for pineapple sales, when the news came out, it caused concern and speculation from all walks of life in Taiwan. On the 28th, Taiwan media reported that the mainland distributors who had previously purchased lotus mist from Taiwan also announced the suspension of imports. According to reports, although this decision was made by the mainland distributors, it was not our official notification. The order involved the sale of more than 3,000 kilograms of Taiwanese lotus mist, which caused a lot of panic in the local area. Many Taiwanese fruit merchants worried that this meant that after pineapples, Taiwan lotus mist and other fruits would be banned. Kaohsiung City Councillor Zhu Xinqiang said that April to October is the peak season for local lotus mist exports, and the main local export market is the mainland. He said that if the lotus mist cannot be sold to the mainland, “it can be said to be a dead end.” According to the author’s calculations, most of Taiwan’s lotus mist exports in 2020 will be sold to mainland China, far exceeding the sum of other “major markets”. Judging from the picture below, this “dead road” is really not alarmist.

7 months ago

The cancellation of purchases by mainland companies has naturally caused a great impact on the tight nerves of the Taiwan industry. Therefore, before our official announcement, they can panic. What’s ridiculous is that the DPP authorities have long been keen to tout the “new south” and other policies, threatened to “decouple” from the mainland’s economy, and from time to time boasted that Taiwanese products have found a “new home.” But as soon as the mainland’s relevant ban was encountered, the “background color” of the various political achievements previously touted was exposed one after another. In the program, DPP “legislator” Chen Tingfei also called for “not to put eggs in one basket.” However, from the data, the DPP authorities have to find a large enough basket for these “eggs.” Can be realized in a dream.

7 months ago

It’s hard to say how much influence it has on Taiwan. It has a great influence on Strawberry Soldiers. In view of the fact that Taiwan has not been able to sell, the first time I think of the brothers of the National Army (Sure enough, good things first think about the cutest person), and bananas are not selling well. Give it to the strawberry soldier. The three meals of the national army are almost made into a pineapple theme. Breakfast: Steamed buns with pineapple scrambled eggs Lunch: pineapple fried chicken, pineapple fried fungus, pineapple bitter gourd soup Dinner: pineapple fried pork shreds, pineapple tomato shrimp, pineapple ham rice, pineapple lotus seed soup Dessert: fresh pineapple, pineapple juice Taking into account the difficulty of the strawberry soldiers, I suggest that papaya, mango, custard apple, and lotus mist should be banned one after another, so as to help the brothers of the national army improve their food and achieve a balanced nutrition. You see, the people in mainland China are most concerned about the brothers in the national army.

7 months ago

The Taiwan Strait issue is the mainland pk. If the mainland has the ability to unify the motherland, the United States will continue to tolerate the development of the united front. Therefore, when the mainland does not have the unified strength, Taiwan will be drawn close. Once the mainland’s strength reaches the critical point of reunification, the Taiwan Strait issue will be. If there is nothing in Taiwan, the United States has never cared about Taiwan, how it thinks and feels in the future, and our mainland will not be too caring about reunification. It is not a treat for dinner and kindness. What can not be done is resolute and resolute. It is great mercy. Now that the Taiwan issue has been shown down. The mainland has entered the stage of substantively solving the Taiwan issue. We should make solid preparations for the reunification of the motherland. All the pro-Taiwan and benefiting Taiwan measures were all united front measures based on Taiwan’s identification with China. Now the Taiwan independence forces themselves have denied this premise and are willing to do so. The national scum is willing to take chestnuts for the enemy’s national fire, then it is not polite. As for those Taiwanese politicians who do not know their status, they have to let the wheels of history crush.

7 months ago

The impact on the entire Taiwan economy is drizzle, but the island’s propaganda offensive against the DPP directly slapped the face, exposing the “new southward” lie of the DPP’s huge expenditure. “New South Direction” is Tsai Ing-wen’s main propaganda calibre in the past two years. New South Direction is the Taiwanese version of “One Belt and One Road.” Say Tsai Ing-wen’s weapon to defend the regime’s lies. The main trade surplus of Taiwan Province currently comes from the country, but the new southbound has created an illusion for the people in Taiwan Province, that is, Taiwan’s exports are mainly completed by the “new southbound” and have nothing to do with the mainland. This is the role of propaganda, and when the media is in the hands of the DPP, most of the people in Taiwan are in this lie. They think that their exports have nothing to do with the mainland. They don’t need the mainland, but the mainland needs Taiwan. In particular, they think that if the mainland does not have TSMC chips, it will fall into an electronic famine. Unfortunately, TSMC’s production capacity is occupied by companies such as Apple, Qualcomm, and AMD. Except for Huawei, other US chip exports are not controlled by Taiwan. The United States The company has the absolute right to speak in this.

7 months ago

The whole of Taiwan is lying in a lie. Unfortunately, this lie has countless loopholes. Now only a pineapple with an annual sales volume of NT$1 billion is needed to puncture this lie, and the people of Taiwan will find that the DPP has covered up for a long time.” “New South” is still a lie in the end. The data provided by Zhu Lilun is: in the past five years, the fact is that in 2020 last year, about 10% of Taiwan pineapples were exported to mainland China, and the export volume was 100 times that of the “new southward” countries; about 2% of Taiwanese mangoes were exported to mainland China for export. The volume is 100 times that of the “new southward” countries; about 20% of Taiwan’s custard apples are exported to mainland China, and the export volume is 200 times that of the “new southward” countries; about 8% of Taiwan’s lotus mist is exported to mainland China, and the export volume is 600 times that of “New Southbound” countries. So this is a domino. The pineapple is only the first one, and then there will be a second and a third. Each of these is a weapon to take off the DPP’s lie. This is the ingenuity of political struggle. If you are accustomed to lie politics, you forget the consequences of the lie being exposed.

