Recently, some netizens broke the news that Hema uses daily milk from the previous day to make ice cream. In response, Hema responded that fresh milk is only sold for one day a day and is exploring various methods, such as making fresh milk ice cream, fresh milk tea, etc., to reduce waste while ensuring freshness. The ice cream uses low-temperature refrigerated fresh milk within the shelf life, and the price is 2 yuan per stick, with a daily limit. The person in charge said that the project is currently online in 6 cities, or will be promoted nationwide.

Hema responded:

Some explanations about the claims made by customers for Hema’s use of yesterday’s milk to make ice cream. The video used to make fresh milk ice cream is indeed the daily fresh milk from the previous day.

Daily fresh milk is pasteurized milk, only sold for one day, with a shelf life of seven days. While improving the accuracy of ordering through big data technology capabilities, we are also exploring other methods, such as making fresh milk ice cream, fresh milk tea, etc., to reduce waste while ensuring freshness. The raw material of the “fresh milk ice cream” is mainly fresh milk within the shelf life, and the price is 2 yuan per stick; the fresh milk used is all low-temperature refrigerated, please rest assured.

Since there is not much fresh milk that is not sold every day, the ice cream is sold in limited quantities. After preliminary testing, the fresh milk ice cream has been launched in 32 stores in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Chongqing; if you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to give feedback to the second person.

We are deeply sorry for the misunderstanding caused by this, and thank you for your understanding and understanding. Summer is coming, ice cream is delicious; not only milk syrup and milk powder can be used to make ice cream, but also fresh milk.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Seriously suspect that this is Hema reverse propaganda copy. 1. Fresh milk with an original shelf life of 7 days will be removed from the shelves after only one day of sale, ensuring the freshness of the product. -It shows that the freshness management and product turnover of Hema fresh milk are very good. Consumers can drink fresh milk at any time. Second, in order to prevent waste, fresh milk will be used for ice cream and other goods for sale the next day, and the price is still low, only 2 yuan per stick. -As long as it can be guaranteed that the raw materials are within the warranty period when they are processed. There is no problem with this product. It is also in compliance with regulations. Isn’t this a model for companies to take the lead in promoting their own products, which not only guarantees the freshness, but also responds to the country’s call to prevent waste? This wave of suspected reverse is self-defeating and cannot withstand scrutiny and forward propaganda with a flip. It can only be said that the means are a bit high. . . . I don’t know if there are any fans of novels~~ It’s a bit like the routine of Boss Pei in “The Richest Man Losing to Become the Richest Man from the Start of the Game”~~ I hope that I will be a villain and a gentleman.

