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You who are immortal, what does immortality bring? Thousands of words can only say one sentence: it is worth seeing. It is the long aftertaste that a fast-drinking fast food restaurant that blindly pursues fast food will never be able to taste. “To the Immortal You” tells about a magical creature with no reason and no place, just a “ball” (“immortality”). It has the ability to be immortal and can be transformed into any other object. At first, it encountered petrified fossils, encountered a severely wounded wolf, died, and became a creature. It was accompanied by the wolf’s owner, the nameless white-haired boy, and felt the warmth for the first time and learned to eat. The unnamed boy in the snowy field dreamed of crossing the polar regions and going to the “paradise” passed down by everyone’s mouth, gathering with relatives and friends, and living a happy life together. He headed toward the blizzard with hope in his arms. After a long and lonely journey, he found the big red X marks left by his friends and their corpses, buried deep in the snow. After a long wait, exploration, disappointment and despair, finally under the cold, lack of food, and long-lasting pain that could not be healed, the boy finally fell silently into the wooden house in the snowy field. And “immortality” was reborn in the youth’s wish of “you must always remember me”, and formally walked on this land as a human being. The first episode of “To the Immortal You” in just 20 minutes, with a strong and shocking posture, opened the protagonist to the protagonist of the immortal life through reincarnation, immortality and immortality. Every second we watch “The Immortal You” is a bystander on the journey of immortality; every second we watch “The Immortal You”, we also become immortal ourselves. At the beginning of my birth, I came to the world for the first time, felt pain for the first time, learned to walk for the first time, got along with human beings for the first time, tasted food for the first time, felt the temperature for the first time, and faced a permanent life for the first time. Parting, understand the helplessness of birth, old age, sickness and death. “We started from zero and eventually returned to zero. The end of the last journey is the beginning of the next journey.” The body of the unknown boy was left in the deserted snowfield. Immortal, with almost the same appearance, with his dreams, set out again. The subject was originally to watch “Indestructible You” with the mentality of “preparing to see an inhuman creature accompanied by tears, flowers and smiles, and finally smiling into a “human” animation”, and finally in a short episode After reading it, it’s just a human life. The last time I sighed like this, it was probably when I was seeing a Mushishi. There is nothing to say, wait for a wave of gods to make a reservation, and look forward to the future course of immortality!


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Excessive interpretation is not advisable! If you read the comics and see the back, you will find that it is actually a bit out of control! ! I don’t have the feeling of discussing the meaning of life before! The original idea of ​​this work is very innovative and really interesting. He is conveying the most fearful thing of mankind. [Death] is not necessarily so miserable. On the contrary, the bleak death is a kind of spiritual [Permanent] is the continuation of life and spirit. Teacher Da Kon Ryoshi especially likes it. Those people who deliberately avoided [fear] [pain] as themes, such as the previously popular “The Shape of the Voice”, which is the issue of the handicapped that is rarely discussed in ordinary society and the youthful memories brought by school violence, but Da Jin Liang chose The way the story unfolds is very positive. It always seeks the most beautiful things from dissolution, perception, and incompleteness, such as death. Although it is regrettable, painful or even negligence without warning, from the macroscopic world, the spirit does not have the slightest bit of death for a person. Didu has long affected the people around him, but Da Jin Liangshi’s ability to master the continuation of long stories is not strong. Maybe this is related to the depth of the outline of the story. I guess I didn’t think about the long serialization in the early stage, so I think about it after the outline is finalized. The ending of how to end it is dying that it was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine”. Although it is one of the three major Japanese manga magazines (the other two are Sunday and the other is jump), it has cultivated countless excellent works, but talk about it. The agency is simply notorious for guiding authors to write long stories. The jump serialization is that your story is a little less interesting. The polls are lowered. It is better to ask you to write a story outline and then to serialize the story once it is hot and forced. You serialize more, drag more plots, more nonsense and useless plots, and forcibly serialized, many works really become worse with serialization, such as “Attack on Giant”, “Sky Invasion”, “Magic Teacher Negi”, “Holy Stone Kid”, and “Goblin”. “The Tail”, “Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches”, “The Seven Deadly Sins”, “A Girlfriend in Family”, “Tokyo Avengers”, “Loan Girlfriend”, anyway, as long as the blood is more prolonged, the fighting power will be broken. More, the more you drag the stomach pain, the more the plot (even ntr) is not to say that dragging is a bad thing. “The Delusional Student Union” is still being serialized. It’s amazing….It seems that I complained about the magazine when I was chatting. Cough, in short, don’t hold this work as much as it can make you sad. The more it drags on, the taste becomes more weird. I sometimes wonder how the magazine that used to serialize “Devil Man” has become such a cultural heritage? It’s really annoying.

