Recently, Zhao Wei’s equity was frozen. The target companies of the frozen equity are Beijing Prince Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Long Xuxin (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd., and Beijing Yiju Creative Technology Co., Ltd. The execution courts are all Beijing Second Intermediate. The People’s Court stated that the amount of frozen equity was 2.1 million yuan, 500,000 yuan, and 126,000 yuan respectively, and the freezing period was until April 2024.

After Zheng Shuang’s news in the previous two days, everyone can be regarded as people who have met the world. The total frozen equity of the three companies is only 2.72 million, which is Shuangzi’s income for a day and a half, which seems to be nothing. The companies involved are Beijing Prince Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Long Xuxin (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd., and Beijing Yiju Creative Technology Co., Ltd. Among them, the legal representatives of Princes and Long Xuxin are both Wei Qiying. Public information shows: Wei Qiying, from Nanjing, Jiangsu, a primary school music teacher, and the mother of Chinese film and television actor Zhao Wei. It has now been reported that Hebao Entertainment Group, in which Zhao Wei holds 4.62%, has also been frozen for 5 million yuan. Among these four companies, Hebao Entertainment Group is a large company with a registered capital of more than 100 million yuan, and the others are Xiaoxiami. In her early years, Zhao Wei loved stocks, and she bought and sold stocks in person, and lost a lot of money. Later, through various paths, he married the so-called wealthy businessman husband, got on the line of capital, and became a capital crocodile. Especially after getting to know Ma Daochang, Zhao Wei’s investment career took a qualitative leap. In 2014, Zhao Wei and his wife spent 2.5 billion yuan to buy 9.18% of the issued share capital of Alibaba Pictures and became its second largest shareholder. In 2015, Alibaba Pictures rose sharply. In June of the same year, Zhao Wei and his wife reduced their holdings of Alibaba Pictures by 256 million shares, netting a net profit of nearly 600 million Hong Kong dollars. In October 2016, the two again reduced their holdings of Alibaba Pictures by 799 million shares and cashed in at 1.2 billion Hong Kong dollars. Before Tang De Film and Television went public, Zhao Wei spent 776,400 yuan to subscribe for 1.17 million shares. As of today, the total market value of Tangde Film and Television is 2.547 billion yuan, and Zhao Wei holds 1.4% of the shares. Her brother Zhao Jian holds 2.41% of the company’s shares and is the company’s fifth largest shareholder. Her sister-in-law Chen Rong holds 2.34% and is the company’s sixth largest shareholder. So far, Zhao Wei has actual control rights in 28 companies and has served in 15 companies, a proper capital boss. Three years ago, Zhao Wei was fined and banned from the market for five years because of the capital operation of the empty glove white wolf. Bingbing was fined 800 million for tax evasion, no wonder the netizens were filled with emotion: It was only after many years that it was discovered that it turned out that Madam Rong was all bad guys!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

In total, it was only cool at 10 o’clock on the 1st ≈ 2.8 million! I don’t have much feeling for a few millions recently, aren’t they all in 100 million units? This part of the money that is frozen is probably not a big deal, it’s just drizzle. But everyone has to be clear about eating melons. It’s actually very normal to be frozen so much money, but changing the name to “Zhao Wei” will attract everyone’s attention. Generally, the freezing of equity is divided into the following four situations:  1. The equity is used as collateral; 2. The enterprise applies for bankruptcy; 3. The equity is disputed; 4. In a debt lawsuit, other assets are insufficient to repay the debt. Everyone knows that you can read more, think about it, freeze it, don’t imagine it yourself, what can He Shuangzi compare to? If something serious happens, there will definitely be more than one cool, at least a dozen cool with this value. So, is this Shuangzi trying to get a shield? It’s dull and dull, just a few million is not enough for a day, so stay tuned for Shuangzi to move the entire entertainment circle!

