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I bought a lot of ergo many years ago, and I also asked someone to update the design draft of the ergo community. As a senior programmer and writer, I fully understand the benefits of this keyboard. But at the same time, as the former president of a 3C volume product brand, I know that this product is far from the level of a standard commercial product. No real 21st century materials and surface treatment techniques were used, the most advanced wireless technology today, and no adequate professional industrial design. In order to verify the most ideal prototype, I used 3D printing resin and optional Bluetooth chip to make the first working version of this keyboard. About two years ago? Yes, in order to verify the wireless solution, I used the open source of dactyl posted below to temporarily replace it. I played the rest two years ago. And hatsu, every curve of his is different from him, because we drew it from scratch. It also loses money. Although it has verified the possibility of a wireless, split, and three-dimensional keyboard, it has not promoted mass production. The reason is simple. R&D investment is too high and production is too difficult. This product is almost destined to lose money. Cyberboard succeeded and then angrymiao was established. It could be used as a hatsu keyboard, but it is too expensive and too niche. Therefore, first made a relatively popular cyberboard, which is also much cheaper. At the same time, the aluminum alloy material, surface treatment, wireless technology, and the ability to control complex shapes have all been improved. Moreover, more cash has been accumulated. With the money and team, hastu finally decided to be willful and really upgrade the manual ergo to a commercial product that can be mass-produced. During the period, I learned from various shapes in the history of ergo and made countless editions of adjustments. In the end, the basic pattern of high up and low down, high inside and low outside was chosen. Then, the entire shape and structure were redesigned by industrial design. The contrast structure of the internal and external dismantling parts produced a very good effect. This is thanks to the feeling of Western World. You know, for the convenience of printing and assembly, the three-dimensional ergo is rarely designed to disassemble. Moreover, we must also consider harmony with our existing products. In the end, the design became like this. And I am very pleased that the global order exceeded 100 of this design in a few minutes. It is blind to say that the plagiarism is. In the pasted keyboard, all the keys are still on the same plane. Some stereo keyboards copy non-stereo keyboards. . Do you need me to give you a dactyl first to learn the history of the evolution of the split keyboard? Chinese brands, selling tens of thousands of the world’s top prices, rely on original designs. Regardless of cb or hatu, the adjustment of the entire body, the verification of the structure, and the time of repeated sampling are all about one year. Moreover, consumers around the world are also supporting our design and innovation with very high prices. My ergo, dactly no less than 10, is not enough compared to hatsu. Tucao, I would like to know if you have ergo in your hand and whether you have actually used it. The Chinese can be the most expensive brand in the world. Moreover, it is the most expensive brand in the world relying on the leading design and technology. Maybe the keyboard is a small track, but our two products really prove it. And it often accuses OPPO of copying iPhone, do we copy someone else’s keyboard man? Can you lift your knees from the ground first, stand up straight and look at the world? Hey, let me popularize the history of split keyboards. In the current answer, I really haven’t seen the real Gaowan. Not to mention professional products, design, structure and embedded. For the ergodox holding a full plane, I hatsu plagiarism people, I am speechless. I have no fewer than ten split keyboards, and they were all abandoned at least two years ago. Ergodox is one of the more famous ones. Derived a variety of shapes and arrangements. And this one, whether it was bought from Finland or where, is already considered the best in the plane split. kinesis is available on Jingdong, so I won’t discuss it anymore. I also have dactyl, which is equal to the split version of kinesis. dactyl manuform, equal to the reverse three-dimensional version of dactyl, grip. I also have several. There are too many people who can only talk, and even talking is not good for research. All of these are not like hatsu. There is something more similar, this is it. This is a derivative version of dactyl manu, which is easy to search. I am anxious for those who get excited when they see ergodox or dactyl. You can’t be dedicated to searching for pictures. Can anyone really do some research here, really use a few ergo, and really 3d print a dactyl. We are people who really want to be a 3D split wireless keyboard that represents the future. Of course all these keyboards have been played. And we have played with keyboards that you may not have seen at all. For example, dactyl manuform actually has a conjoined version. For example, if you find a photo with a camouflage water transfer, then it is probably my 3D resin proofing two years ago. Don’t get excited when you see it. If you accidentally use the products I verified to prove my plagiarism, it will be embarrassing. If you actually print out that dactyl manu derivative, you