The Chinese Music Association issued a proposal to strengthen the style of cross talk: Resolutely resist bad and vulgar performances

Recently, the improper behavior and unhealthy behaviors exposed by a small number of non-governmental cross talk performance groups in public places have aroused the attention, questioning and opposition of the vast number of netizens and the general public, and have damaged the good social image of the cross talk community. The Crosstalk Art Committee of the Chinese Quyi Artists Association and the Style Construction Committee of the Chinese Quyi Artists Association issued the “Proposal on Strengthening the Construction of the Crosstalk Circle to Consciously Practice Cultivating Virtue and Art”.

The proposal pointed out that we must resolutely resist the bad habits of feudal gangs. “Three years of apprenticeship,

“Two years of service”, “Teaching the family law as the greatest”, “Cleaning the door” and other feudalistic old rules and bad habits have been abandoned by the times, society and the people. The feudal etiquette and the old-style class master system or teacher that exaggerates the personal dependence are respected. The apprenticeship relationship is by no means a true respect for the teacher, but a reversal of history. In the long run, it will inevitably lead to the alienation of the apprenticeship into a feudal patriarchal system, which will inevitably affect the healthy and orderly development of the cross talk industry in the new era.

The proposal pointed out that we must resolutely resist vulgar and crude performances. Cross talk is a popular art that is both refined and popular and loved by the people. It allows people to be educated and inspired by tearful laughter, and must not use vulgar and kitsch content and methods to please the audience and cater to the market. “Ethics”, dirty mouth, flattery, and malicious ridicule have fallen below the moral bottom line, corrupting the social atmosphere, and losing the basic ethics of cross talk art.

The proposal also pointed out that malicious hype that distorts facts must be firmly resisted. A healthy industry atmosphere and an orderly market order are important guarantees for the prosperity and development of cross talk art. Spread false remarks, slander others, sensationalize, earn traffic, violate fair competition, squeeze and attack peers, and “squeeze the ball” of the law, misleading public perceptions and public opinion, seriously damaging the future development of the industry, and promoting and practicing society The core values ​​of ism require the opposite.

The proposal calls for the majority of cross talk art workers to adhere to the same pace with the times, strive to promote and practice the core values ​​of socialism, adhere to the people as the center, adhere to the quality of dedication to the people, adhere to the Mingde to lead the fashion, and consciously assume the role of bacon casting the soul. Sacred duty, strive to be a new-age folk art worker with faith, sentiment and responsibility.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

I saw an answer just now, and it was bloody: Listen, the big knife on the head of xx club hangs up again. Those who don’t know think they will be reformed through labor tomorrow. I remembered this sentence: once the Writers Association had a meeting, an old writer said astonishingly, “Your generation, you all grew up eating wolf milk.”-Zheng Yuanjie has some people, born in a comfortable age. , He panicked with boredom. I can’t wait to exercise him a bit to relieve the thorns. Just like the cook played by Li Qi in “Party A and Party B”, he is always holding back as a martyr. Say something about it, you are as big as Heshan, with this addiction, then you also hold back exercise yourself. The old simmering movement Guo Degang, after all, you follow to satisfy the sense of justice. What kind of humanity is this called… It’s really, it’s not worth it in the world. It is also rare for the Music Association to cooperate with them all the time. These associations under the Federation of Literary and Art Circles, to put it bluntly, are some backward factors. The country is such a big country, RCEP, anti-epidemic, and dual-cycle, but it can’t be managed first. If you enter the city in 49, don’t the old Kuomintang police have to use it first? Sometimes when I’m free, I’ll be beating, “de-administrative”… But the administrative staff in these associations are also transferred from technical posts, and most of them drop out of school when they are young. He doesn’t feel bored, he has to write something every three days, and he still considers himself to be the amount of work done. So, always build a stage for the masters of the martyrs Ye Gonghao. According to what I said, simply let go of it completely, don’t cooperate with each other. Don’t be so high, don’t be snowy (cross out), don’t be snowy in the spring. Cancel the art and fully return to juggling. Come on, don’t come to this set, what art…——Gao Yingpei, Fan Zhenyu’s “Fishing” is directly managed by the head. Turn pig iron into Dai Shaofu’s second. 2.08 million a day, believe me, someone will do it after a long time. Wouldn’t it be regarded as perfecting these righteous men? Oh yeah. Of course, the wire said, don’t scare us. As far as our Taoer’s talent for the fine business, this kind of human affection, this worldly insight, we have not let go of our Taoer still earn a large share of the family business, let go, who kills who? Right. After all, he said: I am the ancestor of cursing people! Therefore, we can’t say that he has to be déjà vu (crossed out) Dai Shaofu’s second-why can’t he be Chang Lian’an second? Guo Qilin: Avoid me…

