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The two characteristics of loving money and being independent are Li Wan’s consistent style. Cao Gong has clearly hinted several times in the book, but you just didn’t pay attention. As far as the poetry club is concerned, the main activity is to write poetry, not to eat. Lin Daiyu explores the spring and prepares a few plates of fruit snacks by herself. Xiangyun was the host, and Xue Baochai invited the whole family to lively and lively, to help her make a good appearance, and did not ask others for money. Only Li Wan, the sister-in-law, opened her mouth to ask her children for money as soon as she became an affair. The ladies of Jia’s House looked at Jin Zunyu’s precious, in fact, only two or two pockets of money in January, the big family is no better than the small family, the relationship between people is too complicated, it is tight enough to use the money to reward people in the usual routine, see Tanchun I want to buy some gadgets, and only save a few money in a few months. Lu Xue’an opened his mouth and asked for one or two each, bullying the children that they didn’t understand the market, and embarrassed to open their mouths about the money. Compare the normal prices: Tanchun and Xue Baochai asked the kitchen for a dish and gave them five hundred dollars. Sister-in-law Liu didn’t dare to take it back, saying that it was twenty or thirty dollars; for Jia Baoyu’s birthday, the girl collected three and two dollars, and the purchasing power was forty discs of dim sum plus a large jar of good wine, five or six young masters. Miss Jia Yihongyuan all the girls eat and drink together. Obviously, before the winter, she led the ladies to ask Sister Feng to ask for fifty-two activities funds. She did not organize a few times. Let’s not say where these fifty-two couples went. This time they asked for four or five taels. This is purely pure. The lion opened his mouth. The most overwhelming thing was that she asked the children for money. Most of them were in their pockets, and she had to beat them up to sell favors, implying that your money was not enough. The main treat was the money I paid, saying that I would pay for the total amount of money. Two is enough, not angry. Sister Feng settled the account for her, and the sister-in-law was given preferential treatment at home. She had twenty taels of monthly silver, ten times that of the children, and she had to figure out the pocket money in the children’s hands. Cao Gong’s verdict said that she didn’t give her children and grandchildren to accumulate yin virtue for the sake of money. Another feature of Li Wan needs to be compared with Sister Feng. Sister Feng is serious and fatal, and the biggest black spot of Li Wan before 80 times was love for money, but look at the verdicts of her two people, give Sister Feng a lot of praise. Her daughter’s verdict also said that it was thanks to her mother. To Ji De, to Li Wan, he was straightforward and severely reprimanded. Because this person is like Cao, his family concept is extremely heavy. If you do evil outside, but you are good to the family, he will take a high look at you, otherwise he will be merciless. Jia Yun’s uncle doesn’t help her nephew, so the homophony of her name is not human. Sister Feng also loves money, and she does all wicked things outside, but she really doesn’t say anything to the little uncle and sister-in-law at home. She hates Jia Huan so much. After criticizing, she asks someone to take him with a sling while playing. Look at Li Wan, Lu Xue’an misunderstood that everyone wanted to eat raw meat, and said quickly, if you want to eat raw meat, I will send you to eat it in front of the old lady. If I am sick, I will have nothing to do with it. You see, she doesn’t care about how the children are at all. It doesn’t matter if you eat it badly. The point is that you must not hurt me. Li Wan waited hurriedly to find him two and said, “You two want to eat raw food. I will send you to the old lady to eat it. Even if you eat a raw deer, it doesn’t matter to me if you are sick. Such a heavy snowfall, It’s cold, do you harm me.” Baoyu smiled and said, “Nothing, let’s burn it and eat it.” Li Wan said, “It’s all right.” I saw the wives take the iron stove, the iron fork, and the iron wire. , Li Wan said: “Cut off your hands carefully, don’t cry!” After that, Tong Tanchun went in. Even Jia Baoyu, a rich and wealthy idler who doesn’t care about everything, knows this very well. The time Qingwen was ill, she asked someone to tell Li Wan, and Li Wan said that if she was sick, she should move out and do not infect others. Qingwen was so angry that Qingwen was angry, but Jia Baoyu knew very well that Li Wan didn’t care whether she moved or whether others would get sick. He just used this sentence to dispense with responsibility: I’ve said it, it’s them if they don’t move. Thing. It’s really something wrong, so she can’t blame her. The grandmother went there for half a day and said back and forth: “The big grandmother knows, she said that after taking the two doses of medicine, she should just go out. If it is not good, she should go out. Nowadays, she is not angry. The girls’ bodies matter.” Qingwen slept in the warm pavilion, just coughing, and after hearing this, she shouted angrily: “I’m sick with the plague, I’m afraid I’ll pass people! I’m leaving here and looking at you. Don’t have a headache for the rest of your life.” As he said, he really wanted to get up. Baoyu hurriedly pressed him and said with a smile: “Don’t be angry, it was his responsibility, lest the wife knows that he is not, just say a word. You have always been so angry, now the anger is naturally intensified.” Shouyi Hong Qunfang opened a night banquet. There was also a cryptic hint that time: Li shook it, took one out and took a look, smiled and said, “Excellent. Look, this is a bit interesting.” Everyone looked at the sign and painted a stick. Lao Mei wrote the four characters “Shuangxiaohanzi”, and the old poem on that side is: Bamboo fence and huts are willing to do so. Note: “Drink a cup of yourself and roll the dice at the next house.” Li Wan laughed and said: “It’s really funny, you throw it away. I only eat a cup of myself, not asking about your waste and happiness.” “I only eat a cup of it. Regardless of your abandonment and prosperity.” You see, the spoilers of Li Wan branch line were clearly written to you after 80 times. As long as you read the book carefully, you can understand her later performance that is not surprising at all.


