The world will still be beautiful, but if there is light, there will be darkness. Maybe this is just a lie to comfort myself.

When I was young, I was obsessed with a boy, and he was addicted to the halo of the schoolmaster. During the chat, I learned that his past relationship was exhausted, and he was born with a pair of beautiful low-hanging eyes. You know, admiration and compassion are the most condensed love It was ferocious and rushed towards him without fear. Long-distance love, eat frugal every day, just to save enough money to go to the food stall with him every month, breakfast cost is saved for two months, you can change to a decent western meal, cosmetics can be replaced by a cheap alternative version. Watch two movies. I indulged in his so-called gloomy and fragile temperament, treated his capriciousness as a child’s temper, and treated his indiscriminate emotions as a sequelae of injury. Even after witnessing his inaccessible chat records, the eager question was rejected by his rage. But my mother still tolerates his weird temper and does not restrain her useless heart. My best friend later told me: “You don’t love him at all, sister, all your efforts and accommodations are just to prove that he loves you.” Self-declaration of being loved is the most misunderstood as affectionate. It took me a long time to understand that quite a few people, men and women, have never really loved anyone at all. All the experiences of their lovers are just looking for a projection screen on each other. This screen projects her cuteness and charm, caress, her sincerity and delirium, cowardice and motherhood. Through this screen, she has completed her beautiful projection, and mistakenly believes that this moving and romantic silhouette belongs to This person in front of me. No, love is not like this, friends. Slowly you will find that self-declaration of being loved and finding your own sense of value in others is the most risky investment product. Others are always uncontrollable, love will always flow, and the desire to be loved from others will never be completely filled. Once you try to prove that someone loves you, you will endlessly fall into “devotion-disappointment-devotion-joy-devotion-see through but not willing to sink The cost continues to be invested in the cage. So whenever I see a lot of good people unable to get out of a very tragic relationship, I can’t help but sigh. Why do so many good people always fall in love with trashmen? Why do they still deceive themselves and others because of their humiliation? Why are they unable to restrain themselves from the heart of the Virgin that overflows the screen in their relationship? Why are they willing to be eroded by bad feelings and also for it? Add beautifying filters. They are not weak, nor are they ignorant and naive. Many times they don’t realize that all their efforts and efforts are to prove that they are individuals who are worthy of love. I wrote in a previous article that love has underlying logic. The name of this logic is break-even. There are three sources of love for human beings: family, friends, and partners. Assuming that a person gets 100% love to keep him in balance, and he gets 90% from a happy family and close friends, then the love relationship is natural and unhurried for him, free and easy, even if he is hurt by the other party, he can be decisive. Escape and quickly return to a healthy state of mind. On the contrary, the love he gets from family and friends is only 10%, so 90% of his need to be loved can only be entrusted to his lover, so he is cautious, so there is no bottom line, so he is over sincere, over enthusiastic, and overly eager to integrate into the other’s life. Once left behind, there is a huge withdrawal reaction. I didn’t understand it before. I thought it was a precious quality to devote myself to a relationship, because it was soft and sincere, because it was extraordinarily favorite, and it was an unstoppable fate. Later, you will know that you can’t get away from a relationship and over-beautify love. With infinite acceptance and retreat, you will never meet someone who loves you more, and you can’t enjoy celibacy freely. , Once you don’t feel loved, you will fall into a black hole of confusion and emptiness. These, these, these. It’s just because you have never been assured, safe, and securely loved. Girls who cannot get enough love from their parents and friends are the easiest to put all the imagination and passion for love on their lovers. After talking about two or three romances, hitting a wall all the way, and groping out some paradoxes all the way. For example, if you have no reservations, you will definitely give others the opportunity to hurt you. For example, if you love too much, you will be despised. For example, people always fall in love with people who don’t love themselves. People who drown in the deep sea generally cannot save themselves. In the final analysis, it is because of exhaustion. I tried my best to prove my preciousness. This year I finally started to learn not to ask anyone for emotional value, not to find evidence of being loved in anyone, and not to expend any effort and energy to those who do not cherish it. Seriously, my friends, this process is like a drug addiction. What you have to quit is the channels and ways to gain love and sense of value. You have to hold back anxiety and emptiness at every moment when you have no source of love. You should always sound the alarm for yourself: “It’s not the person in front of you that you feel sad and depressed, but because of the frustration of failing to prove that you are loved over and over again.” Prove that you are the most addictive action. And it is written in social psychology that a powerful driving force that can make you grit your teeth and chase hopeless love can also make you gnaw on an obscure math problem, can make you persist in doing 200 squats, and make you calm down and take root. Silent and dense in the sorrow. So it’s okay, it’s really okay, aside from the current discord, you still have 10,000 ways to prove that you are powerful and noble. You have to remember clearly that the sunk cost invested is not worth a pity. You have paid for those fantasies, hopes, and sorrows, with years and tears. You have to know clearly that this bad relationship in front of you is by no means your only choice at the moment. Lift your head from the abyss and take a look: As far as you can see, there is still a lot of light.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

1. Silly girls are studying whether men really love her, but smart girls are studying the weaknesses of men. 2. In the face of domestic violence, a great man once said such a sentence: Fight with one punch to avoid a hundred punches. There is only one way to domestic violence: more cruel than anyone else. Or leave cruelly. Or cruel. The first time you deal with domestic violence, you have to put on the cruel force of “You dare to beat me, and I will break your hand if I try my best.” In this way, it is possible to check and balance. (Unless the other party is not afraid of making a living and enters a small dark room.) 3. 90% of the noise in a marriage is related to money, and 10% is determined by the emotional intelligence of both parties. 4. Simon Beauvoir said in “Second Sex” that the whole society is giving lectures to women, including women themselves. Just start with “Women should…” 5. Some men marry you and come home as their mother, and some men marry you and come home to be themselves. Some girls have to be their own mothers in their mother’s house, and they have to be their own mothers. What is this not asking for trouble? Only by understanding what others want and who you are can make the most appropriate choice. (Those who like it are all understand people~) 6. Compared with women, men are much more practical. Whether they are getting married or falling in love, they prey on senior women out of their reach. 7. The weakness of successful men is that they tend to swell. If the man in your family is a successful man, it is necessary to pinch his weaknesses from time to time, otherwise your marriage is likely to suffer a huge loss (losing money and wealth). 8. Many women have lived their entire lives in a cocoon made by men. For example, a man says that you want to keep your chastity, and a woman wants to go to the hall and go to the kitchen, and then you believe it without questioning it at all. You turn your head and think about it, who is the beneficiary behind these concepts? Taking on housework in marriage is a common obligation for both husband and wife. Why can a man be praised everywhere as a good man if he does some housework? 9. Rich men are most afraid of women taking away their money and cuckolding themselves. Only men who don’t have much money don’t care how much money is given. 10. The stalker man is basically what you don’t look down on. The man tells you: “Look how much I love you, I can be a cow and a horse for you, serve you tea and pour water…” This type of man can stalk you and treat you well, nothing else. If I can give you other things, I’ll be hell if I believe it. 11. If you eat too much swan meat, you will get bored. Your man cheats, sometimes it doesn’t matter whether you are good or not, it doesn’t matter whether you look good or not, mainly because you sleep too much. 12. Really smart women are hermaphrodite, and women who only turn around one word all day long have nothing to do. In addition to love, love, bumps and bumps in feelings, other business, negotiation, game, knowledge, fashion…how much do you know? 13. People who don’t want to be together, don’t accept what he gives. If the benefits are too much, it’s easy to hell. If others give too much, if you don’t handle it properly, it will cause the other party’s psychological imbalance and cause a murder case. (If you want to stay together for a long time, you can read another answer of mine) 14. The man you like must give a signal that “you have a good impression of him”, otherwise the man is likely to give up directly. 15. Don’t believe that chicken soup says to stock men. Never stock your man. Find out as early as possible what your man is most afraid of losing. Men are the most scarce money, then you have to hold financial power in your hand. A man is most afraid of embarrassment, then you suggest to him: If you want to make any bad actions, you will lose face. A good answer is like a shooting star, which disappears without paying attention. So, in order not to miss it, you must remember to like it immediately, so that it will automatically be stored on your homepage, and you don’t have to worry about finding it again. Answer: Guoshen is a half-hearted designer and a heart-wrenching woman~ It can melt people’s hearts when warm, and wake people up when they are cold. Follow me, you can get a favorite answering fan of “Persevere diligently every day, constantly update the secrets of growth and psychology”.

