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The houses I lived in since I was young are on the 1/1/3/9/23/24/26/32 floors. They are the housing reforms of parents and grandmothers, and the fund-raising housing of the daughter-in-law’s provincial capital. When I got married, I was in the county. The commercial houses I bought, the commercial houses I bought by myself after five years of working in the provincial capital, the commercial houses my father bought in the county, and the fund-raising houses of the provincial capital units. The 1/1/3 floor is because the previous housing reform did not have to choose. It’s too noisy and humid, and it’s all mosquitoes in summer. There are always pedestrians outside the window who dare not open the window. The third floor was just blocked by the green trees and there was nothing to see. The 9th floor is because the parents-in-law are afraid of heights, and the elevator downstairs is always full during peak hours and it is difficult to wait. The 23rd floor is because the sales person in charge of this project was not here at the time. The internal staff price promotion was done late in the market, which was very cheap, but there were not many high floors to choose from, so there was nothing wrong with living. The 24th floor is because the locals are taboo, so the developer’s price is low and especially cheap. There are more than 10,000 upstairs and downstairs, and I bought 8200. I don’t pay attention to those superstitions. There is cheapness and no bastard. The 26th and 32nd floors are because they happen to be the second-highest, so there is nothing wrong with them. I personally think that in places like Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan, it is the most suitable to choose the second high-rise, away from the entrances and exits of vehicles in the community, and towards the northeast inside the community. The noise inside the community is low, and too much dust will not be blown into the road during ventilation. The vehicle entrance between the two buildings is very noisy under the influence of echo. There is only one floor upstairs, and there is no access to the elevator for commuting. If the floor is high, you can take it off and go home. The privacy is good, the view is good, the view is open, and there are few mosquitoes. Windy in summer, no wind in winter, sun in winter and no sun in summer, warm in winter and cool in summer, no sun at all. Moreover, the sub-high level is generally the most expensive, and relatively speaking, the appreciation is also the most. When buying a house, it is recommended to choose the second-high-rise building at the right price, away from the entrance and exit of the community, and facing the northeast inside the community. Those who are afraid of noise should also pay attention to the bedroom not to share the same wall with the elevator shaft. The elevators that are not maintained in place may be noisy during operation, which is annoying at night. Those who are afraid of noisy need to be careful not to buy the floor where the drainage pipes are turned like the picture below. This is used by high-rise buildings to buffer the flow of water. If you use water upstairs, you will be very annoying. If it’s not a villa or holiday house, don’t buy a house that you live in for a long time, which is much more expensive than the opposite door because of the good view. If you live in it for a month, you will get tired of it, and you will get used to it for another three months. It’s useless except to show off on the balcony when relatives, friends and colleagues come to the house. The landscape is the most unrealistic among the factors that affect house prices. In general, we still have to do it according to our own needs. Avoid low floors, low floors and roadsides, and sports venues in the community, the main entrance of the community, and vehicle entrances and exits if you are afraid of noise. If you want to get in and out easily, do it the other way around. The wind blows from the southeast in summer and from the northwest in winter. The sun is south in summer and north in winter. Choose according to your local needs for sunlight and wind. If you want the scenery, you can go to the scene to see it yourself. If you like the floor, it is the floor. In most places, the higher the higher, the more expensive, the second-highest is the most expensive, and the middle-floor is the most expensive and the two ends are cheaper. Some houses have bottom commerce, the lower floors may send terraces. Generally speaking, the terrace is not easy to use and requires extra money. The danger of littering upstairs is not easy to clean up. The terrace also increases the risk of being stolen. If you have a dog or a lot of clutter at home, it would be appropriate. If you want to invest and make money, abandon your personal preferences and choose the most expensive one within the scope of your funds. Appreciation is a proportional appreciation, and the more you buy, the more you earn. And the developer’s pricing is that the more people like it, the more expensive it is, and the more people like it, the easier it is to sell. The main premise is that the developer is reliable and reasonably priced. It’s not necessarily the case with local small openings with random pricing.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Nowadays there are more and more high-rise buildings. Take 33-story high-rise buildings as an example: avoid the 1st floor, avoid moisture + privacy on the 2nd floor, avoid the 3rd floor against the water, and avoid the potential risk of the 4th-10th floor according to the lighting conditions. Considering the 11-17 floors, the living comfort is the best, with plenty of light and good visibility. And because the height is less than 50 meters, all domestic fire trucks and ladders can be easily rescued, so there is no need to worry about fire. In addition, due to the moderate height, the elevator has less impact, so there is no need to worry about elevator problems. 18-20 floors, within 10 meters beyond the best fire rescue height of 50 meters, with good lighting and comfortable living, it can be considered as appropriate. There are huge fire safety hazards on the 21st to 32nd floors, and the noise impact is far greater than those below the 17th floor. This height is the height that the noise mainly affects. The elevator relies heavily on the elevator and the price is low. On the 33rd floor, in addition to the good view, almost all the shortcomings of high-rise residential buildings, such as water leakage + hidden fire hazards + elevator dependence + loud wind + loud noise…

