On the evening of April 17th, Beijing time, Bayern defeated Wolfsburg 3-2 in the 29th round of the Bundesliga. After the match, coach Frick said that he would leave the team after the end of the season!

German media SPORT1 chief reporter Plettenberg wrote on social media: “Flick said in an interview with Sky Sports that he wants to leave Bayern after the end of the season. He has informed the Bayern players of this decision. .”

Tactics and personnel this season will naturally not be a happy season for Frick. The serious lack of preparation time, multi-line combat, and the impact of the new crown epidemic are objective prerequisites; and the further weakening of the lineup, the lack of supplements for points that he wants to add, and the wrong people bought, make him even more stretched in the formation of troops. Frick’s success last season is inevitable with high-quality frontcourt pressure. As mentioned before, Bayern started with Guardiola and has not come up with an effective solution to the gap after the full-back was inserted. Frick’s idea is to use Muller as the core, the four players in the front field crazily press the ball point, the double back waist and the side of the ball right, and then use the mobile to cover the main receiving point to wait for the opportunity to complete the interception/steal, and the three defenders execute the supplement. Bit. According to the specific situation, the numbers of the three levels are adjusted at any time, and the two wingers in the front field are fully focused on the opponent’s side player. After 60 minutes, they will be replaced by the substitute to continue the pressure tactics. In the frontcourt configuration last season, Perisic’s running coverage made up for his technical shortcomings. He is an important figure in performing on-the-spot counter grabs and shortening the counter attack distance. Gnabry has excellent finishing ability. After getting the ball, he can continue to threaten the goal by passing shots; Comang has the strongest autonomous propulsion ability, and is slightly inferior to the previous two in terms of initiative and effectiveness of oppression. To put it simply, Perisic’s oppression, Gnabry’s end, Comang’s advancement, and Coutinho’s fill-up, this winger configuration maintains a certain diversity. But if everyone presses 90 minutes of physical strength into 60 minutes, the intensity of compression can naturally be guaranteed. This season, due to the decrease in the thickness of the winger’s reserve and the denser schedule, the frontcourt pressure has been quite reserved-especially in the league. There is no doubt that Sane’s talent is more similar to Kemane in characteristics. However, Sane’s performance this season is very struggling. This is of course related to the need to recover after a major injury, to changes in position and tactical requirements, but when Comang and Sane play at the same time, the oppressive effect is not ideal. Gnabry was absent from work due to the new crown twice this season, and the performance of the two teams was not very good. In the league, Flick also consciously reduced or even not pressed in some games in order to preserve his strength. The running distance was once ranked in the bottom. The linkage response to the decrease in running rate is that the pressure on the full-backs increases. Lucas and Davis can’t take care of the tail as soon as Lucas and Davis defensively. Pavar’s side tends to defend. Basically not overwhelming, Sane struggled very much in the first half, often slamming his head into the defender who was waiting to lose the ball. While Thiago left the team, Kimmich, without a substitute, could not perform well in every game, causing the team to have considerable problems on both ends of the offense and defense. In addition, Flick is very superstitious of Alaba, while Jule is stateless, Boateng is quite old, and the defensive end is often targeted. The decline in the team’s performance is also expected. 2. The contradiction with Salihamidzic Flick went away, as the sports director Salihamidzic naturally became the target of public criticism. But what is actually worth considering is what role Salihamidzic played in this series of events? Regardless of the title, Bayern’s operating model has been stable for decades: Hernes and Rummenigge have taken the direction, the sports director is responsible for negotiations, and the head coach has never been at the core of this decision-making body. However, it is by no means true that the head coach is not involved in the transfer. The head coach has at least the power to suggest; and in fact, Bayern’s coach can still speak for non-large signings. Under Van Gaal, Bluffhead and Planic came to vote-what is the Black 20? Dutch relations households; in Guardiola’s tenure, Thiago did not say, Bernat joined the team-this is also the meaning of the head coach. As for Neymar, in fact, it will never appear on Bayern’s transfer list-it is too expensive. To sum it up, it means “come cheaply” and “don’t daydream”. Anyway, the cheap ones are familiar to you and come here; a little bit expensive, as long as they meet expectations, we will also agree; one hundred million floating one billion yuan-you still can’t live it? For Bayern, making a decision in line with the club’s economic level is the top priority and an important reason why the team can survive the Kirsch incident and the financial crisis. This model undoubtedly has advantages. The management and scouting system are far more stable than coaches; and if both are excellent, they can efficiently maintain the level of the team. Sally should be affirmed for sparing no effort in the introduction of youth players. At the same time, we should see that certain behaviors of Sally are obviously not his personal will, but a manifestation of the management’s philosophy. When Sali took office, the team was at a double crossroads: on the field, Robery’s old age and Guardiola’s departure meant that the team needed to change; in terms of management, Hoeness and Rummenigge were both at On the verge of clocking in and out of get off work, the power structure is about to appear empty. Sally joined Kahn before his job, and his focus is not on building the team, but on dealing with the team’s legacy issues, in order to give the new management a loose team building space. What is a legacy issue? veteran. Therefore, during his tenure, not only the coach was a temporary worker, the team also sent away Vidal, Humels, Thiago, and Alaba and