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Among the four of them, Raj’s IQ is second only to the ears. This has been reminded many times in the play. The ears themselves seem to recognize Raj’s academics. Once the ear wanted to bribe Raj and Wah Tsai, on the mug that he gave them, Raj’s one was printed with “the best astrophysicist in the world” and said that this was his truth. At that time, it could be seen from his expression that he was really telling the truth. And Raj can also keep up with the ears. The extremely rappy and brain-burning upgraded version of rock-paper-scissors invented by the ear, Raj only listened to it and understood it. If this is not convincing enough, let me say one more thing: when the ear explained the timeline of “Back to the Future”, Huazi was obviously confused, and Leonard was not commenting, but his attention was obviously on the tense of the ear. Only Raj followed immediately. Most of the ears mocking Raj are related to Raj’s early language barriers to women, and there is basically no attack on academics. Only once, the ears were beaten to perfection by a North Korean teenager. He gave up his academics and wandered around. Standing behind Raj for ten minutes, he compiled a software that could replace Raj. This may be because Raj’s work is mainly based on long-term observation and calculations, lacks thinking innovation, and is more likely to be replaced by artificial intelligence. Raj won the honor of “30 Outstanding Talents Under 30” (probably this meaning) selected by “People” magazine. His mentality drifted into outer space, and even threatened Laida’s weakness. The blond and fat girl next door, but their reaction was also It just showed impatience for Raj’s constant flaunting achievements, not attacking his academics. This shows that friends, including ears, are only dissatisfied with Raj’s mentality, not professional fields. Raj’s only professional crisis was also caused by his long-term paddling and fishing. In the end, the ears helped him stay at Caltech. Based on the mental state of the ear at the time, if Raj was not considered academically acceptable, he might not have come forward to help. You must know that at that time, the ears were just living in their own world, extremely arrogant and selfish personalities, not because of Amy’s training, routines, and influences that gradually grew into empathic personalities. In the long-term struggle with the ears, Raj also seldom lost the wind. In the shared office incident, despite being bombarded by flammable materials, I still saved the “large and unfriended” desk; also in this episode, relying on the natural fetters of Indians and snakes, the ears who were expecting revenge were instantly collapse. It was also mentioned in the comment area that the two discussed academics, stubbornly thinking that they were right, but in the end they had to go to the door to admit their mistakes (although they were still stiff. The strongest one was when Raj and Hua Zi flicked their ears to go on a blind date. They were ignored by the ears. Hua Zi tried many times to no avail to ask Raj for help. Raj immediately thought of using dirty rooftop socks to threaten his ears and succeeded. He may not really take the dirty socks into the apartment and hide them (Although Raj is not up to the perverted level of cleanliness of his ears, he will never touch dirty socks of that level, otherwise people in New Delhi will not think him. It’s GAY). This not only reflects Raj’s ability, but also plays a decisive role in the subsequent plot. The appearance of Amy had a great impact on the person in the ear and even on the whole show. Digress. Here is a detail. On the rooftop, after Hua Tsai finished handling one dirty sock, Ear told Raj to pay attention to the other one. This may be the reason why Raj threatened success later. Screenwriter Niu, why not let TBBT’s screenwriter take on the second three seasons of “Game of Thrones”, hey… Raj’s apartment was occupied by Laidda and Puglia, so he came to partner with Ear. In just a few days, he gained the approval of extremely turbulent ears. This is the goal that Laida has pursued all his life. As we all know, Laida has been seeking approval, fucking approval (not swearing), ear approval… digress.