7 months ago

1. Decide whether a person likes you or not. It is never how good you are to him, but how good you are in reading, learning, fitness, skin care, mastering several good skills, (singing, dancing, drawing, writing) ) To improve yourself, at any time, it is always the right choice. Don’t chase a horse. Use the time of chasing horses to grow grass. When the spring blossoms, there will be a group of horses for you to choose. A good love can live well by yourself, not without you, but it is better to have you. 2. Never stalk the people you like. Learn to restrain your turbulent desire to chat, do not disturb light chat, tone and speaking attitude can be a little colder and more free and easy, step by step, don’t be too enthusiastic as if you come up. Of course, if you have been talking for a long time, the relationship between each other is still: neither hot nor cold. At this time, you can adopt a strategy called TFT, the full name is “Tit for Tat”, which literally translates to “Tit for Tat”. Axelrod, a professor at the University of Michigan, invited many game theory scholars to design a strategy to maximize the benefits of both parties in the game. This strategy is very simple. There are only two steps: the first step is to show goodwill to the other party, seek cooperation, and don’t take the initiative to betray. The second step is to repeat the other party’s behavior completely. Very simple, but can be applied to almost any relationship! Because it conveys a kind of “sharp kindness.” Your attitude is very sincere and friendly, but if the other party cannot give you the same feedback, you will also treat the person in his own way, let him feel the equal amount of revenge, and have his own clear rules and order. . In any kind of relationship, this is a posture that a strong person should have, which is enough to make you respected by your opponents and to ensure that you do not fall into passiveness in the game. TFT is also the easiest way to get along with objects that are “hot and cold” and “not good enough for you”. To put it simply, when he is enthusiastic about you, you give him back with the same enthusiasm. If he is not good enough to you, you can also pay back his same indifference and disdain. Unfortunately, when many people are controlled by emotions, they often become the opposite of it. If the other party is indifferent to you, you take the initiative to show favor in a mess, but when he is enthusiastic about you, you are holding your own “reserved.” The end result is that you personally made a wrong rule, allowing men to learn “how to be bad for you” subtly. So from now on, you have to reformulate the rules of how you get along: if he takes the initiative to chat with you, you will respond positively to him; if he asks you for dinner, you ask him to watch a movie or go for a walk in the park after dinner; but if If he does not reply to your message, you should not reply to him again until he expresses enough sincerity to you next time. Before long, the other party will realize your principles and realize that only by giving you enough attention and dedication can you continue to please you and allow your relationship to proceed smoothly and sustainably. 3. Provide good emotional value to the other party. Everyone’s original intention of falling in love is for happiness and happiness. Whoever says it’s okay for me to talk about a bad relationship and find myself bitter. When both parties have quarrels, conflicts and suspicions, don’t just indulge in bad emotions, but have the rationality to communicate actively and solve problems together. 4. Pay attention to details! The details are really important! As the saying goes, the devil hides in the details. If you want to judge whether the other person really loves you, you can take a look at the following aspects. ① Will take the initiative to share with you some small details in your life (what you eat and what you go Place, watch any good-looking movies) ②Will take you to meet his core friends and family (this is to let you really walk into his life circle) ③Always be patient with you, willing to take care of your hypocrisy and small emotions (Judging a person’s character is not how good he is to you when he is happy, but whether he is willing to tolerate you and treat you tenderly when he is in a trough) ④Willing to actively communicate with you after a fight, not even wanting to expand the conflict, willing to take the initiative to admit mistakes ⑤Remember your unique dietary preferences, small daily habits (such as the days of your menstrual period, favorite foods…) ⑥Respect your suggestions and consider your opinions carefully (instead of saying all by yourself Forget it) There are also some small details about getting along with it too! Boys can bring a rubber band when they find girls wearing skirts and high heels, try to avoid stairs and take the elevator. “The classic line: “How can you eat rabbits”, of course, it’s not suitable for real life~ So what is the correct way to open it? There are mainly the following 5 points to pay attention to, take a small book and make notes! 1. Let him know that you need him, depend on him, and like him 2. When he helps you, you must compliment appropriately (Rainbow fart blows and it’s all done) 3. The proper “work” is to give the other person down the stairs (for example, when angry Say, if you buy me a durian layer cake that I love most, I won’t be angry~) 4. Smart “work” is not the purpose 6. Friends of the opposite sex have an object, your best choice is to “disappear” “. 7. The other party refuses to disclose your relationship. To put it bluntly, boys think girls are ugly, and girls have a lot of spare tires. 8. It is difficult for a person who is impressed at first sight to be only friends with him. 9. People who don’t like at first glance will find it hard to get along with them in the future. 10. To understand some subtle “language” of girls. For example: I am very active in chatting with you, I am shy and nervous in front of you, I often ask you for a little help, every time I meet with you, I will tidy myself up and beautiful~ If you have such a girl by your side, don’t miss it. what! 11. Pack yourself up a little decent. Don’t expect others to see your beautiful soul through your sloppy appearance, unless you are as rich as Jack Ma’s father, or have the appearance of a fairy sister. In fact, I always think that everyone is a beautiful and exquisite little fairy as long as they learn to clean up. 1. Treat your hair well, and make a good-looking hairstyle seriously. It can not only modify the face shape, but also improve the appearance and temperament! Moreover, good-looking hairstyles can also give boys a psychological hint: this is a diligent and aesthetic girl. 2. Carefully choose clothes (including clothes, suits). Skirts are a symbol of elegance and beauty. Suits and high heels are also great! 3. Show your own strengths, take a local shot (the collarbone looks good, take a shot on the collarbone) and discover your own unique strengths! Every girl has her own shining point~ 12. Can express her desire clearly, such as replacing “Take me out to play” with “I want to go to an amusement park.” Replace sulking with “I’m angry, you want to take me to eat xxx” 13. Make more memories that belong to both parties. Go diy together, make crafts, squeeze clay, go to haunted houses, play in secret rooms, and make roller coasters. …This is more meaningful than just chatting on WeChat and sending gifts directly to each other! After all, things that do not carry memories are really easy to forget. 14. Read more! ! ! The more you are single, the more you have to read, especially psychology, to learn how to get along with each other, the difference in thinking between the sexes, and the expression of high emotional intelligence…..This can help girls identify scumbags and boys. Green tea, at the same time, also allows you to better understand some of the principles of interpersonal communication. You can kill three birds with one stone, why not do it? 15. Don’t ask too much, so you can never take the first step. 16. Freshness Try to be a charming girl with ever-changing looks. Love needs freshness~ It is really boring to stay the same. Changing styles from time to time will be great! (Otherwise why McDonald’s ice cream keeps launching new products, isn’t it just to attract customers~) Cute, cute, queen, sunny, intellectual… 17. Awkward chat can’t produce results. 18. Caring about boys’ emotions and bodies. Boys are also fragile. If you love him and feel distressed, he must express it, not only verbally, “It’s okay, I can understand.” There must also be corresponding practical actions, such as not compulsory consumption, able to express understanding of boys’ work or finances. When boys cannot meet your needs due to certain circumstances, do not show that I am angry or say that I am not giving it. Even if the boys are forced to agree to you verbally, they will look down on you in the long run (and, we girls can work hard to make money and buy them for ourselves~) 19. If you want to get out of the order, you must learn to expand your friends circle. You don’t have to find it in the same class, college, or school, you can go to other classes, other colleges, or even other schools. Hahahahaha. I’m from a Chinese teacher, and the ratio of men to women is seriously out of balance. Hey, maybe you can go to the Chinese worker next door to take a walk around~20. The real love is that after you meet him, all the rules set in your mind disappear. It is said that people who give me likes find this kind of love. 21. Never be stingy to express your love. Boys can usually praise each other more. Wow, you look so good today. You seem to have lost weight. Yeah, this bag is so good. You are especially happy to give positive feedback to others, such as double-clicking on the screen to give me a thumbs up and encourage me. I am motivated to share more high-quality content for you~ 22. 90% of the charm of girls comes from their personality and appearance. If they don’t have a glimpse of experience, they can also make themselves an atmospheric beauty and improve their inner harmony. Temperament, cultivate a variety of hobbies, and learn knowledge in different fields. For example, knowing a little bit about psychology, literature, cooking, painting, fitness… These are all more important than simple appearance! Just put Korean dramas in your mind, your stories can only stay in your imagination forever. I am also working hard to make myself better and better. If you want to make progress with me every day, welcome to my public account ” “Laughing Bend Moon Brew”, more knowledge of learning and growing dry goods and personal experience and skills will be shared with you~23. If you want to get out of the order, take the initiative. Otherwise, you will assign it to me… 24. Always keep yourself a certain sense of mystery, don’t be the naive one that can be seen through at a glance 25. The conclusion is complete

