Recently I’m very happy with Xu Qing, so let’s write about her! Others are great beauties, stunners, and stunning, but few people can become a national beauty, Xu Qing is a national beauty, and Gong Li and Chen Hong can be another. So she plays Soong Ching Ling, she has a special taste! The national color must be stable, upright and dignified, and able to withstand the worship of all nations. Gong Li has the figure of Nuwa, and Chen Hong has perfect facial features. So why does Xu Qing be regarded as the national color? The top three look closely at the three courts and five eyes that are not bad (Chen and Gong are more standard, maybe you need to use the expression to pull the chin ratio), the skull is round and full, and the face is huge and solid. The national color must be so. Therefore, the national color is also hard to come out. A group photo must be elegant and graceful Wan Fang Bingbing is a great beauty, but Chen Hong is the national color Gong Li at the Cannes Film Festival, the French prime minister on the left, Gong Li is really magnificent, so is Qi Yuxuanyang sister Xu, national color is the pressure field , Hehe, at this time Ning Jing (third from left) and Xu Qing have an intersection! (At this time, I haven’t spent the second time yet) Bingbing, you stand next to the national color and summarized. Let’s take a look at how Iraq blooms beautifully. Xu Qing, who just made her debut in her early years, is simple and honest. But looking closely at her facial features, there are sweet ingredients. Every time you laugh, the “sweet” state comes out

1 The first beauty in my heart has remained unchanged since the beginning of Swordsman 15 years ago. 2 The rounded oval face, high and smooth forehead, and Limao’s faint smile, are unique and eye-catching among the female celebrities with awl face. 3 Good temperament, most suitable for acting as a clever and elegant white-collar aristocratic lady. The pampering position has seen the face of the world, well-educated, innocent and warm, unique artistic and aesthetically appealing breath, which can not be covered, so the east is sunrise and the west is This kind of literary and artistic film is most suitable for her, absolutely not suitable for acting in the rural drama Shajiabang or something, there is no way, the temperament is too good. The amazing performance in Lao Pao Er is also because of her temperament to act as an old lady in the market. It is indeed a self-breakthrough, not easy. 4 Her beauty has the three elements of innocence, sexiness and atmosphere, which is very rare. She exudes childishness in her heart, has always been spoiled by people, in her forties, she is cute, and her friends jokingly called her a post-80s generation. His smile and eyes are always innocent, and his lifestyle is free and easy. At the same time, he is charming and charming, and can interpret Qiao Linzhu. Distracted and fascinated, he became the dream lover of a successful middle-aged man in the 1990s; when he was magnificent, Schindler, the mother’s filial piety, could win it steadily. Only because of his independent and deep thinking about life can he make that share. Firm, calm, compassionate. 5 Good figure, not tall, not short, not fat, not thin, with various ratios of golden ratio, and has a more graceful posture when moving, which looks beautiful no matter what. 6 Good skin, Tujia girls have skin like mutton jade, light makeup or plain makeup is beautiful enough. At Tianya, people in the entertainment industry broke the news that there are only two real beauties who are beautiful without makeup, Chen Hong and Xu Qing. 7 Reverse growth, forty years old is more beautiful than twenty years old. It is absolutely impossible to do without a generous mind and understanding mentality. Of course, genetic genes play a role, but acquired practice is also important. Maintain a happy and positive mood, regardless of fame and wealth. People who gain and lose are not easy to grow old. Skin care products alone cannot have this effect. 8 I am a female.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

How do ordinary people fight aging?

1 Thermage, this is the hottest project right now. It targets people with loose skin, sagging apple muscles, raging wrinkles, and proliferation of legal lines.

2 Reasonable maintenance

If you want your skin to be moisturized and elastic, you must moisturize your skin, and the skin that is full of water is clear!

