This morning, many netizens reported on social platforms that they received Sichuan Airlines flight cancellation text messages, involving flights including Changsha, Chengdu, Nanjing and other sectors. Sichuan Airlines responded in the morning that the flight that did not match the facts cancelled the text messages. Currently, the company is investigating.

The root cause: chaotic big data. Look carefully at the screenshots that broke out on Weibo. The flight cancellation notification text messages are all third-party platforms such as Ctrip, Qunar, and Airtrip. There is no official text message. Either it is a screenshot of the flight dynamics of Air Travel, Ctrip, Qunar, and Sichuan Airlines. Under normal circumstances, if there is a flight change, the airline will first issue a flight adjustment form and transfer it to the abnormal flight handling team for processing. After manual review, the notification procedure will be initiated: 1. The airline phone SMS notification: directly notify the reservation in the PNR Phone number. The contact number may also be the agent or OTA’s own, and the passenger will be notified after receiving it; 2. Q information: Q information will be released to the agent or OTA with the ticket issuance record through the eterm system, and the agent will notify the passenger after being notified. For flight operation data, in addition to the airline operation system, there are also TravelSky reservation and departure systems, airport systems, and air traffic control systems. OTA platforms such as Air Travel, Flight Time, Ctrip, Qunar, Tongcheng, etc. Improving the level of system automation is to obtain or crawl relevant agency data through various legal or illegal means. Few people will go deep into whether the data of which system affects the adjustment of the downstream system. After all, often the person in charge of the upstream system does not know how the downstream platform uses this data. I often think that I am operating an internal system, even if I make a mistake and correct it. The flight dynamics function of the airline’s official website is also the same. The data comes from its own operating system. If the upstream system undergoes unconventional adjustments or bugs, it may be seen by the upstream system operator as an internal system with limited impact. As everyone knows, the system has automatically synchronized the data to the downstream system and displayed it directly on the official website and APP. When encountering flight change data, these platforms do not have manual review procedures, but only set a certain logic, once triggered, they will automatically push SMS to change the flight status in their own system. In the end, the consequences of this Oolong incident were very serious. Comes with a small rights protection trick, save the screenshot of Sichuan Airlines official website or APP showing the flight cancellation, so that there is a reason to go to Sichuan Airlines to pursue the responsibility, and the win will be greater. But if there are only screenshots from a third-party platform, it is likely that you can only hold the third party accountable.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Let’s restore the specific incident first. At around four o’clock in the morning today, a large number of passengers who had already purchased Sichuan Airlines tickets suddenly received a third-party text message informing them that their flights were cancelled. Many passengers immediately bought tickets from other companies because of their early flights. Of course, there are also some interested passengers who have specifically inquired flight information through other ticketing and flight query apps, but found that the flight status on other platforms and even Sichuan Airlines’ own app also showed cancellation. There were also some passengers who were more vigilant and rushed directly to the airport scene and found that the flight that was displayed on the large screen of the airport’s flight display was cancelled. At this time, most of the passengers have been completely confused, but the actual situation is that Sichuan Airlines has not cancelled even a flight. The direct result of this incident is that a large part of the early flights are blocked, missed or cancelled, especially those who are planning to travel on May Day. The hotel rooms have already been booked, and now they have no choice but to cancel. Many people’s first reaction to the news was at a loss, and the subsequent secondary impact was a huge loss, and there was no other official news, so it was so angry at a time. Sichuan Airlines officials also apologized this morning, saying that they will thoroughly investigate related issues and will refund and change tickets for affected passengers free of charge. However, this matter can’t help but feel strange. Because the flights of other companies except Sichuan Airlines are operating normally today, and Sichuan Airlines has not cancelled any flights. Previously, the civil aviation market was struggling. Under the horrible situation of the Spring Festival Transport, all companies took a sigh of relief and took advantage of the May 1st to make great efforts to make money back. At this time, it is definitely unreasonable to cancel a large number of flights. Therefore, this incident is either a system problem of Sichuan Airlines, or someone maliciously committed it (is it possible that Sichuan Airlines was retaliated by the third brother’s hackers because of the suspension of Indian cargo flights due to the epidemic in India?), but what is the specific reason, now we only Can guess. From this incident, we can also see that Sichuan Airlines’ response to this incident is not sensitive enough. If the problem is discovered, the passenger will be sent a text message as soon as possible. Of course, this matter may not have attracted enough official attention from the beginning. The scattered incident reports make people think that it is a common method of fraud. The normal reply can be cancelled without canceling. Unexpectedly, the subsequent developments intensified. As for the end, it was a bit out of control. Perhaps many airlines have never encountered this kind of incident for decades, so one is insufficient preparation, and the other is insufficient understanding. Therefore, it is even more important to do a good job in the aftermath of refunds, changes and compensation in a timely manner. Because of this incident, Sichuan Airlines was also scolded in hot searches, which also had a great impact on word-of-mouth. I still hope that Sichuan Airlines can take responsibility. After all, there are still a large number of fans. Investigate the results of the incident as soon as possible, and give the affected passengers and the society a satisfactory answer.