will find that the figure I gave you is actually not like hatsu at all. Because first, when you put them together, you know that the scale is not the same. That derivative version is too big to hold by ordinary hands. Cantaloupe copied watermelon. Second, that version is integrated without disassembly. This integrated version is only for printing convenience but not exquisite. The overall structure and shape is not a train of thought at all. One is the probability test, and the other is the language test. They plagiarize each other. Third, if you simply reverse it, you will know that there is no internal design at all, only flying wires. And how can commodity-level products fly? In order to accommodate the chip, the combination of hardware and software, and the power supply, a lot of design must be done on the internal structure. This version does not have it at all. An industrial-grade sample that can work intact, plagiarize a version that has nothing in it, copy air? There are too many people talking, and too few people actually create and experience products. Tell stories with screenshots of various web pages. I don’t even bother to take a picture of a whole lot of things. But at least it can be guaranteed that in this answer, all photos are taken in kind or rendered by my own team, and no network screenshots are required. The wireless solution and the wireless solution, the Bluetooth solution on github, are basically unreliable. The most reliable is that I used the dactyl manu body to make a prototype of the tws bluetooth film I purchased. And what I like better is the 2.4 dual-engine plan made by another Chinese called Sirius. Not only did I do two, but I also wrote chh’s homepage article for him. e, it was also two years ago; but these are not the level of commercial products, nor are they plans for mass production. By the way, qmk is not industrial grade either. Not many people understand it anyway. It is precisely because we tried all the solutions that we were forced to design from the beginning hatsu will definitely refer to various split keyboards in history. And the reference is not to search for pictures. I have all these keyboards. And many keyboards are 3D printed resin and assembled by themselves. However, every curve of hatsu is redrawn. The wireless solution is also redesigned. They are all mobile-level teams, which are made in accordance with the standards of commercial products. If you say which one of our products most resembles? So it is precisely the derivative version of dactyl manu that we have proofed, but none of the keyboard guys at talking have seen. But that’s just like it, it’s different from what I said before. If it is too professional, then the example is that the iPhone 12 is also like the Meizu Blue flagship that I leaked earlier that year. But that is not plagiarism. Independent research and development, thinking, and structure are different, it looks a bit like it. The development process of the industry, the evolutionary trajectory of all products, of course, the product maker must be clear. If you really are not talking, but have really assembled, tested and analyzed like me, you know that hatsu is a brand new design after considering all the products in the history of split keyboards. As for craftsmanship, wireless technology, disassembly, PCB craftsmanship, software standards, testing and quality? It is completely beyond the previous manual era. I’m not saying you can’t be ignorant. But when making negative accusations, please make a somewhat correct assessment of your own level. We have done more than a dozen split keyboards, modified Bluetooth solutions, and committed physical modifications for the open source community. It’s nothing nb, it should be the product. Designing from scratch, evaluating and designing wireless solutions from scratch, verifying materials and craftsmanship from scratch, using commodity-level inspections, etc., are also guaranteed to sell commercial products. Hatsu Before actually doing it, the various researches in the early stage should be at least one year, and the purchase of ergo The investment in 3D printing and assembly is conservative and there are 100,000. There is nothing to blow up, this is not the most basic homework before making a product. All these contributions do not expect any respect. But at least, it should not be so carelessly searched on the Internet, so unprofessional theoretical level, use a bunch of network screenshots to easily blame.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Would someone really be fooled into buying a $1,600 keyboard? Chinese products have to be priced with US dollars. Maybe this is the closest point to Apple. Oh, right, is it a wave of value-added tax when they are sold? The answerer mentioned Microsoft’s ergonomic keyboard. As a young and middle-aged programmer, I think it’s okay, but I’m not used to it at first. If you want to experience the so-called ergonomic design, you can choose a cheap one. The price is obviously outrageous and usually is the IQ tax. Do you really think that digital also has the kind of trendy brand benefits that are sold in limited quantities? Digital products look at product competitiveness instead of increasing product premiums by buying popularity. I just changed the code late at night and plan to make a good 51. Before going to bed, I saw this 100% + heat problem. There are only 27 poor ones. When I answered, I laughed, being squeezed by zbj during the day and watching anti-intellectual promotion at night, the adult world is really difficult.