7 months ago

Zhao Wei was frozen in millions of shares. The netizens’ reactions were all: Only a few million, and he made it back in a day or two, and hundreds of millions of leeks have been cut. What is this? Zhao Wei became popular with Little Swallow, and the subsequent film and television series basically did not hit the street star breaking the news. 2519 broadcast. Of course, the important thing is not the amount of funds, but at this stormy moment, Zheng Shuang was investigated for suspected yin and yang contracts. A celebrity registered studio… It came out again. The people who eat melons can’t understand anything. They can only watch the excitement. What seems to be wrong? The perception of Zhao Wei is really complicated. On the one hand, because of the Little Swallow filter, and after watching “Actors Please Get In” before, I know that she is not only a very powerful actor, but also a very powerful director, which is especially valuable. The thing is, a female director who understands women very well, loves her looks and admires her talents, but on the other hand…I really can’t help feeling that every time the celebrity has made enough money, he can’t act well. Are you filming? Why do you have to mix up capital? Are you already so rich, isn’t it enough to spend?

7 months ago

Shan Yu wants to come to Feng Manlou, so a few answers on the hot search, but it is okay to talk about the topic. I may not think that this matter is directly related to that of Shuangzi, but many entertainment stars are also idols and traffic is really obtained. There are a lot of things that shouldn’t belong to them. Commonly called too high. I personally think that the bad ones are mostly, whether it is the demonstration effect on the youth, the orientation of the people’s cultural and spiritual entertainment, and even the Yin-Yang contract, tax evasion, and even surrogacy and abandonment. The impact of these and the ZB pusher behind it is really bad. I don’t deny that there are many artists who work hard and behave well. They are worthy of respect, but many things, many people and some things behind it should really be rectified and rectified. I don’t want to say that after a few years, all we hear and see are infused with some chocolate X

7 months ago

what happened? This is a story of sperm bombarding the entire entertainment industry! The deaths, the injuries, the injuries, it is not too much to say that the atomic bomb in the entertainment continent! As for Zhao Wei, she was only injured. It was frozen first, checked if there was a problem, and no problem. After finding out the penalty, what should be done after the penalty is not the first time. It is the sperm that always glow, but unexpectedly such a dazzling light not only illuminates the character of the person involved, but also exposes the ugliness and evil that the entire entertainment industry hides in the shadows. It may trigger another rectification, which is good! The domestic entertainment industry has been deformed for many years, and it has almost been a game of capital and power. Without rectification, a large number of young people and capital will continue to flow into the entertainment industry, which will have an increasing impact on society. From this point of view, this sperm deserves the best contribution award! Finally, the defects of character and IQ will swallow oneself when one is most arrogant!

7 months ago

“Zhao Wei is frozen millions of shares”, is the frozen amount the loss amount? This is not necessarily! Online query of relevant four company information shows that Zhao Wei’s equity data is: Beijing Prince Culture Communication Co., Ltd., subscribed 2.1 million, holding 70% of the shares; Long Xuxin (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd., subscribed 500,000, holding 100% of the shares; Beijing Yiju Creative Technology Co., Ltd., subscribed 2.1 million, holding 70% of the shares; Hebao Entertainment Group Co., Ltd., subscribed 5 million, holding 4.51084% of the shares; the focus here is ” “Subscription” refers to the shareholder’s commitment and recognition of all the share capital that I should pay as mentioned in the “Company Law”. The opposite of it is paid-up shares. The subscription system is a policy issued by the state to reduce the burden on enterprises and encourage entrepreneurship. Refers to the determination of the amount of subscription, the period of capital contribution, etc., by the shareholders of the enterprise. You can register the company. The subscription period can be very long, as long as the shareholders agree. Therefore, the actual loss is divided into two situations: the first type: the subscribed funds have not been actually paid (or not paid in full). In this case, no matter how much debt the company has externally (the worst case is insolvent), Or how much debt Zhao Wei owes to the outside world, and the upper limit of the “loss” is the amount of subscribed amount (originally without paying for a long time, now it becomes: if the company goes bankrupt to repay the debt, it must be paid in full at the time of bankruptcy liquidation; or If the equity auction/transfer can be used to repay the debt, the money must still be paid, unless the buyer is willing to pay by himself). The second: In this case, the subscription funds have been actually paid. The way to freeze the equity to repay the debt is to auction the equity at most. Zhao Wei does not need to pay another money. The “loss” is the actual value of the equity. . Having said that, what should be repaid is always what should be repaid, and the debt repayment is not considered a loss.