8 months ago

This morning, I saw the news posted by my friend on the WeChat group, saying that the flight was canceled suddenly last night, and I was happily preparing to travel. Then they said it was a delay. It wasn’t about canceling the flight and not talking about anything else. The news at 4 o’clock in the morning. Isn’t this scary? Doesn’t it ruin the travel mood? First give a score of 0 for user experience. It may be because of the May Day holiday, the flight data system data increased, and the server overload caused the conditions for automatic SMS to be wrong, and then the automatic SMS was also wrong. This system configuration also scored 0 points. It almost made my friend think that the flight was cancelled, and the user service for purchasing other flights also scored 0 points. Hope that the airline can correct the problem and solve the situation that users actually encounter.

8 months ago

This incident exposed a very serious problem with Sichuan Airlines’ data and customer service management mechanism. The hidden dangers are great. Data problem: I received a notification from a third party that the flight was cancelled at 4 o’clock. I went to the official website at 5 o’clock and found that the flight was not cancelled. After 6 o’clock, I checked the official website and found that it was cancelled. Inferring from the phenomenon, the data synchronization mechanism of Sichuan Airlines should be that the external system applies for writing to the core system during working hours, and the core system writes the core order table in real time. The core system interaction stops during the late night and the order table is synchronized with TravelSky. After the core system was stopped in the middle of the night, the database was hacked before the batch, and then the data was synchronized to TravelSky, which caused all third-party data to be wrong, but Sichuan Airlines’ own query system did not make any mistakes. After the appointed working hours of the system, the Sichuan Airlines query system started to periodically synchronize with the database, and the error data was synchronized. If the above guess is correct, the problem is that the order system does not check the core system before the batch is run, and the data is synchronized. The query system found that a large amount of data was updated, and there was no mechanism for checking with the upstream ordering system process. It seems a trivial matter, but the data verification logic is extremely weak and full of loopholes. The data correctness of each link unconditionally trusts the process of the previous link, and any problem in any link will cause a chain reaction. Customer service problem: Sichuan Airlines should start receiving a large number of customer service inquiries after 4 o’clock, which is manifested in the fact that the customer service phone calls are completely unavailable, but Sichuan Airlines did not immediately coordinate the customer service staff to ease the volume of inquiries, and more serious is that it did not immediately arrange batch notifications to respond Passenger question. The incident went on hot search at around 7 o’clock and was suppressed. Where did Sichuan Airlines pay attention? The first text message from Sichuan Airlines was sent 7 hours later. The superposition of these two problems is that Sichuan Airlines has such a huge data volume, it does not have the ability to detect data errors by itself, and it does not have the ability to solve the data errors in the first time. The ability problem cannot be solved by attitude, so I will not choose this airline again.

8 months ago

In our country, we use the system of TravelSky (a unit of the Civil Aviation Administration) to transmit flight information. All flights are. When TravelSky gives us wrong information, it will cause the current situation, but the airline will check the flight letter again. Why do OTA agents notify passengers before the airlines? Because they specialize in selling tickets online, and their agency rights are also given by TravelSky, so the data sources are the same, and they will notify you first , But after the meeting, I will say that the information of the airline shall prevail. The airline will check it again by itself. Of course, there will be problems sometimes. After all, the nearby flights are usually cancelled temporarily, which is not a planned cancellation. There will indeed be a cache in time. It is inevitable that you will encounter an error once. Please remember that Air China’s zero fare is also because the information was entered incorrectly, but TravelSky did not change it in time, resulting in the sale of a large number of zero fares.

