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Do you remember the second sister You in the 87 version of “A Dream of Red Mansions”? Second Sister You didn’t make many appearances, but she was attracted by her at a glance. She played a romantic and coquettish show, and her eyes were filled with sadness…..But she played the role of Second Sister You. Actor Zhang Mingming seems to have been silent since the 87 version of “Dream of Red Mansions” was broadcast. “Jia Baoyu” Ouyang Fenqiang’s memory does not have her in the red building. In 2003, the art life gathered again without her, and “Sister Lin” Chen Xiaoxu’s memorial service when she left did not have her. The various memoir articles of the crew members and the media interviews were all Did not mention him, as if she was out of touch with the crew… Some netizens used Weibo to ask Gao Hongliang, the actor of Jia Lian, and he only said that she was in the United States… “Jia Baoyu” According to Ouyang Fenqiang’s WeChat push, You Erjie Zhang Mingming is the only actor who cannot be reached by the crew. As a result, the following comment caught everyone’s attention: “She is in our regiment, and I can help you contact her in Boston.” After that, “Brother Bao” finally contacted Zhang Mingming on the other side of the ocean. It turned out that after the filming of the Red Mansion, Zhang Mingming faded out of the showbiz and went to study in the United States. He started studying from ABC, majoring in computer science. He was pregnant with a child, reading and working, and his grades have been all since his sophomore year. A now. The second sister You, who was back then, is now a senior software engineer in the US IT industry. What makes Zhang Mingming even more proud is that his son is 18 years old this year. He has inherited his mother’s gene of learning dominance as a freshman. Recently, another netizen also revealed Zhang Mingming’s situation over the years on Weibo. Zhang Mingming received a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MBA degree from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania. (Too high school!) Earlier in the United States as a software programmer for Oracle Corporation, and successively worked in the investment banking department of the Salomon Brothers Investment Bank in New York, Bankers Trust, Intel Capital and JH Whitney Hong Kong Branch. Involved in corporate financing, capital markets and mergers and acquisitions. (Awesome!) Berkeley, California-Wharton School of Business-Oracle, the experience of this program lady is amazing! And they are so good-looking! This is really called-it is obvious that you can rely on your face to eat, you must rely on talent! Zhang Mingming may be the only actor in the 87 Red Chamber who has completely switched to engineering. It turns out that an actor can also transform into a code farmer, which is simply a model for cross-border programmers… This can’t help but think of another actor in the United States, which is exactly the opposite of Zhang Mingming’s life trajectory but is exactly the same. Mayim Bialik (Mayim Bialik), you may not be familiar with the name, but you will know it by looking at the stills. Yes, she is the actor who Xie Er’s girlfriend Amy in “The Big Bang Theory”. In “The Big Bang Theory”, Amy dresses up as a rustic, impersonal nerd image, and at first recruits a lot of blacks for her. But Mayim in real life is still very beautiful. What is even more shocking is that Mayim is the only true genius doctor among those who play the role of genius doctor in the play! She was admitted to Harvard University and Yale University at the same time, but finally chose the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), which is close to home, and obtained a doctorate in neuroscience from UCLA in 2008. It was a coincidence that she went from being a female doctor to an actor again. She only got her doctorate at the time. Her second son was just born and urgently needed a health insurance. So she went to audition for “The Big Bang Theory” and won Amy. This role. Then I took the kids and went filming…As the only PhD in the crew, she usually helps check the academic mistakes of the script, and helps other actors to memorize those esoteric professional vocabulary, which can be considered useful. . She said that being an actor is as exciting as being a scientist! Whether it is “Second Sister You” transforming from an actor to becoming a program lady, or “Amy” from a doctor of neurology to becoming an actor, beauty and wisdom are both important, he should be talking about this kind of person! Nothing is more brave than someone who jumps out of their life circle and works hard!


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7 months ago

I think the same sex is the one that can feel that feeling most. It is a kind of peculiar delicacy brought about by the worry-free food and clothing from childhood, and the superior living conditions. It is the self-confidence that the parents give enough love, no lack of money nor love. It is to buy what you want, go where you want, and have the confidence to go boldly and pursue whatever you want. It is the kind of calm and disapproval that makes life easier than most people with average conditions. It’s the girls who struggle for a good life on their own or rely on men, what they don’t have. These feelings are very subtle, but they are very clear at a glance.