I like to use a facial mask for daily moisturizing, and apply it two or three times a week to moisturize the skin!
I like to use facial masks for good moisturizing effects, and the skin will look moisturized and translucent when it is naturally moisturized! The O’Reilly’s mask that I used has a good moisturizing effect, and it contains seaweed ingredients that can help the skin lock moisture! There are many essences on the mask. After applying it, it feels like the skin is full of water, and it feels watery! I will apply the extra essence to my neck and arms, don’t waste it! The ultraviolet rays in the sun not only make us tan, but also the main factor that makes us grow old! ! ! When you go out every day, you must do good sun protection, hats, masks, glasses, sun protection clothing, and don’t forget to apply sun protection! !

9 months ago

Try to answer…I would like to point out the inaccurate places
Everyone’s aesthetics are different, and their opinions are inevitably different
I haven’t seen Xu Qing’s work. I have found some pictures from Baidu.
Neither black nor powder, objective evaluation: D
First of all early–
Xu Qing was very young at this time. The face is obviously fleshy. The two pear vortices are very vivid and lovely-plus points. The picture on the left can clearly see that Xu Qing’s nose is relatively low, with low roots and low nose bridge. The nose is relatively round and flat. According to the current aesthetic standards, the chin is too fleshy. Because the facial features and face shape are not sharp, and the three-dimensional degree is not enough, it feels not refined enough. But it feels very friendly and next to home.

9 months ago

This picture is a little thinner than the face just now. The forehead was also exposed.
There is no problem with the three courts. But in this way, the three-dimensionality is obviously not enough. Four highs and three lows are not satisfied, and I feel flat. The cheekbones are still good, I don’t know if this is because she maintains a better appearance.
Of course, in terms of three-dimensionality, it is also because modern aesthetics have been influenced by Europe and the United States.

9 months ago

The front view is still very beautiful. There is no problem with three courts and five eyes, and there are no flaws in the facial features.
If Xu Qing is compared with other top beauties that we generally recognize, I think what she lacks is a charm.
The so-called women look at their eyes, men look at their noses. Xu Qing’s eyes make her not beautiful enough.
Brigitte Lin’s profile is more three-dimensional than Xu Qing. Four highs and three lows are very satisfying. From the forehead to the root of the mountain to the nose to the middle of the person and finally to the chin
High and low, beautiful undulation, smooth curve

9 months ago

Xu Qing is the dream of an era. It is the dream of everyone who is young Feng Xiaogang. Xu Qing has no lack of boyfriends or blue confidantes, because Xu Qing is not only beautiful, a goddess of temperament, but also a scholarly family, with temperament and pursuit in charm. , And character accounts for a large part. For post-80s and post-90s, Xu Qing’s series of TV series have countless fans in costume styling. Post-90s, “Swordsman” Ren Yingying, facing the impact of the Hong Kong version of Ren Yingying, it is difficult to have her own path to fame, but she gives Ren Yingying is more wild, more weird, and enchanting, evil, free and unruly. People like Huang Rong, Princess Jianning, and Azhu have bright personalities and are independent. It is vulgar and elegant. When people simply consider a woman’s looks, they think that they are vulgar. Don’t judge Xu Qing by her looks. Xu Qing’s charm cannot be measured by her looks. The secular favorite is not getting it. Similarly, Xu Qing’s charm lies in not getting it. It lies in her beautiful imagination. Xu Qing is a famous “princess” in Beijing circle, and she is also an actor, idol, and even a performing artist.

9 months ago

Xu Qing doesn’t care about what others say. She is not a gossip with others, but an objective reality. She also bravely pursues love. Hua Chenyu, Feng Xiaogang, Li Yapeng, Wei Zi, and Wang Zhiwen have a somewhat good relationship, and Xu Qing is a strange woman. Xu Qing is a lady, a celebrity, and she also has a deeper red background. She has never been short of money and social status, but her status in the circle is higher than the third-line and eighteen-line female celebrities. go with. Xu Qing can be sweet or salty, Yu Jie can be Lolita, but playful and direct. Such a changeable person does not link her to the entertainment industry and the unspoken rules at all. Like Han Xue, they don’t need to marry. The rich, they are the rich themselves. Xu Qing’s appearance is always new, that is, the feeling of temperament, even when acting as a woman in the dust, she will also be peerless, making people think about it, can’t help but love it. However, Xu Qing’s position for herself is not an actor, but a daughter of the Kingdom of Heaven, who does not eat the fireworks in the world, and gives the world a distinctive color.

