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Let’s put it this way, in terms of perception ability, human beings are really weak to the point that they can’t be weaker anymore. Pay attention to the animals around you. My human perception ability is really inferior to pigs and dogs. Some anti-earthquake manuals even wrote to observe the abnormal behavior and performance of animals. God, his old man is kind, and the perception ability gives humans so little. Then use observation and analysis ability to make up for it. Here, we will use the ability of his elderly subsidy to analyze and analyze mosquitoes. How does this low-level animal play with the humans known as the Blue Stars? According to research by scientists, mosquitoes are divided into males and females. The male chants the Buddha and eats fast, which is not good for human blood. In addition to completing the continuous mosquito fireworks given by God and making love with the female mosquitoes, they lie down among the trees and grass to suck the sky and the earth during the day. The essence of the sun, the aura of the sun and the moon. Females are different. Once they mate with buddha male mosquitoes, mosquito eggs will grow in their abdomen. The non-continuous protein supply cannot be sustained. Mosquitoes have no teeth or claws, nor can they grind soy milk. They only have a bundle of needles and can do it. What? Of course, I can’t do intramuscular injections. I’m shriveled and have nothing to inject, but I can get blood. This is work. Although I don’t have an 80-year-old mother, there are many children under my knees that need to be supported. My husband is too buddhist and unreasonable. Therefore, whenever night falls, the female mosquitoes come out to look for you, not because you are envious of your handsome body, but to work and earn food. It is said that the female mosquito came to the door against the direction of the diffusion of carbon dioxide, so when the air is ventilated and the carbon dioxide concentration is not high enough, the mosquito will get lost. It can’t find the door to get close to you? That is, if your door and window are cracked If there is a higher concentration of carbon dioxide spreading out, it is tantamount to telling the mosquitoes that it is delicious inside, and the work of Misimisi, it will fight for the old to get in and kiss Fangze. Well, now that you have entered your room, it means that your premises are either dirty, or there is no good ventilation during the day, or both are occupied. Clean up the room and ventilation is the first priority. If it comes late at night and hears it sing in your ears, bumps in your nostrils, you slap the ground when you are awakened, and you will slap it out in all likelihood, gently, it is gone, there is nothing left. Movement, just as it came softly, so you waited for it to come again, waited for it again, waited on the left and right, and then there was no sound. When you felt your eyelids were astringent and the snoring sound was heard by yourself, it came again, so you cried. With a slap, I slapped myself awake. You make up your mind to wait for it to come again, prepare to slap your vows and never fail, wait and wait, never wait for the familiar singing, you pretend to fall asleep, pretend to be snoring, but also help, others just ignore you. Especially those heroes who held electric mosquito swatters in their hands and lay down waiting for the mosquitoes to shoot, concentrating and holding their breath, opened the radar (ears) but couldn’t catch the slightest buzzing sound. The world fell into dead silence, and they really responded to “pick up the gun.” “If you don’t see the birds, you won’t see the fish if you stick to it” Of course, the mosquito does not come here, but it does not come when you “conspiracy”. Once your alert is relaxed, when you almost fall asleep, the scene described by the subject will come, come, and again Here comes… Do you play with you as a mosquito? No, people rely on perception. To put it bluntly, your body temperature, pulse rate, breathing depth, and carbon dioxide release when you are asleep or not. It doesn’t care if your eyes are open or closed. For them, there is never a philosophical proposition of whether to wake up a person pretending to be asleep. It consumes you. , Just for life, for the children, it has to be a good and competent mother. When the enemy sleeps, I bite, when the enemy wakes up, I hide, when the enemy pats me, I come again.