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As a northerner, he eats more noodles, less rice, and even less rice noodles. I used to think that things like rice noodles and rice noodles are sticky, soft, and awkward. Can this be delicious? ? ? Still too young. I went to Guangxi in 17 and Hunan, Jiangxi, and Sichuan in 19. Many cities went there for food and tasted countless delicacies. The most memorable thing is this fan. Thanks for the recommendation of the students from the comment area: “Tan Huangshi” boxed snail noodles in Liuzhou is truly a classic that transcends the times! A classic beyond the authentic meaning! If you are not in Liuzhou, it’s okay to stop Liuzhou. You only need to eat “Tan Huang’s” boxed Liuzhou snail noodles once in your life. You will definitely remember that Liuzhou is a beautiful city in minutes. Eaten, amazing, greedy, and bought again. Let me talk about Hunan fans first. The first bowl of noodles was eaten in a local hotel cafeteria. In the usual staple food area, there are several bowls of freshly cooked noodles and a few large dishes (I don’t know if Hunan is called Caimaang) in front. Ask the hot powder brother: Which dish is the most authentic? Answer: Stir-fried pork with chili, spicy beef, and eel are all very good. I remembered that I had a meal of Hunan food in Loudi, and the feeling of fire in my ass the next day, I didn’t challenge the spicy food anymore. So I ordered a bowl of eel meal. The little brother blanched a bowl of noodles. The noodles looked like the kind of knife cut, flat, and didn’t want the roundness of rice noodles. I poured two spoons of eel myself. The feeling of eating is just four words: lingering dreams. It’s a food I’ve never experienced before, and I really remember it for a lifetime! In the next few days, I have tried more than a dozen different kinds of code. The eel and beef rice noodles are the best to my liking. Let’s talk about Hengyang fish meal. Fish meal is not like other rice noodles. It has a variety of toppings. This soup is stewed with pork bone soup and fried fish fillets, plus hot-cooked noodles. . Because of the addition of pork bones and fresh fish, the taste is just one word: fresh! This Hengyang fish meal is simply refined! I have made fish meal with crucian carp myself, and the taste is not as good as Hunan’s. I have written recipes before, so you can go and take a look. Jiangxi’s rice noodles feel similar to Hunan’s, because Hunan, which went first, has a lot of preconceived tastes. Jiangxi has a lot more fried noodles than Hunan, and no matter what kind of fried noodles, they use super spicy chili sauce or Chaotian pepper. No matter what kind of dish, by default, it is filled with chili. This is even more “terrifying” than Hunan! Let me talk about the fans in Guangxi. Guangxi’s noodles are most famous for Guilin rice noodles and snail noodles. Guilin rice noodles are eaten in other places. They are not particularly amazing. I will not comment on them. Let’s talk about snail noodles. In 17 years, I was fortunate enough to go to Guangxi and eat local snail noodles. At that time, snail noodles had not been popular all over the country, and even a senior foodie like me had only heard of it, and had no chance to try it. After the reception, the local aboriginal suggested to try the local specialty snail noodles. Okay, let someone arrange it. Roadside stall, sit down. Suddenly smelled a strange smell. What do you say about the smell? It doesn’t smell very comfortable, but it’s definitely not “stinky”, and there is no smell of toilet explosion. It’s just a little strange smell! Later I learned about the taste of pickled sour bamboo shoots. I brought a big bowl of red puff. In addition to this powder, the most conspicuous thing was the red oil on it, as well as the fried bean curd, capers, fungus, and vegetable leaves. As a guest, I ate a topping in the store. Version, there are two duck feet in it. Comes with a few bottles of Liquan beer, iced. Probably such a bowl of powder. Take a mouthful of fans, Hunan people taught me to “suck”. Cough! This red oil pierced the throat! Moreover, how can this red oil be so much hotter than Shanxi’s hot pepper! The first mouth almost came out directly. This chili oil is not good for drilling your throat. I, from Shandong, came to the south and didn’t tell people to put less chili. It was just looking for excitement. However, it may also be for nothing. I ordered the team in Jiangxi before and told the chef: “Teacher, from Shandong, let’s less chili.” The chef replied, “Why don’t you do it?” I will do it? Hurry up and have a beer. To be honest, this beer is average. Industrial beer is still delicious from Shandong’s Taishan puree. Fortunately, the iced ones can resist the spiciness. Another bite of noodles, this taste is super strong! The hot and sour taste prevails. Fortunately, there are crispy sour bamboo shoots and capers, which can neutralize the hot flavor. In the future, the hot and sour taste is still there, and there is more fresh fragrance. Just discovered! This snail powder, how can it be called snail powder without snails? The store replied, the snails were boiled for a long time and melted in the soup, and then boiled with large pork bones and chicken racks, the soup was naturally delicious. That’s it! ! ! The duck feet are soft and delicious, delicious! After a while, this bowl of powder entered the stomach. Seeing Guangxi natives raised their heads and sucked the half bowl of soup into their mouths, I frowned. I’d better keep this soup. Thanks to this beer today, it was sour and refreshing! The next day, at night, he was taken to eat snail noodles again. This time I have experience. “Boss, use less red oil.” This boss is kinder than the boss in Jiangxi and didn’t let me do it myself. This time the spiciness is much less, and the food is much more enjoyable. I suck the powder and drink the soup in one go. It is still accompanied by two bottles of beer! On the third night. I said: let’s go? Go fan! Ha ha ha ha. In Guangxi, I never felt the smell of this snail powder! Really! Absolutely not! This snail powder can conquer one person twice. I left Guangxi on the fourth day. Recommended by the locals, the quality of the snail noodles of Haohuanluo on the Internet is good and worthy of recommendation. I will buy it often in the future. The daughter-in-law is much faster than I accepted! Conquer once! Haohuanluo’s snail noodles are a bit tasteful, but it is far-fetched to say that it is “stinky”! If you go to work in the afternoon, don’t eat at noon! It does smell a bit! I ate the noodles with the subject, and the red oil bag in it is usually about 1/5 or 1/10, which is spicy and enjoyable. Sichuanese also eat a lot of rice noodles, especially the rice noodles. In order to eat fat intestines, I went to Jiangyou specially. In Jiangyou, fatty intestines with rice noodles are much better than noodles. For me, this rice noodle is a bit heavier, and it’s good to eat it once in a while. I’m afraid I can’t stand it often. But how can anyone eat fat intestines all day?