7 months ago

You don’t have to be too “female”. If someone asks me the reason why my road in life is so smooth, then I will give you an answer: never set any limits to myself. It’s similar to “I’m a female, so I have to…” things like that. To be honest, before I played social media, I really didn’t know that women in China were in such a dangerous situation. It seemed that this matter could only be solved if the men were suddenly caught with a gun. I also didn’t feel that I was weak, and I have always lived comfortably and ventilated, because specific to life, I have a lot of strength, relying on my own strength to win numb all the way. It is also possible that I was too poor before. When people were poor, only the word “survival” was on their heads, and other differences could be eliminated. You can only fight to live. The rice in the mouth, the charcoal in the fire, the water in the basin. These are all to be robbed. When robbing things, no one cares that you are men, women, young or old, because there are so many of these things. If you are weak, you didn’t eat or drink. You probably don’t know that around the 1990s, there was a class of people called train-cars. My home is a mining city, and trains that pull mines often pass by the back mountains. Sometimes it’s carts of ore, sometimes it’s cinder left after ore smelting. Some people will lie in ambush on the side of the road, holding special bags and hooks, climbing up when the train is passing, and then picking up the burning cinder, and after some are removed, they will pick out the charcoal that is not completely burned and put it into the bag. My parents and I went to do this. My family was very poor at the time, and the flour I ate was still my dad’s friends in the countryside, who saw us pitifully, received grain and gave us a bag. Charcoal and coal cannot be bought, even the cheapest briquettes. The northwest is too cold, it will freeze to death without charcoal, so I can only pick up the train before winter comes. In such a scene, men and women, young and old, must be equally flexible, running quickly, and when the cinder falls down, they rushed up and squeezed in. Sometimes I am in a hurry and use my hands directly. I often find that my fingers are peeled off by the fire after I go home, but that’s okay, because at least it’s warm today. Water is the same. There is no running water in the shanty towns, only a few of them are related, and they have received pipelines from nearby factories and other people’s houses. We went to pick them up at those people’s homes, but the host’s house was too annoying, so we limited the time and could only go around five o’clock in the afternoon, which was only half an hour. There are too many people to catch the water, and there is no sense of queuing. They all rely on squeezing in and grabbing one by one. At that time, my parents were not at home, so I would run home after school and grab water. When I reached the red plastic bucket that was as high as my hips, I changed hands and carried them all the way home. In addition to the difference in the structure of life, men and women have separate toilets, and women have to have children. I don’t know the difference between men and women. Because where I have seen, in order to survive, men can do what women can do. In that alley, women can connect wires, build walls, move bricks, adjust antennas on the roof, and even plan garbage dumps and steal things over the walls. Most of the so-called essential things for modern women, such as cosmetics, are not available. When I was in junior high school, I couldn’t even buy sanitary napkins in the alleys. Everyone folds it out of straw paper. Any girl must have her own cosmetics, must be reserved and delicate. I don’t have this condition, and I have no time to think about it. I have to study desperately, because only when I study and go to a good school can I be rich and can support my parents so that my family can survive. I have no time to think about why women are not as good as men in mathematics, physics and chemistry. Because in my life, as long as I want to do, few boys can compete with me on the same track. The men and women in the class are my competitors, no different from those who grabbed water back then. Only if I defeat them and move up the rankings, then I will be able to get a scholarship or go to a better school. In my impression, I can do all the fields that men can engage in. When I was in middle school, I was so quiet. I didn’t like all sports. I just liked playing football and then playing power forward. Later, when there was an official holiday, I couldn’t play for a few days because it hurt. But after the period, I’m still the first brother on the court. When I went to college, I brought a drama club. The original actors were all found one by one. Because the actors in Chu and Han were basically males. At the time, everyone didn’t know each other. I asked them to join the club one by one, no matter what they were. It’s over when the team makes their debut. They are too weak, I went up to play Xiang Yu, played the male number one, and then received wide acclaim. At that time, the equipment and props of the drama club were all carried by me, such as display boards and spotlights, all-iron racks, tall as a person, and then I carried it across half of the school. Our dormitory is on the 7th floor, and I also move water by myself. Carry the bottled water of the drinking fountain from the first floor to the seventh floor, then hold it up and press it on the drinking fountain. It may not be possible to unscrew the bottle cap, which does not exist in my experience. At that time, I led three societies by myself and led many social practice projects. There was no problem with my gender at all. After I came out to work, I didn’t lose any battles. Even in the matter of marriage, I don’t think there is any difference between a man and a woman. He is also a human being, and I am also a human being. The same is true of studying and struggling. I don’t have to earn less salary than the man. I am not inferior to him in ability, and I don’t need any difference. Therefore, the betrothal and dowry, parents at home feel that there must be a sense of ritual. There were 100,000 on one side, and then they exchanged a bit and left the ceremony. I didn’t keep a dime here, so I threw it all to my parents. Since it is a family and business, neither of us wants to use family money. The two used their savings to make up a down payment, each of which was 500,000 yuan. They bought a house after marriage and signed them together, which was fair and reasonable. I am quite satisfied with this. If the wedding ceremony can be simpler and the two parents are not so much bells and whistles, it would be even better. I am married not because I am weak and need salvation and protection. But because I am strong enough, have independent survival ability and personal awareness, I can start a family as an independent adult, break away from the identity of the protected person in the original family, and then be able to raise my own children and begin to be responsible for more people . Marriage is a true coming-of-age gift in a certain sense. For more than 20 years, my standard for myself is: first. I always want to be the first. Whether it is work or school, the seat should be in the first row, the place closest to power and resources, where others can see me best. In any competition, if I take the initiative to participate and involve my interests, then I must be the first. Other things, such as gender, personality, etc., do not work well, just because I want this thing, then I will desperately want to get it. I can’t understand why a woman must be very feminine. Is this woman’s identity important? I always feel that this world is like a game. Everyone has some pre-set character traits. Nationality, origin, gender, personality, region, etc. These things are just some traits. Differences bring about differentiated experiences, not differentiated abilities. The society itself is a layered cage, and the way this cage imposes on people is not that society imprisons you, but you imprison yourself. Once you identify with a certain social identity in your mind, you introduce a boundary to yourself, and then you take the initiative to pay attention to this kind of social public opinion information, continue to build the boundary, so as to rationalize your actions. When you put yourself among potential victims in the name of a woman, you have already weakened yourself. My definition of myself has always been a human being. Therefore, there is no shallow social label such as birth, gender, and region that can restrict me. The only thing is death. I always saw a few days ago, what is born as a woman, I am sorry. I just want to say, sorry for the fart. Just one gender, no matter how big things are, it makes human beings perish. As if you are a woman, the society will block the road for you, and you will not be able to eat this meal. Human society is very simple, the only important thing is to survive, and the basis of survival is to seize resources. People with resources can live better, have more power to speak, and can build rules for resource allocation in the opposite direction. If you feel that you are not living well, then compete for resources within the existing social rules. If you feel that you don’t have the right to speak or live in the rules of others, then grab resources by all means, and then build your own right to speak and social rules. Social identity is always bounded, but human beings themselves are broad. People’s self-improvement comes from a broader positioning of oneself, rather than being limited to a continuously subdivided identity. The discovery of women began after the Industrial Revolution. It is not to discover that women are women, but to discover that the label of women is not a concern. It is not a symbol of weakness, but a person with the same building power. This is not a female discovery, but a human discovery. I wrote this answer on Women’s Day. I hope you can see the answer not only in gender, but in the breadth and majesty of human power.

7 months ago

When you grow up, you will deal with boys. I hope to always give you advice and warnings. The basic principle of interacting with them is: remember that their needs for you are far greater than your needs for them. When they chase you wildly, they will make thousands of promises. To tell you the truth, I can speak such beautiful words better than them. Ignore them directly and be honest with yourself. When you hear ridiculous promises, flattery, and praise, use your common sense. Don’t follow the boys to transfer schools, migrate, or change jobs. Let them follow you.

