February 27, Guangzhou, Guangdong. A Meituan takeaway guy complained that he sent a 1,000 yuan order for Hey Tea, and the delivery fee was only 5 yuan. Meituan responded: The delivery fee is calculated by the system based on distance. In this case, you can apply for a large single subsidy. Generally, the actual amount paid by the user minus the delivery fee paid by the user is greater than or equal to 80 yuan, and there will be a large order reward, which will be automatically calculated by the system.

The weight can be considered in the delivery fee, but the amount should not be considered. For example: Is it true that sending a 300 yuan game card should charge 6 times the courier fee than sending a 50 yuan game card? The weight of both is the same. Should a 50 yuan box of mineral water cost 50 yuan for a fast food? The standard of express delivery has always been based on weight. Not at the price of the subject matter. The price of the subject matter is related to the insured category. . . Some people also argue that there are many high-priced single meals. . . Then it can be stipulated in accordance with the “number, volume, weight of objects”, which has a half dime relationship with the price? In other words, if someone orders a high-priced dish of 100 yuan and only occupies a box, they have to charge more than a cheap dish of 10 yuan? So my suggestion is: don’t complain about the 1,000 yuan order. The amount of the order really has nothing to do with how you deliver it. But you can complain that the delivery fee for 80 cups of milk tea is only 5 yuan, or the delivery fee for a full container is only 5 yuan. In this case, I support it in terms of volume, weight, and quantity.

Capital’s food is really ugly, but it’s wrong to say that the delivery fee for a 1,000 yuan order made by the takeaways is only 5 yuan. It should be based on the quantity. Nearly 10 bags of Hey Tea, the takeaway boxes, car handles, and hands are full. This should be counted as one. Order? The delivery staff complained about 1,000 yuan for the order delivery fee of 5 yuan? Heathcliff’s video 1551 broadcasts such a large amount, this Meituan has a problem in calculating the delivery fee. The 1,000 yuan milk tea, as we all know, two or three milk tea in one bag, these nearly 10 bags are directly for takeaway It’s hard for the staff to transport, and it’s okay. Can this count as a takeaway? This one is 5 yuan, shouldn’t it be 50 for the 10 copies? This customer service responded shamelessly. Every time such a situation is encountered, the delivery staff must apply for a large order subsidy. When encountering this kind of complaint, you should not reflect on your own delivery fee computer system. For takeaways with heavy weight, large packaging and transportation problems, the delivery fee should be specially calculated. Look at the delivery person who sent this order. , It is almost as close as possible, the car and hands are full, which is a test for the delivery safety of the delivery staff! When encountering things, big companies must take responsibility, don’t shirk everything. Capital is for profit, everyone knows, but there must be a sense of measure to protect the interests of workers. It is all hard money. Buick has deducted it from it!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Whether it is express delivery or logistics, the billing is based on weight and volume. This is common sense. Wouldn’t the group of people sitting in the Meituan office who specialize in market research know? They just don’t want to set up such a mechanism to make more money for the company. Why would I say that? We then look down. Meituan responded: “In this case, you can apply for a large order subsidy. Generally, the actual amount paid by the user minus the delivery fee paid by the user is greater than or equal to 80 yuan, and there will be a large order reward.” In other words, the rider has to apply for a large order. Single subsidy. With such a large-scale platform, there must be many people who have neglected or did not look carefully and will not apply for this large order subsidy. Naturally, the platform will pick up (save) a lot of money.

7 months ago

Because I can’t find a better platform, which is what I said at the beginning is the result of oligopoly. As of October 2020, there are about 3.99 million Meituan takeaway riders nationwide. There are so many riders alone, not counting the merchants. Meituan has created so many jobs. If you say you don’t do it, you can’t do it. How these people should survive is a question. Does Meituan know its devilish system? of course I know. But at the same time knowing that we can’t do anything with him, it’s not that he can’t live without us, but we can’t live without him. It is precisely because of this kind of psychology that a series of incidents of platforms exploiting delivery workers have spawned. And even if this time the incident broke out, the Meituan’s response does not mean to admit that it was wrong, nor does it say that it will modify the mechanism. Obviously, the contradiction is shifting. To blame, we takeaways don’t know the platform rules and didn’t apply for large subsidies. Hey!

7 months ago

A serious answer is also quite funny…. The ultimate goal of this question is not to open up discussions and come up with a feasible solution. It means that Meituan wants to use this opportunity to create a name to raise prices…. I will show you the direction of the situation: Upon seeing this news, Meituan said that it is actively accepting the opinions of the delivery staff and is considering how to improve the actual benefits of the delivery staff. . How to protect? Take it out of the profit, or increase the price of overweight items? Think of Cainiao Station…I think you already have the answer. Let me ask you one more question: The root cause of the income problem of the delivery staff is the problem of Meituan itself, or the problem of the delivery fee? In other words: Is the problem of Goose City caused by “bandits disturbing the people” or “Master Huang”? The Goose City suppressed the bandits in order to “court the gentry, cleverly set up a name, and divide it into three to seven after it is done?” Or is it really for “fairness”? The real enemy facing the people of Goose City (the delivery staff) is Schrödinger’s bandits (delivery fee system), or the master Huang who really has the right to live and kill in Goose City (Meituan).