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Let’s talk about reviews, they can be roughly divided into the following categories! First, to clarify, I am not a spy sent by mosquitoes. Really, there are still two bumps left on my butt last night. If it is my own mosquito, they will treat me. Isn’t it? I’m not playing Infernal Affairs. Besides, I really don’t have that leg with the mother mosquitoes. Their legs, you know, are colorless and tasteless. Don’t insult my aesthetic ability, okay? Some people have questions. I’m not fooled by how mosquitoes bite my buttocks while sleeping. I’m afraid that when you talk about the shape of the underwear, you will ask about the color of the underwear. Some readers are worse than me. Second, the polarized policy on mosquitoes. Some heroes sympathize with the hardships of mother mosquitoes as single mothers. There is my Buddha’s compassion not hurting the life of the ants. Whether it is a serious way or a joke, in short, life is fragile and earns a living. It’s not easy, even the tiny mosquitoes. Another part of the heroes decisively demanded the implementation of the Fascist policy of genocide against mosquitoes. This is really undesirable. Not to mention how important mosquitoes are in the biological chain. It is really impossible for humans to do so, and people mix with the earth. It’s much longer than your biped, so if you accidentally kill yourself and plant mosquitoes, you can still sing and sing, practice cultivation, and suck blood. The mosquito family doesn’t expect to rely on human beings. Ingredients to live. Third, there are a lot of people who are entangled with me about “ventilation”. Tongzimen, the investor asked for an “indoor bed scene”. You just have to pull the team into the woods, grass, and crops to play the sex scene. At that time, when the investor does not accept the goods, how do you tell me to be a “director”? Besides, the indoor ventilation method, is there any other method besides opening the doors and windows? It must be there, such as my home, the front lake and the back mountain, the floor It is not high, so it can be said that the conditions for mosquito breeding are excellent. But my approach is to open doors and windows from 8 to 9 am for ventilation, close the door before 5 pm, and no mosquito nets on the bed. A few mosquitoes come to visit in the middle of the night. It is the personal experience that formed this article. In fact, there are air conditioners, fans, etc. They all have the function of promoting air circulation. After all, mosquitoes are micro-aircraft. They can’t resist the disturbance of air flow in the flowing air. They consume too much energy. When the “battery” in the body lights up red. It has to get down and rest. Fourth, it is also said that mosquitoes always sing in the ears and bump into the nostrils. I said it was the lure of carbon dioxide. A big V told me that unless the eardrum was perforated, the ears would not participate in breathing. It also has a strong sense of perception. The temperature at these holes is a bit higher than that of the face, okay? So the infrared emission is also relatively strong, OK? Mosquitoes may fly over accordingly. Don’t say pretending to be asleep, a few bloody mosquitoes that enter the room during the day and try to lie directly on you, but once your line of sight is locked, as if a fighter plane is locked by an enemy fire control radar, it will immediately turn around and flee, and you Will keep track and get up and chase, but under normal circumstances, it can get rid of the enemy’s tracking by three or two tactical moves. Believe it or not? So, I still have a question. Ordinarily, human eyes are passively exposed to light, while mosquitoes are How do we perceive it has been targeted by us? Is it possible that our eyes send out any signal to it? It is up to a real expert to come forward and give an explanation, otherwise it will be impossible to sleep. Five, in the comments, the emergence of high-ranking people is my biggest gain. There are “Shark Chili” Ninja Dafa and “Tianmu” Wave Mosquito Qigong. I hope you will practice Dafa magical skills first, and then start classes to teach apprentices. Think about the big market. It’s not going well for you, Money is a stubborn drop. There are also mosquitoes caught in the eyelids of Brother “Shan Ye”. Brother, if you are a woman, even if your wife is divorced, I will have to fix you. This It’s wet when you think about it, and Edgar’s pats and waits for the mosquitoes, and he has repeatedly succeeded. You have contributed a new idiom to Chinese culture, “raise pats and wait for the mosquitoes”, and a certain brother’s one ear, one ear and one palm. , And “Little Dofu” catching mosquitoes with bare hands, why should we show the saints on the bed when we have this skill, the sky is vast outside, and the future is boundless. The masters are in the “review”, so I won’t list them all here. Those who are interested Friends, please go in and read them carefully. The inspiring golden sentences come out frequently. I’m so impressed. Sixth, let’s look at regional discrimination. The mosquitoes north of Wuling can be regarded as a shame in the eyes of mosquitoes in Guangdong and Guangxi. Made in Jingchu, wandering in Guangdong and Guangxi, the Yangtze River mosquitoes and the Pearl River mosquitoes have all learned their skills. The Yangtze River is the stupid and big mosquito. The old man didn’t put them in his eyes when he was in his hometown. The Pearl River mosquitoes were the only ones. Mosquitoes in the dragon and phoenix. If you don’t believe me, please read my other blog post. How smart are the mosquitoes. For those who are dumb in “soya milk”, I recommend an article for reference. Sand sculptures are also many. Zhiyou praised the master’s writing, first thank you, and then say ridiculous praise, in the big Ⅴ cloud-like me, I am really not a green onion, but the road is long and long, I will search up and down, let’s work hard together!