7 months ago

1. If you like to order takeaway at home, you are living alone. The takeaway boy knocked on the door and said directly in the house that he could leave him at the door. Get it again in a few minutes. If you don’t have the conditions to buy surveillance, you can buy a Xiaomi electronic camera doorbell and stick it on the door. It will automatically record people passing by and send it to your mobile phone. 2. You must wear leggings when you wear skirts. I think it’s really shameful to leak out your underwear, especially when you are walking up the stairs or when someone is below you in the elevator. 3. The nail phototherapy lamps on the market actually illuminate ultraviolet rays, which belong to UVA long-wave ultraviolet rays. Studies have found that the radiant energy of the nail lamp is 4.2 times that of the sun when the wavelength of the nail lamp is between 355 and 385. In less than ten minutes, the UV dose received on the hands is equivalent to eight hours of sun exposure. Accelerate the darkening and photo-aging of hand skin. Every time we do nail art, we should apply enough UVA sunscreen and look for PA++. Wear sunscreen gloves for nail art. (TB can be sold for more than ten dollars.) Every time you do nail art, you can take 30 seconds, but don’t take 60 seconds. Please bring disposable gloves when washing dishes and cleaning housework. Protect your hands. I bought blue gloves at the supermarket that are looser and tighter than surgical gloves. You can go to the supermarket to see if there are any. 4. Body lotion does not whiten, and it does not whiten if you insist on taking vitamin ce every day. White is born. You can only try to make yourself no longer black. Don’t believe that whitening and so on in the market are all cut leeks. But body lotion does make the skin feel smoother. This is true. 5. You need to understand that black and white, fat and thin are not the key to determining whether a person is beautiful or not. Whether a person is beautiful or not depends on her spirit, facial features, and skin quality. And whether you are confident. You can be black, but at the same time there is a vest line. It also looks healthy. It can be heavy, but as long as the body fat percentage is low, it will not be too ugly. Whether beautiful or not is the whole. It’s not because of how exquisite your facial features are, or how good your individual figure is. Need to keep at the same time. Don’t compare with others. Everyone has different ratios of skeleton to body. You only need to achieve the lowest body fat and reach your best level. 6. Be good at using perfume and spray different perfumes on different occasions. Shu Qi said in the movie “If You Are the One” that what you fall in love at first sight is not love, but smell. Humans, like animals, rely on smell to distinguish their kind. Spray some fake body scent when you are dating, and gently stroke your hair when you are very close. Absolutely brother! May I ask who in this world does not like the smell of fragrance? 7. Don’t focus on the other person when you are in love. Boys will feel a sense of suffocation, so give him space. privacy. We must also truly respect ourselves. Don’t probe the other party’s cell phone, reveal the old bottom. A man who truly loves you will abide by the bottom line even if you don’t check him, and a man who doesn’t love you will do nothing if you check again, and you don’t know how many little tricks you do secretly. The tube is out of control. You can only improve yourself and stay attractive to him. This is the top priority. The experience I learned from growing up in the love room is: The less you know, the better. The important thing is that two people are happy right now. Curiosity killed the cat. There is one more thing I have said in a quarrel. Don’t go over the old accounts. It feels particularly annoying. Yes, I feel very annoying as a girl. 8. Drink plenty of water if you have time, and quit carbonated milk tea drinks. I also highly recommend that you quit sugar and refined carbon and start eating a fat-reducing meal. It would be better if you can keep exercising. Not only does it affect your figure, you will also develop more good habits because of this healthy life attitude. For example, I have acne-prone skin, but after a long time in this state, it will not develop acne. 9. Please be beautiful, both externally and internally. To be honest, my makeup is not for others. But to yourself. When you are with a male god, make-up is to restrain yourself from speaking impolite, and try to be as ladylike as possible. I put on makeup in class to remind myself that I can’t be called silly X because of my face. Maintain concentration and an attitude of serious study. Usually makeup is to keep one’s inner beauty as much as possible. Although sometimes a birdcage effect is caused by a face with makeup, causing others to think that I should be perfect. But generally speaking, no one wants to understand the heart of a pig. Girls should develop morally, intellectually, physically and beautifully. 10. Don’t ask P, it’s too boring friends. Even if you find someone by your side or acquaintance to maintain the relationship between long-term friends and under-love, it is much better than the people you know on virtual social software. Think about what the purpose of playing with those people is. In addition to dating you, they will also date a lot. Are you afraid of getting sick? Even if you make appointments, you must remember to wear TT. Must wear. Don’t get sick. You must cherish your body. 11. Drink a glass of self-squeezed fire dragon juice every day for laxatives. It will make the body feel very comfortable. Babies in the dormitory can buy the Xiong 79 juicer, and the low-power dormitory can also be used. It’s especially small and easy to put up. 12. Don’t scream when mklove, boys will feel embarrassed. Just speak naturally when you feel comfortable, please tell the other person if you feel uncomfortable. This is to achieve the pleasure of both parties, not to make him have unilateral pleasure. If a boy only cares about himself, he never cares about whether you are comfortable or not, let him go. another. Boys who like you even put their hands under your head when mklove is afraid of you being knocked. When you meet a gentle gentleman who knows how to take care of your boy, you should be most grateful to his predecessors. 13. Don’t ask about his past when you are in love, just say what he wants. Don’t ask if you don’t mention it, don’t think about having a good relationship with the other person’s friends, let them tell you things like your partner cheating. Please, they are brothers, are you friends? Will your girlfriend tell you how many boyfriends you have? Certainly not. So neither will my friends. Many times we are double standard dogs, especially when some unthinkable things happen to our friends. 14. You must have hobbies and specialties that you can understand, and you must have a career no matter how big or small your career is. A girl who is rational and chasing her own dreams is full of golden light. If you don’t believe that you are in contact with the people around you, see if they have firm eyes and light in their eyes. 15. People who are not short of love are more likely to get love, and those who are not short of money are more likely to get money. Intentionally planting flowers but not blooming, unintentionally planting willows and willows make a shade. The more you demand everything in this world, the less you can get it. The less you care about a thing, it just wants to come to you. 16. When you are wondering why you have no object, please feel your conscience and ask yourself. If you are a boy, would you like yourself now? I used to hate myself when I had no goals and was full of confusion. I hated it or hated it. When I think about it, I feel nauseous. And now it won’t be anymore. Think about it, if you don’t love yourself, who will love you? The first step for others to love you requires you to love yourself. 17. Always have a grateful and humble heart. Because I am a girl, the uncle who delivers the bottled water will help me put the water on the drinking fountain every time. People will help me with my luggage when I go out by car. Grocery boys would take the initiative to help me. They wouldn’t let me lift heavy items at school. They would help drive the door when I was in a taxi or on a date. There are many more aspects, just because I am a girl. It has nothing to do with looks. So if you can, understand your boyfriend and the boys around you more. They could have not maintained a gentleman’s demeanor, for nothing else, just because they felt that they were a boy, and they were born to take responsibility and take care of girls. If a problem occurs, communicate well and protect the little boy in your boyfriend’s mind. Don’t be cold and violent, don’t be verbal violence. They will also be sad and sad. I also hope that I can nestle in your arms and lick the wound quietly. They are also very fragile. I hope this world will have more understanding and tolerance for boys. One less oppression and responsibility. 18. What kind of person you are, what is the world in your eyes. For example, if you have a Dior lipstick, you will find that so many people use Dior. After wearing the coconut, I found that the streets were everywhere. When you are well-intentioned, you find that the people you come into contact with are good people. When you see no one pleasing to your eyes every day, the world is full of malice towards you. In fact, this world has never changed, it has always been the same. It’s just because your mood is changing all the time, and the places you notice are often different. The first step to change the world should be to change your own mind. People have a magnetic field. What kind of magnetic field you have will attract people with what kind of magnetic field. A scum girl will never trust her boyfriend to be serious, because she feels that others must be as irresponsible for feelings as she is. How can such a person feel safe? A normal girl still feels love in the world no matter what she encounters, and trusts each other because she is responsible for her feelings. Three views are normal.