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8 months ago

Cold-blooded, Li Wan shouldn’t be considered personal opinion. According to the topic, I put myself into Li Wan’s perspective for the following reasons, which can be considered as several ideas. 1. I don’t know, for example, what many people said about Qiaojie’s being sold. In Cheng Gao’s book, it was said that sister Qiao was almost sold to a foreign prince by his ruthless brother. The TV series said that she would be living in Fireworks Alley afterwards. However, in the book, Li Wan may not know this from beginning to end, and maybe even She thought that Sister Qiao had found a good marriage, and there were some other people in the Jia family who were in trouble. She didn’t know that she would naturally not be reluctant to save. 2. Powerless Although Li Wan has accumulated a sum of silver, it is mainly regular income such as monthly money and rent. Although he has accumulated a lot for a long time, it is really not too much. According to Wang Xifeng’s algorithm, “Generally calculated, there are also Four or five hundred silver.” (45 times), even if you accumulate for more than ten years, plus other income, you will die only ten thousand taels, but only ten thousand taels can’t really save the people of the Jia family. , Jia’s family is a bottomless pit. It’s really enough to throw 10,000 taels into it, and there’s really no splashes. Not to mention anything else, among those who are in trouble, Jia Zhen, Jiaxue and others have committed 10,000 taels. Is it really enough? ? In addition, Li Wan and Jia Lan did not specify when they developed in their later development books. It may even be decades later. After all, it was a fluke to be rich when they were old, and they were able to save the daylilies at that time. 3. There are many reasons why I am unwilling to save this aspect. I will list what I can think of. 1. Li Wan’s surname is Li, not Jia. She is really not a complete Jia family. This is actually very important. After Jia Zhu died In fact, the connection between her and Jia’s family is Jia Lan. Li Wan’s relationship with other people in Jia’s house is really not that close. The book says that she is like a dead wood, only guarding Jia Lan. The relationship between her and Jia’s family is really true. It’s not too deep, and Jia Mansion is not particularly good for Li Wan’s mother and son, at least not very good compared to Jia Baoyu. Li Wan’s mother and son belong to the neglected group in Jia Mansion, and it is understandable that the two sides are not deeply emotional and subjectively unwilling to save. Yes, from this point, it is not impossible to say that she is cold-blooded, although it is a bit far-fetched. 2. Li Wan took the moon silver from the Jia Mansion for granted. She did not pay for nothing. The most important reason was that she was a widow who kept the festival, educates orphans, and gave her good years. At that time, the society gave Jia Mansion. To some extent, wind reviews have a positive effect. After all, although the Ming and Qing society at that time encouraged observance of festivals, it was not absolutely forbidden to remarry. Observance of festivals is a high morality rather than a basic morality. Therefore, the two parties are regarded as equal transactions. , Li Wan did not owe Jia Mansion anything, and her money was not brought by the wind. 3. Most of the people in the Jia family were not worthy of salvation. For example, Jia Zhen and Jia pardoned Jia Lian. They deserved their sins. At the same time, Li Wan was a widow who was observant and required her with the highest moral standards at the time. Her responsibilities and obligations That is to say to Mrs. Jialan Jia Zhengwang, at most, the mother of Jia is counted, and she has no responsibility to take care of and rescue the grown-up uncles like Jia Baoyu and Jiahuan, let alone the uncles of Jiazhen and Jialian. . 4. Considering Jialan’s future, if people like Jia’s family are blindly rescued, they may be dragged into the water by the people who committed their crimes, completely ruining Jialan’s future. At the same time, Li Wan’s savings should have a certain plan to support her parents-in-law, her daily life with Jia Lan, Jia Lan’s education, imperial examinations and subsequent management, marrying a wife and having children…everywhere, money is required, and Jia’s house has fallen behind. She also lost an important source of income and can only rely on her savings to sustain her. Therefore, it is unlikely that she will spend her life-saving money and her son’s life-saving money to save the people in the Jia family who have been in trouble. In summary, this is the reason why I think Li Wan did not save the person who was in trouble in Jia’s family.

