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On the night when the genius just passed his 18th birthday, Dong Fangzhuo’s mother received a call from Dalian Shide Club. The first sentence on the end was: “Congratulations, big sister, Manchester United has signed Xiao Dong.” Adults have a premonition. After the first 15 days of Manchester United’s internal trial training, Manchester United talked with Shide’s executives about the transfer of Dong Fangzhuo in a restaurant in Manchester. Dong Fangzhuo was extended for another 15 days of training. He is still using various methods to score goals. . But when this moment really came, Dong Fangzhuo still felt unreal, as if he was dreaming. This unknown person who thought that playing in Shide was the highest goal in life, turned into a “genius boy”. Everyone wants to know, why is he who got the lottery ticket? When Ferguson signed the contract with Dong Fangzhuo, Shide coach Zhu Bo attributed the root cause to his super physical fitness. In an interview with China News Agency, Zhu Bo called Ai Tuo the most prominent Chinese player of the same age. At that time, Chinese football had just begun to study abroad: Yang Chen became the hero of the Bundesliga team Frankfurt on the way to relegation; Fan Zhiyi put on the armband of the captain of the Crystal Palace; Sun Jihai was firmly established as the main force of Manchester City’s first team. Although not a rich team, in the eyes of the fans at the time, the Chinese players’ staying abroad was steadily rising. The appearance of Dong Fangzhuo was a reasonable accident. One day, Chinese players will conquer the NBA like Yao Ming. , Conquer the top leagues and conquer big clubs. Dong Fangzhuo has always believed that it was his own strength that moved Manchester United. He never thought about whether the timing of the landing was appropriate. Many years later, when talking about the opportunity to stay abroad, he still felt that it was a perfectly normal choice, “that’s Manchester United.” From the moment he was selected by Manchester United, Dong Fangzhuo will naturally assume this expectation. He is the most successful football club in the world appointed by the purple star for Chinese football, and the closest Chinese to conquer world football. . Shide coach Zhu Bo’s words have been repeatedly mentioned. Dong Fangzhuo’s miracle of “scoring goals in every game” during Manchester United’s trial period has been infinitely magnified, and even his “frequent letters from girls” can be written into reports. At the same time, British reporters were also inquiring about each other: “Have you heard of Dong?” During that period, there were two voices circulating in the market. One is that Dong Fangzhuo’s joining is more like a commercial transfer. It was Manchester United to open China. A kind of commercial behavior in the market; the other is that in the British football where the head coach is responsible, especially Ferguson, he has never had to compromise the club’s commercial plan to sign any player in his coaching career. It is a trial. The talent and potential shown by Dong Fangzhuo in the training made Ferguson not hesitate to sign the Oriental boy. Manchester United’s official press conference did not invite the Chinese media because the club believed that they were robbing the news and leaked the news of Dong Fangzhuo’s joining in advance. Dong Fangzhuo, who was caught in two emotions, was put in an awkward position. Until January 17, 2004, Xinhua News Agency published an article titled “Ferguson Places High Hopes on Dong Fangzhuo “Based on Manchester United in Two or Three Years”. For the first time, Sir Alex expressed his expectations for Dong Fangzhuo to the Chinese media. He emphasized that After Dong Fangzhuo needs a year to adapt to life in a foreign country, I hope he can take the initiative to integrate into the new environment. Dong Fangzhuo immediately flew to Europe. Because he did not have an English labor license, he had to commit himself to Manchester United’s satellite club Royal Antwerp in Belgium. The then Royal Antwerp Club chairman Paul recalled that Ferguson personally called Dong Fangzhuo’s development plan. He made it clear that Manchester United would recall Dong Fangzhuo at the right time. Grasshopper was in Belgium, and he began to live alone. The washing machine is broken, he eats cold pizza, and walks home for two hours after missing the shuttle