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The sense of security is given by oneself and taken from within. Not relying on external sources. Because of your beauty, you have proud capital. Because your business and economic thinking are independent, you are not afraid of anyone leaving. Because your comprehensive level is high, your circle is of good quality. Because you have goals to move toward your ideals, the momentary gains and losses are not embarrassing to you. If you feel that security is to find a reliable man, then please stop this idea early. No one can be trusted in this world, but you will not betray yourself. Please remember this business thinking: “There are no eternal enemies, only eternal benefits.” You are in your youth and do not need to buy expensive clothes. Please learn how to have a healthy life attitude as soon as possible. Maintain a healthy and beautiful figure. Make clothes your accessory. You control everything instead of letting clothes wear you. You don’t need to wear a brand, you are your own brand. Be confident and don’t be cowardly. Don’t be inferior, there is nothing worthy of inferiority. Everyone in this world cares more about themselves, and few people really care about you. Show yourself boldly, express yourself boldly. Underwear must be changed and washed once a day, and underwear is 3-5 days. As a girl. Be sure to fall in love with being clean and keep it tidy. A clean and hygienic environment can really bring you a different spiritual enjoyment. If you don’t love art, you should listen to piano music and symphony occasionally. Take time to see the painting exhibition. Improve your own aesthetics and taste. These are the sentiments of life, they will be engraved in your bones. I encourage you to love more, of course in moderation. You can only find out what type of person you like and what type of person you really like only after you have been in love a few times before marriage. Don’t wait until after marriage to regret it. How can you know what a true fit is without talking about two romantic relationships? Which guys really love you and are willing to pay for you to be good to you? These are not based on what others say, but you need to have your own personal feelings to draw conclusions and experiences. Stop preaching about inner beauty. I admit that connotation is very important. But you have to be clear about one problem first. If a woman is like a composition, no matter how well the content is written, no matter how high the score is. But the font is crooked and looks ugly and incomprehensible. Who do you think would calm down and pay attention to the content? This era is what I call the “fast-food” era. Everyone is very busy and time is precious. Improving one’s appearance is to save both parties’ time and cost on the side. When I was very young, my godmother mentioned a point to me, “A woman’s life is like a book. We cannot extend the size of the book and control how many years we can live. But we can always keep improving. Read by yourself, learn to enrich your life and complete your career to increase the thickness of your books. “Don’t be too concerned about whether your friends have new friends, and don’t ask your friends or girlfriends to have extravagant expectations. For us, friends are the existence of experiencing our own gentleman feelings. Can’t a woman be a gentleman? No matter how the times change, we can also have self-consciousness and abiding by the bottom line. In ancient times, why was there a woman thief who was called a woman thief? Society is the world, no matter what kind of misfortune it encounters. We can still maintain our courage and tenderness despite the hardships of the world. “Fate always spoils the warrior” destiny always favors the warrior (the strong) to protect their chronic consumption organs, such as the heart, lungs, eyes and spine. Learn to practice yoga. Learn to live a healthy life. Work regularly and eat lightly. Don’t ever test human nature, don’t have dependence and habits on anyone and anything. Reduce consumer spending to purchase assets. Two daily colors of lipstick are enough, and the clothes are enough to wear. Learn to save money and not spend blindly. Invest money where it should be invested, such as upgrading your skills or expanding your knowledge system. Or real estate. Enough deposits can bring you a strong sense of security, and your academic qualifications and skills will bring you a steady stream of sustainable income. Recognize that there is no so-called good or bad, only fit is the most important thing.

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1. When dealing with boys and being able to take the initiative, you are already more than 80% of girls; if you can tolerate the principles, it is definitely the existence of top5%. 2. Green tea, Shuangbiao, and Our Lady can be encountered at any time. If you meet in advance, you should feel happy. After all, you have to suffer as soon as possible. You will know how to deal with such people in the future. 3. A kind and generous person is always disadvantaged in social competition, because she can attract like-minded people to cooperate. Think of this as a habit. For example, if you spend 1 second like me, you will receive my kindness, and the system will recommend more good answers for you. 4. Be cautious in participating in late-night social activities.
5. Your friend and her boyfriend are talking on the phone, and the boy is full of jokes, don’t be surprised at this time. You can cough lightly to let the boy feel the radio of the phone, and he will converge.
6. If you feel that you are not working hard enough, it may not be your fault, but the wrong direction. You can stop to solve the confusion problem and find the love of a lifetime.