8 months ago

It is true that Li Wan is too indifferent and indifferent. In addition, the children of the Jia Mansion are too inadequate, and she also looks down upon Baoyu, including Baoyu. She should also feel that such an unlearned and muddled Jia’s son died and died, and it was not worth her rescue. She doesn’t have the big family concept of Sister Feng, it’s enough to keep herself and her son. In fact, from the perspective of Baoyu, Cao Gong does have compassion for all women, but he stays at the simplest level: it is just a mouthful to say something bad. Baoyu enjoyed the best life, what did he do to this family? Jin Chuan Qingwen’s death, which one has nothing to do with him? Does he help? When the mother who loved him most slapped Jin Chuan, he ran away without even saying a word. Went to see Qingwen once, and then she got eggs. Even after Qin Zhong’s death, Liu Xianglian saved a little money for Qin Zhong to repair his grave. He didn’t even go to see it. The reason was that he was not free to move, even though he was rich, he could not let him decide and so on. In fact, we knew when he and She Yue paid Qingwen’s doctor together, Xiren put the money from Yihong Hospital where he could find it, and it was quite a lot. If he really wanted to How can’t it be done? He also asked for a cup from Miaoyu and gave it to Grandma Liu, and that was all. Therefore, Baoyu is the least qualified to accuse Li Wan of indifference. He comfortably enjoyed the love of the family up and down, did not pay anything, and was unable to save himself and others afterwards, and finally became a monk—he was relieved, let alone bear the responsibility. From start to finish, there is no man’s responsibility. This Baoyu is considered good among the children of Jia’s family, at least it is harmless. Others are more unbearable, which one can make Li Wan admire? It was Zhi Yanzhai’s comment that Tanchun, if Tanchun did not marry far away, with her abilities and attitude towards the family, she would definitely try her best to save her, and the children of Jia’s house would not be scattered. He didn’t mean to wash the ground for Li Wan, and he was indifferent and stingy.