bus. Compared with the one-stop service in the domestic training base, Dong Fangzhuo has experienced a completely different off-site life. Only the stadium is familiar. Dong Fangzhuo quickly conquered those teammates who questioned him. At first, he was always kicked and squeezed out of the ball in team training. Until he played with the opposing Belgian once on the field, he found that his teammates began to recognize him and Accept him. Dong Fangzhuo self-assessed as a European-style striker, holding the ball behind his back is not his characteristic, he likes to break forward. In Belgium, he brought his advantage to the fullest, and he fulfilled the task of the striker. In the 05/06 season, he won the Golden Boot with 18 goals and became the first Chinese to get the top scorer in the European League. In the following 06/07 season, Dong Fangzhuo continued his previous hot state, scoring 10 goals before half of the league. With his excellent performance in Belgium, at the end of the half season, Ferguson recalled Dong Fangzhuo to Manchester United in advance and put him on the first team roster. The International Federation of Professional Players has given out a 12-man shortlist of the best young players this year. Players alongside Dong Fangzhuo include Cristiano Ronaldo, Rooney, Fabregas, Chiellini, Mascherano, Schweinsteiger, Robben… When Manchester United recalled him, there were no doubts in British football. The Sky Sports commentator kindly called him “King Dong” and expressed his return to the Premier League. Full of expectations, and domestic fans and the media are looking forward to his precipitation in Belgian football to help him soar into the sky at Manchester United. The experience of the Belgian league is certainly bright, but there is no domestic broadcast, no convenient Internet communication, and no resident reporters to report on Dong Fangzhuo. When he returned to Manchester United, football reporter He Xiaolong wrote: “Dong Fangzhuo has become a living People in the legend.” Wang Kangning, another “Football newspaper” reporter based in Manchester, recalled that even when Dong Fangzhuo just returned to Manchester United, domestic reporters rarely reported about him, and only when he made his public appearance. Writable. Dong Fangzhuo, who was mediocre on the court, also closed himself off the court. At that time, Manchester United had a great number of forward talents: Rooney, Ronaldo, Tevez, Rossi… When recalling these competitors at the same position, Dong Fangzhuo specifically mentioned Saha. How powerful is Saha? The players in the Premier League believed that he would take Henry’s class. England international Alan Smith, because of the crowded front line, was transformed into a midfielder step by step to compete for playing time in accordance with Ferguson’s requirements. “In Manchester United, I am like a little grasshopper.” After many years, Dong Fangzhuo made a self-evaluation in the face of Netease Sports’s lens. When he returned to Manchester United, he had to compete with world-class stars for every minute of playing time. Manchester United’s strict team rules made him cautious. When he first returned to Manchester United, the team asked him if he needed to equip him with a Chinese chef. Dong Fangzhuo declined. He felt that steak salad would be fine. He was afraid that the outside world would say he was special. He did not dare to ask for additional training, because in the European thinking, this might be considered dissatisfaction with the coach’s training plan. Although he often practiced in Belgium himself, in Manchester United, the world’s largest club at the time, all the details the players did would be infinitely magnified. For a player from China, the cost of trial and error was too expensive. It has been more than a year since joining Manchester United. Those who were expecting him at the beginning began to lose patience. Seeing that Ronaldo, who joined in the same year, has become a hot star. In Manchester United’s pre-season warm-up games, although Dong Fangzhuo has also staged highlights several times, it is difficult to find a chance to play in the league because of the cruel competition. During the period, the Bundesliga team once threw an olive branch. The old Manchester United captain Keane also wanted to take him to the relegation team Sunderland. Dong Fangzhuo himself also wanted to be loaned out by Manchester United to seek