7 months ago

In fact, I think which floor can be selected depends mainly on the price. If the price is right, any floor can be selected. For example, it is generally believed that the top floor is not good. In fact, the top floor of a luxury house is also the dream of many ordinary people. In addition, according to my years of investigation and research, the 18th floor is actually the best among all the floors. When an older brother told me so, I said, “The 18th floor is not the 18th floor…” The older brother waved his hand and said, The eighteenth floor is generally written as “17A”, which is seven ups and downs, and you see that the tip of A is also upwards, so the meaning is excellent, and it can be said to be the best of all floors.

7 months ago

1. For high-rise buildings above the 18th floor, the 1st and 2nd floors are indeed not required. The prices for the 3rd and 4th floors are determined. If there is a slight discount on the top floor, it is acceptable. 2. For bungalows with a total height of 7 or 6 floors, try not to do so on the first floor. Even if you bring a yard, the yard is not very affordable. The second floor can be considered as appropriate, mainly for lighting. If there is no problem with lighting, there is no discount at all, and the top floor is also You can. 3. For real estates with a total height of 30+, if it is not a regional benchmark, it means that the liquidity is not strong in the later stage, then resolutely not below the 5th floor, and consider the top floor as appropriate. 4. You can also try to avoid the 18th floor, which is more taboo by locals. In short, according to the different quality of real estate positioning and lighting conditions, not all the first floor, second floor and top floor can not be bought. Now the technology is very developed, and the phenomenon of water leakage on the top floor is almost gone.

7 months ago

Avoid the top floor and the ground floor. This is the most important point of reference when I buy a house! If you buy the top floor, you are betting on the developer’s project quality! If the project is a little bit close, you will feel water leakage, flue blockage, etc., which is not annoying, and living is not annoying enough. If you buy the ground floor, it is mainly because of “high tide”, especially for people like me who live in the south. Every year during the rainy season, the rainy days last for about a month. There is tide everywhere in the house, and clothes are difficult to dry, let alone the first floor, which is most easily affected by moisture! In addition, the first floor is also easily blocked by the green trees. If some properties are of poor quality, the foundation will sink after some time. At that time, the people who live on the first floor really have 10,000 heads in their hearts. Generally speaking, for the current mainstream high-rise residential quarters, the most expensive price is at two-thirds of the total floor height, because this floor location has the best lighting in all aspects. For example, a 30-storey commercial house has the highest price on the 20th floor. Then go up and down gradually! Therefore, I think that when choosing floors, avoid the top and bottom floors that are prone to flaws. For other floors, it depends on what number you like and the price you can accept!