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7 months ago

There is a kind of delicacy that I still love, from snacks to big ones. It is the special delicacy of my hometown —fat. When I was young, I fried it at home, and my mother would only fry some during the New Year. At home, only a few yuan is allowed at a time. Because pork is very expensive, I can’t finish it all at once. This kind of “dissatisfaction” a little bit at a time has always affected my stomach and heart. So when I grow up, I often buy fat residues from online stores to eat. Now, Not only I like to eat, but my wife and children also like it. The family sits on the sofa to watch a movie with a bag of fat residue. They are very happy. This kind of happiness is brought to me by fat residue. I eat it once for a lifetime. .

7 months ago

Memorize the food for a lifetime when you eat it once? Without even thinking about it, it must be the fish soup made by my grandfather. Not only I remember it until now, but my whole family still remember it. Grandpa himself does not know how to cook, but since I lived with my grandpa and grandma since I was a child, every time I go to see my grandpa in my hometown, he will cook specially for me and make this fish soup for me. I am confused. I clearly remember that I brought the fish. Grandpa went to the vegetable market to pick it up. He just raised the fish. After Grandpa got it, he simply handled it and fry it until it’s golden on both sides, then pour it. Pour in boiling water and cook slowly, and grandma is holding the fire at the door of the stove. Before here, all the steps were sparse and normal. But when the pot is about to start, Grandpa will sprinkle a handful of wild vegetables. When the wild vegetables touch the fish soup, its unique fragrance will permeate the whole pot, which is very tempting. Looking back on it, my mouth is drooling. That handful of wild vegetables is the key! Later, I followed my grandpa to pick it. It was just beside the ridge not far from the door of the house. It was green and very similar in appearance to mint. For a layman like me, there was no difference at all, but the taste was different. There is only a cool taste, and that kind of wild vegetables smells a special fragrance. It turns out that this is Grandpa’s secret weapon! Grandpa calls it fish herb, which can cover the earthy smell of fish and is the best spice for making fish soup. A few years later, my grandfather and the others moved to the city, their home was demolished, and the fields were returned to the country. Until my grandfather died, I never drank the fish soup he made again. Then online shopping became popular. I also bought fish vanilla online and let my grandma make it for me, but no matter how I did it, it didn’t taste like that anymore. Now I am married to a chef’s husband. He occasionally makes fish soup for me, but it tastes good, but he won’t let me eat it once for a lifetime! I don’t understand. It’s obviously the same steps, the same seasoning, and the same fish herbs. Why doesn’t it taste like that?