9 months ago

The beauties in the Beijing circle have long been scouring the sand with Xu Qing in front and white lily in the back, but although wild lilies also have spring, Xu Qing’s flowering period is particularly eye-catching because she has never been tied up by the world. She has her own sky. Everyone yearns for Xu Qing. Ordinary life, but secularity, culture, prejudice and arrogance, do not give ordinary people more choices. The only difference from traditional women is that Xu Qing does not have too many constraints from family and marriage. Just like a girl, she travels around the world just to appreciate the spring of life. God has a good life. All the protagonists who participate in Xu Qing’s life are like Just like admiring works of art, dare to look far away and don’t play with it. Similarly, Xu Qing catered to her restless heart with her intellectual, changeable, playful, and cold side. I don’t agree with what a person looks like.

9 months ago

Good-looking skins are the same a thousand times, interesting souls are one in a thousand, Xu Qing is undoubtedly the beauty of one in a thousand, not only the innate advantage of the child’s face, but also the temperament born of the cultural heritage behind it, as well as a cynical posture, uninhibited indulgence To love freedom, to love you is to capture you, so we all just want you to be good. Xu Qing in the movie map, the women portrayed, there are women from the wind and dust, there are peerless beauties, there are public enemies of beauty, and the role of both righteous and evil. It is very abrupt, but very mysterious, very sensual and delicate. Here you can find the persistence of love. , Can also find an understanding of human nature. In “Old Paoer”, Lao Pao’er’s confidante, maybe life is like this duplicity, saying nothing, but touching the softest part of life, always let her stand with you. There is no doubt that many of them are prostitutes, and most of them are scholars. In the movie played by Li Yifeng, it is more like a fascinating fox, which makes people unable to resist the charm. At the same time, it achieves most of the psychology of hunting for beauty and curiousity, as if to say that you will never get it. woman.

9 months ago

The love between Xu Qing and Wang Zhiwen can be the joy of harvest. Two people are very rational, work with the same attributes, and both have acting skills. They are completely unclear. Whether they love the deity or the clone, it has been a long time, Lao Yanfengfei , Choose each step back, if you are well, it will be sunny. In “Betrayal”, Xu Qing and Weizi acted as a screen lover. They never thought that Yue Buqun could be such a machismo. The benevolent in “DA Master” is invincible, and the landlord’s old wealth in “Big Yangko”, the inner belly of “A Generation of Syndicate” President Hei, in general, is different Xu Qing, and the same tenderness is like water. Weak water three thousand only take one scoop, but there are always people who want to take three thousand. I don’t know if Xu Qing has Beijing traffic blessings. There are always people who have good scripts to make Xu Qing’s role more suitable for her. Director Jiang Wen’s “Song of Qin” Xu Qing and Ge You play a couple, one is Qin Shihuang’s sister, Princess Liyang, and the other is a romantic talent. Gao Jianli, the emperor and his sister, the friendship between the emperor and himself, stood above power, and the others seemed to be vassals.

9 months ago

Love can make life emit light and heat. Not only do we feel the temperature of the character, we can also feel the fit between the actor and the character. People who play with Xu Qing are called old opera bones. It can be seen that the resources are not only stars, artists, Favored by writers and even directors. Zhang Jizhong’s “Swordsman in the Lake” also has three ups and downs for the role selection. Xu Qing also portrays the demon saints in vivid colors, both righteous and evil. Unlike other Ren Yingying, Xu Qing’s Ren Yingying makes us very fast. Bringing into the role, Linghu Chong wandered between the master and the father-in-law, the younger sister and the saint aunt, between good and evil. Good and evil are not in the arena, but in the heart.

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