7 months ago

There is one thing to say, ergonomic design is convergent, good ergonomics must look similar, after all, no one has eight fingers long. From this point of view, plagiarism has no value for this kind of modeling design. (Similarly, don’t talk about the design process anymore. The ergonomic design has developed to this day, and the designs that can be modified are all sewing and patching. If you really want to blow the design, please design a better shape than the existing one. .) IQ tax at this price is affirmative. An industrialized product can be sold at a price far exceeding the average price of similar products. Either cut the leeks by “culture” (we designed it according to the western world), or the manufacturers themselves are not confident that they can sell more, so as to split the cost. (I really can’t understand that I am complacent after selling more than 100 commercial products. The next door is playing with keycaps, no matter how big or small, which group does not have at least a hundred individuals to participate in, can I be more ambitious?) Li Nan is also a little bit confused. It is normal for people who have been in the manufacturing industry to sell industrial products from the assembly line as handicrafts. You might as well add 0 to the price and create a hand-shaped ergonomic device for each customer. At least it can be higher.

7 months ago

Ergonomic keyboards are inherently expensive, mainly due to the problem of abrasive tools, and secondly they are split
If there is no production of this kind of thing, it will be expensive if it is bought by a small group of people, but if it is run in volume, the price of this kind of thing will actually be very common.
After all, the most expensive part is the mold. The mold is too expensive. If many people buy and share the price of the mold, the price will be cheaper.

7 months ago

I also specially opened the official website and took a look. At first glance, it was 320 dollars, but it was really 1,600 dollars on closer inspection. I do admit that there are innovations in the keyboard, and nft is really a gimmick, and I do admit that people who play customization are stupid, but I personally really can’t accept 1600. This is really a shoe The set of things has been applied to the customized keyboard circle, and it is estimated that few people who bought it really use this as a tool for daily codewords. Although I have long thought that starting from rama, the trend for a keyboard at $3,400 will intensify sooner or later, and the price of customized keyboards will become higher and higher, but I did not expect that the upper limit will be pulled so high, directly from more than 400. Pulled to 1600. Supplement: I took another look at the crazy designer post on geekhack, which is the official account of Numeow. The title also advertises itself as a dactyl manuform keyboard, so it’s not wrong to say that the hatsu design and dactyl are in the same line. I was very happy last time Zhihu Hot Search on cyberboard, this time Zhihu Hot Search again on the keyboard, I guess most Zhihu er who clicked in may not know what this issue is discussing, ortho and ergo In the customized circle, it is considered a niche category, and the popularity is inexplicable.

7 months ago

Cool—want—so expensive—looks cooler—and even wanted this digital trendy product. Judging from the immediate sell-out, there are obviously many collectors who are willing to pay for it. It’s not that no one has done the extremely advanced craftsmanship in the fast-decayed electronic products. Shao Touqiang and Mark Newson have worked together before on a golden EarPods and Leica camera, presented as auction items, Mr. Nan. If the quality of the craftsmanship is really like the rendering, I think it can also go to the auction market, but given the concept audio that Meizu has tried before, I hope that there will be a good result.