7 months ago

Moved to a previous answer. When I was young, I always lived with my grandfather. Grandpa returns from a walk every night and always brings me a pineapple bun, one for one dollar. At night, every time I hear grandpa’s footsteps, I will open the door expectantly. Grandpa saw me, smiled naively, and then took out a pineapple bun from his arms and gave it to me. I opened the iron door and happily welcomed him into the house. The pineapple buns that grandpa bought were soft and sweet, and the crusts were crispy and fragrant. Grandpa has been dead for many years, but the grandson he brought up can’t forget him. At night, I always look forward to hearing my grandpa’s footsteps, and grandpa smiles as soon as the door is opened.

7 months ago

If you eat taco for two years like me, and Latin American grilled rats, will you have a nervous breakdown? Anyway, I have a kind of food paranoia suddenly. The feeling is unspeakable. It is like the men and women who have a happy life in a film and television drama. Also, I can feel the endless itching deep in the roots of the teeth, the tongue is hot, and the heart is hot. There was a voice in the depths telling me that only eating melon seeds can be cured. For this reason, can’t sleep all night. At four in the morning that night, while tossing and turning, I opened the Google dictionary and wrote down a paragraph in Spanish, “Quiero comprar semillas de girasol”. Early the next morning, I went out to the big supermarket, and when I saw people, I asked “Quiero comprar semilla de girasol. From early morning to sunset, there were more than a dozen supermarkets back and forth, but I couldn’t find melon seeds. It was desperate and painful.” Lonely and helplessly posted in the circle of friends about asking for help, I didn’t expect the leader of Xi’an to leave a message, saying that a brother was arranged for a local business trip two days, and he could bring me a few packs of five-spice melon seeds. I was overjoyed and contacted my brother who was about to go on a business trip to help me It is said that five catties of melon seeds must be paid well. After a week, I received the fragrant melon seeds in the office. In the afternoon, the office workers had a share, whether they were from Guatemala, Mexico, or Curaçao, everyone Knocked together while working, a few catties of melon seeds will not take a moment. The taste has long been forgotten, I only remember the echoes of “delicious, delicious” in my mind. Finally, an old Mo named julio asked me if I could Then he gave him more spiced melon seeds. He wanted to give his girlfriend who is a doctor in Guacheng a Valentine’s Day gift. Later, I thought about whether he would make a lot of money if the melon seed production process was introduced into Latin America. What? After all, eating melon seeds on weekends is much more delicious than eating mice.

7 months ago

There were more than one blowfish in Nanjing, but there were two for the first time. I couldn’t help it. Pufferfish skin is effective for treating stomach problems. You have to swallow it all at once. The squid paella in Barcelona is fragrant, really fragrant, but the northerners are not used to the fishy and delicious smell, the effect is better with the Mediterranean night breeze. The French bread of the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse is indeed excellent, but it is bread, but the beautiful and delicious food is the royal garden outside the Fangfeiyuan restaurant. Of course, it will be remembered for a lifetime. The first time I invited a girl to eat was McDonald’s. At that time, McDonald’s, for middle school students, counted as a Michelin. The girl chewed on the golden fluff on the lips of McDonald’s. It was set against the setting sun and matched with school uniform. I especially want to be that chicken. The turkey soup of Guacamor was served outside Mexico City. The ends of the world, exhausted, and a foreign country, pointed to this to continue. The dog-meat noodles in the Changbai Mountain ice and snow base in midsummer are silent, with fragrant teeth and cheeks, just chewing the fresh noodles, swallowing the warm broth, the smell of coriander, and thinking of the mosquitoes in the forest, the size of a palm. , In the hot pool, there was a faint sulphur gas.

