According to various sources, former international Zhang Enhua passed away. He just celebrated his 48th birthday yesterday.

Zhang Enhua was born in 1973 and was selected for the national team in 1996. He played for the national football team led by Milu in the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan. He represented the national team in 59 games and scored 5 goals. In terms of clubs, Zhang Enhua is the main defender of Dalian Shide and one of the main heroes of Dalian’s victory in the “seven crowns” of the league.

On April 29, Beijing time, Zhang Enhua’s death shocked the Chinese football world. It is reported that Zhang Enhua drank a lot of wine at the birthday party the day before, but at the time he was sober and uncomfortable, and then went to a friend to continue celebrating.

But after returning home, Zhang Enhua was in shock, and his family quickly called an ambulance. After the arrival of the ambulance, emergency procedures such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation were carried out, and after being transferred to the hospital, the rescue was continued with all efforts, but eventually he was unable to recover. According to friends, Zhang Enhua is not addicted to alcohol and rarely drinks alcohol on weekdays. The meal the day before was to celebrate my birthday, but also to have a meal with my new team.

As a cardiovascular color Doppler ultrasound doctor, I will give you a popular science. I have done color Doppler ultrasound examinations for three Luneng football players. Two are from South America and one is from China. I have seen their hearts. The characteristics of their hearts are that the myocardium is very thick, but it is not the same as the hypertrophy of hypertensive heart disease and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It is hypertrophic and has a large heart cavity. In addition, the heart rate is very low, mostly in the 30s. This is the adaptation of the heart under long-term high load. To ensure that they can give whole body blood transfusion in case of strenuous exercise. But we have to know that this is pathological. Because the heart is fat and big, and the heart rate is slow, its electrophysiology must have changed. Therefore, professional football players die more suddenly than ordinary people, and after their retirement, due to lack of exercise, weight gain, and irregular lifestyle habits, some died before they reached old age. There is a certain gap between this and our usual cognition of their bodies. It is not that the body can do high-intensity and difficult exercise physically. We need to exercise moderately and maintain healthy living habits. Going back to this answer, Kuroko may be drinking a lot this time, or he has been in high-intensity alcohol intake for a period of time. Alcohol is toxic to myocardium. There are many alcoholic cardiomyopathy in the north. So this accident may also be the reason. I take this opportunity to also hope that everyone can know the dangers of alcoholism. It’s not easy for a person to live a lifetime. If you do a little bit, you will lose your luck. Cherish what you have at the moment.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This is a photo of his birthday last night. The picture comes from Zhang Enhua’s circle of friends. A veteran post-80s fan recognized him at the first glance at the A-A match. I told my childhood friend that the “little black” of the Dalian team is really powerful, and the rear guard is at the gate! This was the first impression Zhang Enhua left me. Later I learned that because of his dark skin, his nickname was indeed “Heizi”. I always think that if China is selected as the best central defender in the past 30 years, then Zhang Enhua must have a place. Anyone who has seen him play will know that Zhang Enhua has a tough style of play and gives people a sense of stability and solidity. In a sense, , He is more reassuring than General Fan Da, which is why people questioned why Milu did not use Zhang Enhua after Fan Zhiyi played poorly in the 2002 World Cup. Zhang Enhua’s career was basically dedicated to Dalian, and he made great achievements for the Dalian team to win the “seven crowns”. From November 2000 to April 2001, he briefly stayed abroad for the British League Greensby team, although only After staying for just half a year, Zhang Enhua quickly captured the hearts of Greensby fans with his dripping defense and offensive after a corner kick. He played on behalf of the team 17 times, scored 3 goals, and was named the best player of the game twice. As a defender, he is indeed amazing. Therefore, the news of Zhang Enhua’s death today is not true. After all, it was just past 48th birthday yesterday. The current news is excessive drinking. All I can think of is heart problems after excessive drinking, or excessive drinking and alcohol poisoning, or Aspiration caused by excessive drinking and vomiting. No matter what the reason is, I only hope that Enhua the “Sunspot” will go well all the way, and that everyone stays away from alcohol. This is the most sincere advice to everyone as a doctor.