7 months ago

Further restrictions are needed to be effective; the import of bananas, lotus mist, custard apples and other fruits will continue to be gradually banned in the future; only if enough people are hit enough to hurt enough, it is possible to change a certain trend. Lulu relies on the anti-rabbit to govern. While the islanders make money from the rabbit, they backhand vote for Lulu. While earning the benefits of rabbits, while supporting the green and green in order to obtain long-term free prostitution. It’s time to settle the accounts; the mainland people owe you? Are the people on the island innocent? What a shit, who voted for Lulu for so many years in power? Without the support of “public opinion”, where does Lulu’s words and deeds have the courage? I treat you as a relative, you treat me as a coin, and you will have to pay it back sooner or later.

7 months ago

Except for chips, most of the island’s industries are too competitive. Needless to say, industries are all crushed by the mainland regardless of category, cost, supply chain, and market. How many times have you seen made in taiwan in your life now? Agriculture, the products are neither high-quality nor cheap, not to mention the category, just slap the big island; the service industry? Eh, you are not engaged in the anti-service trade movement. If you do, you are happy; I will not comment on the Huitai policy in these years, but it is certain to develop industrial inertia to a certain extent. Improvement, anyway, the mainland dare not buy it. If we don’t buy it, we will make poison; well, your yin and yang faces will make trouble first, and it is your own time to delay development and improvement; if the islanders can’t get the money from the mainland, neighboring countries They don’t need their stuff (many industries in Southeast Asian countries are in competition with Taiwan). The drug problem is no longer an opportunity for them to exploit and speculate, but to choose one of the two that they have to face up to. They must choose one. Chafan and Minju, you choose yourself. I believe that the people on the island have discerning eyes and will make correct historical choices.

7 months ago

The people on the mainland are happier and finally see measures taken against Taiwan. I checked the data and found that Taiwan’s annual output of pineapples is 430,000 tons, but in fact, Taiwan’s exports to the outside world are actually only 40,000 tons, and 97% of these 40,000 tons are exported to the mainland. Therefore, there is only one major customer for Taiwan’s pineapple exports, and that is mainland China. If this “suspended entry” is only an embargo on pineapples, the loss to Taiwan is limited. What Taiwan fears is that once the embargo brings a chain reaction, it will be difficult to resist. For example, in the pineapple embargo, the DPP’s approach is very unreliable. Because the mainland does not buy it, Taiwan will probably be stranded in 50,000 tons. The peak season for pineapple picking began in April, and now it has been embargoed, which shows that Taiwanese fruit farmers will inevitably face losses. Therefore, the DPP decided to sell 20,000 tons of pineapple in Taiwan. Lai Ching-teh said that every person in Taiwan would eat two more pineapples. Then 30,000 tons would be bought in Southeast Asia and sold to Vietnam. Let’s first believe that Taiwanese people can eat two more pineapples, but the idea of ​​selling them to Southeast Asia and Vietnam really came up with normal people? Vietnam and Southeast Asia were originally the main producing countries of pineapples. The quality is much better than you, and the price is cheaper. Why should I buy you? With dedication of love? They are not mainland China, so I want to coax you, and stay cool, wherever you go. You can now let Taiwanese eat two more pineapples. Next time, if the lotus mist and bananas are embargoed, then Taiwanese will stop eating in the future and just eat fruit. And we can see it clearly now. In the past, everyone thought that Taiwanese fruits are of high quality, but now they find that they are not only of poor quality, but also high prices. Not to mention the fruits of Southeast Asia, the fruits of our own mainland are much higher in quality than Taiwan. Which of the pineapples from Xuwen, Guangdong, the lotus mist from Hainan, and the sugarcane from Guangxi is worse than Taiwan? But because of Huitai’s policy, I can only wrong myself and eat more Taiwanese fruits. Now that the policy is closed, the fruit farmers in the mainland have finally come to the fore. When you buy your things, you say that we engage in united front; if you don’t buy your things, you say that we engage in suppression. How can we be scolded for co-authoring? Now it’s good, we don’t want it, you eat it yourself. Last year, Taiwan’s economy grew by 3.1%, and the results were quite good. But remember, Taiwan’s exports account for most of the factors driving economic growth. The mainland accounted for 43.8% of Taiwan’s total exports. In other words, half of Taiwan’s exports basically depend on the mainland. Without the mainland as a market, Taiwan can live so well. Everyone in business knows that customers are uncles. Many businessmen have to give gifts to their big customers during the holidays and festivals to maintain a good relationship. If big customers have any requirements, they will do it. Taiwan is different. Taiwan is very bullish. Facing a large customer like the mainland, he even screamed and frustrated. For a while, he said that he would turn poisoned pork into meat floss and sell it to the mainland; for a while, he viciously attacked the martyrs who died in the mainland’s foreign conflicts. How can there be such an arrogant businessman in the world? In 2018, China exported 2.5 trillion U.S. dollars and 0.48 trillion U.S. dollars to the U.S., accounting for 19.2% of China’s total exports. The U.S. dared to fight a trade war with China. Now that Taiwan’s exports to the mainland account for 43.8% of its total exports, it is so arrogant. Is it because the mainland’s attitude is too good? I used to think that the mainland’s blind connivance to Taiwan was weak, but now I find that it seems to be a pit. Let Taiwan become dependent first, and then. . . . .

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