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During the worst of the epidemic, a flight was carried out to transport medical staff. I have never seen such an affectionate controller, hesitating cold and warm all the way, flying straight all the way at all altitudes. Finally arrived one hour earlier than the planned flight time. This situation is equivalent to asking the traffic police to turn all traffic lights green when driving, which is difficult to replicate. At that time, there was a feeling that everyone was working together to run the relay race, and the plane and I were the sticks. When the situation of the epidemic was still unclear, I was determined that we would not be defeated. The normal transportation of organs will be focused on protection. If it is really urgent to death, I believe all practitioners and managers will do their best. I have also longed for another system, the so-called freedom. After experiencing the Wenchuan earthquake and this epidemic, I realized that our system also has its advantages, and it is even the best solution at certain times. This is a big test sweeping the world, and we handed in an answer that surprised others. In the past, all kinds of things were caused by poverty. Our national and cultural resilience is extremely high, and we can explode amazing energy in the face of adversity. The confidence we have gained may be more important than the lithography machine, and all of this is expected by a talented librarian. 2021.04.19 unexpectedly got a lot of praise, take this floor to express my thoughts. Enhancing national confidence is a good thing, but the current domestic public opinion trend is blindly criticizing foreign countries (&led by XGuan.com), as if these old-brand capitalist countries are scumbags. Especially for the United States, there seems to be an unreliable president. Isn’t he the world’s most powerful country? Isn’t a civilization that has won the world in just a few hundred years deserves caution? What I hope more is to get some objective reports and to know exactly what kind of opponent we are facing. Today’s media is more about pushing what you want to watch than what you need. Our cultural heritage has been tested by history. For thousands of years, we have been able to rush to the top of civilizations every once in a while, but who knows whether this is ups and downs, or ups and downs? There was once a teenager who was ridiculed when he answered why he was reading for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. I can understand but I can’t understand it! Only when a country is prosperous can the people be happy. I believe that the comrades in Iraq, Syria and Ukraine understand this truth.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The transportation of organs is a special guarantee. From operations, airports, and air traffic control, comprehensive coordination and comprehensive “speed-up” is mainly manifested in the opening of green channels at airports, so that organs can be carried by doctors on the most suitable flight in the shortest time after harvesting. Security checks, queuing, boarding, etc. can all be said to be zero resistance. The airline’s operation coordination will also fully cooperate. The “selected” flights will generally be closed late to wait for the organs and doctors who are late. If the originally planned plane is delayed at the base airport of the airline, it will be directly replaced with another plane. Special treatment to perform tasks to avoid time delays. The air traffic control department will also give priority to release, priority queue, priority takeoff, and try to ensure that the aircraft can take off on time, arrive early, or arrive on time after taking off. In addition, the crew will also arrange for medical staff to get off the plane first. There is a speed limit for airplanes in the air. In principle, the pilot will fly faster, but the difference caused by this speed difference is not obvious. Usually, simply adjusting the speed means saving 10-20 minutes. So we have to count on the coordination of air traffic control and other departments to be more important

7 months ago

Speeding up is not the most important thing. Normally, if you fly according to the route and flight plan, the general gap may be as long as ten minutes, and the air traffic control and route restrictions may not allow you to speed up as you want. If you want more time ahead, the most important thing is actually the various guarantee units of the flight. The green passage of the airport shortens the ground taxi distance for take-off and landing, the air traffic control coordination flow control exemption, the reduction of circumvention in the air, the application of direct flight on the route, the ground plane position on the bridge and so on, the time is saved from these aspects. Under normal circumstances, when organs are transported, airlines will report to the Civil Aviation Administration as soon as possible, and the Operation Monitoring Center of the Civil Aviation Administration will issue guarantee instructions to relevant units. Therefore, the final flight can be punctual or ahead of schedule, and the air speed increase is only one aspect. It is more about the coordination and linkage of various units to ensure the smooth completion of the delivery task.