7 months ago

1. With the improvement of people’s demand for housing, the waistline layer puts forward higher requirements on the architectural design of developers, especially the design of the exterior facade. The facade design will add some geometric lines to enhance the three-dimensional sense of the building, but at the same time it also brings troubles to some floors, which we generally call the waistline layer. The waistline of the building may obstruct the lighting of the house to a certain extent, and the specific degree of influence depends on the situation. There is no need to be too taboo about this, you can ask the waistline in advance to determine the degree of influence. In addition, the waistline layer is easy to accumulate dust or water, which is more difficult to clean and increases the possibility of water seepage on the facade. Pay attention to it. 2. Equipment layer The so-called equipment layer refers to a certain floor of a high-rise building. All or most of its effective area is used for the layout of equipment such as air conditioning, water supply and drainage, electrical, and elevator machine rooms. The high-rise residential buildings we generally encounter will use the basement or roof as the equipment layer, so don’t worry too much. Of course, considering that the equipment load is too large in a super high-rise building, an intermediate equipment layer will also be set. For buildings over 100 meters, the refuge floor is also required, and the equipment floor is generally combined with the refuge floor. The equipment floor is affected by low-frequency noise and radiation, so avoid it when choosing a floor. 3. Channel steel layer Channel steel layer is a knowledge blind spot for home buyers and most real estate sales, and they are basically ignored. In the construction of high-rise buildings, in order to fix the scaffolding, channel steel will be driven into the wall, and the floor slab will be punched and fixed. After the scaffolding is removed, the channel steel will be taken out, but some holes will be left, and finally repaired. Water seepage caused by imperfect hole repair measures on external walls has become a common quality problem. These floors are generally distributed over 3 floors, 20 meters per pick, that is, more than 3 floors, and every 6 floors will have a channel steel layer. The construction of each real estate may have certain differences, and the sales can contact the engineering department for confirmation. In the case of optional floors, try to avoid these floors. 4. Dust-raising layer In the early years, the folks’ saying about “dust-raising layer” was widely spread. It was said that there would be dust trapped in layers 9-11 and the air quality was relatively poor. Many people believed it to be true. In fact, there is no scientific basis for the “dust layer” argument, and it is purely a rumor. The situation of falling ash will be different according to the different weather conditions in different places, and there will be no concept of fixed floors. The so-called “dust-raising layer” of about 10 floors is a better floor for ordinary high-rises. Developers may be in order to guide buyers to choose other floors and ensure the uniform sale of listings. This concept has been continuously strengthened. It is a misleading behavior. 5. Sensitive numbers Many people are more concerned about the number of floors. For example, floors 4, 8, 13, 14, and 18. According to different regions and cultures, everyone has slightly different views. Of course, it is not a superstition, these floors are mostly good floors, and there is no problem if you live by yourself. 6. The top and bottom floors. Most people avoid the top and bottom floors (except for the top) when choosing floors. This is a general consensus. The biggest problem with the top layer is the possibility of greater water leakage. With the passage of time and the natural settlement of the house, even if the quality of the house is good, there may be more or less water leakage or seepage. Although the roof is a public part, there will be maintenance funds to support repairs later, but the damage to the interior decoration caused by water leakage still needs to be borne by the owner. Of course, the advantages of the top floor are also very obvious, the view and daylighting are unmatched by other floors. When there are no other options, the top floor price can also be considered. In order to reduce the possibility of water leakage, remember to find someone to waterproof the roof after the house is closed. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the problems of water pressure and elevator machine room noise. The biggest problem with the bottom layer is lighting and humidity. The distance between high-rise buildings is relatively close, and the lighting on the ground floor is generally designed in accordance with the national minimum standards, and the sun can hardly be seen after 2 hours of sunshine on the winter solstice. There are even some developers trying their best to make some unsatisfactory Rizhao qualified. The problem of dampness may be better than that of some old communities. After all, there are underground garages below, but due to insufficient daylight, the problem of dampness still exists, especially in the rainy season. To solve this problem, it is best to install floor heating. There is also the problem that people often say that the first floor is prone to backflow from the sewer, but it is not. Many cognitions are derived from the living experience of the old community. In the new community, the first floor is generally independent of the water, and the second floor is the bottom layer of the public pipeline, which is prone to sewer backflow. Of course, if there is serious backwater on the second floor, there is a possibility of leakage to the roof of the first floor. In addition, there is generally no overhead floor design on the first floor. The north side of the building is directly used as an entrance lobby, which leads to the closure of the north-facing patio on the first floor, which affects the ventilation of the middle suite on the first floor. This is often overlooked when buying off-plan housing. Remember to ask clearly. Under normal circumstances, when developers set prices, the price of the 1-2 floors will be much cheaper than ordinary floors. Of course, the second-hand market is also the same, and it is more difficult to get rid of. It is recommended to avoid the 1-2 floors when choosing a house, unless the budget is limited or the price is extremely low. There is no perfect house, and naturally there is no perfect floor. It is recommended that you take into account your own needs and budget, and try to avoid these floors that are not so ideal.