7 months ago

My college roommate looks: white, hair is thin and black, single eyelids, innocent eyes, a bit like Xu Jiao, not particularly beautiful, cute type Body: height 168, small skeleton, danced Chinese dance since childhood, good manners, always stand tall and family : I live in the Second Ring Road of Beijing, my father runs a game company, my mother is a civil servant (she rarely talks about family affairs, this is what I slowly discovered during the four years of college) Personality: polite, always greet others, always She smiles, loves to help others, and is responsive. Every time we are lazy to get out of the dormitory, we ask her for food and express delivery. She does not like to talk about her own affairs. If you don’t ask, she will never take the initiative to say it. She is very good at listening. It is the least I have ever seen. Girl, it’s very comfortable to be with her, a bit clean, the sheets are washed every week, the clothes are changed every day, there are very few things, and I don’t like shopping habits: get up early and run every day, practice piano and dance every day, practice English listening and speaking… reading books every week, I also exchanged book lists with her parents… The meal is very vegetarian, basic cabbage, tofu, celery, and celery, occasionally some beef, chicken, but a lot of food, every time I eat clean, no leftovers… We used to joke about how hungry she is, and she laughed too… Emotion: With a boyfriend, I was together in high school. I found that Beijing children have a lot of premature love, and the parents are quite supportive. Haha, the boyfriend is tall, in good shape, and dressed. Good quality, ordinary-looking people, roommates are quite famous in our department, because they look cute, they can dance, play the piano and host or something, naturally there are many people who chase them, but she basically ignores them, she said there is no pure friendship between men and women… Many people who ask for WeChat don’t add it, and add chat replies to just one word and one expression, and they just delete it directly… For this reason, her girls are very popular… a bunch of girlfriends… Always be gentle with girls, responsive to requests, and go abroad. Bring us a bunch of gifts, always be polite and alienated to boys~ We are curious how her boyfriend chased her, she said she chased her back~ Niubi? Too strong inside

7 months ago

I don’t know what you mean by “expensive”? Our benevolent hypothesis is that “people from the city have no chests like jade, but with poems and books in their belly” meaning, that is, a woman like jade. So this sentence is already on the topic. First of all, there is “no city in the chest”. Not silly and sweet, but frank and honest. In other words, it means “knowing the world but not the world.” After seeing through the warmth and warmth of the world, women who still treat people sincerely and love life. Mature with sentiment, knowledge and experience, but not contaminated with worldly calculations, dirty and intrigue. Furthermore, “there are poems and books in the abdomen”, which refers to knowledge, wisdom and thought. If a girl keeps learning, then she is not only rich in knowledge, but also rich in spirit, and has a high probability of being rich financially. One refers to character, and the other refers to knowledge. If a girl has excellent character and is rich in spirit and material, then she is in a state of harmony, without edges or defects, that is, as gentle as jade. Naturally, many people “cannot afford it”, which is what you mean by “expensive”.

7 months ago

When I was in high school, there was a girl in the next class. She was white and thin, but she had a small fleshy skeleton. She never made up, had a round face, straight hair, and brought a big thin round glasses, very elegant, and her eyes. The single eyelid is not big, the small mouth, the skin is very good, without any blemishes. Even if the facial features are not very delicate, but they are also very correct. It looks like a bjd doll, giving people a very gentle, beautiful and peaceful feeling. An ordinary can’t No matter how ordinary clothes are worn on her, she looks like an oriental beauty in a classical oil painting. The collision and tranquility of the East and the West, the bell of Big Ben is blowing the weeping willows in the south of the Yangtze River. That was the first time I felt like a person. It’s not just the face, but the gentle and elegant temperament that exudes from the inside out. No matter how exquisite the dress is every day, I always feel that I’m not right when I see her in the morning, and I feel strange and a little inferior. And sad… I painted in a studio when I was a sophomore in high school. One afternoon, the dim sunlight from the window of the studio hit her face. The hazy shadows made her facial contours very soft, from the brows to the nose and ears. When it comes to the hair, the lips are kissed, and the tongue is wrapped between the teeth. Each line outlines the elegant and tranquil her. She was so fascinated to see that she drew a profile of her on the drawing board… The grade level is also very popular, too gentle and beautiful and good grades, how can there be such a perfect girl! In my second year of high school, I didn’t see her on the day I went to the studio. I asked the teacher that she had gone to the UK. I was very sad that I had been painting together for so long. Apart from smiling and saying hello, I couldn’t speak… .Now I recall that every afternoon in the studio is so beautiful.

