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For this topic, I may give a new behind-the-scenes perspective. Many senior readers have analyzed the reasons in many ways. Today, I will mainly add one of the most critical questions. First of all, if you want to discuss the adaptation of film and television dramas, you must start with the copyright ownership and authorization status of “Dragon Race” itself. “Dragon Race” is serialized in the literary magazine “Fiction Picture” under the banner of “Zhiyin Manke”. I am very happy that my first official job was the inaugural text editor of “Fiction Painting”, and I am honored to be the first editor in charge of “Dragon Race”. As we all know, “Zhiyin Manke” is the first comic publication in the era of domestic magazines, almost monopolizing the entire domestic market. The weekly circulation exceeds 7 million copies per month, ranking second in the world, second only to the neon “Junior JUMP”. “. However, when “Fiction Drawing” was launched, Manke was not a big Mac in the future. We were just a small editorial office with dozens of people. “Fiction Drawing” was also the first sub-brand magazine launched by Manke. At this time, Manke had just experienced a serious turmoil, which directly led to a full shift in the copyright direction of the company’s works. In the period from the inception of Manke to 2008, in fact Manke paid very little attention to the copyright of the author. Mr. Li Jing, the editor-in-chief of Manke, retained a large number of well-known comics writers by virtue of his personal charm and personal feelings. . But in 2008, a big event happened to Manke. One of the top two super-popular authors suddenly chose to leave and started a comic magazine. This is a big blow to Manke. First of all, the author was cultivated by Manke. After his work gained popularity, he ran away outrageously, which was a huge blow to the feelings of the editorial department. The second is that when the author decided to leave and stop the serialization, the editorial department found that it did not have any countermeasures at all. Yes, the comics at that time were still the traditional submission system, which had very low binding force on authors. That is to say, after this incident, Manke began to take the copyright of the work very seriously. Every work will sign a very detailed copyright contract. From today’s perspective, it is actually very harsh. The terms for the author are not So friendly. “Dragon Race” is a relatively special one among all the works. Because in the preparation of “Fiction Painting” magazine for more than half a year, this work has been confirmed as the top brand of the magazine for a long time. First, Jiangnan was already a quasi-first-line popular writer by virtue of Kyushu’s miscellaneous recording. Secondly, “Fiction Painting”, as a newly established youth literary label, was actually very limited. At that time, the outstanding youth literary writers were basically dominated by Guo Jingming’s “Smallest Theory”. However, although Jiangnan signed the contract in accordance with the highest treatment within Manke, one thing is beyond doubt. “Dragon Race” is a customized finale novel of “Fiction Painting”, and his copyright is actually signed to death by Manke, the Zhiyin Animation Company. Full copyright, including animation, games, film and television, peripherals and other aspects, this I am the person who handles it absolutely must not be faked. Later, the first release of “Fiction Painting” was out of stock, and “Dragon Race” began to take off until the three copies of “Dragon Three” reached the top and became the first person on the rich list of Chinese writers. At the same time, the manga works that were serialized simultaneously also changed their lead writers, which was equally successful. But at this time, the copyright of “Dragon Race” still belongs to Zhiyin Animation Company, and Jiangnan only has the right to make suggestions. During this period, it was not that no one wanted to take pictures of the dragon clan, in fact, there were a lot of them. As far as I know, large companies such as Huayi and Guangguang have come to Manke to negotiate the film and television license of “Dragon Race”, and director Lu Chuan has also come to talk about the feasibility of the project. However, this matter has been unable to advance in Manke. The reason is actually very simple. Zhiyin Animation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhiyin Media and a serious state-owned enterprise. As a consistent and strong domestic paper media company, Zhiyin Animation has its own ideas when the film and television industry changes, especially when it is also owned by Zhiyin itself. Under the premise of the film and television company…Anyway, this matter has always been unresolved, resulting in “Dragon Race” at its peak of popularity, has not been able to find a breakthrough in film and television licensing. Until… In 2014, there was a major turmoil that affected the entire animation industry, Manke fell into civil strife, many old employees left (including the host himself), and the former comic industry empire fell apart. At this time, Manke himself was already in chaos. He changed several leaders in two years, and the editor-in-chief came and went like a horse, and he didn’t have the energy to manage copyright. As far as I know, in the Manke era, “Dragon Race”, in addition to the derivative development of peripheral products, is the only authorized game license. In fact, the reason why Long Si waited for such a long time was also related to the civil strife in Manke. The editors who used to cooperate closely have left Manke, and Jiangnan has lost a strong editorial team that can plan and correct errors for him. This is also one of the core reasons why the plot of Dragon Four began to collapse and even lost Chu Zihang. Uncle Nan’s details and emotional resonance are the best in the world, so look at the overall situation…cough cough. The film and television copyright of “Dragon Race” dragged on under this background, until the first copyright contract expired, Jiang Nan did not choose to renew the contract, and then took the copyright back to his own hands. Only at this time, the strong popularity of Long San has been dragged down, the screening criteria of film and television companies have also changed, and the trend of the entire circle has changed. It can be said that Uncle Nan got up early and rushed for a late episode.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