playing opportunities, but in the face of these invitations, the contract was The terms and conditions made him unable to control his own destiny. Out of control’s outstanding performance in Belgium, Dong Fangzhuo, who returned to the national team, became the focus of attention of the Chinese people. But what pierced the expectations of the group was exactly the scene of Dong Fangzhuo pushing Klauchen in the 2005 World Youth Championship in the Guo Zihao competition. National Youth coach Klauschen put Dong Fangzhuo on the bench during the entire competition. When it came to the knockout match with the German team, Klauschen replaced Dong Fangzhuo with 3 minutes to the end of the game. The National Youth Team, which will be behind by 2:3, has gone and is on the verge of elimination. The result of such a formation and regretful exit in the end completely ignited the young and energetic Dong Fangzhuo. For the World Youth Championship, he endured a bone crack in his foot and competed in a closed competition. When Klauchen came to comfort him, Dong Fangzhuo, who was sitting on the bench depressed, pushed him away without lifting his head. This is the first time that Dong Fangzhuo’s negative image of playing a big name has appeared in the newspapers. Although Dong Fangzhuo sincerely apologized to Crawson after the game, the content of the domestic media reported at the time was: “The American photographer who filmed this scene was shocked” and “The young master who returned from Manchester United looked down on the national team coach.” “Big Brand” has become Dong Fangzhuo’s second label after “Genius Boy”. He played for Manchester United for the first time in the league. That game against Chelsea pulled Dong Fangzhuo off the altar. Before the game, Dong Fangzhuo, who learned that he would start for Manchester United, had no time to digest this decision in the locker room. He could only bite the bullet and walk onto the court. In the Manchester United game against Chelsea, Dong Fangzhuo did not perform well. But as everyone can see, he messed up the first show, or Dong Fangzhuo did not perform to his true level. After returning to China, Dong Fangzhuo has faced the media numerous times to replay the game, and now he can calmly admit that he was “stunned to complete the game.” At the time, Dong Fangzhuo, who knew he had messed up, did not face the media so frankly. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics men’s football match, most of the youths of the Belgian team across from the same group had seen Dong Fangzhuo’s power in Belgium. Dong Fangzhuo had the advantage in his heart, but he did not get enough playing time due to injuries. Against New Zealand, the injured Dong Fangzhuo came off the bench in 78 minutes. Then he took Chen Tao’s subtle pass from the wing and scored with a wonderful header to help China avoid the embarrassment of losing and scored the Chinese men’s football team. The first goal in the World Series and the only goal so far. Except for this highlight moment, Dong Fangzhuo does not have many highlights in the national team, which is not a small gap with the fanciful savior of the fans. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, China played against New Zealand. Dong Fangzhuo scored a goal. The media that Dong Fangzhuo had offended did not let him live off the court. Once Dong Fangzhuo had a “genius boy” halo, reporters were afraid to write about his negative content, for fear that he would become a bad guy. After a Yao Ming, he was pulled into the blacklist. But today is different. Dong Fangzhuo’s career at Manchester United can almost be seen to the end. Almost everyone who can’t get news from Dong Fangzhuo will step on him. Being late, playing big cards, not being self-disciplined, lazy, living extravagantly, and making up fake news is flying all over the sky. He wanted to find an occasion to explain clearly to everyone, but found that the description gets darker and darker: “I have to see the sun at 4 o’clock in the morning in Manchester. Does it count as progressive?” In that era when there were no Weibo and official accounts and mainstream media had the right to speak, Dong Fangzhuo didn’t even have a channel to speak for himself. The genius boy has become the person with the worst reputation in Chinese football. Even today, when searching for Dong Fangzhuo on the Internet, there are still slurs about “world-class below the neck”.