Boateng who are about to leave the team. These people are at or have just finished their career peaks, and they can never be the core personnel of the team in the future. There is no permanent banquet in the world, and it will come sooner or later-so it is better to come earlier. This is the objective law of football. Although cruel, it is logically impeccable. The problem is that under normal circumstances, these veterans have gradually changed from main players to semi-main players, rotated, and then eliminated from the front line; and now, these veterans who could have guaranteed the thickness of the team have left one after another, and the team can only choose cheap ones. Alternatives, or squeeze the potential of existing personnel. So some cheaper candidates entered the team’s lineup; existing players were asked to play new positions; children who planned for the future were also given opportunities in advance. However, the former is ultimately limited in strength, and the development of the latter also requires full trial and error. This process will definitely not be as smooth sailing as in theory. It is inappropriate to say that this behavior is the same as the forced replacement of the national team by Loew. The new crown epidemic has brought tremendous pressure to survive for all teams, making Sali more stringent than expected to implement this policy. However, the unexpected six crowns changed everything. Head coach Flick is a late bloomer and must want to build a dynasty further; veterans such as Neuer, Muller, and Lewandant also want to use their residual heat to make their careers perfect; the expectations of the fans are raised, and they all look forward to being able to A long and successful era began under Frick. However, the six championships did not allow Frick to change his position in the team. As a temporary worker, Flick does not have the right to make demands; Sally, it is impossible for Sally to pay attention to the practicality of the moment as Flick thought. Therefore, Perisic will not buy out, and Gotze will not be exempted from signing: The old people in his team have not finished processing, how can they come again? Although Sane didn’t meet Frick’s tactical requirements, his talent was visible to the naked eye, and even if Frick didn’t use it, someone could use it by himself. So with Sally making the right choice, Frick is bound to rebound. Now look at Frick’s two charges. One is to demand more power. Judging from various reports, this power should be the veto power for transfers below 20 million euros. Taking into account the actual market, transfers below 20 million are actually small transfers. And from the Bayern system, the transfer of young players should not be included-because this is the business category of the youth training director; the second team is definitely not included in order to cope with low-level investment. So who is this article aimed at? It is undoubtedly the “cheap alternative” mentioned above, and Roca and Thrall are the right ones. This kind of player either has some personal problems, or the advantages and disadvantages are very obvious-otherwise they will definitely be worth a higher grade. If the goods you buy are not on the right board, it is almost useless under certain tactics. Even if you have limited ability, why can’t you buy it with that at all? Besides, this power is only a negative power. By the way, a mouthful of Thrall. Now all those who accuse Flick say that Thrall was asked by Flick. But please don’t forget that Thrall is not just a substitute that Desire did not come. Frick asked for a right back in his first transfer period. As a result, he rented out Odriusola, and even worked as an iron man killer. Then the much-anticipated Deste talked for half a year, and finally came to Munich and went directly to another FCB. Then there is no more. Until the transfer window closes, the buying standard has been reduced to two people’s legs. So the last day of the four kings is long overdue-in the past Bayern transfers were rarely decided after July 1 (with the exception of Robben). There is a saying, just this 28 mature man, what kind of bicycle does he need? The impact of the current epidemic on every team is obvious. As Heiner recently stood up and said: no money. But Bayern’s operation fully shows whether there is money is divided. Lucas and Sane, the discounted price after the serious injury, the board of directors approved it and won it directly; what about the domestic? We want to be realistic, it is impossible to buy people, and it is impossible to raise wages. In a nutshell, we buy good goods no matter how expensive they are, and get out if there is no future. Frick must know in the end: Ah, after a long time of trouble, not only do I want to buy defective goods, but I want to keep defective goods-co-authors are even myself a substitute? Flick’s other charge was to contact his team players without authorization-this one is very interesting. The head coach is also a human being. It is normal for someone who has been an assistant in the national team like Frick for a long time to have contact with the national team. Asking about the intentions of these German players is not the same as soliciting privately. What’s more, for the five people on this list, Haverts and Werner are in conflict with Mueller in terms of positions on the field. Frick has also confirmed this, and he clearly stated that Haverts will be difficult to shake Mueller in the short term; Deist’s transfer is delayed. For a long time, it is not uncommon for a potential next head coach to come forward to communicate. As for Odoi, Frick hadn’t joined Bayern when Sally was named by Chelsea, and Chelsea only condemned Sally’s private alliance, but did not condemn Frick’s private alliance in the future. Therefore, I personally tend to think that the so-called crime of Frick’s private alliance is probably only Gotze going to the substantive stage. Having said that, Flick’s arrogance has a set of logic. Sally, as an executor, has serious shortcomings in negotiating ability. The old system can be sustained because each link performs its own duties. Now there is a link that is not well done. The solution is either to replace the screw or to make a structural change. There is no doubt that Frick, who has the sixth crown at this time, is the most qualified to raise the conditions. After a trial, Frick quickly found his position. The next choice is up to him.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