7 months ago

Seeing this question, I only thought of one person, my grandma. Although I have never met her, I listened to the description of her family. I guess she must be the kind of woman who can see the extravagance! My grandmother’s family is a large local family with a wealth of wealth. Since childhood, she has lived the life of a rich wife… I heard that my grandma’s life is very particular, and the folds of clothing and mattresses are never visible; all The drawers and cupboards are also neat and clean, leaving no dust; the food should be arranged in different categories, and there will never be noise when eating; when talking with others, you will be generous, without washing and dressing, or even if your hair is a little messy, you will never see Anyone… However, after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the capitalist family was about to be attacked. Almost all the real estate and assets of the grandma’s family were confiscated… But at that time, my grandma and aunt were still studying, and grandma was a person who had no job. How to pay for the tuition of the two children… Many people advised my grandma to let the two children work as workers in the spinning mill, so as to make some money. At that time, the spinning mill was still very profitable, and it was useless for girls to study. Grandma refused at the time. She told them: “No matter boys or children, reading is the best way out. No matter how poor I am, I can’t let the children give up reading!” Grandma never panicked and sold herself decisively. Existing, some of the most cherished family jewelry, paid tuition for grandma and aunt… Except for life becoming tight, there is no change in other aspects of grandma, and her attitude towards life has not changed anything… It’s hard to imagine that a former rich wife could calmly face everything alone when she fell into the family. Although I have never seen her, I feel that the noble woman in my heart is like this, no matter how poor or rich it is, her temperament cannot be changed. , The predicament of life will not let her easily panic and disrupt the rhythm… The most important thing is that a noble woman always understands the importance of knowledge and firmly believes in it…

7 months ago

In fact, I have met a lot of girls with good family backgrounds, rich and kind-hearted, beautiful and temperamental girls, I have always thought that they are expensive. Later, once a large group of people went out to eat together, the girls were all dressed up in fashion, exquisite and expensive clothes. But there was a girl with a normal family background and talked freely, wearing nothing but ordinary clothes. But she talks and laughs freely, and all the jokes she makes are elegant and funny, and she doesn’t feel that she is not as good as human beings. At that time, I thought she was really noble, the kind of noble and noble in her bones, but for a short while, I felt that the word noble had tarnished her. I think she has Chengjiang Mingyue in her heart, and the word nobleness does not match her.