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7 months ago

Combining Wikipedia’s UEFA Champions League rules and recent news reports, the UEFA Champions League champion medals are awarded to 30 for each champion team, which are then allocated by the champions themselves, but those who get the medals must play in the UEFA Champions League matches. However, Dong Fangzhuo met both, because he played off the bench in the group match against Roma. This season, a total of 26 Manchester United have played in the Champions League, and Dong Fangzhuo is one of them. In fact, the gold content of this champion is actually slightly higher than Battelle and Sun Yue, and much higher than Vermaelen (vermaelen did not win the Champions League for 1 minute, so he did not appear in the list of links). Dong Fangzhuo has been a member of Manchester United’s 25-man roster from the group stage to the knockout stage (Dong Fangzhuo entered the Manchester United Champions League 25-man roster to become China’s only seed in the European competition this season). Only in the final was injured (in the reserve team was defeated by Blackburn in the Blackburn game). The reimbursement of the tackled season is an analysis of how Dong Fangzhuo was scrapped and his future was broken by selfishness and black feet) and did not enter the final squad (Dong Fangzhuo has not entered the Manchester United Champions League finals of the 24-man squad and has no chance). Don’t underestimate this achievement. There have been only 6 strikers and wingers in the Manchester United roster this season, namely Cristiano Ronaldo, Rooney, Tevez, Nani, Saha and Dong Fangzhuo. Needless to say, the top three are world-class stars, Nani and Saha are also well-known celebrities. It can be seen that Dong Fangzhuo was able to squeeze into the Manchester United Champions League squad, which was very difficult. But as the 6th striker of Manchester United (including the wingers), if he could work harder, or luckier, he would have been able to achieve a higher position in the team, and it would even be possible to play in the knockout rounds. . This matter has not been publicized by the domestic media. It should be because of the sports culture of our country. Whoever writes such news, the following comments will inevitably be sprayed everywhere, but it will damage Dong Fangzhuo’s reputation (it may be related to Dong Fangzhuo’s own wishes). In fact, the fans of foreign athletes are completely different. For example, this year’s Vermaelen, the three crowns that lie down, their fans still added these three crowns to the personal honor column of Wikipedia. In 2008, Manchester United also had some famous players who played very few times and contributed little to winning the Champions League. For example, veteran Gary Neville, because of injuries, only played one game in the Champions League, which is the same as Dong Fangzhuo’s number; and the Spanish teenager. Pique (that’s Barcelona), the UEFA Champions League was basically dominated by soy sauce. But these two also included the 2008 Champions League in the personal honor column. Obviously, he won the Champions League with the team, but it is not counted as a personal honor. When it is not taken, it is not difficult to see Dong Fangzhuo’s arrogant personality. In doing so, he may be the only player who has won the Champions League. During the period when Dong Fangzhuo was in the first team of Manchester United, he was always 5-6 on the front line, and he was firmly ranked first in the reserve team. Ferguson would rather take the risk of using him to occupy a non-European spot, and he did not use his own youth training (Welbeck). At that time, it was all his alternates), no two brushes absolutely couldn’t do it, so he was a little sorry for Ferguson.

7 months ago

I went to a Xiang Tao game that year, and I went to Dong Fangzhuo. It was the end of his career. He came off the bench in the second half and left everyone behind as soon as the start. The fans and the Red Pepper fans on the scene are diehard fans. They all marveled. Just as everyone was shocked by the fact that the former Manchester United player who was more expensive than the Chinese Super League was awesome, they came back and found that the ball was also left behind by Dong Fangzhuo. Since then, there have been many similar situations, but it can be seen that the physical fitness is just a part of the players, and I feel that the coach of the away team may be lamenting that Dong Fangzhuo is perfectly in line with the standard of the model team that he coached the national football team.

7 months ago

First of all, Dong Fangzhuo is still very capable at his peak. As a forward, he is fast. He once played in the Belgian second division and won the Golden Boot. Although only a second division, this is the first Chinese player to play in the European league. It is of great significance to get the golden boots. When the world’s greatest coach Ferguson threw an olive branch to Dong, this was something no player could refuse, but then the King didn’t score at all in Manchester United’s official or important game and even had a guaranteed playing time. It was usually a friendly match. It takes only the underdog king to have a chance to score. The King’s career at Manchester United is really nothing compared to Park Ji-sung, but he has had treatments that other domestic players could not have. For example, in the Premier League, he and his players represented Manchester United to accept Arsenal’s line-up welcome… But in the end it was only He can return to the Chinese Super League like a joke. In fact, he and Ronaldo are the same age and have played for Manchester United, but now that King Dong is getting fat and has faded out of the mainstream league, the gap between the two is heaven and earth.