8 months ago

A wave of enthusiasm for Amway first. I like the original work very very much. Although many people think that the present chapter is broken…I also think it is not as good as the previous one, but because the previous one is so good, it is worth Amway! What’s more, even the content of the previous life chapter is enough for the last few seasons of animation. In fact, the first episode of the animation looks quite satisfactory, because the original work of the first episode is really excellent, and the mood rendering and white space are very good. Because of the different forms of the animation, a lot of white space must be supplemented, so there is a little bit less. The aftermath of the original, but there is no problem with passing it. I personally like the second episode better. The moving Marge is so cute~~ even more cute than the comics! ! ! With the cooperation of Maggie, the undead cuteness was quickly conveyed. I’m so looking forward to the future~

8 months ago

The setting is novel and meaningful. It is worth mentioning that music plays a very important role in film and television works. The music in the first episode of this work gives people a sense of grandeur. Although it tells of loneliness, it does not make people feel that the pattern is small, but it is vast and long. It is a ball, a mimetic beast, nothing but everything in the world. Mei stayed in the snowy field in a solitary manner. A person living in a snowy field, and a person living in a plain where strangers can be seen everywhere, the two kinds of loneliness have similarities and differences. As long as the former seeks a slight change, it is likely to lead to destruction; the latter, no matter what changes, will not sacrifice his life. Snowfield, the endless snowfield, there is no one person, not even a beast. Every day, he catches fish, eats fish, and looks at the people who used to live together on the wall. He has no way to know the taste of salt, let alone the taste of sugar. What is fruit? What are vegetables? For us, everything that is ordinary, ordinary, and never cherished or reviewed is so precious and remote to him. This contrast is shocking and moving. Its arrival brought him courage, but change quickly robbed him of hope and life. So it became him. So it dies over and over again, and regenerates over and over again. It is history, life, and everything that goes back and forth in destiny. This abstract concept of existence and non-existence, the meaning of everything from one to nothing, and from everything to nothing, all make me feel the artistic conception of this work is far-reaching. Regardless of the follow-up, the former is already touching and worthy of praise

8 months ago

Start with a classic philosophical question. who am I? Where did it come from? Where to go? The story unfolded from then on. Crossing different species and experiencing different experiences, Mr. Da Jin Liangshi uses a blank ball that can absorb and transform everything to explore himself, and it seems to be showing people the question of what a person is. There is happiness, sadness, creation, and destruction in the story. This is the story of a ball and a microcosm of mankind. The time span is very long, and this also makes the thickness of the work extra deep. As someone who sees the latest comics, every chapter looks very ordinary and monotonous, but after being connected in series, it will make people unable to stop.

