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The mother-in-law helps to take care of the confinement, is helping the son, taking care of the mother on behalf of the son, not helping the daughter-in-law and figuring out the situation. (If your brother can do it himself, or if you have money to ask a confinement wife to raise a child, you don’t need your mother to come.) And what does it matter to you? What does it matter to you? What does it matter to you? Can you help make your mother work harder? Or can you pay for the concubine? Or can you tell your brother to do it all? Now it seems that you are going to criticize your sister-in-law and scold the mother in one month, so that she will be injured both physically and mentally? If your sister-in-law has a good temper, she is suffering from postpartum depression, and then she will run out of milk. (Check social news for postpartum depression) If your sister-in-law has a bad temper, your family is afraid that the chickens and dogs will become restless. You are so filial, don’t let your mother-in-law take care of your confinement in the future! Don’t work hard for your mother. Reply to the comment “My husband is going to work” First of all, our country has paternity leave. I’m ignorant. What kind of job is available 24 hours a day? Open all year round? And with such a fortunate job, the salary is so low that you can’t save money to ask a confinement wife to live in a confinement center? The sister-in-law who asked the question said that her mother was very lucky. If your husband can help you after get off work, do little things within your power (buying vegetables, washing the dishes, mopping the floor, hugging your baby, etc.) and soothe your mother-in-law’s emotions, say something nice, and look at your mother’s dedication In the eyes, and express gratitude verbally, reconciling the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is much simpler. “You don’t have to have a baby, right, no one is forcing you to have a baby. I am still dreaming about having a baby as the queen of the whole world.” If a woman proposes not to have a baby after marriage. No one forced her? Or you would say that if you are not born in yourself, if others force you, you can also choose not to be born. Does a woman in a marriage really have a choice about her reproductive rights? “Said my sister-in-law doesn’t know how to be grateful.” Who said that? Listen to what the mother-in-law said. It is also possible that the mother-in-law’s milk bottle was not cleaned, and the wife reminded me. Or, the mother-in-law swayed while holding the child, and the daughter-in-law reminded her mother-in-law to hold the child not to shake… If it is a sweet-mouthed daughter-in-law with high emotional intelligence, she can naturally smile and communicate with her mother-in-law in a tactful manner. But what if it is an outspoken daughter-in-law? Even if you express and speak normally, you don’t understand gratitude. “When you say that your mother-in-law took care of you for her son, it means that you don’t consider yourself a member of this family, you don’t know how to be grateful, your three views have problems, and you didn’t consider this man… etc.; Then may I ask if this man is an orphan, would you still marry him?” First of all, if the mother-in-law treats her daughter-in-law as a family member, will she say that the daughter-in-law is not grateful? (If the mother-in-law is taking care of the questioning sister-in-law, and there is a little friction in confinement, she will say that her biological daughter is not grateful?) Who on earth regards whom as an outsider? Also, please see you clearly. The mother-in-law I mentioned above is to take care of the mother on behalf of the son, and the mother-in-law is not to take care of the daughter-in-law “for the son.” When married, both spouses should leave the original family and establish a new family, not who gets married. Who’s family, who’s attached to who’s family, or who’s in their family. Having a child, if the couple can’t take care of them, don’t have money, or don’t want to live in confinement. The older generation is willing to come to help, naturally it’s to give charcoal in the snow, if they don’t come, It should also be divided, and there is no obligation. However, if the mother-in-law comes, it will inevitably cause friction or disputes due to different living and eating habits, and different parenting concepts. When the parturient is in confinement, the body is weak, hormones are disturbed, and emotions are disturbed. The ups and downs, or the temper can’t be controlled, can you be a little considerate. If you have to say “I don’t know how to be grateful”, is the child alone? If it is not her son’s blood, the mother-in-law will take care of the confinement? If the man is an orphan Who is more tired after confinement? Isn’t it the father of the child? Or do you expect the mother to take care of the child, do housework, cook, and take care of the child? (Of course, there are such strong and independent women in reality. I admire them deeply, but in the end they didn’t recuperate. , I suffer from illness when I suffer from illness. Others can say “virtuous and capable” at most.) What you mean is: After a woman gives birth to a child, taking care of the child and housework are all her own affairs. Who is the wrong one? I haha The subject didn’t describe clearly how the sister-in-law “don’t know how to be grateful,” everyone thought it was the mother’s fault? It can only be said that everyone was very simple, and was not embarrassed by the mother-in-law’s two faces. …


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Don’t say such things, you will also get married in the future, don’t engage in double standard, it is easy to slap in the face. I just ask two questions: Isn’t this kid your brother’s? Is your brother dead? Think about it, let’s talk about whether your mother worked hard because she took care of the confinement for your sister-in-law, or was she taking care of the baby for your brother. If you want your brother’s family and beauty and your mother to be happy in his later years, you can talk to your brother instead of complaining about your sister-in-law’s lack of gratitude. Besides, there is no pain if the whip doesn’t hit him.