7 months ago

Mosquitoes perceive human existence through carbon dioxide, body temperature, and smell. Carbon dioxide represents breathing, which explains why mosquitoes do not wait for us to fall asleep: when a person is awake, breathing is stronger than when we sleep. The state should be much more obvious, and mosquitoes are naturally attracted to it. And the mosquitoes are very stupid. I don’t know if you find the prey you have to take advantage of it. Instead, they rush to your ears to show off, fearing that people don’t know their existence. Isn’t this looking for death? Besides, why did you pretend to be asleep and waited for it for a long time but it didn’t come. Dare to guess that the subject should have shallow breathing when he is asleep, so he will definitely not snorting. Either it was distracted by other people in the family who had a stronger “presence” and moved to another target, or it was a male mosquito and would not bite at all. In any case, I was accidentally disturbed by mosquitoes on a night when I wanted to go to bed early, and then awake to fight it to the end. I was so helpless that I could hear the sound but couldn’t hit the house. Please don’t let it go, summer is coming, the following mosquito killer guide is waiting for you to check: most people subconsciously think of mosquito swatter, but if you are the kind of impatient and short-sighted person, this method will only make you suffer. Wronged. Why not take a bottle of insecticide and spray it directly, such as cis-cypermethrin which does not smell bad. It is better than ordinary ingredients ↓Beware in advance: it sprays out as a liquid, and becomes a film after it dries, and mosquitoes are knocked down as soon as they touch it; post-prevention: the medicine has a long-lasting effect and can kill for a month.

7 months ago

Well, this is my personal experience that is a bit immature. I just waited for the mosquitoes to come to my door because I was too lazy to turn on the light, and I was the killer when the mosquitoes started eating. In the words of my wife, being able to fish with your own blood (crossed out, it’s mosquitoes) is also great. I think the key issue is the state of breathing. I don’t know what the subject is, it was the same when I started fishing for mosquitoes myself. But then I discovered that the breathing state of a person in the sleep or half-dream and half-awake phase is different from that of the waking phase. Take an inappropriate chestnut, many people who snore will not snore when they are awake. So afterwards, I just pretended to stay normal when I was sleeping, and even deliberately opened my mouth to breathe, so that the chances of mosquitoes being deceived were much greater. Then cover the whole body with a quilt, leaving only one hand that can be moved at any time and his face outside the quilt, and wait for the mosquitoes to come. Don’t rush to do it after the mosquito is lying on your face, you can almost hit yourself by counting 2 silently. Don’t use too much force when hitting, it’s your own face after all.

7 months ago

Mosquito bites have nothing to do with whether you sleep or not! They only suck blood in order to reproduce their offspring. When carrying out this special operation, they are extremely purposeful and do not choose a time period. As a creature with a keen reaction speed in the class of insects, when you perceive that humans may slap yourself at any time, there is nothing wrong with choosing stealth to save your life. How do mosquitoes determine the position of a person and what kind of target they like: 1, mainly through the carbon dioxide generated when the person breathes to locate. 2. Because of the habit of avoiding light, they prefer people with darker clothes. It is recommended to wear light-colored pajamas. 3. Although mosquitoes are not picky eaters, they are easy to be spotted if they smell heavy, sweat a lot, and have a high body temperature in the same space. One thing is certain: as long as there are mosquitoes in the house, people cannot sleep at ease. Since the presence of mosquitoes interferes with our normal life, we must take the initiative! Are there any anti-mosquito props worth starting? In the past, mosquito repellents were basically used mosquito coils, electric mosquito swatters, and mosquito coil liquid. These are also well-known methods, but many defects are always unavoidable. For example, mosquito coils have a fire hazard, mosquito coil liquid is dangerous to inhale, and electric mosquito swatters are inconvenient to operate. Does the insecticide work? It depends on how the definition works. The short-term effect of insecticides with insufficient timeliness may be unsatisfactory, but because the efficacy cannot be delayed, they can only kill adult mosquitoes or curb the growth of larvae. The fundamental source is that the eggs are not touched, and they reproduce within a few days. The mosquito has inherited his father’s business and started a new offensive. Of all the insecticide products I have used so far, the longest lasting effect is the cis-permethrin spray, which has a good contact effect and is colorless and odorless. It is suitable for household use. It can continue to kill mosquitoes for one month. .