As a dragon egg that has been chasing “Dragon Race” for six years, I can’t help but answer a wave. (Personal opinion, don’t like it) 01 Actors are hard to find (I’m talking about actors, not stars) May I ask which actor can play any role in “Dragon Race”? Actors are a big problem. If the actors are not well chosen, the whole movie will be finished. “Shanghai Fortress” is a lesson (it took six years). And who can play Lu Mingze? “If you don’t say anything else, it’s Lu Mingze. It looks like a teenage boy, I don’t know who she can look for. If you are filming a drama, most of the directors in your twenties will play for you” Is a comment in the district very reasonable? Hahahahaha I was really laughing when I saw this hahahahahahahaha. The boy looked like a Chinese, about 13 or 14 years old, wearing a black night gown, and glowing on his immature face. Lu Mingfei does not know why the face of such a little older child shows the silence and sadness of “I have been alive for thousands of years” (this is the first time that Concubine Ming has seen the little devil). I really believe the director will find twenty People who are in their late thirties or even their thirties play him. Hahahahahahahahahaha (“Shangbao” hits the street, the actor is at fault, the director can hardly escape the blame, and the Jiangnan thief who is the screenwriter cannot escape the relationship. Forgot where is the Kassel Academy? Kassel College is a private university located in the outer suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. It is located in the United States. Most of them are foreigners from all over the world, and Chinese are only a small percentage. However, Kassel College requires students to say Chinese. Where can so go to find an actor who is a foreign actor who speaks Chinese and fits the character image? (Thank you again for the suggestion, more heart-to-heart) Do you believe that the director will find you a big Chinese guy haha, or say. Modify the dragon clan (If the modification is good, it will be Harry Potter, if the modification is not good, it will be rushing to the street). For example, the original pirate pen has become a test pen hahahahahahahahahaha (laughs very miserable) Generally speaking, it is difficult to find actors. 02 The relationship between the original fan and the film fan is difficult to adjust. Don’t you remember if you remember that year The battle between original fans and film fans after “Grave Robber Notes” was first filmed? ? I am also a seven-year-old fan of “Tomb Notes”, because I am in a neutral position, so I see it more clearly. At the beginning, whether it was a post, a comment area or a Weibo, the fans were tearing it up so badly. Even the actors have been greatly affected. There is no doubt that “Dragon Race” is a super big IP. It has a huge fan base and involves multiple age groups like “Tomb Notes”. (Once the teenagers are all grown up, I sigh with emotion.) Once the filming is not good, with the combat power of the original fans, the directors, actors, etc. will definitely be sacrificed to the heavens every minute. 03 “Dragon Race” is not only a novel but it has accompanied many years of loneliness and youth, and has given warmth to many people. Jiangnan old thief’s writing style is really good, with perfect details. “We are all little monsters, one day we will be killed by the righteous Altman”, I don’t know how you feel, anyway, when I look at it, I always feel sad. I think I am Lu Mingfei, I am Eriyi. . Countless nights, because of “Dragon Race”, I am no longer in panic, because I know someone is as lonely as me. If “Dragon Race” is going to be remake, but not good enough, even if it is a lonely battle, I will have to do my best to tear it up! When you are the loneliest and most hopeless, a door will open by your side. Lu Mingfei waited for eighteen years, and the door opened at the moment of his worst. I would like to dedicate this book to all declining children who have dreams. ——Jiangnan “This is a book written in my heart” 04 scenes are difficult to restore, and the props are also difficult to prepare. Some scenes of “Dragon Race” are really difficult to restore, such as the battle between Lu Mingfei and Herzog. The sword of Damocles. It is very difficult to restore, very expensive. Can the most classic Fingo cut the road section be made? There are also those props. As everyone knows, “Dragon Race” is full of luxury accessories, famous cars are a big push, first answer that point, move a little in the original text, skip it if you don’t want to see it (can’t help but promote the dragon family wave,) Lu Mingfei It’s just such a person who is not so good and has no ability to do bad things. He lives to be eighteen and still doesn’t know where his future is. The saddest thing is that I don’t know that I’m lonely, or I’m clearly lonely, but I have deceived myself into believing that I’m not lonely. No one has ever promised Chu Zihang to protect him, and since he was a child, he felt that he had to take care of a lot. people. Was it because you were a stubborn child, walking through the crowd with your head down, silent; staying far away to watch others talking and laughing, without making a sound; but you have a big world in your heart, and it’s quiet in the middle of the night At that time, after everyone fell asleep, you were lying on the bed with your eyes wide open and looking at the night sky through the window, suddenly sad, or suddenly laughing and rolling? The charm of “Dragon Race” may be just that. I’m afraid the movie is difficult to show. This is a picture I cut in the Tencent Dragon Concept pv. I don’t know if this is the Dragon Animation trailer. (Please tell me about what the concept pv is like. TVT) The identity of the characters in this picture is easy to guess. What to say. I still hope to have a good animation production team to make dragon animation.