8 months ago

I remember that at the beginning of the poetry society, Li Wan led a group of uncles and aunts to invite Sister Feng to join the agency. To put it bluntly, she was sponsoring! Sister Feng of Crystal Heart Liver Glass Sausage immediately guessed Li Wan’s intentions-she didn’t want to pay. , Look for Sister Feng! So, Sister Feng counts Li Wan’s and Jia Lan’s separation and income from the farm as a bottom line! The reader knows that Li Wan’s classification is the same as that of his wives, and all food and clothing belong to the officials. Silver, it’s just like a human-shaped brave-you can only get in, you can’t get out! However, readers will inevitably slander Sister Feng-a widow who is unemployed, what’s wrong with saving two money? Can you tell me if you need it? Cao Gonghui’s pen is always “grass ash” “Snake line, foreshadowing thousands of miles”, he wrote this long paragraph by no means accidentally! It should be noted that in feudal society, in order to commend and encourage “jie fierce”, the chastity memorial arch is not only good-looking, but also tax-free and rent-free for families with fierce women or martyrs. Even if the family is convicted of ransacking the home, the widow’s orphan’s land will not be confiscated! In other words, when the building is overturned and the Jia’s mansion is stolen, the only thing that will not be affected is the property under the name of Li Wan’s mother and son! At this time, sister Qiao was sold into a brothel by her cruel uncle Wang Ren, hoping that Jia Lan and Li Wan’s mother and son could help her redeem her body and save her from the fire pit! As a result, Jia Lan and Li Wan were not saved. It’s nothing! Thanks to Grandma Liu’s unforgettable kindness, she did everything possible to rescue sister Qiao! Good and evil will eventually be rewarded! Jia Lan was later hit by the martial arts and became a general, but the good times didn’t last long and she died in the battle to suppress the refugees. in. The news came that the court chased him for the title, and sent the so-called “Phoenix Crown and Xia Lai” to the so-called Jie Lie widow, and sealed a few grades of “Mrs. Ming Ming”! At that time, Li Wan’s life also came to an end, and the road was exhausted in a miserable state! His son was a martyr, and his mother was a festival woman, so I just left a false name for others to admire!

8 months ago

When the Jia family was prosperous, it had nothing to do with Li Wan; when the Jia family was abandoned, naturally it had nothing to do with Li Wan. Everyone sat around to celebrate the birthday. Li Wan drank a cup of himself and said: I don’t care about your waste and happiness. Do not wear flowers, do not dress up, and have no housekeeping rights. In the Zhulou Painting Building, there is a wooden couch with paper windows. How lively Jia’s house is without her. Wang Xifeng must care about Jia’s family, because the excitement is also hers. No one cares about Li Wan in Jia’s house. Although Jia’s mother took care of her and gave a lot of money, it was mainly from the aspects of responsibilities and obligations. But Jia’s mother loves Bao, Dai, Xiangyun, Baoqin, and even the daughters of relatives after the New Year. Even if Mrs. Xing has no children herself, Jia Lian and Yingchun are both her children in name. Although Jia She is lustful, with him in one day, she is the eldest wife. The older generations love their children and grandchildren; the older generations have their own sisters, and the elder sister-in-law just takes them with them, and has no blood relationship with them, nor the same interests. Youthful widowhood has nature, so that people who are full of energy can live like a dead wood. Although Li Wan is a Buddha on the surface, he occasionally reveals his inner desires, so he touches the key on Er’s body. When he mentions Jia Zhu, he can’t help crying. Talking that everyone in the room has left, he feels that he has no arms. The red plum blossoms in winter are also lovely. Long-term repression has slowly worn out Li Wan’s humanity, and he is used to being indifferent to the outside world. Someone might use Grandma Liu, Jia Yun, Xiaohong, and Qianxue to help the Jia family who was in trouble behind them to prove Li Wan’s lack of virtue. But those people have their own way of retreat. Li Wan “sacrificed” all his life in exchange for some silver money. He was helpless, and of course he would not take it out easily.