7. Save your time to scan Moments + Lay on bed + Vibrato, you will find at least 2 hours extra every day.

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1. If you want to make yourself more comfortable, smart girls will put a small bench next to the toilet~ The posture is right, and it will be smoother, and there is no trouble that can’t be pulled out at all. 2. Kissing can increase a person’s immunity, especially tongue kisses. It can exercise facial muscles and have a beautifying effect. 3. Blue will reduce appetite. Fairies who lose weight can make food blue, or look more at blue. Replace tableware, tablecloths and even wallpaper with blue ones. 4. Don’t get married rashly because of parents’ needs and urging. 5. The chain buckle of the hotel room door must be buckled, don’t be too troublesome. In fact, the built-in lock on the door is really useless, don’t be lazy. (The hotel will have a spare key) 6. The chest is basically not big enough to be touched, don’t touch it! The size of the chest is mainly determined by estrogen. During puberty, massage of the opposite sex can indeed stimulate the secretion of estrogen. But note that the premise is puberty! There is still need to persist! 7. Buy Coke and insist on wearing T. Wearing T can not only prevent contraception, but also prevent the spread of diseases. Girls, no matter how good the boy’s mouth is, let him roll as far as he can if he doesn’t wear a T! 8. When you are okay, try to double-tap the screen to relieve finger fatigue. 9. Drink a few mouthfuls of soup before eating. Drinking soup before meals is conducive to the digestion and absorption of food, and it also enhances the feeling of fullness. 10. Non-menstrual pads can cause gynecological diseases. It is recommended that the cushions you use are soft and soft, and the air permeability will be better. Here is another little Tips: The replacement time of menstrual pads cannot exceed 4 hours. 11. Eat less greasy and spicy food. Such as hot pot and fried chicken will make your skin worse! ! 12. Make-up brushes should be cleaned regularly, because they are especially easy to absorb dirty things. If they are not clean, they will come into contact with our faces every day. It is recommended that you clean it once every 3-4 days! 13. After washing your hair, don’t rub it with a towel, your hair is very fragile. It’s weird if your hair doesn’t split ends or falls out. The correct method should be to press with a dry towel to absorb part of the water, and then dry it with a hair dryer. 14. Babies with less hair and high hairline can try hair tonic! First of all, no wide! Pure sharing! At the beginning of the year, the doctors of Peking Union Medical College Hospital prescribed Shuyou hair tonic. I tried to use it for more than a month. The effect really surprised me, and it was not irritating at all! Although there were a lot of hair before, but I don’t know when the hairline began to move back, and the hairline in the middle is getting bigger and bigger… (2021.3.6) After using this Shuyou hair care lotion for a month, it is obvious to me. I saw that the small hairs on both sides of the original baldness became thicker and thicker (2021.4.20). I specifically checked the ingredients. It contains a dozen precious Chinese herbal medicine natural extracts such as Polygonum multiflorum and ginseng, which are all for the scalp. A very good nutrient without any stimulating hormones, it is much more soothing than minoxidil tincture~ and it is lightly refreshing without oily hair at all. Only 80 yuan is really worth a try! You can also drink more black sesame powder and use anti-hair loss shampoos. These are super effective! ! 15. Don’t squeeze blackheads, squeeze blackheads for a while, the damage caused is indeed permanent. If you don’t want to become a strawberry nose, you must hold back. 16. Don’t wash your face alternately with hot and cold water when washing your face. This will really not shrink your pores. On the contrary, your skin will be irritated and your skin will become more and more sensitive. 17. It is best to try the newly bought skin care products on your hands for a day or two to make sure that there are no adverse reactions such as allergies or irritation, and then use them on your face. (Especially the little fairies with sensitive skin~) 18. Sisters with large pores, you must try a wet compress and brush sour! Reducing pores is a real cow! ! My skin is sensitive, and the pores are quite obvious, so when I start to brush the pores, I will choose a gentle type to give my sisters a strong and strong application of this mildest lactobionic essence on the market! I was planted by a skin care blogger, and I can see that the pores are visibly smaller in one month! ! It does not contain any hormones, there is no uncomfortable feeling on the face, and it will not be red and itchy like other products after use. This essence focuses on the mildest third-generation lactobionic acid, and also contains oligopeptides. And a variety of patented ingredients ~ I use it for wet compresses, about 15 minutes each time. During this period of time, the face was very smooth and now I can’t find the pores with a magnifying glass, hahaha! Sisters with large pores and blackheads must try it. The price of a hundred or so can be used for blind entry! 19. The back kick is 100 times on the left and right sides, and the hip shape is very good-looking. You can kick while brushing your teeth, and remember to stretch your hips and leg muscles when you’re done. At that time, I persisted for more than 2 months, and finally got rid of the flatness.