8 months ago

I can only say that I can’t shoot, not because no one wants to shoot, but I can’t shoot. As for the actor, an Angers can’t be satisfied. Secondly, think about how many luxury brands there are in Dragon Race, and how much financial resources the crew must have. The other is that special effects can’t pass. Yan Ling currently only exists in our imagination, we can imagine it in our minds that are extremely magnificent and magnificent, but if it is unsatisfactory…please refer to certain broken sky and certain Luo continent. I won’t say these two too much, I sigh in two words. We then point the camera at the author. You can find a pattern in Jiangnan’s books. The paper books are so popular that once they become a movie, they will lose money. For example, a certain sea fortress…

8 months ago

The Dragon Race is a big cake. I don’t believe that no one has ever moved the idea of ​​filming him, but the key is, how to film it? Guo Jingming wanted to make money, so Jueji was turned into a film and television. The final result is obvious to all. For his special effects, I gave a point, I think I gave a little too much. Why is the Zhilong clan not filmed? Let’s look at it from two aspects. The first is the role, the protagonists Lu Mingfei, Chu Zihang, Caesar, Nono and others, with distinct personality. Looking at the current entertainment industry, who do you think is suitable? Not to mention the trio of Angers, Xia Mi, and the nanny, Yuan Zhisheng Yuan Zhi Yi Eryi and them (please spare my Yuan Zhisheng). Especially the little devil, who can perform his demeanor. I went through a circle in my mind, I’m sorry, there really isn’t. The second is special effects. For the fantasy theme of the dragon clan, if it is filmed, there are two determinants of fire or fire, one is the role and the other is the special effect. The world view built by the dragon clan is very huge. If you want to support this background, the burnt money can’t be too much, right? So in the end, the investor can still pay back the cost. What’s more, the old thief’s Shanghai fortress pounced, and pounced thoroughly. Even though the big guys have a lot of money, they can’t weigh them in the face of this situation. So I hope that the dragons will not be filmed, so that I can maintain a little fantasy.