7 months ago

As a laptop user, in fact, since I used the thinkpad, I have never used a desktop computer anymore. And I am quite satisfied with the feel of the Thinkpad keyboard. It’s just that I switched to Apple after I didn’t even think about it. I was still satisfied with the keyboard. I don’t know if it’s because the time to think is much longer than the time to type on the keyboard. So the feeling of this keyboard is similar to that of a mechanical keyboard. What’s wrong with being able to provide suitable and good products to users with different needs? These places are to be occupied, better than foreigners. Considering this processing technology and actual output, I still think it may not make back the overall cost, but it is still a good thing. It’s just that the price is not suitable for the mass market. It’s also very good, but I look forward to another mouse with the same technical content in the future. So I might still have an idea to buy one. How better than the Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional HP Japan.

7 months ago

This is for people who are taking the key ring, taking advantage of them, and who like to pretend to be forced. They will buy it to take pictures, and then hang a high price on the idle fish to continue fishing for a sand sculpture.
It is also prepared for other group creators who prepare Karma leeks. Domestic ergo works are rare, and Li Nan sells so expensive. Our same ergo works are sold for half the price, and there will be leeks to buy it.

7 months ago

From the perspective of ordinary people, it’s really expensive. But looking at the small circle of customized keyboards, it’s okay. How much is the metal (aluminum?) cnc of this shape. If it supports hot-swappable, pcb should also be shaped? The price is reasonable! From the perspective of financial management, this keyboard will definitely increase in price in the secondary market. I think there is something wrong with Li Nan’s press conference. At least he said that Apple 12 is the pinnacle of industrial manufacturing and I don’t quite agree.

7 months ago

I’m quite a grassy keyboard, the price is not a problem for me, and waiting for a few months and a half is not a problem. My question is, I can’t find how much information I care about, for example: What is the key position? 4*6? and then? I can’t find a more specific one. I don’t even know how many parts the keyboard has. The left and right sides are split. These are two; but “three wireless devices are placed at random”, what is the third one? Proprietary protocol, the fastest “Bluetooth”? How does the speed compare to Logitech’s “Union”? Is there any evaluation data? My palm is relatively small, can I order a “small” with extra money? Does the price include global shipping? Can it be delivered to Singapore? Do I need to pay Singapore’s consumption tax? Is it USB type c charging? How long can it be used on a single charge? Are the keycaps also metal? Is there a backlight? RGB or monochrome? Can it be programmed? Can it be shut down completely? Does it have near-field sensing like Logitech? For these questions, I think even if I can’t get the answers from the official website in both Chinese and English and the videos of station b, I should ask the customer service directly to answer them; but the question is that the customer service channel recommended by the Chinese official website is like a group, and it is still a QQ group. ? ! Neither my computer nor my mobile phone have QQ installed. The threshold of QQ blocked me. At the same time, I am confused. Is it possible that Chinese consumers who are willing to spend the money on a keyboard are used to using QQ? Finally, can a five-axis CNC metal real shot picture come? Because when I saw the word “metal organic body”, I actually thought of my bicycle. This car uses the full frame hydroforming process: I really think it’s pretty, compared to the non-hydraulic model. , It happens to be expensive for the keyboard~

7 months ago

This AM HATSU keyboard is to increase the brand value of Numiao Technology (tide brand), and set the price “anchor”. AM HATSU keyboard appearance AM HATSU keyboard workmanship and technology will be the ultimate, it is the “facade” of Numiao Technology! The price of $1,600 also makes other products of Numiao Technology appear conscientious. (In fact, keyboards for manual engineering are very expensive.) There are many examples of the same, such as Xiaomi MiX Alpha. The appearance of this product has improved the brand image of Xiaomi phones and also increased the popularity of Xiaomi phones. It is a success. Marketing. The placement of the computer desk is an expression of the taste of digital geeks. I think it is a good idea for Numiao Technology to combine wireless charging with the aesthetics of digital accessories! Therefore, I am very optimistic about Numiao Technology. The digital fashion brand is a blue ocean, and the future profits will be very considerable. I believe that Numiao Technology will become a model of Chinese industrial design in the future!

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