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7 months ago

This question has to be answered in three ways: 1. Does Sheldon think Howard’s level is not good? No, the play clearly shows that Sheldon doesn’t think Howard’s level is not good. Sheldon thinks he is doing very well in his field. But-“I don’t think your job is meaningful.” Shelton felt that the job of an engineer was not worthy of praise. In addition, Sheldon’s unkindness to Howard was actually an attack on each other. According to their memories, Howard did a variety of behaviors on Sheldon, including but not limited to subscribing to erotic magazines, changing PPT, and playing nicknames. So Sheldon really didn’t like him, mocking common things. 2. Sheldon really thinks that Leonard is not good enough. Leonard is his best friend, but this is only limited to the emotional level. On the scientific research level, Leonard’s status as an experimental physicist belongs to the bottom of the contempt chain in the TBBT world. Whenever I talked about Leonard’s career, Sheldon felt that it was the task of a freshman at MIT. Occasionally Leonard came up with a good idea. Sheldon said, “I thought I didn’t have the opportunity to use this thing.” He posted a little red flower, that really didn’t take Leonard’s level seriously. Therefore, Sheldon said more than once that he changed careers. Compared with Howard’s pointlessness, Leonard simply chose the wrong career for Sheldon. 3. Why is Sheldon tolerant to Raj? Let’s set a tone first. Sheldon didn’t set Raj to the same level as himself. This was obvious from the time they visited strange mathematicians. Shelton didn’t think they were three. He is as wise and insightful as himself. Of course, the three of them also said when Shelton was drunk: Even if he is drunk, he is smarter than the three of us combined. So first of all, Raj made Sheldon admit his mistake in the academic field. When they were in the same office, to solve a theoretical problem, they both used aspirin. Finally, Raj solved the problem and Sheldon was unable to solve the problem for a long time. Do not visit. Sheldon’s most obvious attitude towards people who are academically stronger than himself is to be dumb, so this kind of politeness is to a certain extent his own stress response. In addition, Raj himself is aggressive, he is very soft to others, but when he comes to Sheldon, he really doesn’t reach his goal. It doesn’t matter whether he is robbing the office or naming the asteroid, Sheldon hardly takes it from him. Wool was successful, and the two had to treat each other with courtesy, and they were even recognized when they were roommates with ears. In the end, Raj really could keep up with Sheldon’s thoughts. If the four people discuss the issue under Sheldon’s leadership, Raj will basically not lose the chain, and Sheldon has nothing to attack him.

7 months ago

In fact, the screenwriter is considering the balance of all aspects. First, as a person of color, Raj has already contracted most of the jokes related to regional/ethnic stereotypes, such as accent, India’s dirty, messy, etc., and letting Sheldon attack his academic level is a bit too much. mean. Second, as mentioned above, Raj is actually mocked a lot, but most of the time it is Howard’s role as a mocker, because he and the two are best friends and have a lot of contacts. Then Howard’s mocking style is not an academic attack. There are fewer academic attacks. In the show, Sheldon usually only mocks his closest friends (such as Leonard, Penny) or those who have old grudges (such as Howard, Bert). Third, the screenwriter is reluctant to spend more time on the character of Raj. Undoubtedly, Sheldon is a big star of TBBT. He mocks whoever laughs is basically there, and the content of mockery will become the label of this character. Tbbt is only 20 minutes in one episode, and it is impossible for the ears to laugh at it every time. Leonard and Howard are mocked the most, and their relative presence is much stronger than Raj. If you think according to Sheldon’s own logic, first, Sheldon seems to have a bit of fear for Asians. When he was a child, he was hurt by his Vietnamese brother Tan, and his IQ was abused by North Korean geniuses… Second, Raj did it. Astrophysics, Ph.D. (This point has already crushed Howard in Sheldon’s eyes). Although I am not very clear about the specific research of astrophysics, it is not like a geologist or biology to study the universe from a literal point of view. Home is so “low” and unlike an experimental physicist like Leonard, Raj’s work should still be based on his own findings. So among these people, Raj is more recognized by ears…

7 months ago

Sheldon seems to only like to laugh at Howard, master + engineer (hands-on) + MIT, despise the bottom end of the chain (not me in the TBBT worldview). Leonard is probably because their fields are more similar, one theoretical physics and one experimental physics, and TBBT despises the chain that theoretical physics is greater than experimental physics. Sheldon occasionally likes to complain about Leonard. Sheldon has always agreed with Raj’s IQ, and there are many connections between celestial bodies and physics. At least in Sheldon’s discipline, the chain of contempt is relatively high. As for the other Ph.D. players Amy and Bernadette, Sheldon didn’t mock them much. Bernadette was very happy for her with the ear of the PhD episode, and everyone also damaged Howard (really despise the bottom of the chain haha) and respected Amy’s research.

7 months ago

Probably a simple but never correct discipline despise chain: Theoretical Physics>Astrophysics>Experimental Physics>Mechanical Engineering When Shelton taught Penny the basics of physics, she said that the origin of physics is from ancient times. Beginning with the observation of the starry sky by thinkers, and due to the limited technical support, astrophysics also mainly depends on theoretical calculations. Therefore, from a modern point of view, astrophysics is second only to theoretical physics in depth of discipline. Then, experimental physics is a subsidiary discipline of theoretical physics, which is used to verify theoretical physics theories, similar to a “servant”; and finally , The engineer just completed the equipment construction based on the experiment designed by experimental physics, which is similar to building blocks, so “a theoretical physicist should be able to do it, it doesn’t make much sense.” (And there is indeed one episode of when the two argued, Sheldon was clearly proficient in engineering theory.)