7 months ago

Not only I don’t mind, but I’m happy, “What, there’s really ice cream made of fresh milk, one for only 2 yuan?” First of all, this fresh milk is within the shelf life, and secondly, the merchant has not concealed or deceived consumers, right? . It not only meets the food distribution standards, but also sincerely does not deceive, and it costs 2 yuan per stick. Don’t be too happy to encounter such ice cream, okay, hoard a dozen and take it home and eat it slowly. I even wonder if this is the marketing plan of the merchant…Summer is coming. The original ice cream of 2 yuan and 1 piece of self-branded ice cream was not paid attention to. Everyone knows the next thing. It is made with fresh milk and it is cheap. There is no reason not to buy it. . When I was young, I don’t know when it started, and it’s fading away from our lives. A better ice cream now costs about 10 yuan to start. The sweet dream dragon, a mini pack of 38.4g, a box of 5 small sticks, costs 36 yuan, 7.2 yuan / small stick. Internet celebrity Zhong Xuegao is really delicious, 78g a piece, 10 pieces of two flavors a box, 166 yuan/box, 16.6 yuan/piece. The seemingly unremarkable Madiel, one 80g, varies from 8 yuan/piece to 22 yuan/piece according to different tastes. Zhongjie 1946, 68g one, the original flavor is also 15 yuan/stick. At present, there is no big pursuit. The next goal is to be free of ice cream. Unexpectedly, a little Tucao attracted so many resonances. Many friends shared their favorite ice cream with beautiful prices in the comments. It is very fulfilling and don’t miss it! Here is a brief summary: Northeast Big Board: The most recommended, I have only eaten the original flavor before. Some friends said that the blueberry flavor contains real blueberry pulp. You must try it next time you encounter it. The official store shows the classic milk-flavored ice cream, 82g a piece, three flavors of 20 pieces a box of 109 yuan, 5.45 yuan / stick. A box of 18 blueberries will cost 114 yuan, 6.3 yuan per stick. Milk flavor and bright blueberries: red beans and mung beans, milk bricks. Seeing this milk brick, I plan to place an order and try it. It feels like a child, simple but pure. Metro 49 yuan 6 kg: a friend recommended this, a large amount and affordable, if it can be eaten in a summer, it is still very cost-effective, about 1.3 yuan per 80 grams. McDonald’s Cone: Convenient to purchase with high quality and low price, I would like to recommend it. Then there are the highly praised ice creams such as Xiaopudding and Baxi. By the way, I also shared a few myself-one is the local ice cream that I ate for many years when I was a child, Lanzhou 504, there were two flavors at that time, one was milk flavor and the other was strawberry flavor. Not on Taobao, but in recent years it is also trying to upgrade the brand. There is a WeChat called Jincheng 504, which can be bought on it. I don’t know if the taste remains the same. There is also the Arctic Ocean. In addition to the double sticks, the bag in the front of the picture below is very suitable for family use, 200g a bag, 6 yuan; the small milk cake in the back is not big, but it wins in the small and lonely mouth. There is no burden to eat and eat at any time, 60g a piece, 10 pieces for 25 yuan, 2.5 yuan per piece. In addition, I found that there are almost all ice cream ice creams with their own characteristics in different places, such as Middle Street in Martell and the northeast slabs, which rushed out of the region to the whole country. In many places, ice cream is unique and beautiful. I have eaten two kinds of small ice cream in Yunnan, both of which are cheap. One of them is from Dali. I forgot the specific name. One is bayberry flavor, you can also immerse it in milk for eating and drinking, the taste is more layered, the acidity of bayberry and the mellow milky aroma are kneaded together; the other is glutinous rice, the grainy texture of glutinous rice is very real, with milk The fragrance has the fragrance of glutinous rice.

7 months ago

Let me talk about my opinion first. I don’t mind if I mind, but I’m afraid it won’t taste good. This wave of Hema propaganda is the most deadly in the atmosphere, reverse Versailles. There is nothing wrong with this approach, but I personally feel that the publicity effect will be greater than the actual effect. Hema’s yesterday’s fresh ice cream gave out two signals. First, I did use the daily fresh milk from the previous day. It was made of real ingredients and was not wasted. The second is two yuan a piece, which is a lore in the market. In addition to welfare, it is welfare. This means that it is in line with IKEA. After all, fresh milk ice cream for two bucks is really cheap in the face of similar products on the market. Except for the one-yuan pudding, two-yuan ice cream is really rare on the market. Not to mention the big factories like Yili, the more high-end Hexue, Menglong, Meiji, Internet celebrity Zhong Xuegao, Zhongjie, you may buy a lonely for two yuan, of course, you may also buy a mini and more cute . Hema two yuan a cream sorbet, you can earn it when you buy it. But the two-yuan Hema ice cream may not be delicious. Why? Of course, because of the raw materials, people don’t buy ice cream. Yesterday’s fresh ice cream was an accessory for Hema to buy milk. The raw material of ice cream is fresh milk every day. Based on big data and Hema’s daily average passenger flow, Hema’s milk purchase data will not be too different. After all, Daily Fresh Milk sells milk, not professional ice cream. If there are not too many raw materials and there is no guarantee, if the skin does not exist, the hair will be attached. So it’s very lucky and difficult to get ice cream for two dollars apiece. If you have to wait in line to get this ice cream, look at the sky and eat yesterday’s fresh ice cream. I would rather buy ice cream myself.