7 months ago

If you are a sister-in-law, I advise you to be kind, after all, you also want to get married. If you have time, you won’t be able to watch your mother work hard and surf the Internet. If you don’t have time to give your mother a helping hand? I am also a sister-in-law. When my brother-in-law got married, my sister-in-law’s mother cried heartbreakingly. At that time, I vowed to treat her well, treat other people’s daughters, and you will be treated well. Don’t engage in double standards. Okay, don’t chirp. Your mother is still unbalanced in taking care of your sister-in-law. Isn’t your mother taking care of her daughter-in-law and her grandson’s mother? Do you understand? Your sister-in-law is also someone else’s daughter and baby. After giving birth, you need to take care of your mother as a mother-in-law. Are you still uncomfortable? The keyboard is a dutiful son, and I have to be grateful. After I gave birth to the baby, my in-laws also thanked me for saying that I worked hard. I wrapped a big red envelope and made good food every day. I always thought that yo, how can you be a daughter of kindness to others, My nephew’s mother was rewarded, and what about your brother? If your brother can’t perform the duties of your husband and father, your mother is only performing this part of your duties for your brother. How can you be grateful? Are you grateful for your brother’s irresponsibility as a husband and dad? Husband is not doing his duty, sister-in-law is forced to Lailai, your sister-in-law is still grateful, bother you! If you are a little uncle, hahaha, stop talking nonsense, is it not good to play games? Don’t break your mouth, don’t kidnap your sister-in-law morally, thinking it’s just.

7 months ago

Confinement is not hard? Confinement is to keep two people who don’t know anything together for a month. Don’t believe what the old man said about confinement is play. If the child sleeps and you sleep, if the child eats and you eat, you will not be able to synchronize at all. The child can sleep in seconds. Can you? Is the intensity of feeding every two hours at night okay? If you haven’t been married and gave birth to a child, you can’t realize it. You should be a woman, I hate my sister-in-law’s involvement in family affairs. You feel sorry for your mother and let your brother do it! I didn’t mention your brother during the whole process. Is your brother the shopkeeper? I hope that after you get married and have children, your little sister-in-law will also come to tell her and love her own mother.

7 months ago

In life, you must learn to grasp the big and let go of the small. At present, taking good care of your sister-in-law’s confinement and baby is a major matter on your head. Everything else is secondary. Besides, who has the energy to take care of it? The sin a woman suffers when she has a child, she has not digested it when she is in confinement, but your mother has worked so hard to take care of her, and she can’t keep up with her comfort when she didn’t have a child. , This will be known when you have a baby. Don’t have a heart of injustice, your mother won’t care about that, because your mother has suffered this kind of suffering. You feel sorry for your mother. There is nothing wrong with it. Why don’t you stretch out your hand and share the burden, or let your brother do more work and say more nice things. It is your brother’s blessing to pass the confinement safely. In the future, when you wait for your sister-in-law’s body and heart to recover, talk about her gratitude or not to your mother. I guess she will express it.

7 months ago

amount! Let my mother pay for the confinement! At 9 months of pregnancy, my family should also be a mother-in-law to take care of… I would like to ask a concubine… Let’s talk about postpartum lochia first, I’m so embarrassed to let the mother-in-law help you wash your body… and then eat. Yuesao, you can talk to her, what she wants to eat, she can come according to your requirements… Is it okay for the mother-in-law? The mother-in-law will most likely follow her thoughts. If you don’t like it, you don’t know how to be grateful… And taking children, the confinement wife is in charge of 24 hours, the mother-in-law says that she is tired at night, and your daughter-in-law can tell her mother-in-law you get up and hold the child at night… …Really mother-in-law takes care of her daughter-in-law’s confinement, mother-in-law is thankless, and daughter-in-law also feels exhausted… So the best way is to ask the confinement! You don’t have to feel sorry for your mother. My sister-in-law is also very grateful…