7 months ago

Because Raj is the smartest besides ears. I remember many times in the play that Raj has a good brain power. For example, Leonard said that he has the best memory except ears. Raj is the only one who can keep up when the ear talks about the setting of a traversal of the past and the future. And I think the moment when the ears really start to look at Raj is when Raj corrected his fault in the field of ears. It happened in the episode where the ears recruited Raj to work for himself. Hua Zi also made mistakes for his ears, but that was in the field of engineering. He was not familiar with ears, so he was not so careful. But Raj discovered his problem in a field he thought he knew well, which made his ears feel that he couldn’t be underestimated. There is another point about Raj’s character academically, he is very low-key when he is not recruited. Corresponding to Leslie, she also missed her ears, and liked to taunt him if she had nothing to do. The ears are a giant baby character, so I have to respond to her if he sprays hard. But Raj will not. However, if Raj is recruited, the consequences will be very serious. When the ears and Raj are smashed, Raj will accompany him to grind them until the end, so that the ears can’t be taken advantage of. On the other hand, Leonard and Hua Tsai would hand in their guns when they were caught by their ears. This kind of character makes the ears respect Raj academically. As for why the screenwriter arranges Raj to have the second highest intelligence on the team, I think we still have to add some advantages to him. Otherwise, Raj’s people dare not talk to women, sissy, spoiled, etc. It would be unfair to this role if he is not given a positive characteristic. His personality was not put on him at the beginning of the series, but was gradually hinted and strengthened with the development of the plot.

7 months ago

There are three reasons. One is that Raj’s IQ is indeed high. In one episode of the question of going back in time, only Raj has kept up with Sheldon’s rhythm. The other is that Raj’s family is happy and prosperous and doesn’t care about being mocked. On the contrary, both Leonard and Howard’s family have problems, so they attach great importance to scientific research achievements, which is particularly pleasant to hit. The last one is the setting reason. Among the four people, if Shelton taunts three people alone, it is not suitable for the plot to unfold normally if Shelton falls to either side. It is enough to mock two.

7 months ago

Relatively less, but there are. For example, when Raj had to take medicine to overcome language barriers, he said that the medicine might affect his intelligence and academic level, and his ears said, “Judging from my years of experience with you, you can eat these like jelly beans. Medicine.” (Insinuation that Raj has no academic level) I think that Raj is ridiculed less, because Leonard is the best friend of the ears, and Howard is the only master among the people, so most of the time the ears complain All of the artillery fire was aimed at Howard. Therefore, Raj’s presence is relatively low.

7 months ago

Because Raj is a really strong presence in the play. Not only academics, Raj is the top of the four in animation, fashion, fashion, and emotions. In academic terms, Raj’s basic level is second only to ears, and is better than the other two in professional level. If it were not for the later stage, Raj’s achievements may be the most powerful of the four. After all, 30/30. And just like the other answers, Raj can keep up with all kinds of fanciful thoughts in his ears, and he won’t lose sight of working together. As an outsider who grew up outside of the United States, Raj’s opinion on animation is not weaker than that of the other three. With good finances, Raj can also afford many useless but expensive peripherals. For example, Green Lantern’s lamp, Hulk’s full set. Popularity, fashion, emotion, setting aside not dare to talk to girls and low self-esteem, Raj is higher than normal people, let alone compare with the other three. And in tbbt, Raj is actually the one with an overwhelming number of sex and gf. In addition to the screenwriting settings, the ears are actually very difficult to beat Raj, and the ears of Raj actually focus more on the cultural background, ethnic characteristics, and Raj’s swing in Indian and American culture. For example, the cow is holy and delicious, the younger sister wants to listen to the older brother, and so on. From a purely personal level, Raj and the ears are not left behind.

7 months ago

No one answered the point. In fact, the reason why the ears really mocked Howard was because Howard always teased his ears. In one episode, Howard’s wife asked her ears on the sofa in front of everyone why her ears always mocked her husband. Adjust the ears, let the ears grieve

7 months ago

What impressed me the most about these two people was that Raj didn’t know why he didn’t go there, so he went to Sheldon (Leinard was not at home). Sheldon opened the door and asked, what color do you think you are? Raj said that orange and any color do not rhyme with orange. Maybe orange is lonely, so I am orange. Then Sheldon agreed and let him in. In addition, Raj lived briefly in the house of Sheldon and Leonard. During that time, Sheldon served very well. The dinner was too thoughtful, and it was not like quarreling with Leonard. In the end, Raj was going to leave Sheldon and he was a little bit reluctant. I think Shelton just recognized Raj.

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