7 months ago

There are many considerations when choosing a floor. First of all, family members. If there are elderly, children, or people with cardiovascular disease, frequent asthma, or dizziness, do not choose a floor too high. Secondly, the total number of floors should be considered. The current classification of floors includes low-rise (1~3 floors), multi-story (4~6), small high-rise (7-11 floors), high-rise (above 11 floors), and super high-rise (>100 meters) For ordinary buildings with five or six floors without elevators, the first and second floors have the problems of dampness, loud noise and insufficient privacy. There are no elevators on the fifth and sixth floors to climb the building, and they are facing problems such as rain leakage and overheating, so the third and fourth floors are the most ideal. For high-rise buildings, the second top floor is generally the most expensive, the top floor is cold in winter and hot in summer, and other floors are similar.

7 months ago

Hello, Rhino House Review will answer for you, which floors should be avoided when buying a house: First, if there is a garden on the first floor or a basement, you can buy it. But if you don’t have any, don’t buy it. The lighting is not good, and the privacy is not good. The dark and damp are easy to breed mosquitoes, and you need to beware of throwing objects at high altitude. Second, it is not recommended for everyone to choose the second floor. Why? Because the second floor is equally daylighted, what’s worse is that the drain pipes on the first floor are taken separately, while the second floor is responsible for the drainage of all floors. Once the sewer is blocked, the second floor will be difficult. If it is under huge pressure, your toilet will sometimes appear to be imaginary. Third, if the top floor is insulated, there are high ceilings, and there are duplexes to send to the terrace, you can buy it, but if you still need to pay attention to the problem of water leakage on the top floor, even if there is a hidden danger of water leakage on the top floor, it is still stronger than the first floor and the second floor, and you can enjoy it. With a broad vision, I feel the feeling of being above 10,000 people. Fourth, many people say that you can’t buy the dust floor. Don’t believe it. If there is, then the owners who live on this floor shouldn’t be ashamed every day? But what about four types of special floors? Before you buy a house, you must be clear. First, every building in the high-rise community will be equipped with a refuge floor for fire safety. The whole floor is vacant and the refuge floor is flat, because there is no one living in it, but the upper floor will not Someone makes noise, so the upper and lower refuge floors, especially the lower floors, are optional. Second, the equipment layer, don’t choose, will produce a certain amount of noise and vibration, and try to avoid the upper and lower layers of the equipment layer, and be sure to ask about sales. Third, try not to buy the waistline layer. Otherwise, when it is windy, you can understand what is flying in the sky. Some will carry garbage upstairs, which will affect the appearance. More importantly, some will directly lift it. If the bay window is taller, there will be less indoor lighting. Fourth, the channel steel layer can be bought, that is, during the construction of the building, a few holes were made in the wall in order to erect the scaffolding. After the construction, these holes will be filled with waterproof and thermal insulation materials. If you don’t look at the price at all, the Chiding Tower, which is the second-to-last floor, is the best. It has great lighting and ventilation, and the view of the landscape is very good. At the same time, it also reduces the hidden danger of water leakage on the top floor. If you are looking for cost performance, the fourth to sixth floors of high-rise buildings are the best choice. The lighting and ventilation are guaranteed, and the unit price is also very low. In the case of sufficient budget, and when there are some choices, you must choose carefully to buy a comfortable house, and the future appreciation space will be relatively large. @ Rhinoceros Evaluating House If you have questions about house entry, degree, loan, and eligibility to buy a house, you need to consult a house demining guide! Understand that buying a house is worth a million! The terminator of Huabei, Bibai, and Baitiao credit information? ?

