1″But doctor,”he says “I am Pagliacci.” A man went to the doctor and said that he had depression, his life was so bitter, and he was lonely and desperate. The doctor said: “Go to the clown in the city, he can make you happy.” “But doctor,” he cried suddenly “I am the clown” “I am the rotten orange juice and soup, I Roses and lilies crawling with insect eggs, I am the North Star that exists in a brightly lit city, but no one can see it and no one needs it.” 3. I can’t stop you from running towards someone better than me. 4 “Today I said a lot of frustrating things to you. It seems that we can’t say words of comfort and encouragement. We can only sigh softly together. It’s also good to sigh together.” 5. I’m very picky, it’s hard to make my speech unpleasant, and I often My face is stinky, but that’s me. I just can’t be obedient, obedient and sacrificed like you. Just because I’m not that great, I’m not worthy of love. I’m not worthy of love.” 6. I always thought I was an easy-going person, but my temperament Withdrawn, often depressed, even suspicious of melancholia, and feel that I was a mistake since birth, I always feel wrong in my words and deeds. I am wrong in everything. Why should I be a person?-Yang Jiang​​ ​7. “It’s okay, it’s just going back to the original state. I have nothing. “——Seikawa Chuhara “Shi Ling Ling” 8. You have no ability, no connections, and no support. Please don’t say that you are kind, empathetic, and considerate. You just use superficial kindness to blend into this Society, to please others is the way you choose to survive. In the primitive society, you will be abandoned by the race, and then you will die as a prey when you live alone in the wilderness. Weak and talkative are just your instinctive survival strategy. 9. The endless insomnia and sleepiness are the rests I drew for myself. I transformed into dead bones together with all living beings. In autumn, I collect a red dress and hide the larch in winter. I am the one who stumbles, I am the one who stumbles, I am the one who breaks, and I am the one who is broken “It was really a golden day, and I didn’t even have a close friend. “10. I don’t want to see my old friend, I don’t want any of them. After all, those few years have been scattered like a joke, and adult figbags are like panties. When you don’t wait for the naked meeting, who dares to take it off for you. I insist on saying everyone. Isn’t it too nonsense if you don’t have any grudges? Besides, even if it’s been three or five years, it’s still a painful experience. I hate people for being inferior to water, waiting for the waves to rise on the flat ground. I can run horses in my chest, I can walk the wind, even if I hide the dirt. Nurgle has a bad reputation, but I just can’t tolerate a repeat customer. 11. I think the harder thing to endure than sexual fantasies is probably fantasies. It makes me feel that the stars in the sky are like cigarette butts that are crushed on the soles of shoes, thirteen. The torches of the state capital are all thrown into the nighttime amusement park. The color of the tablecloth is so old that I can smell the musty smell of the shroud as soon as I lower my head. The aunt hired at night has the quirk of strangling a baby. There is a man on the skylight. Lie there and look at me. I was so nervous that I was thirsty, but I couldn’t blow away the foam in the tea bowl in my hand, because I guess I would find a dead fish hidden under the water. 12. Rick has a catch phrase “Wubba lubba “dub dub”, in Birdman’s language, this means “I am in pain, please help me”. 13.​Many times, I behave very happy and kind-hearted, speaking well in front of others, just like me It really feels the same. But only God knows what happened under my skin: the soul seems to fall into a deadly sleep, and there are thousands of wounds in the soul dripping blood at the same time. 14.️I know you are tired recently .It’s the invisible physical. Emotional. Interpersonal relationship. The feeling of helplessness facing the future. Even if I am exhausted every day, I still have to sleep at night to continue my life. Because there is no way. No one is easy. So far. You have survived all the things that you think will not pass. Fortunately, misfortunes have passed. 15. In fact, many of our generation have nowhere to go. I feel defeated. And when you can’t see it, there is no “safe haven” that the outside world defaults to. You don’t think “just go home like this”, go back to the house with mom and dad, and pass the rest of the day. Or cheer up again. Let’s go. Many people actually don’t think of home as a way out. When it’s down, family members will even put more pressure on them. I saw many young people standing in the middle of the road, just standing and crying. There are no lights behind them, and white fog in front of them. Vague. 16. Sometimes I feel sad about one thing, but I don’t know how to tell it. I swallowed it like a broken biscuit into my stomach. I also thought about talking to others. People who are too close think The hypocrisy is confusing. People who are too far away are not always talking about the painful place, so even if they are sad, they still do it.