7 months ago

If you go farther, “anti-three vulgarities” is objectively raising the “technical threshold” of the industry and tilting towards content innovation and technical innovation. As we all know, under the same performance effect, the burden of “sensory stimulation” is more dependent on the content, and the more “soft” the burden, the more emphasis is on creation/performance skills. Restricting or even prohibiting the emergence of the burden of “sensory stimulation” is to use policy means to promote the technological transformation of the industry (of course, based on the average copywriting ability of the current practitioners, it is questionable whether the transformation can be successful). Since the opponent has occupied the market, our side has adopted non-market means to intervene. If you go to Xiaoli, emmm… “Notice: It is forbidden to approach the dangerous house here, at your own risk. 』A disclaimer clause. Who knows who the cultural department will go next, the stall is 100%. Add a video: Tianjin news of the counterpart. You see, there are still waves when the proposal comes out.

7 months ago

I think the collaboration is very right! Now the evil spirits in the cross talk world are too serious. Not to mention poor performances, there are old artists who have made god-daughters and female apprentices. There are no works on stage, relying on sarcasm to make money, buying fake packages off stage to please female apprentices, this behavior is more filthy than some cross talk content. And the extent to which female apprentices are engaged is never announced to the public! The related videos are not published to allow the audience to appreciate both the elegance and the common. This behavior seriously damages the physical and mental health of the poor working people! According to observations, in recent years, some comic-speaking clubs have taken to ridicule the Deyun club for pleasure, slandering others, sensationalizing, earning traffic, violating fair competition, squeezing and attacking peers, and playing legal “sideballs”. In addition to jokes about Deyun clubs, Nothing else, this behavior of cutting the vine without eating grapes should be banned immediately! What’s more, promote the formula cross talk. Make grandstandings, earn traffic, and treat the audience as fools. Knowing that everyone does not like to watch formula cross talk, the formula cross talk is forcibly promoted, occupying public resources. Serious damage to the future development of the industry runs counter to the requirements of promoting and practicing the core values ​​of socialism.

7 months ago

It started again. The big knife on Deyunshe’s head hung again. I have been talking about all the things that should be said for so many years, and it is time to graduate if you are a ghost. What kind of three vulgar and crude performances, there is no need to talk about it, and we audiences don’t need to say other extra words. Deyun Society knows it, and everyone knows what’s going on, Deyun Society. Small business ideas are not allowed, and the job of cross talk actors has to be smashed. The reason is that Deyun Club can be regarded as a real people’s artist. Let me tell you, it’s useless to suppress Deyun Club! If you suppress them, professional audiences like us will not look at yours! No matter how you persuade and deceive or scold us, we won’t listen to you! I must not look down! You put a hundred hearts on it! ! Since it’s pretty unreasonable now, let’s all turn into melon-eating people, let’s watch! I believe it will not take long for the results to come out, and I also predicted the final win or loss, but unfortunately there is no banker to start the bet, otherwise it will be possible to make a small sum!

7 months ago

Resist the bad habits of feudal gangs; resist vulgar and crude performances. The above two are no problem at all. Since the founding of New China, thanks to the advocacy of the government and the efforts of the predecessors in the literary and artistic circles, it has finally been difficult to clean up this garbage. In the 21st century, there is a resurgence of death, so how can the martyrs and their predecessors feel so embarrassed? When kowtowing to apprentice a teacher, it was Lao Zhao who made the first move, but public opinion at the time was mostly accusing him. More than ten years later, it was a matter of course for Lao Guo fans.