7 months ago

Flight nights are recorded at 23:00 and 24:00. Because modern people sleep late, they are more cautious when they are dispatched during this time. There may be lights on and mobile phone screens flashing. It feels not very safe. If you take off rashly, you can easily be shot down by humans. . 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, take off safely, turn on the high-power radar to search for the position of the human body. The darkness makes the flight enthusiastic. The stable airflow around the human body makes the pilot excited. It indicates that the human body has no mobility. , Choose the human body that suits your taste, lower the flying height, turn on the ground search mode, and check the target body’s attackable area. The devout companion will pray at this time, and hope that the person will not cover the quilt too tightly. Unfortunately, now 4 The weather in the month is so cool, only the head can be landed… Determine the airspace range of the head, lower the flying altitude, turn on the deceleration function, cruise around the target airspace for several weeks, confirm that the human body has no anti-air strike capability, start the ultra-low altitude flight mode, and choose landing Point…the thick hair can’t put the mouth, and there is scalp, the baby is disgusting, you must avoid…the nostril is strong, the intermittent crosswind is easy to cause landing accidents, avoid…the triangle area on the nose, the road surface is accumulated for a long time Oil, landing is easy to slip, avoid… the mouth area, hey, give it up, the turbulence of the nasal cavity and the mouth airflow converge nearby, forming an El Nino death vortex… the ear area is full of brittle bones, broken teeth…face! Face! Face! In the final round, aim at the landing point, reduce the airspeed again, establish the landing route, put down the front landing feet, and prepare for the rear landing feet, the blood gun adjusts the attack angle, the lubricating liquid in the gun runs…cross wind! Super airflow event! Radar warning in vivo! Locked? Fuck, the human body is moving! Fully retract the landing feet, turn on the afterburner, pull up at a large angle of elevation after passing through the field at full speed, and turn on the altimeter (when the height of the house is more than half of the height of the house, when it is illuminated by human chasing lights, fly to the roof for emergency avoidance. , So as to effectively avoid slap attacks). The height of 1400 mm from the center line is still 200 mm. comeon! Lights! The night sky is ruthlessly lit! Speed ​​up the dive, stick to the wall, fucking ~ the terrible white wall ~ absolutely can’t stop, the black and white contrast is big, the life is lost fast! Fly close to the ground, the foot of the bed, raise the height, the lower side of the bed, ok, emergency landing, the atmosphere does not dare to breathe, scared the baby… the darkness is coming again… and the snoring sound. Hehe, I can’t deceive people. How can I sleep so fast? I’ve just got up and turned on the lights. I’m tired and surprised. I’ll rest for a while. I’m not afraid that there’s no firewood. It’s too early for dawn. I can afford…3:4, working hours are running out, there will be no play at dawn, I am hungry, take off, the target is still in the original position, just turned over, haha, the legs are exposed, “Let’s eat a big meal. !” At this point in time, everyone was asleep, and there was no need for temptation, and he could just airborne, “Huh!”, he drew his feet into the bed, and Lao Tzu is the most annoyed of this kind of people who do not sleep honestly… the legs come out again. Now, the opportunity is indispensable, precise strikes, “zizizi” ~ the deliciousness of blood is so fascinating ~ Oh West! After being wounded by a human air defense kinetic energy projectile, he landed on the ground and was captured. Because he refused to confess his formation position, he was forced to break off a rear landing foot and a variable wing on the right.