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7 months ago

The best copywriting, Aunt Xi has already prepared!
The stream rushes to the ocean,
The tide is eager to return to the land
In front of the fence of green trees and flowers,
Once waved goodbye so easily.
And after twenty years of vicissitudes,
Our soul returns every night,
When the breeze passed, it turned into a fragrance of the garden.

7 months ago

The yard with trees in Houhai, the jade of Xia dynasty, the cloud at this moment, the whole sentence is the yard with trees in Houhai, the jade of Xia dynasty, the cloud at this moment. “Things” 2. “There are not too many beautiful things in the world, the wind blowing from the opposite bank of the river in the evening of Liqiu.” The whole sentence is that there are not too many beautiful things in the world, and the wind blowing from the other bank of the river in the evening of Liqiu, and Er You were ten years old when you laughed and killed you. –Song Xiaojun’s “It’s Raining and Seeing You” 3. You have to walk in full bloom and full of voices. The whole sentence is that I like you, so I hope you will be surrounded, so you have to walk in full bloom and full of voices. –Musuli “XX” 4. The dragon should be hidden in the cloud. The whole sentence is that the dragon should be hidden in the cloud, and you should be hidden in your heart. –Shen Congwen “Small Scenery Under the Moon” 5. I am half dead like a leaf that leaves a branch in the sun and wind. The whole sentence is that I am half dead as a leaf blown from the branches in the sun and wind. But your lips can make it moisturize, and your neck and neck are on the same forehead.

7 months ago

You are not like anyone. The whole sentence is that you are not like anyone, because I love you. –Neruda’s “Twenty Love Poems and a Desperate Song” “People choose the meaning of their beloved from the words of the poet” The whole sentence is that people choose the meaning of their beloved from the words of the poet. But the ultimate meaning of the verse is to point to you. -Tagore “Gitanjali”. I saw wild flowers full of branches and wild long white snow sliding down the treetops and blooming plum blossoms along the way. I saw returning birds and cicadas singing, and the scorching sun. The whole sentence is where you stepped, and the world begins to wake up. I saw wild flowers full of branches and wild long white snow sliding down the treetops and plum blossoms along the way. I saw the returning bird cicada singing and the scorching sun. I saw you at the end of the daydream, and the day was bright ever since. -Qi Jian “Daydreaming Me”. “In the early morning, on Yanshan Mountain, among the leaves in the sun, a gust of wind took away the flashing water. At this moment, I am willing to be a person without ideals.” The whole sentence is early in the morning. On Yanshan Mountain, in the sunshine, a gust of wind in the leaves took away the flashing water. At this moment, I am willing to be a person without ideals. I am willing to accompany you to age as quiet as grass and trees-He Sanpo “Hills”. The moon is very bright and bright. It’s useless, it’s useless and bright. The whole sentence is that the moon is very bright, and it is useless if it is bright, and it is also bright if it is useless. I like you, it’s useless to like it, and it’s useless to like it. Sometimes, in the evening, there is a sound of flute from a room upstairs. The piper is leaning against the window and the window is full of tulips. The whole sentence is sometimes, in the evening, there is a flute sound from a room upstairs. The piper is leaning against the window and the window is a large tulip. If you didn’t love me then, I wouldn’t care. –Марина Ивановна цетава “I would like to live with you”. The blooming of flowers is a sentence that the night passes by is a story that dusk begins to write and dawn is countless title pages. The whole sentence is that the flowers are in full bloom, that is, the night is over, that is the beginning of the dusk, and the dawn is countless title pages. The whole world composes a poem I love you as the last line.

7 months ago

The moon is high in the night sky, and it is spring now. The whole sentence is that the moon is high above the night sky, and it is spring now. I think of you, my heart is complete. –Pessoa, “Shepherd in Love.” The crab is peeling my shell. The notebook is writing me. I fall on the maple leaf. Snow on the maple leaf. The whole poem is the crab peeling my shell notebook. I am writing about my sky full of snow falling on the maple leaves and you are thinking of me. Vaguely thundering, hazy sky. The whole poem is faintly thunderous, and the sky is cloudy. But I hope the wind and rain can stay here. Vaguely thundering, cloudy sky. Even if there is no rain, I will stay here. – “The Collection of Many Leaves”. The whole sentence I want to play with you in the world is: I hope you yearn for the fullness of life, will not be hurt, will love life, I want to play with you in the world, love magnanimously, breathe miss me. ——Jia Pingwa, “Game World”. The general sentence of burying hot cheeks in the soft snow is: burying hot cheeks in the soft snow, I want to have a look at that love. ——Ishikawa Woodpecker “Song of Love”