7 months ago

Some feudal dregs need to be removed, such as kowtow, you can privately apprehend your teacher. This is a ritual of others, not so big. I think some feudal customs should be inherited. For example, it is mentioned that the teapot can’t face people, etc. People still have to be a little bit ruled, a little ritual is good, there are some taboos, and good mastery is good. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of style, but don’t make it targeted at a certain person or something. If the purpose is wrong, the line will be wrong. It’s as simple as that. Don’t stand on the commanding heights of morality all day long, saying things that are honest on the surface, doing things that are on the surface disdainful, and disagreeing. Many songs in the past are very calming and make people good. Listening to the past songs, I also understand the living conditions of people in the past. You make money by relying on Quyi. Don’t always put yourself so lofty and don’t burden yourself with too much content. You can only motivate everyone when you cultivate yourself well. Don’t trust folk masters.

7 months ago

Just say Deyun Society directly. If you have the courage, you don’t even dare to mention Deyun Society. Why can Huo Deyun Society know your status and know what the audience wants to listen to. The ugly point is that the group of actors is to bring the public to the public. If you are happy, if the Douyin is full of Tang poems and Song lyrics, will someone write it? All the comedies are in the poems, do you still watch it. Do you want to do art and no one stops you, why step on someone else’s foot? There are movies and commercials. Those who do art films honestly do your art. Someone naturally appreciates it. There is no need to smash the impression of others’ jobs. When I was a child, the Chinese Music Association would go to the countryside to perform. I went to see it a few times. Why is it now like this? Now those Kunqu Operas, Sichuan Operas, Sichuan Operas, Henan Operas, China Hundreds of traditional operas and some are almost gone

