After a serious outbreak of the new crown epidemic in India, India’s Modi government has also been severely criticized by many Indian netizens and opposition politicians.

However, according to many foreign media reports, Modi responded to these criticisms by sending a letter to the American social networking company “Twitter” asking the company to delete posts criticizing Modi’s government.

But “Twitter” actually did so.

Judging from the clues given by foreign media, the Indian government had already sent a “deleted post” to the US social platform “Twitter” as early as April 23, when the epidemic in India had worsened severely, requesting Twitter. Dozens of posts criticizing the Indian government were deleted:

Although from the reports of some Indian media, the Indian government claimed that the posts requested to be deleted were “rumor posts” that “incited” public sentiment and “abused” social media, and were not blocking comments that criticized the government, but they were upright. After inquiring, I found that the vast majority of these posts were not rumors, but criticized the Modi government for inaction, only seeking votes and contempt of the epidemic.

A Modi regime sent representatives to Twitter headquarters. The Twitter staff asked him: “May I ask the representative of your country to come to our company for advice?” The Indian representative: “Let’s learn how to block opposition speech.” Twitter staff: “How can you call this a ban! We have always maintained Free and democratic values!” Representative of India: “Yes, that’s what we have to learn!” The second Twitter staff introduced the Twitter management system to the representative of India. Representative of India: “Does Twitter protect freedom of speech?” Twitter staff: ” Of course, people can freely choose to praise Biden or oppose Trump.” Representative of India: “Uh… What about opposing Biden or praising Trump?” Twitter person: “Oh, this is not what I want. Freedom. You have chosen the wrong speech.” The three Twitter staff introduced the Twitter system to the Indian representative, and the Indian representative was very satisfied. Representative of India: “Then, can your company help us block comments against Modi?” Twitter person: “What are you talking about? Of course not. We must not bow to any political power.” The representative of India thought for a moment. Asked again: “Then can you help us control the rumors that incited public sentiment and abuse of social media?” Twitter staff: “Of course it’s okay, we are obliged to safeguard freedom of speech!” Four Indian representatives reported to Modi after returning home. . Modi: “I asked you to ask Twitter to block the posts. Are you ready?” Representative: “President, Twitter said that the American democratic system guarantees freedom of speech, and online social media will not bow to any political power…” Modi: “Asshole, you messed up all of this!” Representative: “But they realized that controlling rumor posts that incited public sentiment and abuse of social media would undermine freedom of speech, so they automatically deleted these posts spontaneously.” Modi: ” Ah! Yes, yes, Twitter will never bow to any political power. I understand this.”


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This precisely reflects how strong democracy is in Western countries. You see, when criticizing Magic Flute on Twitter, Magic Flute also has to send a letter to Twitter through the state to delete posts, instead of deleting posts unconsciously. The whole process is open and transparent, and there is no hiding at all. Not a democracy what is this? Because the Indian government is elected by the people, the decisions and actions made by the Indian government represent the will of the people. This deletion of posts also represents the deletion of posts voted by the Indian people. It is very reasonable and very democratic. Those who oppose the deletion of posts are opposed to the will of the democratic government of India, and are essentially opposed to democracy in India. Individuals should not be arrogant and question India’s freedom and democracy, but believe in India. With such a powerful system, India will surely become the world’s largest country in the future.

7 months ago

Watching the overseas videos of the third Indian brothers (pure Indian English, my Indian English listening is 100% pass), two Indians discuss when India was the worst: one said that it was terrible during the Mughal Empire, and the exorbitant taxes and taxes are endless. Many Indian tribes are uncivilized and have the custom of burning widows; another said that the British were really miserable when they were there. Indians were all second-class citizens and were bullied by the governor and the Royal Marines. The previous one said, Pakistan and China had the worst antagonism, especially in 1962. Many wealthy people in New Delhi packed up and prepared to flee, thinking that China was going to occupy the capital; the second one said this, and suddenly cried: “Look at me now. Although I immigrated to the United States, my mother died under Modi!”

7 months ago

This topic is a bit interesting. Is India putting pressure on Twitter? However, it is said that the United States of America has helped delete a lot. This operation is 666. Worthy of being a good friend of the Ganges people and the big brother of the Modi government. It is said that the label “Modi stepped down” has been blocked. A “Twitter” spokesperson on Netcom has admitted that they did deal with these online posts. In addition, the process for deleting “Twitter” posts is described in detail as follows: If the relevant post violates Twitter’s own posting rules, it will be removed directly; if it violates the relevant laws and regulations in India, it will be in India. Blocked so that Indians cannot see these posts. In fact, let’s take a closer look. The vast majority of posts in many posts are not groundless, but are actually criticizing the Modi government for only attracting votes but not acting on the epidemic. In addition, talking a little more will become a worry. These guys from the Indian government, X jumped over the wall and dumped the cause of the epidemic to China. Transform contradictions into ethnic contradictions between countries and even between us. Beware of such things. After all, the magical “South Asian powers” never play their cards according to their routines.