7 months ago

It might be a bit too much for me. I like the braised pork cooked by my mother. It is delicious that will never be forgotten for a lifetime. I like the grilled squid on the street in Thailand. The squid is big and fragrant. Just one stick is enough. Delicious pineapple rice, various tropical delicious fruits, Tom Yum soup, grilled sausage, convenience store yogurt and Red Bull Yakult, banana chocolate pancakes Very sweet. I like the pork belly rice bowl in Obihiro City, Hokkaido, Japan. A bowl of rice noodles with 4 large slices of plump pork slices is so awesome! There is also Sapporo’s Genghis Khan barbecue-grilled lamb, which is also wild and delicious. I like the specialties of Yantai, Shandong-Spanish mackerel, yellow croaker, Haisanxian big dumplings. Oh, I have never seen such big dumplings in my life, and they are full of fragrant seafood. They are delicious and do not occupy the stomach. , Very good.

7 months ago

I ran into the answer with a respondent downstairs: Misandao, a kind of “criminal food” that looks like small ribs but is actually made of a lot of fat, sugar, and carbon water. Not many friends and relatives around me love to eat honey. They are too sweet and too greasy, but I just like it. Every time I see it, I have to buy a box. I lived in my hometown when I was young, and there were not many snacks available. Every time I went to fairs and temple fairs, my grandfather took me to a stall next to the market to buy two or two steamed buns and spicy soup. He must buy three knives and long malt sugar. . My three knives are only eaten by my grandfather and I. His old man loves to eat sweets, and I inherited it from generation to generation. In my small bones, “delicious” and “sweet” are inextricably linked. We weighed a large bag of honey three knives, grandpa threw it into the tricycle carrying me: “Ding’er is watching here, your grandma and I are going to buy vegetables, don’t eat too much, I have to eat at noon, ribs and bean sprouts!” The hour after my grandfather returned, I had already swallowed the cake. The freshly made honey is soft and sticky, and it is full of oily mouth. The sweet honey can be lingering in the teeth for a whole day. I am enjoying it. The sweetness is hard to appreciate later. The last time I ate honey three knives was when my grandfather went to the grave during the Chinese New Year. My mother bought a bag and put it on the plate, and I took one. His old man loves to eat sweets, and he has been dependent on sugar rice porridge, honey three knives, and hemp sugar all his life. However, in his early years, his mother forcibly terminated his sweets hobby because of pancreatic cancer. He was hospitalized before his death, and his jaundice was already very serious, and his spirits were sluggish. When he saw me go to see him, he happily called me to the bed, asked my aunt to take the dessert milk from relatives and friends, and told me: “Ding’er has become thinner and needs to grow longer. Eat more”. Today is the day before May Day. At this time in my impression, it is almost time to go to the fair again.

7 months ago

It was the Dongting Lake fish steak that almost sent my bestie to the anorectal department. It is the hottest snack I have ever eaten. It is delicious, and spicy is really spicy! ! I saw a little brother evaluating this fish steak on Douyin before. He ate about a dozen packs. At first, it was fine. Maybe the stamina was relatively spicy, but in the end his mouth became hot and swollen. I just wanted to buy some and try it out. My girlfriend who can’t eat spicy food insisted that I divide it into several packets. Later, I almost got rid of spicy hemorrhoids. Hahahahaha. There are two kinds of fish steak and fish tail. The fish steak has a little more meat. , There are many fishtails, and the taste is almost the same. Hunan’s chili is really well-deserved. If you can’t eat spicy food, you can buy it after careful consideration, otherwise it’s like my friend, hahaha.