7 months ago

The first time I saw the topic, I thought of my high school history teacher, whose surname is He. Because she is so beautiful and elegant, we all call her He Mei. Teacher is not young, she is almost sixty years old, and her appearance must be inferior to those in the hot reviews. She’s a star, but she has a very gentle voice and a very good figure. She is good at matching clothes, and basically fits all types of clothes. When she first started school, she liked to wear the daily style of Han element clothes. She liked red and black, which was luxurious and beautiful. When we all thought this was her dressing style, she suddenly began to wear trendy brands. What kind of sweaters, cool waistcoats, the teacher dressed very happily, wearing a few days and then changing the dress… In short, it is the clothes rack, the aesthetics is very good, any geography teacher, political teacher is completely inferior to her. My mother even attended the parent meeting to find her to learn how to dress and wear. (My dad usually goes there.) He Mei pays special attention to her quality of life. Our school is a shift system, and the teacher’s classroom is her office. Each of our classrooms has bookshelves with extracurricular books related to subjects. Her Mei’s bookshelves are always neat and spotless. Unlike some science teachers, the books are all over the room (.) He Mei also puts some small toys she bought on the shelves, such as a small model of a tripod. There is a small humidifier on Her Mei’s desk, and she uses mineral water to humidify the classroom all the year round. From this, it can be seen that there are many flowers and plants in her exquisite He Mei classroom. Add a few bunches of pink lilies, it will always be fragrant in the classroom. The most important thing is He Mei’s attitude to get along with the students. She is so gentle and never treats us as children. One year, she had meniscus surgery and couldn’t stand for a long time. So she moved a high stool and sat in class. Before class, she explained her condition and why she had to sit in class. I was surprised at the time. Anyway, the class is using ppt, and there is really no difference between the teacher standing and sitting, and even if the teacher is sitting in class, do students still dare to have opinions? Thinking about it now, He Mei really regards us as the objects she wants to serve, which is really touching. There was a boy in our class who had poor academic performance and stammered a little bit. He was very naive and ky. At first, the students didn’t like him. But He Mei has always used her methods to influence us (such as tolerating male students’ small mistakes, encouraging male students to speak on stage, setting up study groups for male students and letting him be the group leader, etc.) invisibly resolved a cold campus violence It also taught us to be tolerant. Now that male student must also be very grateful to He Mei He Mei for her excellent teaching methods. She will understand the personality of each child and choose different methods to encourage us to study hard (such as the method of encouragement). We are never afraid of Hermi’s exams. Her transcripts are converted proportionally. The top 20% of the students get full marks, and then other students will be converted according to the scores of the last 20% of the top 20%. , Everyone’s transcripts look good, there is no pressure in the exams, but they can get better in the exams. He Mei will do one-on-one make-up exams for students whose converted scores do not reach 80. She will study your test papers in advance, find out your questions, whether Roosevelt did not understand the New Deal, or did not memorize the various time points of party history, etc., and then dictate the three questions, and you can pass the test if you get the correct answers. This method can really remember the missing knowledge points very well. I still remember that I had a make-up exam. He Mei gave me a time point sorting question. I only passed the exam three times, but it has been I remember it very clearly. I didn’t review that piece until the college entrance examination. Oh, I was a bit crooked when I said it, but He Mei really had a great impact on my life. I now have a goal, that is, I will become a part of it when I grow old. An elegant and enlightened wife like He Mei

7 months ago

Ye Jiaying. For the first time, I knew she was through the forums of Hundred Schools. She talked about the beauty of Chinese classical poetry. The old man quoted classics, circumstantial evidence, and various poetry dictionaries. When she recites ancient poems in an accented voice, I find it very beautiful. I think ancient literati also sang like this. In her lecture, she mentioned only a few words from her childhood. She said that both men and women in their family learned to compose poetry. The enlightenment of her ancient poems came from her father. I knew that the old man had a family background. The result was Baidu, as expected. The old man is of Manchu nationality, Yehenala clan. Attach photos from Baidu. I think it is quite worthy of the word “exquisiteness”. The latest news about the old man is to donate more than 30 million yuan to Nankai University to establish a foundation. I hope that the girls are still fine with reading more books, sun bags and diamonds, rhinoplasty and hyaluronic acid, which can’t hide the superficiality and vulgarity.