8 months ago

Let’s talk about Li Wan living in a hut in the mountains. Not far from the fence, he built an earthen wall chaimen hut, about four or five feet wide, built in a bamboo table and a wooden stool for his son to sit down and read. A few old books are piled up with shahu and wazhan. Every day in the thatched eaves room, guarding his son to study hard. Jialan pushed the window and looked out, seeing that the hot summer can let the wind cool off, and the winter snow will close the windows and hang the curtains, burning charcoal and burning the stove, the whole house feels scorching, and the world is cold. In the surrounding hills and hills, you can also appreciate the jade, jade, cloth, vegetables, and food, talk about alleviating hardship, hunger and cold, and idle clouds and wild trails, which can protect the soldiers. Li Wan was teaching his son here. Jia Lan hated his lack of talents, studied sages and sages, and studied professional articles. When Jia Lan was eighteen years old, he asked him to go to Beijing for the exam. Before leaving several times, asking him to take care of himself all the way, he couldn’t help crying again. Jia Lan urged his mother not to worry about him, saying that he was an upright man, and he didn’t need to worry about adults. Li Wan straightened his clothes again before letting him go. Jialan said goodbye to her mother and walked down the mountain. When she turned around, she saw her mother still staring at the top of the mountain, her nose sour and tears fell, and she waved to her mother and went to the city. Jia Lan found Jia Jun and asked him to accompany him to rush the exam. Jia Jun also said goodbye to his mother and left with him with the package on his back. Extending his eyes from autumn to winter, Li Wan missed seeing his son for a long time. He took care of himself on weekdays. He opened the door when he was idle. Standing on the top of the hill and staring down the hill, he saw that the four fields were empty and no half of his figure was visible. I had to sigh and turn back to the bamboo fence hut. On this day, Li Wan was sitting in the room doing needlework. He suddenly heard the chaos outside the door. He got up and pushed the door to see. Only four tolerances came up panting with a sedan chair. The man in the sedan stopped with a cry, got out of it, smiled and bowed to his mother. Li Wan saw that he was wearing a black hat and a gorilla gown. He was his son Jialan. He burst into tears and said with joy: ” Child, you are back, I miss for my mother.” Jia Lan took the mother’s hand and smiled and asked everyone to enter the yard to drink tea. When everyone was settled, Jia Lan said: “The son entered the examination room that day and saw the subject, which happened to be taught by his mother in the past, so he responded easily and passed the seventh place in the test. According to the news, the emperor read one by one, and the articles in the reading are all fair and accessible. I don’t want to see my son’s articles. I am quite admired: “Nowadays, the country is stable, and it is necessary to recruit talents from all over the world. Although this is a student. After the former criminal ministers, the widow cherished talents, so he should not be blamed for the past, and he was also asked to consider the widow’s good intentions, so as to serve the court loyally and benefit the people.” The child has been named a county magistrate in the suburbs of Beijing, and he will take up his post from now on. I can’t come back to visit my mother often in the future. I really can’t bear it. I came back today to tell my mother and let my mother rest assured. The child is ashamed that he has not yet received his salary, and he can’t get much money when he comes back this time. Let’s talk about it later. Mother’s old coat It is thin and torn and cannot keep out the cold. The child will bring a new thick coat to his mother in the future, but now it can’t.”
Li Wan said: “Just go to work, don’t worry about being a mother, I will take care of myself, did Juner pass the exam?” Jia Lan said: “Juan brothers won a hundred and thirty, come back tomorrow to visit.” Li Wan again Weeping again and again, said: “Our Jia family is revived again. It all means that you two brothers have inherited the family business. The old lady and wife Quanxia Youzhi will also like it.” After that, she couldn’t help crying. Jia Lan only stayed for one night, and the next day he bid farewell to her mother and went back to Jingying. Li Wan was waiting at home alone, and his heart felt much relieved. Jia Lan was diligent as an official, was promoted several times by the boss, and was repeatedly accused by the villain of jealousy and dismissed. Jia Lan and Jia Jun did not show any improvement in their officialdom, and they felt frustrated. The two brothers discussed in the mansion: “If this continues, there will be a day of desolate return. The officialdom is dim, and they are all used to buy money. If we have this spare money, we will surely suffer. Fortunately, there are rebels in the northwestern frontier who rebel. We might as well request orders from the Holy Spirit and go to the battlefield to destroy the rebels. We can also reward them with merits. Isn’t it better than working hard here?” The emperor must go to the battlefield personally to serve the country. The emperor read the memorial, and Longyan Dayue separated into two groups and sent them to the frontier to suppress the bandits. Jia Lan and Jia Jun were instructed to give thanks, rushed to the frontier without stopping, and commanded the soldiers to fight against the rebels, with repeated successes. The saint was overjoyed, and it was not a temporary matter to increase the rank of the two officials. Let’s say that Li Wan spent time in the mountains, seeing his son ups and downs in his official career, and he couldn’t help worrying all the year round. Suddenly, the officers and soldiers came to announce the good news, and Master Daojia was promoted again and asked Li Wan to put on a python robe and enter the palace to give thanks. Li Wan has never liked fame, so he declined: “It’s ridiculous to wear this, and it’s not ashamed to die.” However, everyone is gifted by the emperor, and the holy mandate cannot be violated. Li Wan showed embarrassment and barely wore it, but it didn’t fit well, and his sleeves were much longer. Then asked everyone why Jia Lan was promoted this time. It turns out that Jialan made outstanding achievements on the battlefield, and the sage bestowed awards and promoted Jialan to several ranks. Jialan and Jia Jun are both noble and high. The saint heard that Li Wan was a widow for several years, and he worked hard to teach his son to study and became famous. He shed tears and admired him deeply: “Such a virgin woman is admirable. It is necessary to set up a chastity archway to make the world admire and follow suit.” With a wave, he also sealed off the senior officials of the Li family and sent people to the mountains to add him to Li Wan’s purple python. Li Wan was flattered. He threw away his torn jacket, put on a beaded crown, draped a phoenix coat, with a gold seal on his chest, and a hairpin on his head. He sat on a sedan chair and went into the palace to give thanks. The whole city was stirred for a while, no one knew, no one did not envy. Unexpectedly, Li Wan died of an illness less than a month after returning home, and the world sighed.
Seeing the death of her mother, Jia Lan cried for death, and buried her mother grandly, and buried some gold and silver jewelry as a funeral. She cried: “I didn’t let my mother live a good life before she was alive. If you go with a crane, you will also pay tribute to your mother. Spend there.” It’s a sigh that Li Wan’s life is as ice and haunting, he won the title for no reason, and died suddenly. As the whole country laughed, why bother.