7 months ago

It’s a pity that I watched the game late, and I didn’t witness the worse the picture quality. The stronger the 98 and 02 national football team, Zhang Enhua was still active in the football circle after retiring. I remember that he commented on Egypt at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. In a group match, I also said jokingly: The Egyptian goalkeeper is older than me. I heard that Zhang Enhua’s guidance is similar to Maradona’s death due to excessive drinking on his birthday. I can only sigh from the bottom of my heart. Director Zhang walks well and hopes that both retired athletes and ordinary people can take a warning and avoid the tragedy from happening again.

7 months ago

In those years, Heizi stood next to his big brother Xu Hong, Da Xu turned around slowly, Heizi robbed fiercely, one steady and the other, Dalian’s two central defenders were like Nesta and Cannavaro. Half the sea and half the flame. In the national team, Fan Zhiyi was replaced by Kuroko. On the left was Wu Chengying, who was desperate for Saburo. On the right was the Chinese Suns of Manchester City, the all-rounder in the backcourt. Behind him, whether it was Ou Chuliang or Jiangjin, the defense line was the top Asian side. With the stars shifting and the flowers blooming, the capable guy who yelled at the camera and wanted to do a little Japan eventually turned himself into a decadent addict. The left-hander, who has repeatedly turned into a super bench and staged a free-kick savior, joined hands with the handsome midfielder in the past 20 years and the goalkeeper with the best physical conditions in the country. The stubborn general first cursed the younger generation: he lost his face, and then ran to the Tucao meeting to tease the men’s basketball team next door. He had just had an addiction, and then there was no more down there. Back then, the horse’s long shot, Li Bing’s header, Li Ming’s cross, and Dayu’s bow to shoot a large eagle, Li Weifeng’s magical vitality belt is vivid, as if yesterday. And the back row is plugged into the strong sunspot like a god from heaven… but I can’t see it anymore.

7 months ago

There is a similar example around. A few years younger than Zhang Enhua. I also drink a lot in the evening, usually work overtime, and relax on Friday. After two drinks, I went home early in the morning. When I got up the next morning, I found that I was cold. Athletes train all year round and generally have an athlete’s heart. Heart muscle hypertrophy. The calming heart rate is particularly slow, and Mateus is 38 beats a minute. If you are not an athlete, you must be healthier than ordinary people. Excessive exercise comes at a price. At Zhang Enhua’s age, there are both old and young in the family, and his death is a big blow to the whole family.

7 months ago

In the 97 World Cup qualifiers, China’s most golden group of players will always remember to play Saudi Arabia at home. Zhang Enhua jumped up and broke the goal of Saudi Arabia. At that moment, my dad and I jumped in excitement. China won 1 to 0. Up! Then I went to the bathhouse with my dad, and everyone was discussing the victory of the national football team! A group of naked elders, together very happily talking about the victory of the national football team! It has been more than 20 years, and the feeling of happiness is like yesterday!

7 months ago

Seeing this news, I will not react for a while. Zhang Enhua’s players were urban heroes in my boyhood. At that time, there were not so many high-quality football fields. The school playgrounds were usually loess and concrete. However, in Dalian, the children’s football enthusiasm was very high, and sometimes we all played in the corridors. The grandmother next to her said in a mouthful of Shandong dialect: “Playing every day, can you catch up with Sun Jihai? It’s OK to catch up with Zhang Enhua.” In those years, Zhang Enhua was a well-known figure in the streets and lanes of Dalian, women and children. On the court, Zhang Enhua is the real Zhang Ramos: in the national team, he once defeated Saudi Arabia, in the Dalian team, he once beat Beijing Guoan with a header twice. It can only be said that the world is impermanent, and people should pay attention to their health when they reach middle age.