8 months ago

I am building a web platform and a company doing ip conversion. I am quite clear to tell the truth. “Dragon Race” is made into a movie. Do you think it might explode? 1. Domestic audiences are basically not interested in monster movies. The box office of the recent King Kong War Godzilla was only 1.2 billion, and the previous Jurassic World 1.6 billion. This is almost the box office limit of the Dragons, so the box office of the Dragons is basically expected to be 12. Between -16 billion. And for a movie like Dragon Race, the investment can be 500-600 million. Based on the calculation of triple return, Dragon Race is likely to lose money at the box office. 2. According to the experience of “Shanghai Fortress” and the setting of the protagonist of the young dragon clan, who will the dragon clan look for? The high probability is Lu Han, Yang Yang, Xiao Zhan, Cai Xukun and other small fresh meat or traffic stars. Ok, this basically doesn’t need to consider word of mouth. 3. Okay, maybe you would say that Dragon Clan is not just a monster movie, it is a youth fantasy similar to Harry Potter. Ok, so what are the poison spots in the dragon clan? All kinds of luxury goods, all kinds of luxury cars, all kinds of advertising brands. Upgraded version of “Little Times”. There are as many luxury dragons as there are in the small era, and it is still fully upgraded. This is the case in the original version. It is definitely a big deal to be made into a movie. Pile of advertising placement. That word of mouth is dead. 4. Let’s talk about the plot again. Someone will definitely say that the Dragon Clan has a good plot. Different from other Hollywood blockbusters, there is a literary style. Well, let’s take a look at the plot. Suppose you are a passer-by, you go to see the Dragon Clan, and you will find the first plot of the Dragon Clan? A declining child who admired the elder sister was licked as a dog and couldn’t kill the Dragon King but was robbed of the fruit of victory by others. In the end, he was still obscured and interspersed with inexplicable ghost possession (Lu Mingze). Thunder point was inexplicably inexplicable. Both the main characters are called. Lu Mingze, the audience said what kind of ghost story this is still happening in the United States. A group of foreigners and Americans went to China’s Three Gorges Dam to make trouble. Do you dare to shoot with the current level of tension between China and the United States? If you dare to shoot, some dare to report, some dare to organize a group black, you have low scores, and even if you are a monster fighting hot-blooded dragon, the protagonist is not qualified. In the end, he didn’t become a big hero, and he couldn’t get in the end. What did he get? Get nothing. After watching the audience, they can know the expressions of leaving the movie theater with their feet: their faces are foggy, and they touch their heads and mutter to themselves: “What the hell did I watch?” Come back and talk about why Harry Potter is so hot, is it you? Haven’t gotten a point yet to tell the truth, Harry Potter’s routine, which one is not cool? Harry was a bad boy who was bullied at first, but as soon as he arrived in the wizarding world, he immediately became a famous hero in the wizarding world. Received a large piece of fans, fans, fans, and fans. Both parents died leaving behind mountains of gold coin god-level equipment in the bank. -Light Wheel 2000 God-level equipment-Voldemort’s same-core wand God-level talent-Quidditch genius God-level skills-Mother’s love skin protection to solve the mystery that adults can’t solve, overcome difficulties that others can’t solve, defeat others that can’t be solved Which setting of the big boss Harry Potter is not a cool script? Which is not a cool routine? Why did the first Harry Potter hit a big hit when it came out, is it really not overwhelming? Take a look at the cool essays behind Harry Potter? God-level talent—Snake-mouthed God-level talent—Lightning scars. Seeing Voldemort’s thought of God-level status—Isn’t the Goblet of Fire cool in the plot of the Prophecy? Compete with senior classmates, defeat the fiercest Shufenglong, and tied for the first place. Which is not the setting of Shuangwen? And the Dragon Clan’s suggestion is to crush it. Some people may look down on Xiao Baiwen, but to be honest, Douluo’s settings are the most similar to Harry Potter. Look at Tang San’s natural twin spirits, not Harry Potter’s. Lightning scars? The hidden weapon talent Xuan Tian Gong, isn’t Harry Potter’s Quidditch talent? What is the blue silver emperor soul bone, is it not the mother of Harry Potter, the love spell protects the soul bone attached to the eight spider spears, is it not Harry Potter’s firebolt? What kind of medicine talent, is it not the Harry Potter black magic Defensive talent? Don’t underestimate the cool literary routines. Good routines will never be out of date.