As a veteran who has infiltrated the German football circle for many years, Flick’s understanding of German football and the living environment of Bayern Munich is definitely far higher than that of all domestic fans. So whether he took over Bayern, who was on the verge of collapse, or he left Bayern, who was at a crossroads, was essentially the result of his comprehensive consideration. In the past six months, Frick’s idea of ​​using results as a bargaining chip to gain more decision-making power in the team has been completely rejected by the senior decision-making authority of Bayern. He has become more and more aware that it is difficult for him to break through at the level of club status. At the same time, Flick feels that it is difficult to break through his coaching results last year without the strong support of the club. So Frick, who is 56 years old and can hardly make a difference in the club, can hardly refuse the opportunity to challenge the national team. Taking advantage of the opportunity of the Champions League’s hateful exit, to clarify what I mean to give the German Football Association a statement, and secondly to leave Bayern a half-year to find a successor, and in the end it will not affect Loew and the German team. Preparing for war can be described as killing three birds with one stone. In order to straighten out the ins and outs, we have to go a little farther and start with the story of Gubald. After the end of the 2013 Triple Crown season, Bayern was originally invited by Bayern to prepare for an era. In those years, the club was basically delegating power to the baldness, but the effect of the cooperation between the two was very general. The reasons are roughly as follows: First of all, the cost of building a team after Gubalu left La Masia is really high, and basically no one can meet except for the green education oil father; secondly, Gubalu’s next triple crown team does have a lot of people playing. The law and the baldness cannot cause conflicts in the locker room; in the end, the baldness of the past few years is really bad for the team’s various injuries. The continuous decline in the input-output ratio has led to increasing dissatisfaction and suspicion of Bayern’s top management for baldness, and baldness is also dissatisfied with Bayern’s “decentralization” with performance conditions. Both sides are angry: the Bayern executives thought that we have given you all kinds of green lights for your baldness, why are you still not satisfied? Melon bald thinks that if I teach in the world, why should he say that he is not two and he is still restricted? In the end, the costly “Guardiola Era” came to an abrupt end in the summer of 2016 inexplicably. Does this scene feel familiar? Suddenly running away from melon bald caused Bayern’s competitive strength to be in a state of long-term highs and lows. You say Bayern can’t win the Champions League. That’s not the case. The team configuration is still the top European. But if you want to say that Bayern can win the Champions League, you almost feel it. Since the core players are still in their prime, the team can’t immediately be overthrown and rebuilt. So then Bayern’s senior management immediately changed their minds: quickly find a head coach who can “see the food and eat” with the existing team to see if he can win another Champions League. So they followed this train of thought to find An Pang. An Pang is a coach, there are indeed many historical highlights, but the current level is really not flattering. In Bayern, he not only led the team and performed mediocre, but he also relied on the old man to find the Bayern high-level for more power. This Nima has just been mentally overshadowed by the melon bald, how can the Bayern executives bear it, but after the disconnection, the seamaster will come in to rescue. From the point of view of Zhuge Liang, Guadou Jiaan Pang spent a total of 5 years with Neuer Robery and others. By 2018, Robben 34, Ribery 35, Bayern has reached the era when it is time to change dynasties. After choosing for a long time, Bayern’s top management finally chose Kovac, who played his teeth in the German Cup, to run as the head coach. This candidate is fine, he is from a small team, young and promising, and the price is cheap. The high-level wishful thinking is that the current structure of the team depends on fate to win the Champions League, and it is a big deal to send a few old feats safely to retirement. The head coach can really pay less for the penalty. But Kovac was a bit too anxious. He was too anxious to disrupt all the structures of the Robery era, including Thomas Muller, who actually showed no signs of decline. This touched the scales of Bayern’s senior management and all local fans. : Son of Munich is you Kovac a part-time worker who can move casually? In addition, Bayern’s combat effectiveness is indeed pretty good without Muller. As a result, under pressure from many sources, Kovac resigned in anger… Does this scene feel familiar again? Now Bayern’s executives are completely speechless. The cutting-edge “team building coach” such as Gu Bale can no longer be trusted, and the old “team coach” such as An Pang is useless. Now even Kovacs are “like”. “Team name” is not taking care of it anymore. Who will you call next? The Klopp people are not happy in Lee Kee; Nagelsman comes to the locker room and will definitely explode; Kloseram is hard to say; Heynckes