7 months ago

Millions of equity may be worthless or worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Therefore, the apparent value of a company’s equity and the corresponding actual assets cannot be completely equated. For example, if a company’s registered capital is 1 million, and Zhang San holds 5% of the equity, can you say that Zhang San’s equity is worth 50,000? Can’t. Why? Because the company’s registered capital cannot be equal to the company’s actual value. Some companies seem to have a registered capital of 100 million yuan, but in fact this company has no assets, so its 5% equity is almost worthless. However, some companies only seem to have a registration fee of only 1 million yuan, but this company has a lot of assets, or this company holds equity in other “valuable” companies, so this company has a 5% equity stake. It’s not just worth 50,000 yuan. When acquiring a company’s equity, if the value is relatively high, it may involve an assessment of the existing economic value of the company’s equity. This is the reason. In addition, the stage when the court freezes equity is also in a relatively “formal” review stage. At this time, it only restricts the “circulation” of equity and does not deal with the actual value of equity. Why? Because it can’t be handled. Without going through the substantive trial of the case, and without undergoing strict auction evaluation and other procedures, the court dared not conclude how much this part of the equity is worth. As a result, only the more “crude” calculations are based on the amount of the company’s registered capital-Zhang San holds 5% of the shares in a company with a registered capital of 1 million, so the value of the shares frozen by the court is only 50,000, even this 5% may actually be worth a lot of money. Therefore, the case information reflected in the news is still too comprehensive. If there is new information, we will discuss it again.

7 months ago

It’s no big deal. Millions of millions are a small problem for celebrities. The core thing is whether there are any problems with the husband and investors behind Zhao Wei and the partners. Today, due to the Zheng Shuang taxation incident, Domestic Entertainment has been pulling many irrelevant celebrities on hot searches, with the purpose of making their own hot searches. Everyone obviously feels that the traffic, Xiaohua, actors, and all kinds of hot searches before, especially don’t want to be hot searches these days, and don’t want to be rushed to hot searches on the eve of the holiday. What is this indicating? Zhao Wei is well-known, after all, only a powerful artist can be listed on the hot search to reduce tax influence

7 months ago

Every time I see news like this in the entertainment industry, I don’t feel it anymore, but I still hate that this kind of thing always happens. So I ask why scientists, teachers, doctors, and people who silently contribute to society can’t be treated well. The point is that people in the entertainment circle are paid high, and they do yin and yang contracts to evade taxes, and start companies everywhere to collect money instead of research funding. The salary is higher. Some people will say that the market decides the market decision is also a degree, instead of passing it. Marketing operates on its own.

7 months ago

Zhao Junqi is really awesome. Seeing that the heat of this issue has been suppressed again, if he refuses to accept it, Da Shuangzi can’t compare it.
In other words, the energy behind Da Shuangzi is not as good as Zhao Junqi, so is Da Shuangzi’s money even more incomparable?
For the people waiting for me to eat melons, the price of Yishuang has already scared melons off, so how much is a military banner? Who can give us the answer?

7 months ago

As a melon eater, because the amount I saw recently is too big, I have become numb to the money of the stars; I feel a little drifting. The first time I see a few million, I will feel in my heart. It’s only a few million and I have to say that Shuangzi has changed my view of money in the entertainment industry on his own. I used to think that celebrities were highly difficult action scenes for millions of dollars, and they were tanning and training their bodies. I think it’s okay. You took so much money. This shouldn’t be right. Now I found out that I was wrong. It’s only a few days ago. I blamed them. They earned hard money. After this time, Afterwards, Shuang has become a money unit in the entertainment industry; Zhao Wei’s millions of dollars, only a few 0.00, is not enough to read the news and even have no qualifications. Okay, let’s take a serious look. The last time Zhao Wei was fined Dare to commit crimes against the wind and cut leeks crazily for profit. For this shrewd female capitalist, it is not enough to be afraid. In addition, because of Shuangzi’s tax evasion, Zhao Wei has also cancelled several companies. The protagonist is not Zhao Wei, but Shuangzi. This is the top class. Even in the tax evasion circle, it is still a group of bull noses.

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