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My work experience is very similar to the subject. I happened to be 10 years younger than the subject. I used to work in a large foreign company for 10 years in a technical + management position. Later, I felt that being a screw of a large company was too boring, and it was too easy, so I quit my job and started my own business. As a result, the business failed and my savings ran out, so I had to look for a job again. After searching for three or four months, I have run into countless walls. I have also felt that the entire job market is extremely unfriendly to middle-aged women like me who are over 35 years old and have no skills. With emotion, people still have to face reality. I also gradually came out of the pain of entrepreneurial failure. The past ups and downs, let it pass. I adjusted my mentality, adjusted my goals and continued to find a job. Finally, this month, I found a relatively satisfactory job-doing sales in a private company with dozens of people. Why is “relative” satisfaction? Because this company is relatively formal among the private enterprises I have encountered, and the boss is very friendly to me. However, compared with the original unit, regardless of the management model, company size, overall remuneration, and the overall quality of colleagues, there is a certain degree The gap, and I can be considered a cross-industry start all over again. Therefore, when I first entered this company, I was really uncomfortable. I always wondered if I gave up such a stable job. However, he did not turn his head back when he opened the bow. Since he chose to face it, he has finally begun to get better in the past few days. I read a book a while ago, and after reading it, I found that the reason why I have been so muddled for more than 30 years is because I have been lacking goals, so I silently set myself short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. Now, I take this new job as a new starting point for my career. As long as I can do what I want to do and achieve my goals, the scale, private enterprise or foreign enterprise is just a platform for you to play. At the same time, I am also working hard to test various certificates to keep myself learning and find a way out for myself. A life with a goal, as expected, is very fulfilling every day. It seems to be a bit far away, I don’t know if I can help the subject, but I use this place to express my personal feelings. I wish the subject of a job find his favorite job as soon as possible!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

As a veteran of a foreign company, I feel sad about this problem and come here uninvited. After 20 years of glamorous golden development, Chinese foreign companies are now gradually declining due to the rise of national companies and Internet giants. This is the consensus of everyone. The subject of the problem may be that many 4050 foreign companies will be common in the next. The situation encountered. Compared with the barbaric growth of national enterprises, where a radish has several pits, foreign companies rely more on system management and the division of labor is very detailed. This has also led to the structure and specialization of the capabilities of foreign companies’ employees. Once they leave the system , It is inevitable that there will be confusion and loss in the outside world. But the matter is human, and I have not given more information. I will analyze it in several situations for the time being:-If it is a front-end manager of the business department, with resources on hand, the problem is not big, relying on your own resources and years of management experience, look for Finding small and medium-sized enterprises in the same industry should be able to smoothly and softly land-if it is a functional support department, such as finance and human management, it does not have existing resources, but has a strong point and considers expanding through its own skills. You can consider training and consulting routes, or professional coaches and other friends around me who have similar situations. An EMBA who went to a prestigious school after receiving a generous compensation, turned gorgeously and re-entered a foreign company and even the position was much higher than before; The other chose to go to a private enterprise and chose to make the back end of his career more exciting. Although it was hard for a while, the company is currently in the process of going public. Recalling the 4050 Project in the 1990s, many workers were laid off at that time, but they all found their own way in the market economy. I believe that if you can stand firm in a foreign company for 20 years, you naturally have your own strengths. There are crests and troughs in your life and workplace, and you should succeed in playing your strengths not far away.

7 months ago

How is the money saved after working for 20 years? If it weren’t for the group of people who bought a lot of real estate and leveraged them in the previous two years, the 45-year-old should belong to the golden stage of life. If you are willing to reduce the quality of life, you should not have to worry about living on interest. In the past two years of the epidemic, many people have been unemployed, and many people say that finding a job is difficult. In fact, there are always hiring companies in the market, but it is difficult to find a comfortable unit with good welfare, small workload, and elderly care. Those who are willing to work hard can still easily find opportunities to be squeezed. This is because if business owners do not squeeze their employees, how can they get excess profits? They live by this. No matter what the market conditions are, they can find employers who want to hire people, but the degree of squeeze varies. 45 years old, rich and experienced, if you don’t want to sell your labor for a living, you can turn to be an employer and start a new phase in your life. Maybe you will find that you as a boss are more capable than you as an employee!

7 months ago

Worked in a foreign company for 20 years. Although you don’t know what industry position you are in a foreign company, you are probably a managerial person. In foreign companies, the division of labor is generally finer, and each position is a screw. If you are a resource-based cadre, you can find a job in a private enterprise. Private enterprises need resources very much. The same goes for technical cadres. If you are a managerial cadre, the truth is the same. Bring good management ideas to private enterprises, combine the actual situation of private enterprises, and embed good and usable concepts, methods, and processes of foreign enterprises silently, so as to improve efficiency and increase benefits for private enterprises. How can it be so difficult to work? Where are you looking for? If you are a worker, it may be difficult to find another job. Because he is old after all. Older, compared with young people, the price-performance ratio is lower. The first is the body, which can’t fight young people. The second is thinking. I have experienced everything that I should experience at this age. It is not easy to “flicker”. The third is to have a family, which will distract part of the energy. The fourth is that in some positions, it is more expensive than young people, which will increase the labor cost of enterprises. Hope to give some hints to your employment ideas.