has already hung up your phone; Bayern can’t do it. Pull the bottom to “smile and grudge” with Love, right? To make matters worse, in the eyes of most well-known coaches at the time, Bayern was a backwater. The team planned to grab Neuer Lewanmüller and enter the Champions League quarter-finals with a small investment. Wait until this group of people get older. Rebuild in place when the state has deteriorated. You can take a look at what Tenhag Allegri went viral at that time. The first one is good at rebuilding, the latter is good at keeping the minimum. With these two candidates, we can generally see the high-level attitude of mixed eating and drinking. At this time, Frick stood up because he saw an opportunity for him in this stagnant water: First, Bayern’s lineup was still very competitive. Before, it was mainly due to tactical play and player morale problems; secondly, Bayern This is already the case, so both the top and the fans have low expectations for the team’s performance; in the end, Flick was 55 years old and worked as an assistant coach for almost his entire life. This is one of his few opportunities. Frick doesn’t care about the things that many famous coaches worry about. After all, he is a rookie head coach and never needs to worry about losing anything. On the other hand, for the Bayern executives who are ready to “break the tank and fall”, no one wants to come anyway for a while, so use an assistant coach. The cooperation between the two parties was a “make-up” at the beginning, and even this kind of “make-up” is more that Flick is in the weaker side. You can see how bumpy Flick’s conversion was back then. But Frick is by no means just a rookie coach. His rich coaching experience and refined technical and tactical skills helped Bayern quickly recover from its roots and instantly raised the team’s performance to the highest level of the club. Although the emergence of this “six-time champion” turned out to be gratifying, it also completely disrupted the high-level reconstruction plan. In the case of the new crown epidemic, the top executives are reluctant to rejoin the new round of the arms race of the European giants that they have not prepared for; on the other hand, while knowing the true strength of Bayern very well, Frick has also begun to try to do something similar to Guardiola has the decision-making power as the head coach, because he believes that Bayern’s limited spending can no longer be left to the management that does not understand the team’s competitive level as well as his management. The fact is that the conflict between Frick and Bayern’s top management has not really been resolved after the “six crowns”, but has become more acute: there was less money that could have been spent, but now more people want to spend it. Behind this sharp contradiction is the divergence of goals between Frick and Bayern’s high-level parties. Even without the impact of the epidemic, the core goal of Bayern’s top management has always been clear: to occasionally win a Champions League through long-term accumulation while ensuring the financial health of the team. The coaches and players represented by Flick hope that the club will take advantage of the hot iron to reinforce the lineup and strive for consecutive championships. The level of Sally and the nature of Hoeness’s selfishness are nothing but the manifestation of this divergence at the strategic policy level. For Bayern’s board of directors, the club can borrow to fight for the Champions League triple-game, but who will pay the debt? Once the coach and players with poor performance can change jobs, the club and the creditors will not leave. The bankruptcy of Dortmund was 20 years ago. Hoeness, who helped Bayern survive the bankruptcy crisis twice, would not know it, and it is even more unlikely that other directors would not know. If you really straighten out this matter, you will find that many things are not right or wrong. The head coach of the fans only pays attention to the team’s athletic performance, right? Of course it is. Some successful players pay more attention to salary, right? Of course it is right. The club directors pay more attention to the club’s financial situation in a bad economic environment, right? Absolutely no problem. But if the three parties put together one piece, you will find that the contradictions are almost irreconcilable. Alaba wants a high salary, Frick wants to buy people, and Sally and others want to save money. Frick proposed a moderate motion to try to spend a small amount of money to ensure the team’s combat effectiveness, but the senior management is obviously more pessimistic about the future of the epidemic, and simply rejected it from the consideration of the team’s management system. In the final analysis, the relatively closed market in the German-speaking area makes the financial situation of the German team more fragile, and the more fragile financial situation destined the club management to be more conservative. The club management’s more conservative doomed the club’s restrictions on coaches and players. The limitations of coaches and players doomed the unsustainable level of competition. Bayern’s goal is to create a team that stays in the Champions League but can only touch the championship every 10 years. If many young Bayern fans didn’t know it at the beginning, they should understand it now. In any case, I still support Bayern Munich.