7 months ago

Because that is a mosquito that has liked you for a long time-the correct answer should be related to metabolism. Awake and asleep, the human body is in two states. We can close our eyes and pretend to be asleep, but we cannot directly pretend the state of other organs and systems of the body after sleeping. Mosquitoes will definitely not choose to attack through our motionlessness, or whether we have our eyes open and closed. They don’t have the “seeing is believing” eyes like ours. They can only decide whether to attack based on our unique perception system and our entire physical condition. Launch an attack. Mosquito detection and location targets mainly rely on factors such as carbon dioxide, heat, and volatile chemicals. As long as you are breathing, sweating or radiating heat, your temperature, the water vapor, carbon dioxide you release, the acetone, octenol, lactic acid and other chemicals in your sweat are all tempting mosquitoes and letting them circulate. Follow the trail to find you. There are many whorled sensory hairs on the mosquito’s pair of tentacles and three pairs of feet. In the dark, mosquitoes can sense the carbon dioxide emitted by the human body in the air with this sensor. When mosquitoes hover around sleeping people’s pillows, they are relying on proximity sensors to sense temperature, humidity, and the chemical components contained in sweat, and react within 1 second, flying to the blood-sucking target correctly and quickly. The odor secreted by people with high body temperature and sweating contains more amino acids, lactic acid and ammonia compounds, which can easily attract mosquitoes. After falling asleep, people’s body temperature will rise, which may be the reason why they can attack after we fall asleep. Some people say that mosquitoes are recruited without ventilation. In fact, whether or not to recruit mosquitoes has nothing to do with ventilation. On the contrary, if the doors and windows are closed tightly, they can still be blocked. In Hangzhou, mosquitoes started in February, especially in summer. I lived in Yuhang for two years. At first, the air conditioner was broken and it was not cooling, so there were mosquito bodies everywhere in the room-they were killed on the wall and ceiling. Later, as soon as summer comes, I close the windows and doors, except when people are at home on weekends, or when it rains, I never open them. Otherwise, when I come home at night, there will definitely be a house full of mosquitoes. Why are there so many? Because I live on the second floor, there are many flowers and trees in the community-these are the most mosquitoes. In terms of personal experience of not recruiting mosquitoes, there are several points: stay away from plants in summer, close windows after 4 o’clock, and turn on the air conditioner. If you are away from home, you can only look at people’s physique. I was in Wenzhou and Guangzhou before, and my body did not attract mosquitoes. In the same place, if others were bitten by mosquitoes, I would not be bitten. But the mosquitoes in Hangzhou seemed to have changed and became interested in me. However, it must be right to stay away from plants and messy places as much as possible. Finally, I will emphasize one more sentence: you must close the doors and windows. The sooner I close it tightly, the sooner I can get rid of the troubles of mosquitoes. After hitting mosquitoes in the middle of the night last night, I finally stopped opening the window to work today.

7 months ago

Some disagree with the description of the answer in the front row. Humans emit more carbon dioxide when they fall asleep, and are they more attractive to mosquitoes? I think a more reasonable explanation comes from the characteristics of human cognition and memory. Humans are inherently easy to remember things that “make themselves very upset”. But happiness is very easy to forget. We may have forgotten many things from a long time ago, but we still remember the uncomfortable feeling. When you are about to fall asleep, it is very uncomfortable to be awakened by a mosquito. Hey, it fits the characteristics of something that we can’t easily forget~ And when you use your own body to catch a mosquito, it’s also very uncomfortable. Frustrating things. These two uncomfortable things have strengthened your memory by your feelings. Hey. But the real situation is very likely that the behavior of Big Mosquito has no specific relationship with what you are doing. The big guys are just acting and feeding according to their biological clock. Many times, we are using the information we have caught to analyze the world, and when we see the full picture of things, we will realize that “the original earth revolves around the sun, not the sun revolves around the earth.” of”