7 months ago

As a loyal cross talk listener, I saw this news on the browser, and there are many comments, and the positions are also different. I happened to find it in Zhihu. I still want to express my own views. For this few folk cross talk performances The group is a bit too straightforward. Anyone with a discerning eye knows who is talking about. The grievances between the music association and this folk cross talk show group may be known. Some things are difficult to distinguish between right and wrong, and I don’t want to touch them here. Minefield. Regarding the key points in this, briefly talk about my own views. The proposal pointed out that we must resolutely resist the bad habits of feudal gangs, “three years of apprenticeship, two years of service”, “Teaching the family method as the greatest”, “Cleaning the door” and other belts. The old rules and bad habits of the world with strong feudal colors have been abandoned by the times, society and the people. The old-style caste system or master-student relationship that promotes feudal etiquette and exaggerates personal attachment is by no means a true respect for teachers, but a reverse of history. . If things go on like this, it will inevitably lead to the alienation of apprenticeship into feudal patriarchy, which will inevitably affect the healthy and orderly development of the cross talk industry in the new era. What I said in this sentence is very confused. What is the bad habit of helping? Is it a bad habit to be a teacher for a day and being a father for life? Teachers, preaching and teaching karma to solve puzzles, it is the same now. Cross talk is the same as any other traditional industry. It’s all so. In the past, when disciples were studying, they didn’t make any money if they didn’t become a teacher, and the master was responsible for eating and drinking Lazarus. When a disciple can make money, isn’t it right to give back to the master? Master’s responsibility is not only to teach the disciples. If the disciples are not successful, they will not be successful. What is the contribution of the master? I don’t think the saying that the teacher’s kindness is as great as the sky is feudal, but it is a manifestation of morality. The disciples insulted and deviated from the teacher’s school, commented on the teacher’s various bad things outside, and the master did not respond to it, but simply delineated the disciple from his own inheritance. Isn’t it the master’s benevolence and righteousness? This method of cleaning has become a strong feudal color. The old rules and bad habits of the arena? Every year there are people in the National People’s Congress who cannot go to school because they can’t afford to pay. Is this the current advanced education system? Is the ability to impart knowledge based on money transactions? I don’t know how many teachers secretly run classes outside. Is it normal to teach knowledge and grab wealth? Teachers only teach all kinds of book knowledge, and they don’t mention how such children can take on the important task of building a new society. The proposal pointed out that we must resolutely resist vulgar and crude performances. Cross talk is a popular art that is both refined and popular and loved by the people. It allows people to be educated and inspired by tearful laughter, and must not use vulgar and kitsch content and methods to please the audience and cater to the market. “Ethics”, dirty mouth, flattery, and malicious ridicule have fallen below the moral bottom line, corrupting the social atmosphere, and losing the basic ethics of cross talk art. What kind of performance is vulgar and rough, ethical, dirty, sleazy, flattering, and malicious ridicule. Are these vulgar? I heard many people say that the cross talk of Deyun Club is vulgar, vulgar, and too dirty; in contrast, the cross talk masters Master Hou Baolin, Master Ma Sanli, Master Liu Baorui, etc., cross talks rarely have these. I admit that some of the burden of cross talk does have the above problem, but I think this is due to a very embarrassing situation. For example, if Master Hou Baolin wants to talk about a lotus, the tree has no leaves, Hongyang cave How would he interpret it, or would he say that he didn’t perform it because it was too vulgar, and let these paragraphs be submerged in the torrent of history, and abandoning the works of the older generations would be regarded as losing the basic ethics of cross talk art? The art of double reed is that one person is in the front and the other is behind, and the latter controls the former. Is this a sensationalism? But this is the characteristic of this art! Is it possible to make the former pretend to be a cup of tea, while the latter talk about progress? style? In my opinion, Tokuyunsha is doing this very well. A show is never only those funny and vulgar, but there are also some Naomiya Nao orders. Gao Feng’s show is serious, clean and interesting. Everything is It cannot be killed by a stick. The Deyun Club is a non-governmental organization and it needs the audience that the market needs. If it does not cater to the audience, no one will pay for the tickets. Isn’t it a group of big masters drinking northwestern wind, and it’s not all like a music association? Actors, the country pays wages, and it’s okay to go to various places to show condolences. Just talk about a cross talk that hasn’t changed for 800 years. There are also people who specialize in leading the laughter. You are really working hard. Performances do not please the audience. It’s not that Deyun Club has never done it. For the 15th anniversary of the history of Chinese cross talk, I have seen Deyun Club’s efforts. They want to carry forward the tradition and show some good things. But in the end, it has What came was the laughter of the audience. In my impression, this was the only time that Deyun Club’s performance would arouse such dissatisfaction. After that, the primary goal of Deyun Club’s programs was audience-oriented. In the commercial performance, because the program was not selected well, he was criticized and educated by Mr. Guo Degang. It is not that Guo Qilin said that it was bad, but that the program was not well selected, which made the audience’s perception and