8 months ago

Station B watched Fanyao indefinitely, dreaming back to the era of subtitles. I personally like the performance of the first episode very much. It is not procrastinated, not hasty, the emotion is rendered in place, there is no hypocritical lines, and the full score BGM is up and down with the plot. One of my favorites is the shots of a wolf carefully observing the boy from time to time. These shots double the boy’s short life of loneliness-no matter how optimistic or sad the boy speaks, the wolf’s expression is almost unchanged. It seems to have observed the boy for a long time, so that the audience can faintly feel that it will soon observe the boy’s death. It can be said that most of the joyous performances in front of the show, which are almost full of laughter, are a close-up of a wolf that is quiet from time to time, which faintly reveals sadness. The implicit but not hypocritical feelings are really great. The second chapter continues the advantages of the first chapter, and is essentially a sad tone, but uses a happy performance technique for a long time. And this kind of sad inner core story, in recent years, most of them like to come up to give your face to the world of good and evil, good and evil in your life, groan a little more-the immortal Hayase makes people shine. The characters are three-dimensional and distinct, their loves and hates are distinct, and they are not hypocritical. They all have things they love. The most consistent thing here is that most of the characters love life. A sad story, but if you look at it carefully, you still love life. It’s really better. Especially, after watching too much, crying to the world to kiss me bitterly, but never thought of repaying it with songs, I really feel that this anime is precious.

8 months ago

I read this manga, and then I also watched the series. Tell me about my personal opinion. If you don’t like it, don’t touch it. Overall, there is no big problem with the adaptation. The painting style of the first episode is also very nice, and the tone is good. However, the original action-adventure comics were created very well, and now in the series, there is no problem overall. It is just a little bit worse in terms of painting. If this aspect is perfect, it will be really great.

8 months ago

I came up with this question just after watching the first episode. I haven’t read a manga, but I started to pay attention to this episode after watching the PV a month or two ago. Let me talk about my thoughts after watching the first episode. Novel theme. There is an abandoned village in the deserted snowfield. A boy and a wolf (the ball at the beginning of the plot replaces the dead wolf) are dependent on each other. I didn’t expect this theme to be the label of tears and fantasy. 2. Character portrayal I don’t know the characters behind, but this boy portrayed very well. The optimistic and sunny mentality in the wasteland, his strong smile when he failed to find the outside world really broke my defenses. 3. Plot The young man died of illness at home, the wolf became a young man to fulfill his unfulfilled wish. To be honest, I still can’t guess his plot. It can be regarded as a suspense, but I explained that the ball will be stimulated through stimulation. Growing up, it depicts the outline of this series, and the following plot is still quite anticipated. I’m still very optimistic about this movie, I hope it won’t be like Evil Jade Neverland, it will collapse when doing it.

8 months ago

A friend is an anime lover. After hearing him talk to me, she said that she broke the defense in the first episode…Although she has always known that it is a magical work, she did not expect it to make people cry so much. It’s so good! ! With the motivation to live again, an unknown creature turned into a wolf, met a teenager, and lived with him until the teenager died. At first, the young man wanted to see his family and the outside world. For several years, he was able to live by his self-talking and optimistic character, until he was injured on the way and confirmed his family’s departure. , And finally left. When he left, the young man hoped that the wolf would always remember him, and the wolf also transformed into that young boy under the stimulation to live, just as the young man expected, the story is about to begin.

8 months ago

Very touching, because the most touching thing in this world is time. After two years, I still remember the feeling that comics gave me. It records reproduction, inheritance, faith, love, and loneliness. It is birth, old age, sickness and death, love and separation, long-term grievances, unwillingness to ask, and unwillingness to let go. In the story, there are the most handsome masked monsters, the lonely orphan who rushes to Winter, the innocent and cute little sacrifice and her female warrior… But they will always leave. Time has a cruel one-dimensionality. Everyone is carrying the past to achieve today. And what time kills is immortal in the heart, and eternal in the soul.

8 months ago

Anyway, I must have blown him up. Since the broadcast, I have continued to watch the first two updates, but because there are too few bullet screens at station B in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the third episode will be watched the next day, and there are still no bullet screens. Generally speaking, I really like this one very much. Its advantages. Although I haven’t read the original manga manuscript, I can write it from this meal. This manga must be pretty good. However, as far as the animation is concerned, the rhythm is a bit too fast, and it feels like a lot of things are clicked to the end, and there is no deep digging. At present, only three episodes have been released, and it is too early to evaluate. When I watched it yesterday, I found that the mainland was also on the shelves, so I will watch it again when that time comes. After all, there is no barrage at station B, and it really cannot be station b anymore.

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