7 months ago

There is one double-headed system in the sports circle, and it’s strange if there are no moths. Frick and Sally are just instrumentalists, the essence of which is the power struggle between Hoeness and Rummenigge. I originally thought that these famous stars and stars have a harmonious but different bottom line. Compared with Barcelona’s Lalo battle, it can be a little more disciplined. Now it seems that it is the same thing. By the way, there is nothing new under the sun. This wave let me know that Fu Jian and Xiao Yan are not accidents of history. As a Real Madrid fan, I am very happy to eat melons

7 months ago

The perceptual things are in the pictures, so I won’t say much. In the past year, Frick was indeed the creator and greatest hero of this dream, and then talked about some rational things. Sally and Frick, if they can perform their duties and get along with each other in peace, it is a win-win thing in itself. However, the two people’s personalities make them incompatible with each other in the end and part ways. Sali is by no means that many Bayern fans are so useless. In the past few years, they have decisively spent a lot of money to drop Lucas and Upamecano, the pair of central defenders in the next ten years, and favor the mixed-race German talents ( Gnabri, Sane, Mushala), pay attention to the introduction of French nationality and foreign aid in North and Central America (Alfonso, Kwasi), and reduce the introduction of hukou (Werner, and Jule’s contract renewal) Be cautious). Salihamidzic’s insight and correct approach to talent selection are the foundation for Bayern to win the sixth crown. The prerequisite for winning the championship is the prerequisite for winning the championship. Compared with the preaching of some Premier League teams The account book, Barcelona spent a lot of money to buy the wrong person and set a verdict. Frick’s success at Bayern stems from the fact that his core thinking is correct, his strategic vision fits this era, and his military governance can hold the locker room strictly. Therefore, he firmly righted Mueller as the core, increased the frontcourt pressure, played offensive football, and used offense to reduce defensive pressure. And his shortcoming is that it is obviously not good to see people knowing people. At the same time, although the core idea is correct, he is not good at specific details and layout, and he is even more confused about the construction of the backcourt. I once hoped to introduce a typical junk player like Werner, two consecutive transfer windows toss the right back substitute while arranging Paval to madly insert assists, make Kimmich Kika continue to play in the middle and put pressure on the media. Asking the high-level to renew Alaba and then become the defense leader. Facts have proved that these operations are questionable. In the Paris battle just past, the starting lineup that Frick trusted in the center and backcourt was beaten 2-0 at home in 30 minutes. , Kimmich Gretzkazul Alaba was frequently beaten up, but Lucas, who had always been on the bench in the past, played on the bench for Gretzkazul. Alaba went to play in the midfield and no longer harmed him. After the defensive line kicked out a world-class performance. If the two can get along with each other in peace, Sally is responsible for the selection of recruits, and Frick is responsible for maximizing the strength of the lineup. It is a matter of mutual benefit in itself, but Sally has been exposing himself for a long time. On the downside, Frick is soft on the outside and hard on the inside, hoping to increase his voice and transfer rights (note that he was fired by Hope in Hoffenheim because of the uneven distribution of power), and the two came together. In the end, an irreconcilable contradiction occurred. Regarding the future development of Bayern, I don’t think that Flick’s departure has destroyed Bayern’s hope of building a dynasty. In fact, Flick stood at the core of Bayern, and next year only Mueller will be left, and his success at Bayern , Is also achieved by mutual achievement with Mueller. Boateng and Alaba are absolutely not allowed to stay at the competitive level (just look at how much Lucas has done in the last three games to know how many dishes they have now). After next year, Mueller’s age has arrived, and his body will decline sharply. Lewand’s body has begun to be unable to support it. This has touched the core of Frick’s past tactics, and this season Frick’s use of substitutes From the point of view of the lack of energy, he obviously does not have the tactics that are as good at changing various genres as Heynckes. Even next year, whether he can make good use of Upamecano to build a good defense is still unknown. Therefore, I have always felt that The best time for Rick to leave office is next year instead of this year. The reason is simple: next season is probably the peak of Lewan and Mueller’s last year (the peak in a broad sense, in fact, the two must have already fallen by now), Upa The joining of Mecano also solves the problem of Bayern’s current biggest lineup shortcoming-the right center back is too weak. That is to say, next year is the moment when the current play style hits the Champions League championship in the last year. If it succeeds next year, That was the wonderful curtain call of this set of playing. Flick followed the example of Zidane’s rapid retreat, Muller gave up his core position after burning the final peak, and Bayern made changes. If he failed, the limitations of Flick’s tactics and employment were also seen by the public. The magical aura on his body will gradually fade, but he will not completely fall off the altar. Maybe it will be easy to gather and disperse, and wait. The next coach will change smoothly. Bayern has gone from 1-5 to the top of Europe in the past two years, with Muller as the representative of the side center, and the center greatly supports the side lanes. The offensive and defensive style of play is undoubtedly the bright color of this era. With the support of the system, Frick pushed this high-position pressure kick to the highest point on a summer night in Lisbon. This year, subject to a tight schedule, this tactic and the limitations of Flick have slowly begun to show. The elimination of low-level opponents in the German Cup from January to February and Gnabry’s serious injury are representative. This year’s UEFA Champions League’s exit, also The shortcomings of the original system in the first thirty minutes were completely blown by the opponent. However, Lewanmuller is still competitive, and Gnabry is the year to play. If it develops normally, 20-22 should be the dynasty of Bayern. However, this year Lewand’s national team was injured and Gnabry was injured. Non-combat attrition, was eventually eliminated by Paris, only a sigh was added. Now Frick’s departure can be said to be a year in advance of the curtain call. Regarding the curtain call of Bayern’s cycle, I personally feel that the most is due to luck and providence. The entangled signings of most fans are by no means the point. The core of the defeat against Paris is undoubtedly the absence of Lewand and Gnabry. Roca, A small role like Thrall is unlikely to affect Bayern’s overall situation anyway. Sane’s transfer will definitely not be like this a year ago (not to mention that Sane itself is not bad, and it has not been used this season. it is good). Frick’s disregard for the backcourt could have been concealed by the offensive power of the frontcourt in the two years of Lemu Shangke’s first battle, but it was exposed because of the absence of the two Leggs. Therefore, God’s will is good for good. Trick people. The next season may be the key to the transition, because Bayern’s original core figures still have the power to fight, and the locker room’s love and support for Frick is a huge problem for the next coach. It may cause chaos in the locker room, repeating the mistakes of the Gwaan handover period. Fortunately, Alaba and Boateng are gone, Mueller may have no desires after years of ups and downs, and Bayern will not develop to the situation of relying on Heynckes to fight fires to stabilize the locker room in 17 years. I look forward to the future development and wish Bayern good luck. I hope this decision a year in advance is a win-win situation.