7 months ago

The baby’s piano teacher is a very expensive girl at first glance. As a woman, when I first met her, I was attracted by the girl’s temperament. I thought her voice was very good, but I was afraid to approach her. What made me really broken was once when she came to her house to pick me up, it suddenly hits me clean and refreshing, and feels that the air around three meters has the smell of grass, which makes me feel at a loss and feel inferior. Don’t know how to put it. The inferiority complex is that I feel that my breath is not clean enough. The clothes I wear today are from yesterday. I washed my hair yesterday. I didn’t wash it again before going out. I always feel that there is a little bit of gray. . This feeling of helplessness has never appeared in my life, giving me a clear sting. I remembered this feeling deeply, and then asked the women around me. From young to old, many people have this feeling, that is, being shocked by girls of the same age, and then sadly found that there is a big gap between myself and others. a feeling of. Earlier I thought it was the sense of distance created by her and her husband’s high education, but later I discovered that it was not entirely true. Her husband is a doctor, but there are not many people in the group of doctors who look clean and tasteful in casual clothes. One day when eating, it was in her husband’s restaurant, and her husband brought up a cake pan. It was a set of plates. At the bottom was a shiny white lace base, on top there was a small circle of also shiny white lace plates, and on top were two very delicate cakes. I may not be able to conceal the expression of being overwhelmed by this set of tableware, probably: This is too grand, right? Why do you want two cakes to be so beautiful? I have been staring at the plate very insightfully, and said: Wow, this is too good. Two friends next to me said, um, one plate is enough, which still takes up a lot of space. Her husband said: We are like this at home. With a very contemptuous look, she moved the plate manually, and said: There should be a piece of cloth inside, you can see that it is still moving when it is stacked. The rest of us smiled and said, “It’s okay, it’s already fine.” What I thought in my heart is that this girl is really a fate, she has to be pricked when she is so good. Her husband turned the plate next to him as a playful saying: Look, it can be turned directly without having to move the plate. After I got along with her for a long time and then remembered this detail, I realized that this girl really knows how to make herself comfortable. A set of plates is nothing great. The point is that she seems accustomed to these things, and she doesn’t have any discomfort, and she can even pick up thorns. Maybe she will do it better. This kind of picky belongs to. People who haven’t seen it don’t know how to pick it. After trying it, they will understand and it makes sense. To say that this girl has gorgeous clothes and beautiful decorations, there is no such thing. I meet with her at least once a week. She rarely wears jewelry. Her clothes are very white, but basically only a few sets are exchanged. It can be seen that she brought her own star flash filter and was flashed when she stood in front of her. Her studio is always clean, and there is a faint fragrance in the house. After being shocked by the cleanliness of her house, I went home and completely reorganized my house and put on the fragrant fragrance. However, she is still far away from the point where she is so clean that people will automatically beautify her face and know that her house is also very tidy. The last thing I want to talk about is probably the professionalism of the girl. The piano teacher is never perfunctory, he teaches every lesson carefully, and the details are well grasped. The child will play after the lesson. The lessons of other teachers have never made me so easy. My little girl stopped moving once, and started to writhe and play the wrong way all the time. She said mildly and with a temper: You can’t play any more wrong notes this time, you really can’t! After the little girl made a mistake several times, she guarded it several times, playing the piano and demonstrating until it was right. It was also that time when the little girl met the teacher that the teacher was really serious, and she didn’t dare to play around anymore and grew up quickly. I think that this is probably the case for an extravagant girl. The stranger looks a little distant, and even feels a little contrived, but you will find that her every communication is very sincere, and every little detail makes people comfortable. She has seen a good life, knows what a good life looks like, and is always pursuing a better life.

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7 months ago

For the sake of teacher Ru Ping’s Shangguan Wan’er, I must forcefully answer once. Aside from the actors themselves, Ru Ping’s appearance in the TV series “Wu Zetian” really surprised me. In “Dream of Red Mansions”, Cao Xueqin’s description of Xue Baochai’s appearance has a touch of firmness and stubbornness between her eyebrows, and the lines of her face are not rounded, but it does not affect the feminine beauty of women. I like Teacher Ru Ping’s appearance very much, which is in line with the classical beauty in my heart. Wan’er was the grandson of the “criminal minister” Shangguanyi. After Shangguanyi was convicted and killed, she went to the palace as a slave with her mother. Later she joined the court as a female officer. She was re-used by Wu Zetian because of her intelligence and good writing. Because of her birth, she is destined to be different from the average boudoir daughter. The bumpy experience and full of talents in her youth also destined her life to be no ordinary. I haven’t watched “Wu Zetian”, but the image given to Shangguan Wan’er by Teacher Ru Ping really makes people feel that this is an ordinary lady who is graceful and noble but not imaginary, and is completely worthy of the name of the prime minister in the court of Wu Zetian. If Baochai’s rich and noble character can be used as a concubine in the palace, then I think Ru Ping Shangguan Wan’er’s nobleness can be compared with that of a generation of empress Wu Zetian, but compared to the empress, she is less bitter and more feminine. , Less solemn and solemn, more cordial and pleasant.

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