7 months ago

When I was young, I often listened to teachers and media indoctrination: private enterprises are dynamic, flexible and efficient. State-owned enterprises are lifeless and dull, and all kinds of restrictions restrict efficiency. After growing up and working, I somehow entered a state-owned enterprise and became a screw. I slowly discovered that the previous impression was stereotyped. The things that were instilled were first of all concealed. Private enterprises: Vigorous, flexible, and efficient. To a large extent, they are based on imperfect systems and inadequate management. After all, capital is capital, as long as there is a chance, it will be profitable. Energetic, isn’t it? They are all young people. Where did the old people go? It’s not that people in private companies have rejuvenation skills. Flexible, too. The law doesn’t prohibit everything, and even if you don’t say it, you can do it without saying it. High efficiency, too. Without rules and regulations, some things can be determined by tapping your head, but the risks are obvious to all. On the other hand, state-owned enterprises: lifeless, dull, all kinds of boxes. This kind of enterprise does not know who summarized it, and it is estimated that it has never been in a state-owned enterprise. Indeed, there are more old men and old ladies. After all, there is a certain limit on the number of enterprises, and the elderly cannot be expelled. People have worked so hard for a lifetime, you can’t say that you kicked it away and lost n+1? These people have their own positions as long as they are able to do something. If you are old, no young people can survive, and if you have high blood pressure, you should arrange things less. After all, something is considered a work-related injury, and there is an indicator of work-related injury in the company’s assessment. We are not a production unit, and we don’t have a work-related injury quota. We have to deduct our bonus for work-related injuries. Because of the existence of the elderly, state-owned enterprises appear to be bloated and have a larger number of people. But this is normal. Everyone, we are not capitalists. Don’t get crooked. Don’t you want to have a free position when you are old, and go home from work eight hours a day. If the old woman is sick, ask her to buy a chicken and stew for a long time before returning to work? Wandering around after work and wrangling with young people, happily? But my company didn’t see anyone with a vegetarian meal. At most, some people live more, and the bonus is more, some people live less, and the bonus is less. We also have departmental targets. Don’t think that state-owned enterprises take dead wages; every time the targets are set, they must be reported to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State. If the elderly do not retreat, there will not be too many places for the young. Our company hired a group of seven of us the year before last and never hired again. This is a normal phenomenon, everyone, it proves that the company does not open people, then think about this highly liquid company and know why it is so liquid. Some companies may have many so-called opportunities, but there are also many opportunities for state-owned enterprises. You said that state-owned enterprises have related households, but state-owned enterprises have at least a series of systems to eliminate them, and even now they are avoiding suspicion. What about private companies? Private-enterprise-related households are no longer called affiliated households, they are called young masters and princesses. They are seven aunts and eight aunts. It’s fair to say, after all, the company is the owner of the business, so I want to do what I want. Go to work at ten o’clock and leave work at six o’clock. There is work to do at get off work, and there is no work to talk to the next office, make coffee and share the things you just bought online. This is what work should be like. It’s okay to buy a flower stand in the office, plant flowers, raise fish, and go to work. Everyone is a colleague leader. After get off work, they are all sisters and brothers. Colleagues are colleagues for life. Everyone knows that getting along well will not have a bad relationship. This is what work should be like. Yes, the salary will not be too high, but there is more than the top and the bottom. There is always one hundred thousand a year. Usually there is nothing to spend. There are dormitories for accommodation, 250 single rooms a month, although the conditions are not very good. There is a cafeteria at noon, and I always want to buy you something on holidays. The union’s money is still rich and can’t be wasted, so I can do more activities and buy more prizes for everyone. I have never bought any laundry detergent, shampoo, rice noodle oil. Oops, the office director is missing a sweater. Next time the prize office director will order a sweater. We can’t bear to change one. She said change the jacket. I want to climb the trash mountain behind ;Yes, in a state-owned enterprise. You are a screw, but you really didn’t stop you from studying. No one will say you when you go to work and read the textual research, and no one will say you when you take a day off and half a day off to test your driver’s license, and the bonuses are also a lot. You just have to talk to the study side and who will say you. On the contrary, if you have a certificate, you will be given more bonuses, as long as the certificate is true. Comrades, this is what life should be like. We have various rules and regulations, but the purpose of these is not for the sake of the company, but for the employees. Making money for a company is the second priority, and your employees do not make political mistakes. The most important thing is that, Pharaoh, I still want to play cards with you, so don’t go in first. This is precisely because you are a screw, so even if you are stupid, you will not be fired. It is enough for you to work hard in your place for a lifetime. Some people will be fired less than two years after working in a private company, but in our company, they can be stupid and stupid without delaying their being our good comrades. There are employees who are stationed abroad and no one is watching their parents at home, so the company leaders will go to see them and have a meal together. Of course the company is reimbursed. What about young people who are single? The networking event urges him to participate more. Any young people around him who know him will be introduced. You can find the right person with one mouth, and there is nothing wrong with finding me again. In addition, I am very pleased that our Youth League branch won the Central Youth Civilization Award. It will be updated after receiving the award today. (I regret that I can’t go to Beijing because of the epidemic?)