interest not reach the effect. Those who are high above, of course, do not have to consider the hard work of the low-level comedians. If the young comedians don’t say something funny, how can they go on if they cater to the audience? They choose to starve to death for the sake of elegance. The proposal also points out that they must resolutely resist distorting the facts and maliciousness. Hype. A healthy industry atmosphere and an orderly market order are important guarantees for the prosperity and development of cross talk art. Spread false remarks, slander others, sensationalize, earn traffic, violate fair competition, squeeze and attack peers, and “squeeze the ball” of the law, misleading public perceptions and public opinion, seriously damaging the future development of the industry, and promoting and practicing society The core values ​​of ism require the opposite. I firmly support this article, but it must be carried out reasonably and legally, and you cannot use chicken feathers as an arrow. The earliest beating incident in Deyun Society, if there is no distortion or malicious hype, I don’t believe it. Guo Degang will wear leather clothes at the funeral. Was scolded, is this a healthy industry ethos? The crosstalk market is now a dominant one. There is no alternative. Among the newcomers in crosstalk, there have been many crosstalk actors. Some once said that running the crosstalk club lost a million. The reason here is to blame the Deyun Club. The audience has a choice. When the Deyun Club opened a large branch, it did impact other cross talk groups, but because the ground was full of KFC, no one went to McDonald’s, Pizza Hut , Wallace. Shouldn’t mainstream actors prefer to do things like squeezing their peers? The cross talk conferences that have been set up repeatedly exclude Deyun Club. It’s very obvious who the Quxie Xie published this article is aimed at. This is considered squeezing. Suppressing peers? Public perception and public opinion orientation cannot be controlled by the Deyun Club. It is too high to be seen. The appearance of Deyun girls is just like a celebrity bastard. The celebrities hate but there is nothing they can do about it. In an era when traffic is king, it is normal to earn traffic. Who knows Lu Xinyuhao if there is no Swordsman, and who knows the voice of Miao Fu if there is no Spring Festival Gala? Who represents the vast majority of people here? Don’t take advantage of the proposal and call for the art of cross talk. Persist in keeping pace with the times, strive to promote and practice the core values ​​of socialism, adhere to the people-centered principle, adhere to the dedication to the people with high-quality goods, adhere to the sacred responsibility of creating the soul of Bacon, and strive to be a faithful, A new-age folk art worker with sentiment and responsibility. No one can deny that the current prosperity of cross talk is due to Guo Degang and Deyun Club. If there is no such a cross talk market, where are the vast number of cross talk artists and people in the music association? The cross talk that can only be heard at the party every year is still What about folk culture? Why should we put such a big responsibility on the crosstalk actors? There is no one else? It’s only a service industry. If it serves the masses, not a small number of high-level people, they can eat by their ability and take the thief on the opposite side. Those who have the ability to eat this bowl of rice are very simple things. Let people be educated and enlightened in the laughter with tears. Is this the Music Association or the Ministry of Education? I just want to relax on the sofa and listen to the cross talk after a busy day. If I want to be educated, why don’t I listen to the lecture? I remembered a sentence, cross talk is too funny if it is not funny. I don’t want to hear cross talk one day and think that Coke would be too cola without news. Here, I do lean towards Deyun Club, and I have watched a lot of cross talk. In recent years, apart from Deyun Club, I can see cross talks from other actors in various comedy shows. In private, I can hardly see anything, mainstream actors’. For me, the cross talk is still in the past few years. It’s undeniable that those are also good works. The innovation of the show is not a verbal talk. I don’t know so many new works without Deyun, nor do I know that. What an old joke “There is a saying in the teahouse, I love the Qing Dynasty, I am afraid he is over, I love cross talk, I am also afraid that he is over, but I love cross talk, who loves me” “Elegance is not a pretense, grandson is “Pretending” “Some people say that they want to abandon the traditional cross talk, which is worth about 1400 big mouths.” “Our previous competitions and Spring Festival Gala shows, if we get the theater, sell tickets, and even the electricity money is not enough.” “I have an agreement with the Chinese comic dialogue community. I am responsible for humor. They are responsible for taste. Don’t move anyone, don’t move anyone.” “It’s like a chef cooking. You can invent new dishes, but at least you need to know. What is a frying ladle? Which is a colander? You use a sputum bucket to cook and say that it is innovation. Then who dares to eat?” “Immature people die for a great cause, and mature people live humblely for a great cause”” Being alive is nothing more than making others laugh, and occasionally, laughing at others too.” “This is a casual book that refuses to convey any values. I’m still talking about the grassroots artist Guo Degang. Others say that we are grassroots. What is grassroots? Actually? The grass roots are very cheap. Ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, and Cordyceps are all low-grade things. We can’t compare to the toon buds and chives in the greenhouses.” “Some people say that I’ve changed. In fact, what I used to be is what I am now. But it turned out that I was covered in mud in the well. Someone looked at me at the well and thought it was very funny. Then I came up, washed and changed my clothes and drove away. The man at the well said that I was swollen. Actually, it was not me that was swollen, it was he who was lost. I’m really ashamed of how I feel about others like this.”