8 months ago

If it’s another Shanghai Fortress or Kyushu’s Misty Record, I’d rather he not shoot it.
I think that Young Master Zhao Menghua may become a villain throughout the whole play, Lu Mingfei becomes a Long Aotian, Nuonuo is in love, Liu Miaomiao gets together with the protagonist, and Jiang Nan said that I had thought about it a long time ago but didn’t write it… , Second-rate scene, top traffic
It’s strange that the more I talk, the more I want to see what is going on…

8 months ago

It’s hard to please, and you may not be able to answer the question of the actor even after shooting. Is it the most basic? Italy, Germany, China, Japan, the United States, Russia, the starring role alone covers so many countries. Guess how much it would cost Chu Zihang and Fingel to find a Caesar that fits the reader’s image? Not to mention the role of Anger, who was born in childhood, Uesugi. With regard to special effects, even if the Bronze City can be built with one, dragons always rely on special effects, right? The two dragon servants of the Bronze City, Chu Zihang after the blood burst, Lu Mingfei, Yemengade, Fenrieux, Gao Tianyuan’s corpse guard, the iceberg of painted Liyi, the dream tapir of a young girl after the exchange of life , Yaqi Orochi, White King Herzog, these things must be done by special effects, right? What the whole dragon can do without special effects is the campus life, and other shots are costly. Script question, can Dawn of Fire really be released as a movie alone? Dawn of Fire and Shanghai Fortress are not all dog-licking literature after all? People who used to watch the dawn of fire now at least graduate from college, and most of them have been working for a few years, right? Do you still have the same feeling in reading dog licking literature? If not, what other paragraphs of Dawn of Fire can be used as a selling point? All kinds of fights with dragons? It seems that the label of “Dragon Race” does not have the label of “Prehistoric Behemoth”? It’s hard to get the money back by shooting the dawn of the fire. It is estimated that it is difficult for investors to pay for two consecutive movies. This movie has no commercial value except for the feelings. If Jiangnan invests his own money, it is estimated that he will have to pay for it at the end. Got it. Some new ideas, by the way, are actually a good story for the whole novel of “Dragon Race”, but the best part of this story is in the third and fourth parts. Lu Mingfei took Eriyi and took her away. After being let go, Eriyi’s death was caused by timidity, and Lu Mingfei grew up after Eriyi’s death. Such a transformation can be called a story. But Dawn of Fire can never be called a story, it can only be called an introduction. The movie needs a main thread to run through the whole play. If the whole book of “Dragon Race” is a movie, the growth of Lu Mingfei is the first main thread, Tu Long is regarded as the second main line, and these two main lines run through the whole story. But as far as Dawn of Fire is concerned, both lines are only half. Lu Mingfei has no real growth, and Dragon Slaying is only the second half of the plot. There is only one line that runs through the dawn of fire, which is Lu Mingfei’s feelings for Nono, but the licking dog literature is not easy to use now. Using this line as the main line of the movie is going to be sprayed. If “Slaying the Dragon” is the main line , It will become a monster-themed movie, and readers will not buy it. In the final analysis, the fundamental problem is that “Shanghai Fortress” hits the streets. Investors are no longer willing to pay for Licking Dog Literature. If “Shanghai Fortress” sells for 5 billion, now “Dragon Race” can almost be completed.