7 months ago

If you really just ask me personally, I would definitely not mind. I also strongly support my first meal to show you. When I was 16 years old, I also witnessed the family in the mountains. Maybe only the Chinese New Year will go there every year. It doesn’t matter what the Internet, traffic, and data are in the county town. I have witnessed a family bargaining with a hawker for ten yuan for an hour in 16 years. It’s useless to talk about it. Money must not be allowed! In 16 years, I personally felt that a pickup truck was only halfway into a ravine in a three-hour drive. What kind of four-wheeled vehicle is comfortable, but a three-wheeled vehicle does not work! This is not in a poverty-stricken county. It is only in the mountainous area of ​​a county in Nanyang, Henan. It is not a poverty-stricken area, nor is it a low-income household, because they can live on their own, grow shiitake mushrooms to make money, and young people can go out to work and earn money, but all year round. It’s just the amount of money. You still need a signal booster to make a phone call, and there is no signal from time to time. Since then, I will never waste any fucking food anymore. I will take as much food as I eat. I will never eat until I’m full. Waste, watching friends and they all put food on their plates in a mess, and finally tried to hide it. I was really angry. I smashed them, scolded them, and never gave them a good face. In the end, we Don’t eat buffet anymore. In the dining hall, one bowl of rice and one cake. I make as many meals as I eat. Sometimes when I eat, don’t tell the aunt about the less important things. Never waste it. The rice in the bowl belongs to me. I’m the cleanest to go out for dinner. I’ll treat and order food. I definitely don’t serve more. I don’t want to order more. Don’t give me a whole table and I can’t finish it. I let you go around. Friends think I’m a strange person, but never In terms of estimation, they laugh every time, even though they are stunned. I just don’t waste it. I just can’t get used to waste. Although they don’t understand me, they agree with me. I don’t have any right to ask them to do something. The restaurant will not waste? Who can not waste a little food in his life? I just hope to be a little conscious when I can waste it, and realize that my behavior is a waste, not what it should be! As long as I eat this thing within the shelf life, it has no effect on my body, I absolutely eat it, I eat a lot, I eat hard, I am not picky, I am not afraid of it, if you dare to make it for me, I will dare to eat, eat everything, ok Feed me, I am honorable, I am proud. I just don’t waste food. See if I’m upset, come and spray me if I don’t believe it. You can send me something and see if I’m not picky.

7 months ago

Don’t mind, don’t deceive consumers, as long as you make sure that the ice cream milk is within the shelf life. The shelf life of fresh milk is 7 days, and ice cream is made with fresh milk within the shelf life. Fresh milk is only sold for one day every day. If you don’t sell out, you can use it to make ice cream. Firstly, you can benefit consumers. In fact, the amount of 2 yuan ice cream is quite small this year, and secondly, you can avoid the waste of fresh milk. But I actually quite believe what someone Zhihu said, this wave is hype, reverse marketing. Let’s take a look at Hema’s response. The raw material of the “fresh milk ice cream” is mainly fresh milk within the shelf life, and the price is 2 yuan per stick; the fresh milk used is all low-temperature refrigerated, please rest assured. Since there is not much fresh milk that is not sold every day, the ice cream is sold in limited quantities. After preliminary testing, the fresh milk ice cream has been launched in 32 stores in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Chongqing; if you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to give feedback to the second person. Consumers ask why they want to use the fresh milk from the previous day to make ice cream, and explain clearly that the raw material of the ice cream is fresh milk within the shelf life. The purpose of this is to avoid the waste of fresh milk. Why do you want to say ice cream? What are the selling prices and in which cities are the fresh milk ice creams available? This ad is harder than my grandma’s dentures…Let’s take a look at the video at that time. Consumers complained about the video of Xiao Xiao Yilin’er making ice cream with fresh milk the day before. 1152 The whole video was played and it was like watching a new product launch conference of a major electronics manufacturer. Some pictures of netizens’ responses to consumers also appeared in the video, including such a picture. I can’t figure out the ps behind, is it related to making ice cream with the fresh milk from the previous day? Why would such a paragraph appear. It is no problem to use fresh milk within the shelf life to make ice cream, and it is worthy of recognition to avoid waste. But hype and reverse marketing are too ugly.