7 months ago

1. When I was a child, I lived at my grandmother’s house. One night my grandpa brought back a mysterious iron bowl, which was cooked and unknown meat, said to be venison (later I recalled that it might be donkey meat). The pieces of meat in the memory filter were almost shining. 2. At the same stage, my parents brought a pair of fried chicken wings back from work in Nanjing. Most likely they belonged to the K family. They ate a wing and stepped on a small bench to put the roots of the wings in what I think is the most mysterious and hidden. The top of my wardrobe, ready to eat tomorrow. As a result, only the bone was inside when it was removed the next day. I cried so much that from now on, the 1.8-meter old wardrobe is no longer the best treasure in my heart. 3. Junior high school went to Changzhou to take a test in a very leathery high school, and got a pile of shit in the test. But in the evening, my uncle in Changzhou brought him a food stall in Changzhou. At that time, he prepared a fried pipi shrimp with coarse salt, which was shocking. I think it’s so fresh that I don’t know how to eat Phi Phi shrimp now… it’s really troublesome to peel. 4. Go to the pond with my grandfather to go to the screw, occasionally I can bring a few lobsters, and I can often pick up stranded lobsters in the field ditches. Or wrap a plastic rope with pork offal that no one wants in the vegetable farm, and you can get Happy Crayfish instantly by standing by the pond on a rainy day. The crayfish and the screws are fried together, and the umami flavor is superimposed. 5. When I was a child, I opened a restaurant next door, and occasionally went to their side to eat food, and there was a dish of stewed tofu. Tofu is very thick, dense but densely packed with gaps. It tastes more delicious than meat after absorbing the soup. 6. In the small mountain village of my grandfather’s house, the drainage canals used by every household for washing are led from indoors to the outdoors, running along the house, running horizontally and vertically, all the way to the big lake. When it rains, I pick up the plastic bucket and touch it in the drain. It is full of mountain crabs. Basically, a barrel can be made in one hour. Wrapped in flour and starch mixture and fried until golden, all the children in the village cried. 7. In the early years of my grandfather’s village, there were people who fished for a living. Small wooden boats or small iron boats were moored by the lake, and there were always uncollected fish in the cargo hold. There is a windshield stove on the dam by the lake, grilled black and black, and wrapped in instant noodles for flavor. The subsequent barbecues didn’t have that burnt smell. 8. From four years in Chongqing to two years in Guangzhou to two years in Hangzhou, eight years of wandering in various gastronomic capitals, only a bowl of pork belly chicken soup just arrived in Guangzhou and a bowl of chicken soup + a bowl of pork belly chicken soup that can really reach the top of the food in my mind Bowl of pig red soup. In the engineering industry, there has been a lot of social entertainment since I got employed, and I have had a lot of contact with the delicacies of the mountains and the sea. However, what really makes a person’s intracranial orgasm is the little umami taste that I tasted when I was barren when I was a child.

7 months ago

Grapes from Xinjiang went to college in Xinjiang for 15 years. When I first went there, I fell in love with grapes from Xinjiang. There are many kinds of grapes, big size, enough sugar, thin skin, juicy, not astringent and many other advantages. It’s not like when I bought grapes at home by lottery. I managed to catch a bunch of delicious ones, and my grandma would say to try it soon. This bunch is delicious. If you are in Xinjiang, my grandma definitely doesn’t need to stay, because they are all delicious (in fact, the Kyoho grapes that I can buy at home are already very good, but they are not enough to see in Xinjiang). When school starts (autumn) in the first half of each year, just eat It’s the grape season. My favorite grape is glass crisp, a grape like a small glass ball that I used to play when I was a kid. It has no seeds and can be eaten with the skin. It bursts when you bite it. The sweetness is just right. It’s so cool to eat it with one bite. Up. And do you know how cheap grapes in Xinjiang are? I have been buying them at school before, and they are still quite expensive. Until one day I went to the morning market and wanted to buy some crisp glass when the stall was about to close. The person refused to pick it up, and he gave me a lot of it when he came up. I immediately became anxious, thinking about how much money I would get for so much. Then the peddler continued to load it until half of the very large shopping bag was filled. I said I couldn’t want so much. The peddler was also anxious, “I don’t want to sell you anymore.” The last one said “2 RMB 5!” I was directly surprised, and I asked the whole class to eat grapes when I went back to class. I don’t like to eat green grapes, the ones at home are too sour, and the ones from Xinjiang are too sweet, just like eating white sugar. Next is the point! After graduating, our whole class went to Hami to collect the scenery, and the grapes I ate at a farmhouse shocked me! (There are such delicious grapes in this world) The farmhouse opened by Uighur friends who eat under the grape racks, the uncle cuts a lot of them directly under the racks for us to eat, this grape is not sweet at all (the highest rating of Chinese people) , Not sweet) The sweetness is just right, the skin is particularly thin and juicy. I just hugged a bunch and ate it. Later, I felt that I was about to graduate. I tried hard to eat grapes in Xinjiang and I never ate such delicious grapes again. Put a few more pictures with the name of the farmhouse in Hami, Xinjiang.

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