7 months ago

Go to school and major in engineering, 15 years of work experience in the construction field, and have worked in supervision, construction, party A, quality supervision, safety supervision, etc. The problems on the first floor are lighting, mosquitoes, mice, regaining moisture, and backwatering (the second floor with a basement is not drained separately, and the backwater on the second floor with a separate drain has a high probability of leaking to the ceiling of the first floor), and things will fall down from the upper floor with a garden. In serious cases, even life safety is endangered. There are often a crowd of people waiting for the elevator at the door of the elevator room. If you don’t use the elevator, you will be taken up by the elevator. The main problem on the second floor is that the risk of reversing the water on the third floor is that the second floor is blocked by the second floor when it is reversing the water. The top floor must leak, and it is difficult to repair. The biggest problem of current house leakage is organized drainage and roof insulation. Water seepage mainly occurs in drainage pipe openings, gutters and other locations. Repairs must be made to the entire roof. A large flat floor with one floor, otherwise all the occupants on the top floor must fully cooperate. There is still a big problem with leakage, which will damage the interior decoration, which is very annoying. The risk of the second top floor is that if some buildings are designed, the top floor will be retreated, causing some rooms on the second top floor to be equivalent to the top floor. In addition, I have seen serious leakage of unoccupied people on the top floor, and the water leaking into the top floor room will seep into the second floor. The lower the top floor, the more residents there are on the floor, the longer the drainage pipe drains, and the longer the noise is generated. If there is a pipe blockage problem, the lower the floor, the greater the risk. To sum up, it is recommended to buy the third-to-last floor, the fourth-to-last floor, and the fifth floor… to add to the water pressure problem. Take 33 floors as an example, generally four-way water supply, 1-5 layers municipal water supply, 6 -15 floor low pressure water supply, 16-25 medium pressure water supply, 26-33 high pressure water supply, each water supply floor will be different in specific areas. Therefore, when buying a house, you must implement each water supply floor. For example, according to the water supply floor I wrote above, the water pressure on the 25th floor will be much lower than that on the 26th floor.

7 months ago

The question of floor selection is really important. Picking a good floor is not only comfortable for you to live in. If you sell your own house in the future, you can still sell it at a good price. Let me analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each floor together, and tell you which floors are best to avoid which are the so-called golden floors. Should be the first choice. Just talk less, let’s go directly to the dry goods, let’s talk about the first level. The biggest advantage of the first floor is that it is grounded and easy to get in and out. It would be better if there was a garden on the first floor. You can enjoy rural life in your own home. Plant a flower, raise a grass, and live a happy life. If you send another basement, it will be even more icing on the cake. You can transform the basement into a table tennis room, a billiard room or an audio-visual room. Add more interest to your life. These are the advantages of the first floor, but the first floor also has many disadvantages, such as poor lighting and ventilation, poor anti-theft, poor privacy, loud noise, many mosquitoes, and easy to attract rats. In the south, the first floor is dark and damp. In the rainy season, the low-lying areas are easy to be flooded. Therefore, if there are pets or elderly people living with them in the house and a convenient environment for entry and exit, of course, you can choose the first floor. Otherwise, for young people, it is best not to choose the first floor. Let’s take a look at the second floor. Everyone should avoid the second floor. Because the lighting on the second floor is not very good, because the drainage pipes on the first floor are taken separately, then the second floor is responsible for the drainage of all floors of the entire unit, once it is down. No matter the blockage, the first unlucky one is the second floor. Under strong pressure, shit will appear in your bathroom in the worst case. In addition, the difference between the third floor and the second floor of a high-rise residential building is in fact. It’s not big. Therefore, it is best for you to avoid these two floors. Let’s talk about the top floor. The biggest problem on the top floor is the problem of waterproof and heat insulation. Don’t have illusions about the developer’s construction quality. The top floor is cold in winter and hot in summer, and water leaks in the rainy season. This is a high probability event. The top floor also has its advantages. There is no problem with vision, lighting and ventilation. If the top floor is set to be higher, and there is also a balcony, you can consider it, especially for young people. Because at this time you live on the top floor and remodel it. It feels like living in a villa. Let’s talk about the waistline layer. The waistline is the decorative line of the building. The purpose of the waistline is to make the building look more three-dimensional and more beautiful. If the waistline is too wide and too big, it will affect the upper and lower layers next to the waistline. If the waistline protrudes a lot, the next layer next to the waistline is equivalent to adding a very large awning to the windows. It will affect the daylighting of this layer, and water and dust will accumulate above the waistline. Broken branches and leaves, bird droppings, and even trash thrown down upstairs will fall on the waistline. These things are too much to clean up. You must not open the window. Once the window is opened, it will blow you if it catches a gust of wind. We went to the house, do you think you can live in this way without disturbing your mind? Therefore, the upper and lower layers next to the waistline, it is best not to choose another question, can the channel steel layer be bought? During the construction of the channel steel layer, in order to erect the scaffolding, several holes were made in the wall. After the construction, the channel steel was taken away to make up for these holes. When filling the hole, the workers will use waterproof mortar, and after the hole is filled, the outer wall will be insulated and waterproofed. Since these holes are opened on the outer wall, and the outer wall is a vertical surface, as long as it is handled in accordance with the standard, there is generally no problem of water seepage. So everyone can rest assured. Don’t worry about the channel steel layer or the channel steel layer of some high-rise buildings. Super high-rise residential buildings will choose one layer in the middle as the equipment layer. At this time, pay attention to it. The equipment layer and the upper and lower floors of the equipment layer are not available for purchase. The main problem is noise and vibration. And the effects of radiation. So when we buy a house, we must ask which floor is the equipment floor, and the other floor is the refuge floor, next to the refuge floor, the upper and lower floors are optional, because the refuge floor is not occupied, and the upper and lower floors are quieter. The floors with the number four are the fourth, fourteenth, and twenty-fourth floors. It is best not to choose the eighth and eighteenth floors for these floors. If there is a choice, don’t choose either. Again, we may not mind if we live on our own. But if you sell it again, others will mind that there are some problematic floors mentioned earlier, so it is best to avoid them. So what kind of floor should everyone be the first choice? The first is four to six floors. If the distance between the buildings is relatively large and does not affect the daylighting, then the four to six floors are very important. A good choice, the price is very high, there is no problem with ventilation and lighting, and it is not affected by the trees downstairs, and the view is also very good. When the market opened, the prices of these floors were not expensive, so choose the fourth to sixth floors, which is very cost-effective. The Phoenix layer refers to the second top layer, and this layer can also be the first choice. This layer has the same advantages of daylighting and ventilation as the top layer, but does not have the disadvantages of waterproof and heat insulation of the top layer. In addition to living on this floor, there is a kind of under one person and above ten thousand people. With this feeling, if you want a good living experience and a quiet environment at the same time, then this floor is of course a good choice. The last one let’s talk about what a golden floor is. The golden floor of a building refers to this building. The middle floors are three to four up, and the total height is nine floors. The golden floors are four, five, six, and seven floors. The fifteen floors are seven, eighty and ninety floors. The thirty-story golden floors are above the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth floors, which are all floors. Compare and analyze, I hope you will no longer be tangled and confused when choosing, and finally share an experience with you. If a real estate is open for sale, there are still many floors for you to choose from. And if there are too many to make you entangled, then you should not buy this real estate.