7 months ago

As a pie fan, let’s tell you about the journey of so many years. I have gradually learned about Bayern since the Klinsmann era, because Klose has gradually seen the games that Bayern can almost see since the Sea Phase III since the Van Gaal era. It’s not bad to see that Bayern has finally gone to college from the age of guilty dick. I don’t fall to watch the game. In those years, I used 2g network, Nokia 5320xm and Sina’s live broadcast to watch the UEFA Champions League. Every weekend, I stayed up late in the third year of high school. Spicy instant noodles watch the days of the league. 10 runners-up’s dissatisfaction, 12 runner-up’s loss, 13 champion’s tears and tears. It’s finally the Gua Dang era. In my high school years, only Bassar in football remembered when Bayern players walked to Wembley to receive the award. On the stage of the stage, the CCTV commentary said to the effect that these people are young, and the future leader of Guardiola does not know what kind of brilliance can be achieved. This is a brilliance. I have waited for 7 years on April 30, 2014. For my birthday, after watching the 0-1 game in the bed last week, this week ushered in a 0-4C Ronaldo crazy celebration at the Allianz Arena. This is a heartbreaking day for me. In 2015, I lost 0-3 away. For msn, I knew it was over when I scored the first goal at home. Robben broke out at the beginning of the season. Lewand’s simultaneous joining made me see that the Bundesliga All-Star team in my game was finally born (Lewand, Goetze, Robben, Ribery) But, the season lasted until April, and you were like a patient. You have been overwhelmed by the schedule. In 2016, I have crossed the Juventus level in my memory (if I remember correctly) the semi-finals. Atletico Madrid came, 90 minutes 0-1 in the first round, I felt like eating shit. In the second round, I saw Bayern’s ambition to win. They played the strongest oppression and control power in the past three years. At the moment when the away goal was out, my mood was empty, and I was particularly disappointed. It seemed that I had lost a lot in the past three years and had nothing. It seems that after the game, Gu Di said that this was the last time Bayern played in the Champions League. The players worked so hard to sleep all night. It’s over, the Gua Diao era is over. Bayern has the best lineup. In the best era of the team, they failed to win another Champions League. I remember that year when the Bundesliga celebrated and cried. I believe he has feelings for Munich and Bayern. But there is no way, the concept of rebuilding the team and the competitive level are essentially in conflict with the Bayern high-level. The brothers who watched the game together felt that Gua Diao was a goddess, and Bayern was a renewed and struggling nobleman at the time. The two could have sex with each other and have sex, but after all, they are not the same kind of people and cannot be married for three years. It’s a pity that in 17 years, we ushered in An Zhu, who beat Bayern 5-0 3 years ago. To tell everyone, we all felt that it was dawn at the time. At the beginning of the season, we were all cheering for An Zhu. Later, I slowly discovered that this guy In fact, it continues the Gua Diao set. In fact, Bayern fans hope that Bayern will play a similar style to Real Madrid, with a degree of tightness, controllable goals and retreats to prevent counter-plays. As a result, for more than a year, Ann Zhu was standing and dead except for two rounds of Real Madrid. The whole process completely exposed the Italians’ tactical ability is no longer the top level and poor rotation ability. The problem of poor cultivating ability for newcomers 18 years ago, Ann Zhu got out. It also announced that he had quit the first-class coach. The old man is back. This season, as Hai Ye said, we have the best players. The best tactical system. Morale is high. But we lost. This season is over. I won’t take Bayern to play in the Champions League anymore. I took time off to watch the semi-finals. In the end, I saw the end of a generation of Bayern soldiers and the regret of a generation of heroic coaches. For 19 years, there is nothing to say. I can get the double crown and I will give it to scientists. Playing 75 points for 20 years. Actually, this champion is not a new generation of Bayern. What Bayern has created a new genre of high position press, edge-to-center combination, pass and control, second attack, these things are all played during the period of Gua Diao and Hai Ye. Yes, Lewand, Muller, Thiago, Boateng, Neuer are also old-time players. It’s a consolation for the past 7 years. I saw that day. Bayern is already in my blood. He is a part of my life. Even in the darkest season of 1011 1112 1819, I will still buy a jersey, will go, support him, when will Bayern have the seventh or eighth crown? I don’t care anymore. Anyone who should come will come to win the championship. I told others that Bayern has a group of newcomers, Kimmich, Gretzka, Davis, 80 million, afraid of a kick, Gnabry , Koeman also has a real Bayern dna coach, I believe that he will take Bayern even if they fail to win the Champions League, they will not repeat many of the wrong routes in the past, never thought that 8 months had passed. Actually the head coach resigned with acceptable results.

7 months ago

Don’t mention the so-called “human touch” and “Bayern DNA” in the future. This is called “personal tearing” and this is called “faith collapse”. This matter will never be avoided. “If you have money to spend 30 million to change coaches, the team buys people.” “No money” is the problem; what’s more, it’s either black or white enough to give Flick the power to sign in, which is equated with imitating Hwangsa Lian’s 100 million sign in signings. The priority of spending money to reinforce is lower than maintaining management’s governance System Klose said: Someone in the team has taken public interest for a certain private interest. A bunch of “real fans” on a green app are busy expelling “benevolent” overseas Bayern members to vote for Flick Sally for fans who are disappointed in supporting Flick. Flick’s support rate is as high as 90%. Outside the social media, Bayern fans oppose Sally so that they have developed into cyber violent family members (undesirable). Bayern management probably did not expect a group of fans in the Far East to support them so much.” “No one can ever be above the team” It is ridiculous to think about it. It is ridiculous to suggest that it should be changed to “No one can ever be above the management of a team.” It turns out that Hoeness, Heiner, and Salihamidzic are Bayern Benren. I admit that I am a champion fan, so now I will ask you, “real fans”, you honestly answer me: I hope the team you support wins and wins the championship, is this wrong? Who is the rice circle? Who is a fan? Who are the pseudo-fans for “Wahhabi”, fundamentalism, and so-called hardcore coterie? !