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Many people tell you how to protect yourself, how to avoid injury, and how to become good, but few people teach you how to attract (gou) attract (yin) men you value~ because our love education is really lacking, but this Problem Many girls don’t realize that many older single young women spend more than 20 years of their lives on studying until they reach the age when they are forced to marry by their parents, and then spend seven or eight years on work, but they are looking for life. How long did you spend on your partner? But love and marriage are very important to a woman, at least as much as academic career. If you think what I said makes sense, take a look at the following 133 experience suggestions. The following is a hard-core dry goods time. 1. If you want to have a good mentality, you must admit and accept a fact from the bottom of your heart: not appreciated or not. Being liked is actually a very normal thing. Even if the other person doesn’t like you, you must recognize yourself. 2. When we are chasing boys, we have to report a mentality of rewarding him. I think you have been single for many years, with pity in my heart, I want to tease you, let you also feel the joy of love. I guess you will be lonely and bored at night by yourself, so send a message to make you happy; I think you haven’t dated a girl for a long time, so I will take time to have a meal with you and let you feel the warmth. how? You don’t know good or bad? That’s a pity, I can only give this kind of benefits to others. 3. The reason for the failure of many girls to seduce a man is not that she is not good enough, but that she did not let the other party understand her at all, did not fully demonstrate her charm and advantages, and may be unfamiliar with you in the eyes of boys, so how can she like it So the first step is to get acquainted with boys. 4. The probability of being cool for more than 3 months is particularly high, because this man has become accustomed to enjoying your body without being responsible, flirting, flirting, caring and nervous, which is equivalent to what I have already given for free After eating this meal, why should I come back and pay? 5. Some little fairies will more or less have a sacrificial mentality when chasing boys, similar to “I have pulled down my face and took the initiative to speak to you” … Don’t have such a sacrificial mentality, but should have a sacrificial mentality. The mentality of taking advantage “I actually ate with such a charming boy, I feel that the girls on the road can be jealous of me” “I actually made such a handsome boy blush. Oh, I’m awesome.” 6. Weaken the fact that you like him. Don’t always think that you like him. You should treat him as someone who has a good impression, not bad, and you want to make friends. You can think about his bad parts, think about his inferior place to you, he is also an ordinary person, so that you can temporarily weaken your strong feeling of liking him, and your performance will be much better. 7. Be patient and have the ability to resist blows. Even if he suddenly has a girlfriend, you don’t have to immediately block him and delete it. It’s not guaranteed that it will be divided within a month, and then come to you again. Well~~ You didn’t just stare at him if you didn’t do anything all day. You have to make yourself feel that chasing him is just something you take with you. 7. Fools, most of them can be done within a month, but some girls only take the initiative to find a boy to say a word within a month, and have never even dated, dear, this is not a chase. You have to communicate with him at least a few times, and date him once or twice before you can count as spurning him, right? 8. You have to take the initiative in your own hands. You should treat him as a tool person. I am in a good mood today, mother, I will send you a message. If you are in a bad mood, just stay there. You must have this This kind of mentality, you don’t care about his response, don’t let your emotions be influenced by him. 9. Make an assessment of one’s own strength before flirting, whether it belongs to the high-value party that makes people fall in love at first sight or the high-emotional intelligence party that can give people emotional value. If it is the former, rush boldly, be careful not to step on the pit, and occasionally show your inner self. Don’t make people think that you are a vase. If it’s the latter, don’t rush to date the face base, chat online first, let him fall in love with your fun. 10. Laughter is not to please. Many girls thoroughly study the various preferences of boys and can make boys happy, but boys just don’t like you. This is because you only care about making him happy and forget about it. Demonstrating your own charm, in fact, in the process of flirting with a man, it is more important than making him happy to make him worry about you, jealous, and not thinking about it. 11. Clarify your role positioning. This is called a sense of proportion. Before the relationship is established, you can be regarded as an ordinary friend of others. If you do not reply to you, if you are sick, you don’t care about you. Is it normal? Where is your angry point? 12. Even if you are introverted and meet someone you like, you must dare to greet him. Remember, you must be generous! confidence! smile! ! Don’t be timid! ! You have to know that many girls only dare to chat with boys awkwardly on the Internet, and dare not say hello. You will definitely add points for doing so! 13. Self-confidence is the most powerful weapon of a flirting man. Self-confidence will paralyze the opponent’s judgment of your strength. Your overall condition is a five-point girl. If you are very confident, if he does not know you yet, he at least You will feel that you are a 6-point girl; in addition, if you are inferior and fearful, boys will have a lot of psychological pressure; if you are confident and look like no one can hurt you, the male god will also get along with you Take it easy. 14. The previous article mentioned that you need to be confident, but it doesn’t mean you have to feel that you have to catch up. You have to lower your expectations for the results. It’s good to catch up, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t catch up. Why don’t you get this charm Can’t you survive with people’s approval? Failed to chase the boy, it seems that you will not lose anything, are you still you? 15. Knowing yourself and the enemy can win all battles. You can’t always like the quiet and calm type. You can show your silly and funny side everywhere. In terms of personality, people tend to like complements, so if he talks less, you better talk more. He likes to be consistent with himself in style, he is a sports and leisure style, you can’t be noble and glamorous, right? 16. If you want to provoke a male god, but you are very ordinary, don’t think about letting him fall in love with you at first sight, you can only attack your heart! Heart attack! Understand? Transformed into a confidant big sister, talk to him, help him solve problems! ! Don’t expose your purpose, and don’t be too timid, you just want to be friends with him, OK? ! Lay a good relationship foundation and meet again! ! He may be pleasing to your eyes! ! Only with the right time and place can you defeat the goddesses! ! 17. If your favorite male god is very cold, don’t be scared by his appearance. In my experience, the more abstinent boys are, the more boring they are inside. Such boys are usually better than warm boys, because many girls are caught by him. The appearance of indifference was repelled. There are only three keywords for this kind of boy: thick-skinned! It’s normal not to reply to messages occasionally, and it’s normal to ask him not to refuse once or twice! 18. Regarding the question of how active you are, my experience is that you have to learn to make up the rhythm. What does it mean? For an interaction, you can first imagine a panorama. This is what this interaction should look like smoothly and beautifully. This is the complete rhythm. Then, you don’t need to repeat the parts that the boys did. You can make up the parts that the boys didn’t do. 19. Remember these pits that you can’t step on: Don’t overwhelm negative energy, don’t cover up bluntly, don’t always trouble him to do things, don’t kidnap morally, don’t sell tragic sympathy, don’t confess, don’t pull black at every turn, don’t dedicate yourself prematurely ……20. The fastest way to make a boy feel good about you is to make him realize that you may be interesting to him, but you don’t know it clearly. It’s similar to tickling, giving him sweetness from time to time, and occasionally doing it again. Some behaviors make him feel that he thinks too much, and he will fall in love with you in repeated struggles. 