7 months ago

The speed was faster than Rooney, and his body was stronger than C Luo. The first goal in the Chinese Men’s Football World Championship that year was not only of great significance, but also showed his ability: [Video] China vs New Zealand: Dong Fangzhuo grabbed a header and scored_cctv.com provided the entire goal to reflect his shooter’s Ability: side to the goal (perceive the goal direction), shake the head on the spot near the penalty spot (good waist and abdomen strength), sling the back goal (determine the position of the goalkeeper in a short time and choose the shooting method). With these three points, even if he is not world-class, he can become a good shooter. Moreover, he was only 23 years old at this time (let’s believe the official age). His fall talked about the player’s character, serious training and the influence of the platform. Personality and training, look at the physical disparity between Ronaldo and Rooney now. Rooney’s body was stronger than Dong at the beginning, but now…as far as the platform is concerned, Cristiano Ronaldo has been training and playing with Gary, Leo, Giggs, Scholes, Vidic all day during the period from 2003 to 2008. In the Premier League, experience accumulates quickly. What’s more important is that Ronaldo doesn’t train hard, or he just plays with his own tricks, or flops during training, these big guys take turns to fix him. Cristiano Ronaldo got rid of the problem of playing with flowers and diving, which was kicked out by these big guys. Dong took a golden boot in Biyi, although he couldn’t say that it didn’t reflect his strength, but it really didn’t improve him personally. Moreover, during this period of time, he left the education of the big brothers, and obviously did not develop him good game and training habits.

7 months ago

Back then, there was a reporter/editor named “Liu Suifeng” on Sohu, who had all kinds of stubborn feet. Dong took a picture in front of the Manchester United LOGO and JJYY posted an article saying that Dong has a kingly temperament. “Beijing time, in the early morning of April 2nd, the UEFA Champions League quarter-final Manchester United away game against Rome will start. Due to multiple factors such as vengeance, dignity, etc., this shopping fight will be tragic. But the vast majority of China While the fans appreciate Ronaldo’s carnival to the Red Wolf defense line for the glory of Mr. Golden Globe, they cannot help but feel a little regretful, because Manchester United does not have the name of China’s “Hope Superstar” Dong Fangzhuo, although his leg injury has not healed. , The current competitive state is not in line with the needs of the heavyweight knockout, but based on the above two alone, Xiao Dong stayed in the base camp. Ferguson, who thinks he is righteous, is very likely to pay a certain price for this.” Xiao Dong lost the Manchester United Champions League. The referee on the list is originally a King Dong fan. “Yes, Park Ji-sung can quickly get out of the psychological shadow of injury and being thrown out of the game list in the Champions League final last season. He played a superstar style in the strong dialogue, which benefited to a large extent. For the spiritual motivation bestowed by his Asian brother Dong Fangzhuo.” Park Jixing must be grateful to Xiao Dong for fear of repeating the mistakes of Chinese genius. “This season, Neville has missed almost all Manchester United’s first team games. Compared with Ferdinand and Scholes, his The identity of the “spiritual leader” is no longer true. Now even if the coaching staff takes care of his face and allows Neville to return to the main position, his authority on the field and the locker room will be greatly reduced. On the reserve team, he is just the opposite, an unfamous younger brother. Our stars hold the moon, so that he can find the high satisfaction again, especially Dong Fangzhuo fell in love with him the most. Last Christmas carnival, if it were not for the sincere invitation of Neville with crutches, Xiao Dong would not have participated in that event. The main thing is that after two years of contact, the line of the Chinese forward’s breakthrough shot is easily seen by Neville, which can help him establish a sense of accomplishment as a super-class defender.” The Manchester United captain talked about the reserve team and said that he was very happy to play with Dong Fangzhuo and others. Can’t go down.