7 months ago

If there is no low-intellect operation before Sally, Frick announced his departure at the end of the season, the national team is more attractive as an excuse, and everyone seems to be happy. Some people don’t want to do this, I don’t say who it is. Suddenly it feels funny. This is what Ren Mi calls the “knowledge of the ball” senior management. After Guardiola, no coach can fully coach for two seasons. Bayern Munich is about to become the head coach’s tomb. Don’t the senior management still know the reason? Frick’s achievements last season are unique not only in Bayern, but also in the world. Flick is not the best coach in the world, but he is also one of the candidates. This is completely different from the situation where the coach is dismissed due to performance problems. Flick has become another victim of the power struggle. Even without the choice of the national team, does Flick really miss his home? Sally, as the sports director, can he come up with a sign that satisfies the fans so far. Look at the gap between the school master and the school scumbag. Rummenigge can rent the saber and the Ku bird, and Sally this season The signings, is the current performance of Sane, who has recovered from a serious injury, worthy of wearing No. 10? Thousands of defenders Sal and former martial arts king Roca, even behind the second team youngsters, came on the court. There is also the extreme and out-of-the-ordinary operation of amateurs off the court. Can the team’s merits be a vegetarian meal? Obviously, Bayern’s top management has intensified in recent years, and its impact on the team has become more and more serious. If there is no backing, can Sally be so unscrupulous? The appointed successor Heiner and the loyal dog Sally appointed to the board of directors ensured that Hoeness could listen to politics after retirement and maintain its influence on the club. Hoeness is optimistic about Kovac’s success after class and Frick led the team to win six championships. Is this hitting Kovac’s ass? Power pays attention to checks and balances. The power in the hands of Sally and Frick is obviously much greater in the hands of the former. The seniors are unwilling to delegate power to Frick. He does not need to stay anymore. Continue to perform the contract will only be more repressive and uncomfortable. Why do you want to stay? Next year, the Lion King will officially take over Rummenigge. If he agrees that Herness is the best, Herness will once again be in power. If he is the successor of Rummenigge or he has his own ideas, then he is also expected to end this period of battle. A club only needs to uphold one concept, and there can only be one voice from top to bottom!

7 months ago

During the Southern Song Dynasty, Yue Fei broke through Zhuxian Town and prepared to fight Huanglong. Although the process is different from the story of Yue Quan, the facts are not bad, but the sixteen gold medals forced Yue Fei Hearthstone because it is not important for the emperor to recover the rivers and mountains. It’s not important to eat the Hulu meat, laugh, talk, and drink the blood of the Huns. It’s more important that you welcome the Huiqin Sects back and who will be the emperor. As for why you should discuss and even surrender after the victory is to seize the opportunity in case of a golden country. The first to say that I was sent back to the second emperor to discuss with me would be passive, so let alone the Southern Song and retreat to Yizhou, as long as I am the emperor, I can accept it! ! There is nothing new under the sun