7 months ago

The correct way to place a large order is to find the merchant’s phone number on the Meituan Takeaway app, call the merchant directly, and tell them what you want, not only can you package delivery, maybe you can get a discount. For an order of 1,000 yuan, Meituan will charge you five yuan, and the takeaway brother five yuan, but the comprehensive collection of merchants is about 250. You can call the store, maybe they will give you 30 for the little brother, 900 for you, and you will tip 20 for the little brother. Everyone is happy, they are all good people…

7 months ago

For a 1,000 yuan order for Hey Tea, the delivery fee is only 5 yuan. This is the first time Meituan knows about such a large and large delivery order? No, in fact, all food delivery platforms are very clear about this. Why have the platforms been running for so many years without improvements? Because in the eyes of the platform, the delivery fee I give you to the rider is rewarded to you. You must be content to understand that this is a blessing, how can you grab profits from the platform? After changing the delivery fee standard, how can the platform still eat the bulk? Although the wool is on the sheep, it is their right to cut it! I remember there was a news in 2019, also from Meituan. An order of 18 rice bowls, 10 kilometers, and a delivery fee of only 7 yuan. In the past two years, this distance was taken into account, but at that time, the delivery fee was only 7 yuan. They didn’t consider the volume?

7 months ago

In fact, the platform is very clear. The so-called application for large single subsidies is a gimmick. How many riders know? Or can it be used? With regard to the one-thousand-yuan Hey Tea delivery this time, why didn’t Meituan reveal the delivery fee they charge from users? To set the delivery fee purely based on the amount is definitely playing the piano, but to set the delivery fee purely based on the distance is even more nonsense. Delivering one meal is the same as delivering dozens of meals, even if the distance is the same, but can it be the same degree of difficulty?

7 months ago

Whispered: This question is too inducing… It seems that the platform is reasonable. After all, most people had the same first reaction as me. The courier fee for sending a cell phone and sending a box of biscuits is the same. The take-out fee can’t be like that, right? But why didn’t he emphasize that the customer ordered milk tea. Just so much milk tea. A tote bag is basically the amount of a takeaway order. I can imagine the takeaway guy flying on the road with so many milk teas like a juggling. Oh yes, milk tea can’t be sprinkled yet. The most terrible thing is that this order can’t take other orders at the same time-it’s not that it can’t take it, the car doesn’t agree, he has no place to put it. Is this a matter of money? It’s a matter of volume. This question is too psychedelic.

7 months ago

It may not be very common to order such a large order through a takeaway platform. The platform did not expect that someone could order so many milk tea with one single order. Although this situation should not be too rare. It may be that the product manager did not expect it, or they did it deliberately. After all, you have to apply for a large single subsidy yourself. How many riders know how to apply for this stuff? Let’s apply for something by ourselves and it’s still a pain in our brains, and the platform approval is messy. How many orders can be delivered at this time. It’s not difficult to make this automatic subsidy. What came out this time was a thousand yuan of Hey Tea. If someone ordered a thousand yuan of Michelle Ice City, have you ever thought about what to do… It’s all lemonade, that guy, how exciting. To be honest, my impression of such a large order is that the merchant will be responsible for the delivery. Before, our teacher ordered the full-professional Grandpa Ken, and the staff there came with an incubator. But after this incident, the platform will have to reconsider the calculation of the delivery fee. When the problem is not found, it may just be that such an extreme situation has not been considered, but if it is not changed this time, it is worth pondering.

7 months ago

I think the weight of 10 packs of milk tea is more worthy of our attention than the 1,000 yuan order. Delivery fee of 10 packs of milk tea is 5 yuan. The most important thing is that you need to carry four bags on your hands and two bags on the handlebars. The trunk can only hold four bags. I think this is the most difficult… Just imagine, the usual takeaway guy is a trunk, basically all of them are solved. When delivering milk tea, not only a trunk, but also a handle and a hand are needed. It’s really not easy. Because one is not careful, it may collapse directly, not to mention hanging the milk tea in the hand and lifting the milk tea in the hand. It is easy to affect the weight of the car, so it is not easy to think of it faster or to get up more steadily. Meituan calculates based on the distance, there is no big problem. After all, isn’t it that the farther the takeout is, the more expensive it is? Relatively speaking. But with such a heavy weight and cumbersome bag by bag, even if it is a short distance, because there are too many things, it is also a “long distance” for the rider. Rather than calculating the delivery fee based on the amount of the order, I recommend calculating it based on the quantity or weight of the item.

7 months ago

A rider, because of a coincidence, he gave a bottle of 1,000 yuan mineral water, then he was just casual. But because it is a thousand yuan mineral water, and he asked for an increase in the delivery fee, do you think it is reasonable? An express item does not increase the express fee because of the value of the express item, but because of the weight or quantity of the express item. Maybe the Meituan riders actually wanted to say because it was too much, too heavy or too cumbersome. After all, the handlebars of the car and your own hands need to be played, which is really troublesome. As for Meituan, doesn’t it have such a heavy requirement today? If the delivery fee for a single ten pack and a single pack are still the same, no one wants to accept it! Mind the follow-up implementation, subsidies and other compensation.

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