7 months ago

I don’t mind that the nutrition express line in the supermarket expired a few days ago, and the price has changed from 4 yuan to 2 yuan. This made me so happy that I bought it for 10 yuan. To tell you the truth, when the cashier scanned the merchandise for me, I couldn’t wait to dry a bottle. I like the feeling of a toad eating swan meat. We have a pastry shop that makes puffs especially delicious, but the price is a bit expensive for me, but I still want to eat it. Then I accidentally discovered that he was throwing away the puffs that were not sold during the day at night, so I went to the store and talked to the boss about whether they could sell them to me at a cheaper price. He didn’t agree and would not give them to me if they threw them away. It’s their rules to guard against people like me. I’m so angry, it feels like I want to marry a girl, but her father disagrees! He never expected that he successfully inspired my bloodyness as a man! I secretly swear! Be sure to eat cheap puffs! Later, I talked to the clerk when the boss didn’t come to the store at night, and gave him the money directly, instead of taking the account in the store. In our small county, we almost know each other. He is my brother playing basketball in the small square. A friend I met. Hehe, the shit boss would never think that I was ate swan meat by Xiaoye again. My laptop came in the same way. The original price was 6,999. I spent 3400 to get it. Because I took advantage of the fire and robbed a young mother. Her husband lost money in business. She had a baby who had just given birth. She sold all the wedding rings in order to pay off the debt. After arriving at her house, I watched the little doll lying on the bed still smiling at me, alas, I don’t know when she knew that her mother is now poor and sells computers, will she laugh, alas, her mother It’s hard to live now! I saw her poor. After taking the computer, I bought some bananas at the gate of the community, and then returned to give it to her. It was a bit of warmth among the poor! In fact, don’t laugh at me, it’s all because of poverty! Who buys second-hand computers if they are not poor? Who will sell his wedding ring? Who would buy bananas that are rotten as a gift? My house is too far away from Hema, otherwise I must go over and talk to their boss. Master, I like to eat swan meat, and I like to pick up dishes! ! ! Who told me to be honest!

7 months ago

This story is written in the same line as “27 yuan to eat Haidilao, anti-criminal service is poor”. It’s as if consumers search more and don’t know how to praise. It’s quite outrageous. If you have a little understanding of fast sales, you should know that milk, a low-priced fresh product, is not expensive in production, but in processing, storage and transportation. Otherwise, there will be no world-famous painting of “capitalism pouring milk”. The milk is packaged and shipped to the warehouse or offline store. It has been sold for a day, but it was not sold for that day, so I unpacked it and recycled it to make ice cream? ? ? To be blunt, in fact, you can just prepare a big bag of fresh milk to make ice cream, which saves you more money! It’s really economical. It’s not better to sell it at a discount. It’s not that the Hema store hasn’t had a temporary discount. It’s also said that the shelf life of fresh milk is 7 days, and it’s hard to dent the torii that can’t be sold in 1 day. I would also like to have some green tea with ice cream, emphasizing fresh milk. After marketing the store, the employees are forced to quit.

7 months ago

I don’t mind, but we can’t buy the daily fresh food when we go late… So is there no personal tendency to be a marketing tool? Generally, the flow of people in a store will probably have a benchmark, every day. There are a number of daily fresh milk sold, and in most cases it will be sold out. Even if it is not sold out, there will not be a few bottles left. It is really unlikely that they will not be sold out to make ice cream unless they plan to expand daily fresh milk. Supply so that there is surplus

7 months ago

This wave of box horses is in the atmosphere. First, the fidelity of ice cream is the second in the production of fresh milk, and the third in the limited edition of ice cream. The reverse propaganda is directly on the hot search. After detailed analysis by netizens on major platforms, the final conclusion is that you can buy fresh milk at Hema for 2 yuan. A limited amount of ice cream made. 2 yuan: just fits the current Internet pursuit goal: cheap and real. Any platform or individual that sells genuine goods at low prices, even if they don’t promote it, someone will advertise it to harvest traffic. Limited quantity: You may not have it when you come, but you will definitely visit Hema…Fresh milk: Focus on fresh milk. It is a good and affordable choice for consumers. It is a good show for friends and businessmen. Its own fresh product storage capacity and cost control ability, platform operation means can be called a textbook.

7 months ago

I seriously suspect that this problem and the previous news video are from Hema’s soft news. There are a few days in the news that fresh milk is pasteurized milk, which is only sold for one day and has a shelf life of seven days. It seems that Hema’s daily fresh products are really not a gimmick, they are really new every day. (Not just to change the label) Pasteurized milk for a week is not a big problem, it is all in supermarkets, and this kind of milk is said to have a shelf life of only 7 days, and it has slightly more nutrients. (I don’t know if it’s true or not, it seems to know it) If Hema takes a box of milk to make ice cream, you won’t see the date of production. (In fact, milk tea shops in coffee shops seem to have boxed milk, and bottled milk is rarely seen.) The raw material of fresh milk ice cream is mainly fresh milk within the shelf life. The price is 2 yuan per stick, which is really cheap, 2 yuan It seems that money can only buy ice cream at IKEA. McDonald’s ice cream is more than 2 yuan. Are you sure this is not an advertisement for Hema? If it’s good or not, let’s say that an ice cream made of fresh milk for 2 yuan is really cheap.

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