8 months ago

Li Wan is not Heshen, can she get so much money? Yesterday, I felt sorry for the cold, but now I think the purple python is long. It should be after the decline of Jia’s family that Li Wan took Jia Lan to live hard. This period of time should be very poor. After Jialan became an official, but what happened, it didn’t end well in the end. Before the Jia family found the house, the girls should have all left. Ningguo Mansion and Jia She had nothing to do with Li Wan. At most, they could save a wife Jia Zheng and Jia Baoyu, provided that they could all come to Li Wan alive. In addition to Mrs. Wang, the remaining elders can still be productive forces. They really came to Li Wan. Li Wan, an orphan and widow, is not happy to set off firecrackers. The ending should be that Li Wan took his son away in a panic. Everyone was separated and never got together.

8 months ago

There are so many people in a big family that the relationship is complicated. In fact, it’s not like the current small family and the big family affection is more indifferent. More marginal Li Wan’s son is cautious not to attend family gatherings during festivals. How much do you think he has feelings for other people in the family? It’s said that Jia’s Mansion is like a big company. A marginal employee in the company. The company has closed down. Can you count on him to save the company?

8 months ago

It’s not that it refuses to save, it’s that it doesn’t care. First of all, with regard to this sentence, how should we look at the issue. From the perspective of Zhi Critics, the author, organizer Cao Xueqin, Zhi Yanzhai and others all have a problem. Maybe they have been used to rich clothes and food in the past, and they are used to wealth and glory. , Suddenly the family has fallen, and if you don’t take over, it’s difficult to change it for a while, just like the original Baoyu said-no matter how you don’t take over, it will not shorten you and me. It can be seen that Cao Xueqin, the collator, the original author, and the commentators such as Zhi Yanzhai, have some problems. Just like the couplet wrote: insights into world are all knowledge, and the practice of human feelings is the article. Regrettably, this group of creators are neither familiar with world affairs nor human relations. If we can’t understand, we can try to restore the process of Jia’s decline. Perhaps Li Wan can be fair. Li Wan, born, the widow of Jia Zhu, has a son, Liu Xinwu, who is the adopted son of the Ma family of Cao’s family, and there is a basis for this textual inference. There is also the original support of A Dream of Red Mansions. It was the family banquet that Jia Zheng saw that Jia Lan was not present, so he asked Li Wan, and Li Wan replied that Jia Lan’s appearance was inappropriate and let him go to school. (This paragraph may be controversial, put it aside, just talk about human relations. Liu Xinwu’s inferences are also very realistic. Let’s ask, isn’t Jia Lan a grandson? Why didn’t I see him appear on the stage.) Okay, Li Kun’s status in Jia Mansion is roughly It can be described above, the widow, adopted son, is a marginal figure in Jia Mansion. (In fact, there are also Li Wan’s personal problems. Judging from Wang Xifeng’s comments in the article, Li Wan is not marginalized, but marginalized by himself. Here you can refer to Mrs. Xing, who only recognizes money and doesn’t recognize people when things happen. of). Then we look at Li Wan, the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees the wisdom. Not much to repeat. Then deliberate. Jia’s family is welcoming annihilation, and under the covering of the nest, there will be no eggs. Sister Qiao is obviously the daughter of a daughter, and she was almost pushed into the fire pit. It can be seen that the female family members of Jia Family are almost ushered in the disaster. Whether Li Wan can save herself is still unclear. As the saying goes, the mud bodhisattva cannot protect