7 months ago

Are they hiding? They are not hiding, why do they hide, they are just practicing their own rules. Mosquitoes are staid gentlemen. They know that in the dark night, entering a gentleman, a lady’s room is not allowed and is spurned by mosquitoes. So when you turn on the lights, they will burst out of the room and cover the door. It was silent, everything was silent, only the moonlight outside the window and the cicadas, the mosquitoes outside the door listening to the movement and the people sitting on the bed at a loss with disheveled hair. Mosquitoes are experienced gamblers. You have to know that not all mosquitoes can slip out of the room and cover the door every time. This is a kind of skill and a kind of talent, and only the mosquitoes can master it skillfully. So those unsuccessful mosquitoes lie on the doorknob, or fly aimlessly in the air, betting that you are always sleepy and dim, betting that you have no patience to look for, betting that you will endure the noise and continue to sleep. But it always wins. Mosquitoes who dare to bet on their lives will never have bad luck. Mosquitoes are elegant gourmets. They have their own utensils, unlike lions and tigers, they are not ugly to eat, they always finish their meal silently. You sweat like rain in summer and turn on the air conditioner to 18 degrees. “Thank you, today’s plasma is just right.” In the winter, you shivered, and you got hot all over when you ran. “You should eat hot pot in winter, but this is a lot of Tonga.” O type blood and type A blood eat the same food, it tastes like cola, type B blood boils, like hot cocoa. All plasma tastes different, but even the worst mosquitoes can tell. But they are lonely after all. My friend is a dog, a cat, a hamster, a fish, a little monk on the mountain, an otter in the temple, but it will not be a mosquito. They are always buzzing in my ears, they want to be friends with me, obey my orders, and stop sucking my blood. But I ignored them, put on earplugs and fell asleep. They could only be anxious, and it was dark, as black as their faces, only buzzing and anxiety, only buzzing, only anxiety. When I got up the next day, there was a pile of mosquito corpses in front of the bed. So, put on earplugs, leave them alone, and don’t be friends with any mosquitoes. Stay safe, don’t make friends with mosquitoes. Let them be lonely. Loneliness is the best insecticide.

7 months ago

Because mosquitoes use your body temperature and the concentration of carbon dioxide emitted to locate you and evaluate your foraging ability, and mosquitoes are extremely sensitive to carbon dioxide concentration and infrared radiation perception of your body temperature. Knowing this, every time you pretend It doesn’t make any difference whether you sleep or not. This mosquito attractor seduce mosquitoes by swallowing clouds and vomiting with one hand, wishing to exhaust the surrounding environment oxygen rapidly, so the mosquito-killing action policy is to count, through rapid, rapid breathing to increase the concentration of carbon dioxide near the body, on the other hand, rapid Breathing will also increase the body surface temperature, so that the hidden mosquitoes will generally be exposed to your field of vision within 30 seconds. At this time, you can seize the opportunity to kill you. The blood and tears lessons are left for you to provoke, just like it before leaving~

7 months ago

People who have successfully ambushed mosquitoes came to answer. I have also had this trouble. When I was about to fall asleep, mosquitoes were humming in my ears. At this time, you have to turn on the light to find the mosquitoes. You can’t find them within 10 minutes. If you lie down and pretend to ambush, the mosquitoes will probably not come. According to my experience of successful ambush, when you can hear mosquitoes humming in your ears, the mosquitoes are actually very close to your ears, basically flying close to the auricle, and your usual volume-distance judgment is The error is that the mosquito’s flying sound is very small. When you can hear it, the mosquito is very close to the ear (on the auricle), and the brain judges that the mosquito is still some distance away from you (the sound source is outside the auricle). At this time, if you lie on your back and slap against the pinna with your hand from the top to the pillow, you will basically not be able to hit, because the mosquito is not in your slap path. The correct way to slap is to put your palms to your ears, and hear the sound directly slap your ears, which is similar to slap yourself. When slaps, you can relax your arms and reduce the strength of the opposing muscle. In this way, the mosquitoes can be successfully ambushed by slaps in all likelihood. Yes, in order to successfully ambush mosquitoes, I have slapped myself on countless summer nights; put on electric mosquito coils, the kind used by babies, which tasteless, or the air conditioner is turned on at 19 degrees and it freezes to death.

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