7 months ago

Hello, you really like to drink Coke. I went to the canteen to buy Coke and found that there was no Coke. I took a piece of milk but found Coke at the checkout, but I don’t want to change it anymore. It’s raining, you’re still you, it’s still raining like looking for you. It knocks on my window and says that you can’t find you. Someone is waiting for the rain. Someone blames the rain. You came from the rain and I got wet until it rains. I don’t mean the weather is cloudy to the clouds. Heaven may also be a long life

7 months ago

1. I think of you again, it is the past. 2. Your voice and smile are no longer what I can have. 3. The wind blows your hair, and I no longer have the right to caress it. 4. Your embrace is very warm, but I am no longer attached to it. 5. Your hand is cold, but you don’t want to put it in my pocket. 6. You cried, not for me. 7. You laughed, facing him. 8. I want to say, I miss you. But there is no way to send it to you. You already have your him. 9. I still want to buy some milk tea, but I can’t give it to her anymore. 10. Waiting and waiting, you haven’t looked back. Sensational.

7 months ago

Without expectation, the butterfly has long been unable to fly in the ocean. The lost love, who is still waiting stubbornly in place. Everyone is counting the days to go back, and I, regardless of the return date, probably have no expectations. In this world, there is no reason to give up, but for a moment, there is no more expectation of him. Time has changed a lot, we are no longer innocent, no expectation, all the likes are not worthy of appropriate. There is no expectation, empty-hearted, neither good nor bad. There is nothing to be happy, and there is nothing to be unhappy, but I suddenly feel that there is no expectation in the days. This feeling is uncomfortable, and I don’t know who to talk to.

7 months ago

In my junior year, she and I fell into a complicated and delicate emotion. Some people chase her, and some people are infatuated with me. Between me and her, it is true appreciation. So, one night, when I was staying, I said to her day student, I will take you home today, and have breakfast together tomorrow morning, okay? She happily agreed that the next morning, we were eating deep-fried dough sticks and drinking soy milk downstairs in her house, and we were seen by classmates. As a result, those who pursued her and those who were obsessed with me quietly withdrew from the competition. The truth is that after sending her upstairs, I went to a nearby Internet cafe to play cs for a night

7 months ago

1. I think you can take the initiative this time. 2. Why do you think he will give up the blooming future and choose you? 3. I can’t tell if you are a friendship or a missed love. 4. Why be a kid who dare not express emotions. 5. In fact, my heart is moved, but I am too afraid of losing. I can’t speak many words. 6. Later, even if you say there is sun at night, I don’t want to argue. 7. Give me a pause button, I’m really tired. 8. You are the fallen love god in the temple, the rose that seduced me and the soldier who betrayed me. 9. I don’t care about you when I see that you are very good to others. 10. I hope you don’t rush out suddenly when I have done all my psychological defenses and want to abandon you. 11. I want to touch your heart, just like you touch my heart. 12. If you can avoid violent joy, there will be no grief. 13. You want me to look at you with disappointment. 14. I don’t run to you anymore, I want to run to my own life. 15. Regrettably, when I said something against my heart, you still obeyed my intentions. 16. So one day, sunflowers will also give up the sun. 17. You are happy first, we will talk about our affairs later. 18. After accepting all kinds of disappointments, I found that a person is really good.

7 months ago

1. Well, bad and casual are three good friends. One day, please feel free to call Bad Bar, make an appointment with Bad Bar to hang out together, Bad Bar asks: Who is there? Just say: Let’s reconcile. 2. I went to buy oysters. On the way home, all the oysters jumped out of the bag and got into the soil. It turned out to be called oysters like mud. 3. Rice noodles and mud are good friends. One day, the mud asked us about the oysters. What are you going to do? The rice cooker said we met each other. 4. I was walking on the way home. The mud on the side of the road was a bit too much. A car drove through the mud and splashed on me. The sound of splashing on my body was very loud. 5. I want to take you to eat roasted purple sweet potato, and then quietly tell you “I purple sweet potato and you” in your ear. 6. There are two cutest things in the world: one is that I am cute and the other is that I am cute. 7. The weather is so cold, but my bed doesn’t want me to lie down alone. It said that I must lie next to you. Then I found out because it’s called wo love you… 8. One day I got on my body. I put on a pile of ash, I can’t take it anymore. The ash won’t go. 9. I hit my knee when I went out today, so I knocked my knee. 10. I want a cup of taro milk tea. There are milk tea and taro, but there is no mud. 11. Download today After a lot of rain, my friend asked me if I wanted an umbrella, and I said I don’t want an umbrella. 12. It’s so hot, we will know

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