herself by crossing the river, and she may be If you have to pay a large sum of money to pay for the crime, how can you save the rest of the money? Taking a step back, Li Wan was not involved in the Jia family disaster. However, Wang Xifeng will definitely be dragged into the abyss by Zhang Hua’s case. Jia Lian marries his family in a funeral, and it is more ill-fated—Wang Xifeng’s uproar in Ningguo Mansion once said that these are all serious crimes. Look at Ningguo Mansion again. Jia Zhen, Jia Rong, and Jia Rongjia pardon these will definitely be settled after the fall (because of the suspicion that the hat is small, causing the locks to resist), Jia Zheng may also be referred to the Ministry for conviction because of this East Mansion, Li Wanjia Mother and son Lan will not be convicted, but the relationship between people around them is very complicated, and it is a blessing not to be involved. At this moment of liquidation, who will hold the money against the wind to rescue their relatives? What? We tried to take a step back and regard the Jia family as the real Cao family. After being initially convicted, we moved back to Beijing to live. Does Li Wan still have money at this time? Nothing… The Cao family’s deficit was several million taels, not a small amount… Li Wan’s savings might have been handed over to his father, right. Therefore, when we look at the image of Li Wan, there is a little taste of humanity and sophistication, but in the eyes of the creator, her prototype may be worthy of sympathy, but it cannot be understood.

8 months ago

After waiting for Mrs. Wang, wait for Wang Xifeng; after waiting for Wang Xifeng, wait for Tanchun; finally Tanchun married, Wang Xifeng fell out of favor, and the old leader Mrs. Wang changed hands and gave the seat to Xue Baochai. And me? When can I, the deputy head of the garden, remove this adverb? Co-author and bully my orphan and widow, right? Jia Zhu is going to be here, but I am better than Wang Xifeng and Xue Baochai? Jia Zhu is not dead, can’t this Yihongyuan’s vault key be in my hand? Reincarnation, do you want me to use my own money to help them? Why don’t you go to Jia Lian for it?

8 months ago

Come, come, come, you talk about Li Wan, a widow who is unemployed, how can we carry the rise and fall of this family? She doesn’t take care of the family, she doesn’t take care of the matter. The family are all cockfighting and running dogs fighting in the nest, but how to save it? Men did not read books and followed the official career of imperial examinations. In Wuyin’s family, it’s okay if they don’t learn how to ride or shoot, or if they don’t learn how to do it, it doesn’t matter if they don’t learn anything. Even eating, drinking, prostitution, gambling, and gambling are just a prodigal. Tan Chun has said that the Hundred-legged Worm is dead but not stiff, but it cannot be killed if it is killed outside for a while. But, look at Jia She, blackmailing the stone nerd, is it the rhythm of death? The Mid-Autumn Festival tells stories and satirizes Jia’s mother’s partiality, and wants to take Jia’s mother’s close servant mandarin ducks. Isn’t she rebellious? Let’s look at the relationship between Jialian and Jiazhen’s father and son and You’s sister during the national funeral and father funeral. Is it a death? The fame is so great that except for the two stone lions at the door are clean, I am afraid that the cats and dogs are not clean anymore? How rubbish is this? When the family member Feng Sister first bribed the nun for evil, and then used loan sharks for profit, she forced Sister You to death and urged Zhang Hua to sue herself. What matter was not enough for a few times? Not enough to be overwhelmed? Just such a family, you let a widow who can’t go out of the door to save it? Hide as far as you can! Otherwise, you can die of anger a few times, and still want to take charge of others?

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