7 months ago

Seeing this title, I thought it was my sister-in-law who ran to know that I was here! ? First of all, your sister-in-law is in confinement, and the mother who has just given birth is very weak. When I was in confinement, my own mother wouldn’t let me get out of bed indiscriminately. I had to wash my hands with a basin. Will your mother do this to your sister-in-law? Secondly, you think your mother is particularly hard, then does your mother feel hard? I don’t think so. If it is really hard, why not spend money to ask Yuesao to take care of your sister-in-law? Is it because the family can’t get it or just don’t want to invite the confinement? Maybe your sister-in-law is not happy that your mother will come to serve the confinement! Furthermore, you can see from your words that you did not regard your sister-in-law as your family member, you think she is still an outsider. Otherwise, your mother took care of you for so many years, and you didn’t say thank you. Finally, your mother served your sister-in-law for confinement and helped with the children. These tasks were originally your brother’s task, and your mother’s help was to work for your brother. It’s for your brother to help. Your brother is the middle link between your mother and your sister-in-law. Without your brother, your sister-in-law and your mother, including you, your family will be strangers. How can you be grateful? The person who should be most grateful is not your sister-in-law, but your brother ! Your brother has to thank his mother for taking care of his daughter-in-law and children, so you can’t say that your sister-in-law doesn’t know how to be grateful.

7 months ago

Don’t make demands on your sister-in-law Your mother is helping your brother, replacing your brother’s hard work. My sister-in-law was only 21 years old when she gave birth to Dabao, and she was a child. My mother took care of it too, but somehow she just cooked the pimple soup. She feels digestible and nutritious, and contains eggs, oysters, shrimp, minced meat, and vegetable froth. It is very troublesome to make, and it is better than all kinds of big bone soup, but drinking it every day is not only greasy, but also stomachache. My sister-in-law was aggrieved and cried secretly. Can I also say that she is too hypocritical and not grateful? no. My brother bought a fish when he came back at night and stewed it for my sister-in-law. My brother is really a super black hole in the culinary world. He doesn’t know how to go to the inner membrane of fish teeth, fish tendons, or get some ginger to get rid of fishy. I don’t know how my sister-in-law drank it. But this matter let my sister-in-law know that my brother values ​​her feelings. As long as my brother is at home, the child changes diapers and cries without letting my sister-in-law do anything. Even after the 45-day puerperium, my sister-in-law will not change diapers. She is afraid of changing diapers for fear that the child will be too soft. So my sister-in-law never complained to my mother. Because the husband she needs tried her best to do it. We don’t ask her, and she never asks my mother. My sister-in-law has pitfalls in the road of parenting, but still: don’t ask her. She is boasting everything she does. It’s just that she cooks a bunch of dishes and she never puts on the plate, she just touches a stainless steel basin: Sister-in-law, the dishes you make are very good at first sight! I just want to eat with a pot! My brother is sometimes angry: Can you stop cooking pig food? Stop this! Before my sister-in-law could speak, the three sisters drove my brother together: Then don’t eat, eat pig food! Sister-in-law, ignore him, don’t cook his meal next meal and crush him hungry! The sister-in-law treated in this way is gentle, kind and tolerant. Both my sister-in-law and her husband’s sister and sister-in-law are both sisters. My sister-in-law treats us nicely and generously. Don’t ask her to be grateful, she will do well on her own.

7 months ago

Whose child is born to my sister-in-law, is she alone? Isn’t it your brother’s? If you feel sorry for your mother, let your brother come and take care of your sister-in-law and children, feeding and changing diapers at three meals a day. If your brother can’t do it, then blame your parents for not grabbing your brother’s raised home, not the sister-in-law who gave birth. I am very surprised by this kind of family. Whenever there is a conflict, I blame my sister-in-law and never mention what my brother has done. It seems that there is no brother, only sister-in-law and mother?

7 months ago

I feel angry when I see this question. Fortunately, there is no unclear sister-in-law and sister-in-law. But my mother-in-law said that “I came here for me.” I told my husband later: My family contributes money and effort, my mother is here for me, your mother is here for me, and I have a baby with white hair; (coordinates in Europe) I have a child and your career will affect your career. None, my education is better than you, I have lost a lot, your whole family is still for me? Marriage of a co-man is a sperm?

7 months ago

Then your family will take the money to invite the Yuesao, if you don’t have the money, you will do it for your mother. If you can’t do it for your mother, then don’t say anything. Your mother and the two of them are willing to fight and suffer. Your mother has If she is not happy, then she can just let it go. If she just complains in front of you, if you stand up and say something, the whole family will accuse you, and your mother will just complain. If you really think your mother is working hard, then you If you do something with your brother, you can’t finish it. Confinement is originally an unstable hormone level and emotionally sensitive, so bear with it. Who is not a little princess anymore. If you do the same thing, you will kiss your mother and she will do it. Just not grateful

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