7 months ago

This shows that India is worthy of the reputation of “the largest democratic country”. It is indeed quite the true story of “Western-style democracy”. In a word, the true story of so-called “Western-style democracy” is: if you are not yourself, you are not worthy of democracy. Twitter: You China is not democratic. So I can block the account of the Chinese. India: I am the most democratic in India, so you should delete the posts criticizing me. Is there something wrong of course, but in the eyes of Westerners, it’s really fine. The idea of Western Christian culture is the premise of equality and fraternity. It’s the same believers but heretics are born to be damned. The so-called Western democracy has not escaped the fatal narrowness of Western culture. A domineering face of “You are not democratic, shut up” and “If you are not democratic, I will kill you.” People will have the same view of the world as we do. The view of human nature is the same as we are. The world is the same as we are. People from far away from the world are happy. This is our absolute misunderstanding of the West and the tolerance of Chinese culture. Compared with the West based on Christianity Civilization is very narrow and very barbaric

7 months ago

Modi stayed well. Twitter is American. How can Americans listen to your instructions. Once the post is posted, you ask for it to be deleted again. It will be too late. Modi, can’t you control Twitter or Indians? If you don’t let Indians go on Twitter, it’s over. Anyone who goes on Twitter will be caught and fined. In India, what you say is what you say, so why bother to request deletion of posts? Modi ruled the country. He had headaches and feet. He couldn’t find the root cause and couldn’t grasp the key points. He took jujube pills.

7 months ago

This is not the first time that this kind of thing has happened. The last time the Kashmir problem was all sorts of deletions. The normal operation is not surprising.
It is still recommended that the Indian government, which is boasting that India’s coders are the best in the world, should hurry up on its own social software system and make such jokes all day long in the province.
But this kind of problem was raised by Universal on Zhihu…
I don’t know which party has the cute inner ghost…

7 months ago

In fact, with the current epidemic in India, it is no longer possible to form herd immunity only by full vaccination. Not only is it because it takes time for vaccines to develop immunity, but with the current population density and morbidity in India, it is very likely that the vaccinators will be infected before they develop immunity. It is also because of the extremely uneven economic development in India, the large gap between the rich and the poor in urban and rural areas, and the allocation of medical resources is even more out of the question. Those remote areas did not have the ability to detect at all, and during the epidemic, the epidemic prevention measures in large cities caused a large number of unemployed migrant workers to return to their hometowns, which spread the triple mutant virus that broke out in large cities to all parts of the country. After all, vaccine production takes time and it is impossible to cover the entire population in a short period of time. Without comprehensive testing data, the distribution of vaccines cannot be discussed at all. In fact, Modi knows this very well, so he can only heal his headaches and heal his feet, and block public opinion before talking. As for the next step, it should be to drive the poor out of the big cities, and then tightly seal the big cities one by one, with the only vaccines that are relatively abundant in medical resources, and concentrated injections in various economic core areas that have sufficient testing capabilities to make better-looking data. Then manipulate public opinion to exaggerate the results of epidemic prevention, and strive to bring back the support rate. People in other non-core areas are left to fend for themselves. As for the relief of the national epidemic, I am afraid that we can only wait for the end of the round of natural elimination while the slow vaccination is gradually advancing… Modi’s announcement in February that India had defeated the COVID-19 pandemic was too wrong, and a complete relaxation of epidemic prevention is killing him. Now it has done everything in order to get back the approval rating, and it should also be on Modi’s agenda again to provoke military conflicts with neighboring countries. The so-called “democratic party” means nothing more than manipulating public opinion, blocking news, exaggerating propaganda, distorting facts, fooling public opinion, shirking responsibility, inciting populism, and shifting contradictions. As expected, nothing new.

7 months ago

India requested that Twitter be deleted, and Twitter was deleted. On other people’s chassis, you still have to listen to others. The number of Indian users in the US Internet giants exceeds that of the United States. Among them, Facebook and the US version of Zhihu have the largest number of users, and Twitter is also in the forefront. If you want an Indian market, you have to follow India’s requirements. The Internet is not a place outside the law. If you don’t follow India’s requirements, India can ban Twitter just like tiktok.

7 months ago

Your family raises an obedient dog, which provides you with high-end talents, resources, and cheap labor; you also sell him some weapons and equipment that he would never use or use; it does not compete with you in the high-tech industry, and does it silently. Well, I’m the most inferior role in the global division of labor. I don’t complain, don’t ask for it, use religion and culture to raise more than 1 billion people as animals; even if you ask him to bite a toe and move it gently The behemoth that was trampled to death, it would not say a word. One day it was scolded on your website and asked you to delete the post. Are you embarrassed not to agree? Do you still have a conscience, are you still a person? Isn’t it hundreds of millions of lives? People lost reputation and the throne of prime minister.

7 months ago

Isn’t it too late for the critics’ remarks to have spread and been noticed by Magic Flute before deleting it? I have a fantastic idea. If the Modi authorities can find a way to win over major telecom operators in India, and then spend a lot of money to hire a group of world-class information technology experts, is it possible to develop a kind of software through this The software can detect the websites visited by Indian netizens in real time. If Indian netizens may browse some information on these websites that is unfavorable to Modi’s authorities, then this software can be used to forcibly close this webpage. It’s a pity that I don’t know much about this technology. If this software can be implemented, I think there is a lot of room for application.

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