7 months ago

The first to call Dong Fangzhuo “King Dong” was Sky Sports, an English media that has always liked to exaggerate publicity. The reason for the name “KING DONG” is that Dong Fangzhuo scored a beautiful goal in the warm-up match. In view of the consistent exaggeration of the English media, the title “KING DONG” is actually useless. To be honest, Dong Fangzhuo’s talent is not as high as the legend. The gold content of the Golden Boots is not that big. The mid-range team is only worth about 500W Euros. There are some semi-professional teams in the second. But as Dong Fangzhuo, who was signed by Manchester United for 350W euros, if there is no rumors, he would be late for training, play online games, eat instant noodles and other bad habits. It is still very likely to reach or even exceed the height of Sun Jihai in the Premier League. Sit firmly on the bench for giants like Manchester United or play the main forward in a small ball. Rather than being unable to mix in the domestic low-level leagues, they have to go to the plastic surgery show to eat.

7 months ago

Did you make the subject? In the Premier League Manchester United away against Chelsea, in such a world-focused battle, Ronaldo was squeezed into the stands by King Dong, and King Dong was the main force! King Dong is the main force! King Dong is the main force! The important thing is said three times. In order to show respect to King Dong, the Blues lined up to welcome the Red Devils. As a starting forward, King Dong lived up to expectations. He went in and out of the Blues restricted area for three hundred rounds and defeated the Blues. The acceleration of King Dong’s youth made England captain Terry exhausted and staggered. According to unreliable news, Chelsea coach Mourinho praised King Dong’s performance and asked Ferguson for a private offer, but was rejected. Due to the passage of time, the amount of the offer has become a secret forever. If it weren’t for King Dong to miss his hometown and return to work in China, how could Ronaldo have a day in his life? How can Messi have a chance to dominate football? Whenever I think about this, as a fan of King Dong, I can only sigh, beat my chest, and sigh: The hero returns to Hebei, and he becomes famous!

7 months ago

It was purely a spoof. Just like abcde, edcba. For reasons that are hard to say, I like to call extremely powerful players the title of King. For example, Dennislaw, Cantona. After King Dong Bibi has returned to the team, it is difficult for domestic fans to tell whether they are kindly or maliciously starting to call him the King. With King Dong’s career that has fallen before taking off, this title has become a complete mockery. In fact, if the king’s performance is excellent, this can be a kind ridicule. Pity.

7 months ago

It was a pity that he paid attention to the process of playing abroad all the way back then. He also had problems with his personality. Sun Jihai was in Manchester City at the time and he had never seen any interaction. And the relationship with reporters was not good. At that time, Yan Qiang in sports, who from the football newspaper, and several people were all in the UK. They could use their business competition relationship to bring themselves a favorable space for public opinion. I have come into contact with some young players who have gone abroad to play. It’s not that simple abroad. To put it ugly, they are not big names. No one knows if they die. Many people can’t make it through the simplest diet. Bringing family, financial ability may not keep up, do it yourself? I’m half tired of training. So the first people who got acquainted with were the local Chinese arranged by the owner of the nearby Chinese restaurant and the broker. All of this was random, and random meant that there were pits everywhere. But the biggest problem with Dong’s performance on the court is laziness. In Manchester United, it is unlikely that he will play the full court at the beginning. When he goes up, he will run hard. Alan Smith Rooney and they are chasing their opponents to the death. Dangling. The scene where the Chinese players from Manchester City Derby played on one side was disillusioned, alas…

7 months ago

It was originally called by the British media. Mainly because Manchester United scored a winning goal in the 2006 South Africa warm-up match. It was called King Dong because of the popularity of the movie King Kong that year, and reporters used this homophony casually. In addition, Manchester United’s opponent was the Caesars. The use of King to end Chief is nothing more than a pun on the reporter’s own witty remarks. Then the report was translated to China, and the domestic reporters got excited, and then they got the title of King Dong.

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