7 months ago

I don’t want to answer at all, because it’s not the first time. Combined with the current Sino-US relations, it is clear at a glance. The Xinjiang issue, the Hong Kong issue, the Taiwan issue, don’t the Americans know it, they know it better than anyone else, it’s just to see your development, see you upset, but can’t do you, find a reason to fix you, and you can’t stop you from being disgusting. . Seeing, Tianjin Deyun Club opened, Deyun Club’s 25th anniversary celebration, Head Crane’s 12th Anniversary performance, Deyun House aired in the first season, Douxiao Club aired in the second season, and was released in the new movie of Uncle, Guo Qilin New movies and TV dramas are released, and Qin Xiaoxian participates in various variety shows. Yunhe Jiuxiao’s little horns have risen one after another. With their own popularity and fan base, the Xiaozi generation has horns. Long Zike’s enrollment has made a lot of eyeballs. Teachers and mothers have to recruit female apprentices, Xihe Drum has additional heirs, Kylin Opera Company performs nationwide tour, and Peking Opera has another pole. The money in the cross talk world has been earned by your family, and you have inserted the drum book, you want to touch the golden rice bowl of Peking opera, and the song industry has also inserted people. Variety shows and movies are not let go. You don’t put the music association in your eyes and the masters. In my eyes, I really don’t use bean buns as dry food, or the chairman of the Music Association as a cadre! Three years of apprenticeship and two years of service, this is feudalism, this is socialist welfare. In the next-door performing arts company, the younger brother I and the younger sister who signed the contract can only get 5% after signing for ten years. Miss Baidu News still owes a foreign debt for 10 years, and finally loses money before she leaves the company. He said in the variety show. However, some performing arts companies have to sign 100 at a time, as long as one is enough, the remaining 99 will be hidden, and those who can’t survive will go to court to lose money and make money. The Deyun Club took care of food, food and housing for three years and paid out pocket money. After two years of work, he still got his salary. This is a public institution, and it has entered the establishment. What you’re talking about with your burden is to understand that you’re pretending to be confused. Chinese TV and movies are not rated. There, you slept today and her tomorrow. The two men slept, and the boss slept the subordinates. The old man put the little girl to sleep, the skirt is getting shorter and shorter, and the neckline is getting lower and lower, why no one reported it and criticized it. In real life, Weibo and the circle of friends are even more unsightly, but the celebrities who have not been boycotted live well, and the income is good. When I heard that I was your father, I came up. In the Deyun Club, the audience took advantage of the actors. The actors didn’t say anything, didn’t buy tickets, and made a fool of themselves. Now Deyun Club is taking the idol route. Those little corners are cute and feathered. Youku recorded and broadcast live, and the jokes are cleaner than each. The malicious hype is precisely those who have nothing to do with the Deyun Society, and those from the media and jealous of the Deyun Society. Some fallacies and heresies are all self-made rumors, such as gown embroidery and sesame seed tube water. And as long as a new corner comes out, there must be fights, sleeping fans, and other news that catches the eye and catches the eye. Boss Guo has refuted the rumors more than once, but there are still a large number of self-media who live by Deyun, who write a lot of lies every day to enrich the Internet. The Deyun Society has been up and down for more than 20 years. Countless people have used microscopes to analyze the big and small corners of the Deyun Society. Have you taken drugs and knocked off drugs for so many years? Is there someone looking for a mistress? Are there people who gather crowds for gambling, prostitution and whoring? Did you commit adultery with your aunt? None, but these things are not uncommon for the so-called mainstream and public institutions. If a private entertainment company can do this, it’s just a plaque for a civilized pacesetter and a good collective. Otherwise what do you want him to do. PS: Boss Guo has always said that his colleagues are enemies, and too many people want to kill themselves and Deyun Club. Many people do not believe that they are persecuted paranoias, and they say that the dragon slayer turns into a dragon in the end. Sit down now, the dragon has never died, it has always been there, even if it has no teeth. Think about the fact that Deyun Society is so big now that if you want to suffocate him, when Deyun Society was young, I don’t know how many unknown tribulations it went through.

7 months ago

I just asked a sentence, what is meant by “let people get education and enlightenment from laughter with tears.” Translate to me what is “tm with tears” Translate for me what is “tm with” Education and enlightenment” Is this really written by the Chinese? Is it really something written by a group of so-called comedy people and art people? Is it really written by a group of people who have read books and know words? Just because you are now forcing each sketch, the cross talk must be sensational at the end, I have already given up the cross talk sketch that I have loved since I was a child, can I give a way to survive? Can people have a place to be happy, free, and relax with a smile? Raise your hands and let go of traditional art and let the people go.

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