21. One nirvana is to make him feel mood swings, which is similar to the feeling of one second of heaven and one second of hell. For example, you have an appointment with a boy for dinner, but you suddenly feel uncomfortable when the time is approaching, so you give it to him I sent a text message saying, “I’m not going anymore. Just when he was emotionally down, you suddenly felt that if you didn’t go, you would be blinded by such a beautiful makeup today, so I sent him another message saying: I’ll go, I want to see you.” . 22. The creation of the personality in the circle of friends is the highlight, what kind of personality? What kind of girl he likes, you can set up any person! For example, if he likes girls with literary and artistic temperament, you can delete the jokes, complaints, and funny selfies posted by your friends and replace them with light music, painted oil paintings, and photography. The circle of friends should be well packaged. It is best to use social photos + work and study experience + humorous jokes + life perception + talent display, all of which are indispensable. 23. Don’t be cautious about chatting, don’t let go! ! ! Don’t be afraid to say the wrong thing, don’t study every punctuation mark, don’t be too polite and polite, you are in a relationship, not reporting to your superiors. It’s like thank you, can you use it less often, it will make people feel a sense of distance. 24. Don’t speak too blatantly or straightforwardly, like “Do you miss me?” “Handsome guy, can you come to my bowl”… Unless you want to be blacked out by the other party, what stage and what you do is important! 25. Don’t spit out every day, overwhelming negative energy, don’t write a diary every day and tell him what happens to you every day, he is not your fan either! Chat don’t always start with “I xxx” but with “You xxx” 26. Reject nonsense, like “Good morning, are you there? What are you doing? Are you sleeping?” Don’t say, you are Chatting with him, not just a greeting? Do you understand the difference between chat and greetings? 27. There is no uniform rule for chat frequency. It depends on feedback from the other party and then adjust it. And don’t let him touch your frequency, you can’t let him guess “this girl wants to talk to me today”? Like an alarm clock, can you surprise him? ? You have to let him figure out what you think, and let him guess. 28. You should make good use of your “eyes” and “body”. The best way to make a guy notice you is to [stare at him], don’t look away, and be confident. If he finds you are looking at him, give him a meaningful smile and make sure he can’t sleep that night. 29. When you are more familiar with it, learn to use body language to create ambiguity, (pull the corners of your clothes, lightly tap with your fingers, squeeze more hand cream on his hands, ask him to help him hold the phone to the phone camera to make up the lipstick , Grab his hand to adjust the position, tie the shoelace to let him help take the milk tea, and take the opportunity to touch his hand when taking it back) 30. When shopping together, I saw the milk tea shop to buy a cup first, pretending to tie his hair or tie his shoelaces , Let him help you hold the milk tea for a while, and then directly use your hand to hold his hand holding the milk tea, stretch your head over and take a sip! (This not only has physical contact, but it also becomes that he is feeding you drinking milk tea, Let him speed up his heartbeat to you, and be sure.) 31. The date is over, and he is going home. If you beckon him to come over, he will be stupid, huh? At this time, he will be stunned. I used to pretend to be going to kiss his face, and then immediately flashed to his ear and said, “Thank you for making me spend a nice evening. After you finish speaking, hurry away, or you won’t be able to leave…this set of actions It will make the boys feel particularly unwilling, and they will definitely make him tickled. You can use the way of betting with boys to ask him to ask you. For example, when you are playing games together, you can tell him: “If you win this round, how are you going to reward you? Me, do you invite me to drink milk tea or to watch a movie? “Remember, you must give him two options instead of asking directly how to reward. The dull boy will be at a loss. You can say something to stimulate him and guide the boy to ask you to “talk with you for so long, but I haven’t seen it.” When you are a real person, will you be an artificial intelligence robot? “Our normal communication is from friends-good friends-favorites-ambiguities-couples. If you cross the previous steps with this person and you have been ambiguous within a few days of meeting, then the baby is unfortunate to tell you that the probability is It’s cool, because the sign of someone who really wants to enter into a long-term relationship with you is that they will take time to understand you and get along with you in the early stage, instead of coming up and just like Barabalado. If you are in the friend phase, you will step by step to give this Men are under a lot of pressure, then I believe that your relationship is basically difficult to advance. Even if you are uncomfortable as friends, then men will naturally think that dating you is even more disaster. Similarly, if you are already in the ambiguous period Let the other party enjoy the boyfriend’s treatment prematurely, he will naturally not want to promote the relationship, this is the same as receiving the rewards in the game, I don’t have to go through the system to give me the rewards, why do I need it? Go through five levels and kill six generals. Don’t be afraid that others will guess what you are thinking. You think you’re adding to someone’s friends for no reason, find all kinds of excuses (similar to a question, ask the clothes link, ask the other person for help) to approach each other and chat When you come up with a punctuation mark, you will try to figure out every punctuation mark, reply to the other party’s news in seconds, and even stare at others in class~ Can he not know your careful thoughts? That means you have to tell him that you like him when you come up. Isn’t it? Of course not? How do you want the other party to respond to your sudden confession? Directly agree to you? So is your relationship foundation in place? Tell you that you can start slowly from your friends, and you will definitely not be labeled as a scumbag. Refuse you directly? The next step is to block you.

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Don’t always remember that you are a girl. Don’t stick to any definition of identity, and don’t draw conclusions to yourself early. You are not tall, short, fat, thin, beautiful, ugly, inferior, conceited, excellent mediocre woman. You are yourself, an independent individual on this planet, and you can do everything you want. If you like money, you will work hard to earn money. If you like someone, you will try to improve yourself to be worthy of him. If you can’t carry luggage, you can carry it several times. If you’re tired, find a soft bed and sleep comfortably. If you cry, you will cry loudly. , Laugh out loud, live as you like. I have seen too many people who have been framed by various restrictions set by society, others, or myself, and they have died. We came to the world for a trip, not to live as if we should be. Don’t tell ourselves the ending of the story lightly. The most beautiful girl I can think of, she has no specific appearance. She can get up at seven o’clock in the morning intelligently, and go to work with high heels full of energy. You can wear gold-rimmed glasses and hold a few books by the library window while reviewing and sunbathing. You can also tan your skin into a chocolate color and surf in the clear water with a smile. She looks like herself, with bold eyes and sharp teeth, but she is still kind and genuine. She is free, inconclusive, and grows savagely. She is all possibilities.

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