8 months ago

Who can shoot? Who dares to shoot? Not to mention the diarrhea of the Shanghai fortress, it is a lesson for the past. It’s the story of my dragon clan, who dares? If you don’t film it, it means that the beauty in everyone’s heart is hidden in your heart and your own fantasy. If you do it, you can wait to take a step back and say it’s done, but how amazing can it be? It’s not that you don’t look forward to the dragon movie! I dare not look forward to it! Let it lie quietly in my heart

8 months ago

Because Eriyi, Nono, and Xia Mi are not good candidates, countless boys will become keyboard Chopin. Lu Mingfei, Chu Zihang, and Caesar’s poor selection of people will make many girls scold on the street. I still look forward to “Wolf Warrior 3” for special effects, luxury goods funding, framing, etc. If you want to shoot “Dragon Race”, I will buy a new keyboard. By the way, although the lyrics of “Li Ya Ricardo, Li Ya Ricardo” won my heart, Nono’s little gentleness pierced my weakness. but! Eriya is the best! Lu Mingfei is not worthy! I am worthy! Jiangnan old thief, come to a duel!

8 months ago

1. The Dragon Race may be filming, or even finished filming;> The ip of the movie is currently in the hands of Huashi Entertainment. You may not know Huashi Entertainment, but you must know another movie he made-the famous “Shanghai Fortress” “. Except for Shanghai Fortress, his family’s main works are youth romance movies and middle-aged romance TV dramas. Shanghai Fortress should have the most special effects in his family. At the level of his family, either the dragon clan will not come out, or it will be rotten. The question is just how rotten it can be. Seeing whether it can surpass the Shanghai fortress, I feel that there is still hope. Although it is said that it will start up in 2016, it may be cold if there is no news by 2021. 2. For the producer, casting and special effects are not a problem at all. Many respondents say that casting cannot be selected, special effects cannot be produced, and the cost is too high. However, you raised these questions based on the reader’s or audience’s perspective. We have to make a commercial film that conforms to the original work and is well-made. But the producer does not need this premise at all. What the producer has to consider is how to use my IP to collect more leeks and make more money. You guys really overestimate these capitalists. Do you really think they want to make a movie? People are here to collect leeks. Does the character match the original? Xiao Zhan has gone to play Tang San. I can’t overplay Cai Xukun as Chu Zihang. I can play basketball. Five mao special effects? Dou Qi Hua Ma to find out, it is normal to borrow a leather case to play the Dragon King in the special crew. Scolded by the audience? Sorry, you can scold you, anyway, you can’t refund movie tickets. If the Dragon Clan really didn’t shoot, there is only one possibility, and then the capital thinks that he can’t make money. The Shanghai Fortress is a big mouth that wakes him up and tells him: It is not easy to collect leeks.

8 months ago

1. Domestic film companies do not have this ability. 2. Dragon Clan is a Chinese novel. 3. Dragon Clan is not a big IP for the whole world (tied with two). One and two say together, not for domestic film companies, except for fantasy blockbusters. Where can those Hollywood, Sony and other good fantasy blockbusters? And the Dragon is not in the United States, or the commercial value of the Dragon novel alone is not stronger than that of Marvel? Two and Three said together, for example, after Sanshen won the Hugo Award, it became a big IP, and it is the United States that will take over the production of film and television works… (it seems to be in China, but it is not tepid…), if The Three Body is an American novel, so the movie may have been released nationwide as early as the first day of the Lunar New Year in a certain year. The Dragon Race only fires in China. It doesn’t win the Hugo Award, nor can it win it. I have never heard of it abroad, let alone making a movie. It is not easy to make a movie. If the special effects are not done well, the Dragon Race will easily become a bad movie. , It’s not easy for the Dragon Clan to produce a cartoon, so what about movies? What kind of movies have been released in China in recent years? Do you care about his fire and the street, are all related to special effects? To say that the higher cost is also spent on stars (Wandering Earth is considered a success, but the special effects are only entry-level), a domestic one Movie is strenuous

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