8 months ago

Flight 11:50, now on the plane, wake up at 6:30 in the morning to see the flight cancellation message. Since I had to arrive in Chengdu today, I was going to fly to Mianyang after ten minutes of operation. I received the flight resumption text message just one minute before I was ready to make the payment, and it was normal afterwards. The colleague took the later flight also cancelled and then resumed, and called the customer service to say that the flight was normal. The hours from the cancellation to the resumption are unknown. Many passengers complained when boarding the plane, which seemed to cause loss and inconvenience to many people. I hope that the official can solve this kind of bug, whether it is hacked, or a technical problem or a third-party platform problem. Not to mention, the flight mode.

8 months ago

Personally, I like to hear that I bought a full-price ticket before and felt very distressed. I received the flight cancellation text message together this morning. At first I thought it was a fraudulent text message, but found that Ctrip made 4 missed calls. I went to the APP immediately, and it actually showed that the flight was cancelled, and it also prompted a full refund. I glanced at other flights and found that Juneyao Airlines had a cheaper flight of more than 500 around the same time. The Sichuan Airlines ticket was refunded and rebooked.

8 months ago

Related staff of Sichuan Airlines. First of all, I declare that I am not from Sichuan Airlines. I am an airport staff in northern Jiangsu. Since the airport opened at 04:30 in the morning, the telephone number at the information desk was blown up. It was all about asking whether our airport’s departure from Sichuan Airlines was cancelled today. Up? It does not just refer to a certain route, as long as it is the route of Sichuan Airlines, it has been inquired. And not only today’s Chuanban, but also No. 1 and No. 2. Every time there is a meeting before the festival, it will be mentioned that during the festival, fraudulent text messages notify passengers of the cancellation of the flight, so as to compensate the passengers. In fact, after the passengers provide the bank card, the money on the card is transferred away. But this time, Sichuan Airlines is not a scam. It feels that the information security has been hacked. This time, Sichuan Airlines is not only a public relations crisis, but a crisis of trust. Why don’t other airlines send such large-scale false news masses, and when doing Sichuan Airlines flights, the passenger’s information is still safe or not?

8 months ago

It seems that this problem is due to a bug in the flight system, otherwise it won’t be notified via SMS. The high probability is that the system has recently launched an online update system function, causing this problem. Moreover, civil aviation companies were basically at a loss in the first quarter. Instead of taking advantage of the 5.1 Golden Holiday to make money, they cancelled flights instead. Isn’t this turning the cart before the horse.

8 months ago

I am also a victim. The time loss directly caused four hours and RMB 800 was lost. Although a full refund was made, how to deal with the high price of rebooking and how to deal with the wasted time? I called the customer service of Sichuan Airlines. It took five minutes for the call to be connected. The operator would only say sorry, without any other measures, and asked their superiors for the contact information. They kept pushing them but did not give the contact information. Is it possible that the service of Sichuan Airlines has been To reach this point? The people are planning to use an apologetic solution for the loss of money and time caused by their mistakes? Will the people agree?

8 months ago

I have seen this problem and felt familiar. I also encountered it twice when I was going to school in Chengdu from 14-18. Chengdu-Hangzhou I only sent a text message the night before departure to say cancel. There was another time there was no news directly. I was bored to check the price on the official website the night before departure and found out that it was cancelled. I still remember that the weather forecast said that the severe weather that would affect the flight was coming soon, so I had to get up the next day and go home. It is double the price. But my solution was to go directly to the airport to find a Sichuan Airlines counter and ask her to exchange tickets for a different time period. There was still no substantial loss. When I got home and woke up, the school was flooded the next day. Sichuan Airlines has not solved this problem for so many years. I have to say that there are definitely problems with the system and management, and hackers and other things are a bit outrageous. I still keep the replaced itinerary.

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