7 months ago

Suggestions when buying a house: 1. Avoid the second floor as much as possible: Generally speaking, the second floor is the most prone to backwater. If there is a blockage under the main sewage pipe, once the sewage is not smoothly discharged, the sewage will go to the outlet closest to the blocked point. Generally, the first floor is an independent sewer, and the second floor to the top floor share a sewage pipe, so sewage usually goes back to the second floor. 2. Avoid the top layer as much as possible: Because of the cold in winter and hot in summer, the high risk of roof leakage and water leakage is a common problem in the top layer. 3. Avoid inauspicious digital floors as much as possible: For example, floors with unlucky numbers such as the 4th, 14th, and 18th floors, because people generally are more taboo about bad numbers from the bottom of their hearts. It affects the mood and is not conducive to the sale of houses. 4. Avoid the waistline layer as much as possible: ①Due to design problems, the house on the waistline layer may miss the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the beauty of the house will also be affected to a certain extent; ②The protruding position of the waistline layer can stand an adult. It becomes a passage for thieves to steal, and there are hidden dangers to personal and property safety; ③Water accumulation on the waistline will increase the risk of water seepage on the side floor; ④The surface of the waistline is easy to accumulate dust and is not easy to clean; ⑤The existence of the waistline will affect indoor lighting . 5. Avoid the equipment floor as much as possible: The equipment floor is used to place the elevator operation equipment, transformers, water pumps and other machinery of the entire building. The equipment floor is generally set in the basement, bottom, middle or top floor. Since machines and equipment generate electromagnetic radiation and noise during operation, living on the equipment floor or on the upper and lower floors will be interfered by radiation and noise, which will adversely affect health and daily life.

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