7 months ago

After staying in one place for a long time, there will be an inexplicable sense of security. Once it broke, it was at a loss. In fact, there is no absolute safety zone in this world. You came out, even passively. Congratulations, you have the opportunity to choose your life again. Mindset, the most important thing is the mentality, adjust it and go on! 45 years old, you are older than me, I hope you find your direction and motivation sooner.

7 months ago

At least N+1 compensation is a lot of money, if you have worked in a company for the past 20 years. The wages of foreign companies are high. A dozen or twenty years ago, it was not a little bit higher than that of other units. It should have been saved a lot over the years. Therefore, your anxiety should not be economic, it may be the psychological discomfort brought about by the inertia of the work for 20 years. Take a long trip by car, adjust your mentality, and start a leisurely and interesting retirement day for the rest of your life. Of course, if you had a second child and just took out a school district housing loan, that is another matter. The economy is under great pressure, and you have to go to work. It is estimated that it is difficult to maintain the original income and position, but it should still be possible to mobilize the contacts accumulated over the past 20 years and find a general job, just to overcome the psychological gap.

7 months ago

Layoffs, divestment, or being opened, or the contract expires without renewal, what industry and what position is at which level, these are not clear. You ask us how do you know what you should do, 45 after entering the workplace, if it is not mixed to stability Everyone at the top of the company’s industry has problems with career continuity, but there are always some family backgrounds. What can be done? Maybe there is still a second spring in life. If you live well, you will win.

7 months ago

Foreign companies used to have such high salaries. Twenty years ago, foreign companies had a salary of several thousand a month, which was about the same as the house price of one square meter. There was a tax refund for buying a house back then. Ordinarily, if you buy a house early (two or more sets), you have to pay off the loan and still have a large investment. The child should go to high school, and it is not as expensive as a private elementary school. Isn’t it fragrant to retire early [cover your face], why do you have to do something. Adjust your mentality and live your life on investment income. Don’t waste it too much. Otherwise, even if you stay until you retire to receive your pension, you will not be able to bear the gap between your pension and your income in a foreign company. You can’t keep doing it. It’s not ironic, serious, people can’t go uphill all the time. When you’re young, you just want to be refreshed, and you can go straight to Tahiti. Buy black pearls. Middle-aged and elderly people will take a walk around India, Malaysia and Thailand when the ticket is on sale. In fact, life is not a loss, I did the coolest things at the best age.

7 months ago

Uninvited, I stayed in Hong Kong for more than 10 years, but the boss closed the mainland company and paid compensation. At that time, I was under pressure. It took two months to learn industry software, and at the same time, I calmed down and thought about myself. How should I go? When I reach my age, I have to start from scratch. It takes courage. During the period, some friends tried to form a team, but the general situation was not good. I continued to adjust and found a state-owned enterprise. I am still adapting. Regardless, the current is to maintain a basic life. Saying so much is to cheer up together. You should not be confused when you are 40, just give yourself a cooling-off period, imagine your original intentions, and prepare to set off again. But my experience is that we must dare to take the first step. We may not be as free and easy as young people. We can give up at any time and rely on it, because we are the dependence of others; we are not going to give up our dreams, but need more. Pursue dreams realistically and purposefully. Don’t let the former self restrain the present self, do well in the present, accept the words and act sharply. Of the above

7 months ago

Seeing the subject, I am very impressed, we are so similar… Now I am married to a property company, in charge of property management, daily plumbing, heating, and miscellaneous chores. My former colleagues are very booing.. .. I think I was also a first-class human resources director and administrative director, who lectured everywhere, but now the years have passed…for the elderly and children have to stay in this position. I feel wronged, unwilling, unwilling…I also wanted to do it myself, but reality doesn’t allow it…The three mountains of the elderly and children are crushed hard on their bodies, and they can’t breathe. There is no time, the family can’t take care of the children’s education, and the body is destroyed in the end. Even if the money is earned, it will be the medical expenses of the second half of the life. Stay steady, good health is also making money…Look at how expensive the hospital is now! When people reach middle age, health comes first, and the body is the capital of revolution! Besides, middle-aged people are inherently viral. That company is willing to use workplace veterans who are at risk and whose energy and physical strength are not as good as those of young people? Therefore, there are only two ways out: one: self-employment! Think about the risks…. Physical risks, strength risks, and industry selection risks… Two: Find a company that can take in (very miserable, but age has no advantage). It is the inevitability of history, so right your mind…

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