7 months ago

For me, a Bayern ashes fan for more than 20 years, Flick’s decision couldn’t be more normal, and finally the farce that had lasted for more than half a year was about to come to an end. Although Bayern officially said that “you can talk”, with Frick’s character and Bayern’s vaguely revealed attitude, there is a high probability that there is no more talk. Let me talk about the conclusion first. Flick may be the favorite coach of Bayern fans after Heynckes. Therefore, his departure is particularly difficult for Bayern fans to give up. It is precisely because of this that, if viewed from a dialectical perspective, Flick’s dismissal was plated with a “Phnom Penh” by the fans and the media that engaged in affairs, making the Bayern club fall into the bottom of the eradication of morality. In fact, this matter can be very simple. Who is the target of Flick’s departure? Of course it is Salihamidzic as the manager of the team, which is also the view of the vast majority of Bayern fans. It’s easy to come up with such a view, and you can get this result without thinking. According to the German media, Frick had also personally talked with the senior management. He and Sally had no way to work together, so Sally should be blamed if Frick had to leave. But Frick is not a fool, neither is Sally, nor the top of the club! Frick used the conversation to test the attitude of the club’s senior management. After getting the senior’s intention that he would not let Sally go, he was forced to openly entangle him in front of the media for months of going or leaving. This is an alternative question. Should the top pick Sally or Frick? Sally is selected by the top, otherwise he will be fired in less than a year; Frick has six championships, but he has just been eliminated by Paris this season, and he has won one league title at most. Obviously he is not particularly emboldened. . So, guess what the top executives would choose? I think, if Frick leads the team to eliminate Paris and enter the Champions League semi-finals, while maintaining a 7-point lead in the league, then we can talk about it, but now it is clear that Bayern will not let Sally out of class at all, then choose one of the two. You can only sacrifice the head coach in front of you. Such a big conflict between the head coach and the manager has hardly happened in the history of Bayern for more than 20 years. There are two reasons for this. One is that Bayern was directly in charge of Herness, Rummenigge was mediating, and the head coach who was too strong would eventually be fired; the other was that the manager was relatively weak and either voluntarily resigned or quit directly (here There is a difference between active and passive, such as Nellinger and Summer), and such fierce fighting as Frick and Sally has never happened. Bayern has been in a power vacuum in the past two years. Perhaps the feelings of the fans will not be particularly obvious, especially the team’s performance has been relatively stable, but within the club, the struggle has been obvious. Hernes and even Rummenigge’s gradual retreat, leaving a large vacuum of power. Kahn has not yet fully settled in, and he is not very good at shooting, and Heiner has been behind the scenes and has not adapted to the front. jobs. So in this vacuum, the competition is much fierce. What is Sally? To put it bluntly, Sally is the club’s flag, the flag set up by the senior Bayern veterans. To defeat Sally is to defeat the club. If Frick wants to fully start a new situation in Bayern, he must defeat Sally and let someone close to him or his support be the manager. This is almost impossible to do. It is recommended that outraged fans look at “Money Ball” starring Brad Pitt, which describes the relationship between the manager and the head coach from the perspective of a professional manager. Only by looking at things from different angles can we see things more comprehensively. From Frick’s point of view, as a firefighter at Bayern, you have already won all the championships you can get. If you don’t go now, can there be new breakthroughs at Bayern? Refresh the Bundesliga record? Take another Champions League? The odds are too low and too low. And Bayern has too many problems with the current lineup. He wants to solve it from the beginning, and he will inevitably touch on the signing problem, and this is the biggest difference between him and Sally (the club). The right time and place is that Loew can’t get mixed up in the German national team completely. After this year’s European Cup, replacing Loew as the national team coach is nothing better than that. Therefore, Frick faces Bayern who supports Sally, it is better and more development to go than stay! From Bayern’s point of view, at this time, he did not support Sally, who he had supported, and kicked Sally away and left Flick with a tough character. Let alone slapped himself in the face, who would dare to be the general manager of Bayern in the future? Who is the right to quote? In Frick’s case, what should I do if the season fails? The head coach can pat his ass and leave, but the impact on the team may take two to three years or even longer to make up for it. Apart from anything else this season, Bayern has made so many defensive mistakes that Frick is not at all responsible? Can’t be so partial. In fact, the truth is that simple. As for the grievances between the two, most of the media hype is in it. The two did not agree, but they were not so exaggerated. After watching Bayern for more than 20 years, his favorite player is Sali. He was born in war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina. He played while working in a restaurant. He relied on his ability to gain a foothold in the Bundesliga. After being bought by Bayern, he played for 9 years and helped the team win the Champions League. Champions, multiple German Cup champions in the league, is a real fame. Fortunately, he had contact with Sally at a Bayern fan meeting event hosted by Audi in Guangzhou. His character is very kind, and he wears a full suit but loves to wear sneakers. Such people are generally not too scheming. Saying so much is not to create a confrontation between Frick and Sally, but I hope that some fans will not bring the fan circle to the football circle. If A is right, then B must be wrong. Sometimes things are like this. : Sally has lack of ability, Frick also has tactical flaws, and the club also has strategic mistakes. It is not that A is right and B and C are necessarily wrong. Sometimes everyone has problems. If Frick stays or doesn’t stay after the season, he will get better and better; Bayern will stay with Sally, naturally there are the future plans and plans of the club’s senior management, and Sally is definitely not a golden job. He has bad results. Classes will still end, but not now. In the final analysis, it is still the club. I personally resolutely defend any decision of the club, because I am a fan of Bayern Munich Football Club, not a fan of a certain player or a certain head coach.

7 months ago

Bayern’s decision-making team did not trust Flick from the beginning… At the end of 19, the interim coach turned around and he fudged and dragged his feet. If he didn’t perform well, he might have been replaced during the winter break (and there was no suitable candidate on the market at the time). …I remember the transfer period in the summer of 19 that Bayern executives were too stingy and did not spend money. Some children came to me and said that Bayern executives know football best, and you, a Liverpool fan, know a fart…Werner, who I didn’t like at the beginning, is now at Chelsea. The more you play, the better. If you bought it in the first place, and even matched it with Lewandish, why did you come to Paris and point to Schubermoting to turn the tide… Now? Several of Bayern’s old leaders are overly conceited professionally, overly conservative in finances, and overly superstitious about “fame” in choosing coaches, such as the ineffective Ancelotti and the rumored Allegri. Of course, if Flick yearns for the position of head coach of the national team, there is nothing wrong with it. The calculation in the minds of Bayern’s senior management is-Liverpool’s results collapsed, Klopp was fired and then came to Bayern to coach. Really, a few old men think that Klopp is not a day or two… As for Nagelsmann, how could he be in the eyes of the old men? If this young man really came to Bayern, he would definitely not be as good as Kovac. …

7 months ago

Frick prefers immediate combat power, while Sally is more inclined to implement the strategy that the top has always been. You can even think of it as a “speculative strategy”. The players in hand can use them, but the players in the market. All try to get it down with the highest cost performance. For example, Nubel, Neuer is still in his prime, but if he has to wait until Neuer’s status declines, there may be no good goalkeepers in the market, and maybe some teams will be ripped off. Neuer has never wanted to take Nubel when he is in position, and people who Frick wants to attract will generally not support it once the senior management feels that “the price is not enough and not cost-effective”. Besides, I won the Champions League in the first season. It is easy to play the Champions League. This season, the Champions League is out. How much can you achieve in the next few seasons? Loew has announced that he is leaving after the European Cup. When will the national team’s position appear again in the future? By then, will your own assessment and performance be as good as it is now? Some opportunities will not be missed so Frick’s decision is completely reasonable, but I did not expect Bayern to invite Nashuai so early. I am optimistic that Nashuai will come to Bayern to accomplish a career one day, but it is indeed too early at the age of 33, because if he is normal, he will face the elders of Lewand, the second baby and Xiaoxin during his tenure. It’s very worrying to change to a new mission and the previous firefighting coach to win the Champions League. It’s very worrying.

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