7 months ago

Yes, but no matter how fast the flight is (within a safe range), it will not be fast for a few minutes. I once encountered a transport of living organs, and I forgot exactly where I returned to Shanghai. At that time, the flight was delayed because of waiting for the doctor. After a while (there is no flight back to Shanghai on the following day, we are the last one), waited for almost twenty minutes, then boarded the plane directly, closed the door and launched. The controller knows how to transport these things. As soon as we went up, they asked us how high we wanted to fly. Damn, the first time I was asked this, I felt flattered, and then told him our cruise altitude, and then Flying straight all the way, maybe ten minutes faster than usual. After landing, the guarantee is also very fast. There will be 120 waiting under the bridge. After all, time is life at this time, and it is still very powerful~

7 months ago

The cruising speed of the aircraft is relatively stable, such as Boeing 747, 777 cruising speed m0.83-0.84, Boeing 787, Airbus 350, Airbus 380, cruising speed m0.84-0.85, Airbus 320, Boeing 737, Boeing 738 cruising m0.77-m0.78, Gulfstream series 500 and above models, cruising m0.85-0.86. In the case of unlimited speed, the speed will not increase much, only Mach 0.01, and the ground speed is eleven or two kilometers per hour. Therefore, the general report is the transportation of living organs. Without special circumstances, direct air flight is much more useful than speed control.

7 months ago

The root aircraft has little to do with air traffic control. Not to mention the transportation of organs, helicopter first aid is more serious than this. A few days ago, at Reignwood Beijing, the helicopter was first aided, and he was on the ground waiting for the air traffic control to stop. After tens of minutes, people are still dead. Ten years ago, my own order, a helicopter in the mountainous area of Hunan, transported patients with cerebral hemorrhage to Xiangya Hospital. One way is 400 kilometers, with fuel in the middle. After a few airspaces, I was finally worried about the possibility of waiting on the ground. Let patients finally choose land transportation. Obtain a low-altitude aeronautical chart, and fly according to the rules.

7 months ago

I don’t know about the airplane, but if there are important or emergency supplies on the train, it’s really a green light all the way to a running bag that can run up to 160 (special bag). The general cargo can run at the top of the grid. This refreshing feeling must have been experienced. The torture of general cargo can understand that you have to wait for the bus to be closed. When you wait for a short time, it takes ten minutes to three or four hours. When the sunroof is repaired, you have to wait for the bottom of the car. It’s not a dream to be overworked for several hours, it’s a reality. When the green light is put on the military train, the dispatcher keeps telling the attendant to instruct “the driver of the train number xxxxx, the dispatcher instructs the train to run at speed”. Become a kind of enjoyment.

7 months ago

As far as I know, the cruising speed of an airplane is generally close to the maximum flight speed of the airplane (of course, different types of airplanes, loads of different weights of cargo and passengers are affected), and the time to gain speed in the air generally does not exceed 10 minutes. Therefore, speeding up in the air is basically of no effect, and speeding up is generally carried out during airport security checks and other links!

7 months ago

I have taken the cornea on an airplane many times. Let me start with the conclusion that the airplane will not speed up the transfer of organs that are not very time-sensitive, such as the cornea. In the process of transportation, the cornea generally needs to be placed in a specific preservation solution; and it is necessary to ensure that the temperature is not too high. Therefore, we usually carry several ice packs with us, and put the cornea and ice packs together in the transfer box. Because there are ice bags and liquids, you can only check in on the plane. The difference between different airports is here. Some airports only need to show relevant documents and make instructions during the check in. Generally, they will be released. And some airports will require unpacking, and you will not be allowed to leave until you have verified that it is correct. The most exaggerated time was at Guiyang Airport. I only brought the electronic version of the document and the donation consent form. After I explained to the security checker that it was a human organ, the security checker was immediately confused. It is probably the first time he encountered this Things, do not know how to deal with. Then they called all kinds of calls, called the superiors, and seized my ID card, and asked another security checker to keep an eye on me the whole time. Then I took me through the first black house in my life. I took photos of my boarding pass and ID card one by one, and called the flight to give me a free upgrade to the front row. It is estimated that I was treated as reselling human organs. The trafficker hasn’t participated in the transportation of other organs. Different organs can be stored for different periods of time. However, there are strict reporting controls for the take-off and landing of the plane. It is not like saying that the master is quicker, I will be in a hurry. For organs with high time requirements, if the distance is not particularly far, they will still be transported in a time-controllable travel mode, such as driving by a motor car. Or it needs to communicate in advance from multiple departments such as hospitals and airports to open green channels and save time in queuing. This is much more useful than air acceleration.

7 months ago

Yes, but not much faster. The cruising speed of the aircraft is about M0.85, usually only low, not high, no matter how high, the airflow on the upper surface of the wing will be supersonic. In other words, if you die, the airspeed indicator will become red, and it will not be able to withstand the high body structure of M0.9. It won’t be a few minutes soon. Most of the coordination is on the ground, allowing you to release early and land early.

7 months ago

Generally, on the premise of ensuring safety, direct flights will be applied to reduce unnecessary waiting, and priority will be given to transporters to get off the plane. Focus on ensuring that transporters leave the airport unhindered

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