7 months ago

It may not be a deep impression for me, because after all, maybe he really was the captain of the era, I experienced, but not impressed, too small, but it is indeed a legend. Therefore, I still maintain respect. I think that no matter what kind of player it is, as long as it is really hard for Chinese football, we should respect or we should pray for this kind of player, because we have always been to Chinese football. To make a contribution, I think this is to cheer for China, so we need to show respect. Of course, although Director Zhang was not the most outstanding among the generations at the time, he was the one with the most weight. Among the players we have seen, the person who has been leading Chinese football to progress gradually, I sincerely cherish the memory of Director Zhang. ,farewell.

7 months ago

On November 26, 2000, Zhang Enhua officially signed a four-month loan contract with the Greensby team of the League One (now the British Championship). On December 16, 2000, in the 23rd round of the League of Legends Greensby vs. Norwich, Zhang Enhua played for the first time on behalf of the team, helping Greensby 2 goals to win the opponent, ending the embarrassing record of seven rounds of invincibility. Although he did not score a goal, Kuroko was still scored seven points by the British media after the game and received praise from all walks of life. After this battle, Zhang Enhua basically secured the position of the main center back in the Greensby team. On February 17, 2001, Zhang Enhua scored his first Premier League goal in the 32nd round of Greensby’s home game against Burnley and helped the home team win 1-0. Heizi scored a game-high 8 points after the game. Three days later, the brave Zhang Enhua made a draw again. He scored a header in the league between Greensby and Bolton and helped the team draw 2-2 against the opponent. With his outstanding performance this month, Zhang Enhua was elected as the Greensby team’s best player of the month. For a while, this Chinese player who played a defensive role in defense and made many achievements in offense became a fan of Greensby fans. New idol. On March 13, 2001, Zhang Enhua started again after being a two-round substitute and scored his third goal in England, helping the team draw Wimbledon 1-1 at home. On March 20, Zhang Enhua played at home for Greensby for the last time this season, and the game ended in a tie. Zhang Enhua’s loan period officially ended on April 1, 2001, and then he returned to Dalian to continue playing in the Chinese professional league. While playing for Greensby, Zhang Enhua played on behalf of the team 17 times, scored 3 goals, and was elected the best player of the game twice. He made great contributions to the team’s final relegation.

7 months ago

The national team he is in is undoubtedly the best and most beautiful national team so far. There is no one. Maybe many young people don’t have much memory of him and the time of Milou. However, I can clearly remember the scene of the World Cup in Korea and Japan in the summer of 2002. I remember that the game between the Chinese team and Costa Rica was at noon. As a result, the school was closed because the teacher also went to watch the game. After that World Cup, many players in the team gradually retired. Yang Chen, Fan Zhiyi, Dewey, and Ma Mingyu all disappeared from people’s sight. Seeing this news today, I didn’t expect to see news about them many years later. Some people say that he may be a tragedy caused by excessive drinking. According to the provisions of the Tort Liability of the Civil Code, if there is a fault, it is necessary to bear the tort liability. Co-drinkers do not necessarily have to be responsible for this tragedy, depending on the situation before and after. I still miss the national team and the young guys who brought everyone surprises and memories, including Zhang Enhua.

7 months ago

The memory of Zhang Enhua always stays in the Dalian Wanda and Lao A League at the turn of the century. At that time, the Dalian team was outstanding in the entire league. Zhang Enhua was the main central defender in the team. He had a strong heading ability and often set the ball to grab points. At the peak of the national football team in 2002, he was successfully selected for the national team and participated in the World Cup in Japan and South Korea, but his international career did not impress me deeply. After retiring, he has been doing football commentary. He participated as a guest in the CCTV live commentary and the post-match resumption of the rich feast of the European Cup and the 18th World Cup. However, I don’t like his commentary style. It’s too sleek. Dare to tell the truth. Go all the way, Heizi.

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